PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 16:12:14 -0600 This is a FAQ about the strategy/rpg game called STRONGHOLD. This should help you beat this game a lot better now. Hope this helps you out. By CooperTeam VERSION 2.1 - JULY 22, 1998 1.) HOW DO I USE THE PYRAMID? ============================= The pyramid is used to control how fast or how much effort you want something to be done for a particular area. If you have all RED, then you would be BUILDING things faster than normal, if you have all ORANGE, you would be TRAINING and getting experience for your characters faster, if you have it all YELLOW, then you would be recuiting so you can have people join each character in the game. Keep in mind that what ever pyramid you use, it will only effect the area you used the pryamid on, not just for ALL characters. Remember, you have to click on the proper characters pyramid for that character you want to effect. (Example = click on the elves pyramid to adjust the elves efforts for that area.) 2.) OKAY, BUT WHAT ABOUT MOVING PEOPLE AROUND? ============================================== Well, see that PINK bar just below the pyramid, that is what's called the MAGNET bar. In order to move charatcers around you must have your characters either READY or UNASSIGNED. Next, go to an area that you want to put that character in to. Then, click on the PYRAMID part of the race you made ready and click on his race pyramid. Now, click on the PINK bar to set it so you move only that character you have READY or UNASSIGNED. One thing to remember is that the ones who are READY will come first and have higher priority over the UNASSIGNED ones. Still confused? Here is an example of how to move an elf character to an area you want... a.) First, find a character you want to move, it can be anyone you want. b.) Click on a character (ELF) you want to move and set him/her for READY. c.) Then, choose an area you want that character you go to. d.) Now, look on the side of the screen for that character race pyramid. e.) Click on that characters pyramid (ELF) so you have the pyramid on top. f.) Click on the PINK bar until it says you are moving a character here. g.) Now, let some time pass by until he gets there. h.) Click on the newly arrived character and set it to HOME so he stays there. i.) Repeat until you are happy with what you got. Please remember that each race has it's own pyramid, so remember to click on THAT RACES PYRAMID TO MOVE THAT RACE OR CHARACTER ONLY. That is the reason for the (ELF) statement in the example. Also remember that you can move more than one unit to one area by making more characters READY and then setting the MAGNET bar to how many you had ready. Remember one thing though, any units that are UNASSIGNED will start to move to that area if you have no READY units avaliable to move, or if you set the bar to move more than what you have READY to move. You will know who's pyramid is who's from the capital LETTER after the names of the leaders. The letters are as follows... C = Cleric race D = Dwarf race E = Elf race F = Fighter race H = Hobit or Halfling race M = Mage race T = Thief race 3.) IS IT POSSIBLE TO BUILD THINGS FASTER? ========================================== Yes, all you need to do is move characters to that area you want to build faster and make sure you properly set the pyramid for that race to 100% build. The more you have characters in a specific area, the faster it will be built. IT IS BEST TO HAVE IT'S OWN RACE BUILDING IT'S OWN STUFF IN AN AREA! The best and fair amount of people to have building something is 5-7 people. This many will build things at a pretty fair speed, even if they are BIG buildings. And as mentioned, make sure you set the pyramid to 100% build. When you are done building what ever it is, you can then set the pyramid to what ever you need to do, and at least make sure you don't have ANY red parts showing on the pyramid. 4.) HOW COME THE ENEMIES DON'T ATTACK ME? ========================================= Good question. To tell you the truth, I don't really know, but I do know that if you attack them first, they will start to come after you. And if you are trying to destroy the their stronghold, then they will keep attacking you. But if you do destroy the enemy stronghold, and there were some enemies left, then they will ALL start to attack you. Although, they will not go to attack your party, the enemies will go attack YOUR STRONGHOLD, so make sure you are ready for this. Also remember to have MORE THAN ONE attacking a creature. If you are up against a lot (like 10-15) then start moving characters into that area where they are attacking you. Also remember that each enemy has it's own strengths and weaknesses, so pay close attention on how they die quickly or slowly. If you want a better explanation, think of most of the enemies as bees, you don't bother them, they won't bother you. 5.) HOW COME I CAN'T BUILD SOME STUFF EARLY IN THE GAME? ======================================================== That's due to your BARON, your STRONGHOLD leader. You see, you have to aquire a certain status or RANK if you want to build more stuff like INNS, ARENAS, OUTPOSTS, BAZAARS, and more. When you get the rank of ARCHDUKE or ARCHDUCHESS, you can build ALL this stuff. 6.) HOW COME I CAN'T BUILD SOMETHING WITHOUT A CHARCTER BEING THERE? ==================================================================== The reason for thst is because the characters you create act as guards or defence for the city. If you want to build in a new region, you have to move a character to that region so you have some protection for your buildings. 