***** *     ***** ***** *****    ***** ***** ***** *****
*     *       *     *   *        *   * *     *   *   *
*     *       *     *   *        *   * *     *   *   *
***** *       *     *   *****    ***** ***** *****   *
*     *       *     *   *        *   * *     *   *   *
*     *       *     *   *        *   * *     *   *   *
***** ***** *****   *   *****    ***** ***** *   *   *

          ***** ***** ***** *     * ***** *****
          *   * *     *     **    *   *   *
          *   * *     *     * *   *   *   *
          ***** *     ***** *  *  *   *   *****
          *   * *  ** *     *   * *   *       *
          *   * *   * *     *    **   *       *
          *   * ***** ***** *     *   *   *****

                ~Line Test~
If the following line is readable without scrolling over, you can easily 
read this walkthrough.

Welcome readers! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards and this is
a walkthrough for Elite Beat Agents, the rhythm-based action game for the 
Nintendo DS. Hopefully you'll enjoy this walthrough as much as I enjoyed
playing this game. Some Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind:
-Use this walkthrough as a refrence tool
-Tell people about it
-Print it for personal use
-Give to other people for no profit

-Plagerize this walkthrough without any credit
-Call this walkthrough "yours"
-Sell this walkthrough for profit

ONLY the following sites have permission to use this walkthrough without
the need to contact me:

Anybody else wishing to use this walkthrough will need to e-mail me at
someguy668 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Those wishing to leave me comments and corrections should also e-mail me.
I generally won't respond to e-mails, and probably won't update if you send
me a corrections unless it extremely important. Don't feel offended if I 
don't respond or update with a change.
Thanks for your concern.

|           ~Table of Contents~          |
|1.Basics of Being an Agent              |
|2.Difficulty Settings                   |
|3.Ranking System                        |
|4.Single Player Mode                    |
|  4A.Episode 1-Walkie Talkie Man        |
|  4B.Episode 2-Makes No Difference      |
|  4C.Episode 3-Sk8er Boi                |
|  4D.Episode 4-I Was Born to Love You   |
|  4E.Episode 5-Rock This Town           |
|  4F.Episode 6-Highway Star             |
|  4G.Episode 7-Y.M.C.A.                 |
|  4H.Episode 8-September                |
|  4I.Episode 9-Canned Heat              |
|  4J.Episode 10-Material Girl           |
|  4K.Episode 11-La La                   |
|  4L.Episode 12-You're The Inspiration  |
|  4M.Episode 13-Let's Dance             |
|  4N.Episode 14-The Anthem              |
|  4O.Episode 15-1 Without a Fight       |
|  4P.Episode 15-2 Jumpin' Jack Flash    |
|  4Q.Bonus Episode 1-Believe            |
|  4R.Bonus Episode 2-ABC                |
|  4S.Bonus Episode 3-Survivor           |
|5.Replay Data                           |
|6.Agent of Rank and Unlockables         |
|7.Multiplayer Modes                     |
|  7A.VS Ghost                           |
|  7B.VS Player                          |
|  7C.Co-op                              |
|8.Credits                               |

                     ~1.Basics of Being an Agent~
Elite Beat Agents is different than other rhythm games you may have played,
so it is best that you start with the Training Mode on the main menu. You
will learn everything you need to know in order to tap to the rhythm during
the Single Player mode. Descriptions of the exercises are as follows.

Elite-O-Meter--This meter, which is represented by a red and yellow bar at
the top of the touch screen, is basically the "life bar" for the game. The
bar is split up like this:
/               |              Yes\

At the beginning of each song, the Elite-O-Meter will start at the very top
(as opposed to the middle as is with other games). However, during the 
course of the song the meter will steadily be falling. In order to refill
the gauge you will need to tap the Hit Markers, Phrase Markers, and 
Spinners that appear on the screen at various times. Do so correctly, and 
the meter will fill back up again. Miss a beat, and the meter will go down
by about 1/6th. If it passes the "|" (which is about 45% up the meter), you
will be in the "No" section. 

When that occurs, the screen will zoom in on the lead agent, signifying
that you are currently failing that song. When the meter falls below 10%,
you will be at the "!" stage, the camera zooms in further on the lead 
agent, and shows that you are dangerously close to failing the song 

How fast the meter falls by default depends on the amount of beats in the
song and the difficulty level. An easy song on an easy difficulty will have
a slow falling meter. An easy song on a hard difficulty will have the meter
fall at a quickened rate, while a hard song on a hard difficulty will have
the meter drop very quickly. Be careful.

Songs are split into several different sections. If the Elite-O-Meter reads
"Yes" when you reach the end of a section, you will clear it with a "O"
reading. However, if you reach the end of a section with the meter in the
"No" or "!" section, then you will get an "X" instead. The only thing the
O's and X's effect are the ending of the mission. You will still clear the
song even with all X's.

Hit Marker--These are what you will be tapping throughout the majority of
the game. Hit Markers are colored circles with a number on them. When they
appear on the screen, a Timer Circle will appear around them. The Timer
Circle will determine when you hit the beat in rhythm with the song. When
the Timer Circle touches the boundary of the Hit Marker, tap it!
          -----           -----
         /     \         /     \
         | (1) |.........| (2) |
         |     |         |     |
         \-----/         \-----/

This is basically what Hit Markers look like. You will always hit them in
their numbered order. Not only should that be a basic concept, but the 
Timer Circle for later Hit Markers cover the the marker after the ones
before it do. Even if you wanted to, you couldn't hit the 2nd Hit Marker
without hitting (or missing entirely) the first one.

The other situation for Hit Markers is when there is more then one 
overlapping each other. The way you can tell this happens is when you see
multiple Timer Circles appear around what originally looks like one Hit
Marker. If you look closely, you will be able to see another one (or a 
third, sometimes even a fourth and fifth) beneath it. They look somewhat
like this:

     |   ---   |
     |  |(1)|  |
     |   ---   |

As you can see, there are two Timer Circles surrounding this beat. However,
once you tap the first Hit Marker, the point value for it will appear,
essentially covering up the second Hit Marker (and more if there were 
others) and the Timer Circle. You'll need to rely on the song itself to
determine when to tap. Is it right after? Do you need to wait half a 
second? Maybe a full second? As you play the game, you will understand how
the beats work, and you'll be able to determine when to tap subsequent Hit
Markers the lie under below the first.

Phrase Markers--Quite different from Hit Markers, you will also be
encountering Phrase Markers during the songs. Phrase Markers will appear as
a number with a long line attached to it (or half-circle, curver, zig-zag,
there are many different shapes in the songs). What you need to do is tap
the number when the Timer Circle overlaps it. However, instead of lifting
up the stylus as you normally would, you will need to hold it on a ball 
that will travel across the length of the marker in rhythm with the song.
The ball will move by itself, and all you need to do is keep the stylus on
it at all times.

(1). . . . . . . . . . ( )

The ( ) at the right represents the end of the Phrase Marker. Be sure that
you are holding the stylus on the ball until it reaches the end! You can
safely take it off when the point value appears for clearing the marker.
The periods represent the pellets found in Phrase Markers. You MUST be
holding the stylus on the ball when it rolls over these. Each pellet will
add to the multiplier. If you aren't holding the ball as it passes over a
pellet, you won't collect it, the multiplier will drop backk to zero, and
the Elite-O-Meter will suffer a little. However...

(1). . . . . . . . . . ( (13) (11)
    (5) (7)      (12)

It repeats this pattern twice. The second time there is no 14th marker.

Final Section--This section repeats the second section. The only difference
here is that several overlapping Hit Markers have been added, and there is
a Spin Marker at the end.

S-Rank Difficulty--6/10
S-Rank Notes--The third section can really kill you. It's hard enough to
full combo through it, but it's even harder to get through it without 
slightly adjusting your timing (therefore resulting in mass 100's). It's
the only danger zone of the song. Past that, everything else is a breeze.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=qZU5h-t8UuI

~Sweatin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--219
Maximum Multiplier--290
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Very Fast
Overview--This song has a lot of killer areas, especially if it's your
first try. The beginning alone is difficult, and the second and third
sections also have very tricky beat layouts.

