Stutter Move: Tap and release R1.
Hard Drive: Hold R1 and push up at a slight angle. Your player will lean
forward a little and move a bit faster.
Hard Crossover: Hold R1 and move your left analog stick from right to left or
left to right, depending on which hand is dribbling the ball.
Hesitation Crossover: Hold R1 and L1 and do the same as the hard crossover.
In & Out: Do the hesitation crossover, then throw the left analog stick back
towards the hand with the ball.
Behind the back: Hold R1 and rotate the left stick in a semicircle downwards
from the ball hand to the offhand.
Spin: Do the behind the back move except holding L1 and R1.
Step Back: Hold R1 and move the left stick away from the player's movement
Half Spin: Do the Step Back move except holding L1 and R1.
Stutter Drive: Tap and release R1, then do the drive move tilting your control
stick at an angle towards the basket.
Stutter Cross: Tap and release R1, then chain into the crossover move by
moving the left stick from the ball hand to the off hand.
Hop Step: Press triangle while driving to the hole.
Hop Step Spin: Press R1 while doing the hop step move.
Hop Back: Press back while doing the hop step move.

Triple Threat Moves:
These moves are done before you start dribbling and while holding down L1 and

Jab Step: Move the left stick right or left.
Step Over: Move the left stick up.
Head Fake: Move the left stick back.
Protect Ball: Move the left stick back


TO make a bounce pass Hold L1 and the Pass button
Alley oop: L1+O