During gameplay type "~" and then "player.addspell (spell code)" and type in these codes.
Absorb Attribute: Agility 000A936D 
Absorb Attribute: Endurance 000A936E 
Absorb Attribute: Intelligence 000A9788 
Absorb Attribute: Luck 000A9789 
Absorb Attribute: Speed 000A978B 
Absorb Attribute: Strength 000A978C 
Absorb Attribute: Willpower 000A978D 
Absorb Fatigue 000A936B 
Absorb Health 000A9367 
Absorb Magicka 000A936C 
Absorb Skill: Acrobatics 000A978E 
Absorb Skill: Alteration 000A9790 
Absorb Skill: Athletics 000A9792 
Absorb Skill: Blade 000A9793 
Absorb Skill: Block 000A9794 
Absorb Skill: Blunt 000A9795 
Absorb Skill: Conjuration 000A9796 
Absorb Skill: Destruction 000A9797 
Absorb Skill: Hand to Hand 000A9798 
Absorb Skill: Heavy Armor 000A9799 
Absorb Skill: Illusion 000A979A 
Absorb Skill: Light Armor 000A979B 
Absorb Skill: Marksman 000A979C 
Absorb Skill: Mercantile 000A979D 
Absorb Skill: Mysticism 000A979E 
Absorb Skill: Restoration 000A979F 
Absorb Skill: Security 000A97A0 
Absorb Skill: Sneak 000A97A1 
Aegis 000A97AB 
Alluring Gaze 000A97AC 
Arctic Blow 000A97F2 
Baronoff's Bloody Icicle 0006D67C 
Beast of Burden 000A9803 
Beguiling Touch 000A97AE 
Black Winter 0006D67D 
Blazing Spear 000A97E1 
Blizzard 0003C3D8 
Bloodhunt 0006D680 
Bound Boots 000A97B4 
Bound Bow 000A97B5 
Bound Cuirass 000A97B6 
Bound Dagger 000A97B8 
Bound Gauntlets 000A97BA 
Bound Greaves 000A97B9 
Bound Helmet 000A97B7 
Bound Mace 000A97BB 
Bound Shield 000A97BC 
Bound Sword 000A97BD 
Bound War Axe 000A97B3 
Buoyancy 0001FBB4 
Burdening Touch 000A97C1 
Burning Touch 0004C91E 
Calming Touch 000A97CA 
Candlelight 000A9827 
Captivate 0001C4AD 
Chameleon 000A97CB 
Cloak 000A97CD 
Cold Touch 000A97EF 
Command Creature 000A97CE 
Command Humanoid 0003C3F8 
Commanding Touch 000A97D0 
Consume Health 000A9369 
Convalescence 0006D7AF 
Corrode Armor 000A97A3 
Corrode Weapon 000A97A5 
Cure Disease 0003C3FA 
Cure Paralysis 0003C3FB 
Cure Poison 0003C3FC 
Curse of Weakness 000A97D2 
Daylight 000A9829 
Deathly Visage 0006C681 
Debilitate 000A9838 
Defend 000A978A 
Detect Pulse 0006D67F 
Devour Health 000A936A 
Dire Enervation 0003C3F1 
Dire Wound 0004C914 
Disintegrate Armor 000A97A4 
Disintegrate Weapon 000A97A6 
Dismiss Undead 000AA06B 
Dispel Other 0003C3F5 
Dominate Creature 000A97CF 
Dominate Humanoid 0003C3F9 
Dominating Touch 000A97D1 
Drain Skill: Alteration 0003C3E9 
Drain Skill: Blade 0003C3EC 
Drain Skill: Conjuration 0003C3ED 
Drain Skill: Destruction 0003C3E8 
Drain Skill: Hand to Hand 0003C3EA 
Drain Skill: Heavy Armor 0003C3EB 
Drain Skill: Restoration 0003C3EE 
Ease Burden 000A9800 
Electric Shell 000A982A 
Electric Touch 000A97FB 
Electrocution 000A97F9 
Encumbering Touch 000A97C3 
Enemies Explode 00014720 
Enthralling Presence 000A97FF 
Entropic Bolt 000A97B1 
Entropic Touch 000A97D3 
Eyes of Eventide 000A982F 
Eyes of Midnight 000A9830 
Fearful Gaze 000A97D6 
Fire Ball 000A97E7 
Fire Shield 000A9808 
Fire Storm 000A97E8 
Flame Shield 000A9807 
Flame Tempest 000A97E9 
Flame Touch 000A97E4 
Flare 000A97DF 
Flash Bolt 000A97E0 
Fortify Agility 000A9811 
Fortify Endurance 000A9A12 
Fortify Fatigue 0003C405 
Fortify Health 000A9820 
Fortify Intelligence 000A9813 
Fortify Luck 000A9814 
Fortify Magicka 0003C407 
Fortify Personality 000A9815 
Fortify Speed 000A9816 
Fortify Strength 000A9817 
Fortify Willpower 000A9818 
Frenzy 000A9819 
Frost Bolt 000A97EC 
Frost Shell 000A981D 
Frost Touch 000A97F0 
Ghostwalk 000A97BF 
Glacial Wall 000A981F 
Grasp of Terror 000A97D8 
Greater Convalescence 000C7661 
Greater Dispel 000A9832 
Greater Dispel Other 000A9835 
Greater Fortify Agility 000A9809 
Greater Fortify Endurance 000A980A 
Greater Fortify Fatigue 0003C406 
Greater Fortify Health 000A9821 
Greater Fortify Intelligence 000A980B 
Greater Fortify Luck 000A980C 
Greater Fortify Magicka 0003C409 
Greater Fortify Personality 000A980D 
Greater Fortify Speed 000A980E 
Greater Fortify Strength 000A980F 