1st Section--The first group here gets repeated several times over the
song, so get used to it. It's two markers, then and overlapping pair, a
single one, then another overlapping pair, then two more seperated. That
sounds confusing, but you will easily miss one on your first try of the
song. Or all of them, possibly. There isn't an hesitation between the third
and last Hit Marker, so don't pause. The rest of this section is simple
compared to that (and it gets repeated again in this section!).

2nd Section--Wow. This section is much longer now in Sweatin' (well, it
feels that way at least), and there's tons of Phrase Markers. The first
half of this section is pretty simple. Just follow the lyrics and you can
get the timing down pretty easily. Near the end of the section will be a
long string of Hit Markers. The first two are part of the same color group,
and go one by one up each side of the screen. The second group is difficult
to see due to the overlapping Timer Circles:
      (8) (6) (3)
        (7) (4) (1)
          (5) (2)
To top it all off, there's a Spin Marker after this!

3rd Section--The first part of this section will look similar to the first
section, but then they throw a ton of beats at you that are in another
crazy pattern:
     (9)  (11)
  (8)  (10)  (12)
  (7) (5)
    (4) (2)
      (3) (1)
This exact pattern will get repeated again once the group from the 
beginning of the song repeats. However, a 13th marker was added on at the

Final Section--This is, for the most part, another repeat of the second
section. The only difference is that the patterns have been mirrored a bit,
and there are several more overlapping Hit Markers than when it was in the
second section. At the end of the section you will need to clear a Spin
Marker to finish the song.

S-Rank Difficulty--8/10
S-Rank Notes--A lot of areas of the song, such as the ones I diagrammed, 
are huge trouble spots. The beginning group is repeated several times in
the song, and you will need to learn it now. It is difficult at first, but
once you can clear it easily you shouldn't have any trouble with it. It
may take a while to obtain an S-Rank on this song.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=upDvZpoPDcQ

~Hard ROCK Difficulty~
Total Beats--219
Maximum Multiplier--290
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Ludicris Speed
Overview--Reacting quickly to the Phrase Markers in the song can be a huge
pain. Missing anything can spell disaster due to insane speed that the
Elite-O-Meter drops at. Be sure to get plenty of 300's.

1st Section--There's only two Phrase Markers here, but don't get used to
such a low amount. The beginning group is easier to understand now due to
the beats appearing practically one at a time. Not to mention you had to
clear the song on Sweatin' to get to this point, so you should at least
remember how to clear the intro.

2nd Section--There are a lot of Phrase Markers in the first half of this
section, but they are in very similar patterns, or even a bunch in
consecutive order. Just past them are a bunch of overlapping Hit Markers,
and there will be a long string of Hit Markers. The first group is pretty
easy to figure out due to the Hit Markers moving all in a line. The second
group is more difficult:
   (2) (5)
 (1) (4) (7)
   (3) (6) (8)
There's a Spin Marker right after this.

3rd Section--The first area of this section is pretty simple. The third
group can be a bit tricky if you aren't paying attention, though:
     (1) (3)
       (2) (4)
         (5) (7)
    (12) (10)(8)
After this tricky group, a rough outline of the first section will repeat
itself. Don't mess up on any of the following Phrase Markers! Most of them
are long, so when you see no Hit Markers appear ahead, expect a Phrase

Final Section--This section is a complete repeat of the second section, but
it is mirrored (so it's basically the same as Sweatin's second section).
The last part of the section repeats the ending of the third section,
including that tricky group (but adding a 13th marker), before ending the
song with a Spin Marker.

S-Rank Difficulty--8/10
S-Rank Notes--It's as hard as it was on Sweatin'. The tricky sections are
not as hard here due to the markers appearing one by one on Hard ROCK. 
That's no excuse to slack off, however. Keep your tapping consistant on the
long strings of Hit Markers and you should avoid getting too many 100's.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=69H8DphKFfc

                       ~4N.Episode 14-The Anthem~
Mission-Batter Up! Home Run Hero Makes a Comeback!!
Song-The Anthem
Misc. Info-Named "Rookie of the Year" 10 seasons ago.

~Breezin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--176
Maximum Multiplier--319
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Slow
Overview--Everything in this song makes...sense? Yes! Finally a Breezin'
song nobody can question! Haha! It's a bit faster paced than any of the 
other songs you have played so far, so be ready for that.

1st Section--This section should show you how fast the song is going to be
playing. Everything here matches the lyrics (the majority of the song does,
by the way), so the Hit Marker timing should be fairly simple to determine.
Don't slip up on the rebounding Phrase Markers.

2nd Section--This is another short section, and several Hit Markers that
match the lyrics can be tricky because the words sometimes are placed close
to eachother. This only happens a few times, so there shouldn't be too many

3rd Section--The first half of this song has a lot of close together beats.
Be sure to take a very short pause between them. There is a pause, yes, but
it isn't long at all. As for the second half of this long section, the only
problem that could arise is from the overlapping markers right at the end
of the section.

Final Section--This section continues to follow the lyrics, and it isn't
too bad. Some of the Hit Markers are close together, but you should know
the timing of that by now. There's a Spin Marker at the end.

S-Rank Difficulty--3/10
S-Rank Notes--The fast paced nature of the song may throw you off, but a
runthrough or two and you'll be used to that. The second section may be
slightly tricky, but nothing in this song is particuarly hard on Breezin'.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=fNzN7fOLFv4

~Cruisin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--226
Maximum Multiplier--372
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Medium-Fast
Overview--Cruisin' has a lot more beats than Breezin', but you shouldn't
have much harder of a time following them. The song seems to move even
faster now, and any hesitation between beats can cause you to miss them in
the end.

1st Section--This section is still pretty simple. The entire song still
follows the lyrics, after all. The only hard spots would be the overlapping
Hit Markers. They aren't really tough to be honest, but if whatever score
you get on the first one you'll likely get on the second as well. Don't
change tapping speed. Also, near the end is a group when the last Hit
Marker has a longer pause before you need to hit it. Pay attention.

2nd Section--This short section can really trip you up midway through. 
There is a blue color group when the first four beats make a square shape.
The timing for them is quite awkward. Although you think it should match 
the song, it actually doesn't. It goes more for the background music. If
you go through the song several times, perhaps you'll understand what I
mean (and even then, that group is hard not to mess up on at least one of
those beats). 

3rd Section--The first half of this song is a mirrored version of the 
second section. The major difference would be an increase in overlapping
markers, and there is a triple overlapping marker in the middle. The second
half of the song isn't too hard, but there are a lot of overlapping beats
that you will need to take care of.

Final Section--Most of these beats are on tune with the lyrics, but towards
the end it sways slightly towards the music. The overlapping beats with a
pause between each tap can be tricky if you aren't listening carefully.
Complete the Spin Marker to end the song.

S-Rank Difficulty--4/10
S-Rank Notes--There's plenty of overlapping markers, but that's nothing
new here. Overall, it isn't too hard of a song. After a while, it shouldn't
feel fast paced at all, either. Not too hard of an S-Rank, but may take you
several tries nonetheless.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=2fXyCtuHBH0

~Sweatin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--258
Maximum Multiplier--408
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Fast
Overview--There's not too many additional beats from when you played this
song on Cruisin'. It can be a bit tricky at first due to how many markers
are in each group, as well as how changed the Phrase Markers became, but
you can handle it.

1st Section--As always, the markers match up with the lyrics for the entire
duration of the song. Now, Sweatin' makes it a bit tricky. Each group will
generally have several Hit Markers near eachother, then at least one placed
a short distance from them. There's a small pause between when you need to
tap it. The two short Phrase Markers here move quickly, and have many
rebounds. These Phrase Markers are seen several other times during the
song, so expect them.

2nd Section--The third group of this section can be troublesome due to some
awkward timing. The first four beats form a square shaped pattern, and that
should make it sound easy. The timing feels slightly off from the song for
whatever reason. The section ends soon after that. The only other trouble
spots are the areas with a bunch of markers close together. At least those
match the lyrics.

