Journey to the country of Alcaland and unveil the mystery behind its missing
people.  As one of ten powerful psychics summoned to solve the incident, are
you strong enough to delve into the depths of the Swan Castle and discover
the truth, or will you succumb to its nightmare?

_________                  __  .__                   _____ 
\_   ___ \_____    _______/  |_|  |   ____     _____/ ____\
/    \  \/\__  \  /  ___/\   __\  | _/ __ \   /  _ \   __\ 
\     \____/ __ \_\___ \  |  | |  |_\  ___/  (   )  |   
 \______  (____  /____  > |__| |____/\___  >  \____/|__|   
        \/     \/     \/                 \/                
  _________.__    .__ __   .__                     .__  .___.___.___ 
 /   _____/|  |__ |__|  | _|__| _________    _____ |__| |   |   |   |
 \_____  \ |  |  \|  |  |/ /  |/ ___\__  \  /     \|  | |   |   |   |
 /        \|   Y  \  |     __ \|  Y Y  \  | |   |   |   |
/_______  /|___|  /__|__|_ \__\___  (____  /__|_|  /__| |___|___|___|
        \/      \/        \/ /_____/     \/      \/                   

Game Script
(c) Gunarm Dyne (Dave Paradise)
gunarm_dyne AT hotmail DOT com

Version 1.00 - Started July 9, 2008, last updated July 20, 2008

Welcome to my Castle of Shikigami III Game Script guide.  This guide is a
simple transcript of every conversation between all combinations of characters
in the game's arcade mode with minor modifications to include text that is 
spoken but not necessarily printed on the screen.  Otherwise, the text will
be exactly as it is in the game, including any errors made.  This is my first
FAQ so I hope everyone enjoys reading through both the serious and very
silly conversations that this great game has to offer. Needless to say,
this guide contains spoilers.

   Table of Contents

1. Updates                     (cs301)
2. Character profiles          (cs302)
3. Single-player scenarios     (cs303)
   A. Kohtaro Kuga/Sayo Yuuki  (cs3ko)
   B. Batu Barai               (cs3ba)
   C. Emilio Stanburke         (cs3em)
   D. Fumiko Odette Van Stein  (cs3fu)
   E. Roger Sasuke             (cs3ro)
   F. Gennojo Hyuga            (cs3ge)
   G. Mihee Kim                (cs3mi)
   H. Nagino Ise               (cs3na)
   I. Reika Kirishima          (cs3re)
   J. Munchausen               (cs3mu)
4. Two-player scenarios        (cs304)
   A1. Kohtaro + Batu          (ko+ba)
   A2. Kohtaro + Emilio        (ko+em)
   A3. Kohtaro + Fumiko        (ko+fu)
   A4. Kohtaro + Roger         (ko+ro)
   A5. Kohtaro + Gennojo       (ko+ge)
   A6. Kohtaro + Mihee         (ko+mi)
   A7. Kohtaro + Nagino        (ko+na)
   A8. Kohtaro + Reika         (ko+re)
   A9. Kohtaro + Munchausen    (ko+mu)
   B1. Batu + Emilio           (ba+em)
   B2. Batu + Fumiko           (ba+fu)
   B3. Batu + Roger            (ba+ro)
   B4. Batu + Gennojo          (ba+ge)
   B5. Batu + Mihee            (ba+mi)
   B6. Batu + Nagino           (ba+na)
   B7. Batu + Reika            (ba+re)
   B8. Batu + Munchausen       (ba+mu)
   C1. Emilio + Fumiko         (em+fu)
   C2. Emilio + Roger          (em+ro)
   C3. Emilio + Gennojo        (em+ge)
   C4. Emilio + Mihee          (em+mi)
   C5. Emilio + Nagino         (em+na)
   C6. Emilio + Reika          (em+re)
   C7. Emilio + Munchausen     (em+mu)
   D1. Fumiko + Roger          (fu+ro)
   D2. Fumiko + Gennojo        (fu+ge)
   D3. Fumiko + Mihee          (fu+mi)
   D4. Fumiko + Nagino         (fu+na)
   D5. Fumiko + Reika          (fu+re)
   D6. Fumiko + Munchausen     (fu+mu)
   E1. Roger + Gennojo         (ro+ge)
   E2. Roger + Mihee           (ro+mi)
   E3. Roger + Nagino          (ro+na)
   E4. Roger + Reika           (ro+re)
   E5. Roger + Munchausen      (ro+mu)
   F1. Gennojo + Mihee         (ge+mi)
   F2. Gennojo + Nagino        (ge+na)
   F3. Gennojo + Reika         (ge+re)
   F4. Gennojo + Munchausen    (ge+mu)
   G1. Mihee + Nagino          (mi+na)
   G2. Mihee + Reika           (mi+re)
   G3. Mihee + Munchausen      (mi+mu)
   H1. Nagino + Reika          (na+re)
   H2. Nagino + Munchausen     (na+mu)
   I1. Reika + Munchausen      (re+mu)
5. Credits, Thanks, Legal Info (cs305)

1. Updates                                                            (cs301)

Version 1.00 - July 20, 2008
 - All scenarios complete
 - Corrected more errors

Version 0.56 - July 16, 2008
 - Added 20 of the 2P scenarios
 - Corrected various errors on my part

Version 0.18 - July 12, 2008
 - Completed 1P scenarios

Version 0.01 - July 9, 2008
 - Project start
 - Set up the layout and Table of Contents

2. Character Profiles                                                 (cs302)

Character profiles taken from the instruction manual.


The hero of the series.

Due to the death of his longtime
shikigami, Sazae, he has come back
weaker than before. He still makes
the mistake of calling out for Sazae
and causes blunders for those around
him. This is the story of his rise back
from his loss.

He has grown taller, and sadness and
frustration have cast a shadow over
him. But once an incident occurs,
he takes action more passionately
than before. He has gotten rid of his
school uniform and appears in a cool
new outfit chosen by Fumiko.

He also works as a translator and


A shrine maiden that was resurrected
when she was fused together with
Kohtaro's shikigami, Sazae.

She feels jealous (and guilty)
watching Kohtaro disheartened due
to the loss of his partner. Her blunt
attitude toward him has changed, and
she now tries to be helpful - while
rejecting him at the same time.

Since her former shikigami, Yata,
is a national treasure and cannot be
leased out, she has gone out on her

Since their battle potential is only
half when alone, Kohtaro and Sayo
travel together. Whether her fusion
with Sazae is the cause or not,
Sayo's kimono has a tendency to slip
off of her shoulder.


A psychic private investigator.
He is one of the tsukigamizoku
(Moongod tribe) living in Japan and
is an okami (great deity, wolf).

At first he was against going on this
mission because it was a request
from the government, but since he
was in dire straits with his living
expenses, he finally gave in to the
compensation and went on his first
trip abroad. Whether it is due to
pride or not, he tries to act like an
avid traveler by acting like he knows
it all, reading guidebooks, and study-
ing foreign languages.  He's a rather
adorable middle-aged man who likes
to call himself a young man.

Once again, though his character has
changed, he partners up with Mihee
to solve the incident. He is a proud
and stubborn man who always ends
up volunteering to take on the most
difficult of tasks himself.


A gorgeous witch, in many different

She is said to be more of a villain
than the greatest enemy in the series.
Her hobby is to steal the men of
other women. Her second hobby is
trampling upon people.

She has arrived in Alcaland to return
to her homeland - and go on a

For Fumiko, Alcaland is a memo-
rable place she visted a number of
times when she was a young girl.
She looks around her surroundings
with fond memories and can't help
but feel melancholic.


An American ninja.

At this point, Japan's international contri-
bution, psychic abilities, and investigation
have nothing to do with him, but Roger
looks forward to this trip and participates
on his own dime. (He even created the
travel pamphlets and handed them out.)
From one perspective, he's one of the
people that participate in this case with
the impurest of intentions, along with

He is Kohtaro Kuga's good friend and a 
serious Wapanese. However, his ninjutsu
and methods are authentic, having learned
them from the real deal - even his ninja
sword is genuine. Because of this, he's
as useful as Gennojo, a professional invest
tigator. He is bummed that he is the only
one Nagino doesn't call papa.


A good-looking young boy with black hair
and suspenders.

Only 10 years old, he is a member of the
noblest of the royal families in Alcaland
and detests foreign intervention into its
domestic matters.

He is a high-spirited boy who said, "Our
country has the strengths of its own tradi-
tions." After stating this, he went out to
investigate on his own.

He always has a worried look on his face,
what some people refer to as a Majar
melancholic. He uses a demon known as
Devour, which can change into various
shapes. (In Christian countries, they are
called shikigami.)

He is very stubborn and proud, and though
he has a good personality, he is fixated on
authority and has a slight tendency to look
down on commoners.


A brooding exorcist hired by Emilio

He is an apostate priest that wields
an extending spear in the shape of
a cross.

He is tired of Emilio's national-
ism and wants to hurry and get the
job done. He considers the foreign
guests demons and has written a
petition to headquarters asking for
orders to subjugate (i.e. punish)

He likes hard liquor.


A fighting doctor from Seoul, Korea,
holding her head while on a plane
thinking, why me?

Her left hand trembles and is said to
be able to kill anyone who touches
it. When her hand trembles in the
operating room, patients often plead
for their lives. Because of this, she has
the misfortune of being called a quack,
even though she is a skilled surgeon.

Due to her bold, free-spirited nature,
she did not get along with her
conservative parents and left to study
abroad: she has not returned to her

Mihee's an avid traveler, but when she
wnet to visit some relatives in Japan,
their dojo was closed and they were in
prison... As she stood there stunned, a
well-dressed investigator saying he was
a friend of the relatives approached
her. She somehoe ended up going to


A female police officer. Number 0,
division 0 in the metropolitan police
department. She is known as Time
Gal. She has long, silky green hair,
wears a bare mid-riff outfit, and has
long slim legs. With her anachronous
costume and mouth, she strives to be
a first-class time criminal.

She really has time jumping capa-
bilities as she says, but most people
don't believe her (to her dismay).
Incidentally, she is only 17 years
old. She is a high school student as
well as a police officer. Reika travels
anywhere from the years 1888 and
2145, and she can be seen appear-
ing in various locations (like in the


She is a nuclear attack-class
troublemaker, messing with the
relationships of Gennojo and
Kohtaro, who she both calls papa,
and Fumiko and Sayo, who she both
calls mama. She is 9 years old and is
a happy elementary school student
who isn't going to school.

She has the mystical power of
turning the words she says into
reality. As a guardian, she carries the
rabbit deity known as "Strider" in
her backpack.


He is like a young uncle to Fumiko,
and is Kohtaro Kuga's good friend.
He shows another side of himself
as the versatile butler, and this
time around, you can even see him
looking cool without his glasses.

"I will educate you. Please prepare

3. Single-player scenarios                                            (cs303)

--A. Kohtaro Kuga/Sayo Yuuki------------------------------------------(cs3ko)--


Sayo: Why did that spirit of gluttony and
      death choose to merge with me on
      the day that I died?
      I don't know if I'll ever learn the
      truth, but I don't want to know...
      I wonder what my feelings desire?
      Which one of me has feelings for
      that man?


Kohtaro: ...The missing people must be here.
         Okay, let's go Sazae... I mean...

Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Wh-what? Why are you holding my
         hand so tightly?

Sayo: What are you thinking!?
      I'm just getting some nourishment!
      Ever since I merged with your
      shikigami, I get hungry if I don't
      make contact with you like this.

Kohtaro: Oh, ohhh. Um, I'm sorry I called you
         by the wrong name.

Sayo: ...I don't mind.
      She was important to you.
      I at least know that.


Yukari: Back by popular demand, the pretty
        flower of the Shikigami world has
        returned! Her name is Yukari!
        ...Uh, why did you guys suddenly
        move apart?

Sayo: It's nothing, evil dream.

Kohtaro: Of course, it's nothing, stupid.

Yukari: Wait a minute? Isn't this 1P mode?
        Why are there two of you here?

Kohtaro: You're talking nonsense again! Wait!
         If you have something to do with the
         missing people, this'll be easy!
         I'll just punch you out as usual!
         Let's go, Sazae!

Sayo: Okay!


Yukari: Waaaaaaaaaaaaah...
        I'm playing against two players!

Kohtaro: ...You're under arrest!


Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: What's the matter?
         Are you not feeling well?

Sayo: You called me Sazae back there...

Kohtaro: Oh, uh, I'm sorry.
         It was an old habit.

Sayo: I'm going to hold a grudge...

Kohtaro: ...I'm sorry.

Sayo: Please call me by my name.
      Not someone else's.

Kohtaro: Okay! No problem.
         I'll be careful.


Shikou: ...

Sayo: ...Uncle...

Kohtaro: What's this?
         You said you were a loner, but here
         you are with family.

Shikou: I'm glad to see that you can make
        such expressions now...
        Is it because of that boy?

Kohtaro: I'm a young man.

Shikou: You're still a boy. You have my
        gratitude. But you must defeat me.
        Right, Sayo? Fight for your freedom.

Sayo: Aren't you going to blame me?

Shikou: No... it may be strange for me, the
        pursuer, to say this, but I wanted
        for you to be this way.


Shikou: ...It was a mistake for people to
        artificially create the existence of
        a final battle. Sayo... stay alive.

Sayo: Uncle, uncle!


Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: ...Don't cry so much.
         Um, well... Uh.
         I'll help you in any way that I can.

Sayo: ...Then be kind to me.
      Just be kind to me now while I'm


Freedom: An innocent wind is blowing.
         I was once like that as well.

Sayo: ...This, this isn't what you think.

Kohtaro: This just happened.

Freedom: Are you going to hold hands?

Kohtaro: This isn't what you think.

Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Hey, what about you there?

Sayo: Why are you back to calling me you?
      Didn't I say my name is Sayo?

Freedom: Hmhmhm, don't fight. I'd love to
         watch you two all day, but it can't
         be helped. Let's get started.


Freedom: The things you see in this castle
         are nightmares. Here, you see the
         things you don't want to see most.
         ...But, good luck.
         I'm sure the two of you will be able
         to make it.


Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: I'm really sorry. How long do you
         want me to apologize?

Sayo: Whenever it suits you, you call me

Kohtaro: Okay! If it means that much to you,
         I'll call you Sayo no matter what.
         Sayo, Sayo, Sayo, Sayo, Sayo...

Sayo: Don't shout it out repeatedly.


Kagachi: ...Master Kohtaro.

Kohtaro: You know me?

Kagachi: Yes, for a while.
         ...You may not have realized it,
         but I've been protecting you.

Kohtaro: ...

Kagachi: I won't fight you. But for Lady
         Tsukiko's sake, I'm going to kill
         that woman.

Kohtaro: ...Tsuki...

Kagachi: Forgive me!


Kagachi: ...Regrettable.
         I would have at least liked to have
         gotten in one blow on that woman.


Sayo: ...He said Tsukiko...
      Uh, isn't that the name of your
      childhood friend...?

Kohtaro: No... It can't be... She's supposed
         to be asleep in a hospital in Japan.
         She's in no condition to get up...


Tsukiko: Welcome to the casle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare...
         Hmhmhm, just kidding.
         Koh, how've you been?

Kohtaro: Tsukiko!

Sayo: (...Is this the person that Kohtaro
      has in his heart?)

Tsukiko: Don't give me that look. This was
         fate. Didn't I ask you to introduce
         me to your girlfriend someday?
         It seems my wish came true.
         But I you think you'd get along with
         someone more energetic.
         Also, maybe an older person or
         a foreigner.

Sayo: (She's talking about Fumiko...)

Kohtaro: Fate? How is that fate!?

Tsukiko: Don't you know? Grandfather is
         behind this. Koh, you're supposed to
         kill everybody and become king.

Kohtaro: Uwaaaaaaahh!


Tsukiko: Now the spell... will be complete.



Sayo embraced Kohtaro who was
crying like a child.

Sayo: ...Don't cry.
      Please don't cry...
      I'm here for you.
      I'll always be here...

Kohtaro cries inside Sayo's arms.

--B. Batu Harai-------------------------------------------------------(cs3ba)--


Batu: The castle that only appears during
      a full moon is known as the Swan
      After a long absence, I, Batu Harai,
      returned to my homeland as a
      Whet I heard about my homeland's
      predicament, I had to do something.


Batu: A castle bathed in the light of
      a full moon... It's a nice fairy tale,
      but it makes me uneasy.


Yukari: Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Batu: ...A woman, huh?

Yukari: So what?

Batu: ...Never mind. I have no right to
      judge anyone, not since the day I 
      first killed for money.


Yukari: It hurts...

Batu: It'll end soon enough.


Batu: What is your intent by returning to
      your homeland, Batu, son of Bayan?
      ...Do you want to be a hero?


Shikou: Welcome to the castle of nightmares,
        warrior.  Or should I call you

Batu: I'm not honorable enough to be
      called a warrior. And I'm not pretty
      enough to be a knight.

Shikou: I see you come alone, and without
        sword or shield. "Regret" seems to
        motivate your actions.
        Your heart spoke to you.
        You found a reason more worthy than
        money or fame.

Batu: I'm just a mercenary that made a 
      pact with hell. I no longer hear the
      voice of heaven.


Shikou: Well done!
        You may proceed!

Batu: ...


Batu: ...Long ago, I made a deal with the
      devil, just because I desired mere


Freedom: What a brave wind. It's like a 
         breeze ready to oppose a tempest.
         The wind in your heart must have
         spoken to you. It said, "Fight,

Batu: It's not my voice. It is the voice of
      the dead: the voice of my wife,
      the voice of my son.

Freedom: ...I see.


Freedom: When the battle ends, you will...

Batu: No one that attacks this castle
      alone would consider something like
      Until I've had my fill of battle,
      I have time to repent in hell.


Batu: ...Until I've had my fill of battle.
      Indeed... I have an eternity to
      repent in hell.
      But I can't die just yet.


Kagachi: You're alone.
         Now and forever.
         You'll always be alone.

Batu: ...Naturally. There's no way I can
      go to heaven and face my family.

Kagachi: But you're not alone yet.
         You have me afterall.
         Your enemy.


Kagachi: You should've just died.
         It's tormenting to be alone.

Batu: I'll do that when I'm tired of


Batu: ...I don't even have a strategy,
      yet I've come this far.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares,
         mercenary with a death wish.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Batu: Death wish or not, I'll die when I
      win. And this place is hardly a
      castle of nightmares.
      This is a good place to die.
      Today is a good day to die.
      I think I will have a good death.
      So, nightmare of whatever you are,
      this is the end for you.


Tsukiko: ...What will waking all of the
         sleeping people do?
         What do you intend to gain?

Batu: Nothing.
      I don't want anything.
      Not anymore... Not from anyone.

Tsukiko: Let... reality crush you.


With his chest pierced by the
enemy's last blow, Batu smiled as
he watched the castle crumble.

Batu: This is a good end...
      I wonder if the voice I heard...
      really was my son...
      ...If only I had been more of a
      father to him...


--C. Emilio Stanburke-------------------------------------------------(cs3em)--


Emilio: Bearing a grudge against the world,
        my father was engulfed in power and
        passed on yesterday.
        As the one who took over the dark
        side of the royal family, I have a
        demon living in me.
        I wonder why this happened to me.
        Was it wrong for me to have been


Emilio: So, this is the Swan Castle...
        The place that holds my people


Yukari: Oh! How cuuute~

Emilio: Unhand me, woman!

Yukari: What the matter?
        A little hug won't do any harm,
        will it?

Emilio: I'm saying it's odd to do that to
        someone you don't even know.
        Who are you anyway?

Yukari: Oh, me?
        I'm the boss for this stage.

Emilio: ...

Yukari: ...

Emilio: Let's to battle.

Yukari: Okay.
        Man, this is gonna be tough.


Yukari: I knew I couldn't get myself to hurt
        a cute little boy like you!

Emilio: What kind of place is this?


Emilio: This place reminds me of a
        nightmare. It's like something out
        of a fairy tale.
        Come to think of it, that woman was
        similar to a witch.


Shikou: You seem dignified and accustomed to
        giving orders. Are you of royal

Emilio: My name is Emilio Stanburke.
        I am the Count of this country.
        Return my people to me.

Shikou: I am Shikou Mibuya.
        I am usually not permitted to reveal
        my name...
        But I am pleased to be able to fight
        people of such esteem.

Emilio: Thank you, Shikou.

Shikou: ...Heh. Here I come!


Shikou: Well done...
        You may proceed.

Emilio: ...Don't you think even for a bit
        that it is meaningless to fight?

Shikou: ...I fight for the same reason you
        do. When nothing else can be done.


Emilio: It hurts.... Demon that gnaws at me
        from within, if you can hear me,
        obey my command.
        If you wish to claim my life, do it
        after I save my people...


Freedom: A sad wind is blowing.
         A wind that believes it has been
         abandoned by everything.

Emilio: I'm... I'm royalty.
        Everyone expects no less of me.
        So I'm alone. What of it?
        I'll take it into consideration but
        there's nothing I can do about it.
        I will perform my duty until I die.

Freedom: ...Do not cry. Your dreams and your
         reality are not the same, for better
         and for worse.


Freedom: Even so, the wind continues to blow,
         and it does not hate you.

Emilio: Then what do you want me to do!?
        You just disappear when you want to! 


Emilio: Why am I being lectured by the
        enemy? They say something kind,
        so they can attack me...
        They're just going to be killed by


Kagachi: Welcome warrior.
         I am your enemy.

Emilio: If you return my people, you are
        not my enemy. Please return them.
        I don't want to hurt anyone else.

Kagachi: Lies. You don't want to hurt your
         conscience. If you are a warrior,
         throw such things away. Be a beast!

Emilio: I am not a warrior, nor am I a 
        beast. I...


Kagachi: That was a good battle.

Emilio: Why can't you just leave me


Emilio: Why can't they just leave me alone?
        Wjy can't everyone just leave me
        Is it my fault?
        Who should I apologize to?