6.) WHO IS THE BARON? ===================== You, the player are considered the BARON. You play as the STRONGHOLD leader and you also control the other 4 castles in the game. Your job, as BARON, is to help build a large kingdom for the STRONGHOLD, and to protect your STRONGHOLD from being destroyed by the enemy. It will also depend on if you chose to be a LAWFUL, NEUTRAL, or CHOTIC leader. Here are the missions for the 3 types... LAWFUL = Just gain the status EMPEROR/EMPRESS. NEUTRAL = Become EMPEROR/EMPRESS and destroy all the enemy strongholds CHOATIC = Just destroy all the enemy strongholds 7.) WHAT IS THE STRONGHOLD? =========================== The STRONGHOLD is the first castle you built when you were starting a new game. It's the BIGGEST castle in the game. This STRONGHOLD is what is keeping you alive, once your STRONGHOLD is destroyed, the game is over. 8.) CAN I BUILD OTHER CASTLES? ============================== Yes, remember that when you start a new game, and you are choosing characters to place where you want, you can have 4 more additional castles. These other castles in the game are not that important. They are just there to help you defend the STRONGHOLD. Remember that your main goal is to DEFEND your main STRONGHOLD, and complete certain tasks set for the type of BARON you have. If you have a LAWFUL BARON, then all you have to do is aquire the EMPEROR or EMPERESS status, if you have a NUETRAL BARON, then you have to become EMPEROR or EMPERESS and kill all the enemies, if you have a CHAOTIC BARON, then you have to kill all the enemies. Keep in mind of course that you can play with just the STRONGHOLD and beat the game, the other 4 castles are there just to help you defend the STRONGHOLD. 9.) SO HOW DO I BUILD STATUS? ============================= First, click on the very top name on the right side of the screen. The top name is always the BARON leader. DO NOT CLICK ON THE PYRAMID, THAT IS USED DIFFERENTLY, JUST THE NAME. When you do, you will get a statistics look at your leader or BARON. You will know you are looking at the BARON if you see a percentage part of the statistics screen. This percentage tells you 2 things. The first or top one tells you your current status for right now, the bottom one tells you how much you need to have in order to gain next level of status. Over on the right side of the percentage are points for area owned. As before, the top one tells your current area owned, the bottom one tells how much you need in order to gain next status. When BOTH points and percentage have been met, that is when you will gain next status. None of the other character names will have this part of the statistical screen, only the TOP name will. The others just have the regular info about food, population, and income. Another way to build status is to... a.) Destroy the FIRST low intellegent enemy stronghold b.) Destroy the FIRST medium intellegent enemy stronghold Only attack or destroy an enemy stronghold if you have a good size army of characters and they are at high enough levels to do so. 10.) YOU MEAN THE CHARACTERS I GET CAN GAIN EXPERIENCE? ======================================================= Yes, when in a certain area, you are done building stuff, change the pyramid for that character and set it to 100% TRAIN (ALL ORANGE). This will increase their experience and help them build levels for that area only. If you want other areas to gain more experience, you have to set that areas pyramid to all orange for that area. You can also attack enemies at anytime to help build experience to. 11.) MY CHARACTERS CAN BUILD LEVELS TOO, LIKE IN RPG'S? ======================================================= Yes, just like all the D&D and AD&D games, all characters can build experience levels. To see what level a character is, just use your mouse to click on any character you want to see. When the screen comes up, his experience level will be in the upper-right hand side of his picture. It will have a slash "/" separating the 2 sets of numbers. The numbers on the LEFT of the slash is the characters current experience level, the numbers on the RIGHT of the slash is the number that character must reach in order to gain next experience level. Remember, this game is an OFFICIAL D&D game. 12.) OKAY, SO WHAT KINDS OF ENEMIES WILL I RUN INTO? ==================================================== You will run into lots, but you only get a limited amount of enemies, it is impossible to have ALL enemies in one game. Although, the enemies you fight will be chosen at random. 13.) CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME EXAMPLES OF SOME ENEMIES I MIGHT MEET? ================================================================ Well, how about MEDUSA'S, ORCS, SKELETONS, KOBOLDS, GIANT ANTS, GIANT FROGS, GIANT SCORPIONS, TROLLS, GOBLINS, HOBGOBLINS, and many more. 14.) WHAT IS THE MOST POWERFUL ENEMY I WILL POSSIBLY FIND? ========================================================== That would be the RED DRAGONS. Although not really the toughest, they have the best armor class of ANY enemy. Their armor class is -1, so be ready for them. The reason why they are not so powerful is because they have a limited attack range, so they can be easy to take out, with a good size army, but they can do lots of damage, so be ready for them. If you want to know who is the most annoying, that would be the BLUE DRAGONS, they have a much stronger attack and they can breathe electricity. They can fire it at a