3rd Section--The first half of this section will look similar to a mirrored
second section. There are some added Hit Markers in the middle of it, as 
well as two triple overlapping pieces during the section. Don't try to play
it all on second section memory, or you will mess up. The second half of
the section is a bit different. It's pretty short, and has a decent amount
of overlapping beats. Just follow the lyrics to succeed.

Final Section--There's a lot of Phrase Markers in this section, but there
are also a lot of close together Hit Markers. They can be a bit tricky to
all hit correctly, and most of them come right after the Phrase Markers.
The ones that are close together tend to follow the syllables of the 
lyrics, so use that as a guide. The last group has eight Hit Markers 
forming a figure-8. They are all placed evenly apart from eachother, so
ignore the lyrics for them. They follow the music. Finally, there's the
Spin Marker. This one is different than in any other song. On Sweatin' and
Hard ROCK, people have trouble trying to clear it. Looking back, I'm unable
to earn any bonus points on it (I can still clear it, though). It probably
is the hardest part of the song. Spin like crazy!

S-Rank Difficulty--7/10
S-Rank Notes--Some parts of this song can be really difficult. Look out for
Hit Markers evenly spaced from one another, and especially the Spin Marker
at the end of the song. That destroys people. If you can't complete it, you
can't get an S-Rank anyway. Practice spinning if needed. You will want it.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=OuMe5WsgAR8

~Hard ROCK Difficulty~
Total Beats--258
Maximum Multiplier--408
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Very Fast
Overview--There's a decent amount of Phrase Markers in this song, yes, but
what can be troubling is how fast the Hit Markers change position on the
screen. One second your tapping on the top half, next your tapping the 
bottom right corner. You'll need to stay alert through the song.

1st Section--This is the easiest section of the song, so get used to the
speed. Early in the song the groups of beats change from the top half to
the bottom half quickly, so remember that. Don't let go of the stylus on
Phrase Marker--the really short ones will kill the Elite-O-Meter if you
miss them.

2nd Section--This section has several groups of beats pretty close to
eachother, and it also has that stupid box-pattern of Hit Markers. All of
them can be pretty tricky, but keep your tapping quick and consistant with
the words. As for the box-shape, follow the Timer Circles as best as 
possible. You'll likely get several 100's or 50's in that area due to the
tricky pattern.

3rd Section--The first half of this section blends a new area of the song
in with the second section. The area has some overlapping Hit Markers, but
everything still matches the words fine. There aren't many Phrase Markers,
either. The second section has mirrored positions here, but you probably
won't get thrown off. When that ends, you'll have the short last half of
the section to go. Every group has at least one pair of overlapping beats,
and there's a Phrase Marker at the end of every one (except for the last
group where it's second to last).

Final Section--This section has a ton of Phrase Markers, as well as large
groups of close together Hit Markers (which generally come right after the
Phrase Markers). Don't hesitate inbetween these close ones, or you may
miss one entirely. The last few groups of the song have evenly spaced Hit
Markers, and you'll need to ignore the lyrics from there. The Spin Marker,
as it was with Sweatin', is insanely difficult to complete. Don't expect to
earn any bonus points with it. Just try to at least clear the damn thing.

S-Rank Difficulty--8/10
S-Rank Notes--Some Hit Markers can be tricky, and it's generally the third
section that trips people up due to its length. The ending Spin Markers, as
you may know, can destroy any chance at an S-Rank if you can't even
complete it. I don't really have advice on spinning that thing, but you'll
need to move your hand as fast as possible.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=x0LzF21WLF4

                    ~4O.Episode 15-1 Without a Fight~
Mission-No More Music!? The Last Hope!!
Song-Without a Fight
Misc. Info-N/A
Note-To play this song, you'll need to have cleared every song up to this
point. Tap the large star in the middle of the ocean, then tap anywhere on
the Earth to play this song.

~Breezin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--103
Maximum Multiplier--269
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Medium-Fast
Overview--I hate all of the beat placements in Breezin', but that's only
because I love playing it on Hard ROCK. For the new player, this song will
probably kill you many times due to how fats it goes. It'll take some time,
but you'll eventually pass it.

1st Section--All of the beats in this section match the lyrics, but there
is a slight problem. You will need to hit all of the Hit Markers just a bit
earlier than you think you would in order to get 300's on them. I'm not 
sure why this is, but that's how I see it work. The Phrase Markers are sped
up a bit, so don't rush it.

2nd Section--The "hitting the markers early" thing applies for the whole
song, especially here. See, those overlapping markers in this section have
nothing at all to do with the song or lyrics. Tap both a tad early to get
300's. There's two areas of the song with a bunch of close together beats,
so be sure to tap with a good speed.

Final Section--Well, it's the shortest song in the game (although the
actual song in reality is over twice as long). The first half of this
section has a few Phrase Markers, and several other beats matching the
quick lyrics of the song. There's a Spin Marker midway through it, and then
you will repeat the second section (overlapping markers and all, too). 
There is another Spin Marker at the end.

S-Rank Difficulty--6/10
S-Rank Notes--It's only hard because it makes no damn sense! By the time 
you start going for S-Ranks (and for most people, that's after beating 
every song at least once), you'll realize this is a pain to deal with from
something as difficult as Hard ROCK. Few of these make sense, and the song
feels really slow. It's all trouble.

~Cruisin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--130
Maximum Multiplier--300
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Medium-Fast
Overview--Well, I must say the beat pattern makes a hell of a lot more
sense here. You should find it moderately easier than on Breezin', and 
that's saying something.

1st Section--All of the Hit Markers, save for two of them, match the lyrics
to the song. The Phrase Markers still aren't hard, and matching the lyrics
to the beats is pretty easy. The two that don't match are, naturally,
overlapping beats midway through the section. The go more in hand with the
guitar playing in the background.

2nd Section--This section has two halves. The second half is exactly the
same as the first half, but it's mirrored. All of the Hit Markers match the
lyrics as usual, and the Phrase Markers match the stressed lyrics. There 
are a couple areas where the markers are spread out, but you'll need to hit
them all quite quickly. Pay attention to the song during those areas.

Final Section--The first half of this section is a bit tricky. There are a
bunch of consecutive Hit Markers, so you'll need to tap quite quickly. 
There will be a Spin Marker right after this area, too. Then you will have
another repeat of the second section. In two spots one of the Hit Markers
has become a very short Phrase Marker. If you let go too early, you'll get
a 100. Be careful (there's another Hit Marker RIGHT after it. Don't

S-Rank Difficulty--5/10
S-Rank Notes--The tricky areas in the third section can net several
unwanted 100's. Notably are the short Phrase Markers which may prompt you
to lift off the screen just a small fraction of a second early. Other than
that, a decent amount of practice may be needed to S-Rank this song.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=AJp1W6hoZwE

~Sweatin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--155
Maximum Multiplier--314
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Fast
Overview--Sweatin' holds a lot more beats (well, considering how short the
song is...). The second and third sections can destroy you thanks to a ton
of short Phrase Markers. Don't lose sight! It's not that bad!

1st Section--As before, all of the Hit Markers match the lyrics of the 
song. However, two parts now suffer like they did in Cruisin'. These don't
match the lyrics. In two areas there will be a double and triple
overlapping beat, one right after another. They make a clapping sound when
tapped, so imgine that in your head. It isn't hard once you learn the
timing, though. Just two and three quick taps.

2nd Section--This section is split into two halves, and the second looks
like a mirrored version of the first half. It's also quite hard. There are
a ton of short Phrase Markers that move very quickly. Then, there is almost
always a Hit Marker right after it. As soon as the Phrase Marker ends, do
not hesitate to hit the next beat. Just tap it and it's usually going to
result in a 300. Don't be taken aback by how fast this section moves, or
you will quickly fail.