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares,
         young Count. I am your greatest

Emilio: Enough prattle.
        Return my people to me.

Tsukiko: Why? They laugh and call you a
         spoiled brat, a demon child
         abandoned by his own mother.

Emilio: Even I know that...

Tsukiko: ...Then why do you fight?

Emilio: Though some people may look down on
        me, I am not going to become the
        kind of person they expect me to be.
        And there just might be someone out
        there who needs me.

Tsukiko: Your dream is so foolish it's sad.
         ...Very well, I'll fight you. Then
        you can die and have sweet dreams.


Tsukiko: ...It may not seem like it, but I'm
         very much like you.

Emilio: Absurd.

Tsukiko: Like me, you are fond of the light,
         but you will never live under or
         acquire it.
         So I'll show pity on you.
         I will die along with you.

Emilio: No thanks. I don't mind dying, but
        not right now. I still have a duty
        to fulfill as royalty!
        It's not over yet.
        It's not over yet!


After Emilio awakened the citizens,
he laid down on the meadow where the
castle had disappeared.
And as he gave the citizens a smile,
he quietly took his last breath and
passed away as if he were sleeping.

--D. Fumiko Odette Van Stein------------------------------------------(cs3fu)--


Fumiko: This country isn't very industrious
        and is always drinking wine. Reminds
        me of home and makes me miserable.
        But that's fine.
        I'll help you if you say so.
        You just owe me another one.


Fumiko: The details are a little sketchy.
        Maybe this castle isn't authentic.
        Even so, the magic is pretty good.
        Now I'm interested.
        I think I'll go for a walk.


Yukari: ...You're finally here.
        Sky-blue Witch.

Fumiko: And you are?

Yukari: ...Yukari Horiguchi. Yu-ka-ri! I was
        the 4th stage boss in the last game!
        A lot has happened since the
        terrible time dealing with you!
        But I managed to get a new job!
        With that said, sorry.
        But this is as far as you go.
        Prepare yourself.

Fumiko: I'm so sorry. I have no interest in
        a face I've already stepped on, nor
        a face as plain as yours.
        Oh, but let me say this from
        the bottom of my heart:
        Congratulations on the new job.
        The person that hired you must have
        very unusual taste or poor vision.

Yukari: ...Tch. I don't expect to verbally
        win against an old maid like you.
        I'll defeat you with my fighting skills.
        I'm not the same person as before!
        Now I'm Yukari Mark 2!
        I always get the hex I'm aiming for!


Fumiko: Did you really think you could beat
        me with your skills?

Yukari: Ugh...

Fumiko: Didn't you realize you were demoted
        once you were put on Stage 1?
        You're so stupid.

Yukari: Y-You're a bully...


Fumiko: Little tramp!
        Old maid, huh? I should've killed
        her a few more times.  Oh well, I'll
        take it out on the next one.


Shikou: Good of you for coming from so far
        away, Sky-blue Witch and the shield
        of Japan.

Fumiko: ...My, you're quite an attractive

Shikou: ...I guess I should say thanks.
        Or should I say I'm honored?

Fumiko: ...Either is fine. I'm used to it,
        but it's refreshing to hear it on
        the battlefield.

Shikou: But I'm your enemy.

Fumiko: I like fighting against men my type.


Shikou: ...You went easy.
        I can't die like this...

Fumiko: I like to give handsome men a second
        chance. You need to be more refined.


Fumiko: This place is pretty nice.
        I hope there are a lot more handsome
        Ah, I know. It might be nice to
        make a castle like this. I'll have
        Munchausen figure it out.


Freedom: A sky-blue wind is blowing.
         ...So you made it, my child.
         My greatest sin.

Fumiko: ...Step...mother?
        It can't be.

Freedom: ...You still call me that, I see.

Fumiko: ...

Freedom: ...What's the matter?

Fumiko: Today's a good day.
        I get another chance to kill you.
        I'm so happy, I'm crying.

Freedom: ...You still think of that person...


Fumiko: I feel much better now.


Fumiko: I'm relieved. If Kohtaro were here,
        he might have been taken from me.
        He does seem weak against that type.
        There might be other women like her
        ahead, I'd better taken them all
        At any rate... Nah...


Kagachi: You are beautiful.

Fumiko: Strange face, but I kind of like

Kagachi: You're the second person who said
         they kind of like me.

Fumiko: Are you fighting for her?

Kagachi: That's right. From the bottom of my
         heart. I think I would've died for
         you if you'd said that to me first.

Fumiko: Thanks for the compliment.
        I'm pleased.
        ...Now then, let's begin.

Kagachi: Of course.


Kagachi: ...Kill me.

Fumiko: No. Lay there and think about how
        you should've died. But if you're a
        man, you should keep on living.


Fumiko: ..At this rate, the last one must
        be a woman.  How disappointing.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare.

Fumiko: ...You're not as bad as a nightmare.
        I know all about you.
        You're Kohtaro's childhood friend.

Tsukiko: ...Yes, and what you fear most is...

Fumiko: Having Kohyaro stolen by you.
        So it's not a nightmare yet.
        After all, I'm going to kill you.
        It's all the same, no matter who
        my opponent is.
        Male enemies I can let live, but
        female ones have to die. I'm a
        little particular about that.

Tsukiko: Perverted much?

Fumiko: I'm just honest with myself.


Tsukiko: ...I'm not finished yet.

Fumiko: Oh, I'm glad.
        I wasn't finished killing you yet.


Fumiko: Oh no, morning again?
        How many times does Kohtaro expect
        me to stay up all night?
        If he wants me to stay up all night,
        I'd prefer to stay up for a
        different reason. *sigh*
        He really has stolen my heart.
        Still, it is a great day.
        I got to defeat quite a few
        people in my way. Sayo's the only
        one left. What a refreshing morning.

--E. Roger Sasuke-----------------------------------------------------(cs3ro)--


Roger: I am Roger Sasuke, the international
       ninja who has trouble dealing with
       his increasing popularity.
       This time I am here with my beloved
       Kohato and Sayo in Eastern Europe.
       I feel a little embarrassed about my
       first trip abroad.


Roger: According to that tramp Reika, a
       mistake will occur between my
       beloved Kohtaro and Sayo tonight.
       I won't allow it, Sayo...
       I mean Kohataro! Aahahaha!
       I'm going to destroy this castle and
       change the course of history! Let's
        go, Moonsong! Pierce my enemies!


Yukari: What's with the cosplay? *gasp*
        You're not here to stop me from
        becoming a global idol, are you!?

Roger: Earth, wind and fire call out to me.
       They tell me to protect my friends.
       For their sake and the friendship I
       hold dear, my shuriken will fly!
       Behold! You're as good as dead!
       My name is Roger Sasuke, the
       internationl ninja who travels the
       world! I've arrived with a new look!


Yukari: Why do you always show up!?
        I need to increase my appearance
        fee! Rwaahh!

Roger: Kohtaro is not the type to dislike
       a girl like you...


Roger: I must hurry! There's only two hours
       left, I must solve this incident
       before Sayo and Kohtaro get here!


Shikou: I've been waiting for you. You're an
        evil existence that has besmirched
        my culture with your misconceptions.

Roger: You are mistaken, elder. The ninja
       that is adored in this world is not
       the historically correct ninja.
       The world longs for ninja like me,
       a shadow that never backs down and
       risks everything for great justice.
       If the world is in danger, it is up
       to us shadows to stop it!
       As Roger the international ninja,
       I've done away with old traditions
       and have arrived to kick your ass!


Shikou: The old traditions...

Roger: Only one needs to be preserved.
       The "valor" that shines when you
       fight for the sake of others.


Roger: This isn't good.
       At this rate, those two will arrive
       and have their first kiss.
       Hurry, Roger! For Kohtaro!


Freedom: A white wind is blowing.
         You are... a white pearl, aren't
         you? Are you still after Spica?

Roger: ...Another one? ....No, I see.
       The Dreak Park System. So that's why
       desires are so easily reflected...

Freedom: Is something the matter?

Roger: Operation complete! I'm going to
       make you instantly disappear.

Freedom: As usual, you're not listening.
         Very well, I'll take you on.


Freedom: I wonder if you'll succeed.

Roger: I'm just going to interrupt them.


Roger: Noo! Only 30 minutes left!
       I-I need to hurry.


Kagachi: Wel--

Roger: Shut up! Die!


Kagachi: I barely got a word in...

Roger: I can't allow Kohtaro's lips to be


Roger: Hurry, Roger.
       For the sake of your friend's


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares,
         international ninja. I am your
         greatest nightmare.

Roger: For my friend's chastity, I'll cut
       you! I'll kill you no matter what!
       It's like killing two birds with one
       stone since you look like Tsukiko!

Tsukiko: You're too late. It's a shame but,
         right about now, those two are...

Roger: You nightmare!


Tsukiko: Let... reality crush you.

Roger: I won't let it!
       I won't let it happen!


As Roger stood there, he saw
Kohtaro and Sayo walking towards
him, holding hands.
The two quickly stop holding hands
as Roger runs up to them.

Kohtaro: Wh-what did Sayo do to you!?

Sayo: ...

Roger: ...

--F. Gennojo Hyuga----------------------------------------------------(cs3ge)--


Gennojo: I thought there were nine others.
         Why am I the only one in front of
         the castle...?
         Damn, everyone's asleep and won't
         wake up.
         Should I go to sleep too? No, no,
         I can't. No sense in me being part
         of the gag... Fine, I'll solve this.


Gennojo: Well, this is a beautiful castle.
         It looks like it'd be in a fairy
         It appears that the missing people
         are all held captive inside this
         Oh well, let's begin the


Yukari: It's a celebration! I'm back again
         in my outfit I wear working
         part-time in the flower shop.
         Yukari Horiguchi!

Gennojo: ...
         Uh, well, I don't really care, but
         why you?

Yukari: Can you guess?
        For revenge, of course! I lost last
        time, but I'm gonna win this time.
        Now, let's fight fair and square!


Yukari: You'll pay for this!

Gennojo: Don't show yourself again.
         I get tired talking to you.


Gennojo: What's going on?
         I defeated that woman once already.
         Did she come after me? How?


Shikou: I believe I should say good of you
        to make it, ancient god.

Gennojo: The Imperial Court's dog, huh?

Shikou: Silence, mountain dog. Your kind is
        meant to be extinct. Sink into
        darkness! Come forth, Yata!

Gennojo: ...I see. You're Sayo's...
         I mean... What's going on?
         Why are you doing this?
         We're both supposed to be employed
         by the government.


Shikou: Damn ancient god...

Gennojo: I'm not quite middle-aged yet.


Gennojo: Do they ever leave the country?
         Do they ever go against their
         No, probably not.
         That's impossible.
         ...Then what's going on here?
         That thing and Yukari must both be


Freedom: What a gentle wind indeed.
         The kind that blows after a 

Gennojo: I'm surprised.
         You're terribly beautiful.

Freedom: Thank you.
         I'm flattered.

Gennojo: This is difficult, dealing with
         someone like you.

Freedom: I'm supposedly a nightmare.

Gennojo: I'm sure I'll be having nightmares
         for days after harming you. I'll try
         to go easy, so please forgive me.

Freedom: Sure.


Freedom: I forgive you.
         Don't let it worry you.

Gennojo: ...Sorry.


Gennojo: ...Nightmares. So that's why people
         that are incoherent and without
         rules keep showing up.
         Well now... What do I do now?
         I've never arrested a nightmare


Kagachi: You have the scent of a beast like
         me. Ancient god. Wolf.

Gennojo: I'm overwhelmed. So there are still
         others like me left. No, this must
         be another nightmare.
         But even if it is a nightmare, I'm

Kagachi: I'm happy as well.
         It's been a while since I hunted my
         own kind.

Gennojo: Yeah, you're right.
         I can't understand why people say 
         this is a nightmare.


Kagachi: You're... strong...

Gennojo: It was a good hunt.
         Your flesh and blood will become
         part of me.

Kagachi: I will live on as a part of you.


Gennojo: ...Could this mean that this isn't
         really a nightmare for anybody?
         The question is, what kind of
         relationship do the missing people
         have with one another.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares,
         brave warrior. I am this castle's
         master, and its greatest nightmare.

Gennojo: In my case, living is a nightmare
         for me. I'd much rather fight like
         I am now.

Tsukiko: Oh, then why are you awake?
         You should just fall asleep like the
         others. You'll have good dreams.

Gennojo: I'll pass on that. I don't like
         nightmares, but it makes me even
         more sick to run from them.

Tsukiko: That must be the pride of an ancient

Gennojo: No. It's just my way of getting
         along with idiots.
         I have an idiot for a partner.
         Then, there's his idiot friend,
         the girl he loves. And...
         You get the picture.

Tsukiko: I see. An idiot's pride.
         Let's see if it can win against a

Gennojo: Oh, it'll win. But it's not a matter
         of winning or losing. It's a matter
         of killing time.


Gennojo: Well now... It's finally over.
         It looks like the missing people
         are safe as well. Case closed...!


Gennojo: ...Or not. Well, well...
         It really is a nightmare.
         No, maybe not...
         If I fight and someone can be happy,
         it's not such a bad dream after all.


Gennojo: It was supposed to be a castle of
         nightmares, but now I wonder if
         it really was.
         Was this experience really a
         nightmare for me? Or was it meant
         for someone else?

Hyuga smiled, then proceeded to walk
toward his friends that appeared to
have awakened.

Gennojo: No, it's probably how I look at it.
         Reality is a nightmare...
         But not so much these days.

--G. Mihee Kim--------------------------------------------------------(cs3mi)--


Mihee: ...Regardless of the act that this
       is some sort of diplomatic
       consideration by our government...
       Why do I... I've gotten separated
       from the group as I was talking.
       What do they want me to do anyway!?
       I don't understand this country's
       language, you know! *sigh* It can't
       be helped... Let's end this mission.


Mihee: ...At least I can be myself when
       I'm alone.
       I'm so sick of having to go along
       with these farces. I'm going to end
       this quickly.


Yukari: Can you hear it? A storm's coming.
        Yukari Wing 2!
        I always get the hex I'm aiming for.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Mihee: Weak dogs bark loudest.

Yukari: Grrrrr, arf!

Mihee: You insulted me.
       I'll kill you.


Yukari: Ow!

Mihee: Die like the dog you are.


Mihee: I feel a little better now.
       I wonder if this castle will make me
       feel even better?


Shikou: How evil. You don't even have the
        honor of a warrior.

Mihee: Evil? Me?
       That's right.
       I take revenge on everything.

Shikou: ...

Mihee: Die!


Shikou: ...Hatred bears nothing.

Mihee: This body can bear nothing. This
       body is drenched in poison. I was
       created only to destroy and kill.

Shikou: For assassinations... Uggh...


Mihee: I was supposed to kill my traitorous
       cousin... What am I doing here...?


Freedom: ...A pitiful wind is blowing.

Mihee: A woman so beautiful and insolent.
       I hate people like you.

Freedom: ...You are... Never mind.
         Nothing I say to you will matter.

Mihee: I'm going to kill you.


Freedom: Ugh...

Mihee: Heheheheheh!


Mihee: ...Not yet... I'm still not done
       killing. I'm going to kill, kill,


Kagachi: I smell poison from your body.

Mihee: I was given poison since the day I
       was born. Now I can even kill just
       by touching somone with my hand.
       That is the family business. And
       since I've told you our secret...
       I'm going to have to kill you.


Kagachi: ...

Mihee: You should be happy to be killed by


Mihee: *panting*
       It feels good.
       If I kill even more, I'll be happy.
       Most definitely.


Tsukiko: Welcome the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Mihee: ...Don't make me laugh.
       What about you is a nightmare?

Tsukiko: You don't like women, do you?
         Beautiful women. Women that are
         whole. Because you are defective.

Mihee: ...I'll kill you.
       I'll kill you!

Tsukiko: If you continue to live, you'll
         probaby be sad. Go to sleep. Your
         heart will surely be at ease.


Tsukiko: Foolish child...
         I showed you compassion.


As dawn emerged, Mihee Kim was on
both knees, looking up at the heavens
laughing loudly.

Mihee: Ahahahahaha! I killed them!
       I killed them all!
       They deserved it...
       So then, why am I so sad?
       Did I forget to kill somebody...?
       Do I have to do more killing...?

Mihee Kim cried out.

--H. Nagino Ise-------------------------------------------------------(cs3na)--


Nagino: Stardate 20120603. I'm a traveling
        sandwich chef brought to this
        country by a meddlesome adult.
        His speculative nature reminds me of
        MAKI. Because of that, I've decided
        to help him a little.


Nagino: I'm about to enter this castle on
        behalf of Gennojo Hyuga and look for
        the missing people.
        Is that all right with you, Nagino


Yukari: Back by popular demand. It's Yukari
        ver. 2! I'm here to nuke your heart!
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Nagino: You can fight me, but remember this.
        I don't hold back. I don't know
        defeat. And I always eliminate any
        obstacle that gets in my way.
        You can surrender of get trampled
        on. It's your privilege as the
        loser to choose one.

Yukari: How irritating. That kind of talk is
        so un-cute! You've pissed me off!
        I'll make you cry uncle!

Nagino: Then trampled it is.


Yukari: This sucks! The game balance is

Nagino: I'm a generous person. I'll allow
        you freedom of speech even in hell.
        Scream all you want.


Nagino: The flesh didn't feel the same when
        I killed her... Does it mean she
        wasn't real?
        The space inside and the space
        outside are different. It's safe to
        conclude that nothing here is real.


Shikou: You seem dignified and accustomed to
        giving orders, are you of royal

Nagino: My name is Mirai Shibamura.
        I'm just an ultimate and unrivaled
        regular human.

Shikou: The bloodline of Blue, huh? I am
        Shikou Mibuya. I am usually not
        permitted to reveal my name...
        But I am pleased to be able to
        people of such esettem. My shikigami
        is known as Yata! Here I come!

Nagino: My shikigami is called Strider!


Shikou: ...Strong.
        So this is the power of Gump...

Nagino: I'm just an ordinary girl. Just
        remember that it's more effective to
        hit someone than to use magic.


Nagino: This isn't an illusion I'm seeing.
        That was a word I don't know.
        At any rate, it's strange that they
        would know that I don't know that
        word. What's going on here...?


Freedom: An 8th wind ascends to the heavens.
         I know people like you. The blue
         born from black, the blue of blue.

Nagino: Some people call me the Blue
        Daughter of Blue.

Freedom: As I thought. So that one had
         offspring, the true king that will
         lead us.

Nagino: That's just an illusion.
        My father doesn't know I exist.

Freedom: I'm not so sure about that. At any
         rate, I'm honored to be able to
         polish your skills. Let us begin.


Freedom: Well done...

Nagino: ...Where did you come from?
        No, I guess it really doesn't


Nagino: I thought that, if it were not my
        hallucination or an illusion, it
        would be someone else's dream.
        I see... These are nightmares that
        people are dreaming of. Someone must
        be holding everything together.


Kagachi: You look strong.
         Maybe even stronger than me.

Nagino: You're right. Withdraw.
        I won't pursure if you leave

Kagachi: Thanks for the offer.
         But I can't.
         I will protect Tsukiko.

Nagino: I see. I'm sorry to hear that.
        Then let's fight.

Kagachi: I'm glad you're so understanding.


Kagachi: Aaaarrgh!

Nagino: Say my name in hell.
        I have a special place prepared for
        you. My name is Mirai the Blue.


Nagino: There's a nightmare that everyone's
        seeing. It's my job to destroy it
        and wake everybody up.
        Mmm, it actually feels like I'm
        doing a good thing when I say it out


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare.

Nagino: This is someone's nightmare.
        But it's not mine.

Tsukiko: What is your nightmare?

Nagino: ...I wouldn't like it if I found out
        that the father I've wanted to kill
        all this time was a kind man.

Tsukiko: You are indeed the Queen of Flames.
         Even your dream is quite out of the
         A cursed child born to a demon lord
         and a shrine maiden of electronics.
         An arrow fated to incinerate all.

Nagino: I'm neither a Queen nor an arrow.
        I'm just a human. A regular person
        whose wishes have become reality.
        Someone's nightmare, it's time to
        meet your end. Your archenemy is
        here, inside my heart.


Nagino: ...Still standing?
        Still, it's feeble-minded if you
        think you can win by growing larger.
        It simply means that a nightmare is
        not realistic.


Nagino: Well, I've done my duty.
        What I do from now on is on me.

Nagino takes the black pepper used
for sandwiches from her backpack and
sprinkles it on the sleeping people.

Sayo: *sneeze*

Kohtaro: Waaachoo!

Nagino: Hey, hurry up and wake up.
        It's morning already.
        Today's another nice day!

--I. Reika Kirishima--------------------------------------------------(cs3re)--


Reika Kirishima. Former first degree
time criminal. Crime, discovered an
embarrassing story of the past.
Picked up by History Security Police
Director Hagi, she now works as Time
Gal, battling crimes against time.

Reika: And so, Reika has arrived in
       I'm gonna solve this incident, or
       my name is the Red *****, taken from
       my red hair.


Reika: Sooooo, I may have made it to this
       country, but...
       Hehehe, I'm so lost.
       What do I do...?
       I guess I should just keep moving?


Yukari: Back by popular demand, it's Yukari
        version 2! With a scent of love in
        the air, I'm racier than before!
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Reika: Ahhh, so you're Yukari Horiguchi.
       Wait one moment please.
       Let's see, there's seret
       informartion about you in the pink
       police notepad.
       According to this, the very first
       thing you cosplayed as is...

Yukari: Nooo! Stop! Don't say any more!

Reika: Case closed.

Yukari: No, no, if it ended here, it wouldn't
        be right to the customers.

Reika: The summer makes a woman feel free.


Yukari: Y-You time criminal.

Reika: That's time traveler.
       Space is an ocean of space.


Reika: *sigh* This is so hard.
       Ah, the old days were so good.
       All the arcades had a poster of me.
       This must be time taking its toll...
       But that's okay.
       According to the ouija board,
       things are going pretty well.