Greater Fortify Willpower 000A9810 
Greater Life Detection 000A97DA 
Greater Magicka Drain 0003C3E4 
Greater Soul Trap 000AA050 
Guard 000A97A9 
Hail Storm 0003C3D6 
Hailstone 000A97EB 
Heal Greater Wounds 000AA03A 
Heal Legendary Wounds 00083714 
Heal Major Wounds 000A9822 
Heal Minor Wounds 00027442 
Heal Superior Wounds 000AA03B 
Heat Blast 000A97E2 
Heat Shell 000A9806 
Heroic Touch 000AA035 
Heroism 000AA034 
Hindering Touch 000A97C2 
Hush 00027441 
Ice Blast 000A97EE 
Ice Bolt 000A97ED 
Ice Shield 000A981E 
Ice Storm 0003C3D7 
Illuminate 000A319D 
Immobilize 000A9839 
Immolating Blast 000A97E3 
Inspiration 000AA032 
Inspiring Touch 000AA033 
Leech Health 000A9368 
Legendary Dispel 000A9834 
Legendary Life Detection 000A97DE 
Legendary Magicka Drain 0003C3F4 
Legendary Soul Trap 000AA052 
Legendary Spell Absorption 000AA056 
Legendary Spell Reflection 000AA053 
Lighten Load 000A9801 
Lightning Ball 0003C3DA 
Lightning Blast 000A97FD 
Lightning Bolt 000A97F8 
Lightning Grasp 000A97FC 
Lightning Shield 000A982B 
Lightning Storm 0003C3DB 
Lightning Surge 000A97F6 
Lightning Wall 000A982C 
Magicka Drain 0004C90F 
Major Dispel 000A9831 
Major Enervation 0003C3F0 
Major Life Detection 000A97DB 
Major Respite 000A9823 
Major Wound 0004C913 
Mesmerizing Grasp 000A97AF 
Minor Dispel 000A97DC 
Minor Enervation 0003C3EF 
Minor Latch Crack 0001CEED 
Minor Life Detection 0009D1E9 
Minor Magic Resistance 0008D1EA 
Minor Respite 00027443 
Minor Wound 0004C912 
Moonlight 000A9826 
Movement Mastery 000AA067 
Mute 000AA04C 
Night Mother's Caress 0006D67A 
Open Average Lock 000A9836 
Open Easy Lock 000A9824 
Open Hard Lock 000A9837 
Open Very Easy Lock 000A97FE 
Oppressing Grasp 000A97C4 
Pacification 000A97C7 
Pack Mule 000A9802 
Paralyze 000A983A 
Protect 000A97A7 
Protect Other 00071090 
Psychic Motion 000AA065 
Rage 000A981A 
Rebuke Undead 000AA06A 
Remote Manipulation 000AA064 
Repulse Undead 000AA069 
Restore Agility 000AA03C 
Restore Endurance 000AA03F 
Restore Intelligence 000AA042 
Restore Luck 000AA040 
Restore Personality 000AA044 
Restore Speed 000AA049 
Restore Strength 000AA047 
Restore Willpower 000AA04A 
Scorching Blow 000A97E6 
Sea Stride 000AA071 
Searing Grasp 000A97E5 
Serenity 000A97C6 
Sever Magicka 0003C3DC 
Shadow 000A97CC 
Shadow Shape 000A97BE 
Shield 000A97AA 
Shock 000A97F4 
Shocking Burst 0003C3D9 
Shocking Touch 000A97FA 
Shroudwalk 0006D678 
Silence 000AA04D 
Snowball 000A97EA 
Soothing Touch 000A97C9 
Soul Trap 000AA04F 
Spark 000A97F3 
Spectral Form 000A97C0 
Starlight 000A9825 
Summon Clannfear 000AA057 
Summon Daedroth 000AA058 
Summon Dremora 000AA059 
Summon Dremora Lord 0003C413 
Summon Faded Wraith 000AA062 
Summon Flame Atronach 000AA05A 
Summon Frost Atronach 000AA058 
Summon Ghost 000AA05C 
Summon Gloom Wraith 0004C419 
Summon Headless Zombie 0003C414 
Summon Lich 000AA05D 
Summon Scamp 000AA05E 
Summon Skeleton 000AA05F 
Summon Skeleton Champion 0003C417 
Summon Skeleton Guardian 0003C415 
Summon Skeleton Hero 0003C416 
Summon Spider Daedra 0003C418 
Summon Storm Atronach 000AA060 
Summon Xivilai 000AA061 
Summon Zombie 000AA063 
Superior Convalescence 000C7662 
Superior Dispel 000A9833 
Superior Life Detection 000A97DD 
Superior Magicka Drain 0003C3F3 
Superior Soul Trap 000AA051 
Superior Spell Absorption 000AA055 
Superior Spell Reflection 000AA039 
Superior Wound 0004C915 
Telekinesis 000AA066 
Terrifying Presence 000A97D9 
Torchlight 000A9828 
Touch of Fear 000A97D7 
Touch of Frenzy 000A981B 
Touch of Rage 000A081C 
Turn Undead 000AA068 
Unwelcome Guest 0006D67E 
Voice of Dread 000A97D5 
Voice of Rapture 000A97B0 
Void Gazer 0006D67B 
Water Breathing 000AA06C 
Weak Fireball 0001EF7F 
Weakness to Fire 0003C40D 
Weakness to Frost 0003C40E 
Weakness to Magicka 0003C40F 
Weakness to Poison 0003C411 
Weakness to Shock 0003C412 
Weight of the World 0007108A 
Will of Sithis 0006D679 
Winter's Grasp 000A97F1 
Withering Bolt 000A97B2 
Withering Touch 000A97D4