Final Section--The first half of this section has a bunch of consecutive
beats, so you'll need to tap them with a unchanging rate. In the middle of
the section there will be a Spin Marker, and then you will repeat the 
second section entirely. Hopefully you didn't find it too hard the first
time. Afterwards there will be a Spin Marker to end the song.

S-Rank Difficulty--7/10
S-Rank Notes--Since it's a short song, you can get plenty of retries 
without taking up too much of your time. The second section is what you 
will want to practice the most since it's repeated again in the final
section. Keep trying--it's not as hard as you think.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=s_pjoKrk1DY

~Hard ROCK Difficulty~
Total Beats--155
Maximum Multiplier--314
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Very Fast
Overview--It is about as hard as it was on Sweatin', and that may make you
happy or angry in discontent. Thanks to the way Hard ROCK works, the song
seems to move even faster now. Good luck, though.

1st Section--There aren't many Phrase Markers in this section, and for 
those that are here, most of them are guessable due to them all being on
stressed lyrics. The double and triple overlapping Hit Markers that appear
twice in this section are a bit easier due to the timing of this 
difficulty, so you should hopefully find it easier as well.

2nd Section--Every group in this section has a Phrase Marker in it, and
that makes things tricky due to how fast they move. You have little room
for error. All of them are on the second and last, or just last, beat of
the group. There's nothing overwhelmingly tricky about this section, but
the speed of the Phrase markers can easily throw you off.

Final Section--For the first half of this song, there will be a bunch of
consecutive beats. They are spread evenly, yet close to eachother, so don't
stop tapping. After a Spin Marker, you will repeat the majority of the 
second section. Once you finish that up, there will be another Spin Marker
to end the song.

S-Rank Difficulty--8/10
S-Rank Notes--The tricky Phrase Markers of the second section is what makes
getting an S-Rank so difficult. That section gets repeated again in the 
last half of the final section, so you could be in some trouble if you are
unable to get enough 300's on it. The first section isn't too bad. Any 
300's there are easily correctable mistakes.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=7JqDyEEruEM

                  ~4P.Episode 15-2 Jumpin' Jack Flash~
Mission-No More Music!? The Last Hope!!
Song-Jumpin' Jack Flash
Misc. Info-N/A
Note-Once you clear Without a Fight, you will immediately be starting 
Jumpin' Jack Flash. If you want to play this song again, head to the screen
where you normally would choose Without a Fight. Tap the Rhombulan 
mothership (or a giant star once you beat this song) to play.

~Breezin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--194
Maximum Multiplier--396
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Medium-Fast
Overview--If you haven't lost to a Breezin' song yet, I assure you that
this song will most certainly kill you for quite a while. And if you think
this is hard, wait for the other difficulties! Don't give up now! You've
already come this far.

1st Section--This section may seem hard, but overall it is actually quite
simple. All of the markers in this section match the words, and Phrase
Makers cover the stressed words. The tricky parts would have to be the
overlapping markers. The triple overlap is simple (matches "Jump-in' Jack),
but the double overlaps can be a bit trickier. Just watch the Timer Circles
and tap twice if you can't do it very well.

2nd Section--This section is exactly like the first section, but everything
has been mirrored. Also, the ending Phrase Marker has been split into two
separate parts, so you'll need to actually lift your stylus up to hit both
of them. Not too hard if you could at least pass the first section.

3rd Section--This section will cause your hand to hurt, if you're even able
to survive that long. The first area has some pretty simple markers, with
a Spin Marker at the end. Next there will be group that mirrors the group
before the previous Spin Marker. It ends with another Spin Marker. Then
you'll have two Hit Markers and a simple multi-rebound Phrase Marker, and
a third Spin Marker afterwards. Finally, there's this tricky group:
     (1)      (2)

   (7) (8)      (3)
     (6)  (9) (4) (5)
I'll admit that even I have trouble surviving this, but that's only because
the Timer Circles cover up the damn numbers until it's too late. Oh yeah,
there's another Spin Marker after this. But the final area of this section
is pretty calm. There's a decent amount of overlapping beats, though.

Final Section--It's all come down to this! This section repeats the same
line over and over again, but the beat patterns keep changing. They start
off easy--just a few Hit Markers and a Phrase Marker. It gradually gets
harder, making a bunch of Hit Markers appear before and after short Phrase
Markers. The only hard part is this section of a red color group:
Other than that, get past the ending Spin Marker and you've cleared

S-Rank Difficulty--7/10
S-Rank Notes--The song seems hard at first, but once you can finally
complete it easily, an S-Rank shouldn't be too hard to obtain as well. The
overlapping markers can be hard, and several parts of the final section can
be a pain just to complete, let alone get 300's on. Many retries may be
needed to S-Rank this song.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=fYxAM48eNYo

~Cruisin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--266
Maximum Multiplier--438
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Fast
Overview--This is way harder than when you played it in Breezin', so don't
expect an easy ride through it. It feels quite fast, and you'll have to do
quite a lot of tapping in order to finish the song.

1st Section--This can feel like a lengthy section, but that's only because
there's so many beats packed into it. Everything matches the lyrics of the
song except for the ending area. A lot of the Hit Markers are placed 
pretty close to eachother, and you'll need to know that the Phrase Markers
move quite fast here. The last two long Phrase Markers match the music 
since there aren't any lyrics at that point.

2nd Section--For the most part, this is just a mirrored version of the
first section. However, there are some notable differences. Several Phrase
Markers have been added, or now have rebounds to appear longer. The ending
two Phrase Markers has been changed to just one, with two Hit Markers
coming right after it.

3rd Section--This section, and the final section, have very annoying beat
patterns. The Timer Circles for the Hit Markers cover the numbers, again,
and this makes hitting them all correctly up to chance. The first difficult
pattern is this:
  (1)          (2)
 (7)(8)        (3)
  (6)        (5)(4)
The second pattern is:
    (11)(2) (9)(7)(4)
    (10)    (8)(6)(5)
...followed by a Spin Marker. The next area has an exact mirrored version
of this pattern, so just flip it around to get the same results. There is
also a Spin Marker after it. The next group of markers forms a circle, and
it is far easier to comprehend. As usual, there's a Spin Marker after it.
Then there will be a mirrored group of those beats as well, with a final
Spin Marker for this section. The last few groups come pretty quickly, and
only trouble further your tired hands. It's similar to part of the first
section, but there are several overlapping Hit Markers replacing what used
to be single Hit Markers.

Final Section--The first part of this section will seem quite easy. Just
three Hit Markers and a Phrase Marker. Then they throw several groups with
a ton of Hit Markers, all of the Timer Circles covering their numbers, just
for kicks and giggles:
(11)-----( )
The group after this one will have the first five going right to left, and
then the last five going left to right below them. After this is the final
Spin Marker of the song. There you go, Cruisin' completed!

S-Rank Difficulty--8/10
S-Rank Notes--The third and final sections are the ones with craptons of
beats, and surviving them flat out, ignoring you score for a minutes, is
hard enough to begin with. Remember to keep your timing consistant. If you
start getting 100's, try to correct your errors before you get too many of
them. You want as few as possible for an S-Rank.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=h2JsQuftcqM

~Sweatin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--332
Maximum Multiplier--471
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Very Fast
Overview--And now it's time to cover this song on Sweatin'. Chances are,
you're reading this because you're bored and you already know this song is
tough, or you're here for advice because you're getting raped by anything
in the song (and it does that well). 

1st Section--It's like the previous difficulties, only they put it in a lot
more markers to make it harder. After the first Phrase Marker there will be
five Hit Markers all needing to be hit right away. That can easily trip you
up. When you reach the area of the section with rebounding Phrase Markers
on the corners of the screen, they always come in pairs. There's a lone
Hit Marker between them. Finally, at the end of the section there are two
Phrase Markers. This is the only time in the game where this happens:there
is a Hit Marker overlapping each Phrase Marker. I guarentee you will miss
it on your first try, and take awhile searching for why you keep getting
X's there. Well, double tap it. The second tap starts the Phrase Marker.