good range, away from the attacking armies you send, so make sure you have a good army ready for these creatures. Although there is one more creature that is very deadly to fight as well as having a good armor factor, the MANSCORPION's are a tough enemy to face. 15.) OKAY, THEN WHAT IS THE WEAKEST ENEMY? ========================================== Well, although very annoying, that would have to be the BLAST SPORES. They only have 1 hit point and 1-3 good hits will kill these things in no time. The reason why they can be annoying is because when you kill them, they explode, doing more damage to you, so make sure you are ready for that. Also, these creatures can poison your characters if they get too close to a character. When a character gets poisoned, you need to take them to a temple, or you need to get them to the closest cleric in the game, if they don't reach either one, poisoned characters die and the dead characters will spawn new BLAST SPORES. Please be very aware of this. If you want something with less hassle, then that would have to be GOBLINS, they only have 4 hit points, and can be taken out with little trouble. They have no special attack, they only use swords and they have a very low defense. One other creature that is just as weak as GOBLINS is the KOBALDS. 16.) OKAY, SO IF THERE ARE ENEMIES, THEN THERE HAS TO BE AN ENEMY "BARON"? ========================================================================== Yes, there is, but you only fight him if you chose the AGRESSIVE or HOSTILE difficulty when starting a new game. His name is MINDARK, and he is after you and wants to control ALL of the land for himself. In other words, get your characters at high levels and then get ready to attack this guy. You see, when he gets his STRONGHOLD up, he is able to build ALL types of enemies, like skeletons, orcs, and evil versions of fighters, thieves, mages, and clerics. If you do see his STRONGHOLD somewhere on your map, get rid of it A.S.A.P. The only thing is, you will not see him right away if you did chose the AGRESSIVE or HOSTILE difficulty. His STRONGHOLD will only appear when you have destroyed the FIRST SET of enemies that were given to you. After you have destroyed the FIRST SET of enemies, then his STRONGHOLD will appear somewhere on the map. 17.) OKAY, ABOUT MY CHARACTERS, WHO IS BEST AT DOING WHAT? ========================================================== Well, you are correct if you think that some of the characters you choose will have an UP side, and/or a DOWN side. Each character you have in the game will be good in some stuff, but bad in others, but some have a lot of very good abilities, others have, what I consider, not very useful abilities. Here is a list of what each character is good at if you choose to have that race on your side... CLERICS = Don't really have much in building skills, but they make excellent fighters. They can cast healing spells, and a few offensive spells. DWARVES = Best at mining, if you see a rock, have a DWARF mine it, if you have one. DWARVES are also very skilled fighters. ELVES = Best at getting the most out of trees. They are best at harvesting trees. Also, they make good fighters, can use bows and arrows, and can cast some offensive spells. Not only that, they suffer less damage when up against ANY DRAGON. FIGHTERS = They don't have much skills in harvesting, or anything, but they are GREAT in combat. They are the best when it comes to combatting monsters. FIGHTERS can create swordsmen and archers. HOBITS = Also known as HALFLINGS, they have the skills of a thief and elf. They are great at harvesting crops, forests, and are great in combat. They also only suffer smaller damage from ANY DRAGON. And, like thieves, they can see more stuff on the map. MAGES = They don't have much skill in building stuff, but they have the best magic abilities in the game. THIEVES = Again, no skill in building stuff, but they can make mirrors to fight off MEDUSA. Once a THIEF has a mirror equiped, they are immune to the deadly gaze of the MEDUSA. They can also see farther on the map than any other characters in the game. 18.) SO WHO ARE THE BEST CHARACTERS TO GET AND WHY? =================================================== Well, if you are a first timer, then the best characters to start out with are as follows... STRONGHOLD LEADER = Elf First Castle Leader = Cleric Second Castle Leader = Mage Third Castle Leader = Fighter Fourth Castle Leader = Thief Keep in mind of course, that if you choose the FIRST CITY option when you start a new game, you are given the characters for that game. If you choose the other options, you will be able to build what ever characters you need. Also keep in mind that the 1st - 4th castles can be in ANY order, but the above example is best for new players. Here is the reasons for each charatcer for this example... Elf = They can harvest forests, and have good offensive attacks Clerics = They have good fighting abilities, and can heal charatcers Mages = They have very powerful spells to help destroy enemies Fighters = They can take out enemies fast, and they are the strongest type Thieves = They are best for taking out MEDUSA and can help see farther As stated before, this is only the best for new players. If you have played this game before, and understand what you have to do, then you can choose what ever characters you want, either to test out the characters, or to see if you can beat the game with those characters. 