Shikou: So you made it, warrior.

Reika: Oh no, his face looks scary.
       Can you look a little kinder?

Shikou: Stop making requests to the enemy.

Reika: There's this place where Varner
       Bros. used to be...

Shikou: Oh crap!

Reika: Your face didn't look like that when
       you were waiting for a girl in front
       of Trader Moe's.

Shikou: H-How do you know that?

Reika: Reika's a time cop.
       I know lots of things.

...Isn't that a crime?

Reika: It'll be okay! There's no proof.
       I'm a time cop after all.

Shikou: Hhmph, you ghost from the 60s!
        All I have to do is defeat you!
        Sink into darkness!


Shikou: Y-you time criminal.

Reika: Reika, age 16.
       I don't belong to anybody yet.


Reika: Oh! Crap! I should've asked that
       criminal I just defeated for
       directions... What do I do now?
       No arrows show up on the screen,
       so I don't know which way to go.
       Hey, don't you guys playing the
       game think so too?


Freedom: A beloved wind is blowing.
         It is slightly embarrassed and tart.

Reika: And this is what the modern boys
       and girls call it these days.
       Time Gal!

Freedom: ...

Reika: ...

Freedom: That looks a little embarrassing.

Reika: Not at all.


Freedom: What was that last attack...?

Reika: Special attack. Kame******.

Isn't it just a regular shikigami

Reika: If you rapid-fire it,
       it becomes a special attack! (lie..)


Reika: Oh no, which way should I go?
       Ah, but the enemy seems to be
       getting stronger, so I should be on
       the right track.


Kagachi: Welcome, Time Gal Reika.

Reika: You're also a time criminal, aren't

Kagachi: No, you're wrong.

Reika: Oh, that's right. Reika's a cop.
       Ahaha, silly me.
       So, anyway, this is the end for you!
       Time criminal!

Kagachi: You can't bluff your way through
         this one. Die.


Kagachi: Time Gal... Reika...

Reika: Think of me as your little sister.


Reika: Buh? I think I'm forgetting
       something... What was it?


Tsukiko: Welcome, Time Gal Reika.
         Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare...
         And, farewell.
         You've made a grave mistake coming
         The past is something to be yearned.
         Not something to be ashamed about.
         People like you are an eyesore.

Reika: You're wrong.
       You should be embarrassed about the
       past. How can you be satisfied with
       your past self or your past works?
       You can move forward because you
       feel embarrassed. The future will
       end if you're always looking back.

Tsukiko: Who are you to say that, Reika?
         You're a remnant from the past.
         You're a time criminal.

Reika: Something new might be born from me.
       The legend of green hair might start
       There might be someone who wants to
       change an embarrassing thing into
       something it's not.
       No matter how many years go by,
       there may be someone that will
       never forget me. Just like now!


Tsukiko: Stupd girl.
         This is the end.

Reika: Not yet! The game still continues,
       and there's a player that's fighting
       alongside me.
       As long as the game continues and
       there's a 0.1% chance of clearing
       I'll do it. Everyone playing this
       game, lend Reika your strength.
       Let's show them a shmup legend.


And so...
The future. 3002 A.D.
//The History Security Police Office.

Fumiko: So, what happened, sergeant?
        It appears that my husband still
        isn't Kohtaro.

Reika: Ahahaha.
       Well, I was on a roll and deafeated
       all the bosses, but...

Fumiko: But?

Reika: I'm sorry.
       I forgot about the mission.

Fumiko: ...Why you!

Reika: Waaaaaaaaah!

The End.

--J. Munchausen-------------------------------------------------------(cs3mu)--


Munchausen: I, Munchausen, have arrived at this
            castle for Lady Fumiko, so she can
            have some fun with Master Kohtaro.
            I have not fought in actual combat
            since the days I trained with
            Kohtaro. I hope all will go well.


Munchausen: Well then, I, Munchausen, shall take
            my lady's place and do my best to
            fulfill my duty.
            Love will triumph over all.


Yukari: What? Are you telling me this shabby
        old man is the hidden character?

Munchausen: Perhaps my predecessor was, but I
            don't think that I'm shabby.
            I'll have to educate you.
            Prepare yourself.


Yukari: I... lost...?

Munchausen: Be graceful! Be more graceful!


Munchausen: There once was a woman in a dusty
            little town.
            There's no use in crying all day.
            That's why I took the hand of a
            demon and decided to save the world.
            I'll take on all the gods and fight
            for the beautiful world I desire.


Shikou: You seem to be a strong foe.

Munchausen: You are correct.
            I'm sure I'm the strongest foe you
            have ever seen.
            Above all, I cannot hold back like
            my lady can.


Shikou: Why don't you kill me?

Munchausen: Train some more and try again.
            I intend to die against the
            strongest enemy.


Munchausen: There once a woman who lived in
            the mountaines that tasted like
            There's no use in crying all day.
            That's why I took the hand of a
            demon and decided to enchant men.
            I'll take on all justice to enchant
            the men I consider beautiful.
            Pure love is about theft and
            robbery. Whoever it may be, things
            naturally end up that way.


Freedom: As eastern wind is blowing.
         A wind that can blow away all
         darkess. A sad gust of wind.
         You're one of the evil demons that
         fought alongside the dancing doll.

Munchausen: You are correct. I have been chamred
            and attracted by the beauty of the
            world and have ended up here.

Freedom: What kind is it?

Munchausen: The tears of a beautiful woman.


Freedom: You went easy on me.

Munchausen: It isn't graceful to mass produce
            the most beatuiful thing in this
            world and lower its value.
            Yes, just get treatment for about a


Munchausen: See, all men are mine. Isn't that
            so? Everyone has something wonderful
            about them.
            Lalala lalala lalalalala lalala.
            I'm so happy. Look, the dawn is so
            beautiful. As if to praise me.


Kagachi: That's a nice song.

Munchausen: I am very honored.

Kagachi: Is there something wonderful about

Munchausen: You must work hard. Although my lady
            will probably find beauty without
            working hard.
            But to cling to benevolence from
            the beginning is rather tasteless.

Kagachi: You're right.
         Then I'll fight with all my might.


Kagachi: Is there something wonderful about
         me too?

Munchausen: More than enough to make love to a

Kagachi: I see...


Munchausen: That's why I will wield a sword in
            my hand and devastate the world.
            Just as you say my lady.
            The world wishes to be dominated by
            you... At least half does.


Tsukiko: On behalf of all the women in
         this world, I cast judgement on the
         For the sluttish crime of seducing
         many men, the verdict is death. The
         same applies to her servant as well.

Munchausen: I'm sorry, Fraulein. My intention
            was to accompany her to hell from
            the very beginning.

Tsukiko: Then die.


Tsukiko: ...You didn't go easy on me.

Munchausen: You are Lady Fumiko's rival in love
            after all.

Tsukiko: ...You egoist.
         Let reality crush you.

Munchausen: Pardon me for saying so, but I'm a


The castle crumbled spectacularly.
Avoiding debris with an umbrella,
Munchausen looked up refreshed.

Munchausen: Well, mission accomplished.
            Ah, a phone call.
            Understoond. Ah, your change of
            clothes? I will be right there.
            Please wait about ten seconds.

And so, Munchausen's day begins.

4. Two-player scenarios                                              (cs304)

--A1. Kohtaro + Batu--------------------------------------------------(ko+ba)--


Batu: I had only heard about Swan Castle
      in fairy tales.
      I never thought I would actually
      see it in person.

Kohtaro: It's beautiful.

Sayo: I like Japanese castle's better.

Kohtaro: If this one's a swan, then Himeji
         Castle in Japan is a white heron.
         It might be fun to compare them.

Sayo: You just showed off that you're
      smarter than me, didn't you? Just
      because you can speak Old English.

Kohtaro: I did not.
         I was a terrible student at school.


Batu: A boy and a girl.

Kohtaro: You don't look happy.

Batu: They have no place on a battlefield,
      especially women.

Sayo: I would do anythi--

Kohtaro: That's taboo here, Sayo.
         Yeah, I guess they may not be suited
         for battle.
         But this isn't a war.
         It's an incident.


Yukari: Yukari. Yukari. Yukari. Yukari.
        Yukari's so beautiful. Yukari's so
        Yukari. Yukari. Yuka-Yuka. Yukari.

Kohtaro: See? You don't see that on the
         battlefield, do you?

Batu: It's battle neurosis.

Yukari: Don't make it sound like I'm sick!
        How rude!

Kohtaro: She's always been like that.

Yukari: Ugaaahh!


Batu: Rest in peace.

Kohtaro: Don't kill her.


Batu: Don't be weak, boy. You shouldn't
      show mercy on the enemy. You'll
      regret it when you're about to die.

Kohtaro: I'm just saying that there aren't
         that many people in this world that
         are so bad they deserve to die.

Batu: A good enemy is a dead enemy. If the
      enemy is moving, he still hasn't had
      a bullet in him yet.

Sayo: (This man is just like me a long
      time ago... Before I met Kohtaro.)


Shikou: I'm glad that you've regained some
        expression in your face. Is it
        because of that boy?

Sayo: Uncle...

Shikou: I'd like to get reacquainted with
        you, but I can't. You understand,
        don't you?

Sayo: You're here to punish me...

Shikou: If you want to live, fight with
        everything you've got. Then
        preserve your bloodline.


Shikou: Do your best.

Sayo: I will.


Batu: Even against family, you shouldn't
      go easy.

Kohtaro: Hey, old man, is that all you have
         to say? Don't you have anything

Batu: Old man?

Sayo: ...Thank you...

Kohtaro: What about?

Sayo: ...Oh, it's nothing.

Batu: Hmph... Let's move on.


Freedom: A traveler of the wind has arrived.
         You're headed for the center of the

Batu: Everyone here seems to be affected
      by battle neurosis.

Freedom: Young lady, I'll tell you this
         before we go into battle. That boy
         will be gone soon. Prepare yourself.

Sayo: ...!?

Kohtaro: Huh? What are you talking about?
         I'm going back to Japan, so of
         course I'm going to be gone.

Freedom: I like how you're serious when you
         say that. Now, let's begin. Show me
         your dance.


Sayo: Please tell me.
      Why is Kohtaro going to go somehwere
      far away?

Freedom: A cat with a red tunic will guide


Batu: It's your fault.

Kohtaro: Huh? It's not my fault.

Batu: It's usually a man's fault whenever
      a woman is crying.

Kohtaro: Hey now.
         ...Sayo don't worry about it.
         I'm not going anywhere.

Batu: Be careful. Greenhorns that say
      things like that usually die in the
      next battle.

Kohtaro: Where'd that jinx come from?
         Hey, don't cry. You're such a
         crybaby, Sayo.


Kagachi: Lady Tsukiko is saddened by you.

Batu: You're the enemy of women.

Kohtaro: No I'm not.
         Who are you anyway!?

Kagachi: Lady Tsukiko's protector.
         And I will eliminate this woman for

Kohtaro: Stop!


Kagachi: Lady... Tsukiko...


Batu: Who is this Tsukiko person?

Kohtaro: ...She's like a younger sister to

Batu: This incident seems to be about your
      inner circle. No wonder you didn't
       want to turn it into a fight.

Sayo: Don't pick on Kohtaro.

Batu: And the woman stands up for you.

Kohtaro: ...


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare...

Kohtaro: Tsukiko...

Tsukiko: I was waiting for you, Koh.

Kohtaro: I defeated my older brother, and
         now do I have to defeat you too?

Tsukiko: ...Yes.
         But that may not be such a bad

Kohtaro: What do you mean?

Tsukiko: You'll soon find out.


Kohtaro: Tsukiko!

Tsukiko: Your brother Shin and I will become
         part of your flesh and blood.
         Nothing can be happier than that.



Sayo: And so, Kohtaro disappeared inside
      the crumbling castle.
      Later, we tried to search for him,
      but we couldn't find anything.
      I was saved by Batu. I am grateful
      to him, but I have no idea why I
      continue to go on living...

--A2. Kohtaro + Emilio------------------------------------------------(ko+em)--


Early afternoon. Cafe terrace.
Munchausen is serving tea.

Nagino: I wonder if Papa Kohtaro and Emilio
        are getting along.

Batu: I hope so.

Nagino: Maybe they're fighting.

Batu: I don't know about that boy, but the
      young master is a great person. I'm
      sure that wouldn't happen.

Nagino: (I wonder?)

Munchausen: Please continue the rest of this
            story with Emilio and Kohtaro.

Batu: Who are you talking to?


Emilio: Why won't you leave me alone?

Kohtaro: It was decided by drawing. Gennojo
         said that working in pairs is basic
         in an investigation.

Emilio: You two are already a pair!

Kohtaro: What? Did you prefer to be with

Emilio: N-no, I wanted Batu...
        No, that's not quite right either.
        Anyway, just leave me alone!


Yukari: Game champion. Yukari is here!

Emilio: Hey there, passer-by.
        What is this place?

Yukari: ...Uhh, well, I'm actually the stage
        boss, one of the big bad guys. You
        can't get past unless you defeat me.

Emilio: Ah, I'm sorry.

Yukari: Oh no, don't worry about it.

Kohtaro: Are you  both idiots?

Yukari: Look who's talking!
        So what if you have a girlfriend!

Kohtaro: Wha, where did that come from?

Yukari: Ugh! This is irritating! I'm gonna
        take all of you out at once!


Yukari: Three against one is unfair!

Kohtaro: You must have no sense of
         responsibility if you're one of the
         evil bosses. *sigh* ...Just go away.


Emilio: Why won't anyone leave me alone...?

Kohtaro: It's because they're worried about

Emilio: Worried about me? I'm the head of
        the House of Stanburke, the noblest
        of noble families.

Kohtaro: A kid's a kid.
         (Oh man... Gennojo said the same
         thing to me before.)

Emilio: What are you smiling at?

Kohtaro: Ah, don't worry about it.


Shikou: ...I'm glad to see you regained so
        much expression in your face. It
        must be because of that boy.

sayo: Uncle...

Emilio: Since you seem to be an
        acquaintance of the lady, I'd like
        to ask you a question.

Shikou: ...What is it?

Emilio: What did you to do my people?

Shikou: Sayo... I'd like to get reacquainted
        with you again, but I can't. You
        understand what I mean, don't you?

Sayo: You've come for me...

Emilio: Answer me!

Shikou: If you want your wishes granted,
        then fight with all your might.

Emilio: ...It can't be helped. I'd better
        apologize to Frau Yuuki now.
        I won't go easy!


Shikou: ...Well done...

Emilio: Where are my people!?

Shikou: They're dreaming...


Emilio: I don't know what to say to
        Frau Yuuki. I give you my apology.

Kohtaro: Hey kid, what are you talking about?

Emilio: ...What do you see about me that's
        a kid!?

Kohtaro: Everyhting about you just screams
         kid! Anyway, we have no choice but
         to defeat people who do bad things.
         And you don't have to apologize.
         If you're going to apologize,
         don't do it in the first place.

Emilio: That's not very noble.
        The lady you're with is in sorrow
        right now!

Kohtaro: Yeah.

Emilio: Ugh! You're a cold-hearted villain!


Freedom: A prickly wind is blowing.
         Two friends shouldn't fight.

Emilio: I'm not his friend! Not with such a
        cold-hearted villain!

Kohtaro: I don't have a clueless little kid
         for a friend either!

Emilio: You're a kid too!

Freedom: Oh my, I guess it can't be helped.
         But if you don't work together,
         it won't be easy to defeat me.

Kohtaro/Emilio: You're an enemy?

Sayo: (These two are very similar.
      I wonder if Kohtaro was like this
      when he was younger...?)


Freedom: Get along all of you.

Sayo: (What a strange person...)
      So anyway.

Emilio: What is it?

Sayo: Count, Kohtaro has fought his
      brother before.
      So... um, I don't know if I can say
      this right, but try and understand


Emilio: ...(Rrah!)

Kohtaro: Ouch! You kicked me.
         Are you royalty or what?

Emilio: I'm just a kid after all.

Kohtaro: If you have something to say, come
         right out and say it.

Emilio: You should be kinder to ladies.

Kohtaro: What, you went all-out back there

Emilio: No, I'm not talking about her!


Kagachi: Master Kohtaro, I can't say much,
         but you should leave this castle as
         soon as you can.

Kohtaro: I can't listen to you and just leave
         when there are so many people

Kagachi: Even though they aren't dead?

Kohtaro: Of course not!

Kagachi: Then I'll just have to make you
         leave by force!


Kagachi: If you would have been defeated,
         everybody would have been happy...

Kohtaro: Are there people like this kid
         worrying and waiting for their
         families to come home inside there?
         I don't think so.
         Bad guys are always narrow-sighted.


Sayo: Aren't you tired?

Kohtaro: If you've taken Sazae's place, you
         already know, don't you?

Sayo: ...I just thought I'd ask.
      I'm not that person, you know.
      Wh-What are you doing!?

Kohtaro: ...Thanks, Sayo.

Emilio: (There must be something wrong with
        my vision. This guy is starting to
        look cool. It must be my vision.)


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare...
         So how have you been, Koh?

Kohtaro: ...

Tsukiko: Aren't you surprised?

Kohtaro: I'm surprised as well as sad.
         But you know the routine...

Tsukiko: Yes, I know.

Kohtaro: Hey, villain! What did you do to
         the people of this country!?
         Now, you only have two choices!
         A. Get arrested and then beaten up.
         B. Get beaten up and then arrested.
         Which will it be, Tsukiko!?

Tsukiko: I'll defeat you and then dream with
         you. Forever.

Kohtaro: Then it's B!
         Let's go!


Tsukiko: It's not over yet...

Kohtaro: Idiot!
         Why did you do this!?

Tsukiko: You would never understand, Koh.
         Not you, who is as pure as the light
         of the sun.


Emilio: The castle is disappearing.

Kohtaro: ...Looks like everyone's awake.
         Let's go home, Sayo, Emilio.

Sayo: ...Okay.

Emilio realized that he was a child
that knew nothing when he looked at
the side of Kohtaro's face.
Sayo leaned towards Kohtaro as if to
protect him.

--A3. Kohtaro + Fumiko------------------------------------------------(ko+fu)--


Fumiko: It's been a while since we've been
        on a date like this.

Kohtaro: Huh?
         ...Hey, what are you talking about?

Fumiko: Let's just have fun today, just the
        two of us.

Sayo: ...You're totally ignoring the fact
      that I'm here, aren't you?

Fumiko: Oh, aren't you just a shikigami?
        A shikigami is like an accessory.
        I don't care what kind of accessory
        a man has on.

Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Am I going to make it to the castle
         safely like this?


Kohtaro: That must be the Swan Castle.

Fumiko: Yes, according to Munchausen,
        everyone's supposed to be here.
        But it's been a while since we've
        been on a date like this.

Kohtaro: Huh?
         ...Hey, what are you talking about?

Fumiko: Let's just have fun today, just the
        two of us.

Sayo: ...You're totally ignoring the fact
      that I'm here, aren't you?

Fumiko: Oh, aren't you just a shikigami?
        A shikigami is like an accessory.
        I don't care what kind of accessory
        a man has on.

Sayo: ...


Yukari: She's popular and her popularity is
        continuing to rise...

Fumiko: And quickly descending.

Yukari: No! ...Hey, what are you doing here,
        unworthy of this proper videogame!?

Fumiko: Don't mind us. We'll be done in
        about 25 minutes.

Kohtaro: H-hey, Fumiko, wait! Time-out!

Sayo: Stop it right now, you slutty witch!

Yukari: Ah, there are three people in this
        two-player game!


Yukari: This is messed up!

Fumiko: I know.

Sayo: You're the one's that's messed up.


Fumiko: You're a lot of talk for someone
        that's also clinging to Kohtaro.

Sayo: This is... nourishment.
      A shikigami gets her spirit energy
      from its spellcaster, so...

Fumiko: Huh? Why are you talking so quietly?

Kohtaro: Fumiko... Don't pick on her so much.

Fumiko: I'm not picking on her.
        ...But if you say so, I guess I have
        no choice... I'll stop.

Sayo: What are you doing!?

Fumiko: Oh, the same as you.
        I'm getting nourishment.

Kohtaro: Ugh... I can't move...


Kohtaro: *pant* *pant* *pant*
         I almost died in a different sense.

Shikou: Good of you to make it... And I'm
        glad to see you gained back so much

Sayo: ...Uncle?

Fumiko: ...Something's strange.
        Munchausen! Analyze this!

Munchausen: Yes, milady. The satellite images
            show Master Shikou Mibuya under a
            waterfall in in the mountains of Hida.

Fumiko: Thank you.
        ...This man's a fake.

Shikou: ...Not everything is fake.
        Let's go!


Shikou: Make Sayo Yuuki happy.

Fumiko: I'm sorry, but Kohtaro is mine.


Fumiko: What did he mean by not everything
        is fake?

Sayo: The spirit... maybe?

Fumiko: How Japanese...
        Can they use such magic in this

Kohtaro: Get off me both of you.
         I can't breath! I can't breath!

Fumiko: Don't you think you should get a
        little excited in this case?

Kohtaro: I'm not interested.

Fumiko: You don't like women?

Kohtaro: It's not that I don't like them...
         I mean, uh, I do like women, but...

Fumiko: Oh, then you don't like shrine


Freedom: ...It looks like you're still going
         around teasing people...

Kohtaro: Who's she?

Sayo: No... I don't really know too many

Fumiko: It's my mother.

Kohtaro/Sayo: Whaaaaaaaaaaat!?

Fumiko: ...What kind of woman do you think
        I am? ...Hmm, this one's fake too.
        I already killed her in the past.

Freedom: Why do you have such a bad
         personality when it comes to men?
         You always want someone else's man.

Kohtaro/Sayo: Oh.

Fumiko: What are you all in agreement for?
        You're an irritating ghost.
        Why don't you die one more time!?


Freedom: Tch...

Fumiko: Shut up and die.


Sayo: ...K-Kohtaro just might not like

Fumiko: There's no way. I've never seen him
        seriously reject me.