2nd Section--The majority of this section is similar to the first section.
Most Hit Markers are in groups of three, and have a fourth as a Phrase
Marker. There's nothing significant here until you reach the end of the
section where you face several color groups with hard timing. The first has
eight markers, and despite changing positions several times, you will need
to hit everything in this group (and the next two groups) at the same 
pacing. If you mess up the timing, expect a lot of 100's. That's bad,
mostly because you need every 300 you can get to keep the Elite-O-Meter up.

3rd Section--Things go downhill quickly thanks to mass Spin Markers and
crazy large beat patterns. The first few groups are pretty simple, but then
after the first two Hit Markers of the group before a Spin Marker, they
throw this at you:
Followed by the aforementioned Spin Marker. The group after that is merely
a mirrored version of this. Don't let the patterns sweeping from left to
right confuse you. It's still following a zig zag. After the mirrored group
there will be another Spin Marker. Then there's another difficult group:
      (8)(9)  (11)
     (6)(7)(10) (12)
    (5)(4)(3)     (13)
There is also a Spin Marker after this. As you could guess, the group after
that will also be a mirrored image of this pattern, and the Spin Marker 
gets copied with it. The ending of this section is just full of some simple
Hit and Phrase Markers. It's far easier than when it was in the first
section, so you shouldn't have trouble. Except, the mass spinning you had
to do may have worn out your hands. Hopefully you have enough stamina to
finish the song.

Final Section--This section is almost entirely made up of Hit Markers, save
the few Phrase Markers in the beginning of the section. There will be two
slightly complex groups of Hit Markers, and then there will be two more.
The second is a mirrored image of the first, but the first isn't easy to
begin with:
(12)   (2)(3)(6)
As I said, the next group is merely a mirrored image of this. After that,
there will be one final group:
 (9) (1)(2)(3)  (15)
If you managed to clear the song up to this point, then all that's left is
a Spin Marker and you will have finished Sweatin'!

S-Rank Difficulty--9/10
S-Rank Notes--The whole song is insanely hard to begin with, and getting an
S-Rank is going to be no easy feat. It will take tons of tries to get
enough 300's to earn and S-Rank, but it'll be so rewarding once you are
finally able to do it. The third and final sections are the real killers.
Playing those Spin Markers so many times can get annoying real quick.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=DpqFCOHmqvY

~Hard ROCK Difficulty~
Total Beats--332
Maximum Multiplier--471
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Ludicris Speed
Overview--The song and difficulty that is the bane of many players. Sure,
it "technically" is as hard as it was on Sweatin', but the tiny markers
mean that one small mistap where you thought you tapped a marker, but
really didn't, can destroy your chances at victory. Miss two markers in a
row? You're dead. Get too many 100's in a row? You're dead. The Elite-O-
Meter falls insanely fast in this song. No messing around. Let's finish.

1st Section--Ready to start a hard song? The beginning of the song can be
pretty hard to finish due to how many Hit Markers you need to hit, and how
small they are in general. The amount of Phrase Markers in the first half
of this section is quite minimal, but there will be more. Once you reach
the midpoint of the section, there will be a bunch of Phrase Markers lining
the sides of the screen (it's the chorus of the song, and you should know
it well). After the Phrase Marker at the end of the red color group near
the end, there will be two more Phrase Markers. Remember that there is a
lone Hit Marker overlapping each of these Phrase Markers, so you need to
double tap.

2nd Section--For the most part, this section will appear to be a mirrored
version of the first section. However, the most major differences are at
the start of the section. There are more Hit Markers grouped together,
and there won't be long Phrase Markers until midway through the section.
The chorus has the most major changes. There are now additional Phrase
Markers towards the end of the chorus, so don't get thrown off. They move
fast, so keep the stylus firmly on the screen. The last groups of beats
move from the bottom of the screen to the right, and then to the top of
the screen. Don't change the rate of tapping, or you may end up with a ton
of 100's.

3rd Section--Remember those awfully annoying patterns from Sweatin'? Well,
in Hard ROCK, as by now you probably already know, the beats appear one by
one. Those patterns don't pose any issue anymore. That's wonderful. That
doesn't mean you'll get by easy, though. The first area has one major group
of beat before a Spin Marker. You'll see what I mean by "it's easier than
Sweatin'". Of course, if you're having trouble, just mirror the diagram
I have in the Sweatin' description. The second major group will be a mirror
of the first you just went through (or, essentially, the same as the first
group in Sweatin'). There's a Spin Marker, too. The third major group of
beats moves in a zig zagging pattern, but cuts off towards the end and just
starts moving up. After another Spin Marker, you'll repeat the same 
pattern, but it'll be mirrored. After one last Spin Marker in this section,
you will encounter the last few beats for the section. It's mostly a mirror
of the ending of the first section, just several Phrase Markers taken out.

Final Section--This is the last, and arguable the easiest, of the sections
in the song. Hopefully you won't blow it now. The first few groups will
look just like the ending groups of the third section. Once you get through
that, there will be two groups that each end in a Phrase Marker (the last
ones in the song). There will then be three huge groups of Hit Markers,
but the fact they appear one by one takes any challenge out of hitting them
correctly. If you make a mistake here, you're probably just too nervous and
are jittering your arm around (yes, myself and several other people have
that happen from time to time). If you can tap all 15 markers in all three
groups, then it's just a simple Spin Marke standing between you and 
finishing the song.

S-Rank Difficulty--10/10
S-Rank Notes--Dubbed the hardest song to S-Rank in the game, I must 
agree...at first. Oddly enough, after playing this song for several hours,
I'm able to S-Rank it without much effort. For the average player, 
S-Ranking it for the first time will be insanely hard, and pulsepounding
towards the end. Just be sure in the major sections of the song that you
don't change the rate of your tapping. Whenever you do that, you can 
ensure that you will get plenty of 100's. That's harmful for an S-Rank

                       ~4Q.Bonus Episode 1-Believe~
Mission-Aspire! Dancing to the Limelight!
Misc. Info-Still loves country music.
Note-This song is unlocked in all difficulties once you reach the "Captain
of Soul" ranking.

~Breezin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--71
Maximum Multiplier--212
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Very Slow
Overview--This song is absurdly slow, and there are very few beats within
it. You may slip up several times due to rushing it. You need to reach the
fourth ranking, and the total score needed to reach that likely won't be
obtained until you are in Cruisin'.

1st Section--This section has a few beats, as well as a lone Phrase Marker.
Just pay attention to the Timer Circles as nothing here is going to make 
any bit of sense.

2nd Section--This section is much longer, and most of the markers now match
the lyrics of the song quite well. Note that the Phrase Markers move very
slowly during this section, so just be patient. It makes more sense than
the first section, at least.

3rd Section--There will be several Phrase Markers at the start of this
section, and then a Spin Marker. Afterwards, you will repeat a mirrored
version of the last half of the second section. Nothing too tricky.

Final Section--Most of this section focuses on the lyrics, again, and there
will be several Phrase Markers that continue to go slowly. After the last
one, there will be a Spin Marker ending the song.

S-Rank Difficulty--2/10
S-Rank Notes--The only hard part is being able to tolerate the fact the
song moves so slow. If you are able to not tap too quickly, then you can
probably S-Rank this quite quickly.

~Cruisin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--88
Maximum Multiplier--250
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Slow
Overview--It's a bit better than it was on Breezin', but I still think a
decent amount of the Hit Markers make no sense, and the Phrase Markers are
still slow. Quite annoying as compared to the more faster paced songs in

1st Section--The Hit Markers of this section match the lyrics quite well,
and the Phrase Markers...don't really match anything. They are also slow,
so stop trying to move the stylus faster. It isn't going to get anything

2nd Section--This is a pretty long section compared to the first, and it is
mostly slow Phrase Markers with tons of rebounds within them. The rest of
the Hit Markers continue to match the lyrics, word by word, so they should
be moderately easy to hit correctly.

3rd Section--The first half of this section can be slightly tricky due to
there being several Hit Markers close to eachother, and their timing can
be slightly tricky. There's a Spin Marker after that area, and then the
second section repeats. A decent amount of the beats have changed, though.
Instead of long Phrase Markers you will occasionally have several Hit
Markers spread out evenly from eachother. At least is lasts shorter than
the second section.