19.) OKAY, SO NOW I HAVE THIS PARTY STARTED, WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST? ==================================================================== Well, the first thing you should do first is create plots and market places. You want to start building an income. Farmlands and market places will help. Start with farmlands first, they will help build income for a while. Once you have a few farmlands, then start building some market places. 20.) WHY DO I NEED TO BUILD MARKET PLACES, THEY DON'T MAKE MUCH INCOME? ======================================================================= True, but market places increase the farmland values, so you can get more income from farmlands to. One thing to keep in mind is that after you have built 10 market places, then that is the highest values the farmlands will get. Any more market places will only give 5 more gold of income. 21.) I NOTICE THAT CARTAIN LANDS HAVE CERTAIN COLORS, WHY? ========================================================== Well, that is for your advantage or disadvantage, depending on where you start to build things. Building things in certain areas on land could increase or decrease the effects of what you build. 22.) YOU MEAN I COULD GAIN OR LOSE MONEY DEPENDING ON WHERE I BUILD THINGS? =========================================================================== Yes. A perfect example is building farmlands on the tan or brown areas. If you do build farmlands there, you won't get as much as you would from having farmlands on the green areas, or near/next to water areas. 23.) WHAT CAN I BUILD IN THE TAN OR BROWN AREAS THAT INCREASE INCOME? ===================================================================== Well, you can't really build anything that will increase income, but if you find rocks in those areas, excavate them. By doing so, you have a greater chance of finding iron, gold, or gems, And they mostly last longer than if you were to find minerals on the green areas of the map. 24.) WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER BUILDINGS, WHERE CAN I PUT THEM? ========================================================== Anywhere, the rest only effect the characters, abilities, and sometimes the income you create. Although, if you can build towers, build them on mountains or higher areas than the green areas. By doing so, you can increase the range of how far you can see on the map. Of course you have to make sure you have enough room to build it. 25.) WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE GAME? ================================================== Getting an income to make money, creating enough farmlands or forests to feed your characters, making room for each race to build things, building up each character to make them strong, building inns to help create more characters as they come, raising the status of your BARON, keeping your STRONGHOLD alive, and (IF THE GAME SAYS YOU HAVE TO) killing all the enemies in the game. 26.) WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST TELL ME THAT IS WHAT I NEEDED TO DO? ============================================================= Because you didn't ask that until now....DUUUUUHHHH. 27.) HOW ABOUT A SMALL REVIEW OF SOME OF THE ENEMIES? ===================================================== Okay, this is only a small list, I don't want to give EVERYTHING away, or you may lose the value of this game... BLAST SPORES = Although rather weak creatures, these are also dangerous to face. These creatures float around and have a strange poison inside their bodies. If your characters are hit by these creatures, your characters have a chance at getting poinsoned. If your characters don't Get Cheats & Help from being poisoned, your characters will disolve and will respawn more SPORES. The only way to be cured is to have a cleric near you or head to the nearest temple. (Only a cleric race can make temples) EVIL CHARACTERS = As you know, you can create mages, clerics, fighters, and thieves. Well, you might in fact, run into EVIL versions of these type of characters. Yes, mages and clerics can cast the same type of spells as you can. But the real thing about these characters is that they cannot gain experience, only you can. GIANT FROGS = Exactly like the name implies, frogs that are of large size. These creatures are very annoying to elves, dwarves, and hobits. If you have either one of these fighting a giant toad, they may be eaten very easily by a toad. These creatures attack by lashing their tongues at the enemy and pulling them into their mouths and, if you are unlucky, eating them. GIANT SCORPIONS = Exactly like the name implies, scorpions that are of large size. These are very dangerous creatures if confronted. If you do decide to fight these creatures, bring clerics with you, because these scorpions have the ability to poison you with their deadly tail, and if a character gets poisoned, only a cleric can cure them of this. If you do not have clerics in your game, then who ever gets poisoned will die within a few turns. HARPY = These are very strange creatures. They have wings and claws of a bird, but have the upper body of a female. These creatures you have to be very careful when you attack. They have the power to charm your characters so that your characters attack you instead of the enemy. These creatures also fly, so it will be impossible to cast web on these creatures. MEDUSA = Females with snakes as hair on their heads. They wear cloaks to conceal their looks from enemies. Be very cautious about these creatures, they may look weak, but they can take out even the most powerful characters in the game. Only thieves have the