Sayo: Reject her more seriously...!

Kohtaro: ...Hey.
         Can't you tell that she's teasing

Fumiko: Oh, but not everything is a lie.
        ...Hmm, so that's it.

Kohtaro: What?

Fumiko: I think I've solved this incident.


Kagachi: Master Kohtaro.
         Lady Tsukiko is saddened by you.

Kohtaro: You know Tsukiko!?

Kagachi: I've been staying with her.

Fumiko: ...

Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Why is everyone silent?

Fumiko: Oh, it seems like a good

Sayo: Take this time to get scolded.

Kohtaro: I haven't done anything wrong!


Fumiko: You cheating bastard!

Kohtaro: I don't deserve this!


Kohtaro: *angry*

Fumiko: Wow, he's angry.

Sayo: Yes, he is.

Kohtaro: I told you! I'm not interested!

Fumiko: What's the matter with you anyway?
        You like women, don't you?

Kohtaro: ...Uh...  Well... Argh. Why are we
         talking about this again!?
         What's with this castle anyway!?

Fumiko: This castle takes your memories an
        materializes them. so we see people
        we care for, but don't want to see.
        It doesn't seem malicious, but this magic
        is in bad taste. The captives
        are imprisoned in their own dreams.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare...

Kohtaro: ...

Fumiko: So this is Tsukiko.

Sayo: How do you know?

Fumiko: Because Kohtaro's magic is the
        strongest. His thoughts should be
        the one that's projected.

Tsukiko: Do you remember when you said you
         would make me your wife?

Kohtaro: ...I haven't forgotten.
         Both my older brother and I.

Tsukiko: Then what are you doing here?


Tsukiko: A hammer... to the cheating bastard.

Fumiko: We can't disagree with that.

Kohtaro: I'm not!


Kohtaro: ...Looks like... it's over.

Fumiko: I see. I thought the shrine maiden
        was your favorite, but it looks like
        I have to correct my hit list.

Sayo: (So he does have feelings for

Kohtaro: ...That was the worst nightmare.

Fumiko: What are you saying?

Kohtaro: Huh?

Fumiko: Your worst nightmare is just about
        to begin.

Kohtaro: Wh-What do you mean!? Aahh!

Fumiko: Hold it!
        Hey, you go after him too.

Sayo: But, I'm already...

Fumiko: Then you might as well give up.

Sayo is left by herself, alone.
She thinks for a while,
and then goes after them.

--A4. Kohtaro + Roger-------------------------------------------------(ko+ro)--


Roger: (The relaionshp between those two
       has been a little suspicious

Reika: Ahh, a mission. A secret mission.
       My salary will decrease again.

Roger: ...Serving in the court seems tough.

Reika: Thank you, Mr. Ninja.
       The director gave me terrible
       orders, and I have to stop Kohtaro
       from kissing a girl.

Roger: What?

Reika: What kind of secret mission is

Roger: Excuse me, I've got some pressing
       business. I'll help you on your
       secret mission with super-speed.


Kohtaro: Let's go, Sayo.

Sayo: Okay.

Roger: (The relaionshp between those two
       has been a little suspicious
       (I'm going to interfere no matter

Kohtaro: You look enthusiastic as always,

Roger: It's for a friend.

Kohtaro: You're a good guy.

Roger: *Eyes shine bright*


Yukari: Bad idea for a date spot. Boyfriend-
        less old me is gonne give you a
        beating you'll never forget.

Roger: This isn't a date!
       It definitely is not!

Kohtaro: Th-That's right.

Sayo: ...
      (Sayo stares down at the ground.)

Roger: Gawddamn! I'm feeling really good
       tonight! I'm going to slice you up
       with my shuriken!


Yukari: Why do you hate people so much!?

Roger: I hate love and not people!


Kohtaro: Come to think of it, Reika-chan

Sayo: Why is Reika the only one you call

Kohtaro: Uh, well, it suits her.

Roger: That's enough! And what did Reika
       Say? (I won't allow a love comedy!)

Kohtaro: Huh? Oh, Reika-chan.
         She said you were kind.
         I'm happy for you, man.

Roger: (That's a nice smile.
       But Koh, forgive me. I, I...!)

Sayo: Y-you don't have to cry.


Shikou: If you are unhappy, come back
        whenever you want. You can't gain
        happiness with that man anyway.

Sayo: Uncle...

Kohtaro: (Ng...)

Roger: (That's it! Keep going. Come on!)

Sayo: I'm...

Shikou: Time's up. I'm sorry, but there's no
        choice but to do battle.

Sayo: Okay...

Roger: Wait a minute! Don't be hasty!
       Her feelings were wavering.

Kohtaro: What are you talking about, you
stupid ninja!?


Shikou: It huuuuurrrts! Waaaaah!
        Curse you. *sobs*

Roger: (I'm the one that's cursing you!)


Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Uh, um, I don't really know what to

Roger: Alright!

Kohtaro: Hey.

Sayo: That was strange. I think that he
      might have been fake.
      We don't feel pain.
      And we also don't hold grudges.
      We're just raised that way...

Kohtaro: Is a fake even possible? No, it is
         possible, for someone like Fumiko
         or someone with similar powers.


Freedom: A burning wind is blowing.
         What are you so eager about?

Roger:  A ninja's got his issues too.

Kohtaro: Is something wrong? Why don't you
         tell me about it...?

Roger: Uh, well, it's nothing really.

Kohtaro: Whenever you're trying to hide
         something you always scratch your

Roger: Wh-What are you talking about? Oh!
       Hey, that beautiful woman there is
       the boss. Let's defeat her. Go, go!

Freedom: Hmhm.
         Don't give him such a hard time.
         Now, let's fight.


Freedom: That was a good fight.

Kohtaro: She's a refreshing person.

Roger: Mmhm, she's a good woman.

Sayo: (Mmph...)


Sayo: You two are both too indiscreet.

Kohtaro: This is going to take a while when
         Sayo-tan gets like this.

Roger: Is it really?

Sayo: Stop whispering to each other!

Roger: (This is good. At this rate, I can
       be Kohtaro's "good friend" and
       separate those two, and... and...)
       And get Kohtaro in my hands!

Sayo: ...You're talking out loud.

Roger: Oh crap!


Kagachi: Master Kohtaro. Master Roy.
         Lady Tsukiko is saddened by you...

Roger: What do you think?

Kohtaro: This isn't possible.

Roger: You're right.

Sayo: What are you talking about?

Kohtaro: She may get angry from time to time,
         but she never gets sad... Never.

Roger: And she would never have anyone say
       that for her. This enemy is very

Kohtaro: This guy is going to pay for using her
         name like that.

Roger: Let's arrest him and kick his ass.

Kohtaro: Or kick his ass and then arrest him.


Kagachi: Not everything... is a lie...

Sayo: (Tsukiko is the girl at the


Sayo: Um... Is Tsukiko...

Roger: They're childhood friends.
       She's like an older sister to

Kohtaro: I'm older.
         But anyway...

Roger: (He always tries to change the
       subject when it comes to Tsukiko.)

Kohtaro: What's this about getting me in
         your hands?

Roger: Agh! Uh,well, I thought you'd like
       to shake hands.

Sayo: Really?

Kohtaro: What a weird guy.
         Here, how's this?

Roger: (I'm so glad these two are such
       pure and innocent-minded people.)


Tsukiko: Koh! Roy!

Roger: ...Koh.

Kohtaro: I know.
         You might be an impostor.

Tsukiko: But I might be the real thing you

Kohtaro: Heh, the way you said that sounds
         like the real thing. But there are
         other ways to find out!
         Question: Who promised to marry you?
         Me or my older brother?

Tsukiko: Grandfather chose your older brother
         Shin. But you and I promised each
         other when we were little.

Roger: That's a funny story.

Kohtaro: You're an impostor.

Tsukiko: Huh? But I answered correctly...

Roger: She would never say that.

Kohtaro: She'd have said she forgot, then
         teased me. You can read my memories,
         but you can't imitate her actions!

Tsukiko: Tch!


Kohtaro: Is it over?

Roger: No, not yet.



Roger: That was an irritating enemy.

Kohtaro: Yeah.

Sayo: (Tsukiko is adored so much...)
      (Oh no... I'm going to cry...)

Kohtaro: Why are you crying?

Roger: (...Kohtaro has no tact...)
       But this is good for me! I should
       just stand firm for Kohtaro's sake!

Kohtaro: What in the world are you talking
         about, stupid?

Roger: Iono!

Kohtaro: ...Come on, there's nothing to cry
         about. Stop crying.

Sayo: ...Wh-What was that for?

Kohtaro: It's a charm. When you put your lips
         on someone's forehead, they stop
         crying. Chibi (Fumiko) said so.

Roger: Noooo! I must defeat her first!

--A5. Kohtaro + Gennojo-----------------------------------------------(ko+ge)--


Gennojo: A desttuctive beauty.

Kohtaro: ...

Gennojo: You still have feelings for that
         girl, don't you?

As Kohtaro began to speak, Sayo
covered her ears. She didn't want to
hear it.


Gennojo: So that's the Swan Castle. I gotta
         say, my life seems to involve a lot
         of castles. ...At any rate.

Sayo: What is it?

Gennojo: What's with the hand-holding?
         Young kids have no shame these days.

Kohtaro: If I don't do this from time to
         time, this chick's magic runs out!

Sayo: It's spirit energy...

Kohtaro: Huh? What?

Sayo: You called me a chick again.

Gennojo: Ugh, this is too much.
         We're not here on a picnic, you


Yukari: So you came! The lovey-dovey couple
        and the father-in-law.

Kohtaro: N-No, we're not!
Sayo: You're mistaken!

Gennojo: ...It's the lovey-dovey and
         a passerby, stupid.

Yukari: You might be able to fool others,
        but you can't fool me! Know why!?
        'Cuz I hate things like that!
        I don't have a boyfriend right now,
        so I'm gonna eliminate lovey-dovey
        couples no matter what!

Kohtaro: Wah, they're pissed!

Gennojo: ...I'm not objecting for the same
         reason she is. Don't categorize me
         with her.

Yukari: Shut up!


Yukari: I want... a boyfriend...!

Gennojo: Just get out of here.
         ...What Yukari was that?
         Was it the one from the flower shop?


Kohtaro: ...Is anywhere too tight?

Sayo: No... I'm fine.

Kohtaro: What?
         Is there something on my face?

Sayo: No... I'm sorry.

Gennojo: Woohoo.
         Ah, I can't take this.

Kohtaro: Got a problem, old man?

Gennojo: ...Don't group me with Yukari.
         I'm more concerned about how a man
         should act. Anyway, let's get going.


Shikou: ...I'm relieved to see you look

Sayo: ...Uncle.

Shikou: But, I don't agree with you being
        so intimate in public.

Gennojo: Right? I mean, I was thinking the
         same thing.

Shikou: So I wanted to give you a challenge.
        If you want to stay with him, then
        defeat me!

Gennojo: Isn't that a bit too harsh?
         Whoa! What are yo doing!?

Shikou: That goes for you to!

Gennojo: Ahh! This one's pissed too!


Shikou: ...Men are pitiful.

Gennojo: Well, I can't disagree with that.

Kohtaro: What are you talking about?


Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Don't make that face.
         ...I said I'm not doing it because I 
         want to.

Sayo: ...It's nothing. I'm sorry.
      You're right.
      ...You're right.

Gennojo: ...Hey, Kohtaro.
         Come here a bit.

Kohtaro: What is it?

Gennojo: Hey.
         ...Are you really clueless?

Kohtaro: About what?

Gennojo: Don't be smug.
         ...I'm starting to feel sorry for

Kohtaro: What are you talking about?


Freedom: A weak and erratic wind is blowing.
         But it's okay. You're a magic weapon
         so raise your head. You are loved.
         It's just your companion is
         hopelessly clumsy.

Kohtaro: Who are you?

Freedom: The enemy that defends this place.

Kohtaro: ...

Gennojo: Thanks for the info.

Kohtaro: Are you sure it's okay to punch
         someone like her?

Gennojo: It's part of the job. She must be
         tired of being the bad guy. Let's
         just make it not hurt too much.


Sayo: ..Am I really loved?

Freedom: ...Who knows?
         But, hang in there.


Kohtaro: What were you talking to the enemy

Sayo: ...It's... nothing.

Gennojo: ...Yeah, don't worry about it.
         I think what that woman said was

Sayo: ...Do you think so?

Gennojo: Yeah.
         Though, I'm not sure why you would
         want Kohtaro.

Kohtaro: ?


Kagachi: ...Master Kohtaro.
         Lady Tsukiko is saddened by you.

Kohtaro: You know Tsukiko?

Kagachi: I know her well.
         ...Though  she may not say it,
         Lady Tsukiko is waiting for you.

Sayo: (...Is Tsukiko that person in the

Kagachi: So now...
         It's time for your punishment,
         Master Kohtaro.
         I'll pulverize that woman and
         eliminate your anxieties about the

Kohtaro: Stop!


Kagachi: ...Lady Tsukiko...

Gennojo: This stinks.

Kohtaro: Haven't you taken a bath?

Gennojo: That's not what I mean.


Sayo: Tsukiko is very important to you,
      isn't she?

Kohtaro: ...Yeah.

Sayo: Then...
      Why did you protect me?

Kohtaro: What do you mean why?
         Did you want to get punished?
         Ugh, I don't understand what you're
         saying! Uh... Stop crying. I said
         stop. ...Sorry.

Gennojo: The stud's got problems.
         I'll watch your back... so go work it

Kohtaro: Wait a minute, old man.
         ...Uh, so anyway... what stinks?

Gennojo: Presence. The presence of people.
         I sense less presence than Anolegos,
         who was a ghost...
         Hey, maybe someone as powerful as
         Fumiko could cover this castle with
         an illusion.


Tsukiko: Koh, is that the girlfriend you said
         you would introduce me to one day?

Kohtaro: Tsukiko...

Sayo: (...So this is her...)

Tsukiko: I'm happy for you.

Kohtaro: Y-You're wrong!

Tsukiko: Really?

Kohtaro: She's...

As Kohtaro began to speak, Sayo
covered her ears. She didn't want to
hear it.

Gennojo: Why are you going along with this
         farce? Kohtaro, Miss Yuuki, wake up.
         Kohtaro, is the Tsukiko you know
         capable of coming to this place?
         Did you tell her your plans?

Kohtaro: ...N-No, I didn't.
         I was dragged here all of a sudden.

Gennojo: There's no way a person you called
         overseas could be here. If you
         understand, fight. Don't hesitate.


Tsukiko: ...Not everything is a lie...

Gennojo: But the most important part it.
         This is just a distasteful castle
         that is meant to show nightmares.
         I don't know who unleashed this,
         but I'm going to have to destroy it.



As he watched the crumbling castle,
Gennojo lit a cigarette when he
realized has was trying to quit.

Gennojo: A destructive beauty.

Kohtaro: ...

Gennojo: Even it wasn't real, it upset you
         to hurt Tsukiko, right? But you have
         feelings for that girl, don't you?

Kohtaro: ...Yeah.

Gennojo: Then let's just leave it at that.
         Look, Miss Yuuki looks worried. Try
         to act bold. You're a man, right?
         That's what being a man is all

--A6. Kohtaro + Mihee-------------------------------------------------(ko+mi)--


Mihee: Damned lovey-dovey couple!

Kohtaro: Ugh, she's strong!

Sayo: What is a lovey-dovey couple?

Mihee: (Don't show off just because I'm

Oh my, what's doing to happen next?


Mihee: I can accept going to the castle.
       And I don't know why, but I can also
       accept that I'm going... But!

Kohtaro: ?

Sayo: What is it?

Mihee: Why are you two coming!?

Kohtaro: It's nothing to shed tears of blood

Mihee: This is not fun!


Yukari: There you are, stupid couple.

Kohtaro: N-No, we're not!
Sayo: You're mistaken!

Mihee: That's right!

Yukari: You might be able to fool others,
        but you can't fool me! Know why!?
        'Cuz I hate things like that!
        I don't have a boyfriend right now,
        so I'm gonna eliminate lovey-dovey
        couples no matter what!

Mihee: You go, girl! Give 'em hell!

Kohtaro: Wah, we have another enemy!

Yukari: I'm gonna kick your ass to high


Yukari: I want... a boyfriend...!

Mihee: I hate men!


Sayo: Um, we're not in that kind of

Kohtaro: Y-Yeah, that's right.

Mihee: Then... Why are you holding hands?

Sayo: Huh? Ah!
      ...Uh, it's for nourishment.

Kohtaro: It's subconscious.

Mihee: That's even worse!
       I know! There's an evil organization
       that mass-produces lovey-dovey
       couples! I'll destroy them all!


Shikou: I'm glad you made it... And I'm
        happy to see you've regained so much
        expression in your face.

Sayo: Uncle...?

Mihee: So it's you!

Shikou: Huuuh!?

Mihee: It's because there are people like
       that I can't gain happiness.

Kohtaro: Wow, what a powerful ally!


Mihee: Love! I don't need love!

Sayo: You don't have to shed tears of


Kohtaro: ....Boy, she's a mess.

Sayo: I-I agree.

Mihee: Hey!
       What's with the lovey-dovey aura!?

Kohtaro: Huh?
         We're just...

Mihee: Shut up! Damn it! Damn it!
       You're so smug because I'm not
       popular with men!

Kohtaro: ...Well, I guess she's acting kinda
         immature, but it's kinda cute.

Sayo: ...Huh?

Kohtaro: What?


Freedom: ...We haven't fought yet, but you
         already look beat-up.

Kohtaro: I don't know why, but a violent
         woman just beat me up.

Sayo: I wouldn't know about it.

Mihee: That's how lovey-dovey couples
       should end up. Ahahahha.
       Just always prevails!

Freedom: Regardless of justice, couples are
         nice, aren't they...? I'm envious,
         so I'm going to take you guys down.

Kohtaro: Uwaaah, it's another weird person

Mihee: I know! I know how you feel!

Kohtaro: Uhhhhhh...


Freedom: I guess unpopular people aren't
         allowed to live!

Kohtaro: No, that's not true.


Mihee: There's definitely an evil syndicate
       that produces lovey-dovey couples!
       Damn you, Gargam (Tentative Name)!

Kohtaro: ...

Mihee: So this must be all Gargam's
       (Tentatve Name) doing! I'm going to
       fight until the day I defeat you!

Kohtaro: I think you'd be popular even if you
         didn't do that, Li'l Miss Kim.

Mihee: ...
       Do you think you've won with that,
       Gargam's henchman?

Kohtaro: Huh?

Mihee: I won't be consoled by a lovey-dovey
       couple! I'm going to cry!


Kagachi: You're alone.
         Now and forever.
         You'll always be alone.

Mihee: ...You're alone too!

Kagachi: How do you know!?

Mihee: It's written all over your f-Aaah!
       Stop! Lay a hand on me and you'll
       cause an international incident.

Sayo: What you just said is an incident.

Kohtaro: Calm down now.

Kagachi: Hmph, it seems I have one up on
         you since I'm more lonely than you.
         I don't even have a friend.

Kohtaro: I'm not sure if they're lonely or
         just sad.


Kagachi: Why!? Why did I lose!?

Mihee: I just felt more like a leftover
       than you. ...That's all.

Kagachi: I see!

Mihee: Don't agree with me!


Kohtaro: (Hey, Sayo, why isn't Li'l Miss Kim

Sayo: (H-How should I know? You should
      have a better understanding of
      things like that, Kohtaro.)

Kohtaro: (Huh, why?)

Sayo: ...Because you're always talking to
      different women.

Kohtaro: I was just shopping at the
         convenience store.

Mihee: Damn Gargam (Tentative Name)...!


Tsukiko: welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare...

Kohtaro: Tsukiko?

Tsukiko: Long time no see, Koh!

Mihee: It's a nightmare.
       I don't even have a boyfriend, and
       I'm faced with a love triangle...

Tsukiko: Who's this old lady?

Mihee: What!?
       Damn Gargam (Tentative Name)...!

Tsukiko: What a funny old lady.

Mihee: What did you say!?

Kohtaro: H-Hey, stop it!

Mihee: I'll destroy Gargam, myself!


Tsukiko: ...Impressive...
         You discovered my true identity...

Kohtaro: An impostor!?

Mihee: What!?

Tsukiko: ...Hey.
         Why did you attack?

Mihee: ...Because you're Gargam?

Tsukiko: What's that about?

Kohtaro: No clue.

Tsukiko: ...Never mind.
         Let reality crush you!


Sayo: It's over...

Kohtaro: It was an awful battle. ...Li'l Miss
         Kim, you're really beautiful, so you
         shouldn't worry so much.

Mihee: But, I don't think that that was the
       last of Gargam. There must be a HQ
       somewhere. I must destroy it.

Kohtaro: She's not listening.

Be careful, all you couples out
there, Mihee Kim might be standing
right behind you.

--A7. Kohtaro + Nagino------------------------------------------------(ko+na)--


Nagino: Papa!

Kohtaro: ...Huh?

Nagino: Mama!

Sayo: ...?

Nagino: That's the Swan Castle! Let's go!

Kohtaro: I hope she doesn't think she's on a


Sayo: Um, what does that mean when she
      calls us Papa and Mama?

Kohtaro: Huh? Don't you know?

Sayo: Well excuse me for being ignorant!

Kohtaro: ...She means father and mother.

Sayo: Huh?

Nagino: What's the matter!?
        Let's go already.

Kohtaro: Okay. Okay.
         Don't pull my sleeve.

Nagino: Heheheh, I'm so happy.


Yukari: ...Why has a family come to a place
        like this? Hey, do you know what
        this is? It's a mysterious castle!

Kohtaro: And who are you?

Yukari: The part-timer.

Kohtaro: ...

Sayo: Ah, I've worked part-time before
      also. It's so hard working the cash

Kohtaro: I think I'm getting a headache.

Nagino: There, there.


Yukari: Awwwwwww.
        I want some more game time!