Final Section--The first half of this section is insanely hard compared to
the rest of the song. There are several overlapping Hit Markers, and then
after a group contains several of them there will be three overlapping
markers. Their timing is spread out, about one second for each marker. The
remaining it of the song mirrors the last area of the third section, ending
with a Spin Marker.

S-Rank Difficulty--4/10
S-Rank Notes--The triple overlapping markers is the hardest part of this
song, and it naturally comes in the last section. Other then that, nothing
else about the song strikes as difficult. Besides the fact the song is slow
and that can mess you up, but we shouldn't count that.
S-Rank Video--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH8nYd8I7Ks

~Sweatin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--145
Maximum Multiplier--254
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Medium-Fast
Overview--There's a decent amount of markers in this song now, so it will
move at a decent pace throughout. However, by the time you play this in
Sweatin' you should be used to the game long enough to perform quite well
here, so there's not much else to add.

1st Section--The first two groups of beats have a ton of Hit Markers 
placed all right near eachother, so you'll need to tap quite fast to keep
on rhythm with the song. The remaining part of the section fits the lyrics
well, so no worries there.

2nd Section--The first half of this section is moderately easy. It contains
mostly Phrase Markers, but there are a couple of Hit Markers stuck here and
there just to keep the song going. For the second half of the section, you
are merely repeating the first half of this section, but the markers are

3rd Section--The first half of this section moves quickly. There are a 
bunch of consecutive Hit Markers and Phrase Markers, and it ends with a
Spin Marker. For the second half of this section, you will repeat part of
the second section, but a lot of the markers have been changed. Some of the
Phrase Markers have been removed and replaced by several Hit Markers, and
vice versa. Don't get tripped up, especially by one of the smallest Phrase
Markers in the game.

Final Section--This section starts off by repeating the last half of the
third section, but it changes quite quickly. Several points of this section
have trios of Hit Markers next to eachother. There's also some overlapping
beats, but paying attention to the lyrics should make their timing pretty
simple. The song ends with a Spin Marker.

S-Rank Difficulty--5/10
S-Rank Notes--The song has gotten a bit harder for Sweatin', but you should
be able to handle it easily. The last section, as usual, has the trickiest
markers to hit, but nothing else in the song can really be considered more
difficult than that.
S-Rank Video--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6i1aOmuUkY

~Hard ROCK Difficulty~
Total Beats--145
Maximum Multiplier--254
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Medium-Fast
Overview--Honestly, the Phrase Markers are the only tricky part about this
song, and there are like only two that you may need to memorize due to how
quickly they appear. It's a rather simple Hard ROCK song, but I doubt you
are complaining about that.

1st Section--The first two groups have a bunch of Hit Markers close
together, and each end on a Phrase Marker. There's just a few more Hit
Marker groups after this before the section ends.

2nd Section--The first half of this song has a decent amount of Phrase
Markers, and usually appear when the lyrics ends or on stressed words, so
careful attention should make it pretty easy to determine. Once you clear
the first half of the song, the second half will merely be a mirrored 
version of the first half, so don't expect anything new.

3rd Section--The first half of this section moves pretty quickly, with
Phrase Markers spread out evenly between Hit Markers. A Spin Marker will
appear midway through the section, then you will repeat part of the second
section. Watch out for the first blue color group--there's three 
consecutive Phrase Markers in the middle of it, and they can throw you off
if you don't realize that. The group after has a short Phrase Marker on 
the fifth marker. Other then that, not too bad of a section.

Final Section--The first blue color group starts with a triple overlapping
stack of markers, and everything after in that group is a pair of 
overlapping markers. Don't let the speed make you forget that. Nothing else
is really worth mentioning here, besides a Phrase Marker at the end leading
to a Spin Marker, ending this song.

S-Rank Difficulty--5/10
S-Rank Notes--Like Sweatin', nothing about the song is absurdly difficult,
but the third and final sections may trick a few people due to some 
markers not being clearly visible until it is too later. Memorize those
simple mistakes and avoid them when shooting for 300's.
S-Rank Video--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIyBMY8UKas

                         ~4R.Bonus Episode 2-ABC~
Mission-Here, Kitty, Kitty! Baby Hijinks!!
Misc. Info-Smells like apple pie. Reason unknown.

~Breezin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--163
Maximum Multiplier--292
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Very Slow
Overview--The song starts off pretty easy, but towards the end they throw a
ton of Hit Markers in such weird positions that you'll likely hit them out
of order, resulting in nothing but a confused look on your face.

1st Section--As you will quickly tell by this section, almost everything
in this song matches the lyrics. Everything except the final group. The
second through fourth markers don't match the lyrics, but they are all
right next to eachother, so hit them all quickly and ignore the song for a

2nd Section--The first half of this section is moderately simple. Nothing
too complex, at least not yet. The second half of this section repeats the
last half of the first section. After that ends, there will be several
additional groups. The first two groups have odd marker placements. The
second group just mirrors the first (and this diagram is of the first one):

Don't mistake the 6th marker for the 4th. 

3rd Section--This section contains many groups, each with only four Hit
Markers. They follow the soft voice in the lyrics, so be sure to pay 
attention to them. If you get your timing off, you can expect a lot of easy

Final Section--The first several groups hardly match the lyrics, and that
is where the difficulty starts to climb. Pay attention to the Timer Circles
as you aren't likely to find the song helping you. The first half of the
song gets repeated again in the second half, but there are four Hit Markers
tacked on at the end, ending the song.

S-Rank Difficulty--6/10
S-Rank Notes--I hate a lot of these markers. They make such little sense,
as if it's all intentional of something. Focus on the last two sections
more than the others. That's where the markers start getting difficult to
figure out.
S-Rank Video--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ3hJozyrQ0

~Cruisin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--193
Maximum Multiplier--328
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Slow
Overview--There are a decent amount of tricky beats within this song, but
by now you should be able to handle most of them without difficulty.

1st Section--There are a decent amount of overlapping beats midway through
the song, and the second marker is spaced out a little. Follow the lyrics,
as the markers follow them all throughout the section. The last half of 
this section isn't too bad. Several markers are close together, and the
final red color groups acts the same as on Breezin'--don't follow the 
music for it.

2nd Section--For the most part, this section repeats the last half of the
first section. There are some minor differences, such as additional
overlapping beats towards the end of the section, and string of Hit Markers
replacing Phrase Markers. It's nothing too major, and you should be able to
take it. There's an additional few groups after the repeat, but it keeps
following the lyrics.

3rd Section--This section basically keeps repeating the same group of 
markers, and they follow the lyrics still. The voice can be slightly 
difficult to hear, so pay attention carefully.

Final Section--If you've done the rest of the song well, you can do this
just fine as well. At several points the markers might go with the 
background voice, but this only applies for two groups near the start. The
beats stay the same speed all the way through this section, so it should be
pretty calm. The last four markers don't really follow the song, so pay
attention to the Timer Circles.

S-Rank Difficulty--5/10
S-Rank Notes--This is easier than Breezin' due to the beats making more
sense, but they can be fairly difficult, like the final section may prove.
Don't go too easy on it, or you'll find yourself trying to get an S-Rank 
for a long time.
S-Rank Video--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuXRF_9VgIQ

~Sweatin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--253
Maximum Multiplier--336
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Medium-Fast
Overview--Things are a lot more difficult on Sweatin'. There's many short
Phrase Markers, and a Hit Marker or two like to come right after them, and
in the opposite corner to boot. It can be quite difficult, but feasible.

1st Section--The first section has a lot of string together beats, and
several overlapping beats as well. The song is actually moving slower then
you think, so don't go tapping extremely fast, because you'll likely get an
X for hitting too early. See those short Phrase Markers with a Hit Marker
in another corner of the screen right after? Try to get a 300 on the Phrase
Marker AND the Hit Marker. Generally, you'll likely get a 100 on one of 
them. Move your hand faster.