real ability to take out these deadly creatures, but only if they are equiped with mirrors. You see, the MEDUSA'S have a deadly gaze that will turn ordinary characters to stone, so only let thieves that have mirrors take these out, or you will be fighting a never ending battle. OBSIDIAN STATUES = These are animated statues made of very strong material such as obsidian, stone, gems, gold, and other such metals. These creatures can only take damage from enchanted weapons or magic, but cannot be charmed, stoned, or put to sleep. Make sure you have at least 2-3 fighting 1 statue, if not they will take you down fast. These creatures pack quite a punch when they hit you, so be ready for these creatures. ORCS = Creatures that are cross overs of man and animal. They have character- istics of human, but their faces are more of an animal than man. They are poor fightes and are easy to take out. Even a small army of fighters could take them out. PURPLE WORMS = These creatures cannot be seen unless you attack them. They burrow underground where they can surprize you and attack you from anywhere. They are very strong and can take a lot of punishment. They also have a nasty bite and can do a lot of damage. Make sure you have armies fighting these creatures. SKELETONS = These are exactly like you see in other RPG type games, creatures that have no flesh, but were once human. These are, what's known as, animated dead. These creatures are created by a magic force. These creatures are mindless, they only attack because that is all they know how to do. Although fairly easy to take out, they can be annoying. TROLLS = These are very carniverous creatures. They have human characteristics but they like to eat their victims too. Although very easy to take out with a good size army, they can also heal themselves while in combat, so make sure you take them out fast to make sure you gain the upper hand. WIGHTS = These are another version of undead creatures. They are human, but unlike skeletons, they still have most of their flesh on them. Be very careful when attacking these creatures. If they do attack you, they might drain your characters of experience points if they touch you. Meaning, your characters will lose levels and will have to gain them back normally again. There are a lot more monsters to find, but I will let you find out for your- self who and what they are. 28.) OKAY, WHAT IS THAT BAR AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT THAT APPEARS DURING COMBAT? =========================================================================== That bar represents both your characters and the enemies chances at combat. The WHITE part is your bar, the RED is the enemies bar. The more of one of the colors that shows, the more of a chance that character or group of characters has at winning a battle. It's basically a chance bar. 29.) WHAT IS THE HOUR GLASS FOR? ================================ Obviously to show the passage of time. It's also tells when the seasons are going to change, once the hour glass is empty, a new season will come. 30.) SEASONS, YOU MEAN SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, AND WINTER? ======================================================== Yes, it will change to those seasons. The reason is they wanted to make this game as real as possible, and they somewhat did. So, not only can you fight monsters, build castles, build a kingdom, and get income, but you also have to deal with the harsh elements of the seasons. 31.) WILL THE SEASONS EFFECT ANYTHING I DO? =========================================== Yes, they effect your crops and food production. During the spring and summer seasons, crops and trees will produce food at normal outcomes, during the fall season, crops and trees will increase 25% of normal outcomes, but during the winter seasons, crops and trees will drop down 75% of normal outcomes. That is the reason why you would want to make GRANARIES, they will store food for you so that if your crops can't produce enough food, the GRANARIES will help feed your characters. 32.) WHAT IS THE BEST THING TO BUILD THAT WILL GENERATE MONEY? ============================================================== There are 2 things to build that will help create more money. One is an INN. This will create $25 at first level, $50 when you first upgrade, and $75 on second upgrage. This also helps increase population at the same time. The other is a BAZAAR. This helps sell your access food that is not being used. At first level, it trades 5 food for $5, at first upgrade, it will sell 15 food for $15, and at second upgrade, it will sell 40 food for $40. You can create as many INNs and BAZAARs as you want, and remember, the more you create INNs and BAZAARs, the more income you will generate. Keep in mind that you get that much money PER TURN, not by simply getting the money. Of course farmlands and trees will create money to, but not as much as INNs and BAZAARs will. Also remember that you can't build INNs and BAZAARs until you have gained a certain status in the game. 33.) WHY NOT THE OTHER BUILDINGS THAT GENERATE MONEY? ===================================================== I know about the other buildings, but they don't generate as much as INNs or BAZAARs do, those type of buildings only make like $15-$25 PER TURN, a LOT less than what an INN or BAZAAR would make. And besides, they are sometimes a lot more expensive than INNs or BAZAARs. Here is a list of the buildings that do generate money, but not as much as INNs or BAZAARs... TOY MAKER = Only ELVES make this MAGIC MILL = Only MAGES make this SCRIBERY = Only CLERICS make this GAMBLING HALL = Only THIEVES make this BREAD SHOP = Only HOBITS make this There may be more, but all these, besides INNs and BAZAARs can generate money, just not as much. 34.) WHAT ABOUT MINES? ====================== Well, yes they do generate money, but eventually, they will run out and you will have to find another rock which has either iron, gold, or gems. If you have a DWARF race with you, only have them excavate a rock, because they have a better chance at finding minerals in rocks and making the mines last longer so they can get more out of rocks than anyone. 