Kohtaro: Hey!

Yukari: And a boyfriend!

Kohtaro: ...This is no good.


Nagino: Papa, Mama, let's hurry.
        I'm tired of looking at this place.

Sayo: Father and mother... According to
      Fumiko, it's when a man and a woman
      go all the way...

Kohtaro: Don't believe everything she says.
         The world will end up getting

Sayo: Why?

Kohtaro: A population explosion.
         Don't ask me anything more.

Nagino: Papa?

Kohtaro: Don't look so worried.
         Hey, let's go.


Shikou: ...Sayo Yuuki.

Sayo: Uncle... Mibuya?

Shikou: I knew you fled the village, but I
        never imagined you would bear a

Kohtaro: She didn't!

Shikou: Isn't it a bit too early?

Kohtaro: I said she didn't!

Nagino: Yeah, she didn't make a child.
        It was an accident.

Kohtaro: Ugh! This conversation is useless!

Shikou: If you've gone that far, it can't
        be helped. I'll forgive you about Sayo,
        but I must test your strength!


Shikou: So, this is the power of love...

Kohtaro: Damn, he's still in his own little

Sayo: ...Does it hurt?

Shikou: No, I'm a ghost after all.

Kohtaro: Then move on already!

Shikou: Come by and bring my grandchild...


Kohtaro: Dammit! I've never even been married
         or done anything yet! Was it a
         stork!? Did a stork do this to me?

Nagino: Am I not supposed to be here?

Kohtaro: Stupid, what are you saying?
         There's nothing in this world that
         shouldn't be here.

Nagino: Uh-huh, that's the papa I love.

Kohtaro: ...Heheh.

Sayo: (Oh, no... He's excessively nice to
      (Is this my new... rival? But what
      does rival mean?)

Nagino: Mama, why are you making  fist?

Kohtaro: Is it just me, or is this going to
         be about something stupid again?


Freedom: ...Lady Mirai... Once again...
         You picked up a father and a mother.

Nagino: What are you talking about?
        This is necessary for the proper
        upbringing of a child.

Kohtaro: What am I, a dog? Uh... never mind.
         What's with you? Are you pulling
         this stunt elsewhere too?

Nagino: No, this time it's different.
        I've hit the jackpot with this papa.

Kohtaro: Am I the winning numbers in a
         lottery now?

Sayo: Would you mind including me and
      saying we?

Freedom: At any rate, let's just leave this
         at that. I'm the boss of this stage,
         so I'm going to attack you now.

Sayo: Ah, yes, please do.

Kohtaro: A headache. I've got a headache...
         This is serious. It feels pretty


Freedom: Be back by dinner time...

Kohtaro: Hey, do you know her?

Nagino: Uh-uh, I don't.
        She was on a roll, so I decided to
        go along with it.
        I think she has me mistaken with
        someone else.


Kohtaro: Hey now, I can understand Nagi
         pulling on my sleeve, but why are
         you also pulling on it, Sayo?

Sayo: ...No reason.

Nagino: ...Mama's lonely too.

Kohtaro: ...R-R-Really?

Sayo: Hey, don't look at me like that.
      ...I'm not. I'm not I say!

Kohtaro: ...Well, uh, um.
         Uh, I don't mind.

Sayo: (Huh? He's...)

Nagino: He's feeling embarrassed, Mama.
        He kind of likes it.

Sayo: Is that true?

Nagino: Uh-huh, Papa's shy after all.


Kagachi: ...Master Kohtaro...
         Lady Tsukiko is crying because of

Nagino: Is that Papa's mistress?

Kohtaro: No! Where did you learn that word!?

Sayo: Three's company...

Kohtaro: That's a rerun!

Kagachi: Lady Tsukiko is the true wife.
         The one over there is the mistress.

Kohtaro: Ugh, I'm tired.
         Who are you anyway?

Kagachi: I'm in no position to give my name,
         but I consider myself Lady Tsukiko's
         loyal subject. Just call me Kagachi.

Kohtaro: That's probably your full name,
         isn't it? ...Fine. I just have to
         fight you, don't I?


Kagachi: If possible, I'd just like to be a
         guard dog in a warm house...

Nagino: Won't it be hot in the summer?

Kagachi: In the summer, I'll be an indoor

Kohtaro: That's not a guard dog.


Kohtaro, you're very shy.

Kohtaro: *cough*
         Hey... Are you entertaining yourself
         by teasing me?

Sayo: Uh, no. Well, not at all...
      Ah, butI thought it was kind of
      sweet, K-Kohtaro.

Kioh: ...I thought I was gonna fall over.

Nagino: There, there.

Kohtaro: What kind of incident is this

Nagino: I think this castle reacts to our
        moods. I think the people of this
        castle move by magic.

Kohtaro: Ohhh, how do you know that?

Nagino: Fumiko taught me.


Tsukiko: ...You traitor...

Kohtaro: What do you mean traitor?
         Wait a minute! Whay are you here!?

Tsukiko: You cheating bastard...

Kohtaro: Uggh! My chest hurts!
         Is this a curse!?

Nagino: That's just your conscience. But
        that's no good, Papa. That mistress
        is an impostor created by magic.

Kohtaro: Huh, really?

Nagino: Uh-huh. All the people we've seen
        so far are also the same.

Tsukiko: I'm not an impostor.
         I'm a truly realistic... CG.

Kohtaro: You are an impostor! Now that I know
         that, I won't hold back! How dare
         you impersonate Tsukiko!

Tsukiko: Oh, this is kind of good.


Sayo: That's some really good CG...

Kohtaro: Forget about that stuff already.

Sayo: ...

Nagino: (*sigh* Mama's depressed.)

Tsukiko: And this... is my real form.


Kohtaro: I'm tired...

Sayo: ...

Nagino: Mama, cheer up.
        Papa says that he's in love with

Sayo: Huh?

Nagino: I just asked him. (It's okay to lie
        a little. Their relationship seems
        like it won't progress if I don't.)

Sayo: I-Is it true?

Nagino: Uh-huh.
        So let's all go home together.

Nagino Ise thought for a bit, then
decided to stay in this world a
little longer.

--A8. Kohtaro + Reika-------------------------------------------------(ko+re)--


Fumiko: Understand?
        Stop them no matter what.

Reika: Raja! I mean roger!
       But Chief, won't there be a scandal
       if the History Security Police
       change history?

Fumiko: Oh, it'll be okay if it's you.
        You'll be fired soon anyway.
        Be useful to be before you go.

Reika: Y-You're so mean!

Fumiko: Quit your blabbing and get going!

Reika: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!


Reika: ...So, anyway.

Kohtaro: What's going on?

Reika: I'm here to break up the
       relationship between you two!

Sayo: Wha... Y-You're mistaken. He and I
      aren't in that kind of releationship.
      (Someone else is in his heart...)

Kohtaro: Th-That's right! Sayo and I aren't
         like that all. (I've never been
         popular with women before.)

Reika: Oh, this is going to be a big


Reika: Lalalaaa, lalalalaaa.

Yukari: Whay are you so happy about?
        Oh, did meeting me, the boss of this
        stage, scare you enough to go

Kohtaro: That'll never happen.

Yukari: Oh, did you become a bit more
        handsome since the last time I saw

Kohtaro: Oh, you think so?

Sayo: (Grr!)

Reika: Ah, I think I'm going to succeed in
       this mission! I think Reika might be
       better suited as a time criminal.
       And next week, I might even be
       Reika the time fugitive.

Sayo: Everyone here is naughty!
      Let's fight!


Yukari: I felt like I could win today!

Kohtaro: Has she been losing that much?


Kohtaro: What was her name again?

Reika: Lessee~
       Yukari Horiguchi.

Kohtaro: Oh, that's a cute name.
         Though she is a villain.

Sayo: (Grrrr!)

Kohtaro: I don't know anyone around me like

Sayo: (Grrrrrr!)

Kohtaro: Hmm? What?

Sayo: If you like so much, why don't
      you just marry her?

Kohtaro: Whaa?

Sayo: (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)


Shikou: If you are unhappy, come back
        whenever you want. You can't gain
        happiness with that man anyway.

Sayo: Uncle...

Kohtaro: (Hmph...)

Reika: Yeah, go back!
       Woohoo, yaay!
       ...But what's this?
       A 3D holomode?
       ...At a time like this?

Kohtaro: What's that?

Reika: From this time period, it's an
       object from a faraway future or
       faraway past. Reika knows a lot.

Kohtaro: I see. So it's bad, right?
         I'll pulverize it!


Shikou: Come home whenever you want.

Kohtaro: Yeah, yeah, get out of here already!


Sayo: ...Why did you attack my uncle.

Kohtaro: Because he was in impostor.

Sayo: I know that!
      But... you would never understand,
      would you? You're always surrounded
      by people.

Kohtaro: Uh, wait a minute...

Reika: (Aww, it lookes like this mission
       is gonna succeed, but Reika feels
       really bad about it.)


Freedom: Don't fight.
         Shame on you.

Reika: Yeah, that's right!
       Woohoo, yaaay!

Kohtaro: Wah, she's saying something
         completely different now!
         Wait, who are you anyway!?

Freedom: A wonderful ol... I mean, a young
         lady who can read your heart.

Reika: Ugh, Reika can't be a bad person.

Kohtaro/Sayo: ...

Freedom: ...I'm the boss of this stage...
         Ah, but the both of you are so fond
         of each other.

Kohtaro/Sayo: Huh!?
              Ah, no, what're you...


Freedom: Perhaps I'm not suited to be a

Reika: Ugghh, Reika isn't suited to being a
       bad person either.


Sayo: (Could this be...)

Kohtaro: (There's no way she...)

Reika: Awwww. If I lose my rank any more,
       I'll be two ranks lower than a
       police cat. Aw maaaan.

Sayo: Uh, uhhhhhhhhh, um!

Kohtaro: Wh-Wh-What is it!?

Reika: Waaaaaaaaah.


Kagachi: Why are you crying?

Reika: My job isn't going well, my boss is
       terrible, and my salary keeps
       getter smaller.

Kagachi: I see... So human society is also
         hard. Hey, why are you two looking
         into each other's eyes?

Sayo: Huh?

Kohtaro: Ah? Uh, wha?

Kagachi: Your friends are lovey-dovey.
         I understand. I'll end their

Reika: Huh? Really?

Kagachi: And then I'll eat them.

Reika: *sniffle*
       It's the same thing day after day...


Kagachi: I hope your salary goes up...

Reika: Thank you...


Kohtaro/Sayo: (What should I say...?)

Sayo: You first...

Kohtaro: No, you go first.

Reika: Ohhhh, they both have feelings
       for each other!
       I think Reika had better get in gear
       and do something or she'll be in
       big trouble. Whaddoidowhaddoido?
       Ah, I know.
       Lesse, I think there was something
       in my pink police notepad...


Tsukiko: Koh!

Kohtaro: Tsuki...ko?

Reika: That's it! That CG is great!
       Let's hurry and break those two up
       and have Director Fumiko commend me!

Kohtaro: Wha?

Sayo: Eh?

Reika: Buh?
       Did Reika do something again?

Sayo: ...Fumiko.

Kohtaro: Fumiko's behind it again.

Tsukiko: Umm, I'm the last boss, you know.
         Please... don't ignore me.

Kohtaro: We're not.
         I'm gonna take you down right now.

Sayo: You're going to get it this time!


Tsukiko: Fine, do whatever you want...

Reika: Aw man... I've made a new record for
       the number of failed missions in a
       row. I thought I'd succeed for sure.


Kohtaro: Be careful and watch your step.

Sayo: I will.

Kohtaro: ...We're just getting started.

Sayo: Let's seal away Fumiko for about 100
      years this time. It'll be better for
      the world.

Reika: Waaaaaaah. (...Buh? They didn't end
       up kissing, so does this mean that
       Reika succeeded...?)
       Huh, did I do it?

Kohtaro: Look out! Watch your step!

Sayo: Ah!

Reika: ...Oooogghh

Mission failed, Reika.

--A9. Kohtaro + Munchausen--------------------------------------------(ko+mu)--


Sayo: My name is Sayo Yuuki. On that day I
      died and came back to life, I became
      one with Kohtaro's shikigami.
      Why did that shikigami save me?
      Did the shikigami want to protect
      its spellcaster?
      Or did it just want a body?
      A body that can physically love him.

Munchausen: Master Kohtaro.

Kohtaro: Stop calling me that.

Sayo: My heart feels uneasy when I see how
      friendly they are to one another.
      Are these my feelings, or...?
      I don't know... I just don't know.


Kohtaro: Not another castle again.
         Why are bad guys always in castles?

Munchausen: That's just a bias. An exception
            based on probability must have

Kohtaro: What's that?

Munchausen: Your predecessor taught you.
            Magic or evil exists. Right now,
            you're attracting evil...

Kohtaro: Are you saing it's my fault?

Munchausen: It depends how yo look at it.
            Whether it's magic or not is two
            sides of the same coin.


Yukari: It's already been predicted that the
        world is going to end.

Munchausen: Yes, it is.
            But you don't know the rest of the

Yukari: What is the rest of it?

Munchausen: The world's end is also the world's

Kohtaro: Wow, you sure know a lot.

Sayo: ...What are you so impressed about?
      We need to fight.

Kohtaro: I know.


Yukari: Who's going to start the new world?

Munchausen: His name is Kohtaro Kuga.

Kohtaro: Ohhhh~  ...Wait, me?

Sayo: You really don't know anything,
      do you?


Kohtaro: What's this about starting the new

Sayo: You really don't know anything.

Kohtaro: I'm not asking you.

Sayo: I have a name.

Kohtaro: Okay, okay. Sorry, Sayo.
         Saayoo. Saaaayooo.

Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Aw, come on, don't cry...
         My bad. I'm sorry.

Munchausen: Hehehe, at any rate, those who use
            magic all know more or less that the
            world will end and begin again.
            That enemy didn't look very good at
            fortunetelling though.


Shikou: Good of you to make it...
        And I'm glad you have so much
        expression back in your face, Sayo.

Sayo: ...Uncle?

Munchausen: The satellie images show Master
            Shikou under a waterfall in the Hida
            mountains. This one is a fake.

Shikou: Not everything is fake.

Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Dammit, you made her cry again!
         You're gonna pay!
         I'm gonna pulverize you!


Shikou: Please... make Sayo Yuuki happy.

Munchausen: I'm sure if will be difficult.
            Master Kohtaro belongs to Lady


Kohtaro: Don't cry... stupid.

Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: You're such a crybaby...
         Come on, don't cry.

Munchausen: ...

Kohtaro: What's going on, Junior?

Munchausen: It appears the enemy uses high
            level illusions.

Kohtaro: Did I attaact it as well?

Munchausen: Yes. Everyone is trying to affect
            the new world.


Freedom: A new wind is blowing.
         Yes, the new world will be a place
         blowing with flower petals.
         Isn't that right, eastern wind that
         protects the four directions?
         The blue who is a deep blue liar.

Munchausen: All must become blue in the face of
            the complete blue, milady.

Freedom: Then I shall make a name for myself
         like the Arada, who will begin a
         dazzling ball a millenia from now.


Kohtaro: Who are you anyway?
         Why are you smiling?

Freedom: Because I influenced the new world.
         The Arada will be born in the new


Kohtaro: What was she talking abut earlier?

Munchausen: Be it magic or not is two sides of
            the same coin. Each is attracted so
            the world begins. And vice versa.

Kohtaro: The world begins, so evil is

Munchausen: If you can create someone who
            attracts evil, it's the same thing
            as beginning the world.

Kohtaro: So you mean if you turn water into
         ice, it's still the same cold.

Munchausen: Yes.

Kohtaro: It's a quibble.
         ...Huh? What? You're grabbing my

Sayo: It's... nothing.


Kagachi: Master Kohtaro.
         Lady Tsukiko is saddened by you.

Kohtaro: Wait... you know Tsukiko?

Sayo: (...The girl in the hospital...)

Munchausen: *ahem* Master Kohtaro. I don't think
            I need to remind you that the enemy
            is using illusions.

Kohtaro: Yeah. What about it?

Munchausen: It's already got you in its grasp.

Kohtaro: Huh, really?

Munchausen: Your shikigami's heart is in chaos.
            Fight with a strong heart.


Kagachi: ...Lady Tsukiko...

Sayo: ...


Kohtaro: Damn. I don't know who the enemy is,
         but now I'm pissed. If he lays a
         finger on Tsukiko, he's gonna pay!

Sayo: Tsukiko is...

Kohtaro: Hm? What?

Sayo: ...Very fortunate.

Kohtaro: Huuh? What the hell are you--I mean,
         she's not fortunate, Sayo. All this
         time, she's been sick in a hospital.
         She's sick...
         Damn it, who is it, Junior!?
         Who's my enemy!?

Munchausen: I do not know. It doesn't seem to go
            by any set rules.
            !! ...Wait, I see.


Tsukiko: Is that the person you said you'd
         introduce me to someday, Koh?

Kohtaro: Tsukiko...

Sayo: (...So this is her...)

Tsukiko: I'm happy for you.

Kohtaro: N-No! I'm not sure how it happened,
         but my shikigami became this chick
         and... and...

Tsukiko: Well, you'd never get a girlfriend
         unless something like that happened.
         I'm happy. I'm happy for you.

As Kohtaro began to speak,
Sayo covered her ears.
She didn't want to hear it.

Munchausen: Master KOhtaro... I mean you, dense
            idiot! You're caught in its spell
            again! I told you they're illusions!

Kohtaro: Huh!? Oh, that's right.
         Damn it! Of all the people you had
         to use, you used Tsukiko!
         You're dead meat!


Tsukiko: ...Koh!

Munchausen: Kohtaro, it's not over yet!

Kohtaro: Of course, it isn't!
         I'm not done yet! One more time!
         You're dead meat!



Munchausen lowered his glasses as
he watched the crumbling castle.

Munchausen: the beauty of destruction.

Kohtaro: ...What was that thing anyway?

Munchausen: A machine that shows those who
            approach it dreams. This time it
            was probably nightmares.

Kohtaro: ...Your tone is back to your normal

Munchausen: Huh!? Oh, is that so?
            Now where were we?

Kohtaro: ...Well, let's.... uh, go home, Sayo.
         That Tsukiko-looking fake was a
         spell, so don't let it bother you!

Sayo: (....What would you do if I took it

Kohtaro: Huh?

Sayo: I know.
      Of course, that was a spell.
      Let's go home.

--B1. Batu + Emilio---------------------------------------------------(ba+em)--


Batu: The castle that only appears during
      a full moon is known as the Swan
      After a long absence, I, Batu Harai,
      returned to my homeland as a
      The job didn't pay much, but the
      noble young master looked sad.


Emilio: Batu, where are we?

Batu: We're almost at our destination,
      your master. We'll arrive soon.

Emilio: So this is the Swan Castle...

Batu: This castle only appears during a
      full moon.

Emilio: So my people are here?

Batu: Yes.


Yukari: Back by popular demand, it's Yukari
        Season 2! With a scent of of romance in
        the air, I'm sexier than before!
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Batu: Cover your ears, young master.
      This woman's words have poison in

Emilio: Thank, Batu, but don't worry.
        I know all about the darkness in
        this world.

Yukari: I object to any parents or guardians
        coming along!

Batu: Quiet!
      I am Master Emilio's mercenary.

Yukari: You're so old-school!
        People will totally say you're
        uncool if you talk like that!

Emilio: Don't talk about my retainer like
        that! Have at you!


Yukari: How cruel!

Batu: Say no more to the young master with
      your venomous words.


Emilio: Thank you, Batu.
        You saved me.

Batu: It's my job.
      ...Don't worry about it.
      (...Poor child. If he were born a
      commoner, he wouldn't have the demon
      inside him...)

Emilio: Let's hurry.
        We have to save the citizens.

Batu: Yes, sir.


Shikou: You seem dignified and accustomed to
        giving orders. Are you of royal

Batu: (...Well, this one seems normal.)
      He is Emilio, heir to the royal
      House of Stanburke.

Emilio: Thank you, Batu, but my father went
        into hiding. I am the rightful Count of
        Beruna. ...You. Let my people go.

Shikou: I am Shikou Mibuya.
        I am usually not permitted to reveal
        my name...
        But I am pleased to be able to fight
        people of such esteem. I have not
        harmed your people. Let us battle!

Emilio: Certainly!


Shikou: ...Well done! You may proceed!

Emilio: Thank you.


Batu: Let's hurry. The enemy swore the
      people weren't harmed, but we can't
      be sure.

Emilio: Thank you, Batu.
        And, I'm sorry I can't pay you very

Batu: If you really feel that way, why
      don't you just take this land?
      I'll profit then also.

Emilio: I'll pay you as much as I can.
        But... are you telling me to fight
        with my cousin, Princess Maako?

Batu: ...Ah, no... I was out of line.
      I don't want the young master to be
      But many feel that you are the true
      heir, rather than a woman with mixed
      blood. Be aware of that.


Freedom: An old wind.
         Sorrowful and stagnant.

Emilio: Are you referring to me?

Batu: Young master, cover your ears.
      This woman's words have poison in

Emilio: It's okay, Batu.
        You don't have to worry.
        ...Are you talking about me, woman!?

Freedom: Yes... I am referring to you.
         A wind swayed by duty and emotion.
         An old wind.
         If you could say what you really
         feel, you might at least be happy.

Emilio: ...

Batu: Why you!


Freedom: Remember this...
         Remember my words...

Batu: I don't want to see my young
      master's face in pain.

Emilio: Batu.

Batu: Yes, sir.

Emilio: I don't hate Princess Maako as much
        as my father does.
        It's not so bad having a demon
        living inside me.


Batu: You seem tired.
      Why don't I go on ahead?

Emilio: It's alright. If I don't try my best
        now, I'll regret if for the rest of
        my life.

Batu: ...Understood.


Kagachi: Are you father and son?

Batu: How rude! He is the Count of Beruna.
      His standing it much higher than a
      mercenary like me.

Kagachi: I see. How unfortunate.