2nd Section--This section works like a mirrored version of the first 
section. Keep following the lyrics to ensure you don't stray off beat.
Several beats can be pretty tricky, but you should just follow the Timer
Circles if you are having trouble. After the first section is done 
repeating there will be an additional few sections, but it isn't too
tricky if you pay attention to the song.

3rd Section--This section has two different group patterns. The first gets
repeated several times, and has an overlapping beat in it. The second 
group is just a circle string of Hit Markers, all with pretty easy and
similar timing. Nothing major here.

Final Section--All of the markers in this section match whoever is singing
(it changes several times in the section). The overlapping markers are
quick, so be sure to double tap quickly. The first half of the section will
repeat again in the second half, and then the song is over. Shouldn't be
too bad, but the middle of the section's timing doesn't match the lyrics
properly, and that can be confusing.

S-Rank Difficulty--7/10
S-Rank Notes--The first section and the last section have the hardest beat
patterns. The first section is annoying will all of the overlapping beat
patterns within it, while the final section has several difficult groups
that don't match the lyrics well.
S-Rank Video--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsEB4k4tUL4

~Hard ROCK Difficulty~
Total Beats--253
Maximum Multiplier--336
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Fast
Overview--It can be difficult due to the smaller Hit Markers, but unless
your hand covers up the upcoming markers, you shouldn't have too much
trouble here.

1st Section--There are several Phrase Markers in this section of the song,
and the Hit Markers aren't too difficult to tap, but it's the tricky chorus
section that can hurt. In every group there is a short Phrase Marker at the
end, and a Hit Marker starting in another group in an opposite corner. If
you don't move your hand fast enough, you'll be in trouble.

2nd Section--This section is basically just a mirrored version of the 
first section. Several Phrase Markers and Hit Markers have been changed,
but you should still be able to follow the song easily. Once you finish the
repeated section, you will encounter a few new extra groups that contain
only six Hit Markers each, and they keep matching the lyrics.

3rd Section--This sections contains only two groups that get repeated
several times. The first type of group has an overlapping beat in the 
middle of the group. The second group is just a string of Hit Markers that
generally makes a simple circle. Not too difficult to figure out.

Final Section--Almost there! This can be a difficult section as it tends
to move quite fast, and there are several Phrase Markers that can easily
trip you up by how fast they come at you. It looks similar to the second
section, though, so that might help. The last half follows the lyrics a bit
more carefully, except for the last section that doesn't really follow any

S-Rank Difficulty--8/10
S-Rank Notes--The third and final sections, much like in Sweatin', will
easily cause the most trouble for you. They've got some tricky beat
patterns, and not everything follows the song. That's really annoying, and
can cause some 100's to appear.
S-Rank Video--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zutVXwwa8Rw

                      ~4S.Bonus Episode 3-Survivor~
Mission-The Last Laugh! Just a Peanut Matter!!
Misc. Info-Plays bridge with old ladies at retirements homes.

~Breezin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--150
Maximum Multiplier--349
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Medium-Fast
Overview--This is a fast moving song, and there are quite a lot of beats 
for a Breezin' difficulty song. Luckily, it's insanely easy on Breezin'
(well, compared so Hard ROCK at least...), so don't expect a ton of
trouble here.

1st Section--There's nothing tricky about this section. The beats on this
song match the lyrics, except some parts of the song sort of cross between
the lyrics and the music itself. Yet, it shouldn't be too hard to follow.

2nd Section--This section works like a mirrored version of the last half of
the first section. It hasn't increased in difficulty, naturally, so it's
just more of the same.

3rd Section--Pay attention to the lyrics in the first half of this section.
There are overlapping Hit Markers in the middle of each group at first, and
they match the lyrics perfectly. The chorus repeats in the second half of
the section, but it's changed this time. It's mostly simple Phrase Markers
now, so you should be able to finish it off easily.

Final Section--The first few groups match the light voice in the background
before the chorus is repeated. This time it looks like how it was back in
the second section, so it you could handle it then, you can handle it
again here. The song ends with a Spin Marker.

S-Rank Difficulty--2/10
S-Rank Notes--It's crazy how easy Breezin' is compared to Sweatin' and Hard
ROCK. There's no much to say here. The overlapping beats in the third
section may be difficult, but nothing else in the song can be called hard.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=0VlGPUVRJiI

~Cruisin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--203
Maximum Multiplier--380
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Fast
Overview--Cruisin' has made the song a bit tougher, and there are several
groups that will easily trip you up, and the fact the Elite-O-Meter falls
this fast for this difficulty is madness. Good luck, and be sure to look
ahead for the tricky groups.

1st Section--The first half of this section can be tricky because several
Hit Markers are spaced in an odd way from the rest of the group. Watch the
timing, and remember that the beats are following the lyrics. The second
half of the song is the chorus, and the hardest part about it are the
Hit Markers that are close together. They follow the lyrics still, so you
should be fine.

2nd Section--Most of this section is just a repeat of the first section, 
but with mirrored beat patterns. For the last half of the section, there
appear to be more Phrase Markers, and they all line the edging of the
screen. Take care not to miss any.

3rd Section--This is the section where everything gets shot to hell. There
are a lot of close together beats, and then the first blue color group you
come to does this as the song speeds up considerably:
      (6)-----( )
You may be tempted to hit the 6 as it comes, placement wise, before the 5th
marker. After two groups of triple overlapping beats, the chorus will 
repeat itself. You should be able to this repeat of when it was in the 
first section. You shouldn't slip up.

Final Section--This ending section is pretty easy. It repeats the chorus
twice, and it looks the same both times. It looks like a mirrored version
of the second section's chorus, so there's still nothing new here. Clear
the Spin Marker to end the song.

S-Rank Difficulty--5/10
S-Rank Notes--The bastard third section can very easily trip you up, and
destroy any chance of an S-Rank. Even with practice, you may still be
tempted to hit the 6 before the 5. The third section also has a ton of
overlapping beats, which can also be tricky.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=8qpsTkKCBVE

~Sweatin' Difficulty~
Total Beats--298
Maximum Multiplier--415
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Very Fast
Overview--Sweatin' is in a league of its own. If you thought Cruisin' was
easy, Sweatin' will kill you. Very, very quickly. The first section alone
is a huge pain, with an insane amount of tapping you'll need to do, and
the rest of the song works the same way. Good luck.

1st Section--The first half of the section is a long gauntlet that is one
of the hardest areas of the song. It contains a ton of packed together
Hit Markers and overlapping beats. The thing to realize is that these beats
match the music rather than the lyrics. Keep that in mind, and avoid 
missing too much or getting tons of 100's. The Elite-O-Meter drops very
quickly, and as stated, you can fail quite quickly here. The second half of
the section is the chorus. Follow the lyrics for it. It's FAR calmer, so 
you shouldn't have problems there.

2nd Section--There are a bunch of closely packed Hit Markers in the later
groups of the first half of this song. They can be tricky if you get just
slightly off beat, resulting in many 50's and 100's, possibly missing the
markers altogether. The second half of the section is the chorus, different
than in the first section. The Phrase Markers are shorter, and there are
pentagon-shaped patterns of Hit Markers whose timing is quite tricky. They
keep following the lyrics.

3rd Section--The first half of this song, like the beginning of the second
section, also has lots of close together Hit Markers. There are several
Phrase Markers packed inbetween, so try not to rush those. There is often
a short pause before you need to tap the Hit Marker, so be careful. A 
repeat of the first section's chorus gets repeated after this, so it
shouldn't be too hard.

Final Section--The first two groups are the only odd parts of this section.
The voice in the background, which the markers are on pace with, can be
hard to hear. Past that, you will repeat the first section's chorus twice
over, ending with two pentagon-shaped patterns. Often the groups will 
change from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen, so
your hand may be covering them up. The song ends with a Spin Marker.