35.) OKAY, DOES THE VAULT (BANK) SERVE A GOOD PURPOSE? ====================================================== Yes, a very good purpose. The vaults are used to store your gold and have a more readily supply of gold if you make lots of money. After all, castles can store so much, but a vault will store an extra $50,000 gold to you with max upgrade per VAULT, if you are making lots of gold. The reason for this is because there might be a time that you will need to store some money away for future use and reference. One more thing, the more VAULTS you have, the more money you can store for yourself. 36.) ABOUT GETTING MORE POPULATION, WHY NOT USE HOUSING? ======================================================== Sure, go ahead if you feel like it, but the reason why you want the INN is because you can in fact hold more people in INNs than in HOUSING. Plus, you also get the benefit of getting money from the people who house in the INNS. 37.) SO TELL ME HOW INNS CAN BE BETTER THAN HOUSING? ==================================================== Okay, lets just say you fill one area with HOUSING, and another area with INNs and check to see what area is getting more people. To help you out, here is a better way of looking at it. This is a small sample of how ONE AREA can hold HOUSING, and another holds INNS, this also tells who is better and getting more people and then some... AREA 1 AREA 2 ====== ====== 4 houses = 60 people 2 inns = 150 people + 150 gold As you can see, INNs are the better deal, and as I mentioned, INNs will reap the people of money so you get an income out of it. Yes INNs area very expensive, but the income you get from them are worth the price. 38.) OKAY, WHAT ABOUT WEAPONS? ============================== All characters that you get will have weapons ready for you. 39.) CAN'T I MAKE BETTER WEAPONS THAN THE ONES THEY START OUT? ============================================================== Yes, of course you can. Everyone, except for mages, can get better weapons made. To do so, you have to build something for them. Here is a list of what you need to build for each race, in order to help them get better weapons... FIGHTERS = Weapon Smith HOBITS = Weapon Smith THIEVES = Weapon Smith ELVES = Fletcher Shop CLERICS = Weapon Smith DWARVES = Weapon Smith The reason why MAGES can't build anything that involves weapons is because they do not use any weapons, they use magic. Keep in mind of course that you have to upgrade them to make the weapons stronger. Please also remember that some enemies can't be hurt by normal weapons, you sometimes have to have +1 or +2 weapons equiped on your characters. 40.) WHAT ABOUT ARMOR, CAN'T THEY INCREASE ARMOR? ================================================= Only some can, others can't. 41.) WHO CAN BUILD ARMOR SHOPS? =============================== Here is a list of who can build armories... FIGHTERS = ARMORY MAGES = JEWELER That's all. Just like the WEAPON SMITHS, you need to upgrade the ARMORIES in order to get better armor and protection. 42.) WHAT KIND OF SPELLS CAN MAGES AND CLERICS DO? ================================================== Well, if you want to be more specific on what kind of spells, here is a spell list for you and it tells what level they will get that spell. Also keep in mind that elves can cast spells to, so I will include the spell list for them to... Mage Spells =========== Level 1 = CHARM PERSON, MAGIC MISSILE, SLEEP Level 2 = WEB Level 3 = FIREBALL, HOLD PERSON, LIGHTNING BOLT Level 4 = CHARM MONSTER Level 6 = DEATH SPELL, DISINTIGRATE, FLESH TO STONE Level 8 = MASS CHARM Cleric Spells ============= Level 1 = CURE LIGHT WOUNDS Level 2 = HOLD PERSON Level 3 = CURE DISEASE (poisons, stings, etc.) Level 4 = CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS Level 5 = CURE CRITICAL WOUNDS, FINGER OF DEATH Level 6 = CURE ALL Also keep in mind that the spells affectiveness and strength will increase as the characters increase in levels. Also keep in mind that elves use the MAGES spell list, but they gain the spells at a much slower rate of experience. 43.) WHAT ARE ALL THE POSSIBLE PROMOTIONS/STATUS I CAN GAIN? ============================================================ The promotions are as follows, this also includes the status if you are male or female, this also includes in what order you gain them... 1. Baron/Baroness (Start out as this) 2. Viscount/Viscountess 3. Count/Countess 4. Marquis/Marquise 5. Duke/Duchess 6. Archduke/Archduchess 7. Prince/Princess 8. King/Queen 9. Emperor/Empress 44.) HOW COME I CAN ONLY BUILD SO MANY OUTPOSTS AND ARENAS? =========================================================== Why would you WANT to build more? Sure, arenas look cool, and help increase your characters experience, and outposts help keep your characters in one place so you know where they will go first, but the other reasons are as follows... 