Emilio: What do you mean?

Kagachi: You're all alone. Even the only
         adult that came with you to this
         battlefield tried to abandon you.

Emilio: I'm... I'm royalty.
        Everyone expects no less of me.
        So I'm alone. What of it?
        I'll take it into consideration, but
        there's nothing I can do about it.


Kagachi: You should have just died.
         It's tormenting to be alone.

Emilio: I can't die without fulfilling my


Batu: Young master, I did not mean to
      abandon you or anything like that.

Emilio: Thank you, Batu. It's okay.
        I know how good you are to me.

Batu: I'm a simple mercenary. But even if
      I wasn't, and even if you weren't
      royalty, I'd still fight for you.
      If only...

Emilio: I know, Batu.
        You don't have to say anything.
        I also... *sigh*
        I also dream of not being royalty,
        like my father or late brother.
        But it's no use.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.
         So, what do you think of the
         nightmares I've shown you?

Emilio: Stop witht he prattle.
        Return the citizens.
        If not, we'll fight for them.

Tsukiko: Don't worry... They're all just
         dreaming. But don't you think it's
         better for them to keep dreaming?
         Their dreams must be better than

Batu: Don't make me laugh. If they were
      never able to decide that on their
      own, there's no meaning.

Tsukiko: I can make the both of you dream
         that you are a loving father and

Batu: ...That's...

Emilio: ...Batu, I order you as the Count:
        Do your duty!

Batu: If that is your command.


Tsukiko: Let... reality crush you...

Batu: The young master is not like that.
      ...What is this?

Emilio: So this is the reality.
        Batu, just a little more.

Batu: Understood.


Emilio: It's over...

Batu: It isn't included in my fee, but
      I'll escort you to the palace.

Emilio: No, that's okay.
        I don't intend to be praised over
        Anyway, would you like to come to my
        domain? How about it?

Batu: I am a mercenary.
      I have no business staying in a
      peaceful land.

Emilio: How about as a friend?

After Batu thought for a while,
he smiled unexpectedly.

Batu: I see. I suppose mercenaries also
      need some time to rest.
      I will join you.

Emilio: Mmhm.

--B2. Batu + Fumiko---------------------------------------------------(ba+fu)--


Batu: We're not going to a ball ur
      anything. Why are we paired
      together, male and female?

Fumiko: I know.

Batu: Is anyone even going to play
      with this combination.

Fumiko: I know.

Batu: ...I'm starting to feel lonely.

Fumiko: I know.

Batu: The color of fate is Blue.

Fumiko: I know.

Batu: Why you!

Fumiko: I heard you the first time.
      The color of fate is Blue.


Batu: This is terrible.

Fumiko: Oh, what is?

Batu: I'm paired up with a woman.

Fumiko: I'm strong, you know.

Batu: ...That's not the point. I just
      don't like the fact that I have to
      let women and children fight.

Fumiko: Hm, so this is chivalry.
        I kind of like it.

Batu: In this case, I'm just


Yukari: I've given up countless things in my
       life. Life's about giving things up,
       isn't it?

Fumiko: ...She's already a loser before the
        battle has even begun.

Batu: This is going to be hard.

Fumiko: ...Oh, you too?

Batu: It's hard dealing with women.

Fumiko: Once you've given up on something,
        you have no right to live. A woman's
        life has to be filled with desire.

Batu: ...And if it isn't?

Fumiko: Humanity will perish.


Fumiko: You're not even worth killing the
        way you are now.

Yukari: Whaaat? I can't believe you just
        said that! You talk like you're the
        rival of some manga's hero.

Fumiko: Don't you mean "the hero who's
        showing mercy to a washed-up
        Stage 1 boss"?

Batu: ...Women are scary.


Batu: It looks like things don't seem
      to work out for both men and women.

Fumiko: I know. Kohtaro's feelings haven't
        budged at all.

Batu: That's a terrible example.
      Still, I can't believe there are men
      who would turn you down.

Fumiko: I know. I'm just as mystified.


Shikou: ...I'm relieved at least one of you
        is a man.

Batu: Me too.

Fumiko: ...I'm getting a weird vibe.
        Are you guys playing for the other

Shikou: No. It's just that sometimes the
        enemy understand things better than
        someone who has unrealistic goals.
        Nothing more.

Fumiko: At any rate, it's better to have a
        beautiful enemy. If you win, you
        might be able to have some fun.

Batu: ...

Shikou: ...Uh, I don't know about that.

Batu: ...Let's get started.

Shikou: Agreed.


Shikou: Now I can finally rest...

Batu: ...I think I'll be out of commission
      for a while.

Fumiko: You act like it's my fault.
        Fine, just stay there and die while
        a cat nibbles on you.


Batu: What a gloomy place.
      No, I imagine that all battlefields
      are like this.

Fumiko: Oh, as long as I'm here, it's gonna
        be bright and lively. Shall I light
        a fire here?

Batu: No, let's not do that.
      ...Burning the captives alive isn't
      part of our mission.
      Hahaha, it is indeed as bright as
      can be. I wonder what we would have
      talked about if we were both men.

Fumiko: We would have been talking about
        meaningless things, conversations
        without hopes or aspirations.


Freedom: So you made it, my personal sin.

Batu: I don't recall having any grudges
      with you.

Fumiko: ...That's my stepmother.
        No, perhaps my mother's ghost.

Freedom: ...You still call me that I see.

Fumiko: ...
        Hmhmhmhm, today's a good day.
        I get another chance to kill you.
        I'm so happy, I'm almost crying.

Freedom: ...You still think of that person...

Fumiko: That person?
        Men are all mine, Stepmother.
        Hurry and go back to hell.


Batu: How terrible. It's a cruel joke to
      make someone fight the ghosts of
      their parents.

Fumiko: Oh? Really?
        It actually holds a lot of meaning
        for me.


Fumiko: You're so pessimistic, you know.

Batu: Me...?

Fumiko: That's right. YOu always think about
        things negatively. Why don't you try
        being positive?

Batu: I used to have a wife.

Fumiko: If you're single, you can fall in
        love again.

Batu: I used to have a child.

Fumiko: Just have another one.

Batu: I...

Fumiko: If you don't like how things are,
        then just change the future.
        You can't change the past,
        it's too late. Stop thinking
        about the things you can't change.

Batu: ...I'm not that strong.


Kagachi: You there, did she get to you?

Batu: ...

Kagachi: I sympathize with you.
         It's not so easy changing your

Fumiko: Are you making me the bad guy again?
        Fine, it's gonna be fun destroying
        men like you and making them
        kneel before me.

Kagachi: The workd coming out of your mouth
         make you the bad guy.

Fumiko: Oh, are all the bad people imitating
        the way I talk now? I'm honored,
        though a tad annoyed. ...Whatever.
        Hurry up and die.


Kagachi: I want to be treated with kindness
         once in a while...

Fumiko: All you have to do is come to me.
        If you're still alive, that is.


Fumiko: So, how long has it been since your
        wife and son died?

Batu: ...Seven years.

Fumiko: Then that's enough time.
        You're wife and son must be tired
        of being jealous by now.

Batu: It's not enough time for me...
      My heart. I'm not ready to let go


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Fumiko: What part of that back there was a
        nightmare? I don't get it.

Tsukiko: ...Well, I'm sure that's true for
         you in any case. You don't care
         about what happens to anyone else.
         The parent you fought to the
         death... The suffering man standing
         next to you...

Fumiko: You're right, I don't care.
        I'll just deal with it later.
        Isn't that what life is all about?

Tsukiko: How insolent...

Fumiko: I only need to believe in the world
        Kohtaro is creating. The future will
        get better no matter what,
        so you'll just have to die.
        Let's have this boring nightmare
        bid us farewell, Batu.

Batu: ...Heh, you're a selfish woman from
      start to finish. But your story sold
      me. Count me in.


Tsukiko: You fight well, Batu Harai.
         Let's make a deal.
         Would you like to see your child?
         I can grant you those dreams.
         For all eternity.

Fumiko: It lookes like fun bidding on a man.
        It'll be lonely and you won't see
        your kid, but how about it, Batu?
        Wanna come with me?

Batu: Is there an extra prize?

Fumiko: Nothing for now.
        But, I don't know about the future.

Batu: I see. That's a very appealing
      prize. Even though I sont see my
      son... I'll take the witch's offer.
      I may sill be able to fulfill my
      child's wishes.

Tsukiko: Stupid man, let reality crush you...


Batu: What a pleasant dawn.

Fumiko: The wind feels good. It must mean
        you're healthy if waking up geels
        better than dreaming.

Batu: ...You're probably right.

Fumiko: What are you gonna do now?

Batu: I'm going to quit being a mercenary
      and go back to medical school.
      I'll get in no matter what.

Fumiko: That sounds nice. I'll come see you
        if I ever catch a cold.

Batu: ...In Japan, don't they say people
      like you don't catch colds?

Fumiko: ...I supposed so.

Batu: Hmph, you managed to hire a merc
      based on an empty promise. That's
      the stupidest thing I ever heard.

--B3. Batu + Roger----------------------------------------------------(ba+ro)--


Batu: Ninjas are apparently ridiculous
      On that day, I headed toward a
      castle that looked like something
      out of someone's nightmare.
      Thats when I saw him for the first
      time, stand atop a spire gazing
      at the moon.


Roger: What a nice wind.
       It smells like death.

Batu: Can you also read the wind?

Roger: Yes.
       I am also a wind traveler.

Batu: You're dressed strangely, but you
      seem normal enough.

Roger: Hmph...


Yukari: I used to always wonder, why do the
        people I like end up hating
        me? Even Kaiho and Takano.
        They all leave me; they all do.
        ...Talking about AZANT.
        Is that so important?
        Is that reason enough to fight?

Roger: I personally sympathize with you.

Batu: We're going to kill you.


Batu: Hey, why do people fight anyway?

Roger: If people knew the answer to that,
       everything would be peaceful.

Batu: I wonder if we'll know sometime in
      the far off future.


Batu: What do you make of this wind?

Roger: It doesn't smell of blood. But this
       place reeks of the dead. I doubt
       we'll find anyone alive here.

Batu: A castle of the dead...


Shikou: ...I've trained many girls to fight
        gods until now, but I only sent them
        to their deaths.
        It must be the way of this country:
        to drink the blood of young girls
        and go on living.

Batu: ...That is what battles are all

Roger: ...


Shikou: I don't expect to be forgiven with
        just this...

Roger: The confusion in your heart is
       what's tormenting you.

Batu: Sleep in hell.


Batu: This place makes me feel at ease.

Roger: The stillness of death...

Batu: From one perspective, this place
      may be an ideal world.


Freedom: A wounded wind is blowing.
         A wind that would shed blood if you
         were to touch the wound.

Roger: Freedom Wind...!?

Batu: Do you know her?

Roger: No. It's an old legend.
       She's red, yet ultramarine. Blue,
       and the wife of ultramarine.
       She died defending the
       commoners during the Golden War...

Freedom: So someone remembers me afterall.

Roger: I looked up to you. I never imagined
       I would have to do battle with you.

Freedom: I am now a spiried.... Not just a
         shadow. There's no need for you to
         hesitate. Now, let us begin.


Freedom: I hope that someone can heal you...

Roger: This wound is a part of me.
       I have no intention of being healed.


Batu: Is it painful?

Roger: ...I have no more tears.


Kagachi: Two warriors.

Roger: ...

Batu: ...

Kagachi: Let's fight.
         Using words isn't our style.


Kagachi: ...

Roger: Respect to the dead.

Batu: A curse for us.


Roger: The end draws near.

Batu: ...For this battle, at least.

Roger: What do you want to do at the end
       of your life?

Batu: I want to die surrounded by flowers.
      I'll die and become nourishment for
      the flowers. I'll live within them.

Roger: I want to die protecting the one I
       care about.

Batu: I hope that comes true for you.

Roger: Same to you.


Tsukiko: ...Roy?

Roger: ...Tsukiko...

Tsukiko: What... Why are you here?

Batu: ...Roger.
      She's already dead...

Roger: Uwaaaaaaaaahh!

Batu: ...Damn.


Tsukiko: ...Roy.
         It's not... true...


Batu: ...Get up.
      It's not over yet.

Roger: No, no...
       I've had enough with just Shin...

Batu: I said get up!


Batu looks at the disappearing
castle with a lonesome look on
his face.

Batu: ...

Roger: ...I lost my cool. Sorry.

Batu: ...You're not the only one.
      I thought I saw my dead son as the
      castle disappeared.

Roger: It's better to have seen him than
       not seeing him at all.
       ...Even if was only an illusion.

Batu: ...Indeed.

--B4. Batu + Gennojo--------------------------------------------------(ba+ge)--


Emilio: Anyway, starting today, he'll also
        be involved in the investigation.

Batu: (...A foreigner, huh?)

Gennojo: This country doesn't have any good

Emilio: I'll have some imported immediately.

Batu: ...Why don't you make this an
      opporunity to quit?

Gennojo: I've quit already.
         You're the one that's smoking.
         It smells like there are
         chemicals in them that aren't
         prohibited in this country.

Batu: ...Young sir, pay no attention to
      this one says.
      Come to think of it, I never liked
      you from the day I first met you...


Batu: Why am I stuck with you...?

Gennojo: I'm sorry I'm not a beautiful woman.
         But I'm sure I'd be more useful in
         solving the incident.

Batu: Honest to a fault.
      I'm just against inviting a
      foreigner. Nothing more.

Gennojo: Aren't mercenaries foreigners in
         general? Or are you saying you're

Batu: When this is all over, see for


Yukari: With an abundance and cuteness 100x
        over, she's even more gorgeous than
        Yukari Type 2 is finally here!
        Here's a big gun to your heart.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Batu: ...A Nyaponichi.
      I'll kill you.

Gennojo: ...I think that won't be possible.

Batu: What?

Gennojo: Her shadow doesn't look natural.
         She isn't... Hmm. It's not real,
         so it can't be killed.


Batu: What's the connection between the
      missing people and this illusion,
      private investigator?

Gennojo: A mercenary should think for
         himself a little too.


Batu: I don't like this incident.
      ...I don't like this castle.

Gennojo: I agree. Although it's better than
         murdering and walking under the
         burning hot sun.

Batu: You're an annoying partner.

Gennojo: Well, thanks.
         ...Look, here comes the enemy.


Shikou: Welcome, warriors. I am usually not
        permitted to reveal my name, but I
        am Shikou Mibuya. Let us fight.

Gennojo: It doesn't matter who you are...
         Although I am interested in the
         thing that created you.

Batu: Is this really an illusion?

Gennojo: Yeah, but that's not really the
         problem. But the way, about those

Batu: Do you want a smoke?

Gennojo: No... Let's fight first.


Shikou: Well done...

Gennojo: My job doesn't allow me to kill.
         It doesn't give the right to
         arrest or reform anyone either.
         A private investigator can only do
         one thing: Solve the mystery.
         It's not something to be praised.


Batu: Here, a cigarette.

Gennojo: Thanks, but no.
         I'm trying to quit.

Batu: ...What do you mean?

Gennojo: Have you ever had a dream with


Freedom: A dry wind is blowing.
         The wind of a traveler who is tired
         but still continues to walk.

Gennojo: I'm sure it's better than a damp
         wind. You can probably light a fire

Freedom: I hope that someone will be able to
         heal you.

Gennojo: No thanks.
         I don't want anyone to heal me.

Batu: What's the use in talking to a

Gennojo: You're right.
         Well, let's get started then.


Batu: Investigator.

Gennojo: What is it?

Batu: I have no intention of getting
      healed either. At least not my


Batu: ...I've never had a dream with
      smell. Is that what you meant?

Gennojo: Yeah, that's it.
         It appears we're dreaming together.

Batu: Since when? From what point did this
      become a dream?

Gennojo: Probably when we entered the city.
         So the missing people... Hmm.
         They're probably dreaming like us.

Batu: ...What should we do?

Gennojo: This dream seems to have an outline.
         That means that is must have an
         ending, right?


Kagachi: Are you like me?

Gennojo: No, I'm not.
         You're just a dream.
         You're not real.

Batu: This dream seems to have an ending.
      So we're going to end it.


Batu: I don't like Nyaponichi, but you
      have earned my respect as a
      private investigator.

Gennojo: Well, thanks.


Gennojo: The end should be approaching soon.

Batu: How can you determine that?

Gennojo: It's 7:50 now.
         Morning will be here soon.

Batu: I'm not so sure about that.

Gennojo: Wanna bet?

Batu: You haven't quit drinking yet, have

Gennojo: Of course not!


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare...
         So what do you think of the
         nightmare I've shown you?
         It's well made, don't you think?
         ...Why are you smiling?

Batu: Women and children will never

Gennojo: No doubt about that.

Tsukiko: I don't like that attitude.
         Prepare yourselves.

Gennojo: Even when you risk your life...

Batu: ...There are times you can still
      smile. Like when someone loses a
      bet and pays up.


Batu: I'll treat you as much as you want.

Gennojo: ...No, it's my loss.
         It looks like it's not over yet.


Gennojo: My treat.

Batu: No, I lost.

Gennojo: ...Then, how about splitting the

Batu: Heh, that sounds good.
      You can drink, can't you?

Gennojo: I can probably drink until tomorrow

Batu: Wahahahaha. Then let's get a
      hangover before we return to the

--B5. Batu + Mihee----------------------------------------------------(ba+mi)--


Mihee: Why am I here in this place?

Batu: Why am I with this woman?

Mihee: I came here to see my cousin!

Batu: A woman on the battlefield...?
      Is there no hope for this world?

Batu/Mihee: This sucks.


Batu: Why me...?

Mihee: Why am I...?
       No, no, we can't move forward like
       Batu, was it? Is this the Swan
       Castle, where the people are said
       to have disappeared?

Batu: Right... I guess it can't be
      helped. Let's work together.
      ....This world really is hopeless.

Mihee: If there was any hope, this world
       would've been saved long ago.
       Including me. And maybe even you.


Yukari: Back by popular demand, I've made my
        come back from the previous game.
        I'm Yukari Horiguchi, age 17!

Mihee: An acquaintance of yours?

Batu: Do I look like I know her? I've seen
      strange things on the battlefield,
      but she's something else entirely.

Yukari: Oh my, a new face. Okay, as your
        senior on the battlefield, I'll
        teach you how to fight!


Yukari: You ended up teaching me how to
      fight! I can't stand this!

Batu: I don't know it she's stupid or

Mihee: She might have made a good


Batu: ...What kind of castle is this?

Mihee: What if this place was so much fun,
       you didn't want to go back to

Batu: If you're joking, it's a bad joke.
      If you're serious, that's even

Mihee: ...You're too uptight.


Shikou: I guess I should say welcome.

Batu: (I'm relieved... There aren't only
      amusing people here.)

Mihee: Don't bother welcoming us.
       You're not a beautiful young girl.
       You're also the enemy.

Shikou: So being a beautiful young girl is
        more imporant than being the enemy?

Mihee: Isn't it normal to worry about the
       face of girl rather than face
       of an enemy?

Batu: It's not normal for you to be
      talking like that. This world really
      is hopeless.


Shikou: ...You're strong.

Mihee: Because I'm beautiful

Batu: What kind of castl--I mean battle
      is this.


Mihee: It's not a castle with only
       beautiful women. It's no fun.

Batu: ...Why are you so obsessed with
      beautiful women?

Mihee: ...Obsessed? Me?


Freedom: A confused wind is blowing.

Mihee: She's beautiful. This is it.
       This is the battle I've been waiting

Freedom: Thank you.
         I'm pleased.

Batu: What an emotionally disturbed
      conversation. There's no hope.


Freedom: I forgive you.

Mihee: Do you want to be my bride?

Batu: Everyone's fallen ill...


Mihee: Why did you come to this castle?

Batu: I'm a mercenary. I'll fight anywhere
      if the price is right.

Mihee: Is that what you're particular

Batu: ...No, there's nothing particular
      about it.

Mihee: You're ill, aren't you?

Batu: ...Are you trying to get back at me
      for what I said to you?

Mihee: Yeah.


Kagachi: What is your relationshup with each

Batu: I guess the best answer is, we're
      just passing through together.

Mihee: Enemies stuck together in the same

Kagachi: I see. How unfortunate.
         A mob is just too weak.

Batu: That's an amateur's opinion. There's
      strength in numbers. The side with
      the greater number always wins.

Mihee: That's an amateur's opinion.
       Do you really think you can beat him
       without a handicap like this?


Kagachi: ...Strength in numbers, huh?

Mihee: I told you I was strong.

Batu: Stop it, he's already dying.


Mihee: ...Utterly...

Batu: ...Everyone is sick.
      Let's just be nice to them.

Mihee: ...I'm not beautiful.

Batu: Hm?

Mihee: ...I'm not beautiful, so that's why
       I like beautiful women. If you don't
       understand, forget about it.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare.

Mihee: Half of your associates certainly
       weren't beautiful young girls.

Batu: It definitely was a nightmare for

Mihee: What do you mean by that?

Tsukiko: Everyone is at rest here.
         They're all having nice dreams.

Batu: There's no way that sleeping forever
      can be good. I can only think that
      they're all emotionally disturbed.

Tsukiko: What do you think?
         Don't you think reality is harder
         to deal with?

Mihee: I do, but that's how things are.

Batu: Agreed. You take the good with the
      bad. You take the bad with the good.
      That's just how things are.

Mihee: I'll have to defeat you before
       I make you my bride.

Batu: Even if you're emotionally
      disturbed, the morning still comes.


Tsukiko: ...Do you enjoy reality that much?

Batu: The people asleep now have families.
      They can't just conveniently
      continue dreaming by themselves.

Mihee: If you lose your job as the last
       enemy, I'll make you my bride.

Tsukiko: ...I hope reality crushes you...


Batu: It's over.

Mihee: Yeah. But in the end, I didn't even
       get a single beautiful girl. This
       trip was so useless.

Batu: ...

Mihee: You have something you want to say?

