Dragon Quest IV for Nintendo DS "Boss FAQ"
By Mykas0
version 1.11

BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST PART! You can read this faq as long as you
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0~. Version History
1~. Introduction and important tips
2~. Pisaro's Hands + Giant Eyeball
3~. Chameleon Humanoid + 2x Rabidhounds
4~. "Tournament" (Hun, Roric, Vivian, Sampson, Linguar)
5~. Balzack
6~. Keeleon
7~. 2x Licklick
8~. 2x Tricksy Urchin + 2x Vampire Bat
9~. Lighthouse Bengal + 2x Flamer
10~. Keeleon
11~. Balzack+
12~. Pisaro Knight
13~. Bakor
14~. Rhinos King + 2x Bengal
15~. Estark
16~. 3x Andreal
17~. Evil Priest + 3x Small Goul
18~. Hell Battler
19~. Giga Demon
20~. Necrosaro
21~. Eggler + Chickler
22~. Evil Priest
FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
B_END. Special Thanks
END. Contacts

0~. Version History

-> version 1.11  version 1.1  version 1.0