1.) EXPENSIVE 2.) DO NOT INCREASE INCOME 3.) TAKE UP A LOT OF VALUABLE SPACE 4.) THEY HAVE AN UPKEEP COST TO KEEP THEM Okay, you got 4 reasons that tell you why, as for the actual reason, why would you need more anyway??? 45.) HOW COME I CAN'T SEEM TO MAKE MORE CHARACTERS AS I AM PLAYING? =================================================================== That's because of the way the game was made. Once there is a certain amount of characters (INCLUDING ENEMIES), the game will not allow ANYONE to make more people. So, in order to make more characters, you have to go on a killing spree and clear up the enemies. 46.) WHY IS IT THAT IT SHOWS I MADE NEW CHARACTERS, BUT I DON'T SEE THEM? ========================================================================= Read question 45 to find that answer. It's a bug in the game. You may need to get a patch if that happens. 47.) CAN I GET ANY INFO ABOUT ANYTHING, LIKE HOW MANY BUILDINGS I HAVE? ======================================================================= Yes, just use your mouse and click on your STRONGHOLD leaders name. Over on the right hand side of the screen are some buttons to click on. One is called CENSUS, and another is called PROPERTY. Click on PROPERTY to see all the buildings you own, and to see how many are at a certain level. Plus, you can also find out where they are located on a map by clicking on a certain builds name. 48.) HOW DO I KNOW IF I AM DOING A GOOD JOB AS A LEADER? ======================================================== Well, there are 2 ways. One is to click on your STRONGHOLD leaders name to get a statistics of your leader. All you have to do is compare the TOP percentage to the BOTTOM percentage. If the TOP one is higher than the BOTTOM one, then you are doing a good job. If you are still not sure, then the other way is to click on your people that is in ANY area. When you do, they will say what the main problems are, if there are any problems. Keep in mind of course, what ever race you talk to, they are only referring to THEIR race, not all races. Some examples include... ("Some say we have enough housing, but try to look for a new place, and you) (will see how hard it is. We'd be happier if there were more housing." ) Obviously, they are saying you need more housing for that race. ("We are doing fine now, but what if mines peter out, or monsters attack?) (We'd be happier if we had more income." ) This means you need to be making more money. Create more FARMLANDs or INNs. ("Some of the people here are starving, we need more to eat here.") This means you need to make more farms or get more trees. These are just a few examples. If they say... ("We are doing well, thank you for all you have done.") then that means you are doing okay, no need to change anything, but it might help to plan ahead incase of an emergancy. 49.) WHY IS IT THAT I AM CAUGHT UP, BUT THEY SAY THESE THINGS ANYWAY? ===================================================================== That's because they are trying to get you to plan ahead. You are right if you say that they are very personal about certain things, and they are. The game itself is just trying to get you into the habit of planning ahead. ANY strategy game will be like that. If you do not plan for the worst at the right time, you will go down very fast. 50.) DOES IT HELP TO PLAN AHEAD ANYWAY? ======================================= Yes, as with ANY strategy game, it helps to plan ahead for ANY situation. You never know if you will run out of food, money, or get attacked. It also helps to have at least 5-10 characters in every area that has buildings or things that you own. As long at you check your statistical screen every now and then, and you make sure to upkeep your food, money and upgrade your buildings as soon as possible, you will do great in this game. 51.) I NOTICED THAT CERTAIN BUILDINGS TAKE UP A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF SPACE, WHY? ============================================================================= Well, it sometimes takes bigger and better buildings to get the bigger and better jobs done more efficiently. Of course you have small things like farm- lands, housing, markets, and a few other things. 52.) COULD YOU LIST THE BUILDINGS THAT ARE BIG OR SMALL? ======================================================== Okay, I'll list what are big and small, and will tell you how many sections it takes to put in that area. (As you might be aware, buildings take up a certain amount of space in one area. I will give you an example here... ONE AREA HAS 4 SECTIONS, FARMLANDS TAKE UP ONE SECTION, TREES TAKE UP ONE SECTION, INN'S TAKE UP 2 SECTIONS.) TYPE SIZE / HOW MANY SECTIONS IT TAKES UP IN ONE AREA ================================================================ Farmland = Small / 1 Housing = Small / 1 Market = Small / 1 Bridge = Small / 1 Wall = Small / 1 Gate = Small / 1 Tower = Small / 1 Tree = Small / 1 (Only Elves can build this, others have to claim) Armory = Small / 1 (Only Fighters can build this) Weaponshop = Small / 1 (Everyone but Mages and Elves can build this) Glassworks = Small / 1 (Only Thieves can build this) Guardhouse = Medium/ 2 (Only Fighters can build this) Fletcher = Medium/ 2 (Only Elves can build this) Bread Shop = Medium/ 2 (Only Hobits/Halfings can build this) University = Medium/ 2 (Only Mages can build this) Mason Hall = Medium/ 2 (Only Dwarves can build this) Scribery = Medium/ 2 (Only Clerics can build this) Temple = Medium/ 2 (Only Clerics can build this) Elf Garden = Medium/ 2 (Only Elves can build this) Toy Maker = Medium/ 2 (Only Elves can build this) Gambling Hall = Medium/ 2 (Only Thieves can build this) Builders Hall = Medium/ 2 Vault = Medium/ 2 INN = Medium/ 2 Outpost = Medium/ 2 Castle = Medium/ 2 (You are allowed to build only 4 max) Arena = Large / All 4 sections Stronghold = Large / All 4 sections (You are allowed to build only one) There may be a few more, but you should be able to figure it out anyway. 