Batu: I think you're very beautiul.
      ...Well, see ya.
      Have a safe trip home.

Mihee: Wh, What did you say?

Batu: That face you just made was
      particularly beautiful.

--B6. Batu + Nagino---------------------------------------------------(ba+na)--


Batu: The castle that only appears during
      a full moon was known as the Swan
      After a long absence, I, Batu Harai,
      returned to my homeland as a
      The job didn't pay much, but the
      young girl who hired me looked sad.


Batu: We're almost at our destination...

Nagino: You can call me Nagi.
        So this is the Swan Castle, huh?

Batu: It only appears during a full moon.

Nagino: Hey, can I see you smile?

Batu: Huh?

Nagino: I'm sure you'd look better if you


Yukari: With an abundance of cuteness 100x
        over, Yukari, version 2, is finally
        Even more gorgeous than before,
        a golden hammer smites your heart.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Batu: ...

Nagino: It's okay to smile.

Batu: No, it doesn't suit me.

Yukari: Oh, come on!

Batu: Be quiet! I'm a mercenary.


Yukari: You're mean!

Batu: If you know a way to defeat the
      enemy without violence, let me know.
      That would be kinder on a mercenary.


Nagino: Hey, Batu, why are you a mecenary

Batu: ...It's not in the contract for me
      to tell you that.

Nagino: What about smiling?

Batu: That goes for smiling too.
      You shouldn't expect so much from a


Shikou: A father and his daughter...
        This is going to be difficult.

Batu: (...Well, this one seems normal.)
      ...Here I come.

Nagino: Aren't you going to identify

Batu: That custom is from the olden days.
      We don't do it now.

Shikou: I am Shikou Mibuya, young lady.

Nagino: I'm Nagino Ise. Call me Nagi.
        So why is it hard to fight against
        a father and a daughter?

Shikou: Even if I win, there's a feeling of
        regret. Forget about it... It's not
        important. Here I come.


Shikou: Well done...
        You may proceed.

Batu: Do you know why people stopped
      identifying themselves in battle?

Nagino: ?

Batu: Because it gnaws at your conscience.
      If you've learned your lesson, stop
      talking to the enemy.


Nagino: Wait, Batu.

Batu: What is it?

Nagino: I'm going to keep talking to the
        enemy. And I'm still going to ask
        you to smile.

Batu: ...I think you should stop.

Nagino: No, I won't give up.


Freedom: An 8th wind ascends to the heavens.
         I know people like you. The blue
         born from black, the blue of blue.

Batu: Don't confuse my master with your
      strange words!

Nagino: Can you smile?

Freedom: Yes, and I feel honored to be able
         to polish those powers. Now then,
         let us begin.


Freedom: [So, you believe that even that man
         is worthy of living.]

Nagino: [Is there anyone that is okay to let

Freedom: [Not all people want to live.
         No matter how much you fight your

Nagino: Even so, I'll keep fighting.
        As long as my light keeps shining.


Batu: What was that all about?

Nagino: I don't think that was in the

Batu: ...You're right.

Nagino: I'll tell you if you smile.

Batu: ...No, that's okay.


Kagachi: Are you father and daughter?

Batu: No.
      A mercenary and his client.

Nagino: Oh no.
        You made him angry.

Batu: I'm not angry.

Nagino: Are too, are too.

Kagachi: How unfortunate. You are alone,
         abandoned by the one adult who came
         with you to the battlefield.

Nagino: No, you're wrong.
        Some days, it's sunny, and some
        days, it's raining. He's just shy.


Kagachi: I see.
         You were not alone.

Batu: ...


Nagino: Ugh, uggh.

Batu: I'm not smiling even if you make
      that weird face.

Nagino: I see.

Batu: ...There was once a man who was
      feared because he was large and was
      asked to help out in a fight.
      He wanted a normal life, but he
      couldn't do anything else...
      That is all.

Nagino: I see. But he's fortunate.
        It's better than killing just
        because you like to.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.
         What do you think of the nightmare
         I've shown you?

Nagino: It was nothing. A nightmare should
        have more ghosts and stuff.

Batu: My client is the archenemy of
      nightmares. Compared to her,
      you're no big deal.

Tsukiko: We'll just have to see how long you
         can keep talking like that.


Tsukiko: Let... reality crush you.

Nagino: Hey, once this is over, will you
        smile for me?

Batu: I'll think about it.


Nagino: Well, we managed to save the people
        that were slee... Hey, don't try to
        run away.

Batu: Umm, I said I'd think about it.

Nagino: Smile.

Batu: ...

Nagino: Smile!

Batu: ...Well, I've forgotten how to

Nagino: Then you don't have to smile.

Batu: Really?

Nagino: There.
        Now that's a smile.

--B7. Batu + Reika----------------------------------------------------(ba+re)--


Batu: The battlefield is a cruel place.
      Women and children often bear the
      brunt of the burden.

Reika: Doot-di-doot-di-doo~

Batu: I'm not sure why a mercenary like me
      took this girl in. I was just angry.
      With the world. And myself.

Reika: Reika's a police officer in the
       History Security Police.

Batu: ...I decided to go to the castle.
      It is said to be able to heal
      emotional illnesses.


Reika: So this place is a countryside even
       in the 21st century? Reika's

Batu: ...What's with this girl?

Reika: Reika's a police officer in the
       History Security Police.

Batu: ...I see.
      (Poor thing, she must have gone
      through so much, she went crazy...)

Reika: ???

Batu: Alright, come with me.
      Try not to get hurt.

Reika: Where are we going?

Batu: Swan Castle. They say
      the sunrise from the its rooftop, your
      emotional illnesses will be cured.

Reika: Oooh, great.
       Reika has business there too.

Batu: ...Yes, you definitely do.
      I mean, we're going for your sake.
      Uh, never mind. Let's go.


Yukari: Have you heard the rumors already?
        Of course! Back by popular demand,
        it's Yukari Type 100, Sky Chapter!
        I always get the hex I'm aiming for.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Reika: From a far away future, I'm a
       superheroine traveling through time.
       The maiden with green hair.
       My undying love is bathed in the
       light of a world to come.
       Reika Kirishima is here!

Batu: ...Another one's fallen ill.

Yukari: Is it a cold?

Reika: Is it athlete's foot?

Batu: ...It's pretty serious.
      It's making it difficult to talk.

Yukari: In that case, you should just lose
        already and go home. I'll defeat


Yukari: No way! Sky Chapter ends here!? *sigh*
        What's gonna happen to me? *gasp*
        I hope not that again. *gasp* Or that.

Reika: Yup, this and that.

Yukari: Noooo!

Batu: It's disturbing that they're
      actually carrying on a conversation.


Batu : ...Just wait.
      I'll cure all of you.

Reika: Batty, are you a doctor?

Batu: No, but I wanted to be.
      I wonder why things ended up like

Reika: Ah, you're right. According to my
       notes, you'll be a doctor in 20

Batu: ...Heh, is that so? At any rate,
      according to the legend, I should
      be able to heal you guys.

Reika: Reika's healthy.
       That's the only good trait I have.

Batu: I know. I know.
      Let's just get going.


Shikou: ...I've trained many girls to fight
        gods until now, but I only sent them
        to their deaths.
        It must be the way of this country:
        To drink the blood of young girls
        and go on living.

Batu: Another ill one here.

Reika: ...Then you should just change those

Shikou: How?
        And where?

Reika: Even if you don't know how, you have
       to move forward. Move towards

Batu: ...?

Reika: Even if this world is an enclosed
       darkness, it's still wrong to give up.
       There's nothing you can't change.

Shikou: How would you know that?

Reika: There's no way Reika would know
       that. I only know that the future
       isn't that bad.


Shikou: The future isn't that bad, huh?

Reika: Yup.


Batu: That was a clever retort.
      I liked how you said how would you
      know anything.

Reika: ???
       About what?

Batu: No, never mind.
      ...I hope it gets cured.
      ...I mean, I'll cure you.


Freedom: The seventh wind is blowing.
         You must have unlocked the secrets
         of the world.

Reika: Who are you?

Batu: They're all ill. Every one of them.
      All because of war. I've never felt
      such hatred towards war until now.

Freedom: ...Um, I think you're a little off

Batu: No, don't say any more.
      I'm going to do it.
      I'm going to cure you all.


Freedom: I thought my role was a little
         better than this.

Reika: Too bad.

Batu: ...I'll cure you too.
      Just sleep there for a while.


Reika: ...Batty's a kind person.

Batu: No, I'm not. I'm alive today
      because I wasn't kind.
      If I were kind, I would have killed
      myself before living the life of a
      I'm not who you think I am.

Reika: ...Are you saying that even after
       you've had a glimpse of the future?

Batu: ...?


Kagachi: There are times I feel like fighting
         for someone else. I'm sure my life
         will end because of that decision.

Batu: Sometimes things are taken from you
      before you have a chance to fight
      for them. Like me, for example.

Kagachi: I wonder about that. Haven't you
         gained those things once again?

Reika: ???

Batu: ...Who knows.
      I'm not sure yet.


Kagachi: If I'm going to be killed, I want to
         be killed by someone with gentle

Reika: ...

Kagachi: My wish has been granted.


Reika: His wish was so sad.
       I wonder why he didn't wish for
       something more happy.

Batu: Really?

Reika: If you're gonna die, why not die
       looking to tomorrow? If the result
       is the same, that'd be a lot better.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare...

Batu What's with everyone...?

Reika: What's with everyone?

Batu: I'll just have to cure you all.
      Go to sleep for now.
      Let's do that first.

Tsukiko: That's not possible.
         You two are going to be dreaming
         here for all of eternity.

Batu: Heve, you said there's no way to know
      the future... I guess you're right.
      I haven't even decided what I'm
      going to eat tomorrow.
      If you want to know the future, you
      just have to make it yourself. I'm
      going to win, I'm going to cure you.

Reika: That's right, Batty.
       You're gonna look good as a doctor.



Batu: Damn, is there still more?

Reika: ...It's a versatile system that
       seeks those willing to take on the
       pain of others.

Batu: What are you talking about?

Reika: "Everyone" controlling Reika.
       Lend me a hand.
       Let's change history together.
       It's wrong to abandon this world
       just because it's enclosed darkness.
       So lend me a hand.
       We're gonna create a doctor, just
       you and me.


Batu stands on the roof of the
castle, waiting for the dawn.

Batu: A little more, just a bit more...
      The illness will be cured soon.

Reika: No.
       ...You're already cured, Batty.

Batu: ...?

Reika: The castle wasn't calling for me.
       It was calling for you, Batty.

As she melted into the light of
day, Reika smiled.

Reika: Don't forget about today. History
       will change, just a little. Whether
       you can change it more is up to you.
       Reika failed another mission.

Batu: H-Hey!

Reika disappeared inside the light.

--B8. Batu + Munchausen-----------------------------------------------(ba+mu)--


Batu: Two guys is kind of dull.

Munchausen: Indeed, sir.

Batu: Is anyone even going to play with
      this combination?

Munchausen: Indeed, sir.

Batu: I'm starting to feel lonely.

Munchausen: Indeed, sir.

Batu: ...An apple is an orange.

Munchausen: Indeed, sir.

Batu: Why you!

Munchausen: Huh?!
            Oh, pardon me.
            I was feeling sleepy...


Batu: That's a relief.

Munchausen: What is, sir?

Batu: I don't know what would have
      happened if I was paired up with a
      woman or child.

Munchausen: The participants in this endeavor
            are the cream of the crop at what
            they do.

Batu: ...To be honest, I don't like it
      when I have to let women and
      children fight.

Munchausen: ...I see you are a man of chivalry.

Batu: I'm just narrow-minded.


Yukari: I used to always wonder, why do the
        people I like always end up hating
        me? Even Kaiho and Takano.
        They all leave me; they all do.
        ...Talking about AZANT.
        Is that so important?
        Is that reason enough to fight?

Batu: This is going to be hard.

Munchausen: ...It appears to be a haunted

Batu: It's still going to be hard.
      I'm still dealing with a woman.


Yukari: ...Men should all just die.

Batu: ...


Batu: All things seem to have a wayo f not
      working out.

Munchausen: Indeed, sir.

Batu: I had never killed a woman before.

Munchausen: You'll get used to it.

Batu: Probably.
      But that's what I don't like.


Shikou: I'm glad you guys are men.

Batu: Same here.

Munchausen: It seems strange to have a sense of
            understanding with the enemy.

Shikou: Don't be so sure. Sometimes the
        enemy understands things better than
        someone who has unrealistic goals.

Munchausen: I see. You have a point, sir.

Batu: And there's nothing we can do about
      it. Very well. Let's cut the
      chitchat and fight.

Shikou: Agreed.


Shikou: Now I can finally rest...

Batu: ...


Batu: What a gloomy place.
      A battlefield is always like this.
      I've given up on countless things.
      I probably have to give up something
      here also.

Munchausen: There's no salvation where there are
            only men, Master Batu. A woman's
            touch is needed.

Batu: But that still doesn't mean we
      should send women and children to
      the battlefield. Fine, there's no
      salvation on the battlefield.
      That much is true.


Freedom: A sad wind is blowing.
         ...Lift your heads, men.

Batu: ...Are your eyes hurt?

Freedom: No, I just want to keep the one I
         love most seared onto the back of my
         The wind guides me through everyday
         life, so I have no problems.
         The same foes for battle. Proably.

Munchausen: This is a legendary ghost.
            Master Batu, the person before us is
            likely someone from 1000 years ago.

Batu: This is amazing.
      Could she be one of my ancestors?

Freedom: Perhaps. My husband once had
         relations with a peasant.
         ...If you wish to proceed, fight.

Batu: Isn't there any way we could go
      forward without fighting?

Freedom: No, unfortunately not.
         You understand, right?
         There is no other way.


Batu: I knew there was no alternative to
      fighting. But I had to ask anyway.

Freedom: I know what you mean.
         I'm the same way.


Batu: What do they plan to do by gathering
      spirits from all arond?

Munchausen: I believe it's some kind of spell.
            It's reasonable to assume spirits
            will gather where magic is strong.

Batu: And it's purpose?

Munchausen: The spell only has one effect:
            To bind something.

Batu: We just don't know what that is,


Kagachi: ...

Batu: I guess there's no need for an

Kagachi: That's right. If you have something
         to say, say it in battle.


Kagachi: ...Well done.

Munchausen: May I ask you something?
            What spell do you plan to use?

Kagachi: ...If you make it to the end...
         you'll know.

Munchausen: That is true.


Munchausen: I think we should hurry.

Batu: Is something going to happen?

Munchausen: No, but it will be dawn soon.
            I need to prepare breakfast before
            my master awakens.

Batu: That's quite an excuse, but is that

Munchausen: Of course not, sir, but that would
            be the main reason.

Batu: So the magic spell will be
      completed, huh...?


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Batu: Well, whatever's going to happen,
      it looks like we made it in time to
      see it.

Munchausen: It appears that way, sir.
            Young lady, what purpose do you have
            in doing such a thing?

Tsukiko: None.
         I was merely summoned as well.

Munchausen: Are you saying that no one planned

Tsukiko: Perhaps. Regardless, there's no
         denying that "this" exists to show
         the dreams people wish for.
         And people wish for a nightmare.

Batu: Where are the missing people?

Tsukiko: Even now, they are dreaming.
         They haven't been eating, so some
         may already be dead.

Batu: I'll just defeat you and save them.


Batu: Is it over?

Tsukiko: ...It's... too late...



The two men stood, watching the dawn

Munchausen: Did the dreams finally become
            reality in the form of a monster?

Batu: They just ended as dreams.

Munchausen: ...I believe so, sir.
            Let's prepare breakfast.

Batu: Heh, yeah.
      I guess reality seems to be

--C1. Emilio + Fumiko-------------------------------------------------(em+fu)--


Emilio: I wonder why we're so unfortunate.

Shikou: Mm.

Kagachi: It looks like the men are
         unfortunate in general this time.

Kohtaro: Really?

Emilio/Kagachi: Go away, protagonist.

Ring, ring, ring.

Emilio: Well, I'm up.
        I had better go.

Shikou: I should head to Stage 2 as well.

Kagachi: I'll go as soon as I've finished my

Emilio: I bet Fumiko's going to get here
        Anyway, let's continue with the main


Emilio: Leave me alone!

Fumiko: Oh, but I think a witch and a demon
        user make a rather lovely pair.

Emilio: That's not the point.

Fumiko: Sure it is.
        Now, what should we go see next?

Emilio: We're not here to sightsee!
        We need to climb that castle

Fumiko: Oh, you're no fun. You know, if
        you're royalty, you need to know a
        thing or two about pleasing a woman.


Yukari: Ahhh, he's so cuuute!
        I want him!

Fumiko: You can't.
        He's mine.

Emilio: Don't treat me like a piece of meat!

Fumiko: What did you expect from a villain
        and a witch? Conscience? Morality?
        Those things were sold out long ago.
        At any rate, all the men in this
        world are mine. You have a lot of
        nerve thinking you're an exception.

Yukari: Then I'll take him by force!

Fumiko: Try it, silly little girl!


Yukari: Awww! I lost again!

Fumiko: Peon.


Fumiko: Well, now that I've won, you belong
        to me too.

Emilio: Get away from me!

Fumiko: My, you're so stiff.
        Oh, my.

Emilio: It's because you used a restraining
        spell. Untie me! Come on!

Fumiko: It's no use. Just calm down.

Emilio: Aaaah. I'll bite my tongue!

Fumiko: Ahahaha, what an insteresing child.
        Very well, I'll untie you.
        Don't worry, I'm a witch. I won't do
        anything tasteless. I'll make you
        want to say pretty please. *chuckle*


Shikou: Shameless woman...

Fumiko: Oh, are you jealous?

Emilio: Why does it seem the enemy is more
        worried about me...?

Emilio: I'll save you little boy!
        Let's go to a world only with men!
        A dazzling world!

Emilio: Why does it seem bad no matter
        which way I fall...?

Fumiko: Aren't you glad? Now you don't have
        to worry about it.

Emilio: ...


Shikou: Why? Why won't you be on the dreams
        of men...?

Fumiko: He doesn't like sausages.
        Too bad.


Emilio: Talk about something more normal.
        Stop making lame jokes.

Fumiko: Oh, you know the word "lame"?

Emilio: Kohtaro taught me the word.

Fumiko: That word actually means "you're
        beautiful" when you say it to a

Emilio: Does it really?

Fumiko: Of course.
        That's my lover Kohtaro for you.
        He really knows some good words.

Emilio: Was I being fooled?
        I thought that at least he was a
        good guy...!


Freedom: A faraway wind is blowing.
         Time flies like an aero.

Emilio: Lame!

Freedom: W-Well, I never...
         True, I was born a bit before your
         time, but I'm not...
         People say I still look young.
         I mean, that's not what I wanted to

Emilio: Lame!

Freedom: Uggh.

Fumiko: Aahahaha! That's what you get,
        Stepmother. You should just hurry and
        die. That is, I'll kill you!

Freedom: Odette! Why you little...!


Freedom: You disrespectful child!

Fumiko: The parent died first, so it's not
        so bad. Aahahaha!

Emilio: What is this? I'm here to save my
        people, but I feel like I've dirtied
        my hands in something very wrong...

Fumiko: Fun things are usually like that.


Emilio: Was that... your mother?

Fumiko: Probably an impostor.
        There's no way she would be here.

Emilio: R-Really?
        I-I'm sorry, I thought...

Fumiko: I killed her a thousand years ago.
        There's no way the dead come back to

Emilio: Ngah!


Kagachi: Are you mother and son?

Emilio: Absolutely not.

Kagachi: At that rebelious stage, huh?

Emilio: No! We're not related!

Fumiko: Heh... How did you know?
        He is my son, and he is rebelious.

Kagachi: As I thought.

Fumiko: He used to be such a good boy...

Emilio: No! What's with this lady anyway!?


Kagachi: So this is the power of a mother and

Emilio: If I were really her son, I'd
        totally be a juvenile delinquent by

Fumiko: I guess I'm just a great parent.


Emilio: Good grief...
        Why is everyone just joking around?

Fumiko: Oh, can't you see?

Emilio: See what?

Fumiko: Hmm, you were overestimating this
        place. It's magic. This castle exclusively
        embodies a person's ideas.

Emilio: How can...? But when...?

Fumiko: When we arrived here. From then on,
        our sense of smell disappeared.
        Let's go, Emilio! Come with me.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare...

Fumiko: See? The one I want to kill most has
        just arrived.

Tsukiko: So you figured out the trick.

Fumiko: It wasn't by my power...
        It was thanks to this child.

Emilio: Huh?

Fumiko: Children are affected by magic the
        easiest, but they also break away
        from it the easiest.
        This child's pure view of the world
        was depicted as is, so I figured it
        out right away.

Tsukiko: Hmhm, you may have figured it out,
         but do you think you can win?

Fumiko: Of course I will. I'm gonna show
        this child an example, so I can't
        afford to lose.


Tsukiko: Let reality crush you...

Fumiko: No, I won't let it.
        That's why I, an adult, am here.


While watching the crumbling castle,
Emilio looked at Fumiko standing
next to him.

Emilio: ...I'm sorry. I've been looking down
        on you... No, all adults this whole

Fumiko: Of course there are stupid adults,
        but that goes for children too.
        Everyone isn't the same.

Emilio: ...I understand.
        Umm, may I be your apprentice?
        I umm, want to be stronger...

Fumiko: Say pretty please.

Emilio: Pretty please.

Fumiko: Well, that makes a perfect game.

Emilio: Huh?

Fumiko: Forget about it if you don't
        remember. I'll teach you.
        Come to Japan.

Emilio: Yes, ma'am.

--C2. Emilio + Roger--------------------------------------------------(em+ro)--


Emilio: I heard that Nyapon is in the
        Orient, but not everyone is Oriental

Roger: I won't allow you to steal him from
       me, Sayo...! Ahahaha!
       If a friend is in danger, it is
       up to us shadows to save him!
       For I am international ninja Roger
       Sasuke! Let's go, Moonsong!
       Pierce my enemy!