S-Rank Difficulty--9/10
S-Rank Notes--Wow! This song just got a hell of a lot harder. The first
section can be a killer, and after that, the rest of the song can be hard
if you're slightly off beat. It's either 300's or all 100's. It may take
you a while to finally S-Rank this song do to how absurd it is. Also, there
is some severe lag issues with the song. The framerate drops a bit 
whenever the top screen changes scenes. If you don't wanna get messed up
thanks to lag, then get all 300's. Heh...
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=CnoPXK70-Ic

~Hard ROCK Difficulty~
Total Beats--298
Maximum Multiplier--415
Elite-O-Meter Rate--Ludicris Speed
Overview--Dubbed as the only song that compared to Jumpin' Jack Flash in
difficulty, Survivor in Hard ROCK will kill you so many times you should
get some paper and mark just how many times you fail. Memorizing many
areas of the song is key, mostly because your hand will cover several 
markers when they switch quickly from one side of the screen to the other.

1st Section--It was bad enough in Sweatin', but now add the fact that 
these markers are small, and messing up will seem a whole lot more likely.
For the first half of this section, every even numbered group has a Phrase
Marker on the fifth beat. The odd numbered groups have several overlapping
markers towards the end of their groups. It's not difficult in concept, but
the insane amount of tapping required, adding in the quickly dropping
meter if you get too many 100's, makes this section killer. The last half
of the section is the chorus, and it goes much slower. Memorize this
section! Note when the beats switch sides of the screen! This will help you
in later sections.

2nd Section--The first half of this section has a Phrase Marker in every
group, and the pacing of this section is quite consistant with the song.
The second half is the chorus, but this time around there are those
pentagon-shaped patterns of Hit Markers. Also, most groups line the left 
and right edges of the screen, constantly flipping back and forth between
them. Move your hand away from the screen quickly to see where the next
beats are appearing from.

3rd Section--The first half of this section has a ton of Hit Markers, 
stuffing Phrase Markers into the ninth beat of those two eleven beat 
groups. Don't get inconsitant with your tapping. After that half of the
section, the chorus repeats and it models that of the first section. This
is why I said to memorize trouble spots. Your hand will cover several
groups (regardless if you're left or right handed). Knowing this section
well will ensure your success.

Final Section--This hellhole is almost over. The first few groups just 
match the words, nothing major. After that, the chorus is repeated twice.
First it matches the chorus beats in the first section, then the beat
patterns in the second section. Don't get thrown off. Once you clear the
Spin Marker at the end, this song finally ends.

S-Rank Difficulty--10/10
S-Rank Notes--This song will more likely then not destroy you in your
attempt for an S-Rank. Yes, you must hit ever single beat. Not to mention
you can only get 29 100/50's, this song is crazy. Your hand will also wear
out quite fast, too. Just don't push yourself too hard. It can be done, and
you'll feel damn great once you do it, but just practice and memorize. If
you can complete the song with ease, then hitting every beat will come with
a little more practice. After that, it's only a matter of time before you
obtain an S-Rank.
S-Rank Video--http://youtube.com/watch?v=1ZWz79Vo5vw

                            ~5.Replay Data~
Whenever you finish a song, you have the option of saving the replay to the
game. You can then look at it from under the Options menu. You can only 
save one replay per song, and it doesn't matter what difficulty or how you
played. You just need to finish the song to be able to save the replay.

Also, when you highlight the song that you want to replay, you also have
the option of broadcasting the data. By doing this, any other person who
has Elite Beat Agents as well can download your replay. All they need to do
is tap "Download" instead of "Replay/Share". 

Those downloading will be asked if they want to download the replay(s) that
have been found within the range of the DS. Be warned, however, that when
you download a replay it will overwrite the current saved replay, if there
is even one to begin with. Be sure you're fine parting with your beloved

                   ~6.Agent of Rank and Unlockables~
Under the Options menu, you have the option of going into the Rank section.
This will display the total score of every song you have finished. Keep in
mind that every song has its own score for each difficulty. Once your total
score has gone up to a certain point, your ranking will increase. Several
ranking will unlock secrets within the game.

Trainee--0-399,999 points
Soldier of Song--400,000-1,499,999 points
Master of Dance--1,500,000-2,999,999 points
Captain of Soul--3,000,000-5,999,999 points
Three-Star Commander--6,000,000-9,999,999 points
King of the Beat--10,000,000-14,999,999 points
God of Groove--15,000,000-19,999,999 points
Four-Star Commander--20,000,000-24,999,999 points
Legendary Agent--25,000,000-34,999,999 points
Hero's Hero--35,000,000-49,999,999 points
Five-Star Commander--50,000,000-79,999,999 points
Lovin' Machine--80,000,000+ points

You may be wondering how the hell you're expected to get your score so
high. Well, if you go for an S-Rank on every song, once you finish your
total score will be pretty close to 100,000,000. That's more than enough 
to reach the final ranking.

Sweatin' Difficulty--Complete Cruisin' difficulty.

Hard ROCK Difficulty--Complete Sweatin' difficulty.

*Make Commander Kahn lead agent in Hard ROCK--Complete Hard ROCK difficulty

Gallery Pictures--You get these at various points in each difficulty 

Bonus Episode 1-Believe--Reach Captain of Soul ranking.

Bonus Episode 2-ABC--Reach King of the Beat ranking.

Bonus Episode 3-Survivor--Reach Legendary Agent ranking.

View Credits at any time--Complete Hard ROCK difficulty (this option is
found in the Gallery section)

Congratulatory Picture--Reach the Lovin' Machine ranking (this picture is
found in the Gallery section)

*--You can still have Agent Starr be the lead diva if you don't tap the 
"GO" button that appears above "OK" to start this difficulty. If you do tap
it, Commander Kahn will replace Starr until you quit Hard ROCK. Oddly
enough, he performs the divas' dance moves rather than the male agents'.

                          ~7.Multiplayer Modes~
Tired of playing by yourself and want to play with someone else for a
change? Well, then the Multiplayer modes are just for you. You can either
play against your replays, or against other players regardless if they have
Elite Beat Agents or not.

                              ~7A.VS Ghost~
In this mode, you can choose to beat one of your replays. You start by
selecting a replay you have saved, and then you will play the song on the
difficulty the replay was saved on. All you're trying to do is get a 
higher score then yourself. Overall, there's not much of a point to this
than just going into Single Player and doing it there. 

Note that beat yourself won't make a "high score" or anything. Also, it
works like Single/Multi Card battles where the markers get tiny when your
opponent (in this case, yourself) gets enough Beats and Elite Beats. You
can't hinder the ghost, but they can hinder you.

                              ~7B.VS Player~
When choosing this option, you will be asked to either create a group or
join a game. If you host the group, then you can wait for three other DS
players join in. If someone else has made the game, choose to join their

If at least one person doesn't have Elite Beat Agents, everyone will play
on the shortened version of the game. The only difficulties available are
Breezin' and Cruisin'. You only have five songs to choose, also. They are
Walkie Talkie Man, Makes No Difference, Y.M.C.A., Material Girl, and La La.

When battling eachother, everyone has the same beat patterns, but there 
will be several large stars at the top of everyone's screen (replacing the
Elite-O-Meter). For every Beat you get, half a star will fill. An Elite
Beat will fill a full star. When all of them are filled, an attack will be
automatically launched on your foes. Depending on how well they are doing
(signified by the segmented bars on the top screen), their markers will
shrink from a little amount, to being only several pixels wide. This makes
it more likely for the winning player to succeed briefly.

If everyone has their own version of Elite Beat Agents, then there are no
restrictions. You can play on any song and difficulty level.

This mode is only availble if two people have their own copies of Elite
Beat Agents. In this mode, you can play any song on any difficulty, and 
both players will work together to clear it. Each player will either play
the same section, get different sections, or only get sections to 
themselves (solos, basically). If only one person gets a section, the other
player can see the beats, but they will be greyed out and won't have any
effect if you tap them or not.

Me-Wrote this FAQ for you to enjoy

You-The reader who makes this FAQ have a purpose

CJayC and the Baconator-For making an awesome website to host all of 
these walkthroughs

Copyright Deathborn 668. This Walkthrough is not to redistributed 
elsewhere without author's permission.