53.) CAN THE PAUSE BUTTON SERVER A GOOD PERPOSE? ================================================ Yes, in fact, I use the PAUSE button during gameplay a lot so I know what to do without a pressure from being attacked from enemies or hassled by newly made characters. Although, if you do want a fast paced game, you can always let the gameplay run on it's own. The problem with this is it sometimes takes a while to let time or A TURN pass while the game is going. But, if you're a person who has to think about what you're doing while playing the game, then by all means, use the pause ability. Just incase you are wondering, if you want to let time pass while the game is paused, just press the SPACEBAR while the PAUSE button is on. Each time you press the SPACEBAR, one turn will pass. 54.) ARE THERE ANY CHEATS TO THIS GAME? ======================================= It just so happens there is a cheat for this game. This is a MAJOR cheat so if you use it, it's not my fault if you feel you were ripped off of a game. Start the game with this command line during DOS prompt, while in the games directory... strong debug This is OBVIOUSLY a debugging commnd line. Now, start a game, or load a saved game, and while in a game, hold the ALT key, then press one of the following keys for that cheat... B = Allows you to change ANYONES buildings to what ever you want. You must first be in an area that has a character on screen, and they must have a building of some type, second from the left. You can only change a building if there IS a building already. This also includes rocks, trees, ruins, swamp, and a lot more, but there MUST be something and YOU or THEY must own it. C = Changes ANYONE to any creature or character you want in that area. Keep in mind that you cannot control monsters if you change one of your characters in the game. Also remember, if you do change one of YOUR characters to a monster, the new monster will have the hit points of the character you changed. D = Shows where all the characters are when you go to that area. MAP MODE. F = Similar to the B cheat. G = This will end the game with you as the loser, get to see the bad ending. H = This shows the string or HEX it uses for that area of the map. J = All castles will gain 5-20 new troops, instead of waiting for troops. This will also allow the enemies to gain this much at the same time. K = Instantly destroy an enemy stronghold or castle. Be prepared to fight ANY monsters that were left if there was any monsters left of that castle. L = Raise levels for one character, but you can have multiple high level characters. To do this, first, go to an area that has your characters there. Then, use the cheat to raise the level until it says 36. You can go higher, but the charatcers will only go up to 36. Now, click on your character in that area. That character from now on will be level 36. Now, do it again for another character. After a while, you will have lots of your people who will be level 36. You will have to leave the area, then come back to see the changes of the character, but this will work. CAUTION THIS CHEAT WILL ALSO WORK ON ENEMIES, THEY WON'T BE ANY STRONGER, BUT THEY WILL HAVE HIGHER OR LOWER HIT POINTS IF YOU TRY THIS. M = DO NOT USE THIS CHEAT, THIS WILL DO SOMETHING YOU WILL NOT LIKE! IF YOU USE THIS CHEAT, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR "ANY" DAMAGE THAT IS CAUSED BY THIS CHEAT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. (Relax, it's not a virus) P = BARON will gain a status like DUKE, or PRINCE or something like that. He or she will gain NEXT status. Q = Press this a few times and the land near you will be covered with ruins. R = You will become EMPEROR/EMPRESS instantly when you use this. S = Change the season to the season you like best. Y = Kills 1 of ANYONE that is in that area. Sometimes will respawn. Z = Hurts ALL MONSTERS that are in that area. If you have your characters in that area, only the monsters will take damage. Sometimes will respawn. 55.) WHO SHOULD I CONTACT ABOUT THIS FAQ? ========================================= If you have any more questions for me, or if you feel I should clear up a particular subject in the game, please send E-mail to me and will see what I can do about clearing up that question, or anything you need or want to know about this game. My E-mail is... Please make sure you put the subject COOPERTEAM/STRONGHOLD so I will know what you are E-mailing me about. If you have any comments or recommendations to add to this FAQ, let me know and I will see what I can do. Please, no bogus stuff, just real and true info about this game. I want to make this FAQ as clear, complete, and real as possible for others to use. No part of this may be reproduced or displayed without permission my me. If you do make any additions to this FAQ, please give credit where credit is due. If you want me to add your name and E-mail to the next update to this FAQ, let me know or I will assume you want me to automatically put your name and E-mail on there. I will give you the credit if you find any new info for me. I MAY DO AN UPDATE FOR THIS FAQ, I AM VERY SURE I MISSED SOME QUESTIONS THAT I NEED TO CLEAR UP. Thanks.