Emilio: Nyapon doesn't seem like a very
        serious country. He's really quite
        odd. Can I help my people like this?


Roger: Ahahaha!

Emilio: Um, in this case, isn't it normal
        just to sneak in? Actually, isn't
        that what ninjas are supposed to do?

Roger: You're too soft! An international
       ninja always fight fair and square.
       That's just what they do!

Emilio: I-Is that so?


Yukari: Whats with the cosplay? *gasp*
        You're not here to stop me from
        becoming a global idol, are you!?

Roger: Earth, wind and fire call out to me.
       They tell me to protect my friends.
       For their sake and for the friendship I 
       hold dear, my cello bow will strum!
       Behold! You're as good as dead!

Yukari: And this kid must be your boyfriend,

Emilio: Definitely not.

Yukari: Oh really?
        I'm actually really relieved.

Roger: Let's try this again. My name is
       Roger Sasuke, the international
       ninja! I've arrived with a new look!


Yukari: Why is it always two against one!?
        I hate this!

Roger: Justice always prevails.

Emilio: I don't like this kind of justice...


Roger: Ahahah!
       It takes only one blow to score a
       victory for an international ninja!

Emilio: (Why does this man's refreshing
        demeanor seem fake..?)

Roger: No worries! Just sit back and relax!

Emilio: ...Thank you very much.
        (I wonder if everything will be


Shikou: I've been waiting for you. You're an
        evil existence that has besmirched
        my culture with your misconceptions.

Emilio: Ah, I thought so.

Roger: You are both mistaken. The ninja
       that is adored in this world is not
       the historically correct ninja.
       The world longs for a ninja like me,
       a shadow that never backs down and
       risks everything for great justice.
       If the world is in danger, it
       is up to us shadows to save it.
       As Roger the international ninja,
       I've done away with old traditions
       and have arrived to kick your ass!


Roger: The end!

Emilio: (Pseudo-ninja...)


Roger: Ahahahahahahaha!
       Laughing out loud suits an
       international ninja well.

Emilio: Pseudo-ninja...

Roger: Talk like that again, Emilio, and
       your flesh will meet my shuriken.

Emilio: Just kidding? ...Ha, hahaha.
        (Oh well, he's useful in combat, so
        I'd better just go along with him.)


Freedom: A kind wind is blowing.
         You are a white pearl.

Roger: I don't know what you're talking
       about, but I do know one thing.
       You're an illusion!

Emilio: Huh?

Freedom: Yes, that is correct.

Roger: If the world is in danger, it
       is up to us shadows to save it.
       I, international ninja Roger, have
       arrived to destroy an evil illusion!


Freedom: You're always the same.
         You're living a lie.

Roger: ...No! No! I'm just living my life
       the way I want to.
       I am Roger Sasuke, the int'l inja.
       I pledge fairness to all, to protect
       the weak, and vanquish the evil!


Emilio: Hmhmhm, ahahaha!

Roger: Why are you laughing?

Emilio: This whole situation feels like a
        dream. I may be called ill-mannered
        for it, but I felt like laughing.

Roger: Hm. Laughing out loud is a basic
       trait for an international ninja.

Emilio: I always save my younger sister in
        my dream. I try to look after her,
        even though I know don't have one.

Roger: So just make one. And if there isn't
       a way, make one and give it a name.
       Hey, how about international sister?

Emilio: Ahahaha.


Kagachi: Have you two had a happy life?

Roger: We won't know that until we're dead.

Kagachi: Then you'll know soon enough.

Emilio: I don't intend to die now. I'm going
        to save my people. Then there's
        something I want to make after that.

Roger: If the world is in danger, it
       is up to us shadows to save it.
       I, international ninja Roger, have
       arrived to protect a boy's dream!


Kagachi: You guys are crazy.

Emilio: That's just how we're dressed.
        Our hearts are not.


Roger: Ahahahahahahaha!

Emilio: Hahahahaha!

Roger: You're starting to get it,
       little boy.

Emilio: It's like a dream anyway.

Roger: Indeed.
       Reality is like a dream.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.
         How did you like the nightmares?
         Did you get to know each other well?

Roger: Ahahahahahahaha!

Emilio: Hahahahaha!
        If if the world is in danger, it is up
        to us to stop to it!
        The international royal, Emilio!

Roger: And the international ninja Roger!
       Protecting justice worldwide!
       I laugh in the face of nightmares!


Roger: Can you keep going?

Roger: ...Of course!

Roger: That is the spirit of an
       international royal.
       Let's go.


The castle of nightmares melts away.

Roger: This is where the dreams end.

Emilio: ...I see.
        So they are.

Roger: Heh. No, Emilio, your dream is not
       over yet. Reality and dreams are not
       all that different from each other
       There's only one difference.
       You just can't have courage the same
       way you can in a dream.

Emilio: Do you think I can become an
        international royal even when I'm an
        adult... If I have courage?

Roger: Of course, you can. I guarantee it.
       Hmm, the world is in danger again!
       Farewell, Emilio.

Emilio: Goodbye, Roger.

--C3. Emilio + Gennojo------------------------------------------------(em+ge)--


Emilio: My name is Emilio Stanburke,
        I am the Count of Beruna and the
        shadow of the Kingdom of Alcaland.
        I am reluctantly investigating a
        series of missing person
        incidents with a private investigator
        from a remote country called Nyapon,
        a country very adept at war.
        *sigh*  I tire of Princess Maako's
        favoritism towards the Orient.

Gennojo: A country where kids mumble to
         themselves can lead to no good.
         Quit it.

Emilio: You hit me. I'm a Count, yet you hit
        me? Even my father has never laid a
        hand on me.

Gennojo: Kids are supposed to grow up seeing
         the unfairness of adults.
         Let's get going.


Emilio: I'll kill you, Nyaponese.
        Ow, ow!
        Hitting me on the head is an
        international incident!

Gennojo: Can't you justify yourself without
         using your title as count of your
         Listen, your status or your country
         have no bearing on how great you
         Don't mistake what others created as
         your own. If you're a man, fight on
         your own. Got it?

Emilio: ...That's gender discrimination!

Gennojo: It just means that that's all you
         have now. Now if you understand,
         let's get on with the investigation.


Yukari: With an abundance of cuteness 100x
        over, she's even more gorgeous than
        Yukari Type 2 is finally here!
        Here's a big gun to your heart.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Gennojo: See? Do you want to be like her?
         It's better being a man, isn't it?

Emilio: ...

Yukari: Hey, I don't think I like what
        you're saying! Do you think it's
        better in a world with only men?

Gennojo: ...Women are no good. They get bent
         out of shape easy, are gossipy,
         and don't take criticism well.

Emilio: ...I've made my decision: Both of
        you are no good. I'll never become
        an adult like you two.

Yukari: Hey!

Gennojo: Me too?


Yukari: Why is it two against one!?


Emilio: I shouldn't have relied on other
        people in the first place

Gennojo: It's not good for a kid to be out of
         control. It leads to no good.

Emilio: ...

Gennojo: Oh, do you want a piece of me?

Emilio: An old man like you should sit back
        and rest in the sun. Leave the rest
        to the young.

Gennojo: ...Say what?

Emilio: Now if you'll excuse me.


Shikou: Hm, this looks like an easy

Emilio: Don't jusge a book by its cover.
        I'm country's... umm, citizen.

Shikou: You're quarreling amongst each other
        before a battle. You can't win that

Gennojo: We're very good buddies.

Emilio: I can handle this alone.

Shikou: Hmph, then here I come!


Shikou: What the!

Emilio: I firmly declare that adults today
        are no good.


Gennojo: Well, well. You're so cute trying to
         act all tought.

Emilio: Don't call me cute.

Gennojo: Good. That's how a man should be.
         So, what's your assessment of this
         incident so far?

Emilio: A crazy peraon kidnapped my people.
        That's all I need to know.
        And even if I did learn more about
        the suspect, it won't change my
        I'll have my people returned to me,
        then the appropriate punishment will
        be given.

Gennojo: I give you 20 points.

Emilio: What?

Gennojo: Think about it some more.


Freedom: A black wind is blowing.
         A parentlike wind trying to raise
         a child. A childlike wind trying to
         blow by itself.

Emilio: Cut the prattle. Let my people go.
        If you don't, I will use force,
        even if you are a woman.

Gennojo: That's gender discrimination.

Emilio: Shut up!
        ...So what say you!?

Freedom: I really would like to return them
         to you, but I cannot. We don't have
         the authority to do that.
         If you want to fulfill your mission,
         defeat me and move on.


Emilio: ...

Gennojo: What a kind enemy.
         I learned a lot.


Emilio: What did you learn?

Gennojo: There are several enemies, of
         which one is the boss. When she
         said, "We don't have the
         authority," that indicated that
         there are others that are the
         same rank as her.
         Of course, that also indicates there
         is someone above her. Simply put,
         she told us to defeat the "boss."

Emilio: ...Then why did you only give me
        20 points?

Gennojo: Man or god, no one is truly evil.
         They become bad because the
         opportunity arises.
         The opportunity to steal.
         The opportunity to imprison.
         And the opportunity to kill.
         I wonder what really is bad.
         Have you ever thought that it's not
         the living thing that is bad, but
         the opportunity that is?
         Or maybe it's the system that gives
         that opportunity. If we don't fix
         it, the same thing will happen
         over and over again.


Kagachi: You're a good teacher.

Gennojo: Well, thanks. I'm sure that the
         current system won't let us pass
         even if we ask and say please.

Kagachi: Correct. Defeat me.
         If you can.

Gennojo: Okay, then let's finish this
         quickly. Do your thinking later,


Kagachi: You fight well...


Emilio: People aren't bad; the opportunity
        is. It's the system that's bad...
        Is the system you're referring to
        the social system?

Gennojo: Don't say what you're thinking out
         loud. Speak at the end, only when
         you're sure of what you want to say.

Emilio: ...What about getting advice?

Gennojo: Did you want some advice?

Emilio: No... I got it.
        I won't speak of it any more.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare?
         What do you think of the nightmare
         I've shown you?
         They're well made. Don't you think?

Gennojo: How unexpected. Is one of your
         objectives to show nightmares?

Tsukiko: Yes. And you two are the winners.
         I'll give you a reward.
         I'll give you any dream you want.

Gennojo: No thanks. He and I are suited to
         cling to reality even if it means
         vomiting blood in the process.

Emilio: I will fulfill my duty.
        I don't need your prize.

Tsukiko: So valiant. ...Very well.
         Let's find out if those words will
         ring true.


Tsukiko: Let... reality crush you.

Gennojo: I think there's another round left.
         So, what do you think? Was she
         someone that needed to be killed?

Emilio: No...

Gennojo: Think about it some more.


Gennojo: So this is the pitiful end for those
         who are manipulated by the system...

Emilio: Are you telling me to change this

Gennojo: Who knows.
         Figure it out yourself.
         It's your life, isn't it?

Emilio: Understood.
        When you're an old man, I'll invite
        you to this country once again.
        Then you can see for yourself how I
        changed the so-called system.

Gennojo: ...I look forward to it.
         I won't live too long though, so
         you'd better hurry.

Gennojo waved his hand and walked

--C4. Emilio + Mihee--------------------------------------------------(em+mi)--


Mihee: Traveling is a good thing.

Emilio: What am I doing here?
        I'm royalty, you know.

Mihee: I don't know your country's dilemma.
       But I need to buy a lot of perfume.
       Okay, bag boy, let's get shopping.

Emilio: ...How did I end up like this?
        (I was trying to remember the
        incident to begin with.)


Mihee: Why am I here?

Emilio: (Why don't you just go back to your
        country if you're going to say

Mihee: I can hear you.

Emilio: Aahh!

Mihee: Well, there's no use in grieving
       over it. Let's get this over with
       and do some sightseeing.

Emilio: (What a positive person.)


Yukari: Now, embraced by a new wind!
        It's a brand-new, upgraded Yukari X!
        I always get the hex I'm aiming for.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Emilio: (...It's another one.)

Mihee: You compared me to that stupid woman
       just now, didn't you?

Emilio: Uh, no, I didn't.

Mihee: Fine, then let's fight.
       You can help.


Yukari: I am the illustion that you saw as a
        young boy.

Emilio: What is this? This indescribable
        feeling of pointless effort.

Mihee: It's because you don't play outside.


Emilio: ...

Mihee: Don't look so depressed, little boy.
       Just think of this as a game.

Emilio: I can't be that insincere.

Mihee: You're not very cute.

Emilio: I don't want to be cute.


Shikou: You're a lively one, little boy.

Mihee: The brat's just trying to act

Emilio: No, I'm not.

Shikou: Then let's leave it at that.
        Let's do battle.


Shikou: I imagine I was once like that a
        long time ago.

Mihee: I don't think he's as foolish as

Shikou: Indeed... I hope it works out.


Mihee: What a splendid castle.
       Don't you feel excited knowing
       you're about to fly through here?

Emilio: ...Not at all. Though, I do think
        it's kind of beautiful.

Mihee: You're not very obedient.

Emilio: You can't live life as royalty if
        you're obedient.

Mihee: Then that's just like an assassin.

Emilio: ...They're about the same thing.
        Both live off the sacrifice of

Mihee: ...Thinking like that will make you
       become just like someone I know.


Freedom: An exciting wind is blowing.
         I look forward to the future.

Mihee: You're my type of beautiful woman.

Emilio: What are you saying to someone you
        just met?

Mihee: Are you jealous because I'm honest?
       If you're jealous, just imitate.
       Toss aside your rank.

Freedom: I agree with what she's saying.
         Oh no, we have to fight, don't we?
         Let's begin this battle.


Freedom: Goodbye, little boy.
         Become a good adult.

Mihee: You really are my type.

Freedom: Thank you...


Mihee: ...A long time ago, there once was
       someone who, without any doubt, took
       over the family business.
       This person thought it was honorable
       to be the face of the underworld.
       But that was a mistake.
       The world is vast and deep.
       So much that it's not necessary to
       adhere to one particular thing.

Emilio: Are you talking about yourself?

Mihee: ...It could be anyone,
       just don't be like that.
       You're smart. Understand?


Kagachi: Are you training this boy?
         Are you training him to not be like
         Is that going to make you feel like
         you're free?

Mihee: ...

Emilio: Hey!
        Don't speak ill of her!


Kagachi: In order to be free... he must

Mihee: He'll fight as many times as it
       takes in order to be free.


Emilio: I'm sorry. I got angry a moment ago.

Mihee: ...If you're not royalty or an
       assassin, it wouldn't be bad to show
       your emotions. It's a good thing.

Emilio: ...What are you going to do when
        this is over?

Mihee: You don't need to know.


Tsukiko: Welcome, one who trains fate.
         And little boy.
         This is the end.
         Too bad, little boy. Your fate won't
         change. Win or lose, you'll still be
         alone. You'll still be abandoned.

Emilio: ...

Mihee: Saying goodbye is also a kind of
       love. How do you expect to be free
       if you fear it, Emilio?

Emilio: Yes, ma'am.

Mihee: Let's go.

Emilio: Yes, ma'am!


Mihee: It's over.

Emilio: ...No.
        There's still more.


Mihee: ...At the end, you realized it more
       quickly than a specialist like me.

Emilio: Did I pass?

Mihee: It depends on this battle.


While Emilio thought that the dawn
was bright, he let out a smile.

Emilio: ...Where are you going now?

Mihee: I have one more day before I leave
       this country.

Emilio: ...

Mihee: I'm going shopping.
       Do you want to carry my bags?

Emilio: ...I'm royalty, you know?

Mihee: You're royalty that's free.

Emilio: Then I'll carry your bags.

Mihee: Good.

--C5. Emilio + Nagino-------------------------------------------------(em+na)--


Emilio: Until that day, that moment, I met
        her, I was a mere brat that didn't
        know anything.
        The girl who taught me that was not
        much different than me in age, but
        she smelled of blood and flames.


Emilio: Do you think you can just go right
        into the Swan Castle? We should wait
        for the others...

Nagino: I thought it was you a moment ago
        that said adults were of no help.
        Answer me, Emilio Stanburke.
        Who's stronger, you or them?

Emilio: I am.

Nagino: Then what are you worried about?
        Follow me.


Yukari: Back by popular demand. It's Yukari
        ver.2! I'm here to nuke your heart.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Nagino: You can fight me, but remember this.
        I don't know back. I don't know
        defeat. And I always eliminate any
        obstacle that gets in my way.
        You can surrender of get trampled
        on. It's your privilege as the loser
        to choose one.

Emilio: I'm not sure which is worse...

Nagino: Heh...

Yukari: How irritating. Yhat kind of talk is
        so un-cute! You've pissed me off!
        I'll make you cry uncle!

Nagino: Then trampled it is.


Yukari: Awww!
        I've been trampled on!


Emilio: ...You're strong.
        What kind of demon did you make a
        contract with?

Nagino: I'm just a normal person that's
        found anywhere. I was born from
        regular parents, the best kind.
        Strength isn't determined by your
        hardware or your position.
        It's just like happiness.
        Even some royalty are unhappy.

Emilio: Are you referring to me?

Nagino: How would I know?
        Make your own conclusion.


Shikou: You seem dignifed and accustomed to
        giving orders. Are you of royal

Emilio: My name is Emilio Stanburke, the
        Count of this country. Return my
        people to me.

Nagino: My name is Mirai the Blue. I'm just
        an ultimate and unrivaled regular

Emilio: Uh, isn't your name Nagino?

Nagino: Women have all kinds of secrest.

Shikou: I am Shikou Mibuya. I am usually not
        permitted to reveal my name...
        But I am pleased to be able to fight
        people of such esteem. Here I come!


Shikou: Well done...

Nagino: I'm very obliged.


Nagino: Don't be angry.
        It's childish.

Emilio: I am a child. But you're a child
        too, aren't you? How unfair of you
        to have not said anything.

Nagino: I have no intention of being that
        friendly with you.

Emilio: That's what I'm saying is unfair.
        It's a pity.

Nagino: A pity?

Emilio: ...Never mind.


Freedom: Don't fight, you two.
         Get along now.

Nagino: This is the first time I've had the
        enemy say that to me. You have my

Emilio: It's not my fault. It's the fault of
        the person betrayed me.

Nagino: If you want someone to confide in,
        go buy a doll. But don't group dolls
        and humans together.

Freedom: Don't be like that. You can't defeat
         me unless you two work together.
         Now, make up both of you.

Nagino: Thanks for the warning.


Freedom: You two, get along now...

Nagino: What a kind enemy.


Emilio: ...Why did you keep it a secret from
        me? Did you think I would do
        something bad?

Nagino: It's a hassle to explain myself.

Emilio: ...

Nagino: And I have no intention of getting
        you mixed up in my battles. That
        is all. The life I lead is dyed
        in flames and blood.


Kagachi: You look strong.
         Maybe even stronger than me.

Nagino: Then withdraw.

Kagachi: Thanks for the offer.
         But I can't.
         I will protect Tsukiko.

Nagino: I see. I'm sorry to hear that.
        Then let's fight.

Emilio: Hey, wait! Isn't there another way?
        Maybe we can talk it over.

Kagachi: You don't understand the feelings
         of a warrior.

Nagino: If there's something worth fighting
        for, there's no room for talk. Try
        to understand. ...Sorry about that.

Kagachi: Don't worry about it.


Kagachi: Tsukiko...

Nagino: I'll send her to you soon.


Emilio: Don't you have any feelings?
        They seemed like good people.
        You didn't even raise an eyebrow.

Nagino: Is what you're saying more important
        than your people?

Emilio: Well...

Nagino: That's what a battle is. If you
        don't like it, change the world.
        Create a world where there are no
        enemies and no allies. A world where
        there's no need to fight.


Tsukiko: You defeated Kagachi.

Nagino: He was a fine warrior.

Tsukiko: ...I see.
         Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Emilio: I don't know what your intentions
        are, but please lay down your
        weapon. I-I don't want to fight you.

Tsukiko: Haha, that's a lie. You just
         don't want to let her fight, right?
         Foolish child, she is the Queen of
         Flames. A cursed child born to a
         demon lord and a shrine maiden of
         electronics. An arrow fated to
         incinerate all. Forget about me.
         There's no way that someone like
         you can go on living and not
         get killed.

Nagino: Is that all you have to say?
        Then it's time to be trampled on.


Emilio: ...It's over.

Nagino: ...No, not yet.
        I haven't fulfilled my duty yet.


Emilio: Wh-What is this?

Nagino: It's a parting gift.
        If we die here, we won't be able to
        save anybody. Keep that in mind.


Emilio: ...Are you going already?

Nagino: I've done my duty.

Emilio: Why not stay here? You can go skiiing
        in the winter and go sailing in the summer.
        I... I want to be friends with you.

Nagino: If you want to be my friend, are you
        prepared to abandon this country as
        Or are you prepared to kill with
        conviction? Can you hurt others like
        the ones we just encountered?

Emilio: That's...

Nagino: Then it's no use. If you want to
        walk with me, you'll have to give up
        Forget about me and live a happy
        life. You weren't such a bad guy,
        and neither was this country.

Emilio: Why do you travel?

Nagino: ...To take revenge on the fate that
        abandoned my mother and me.

Nagino Ise disappeard, never to be
seen again, leaving Emilio all

--C6. Emilio + Reika--------------------------------------------------(em+re)--


Reika: Reika's in a bind. I accepted the
       director's assignement... But, where
       am I...? *sob*

Emilio: ...Umm, what are you doing?
        I mean, I'd appreciate it if you
        would let me through.

Reika: You're just in luck!

Emilio: Me?

Reika: Of course! It's good luck to meet a
       beauty like me, right? So, umm, you
       know where I can find Swan Castle?

Emilio: Uhh...
        (Points quietly behind Reika.)

Reika: Huh? That building?


Reika: Hehe, heheheh.
       You're a big help.

Emilio: (What's with this person?)
        Do you have business in the Swan
        Castle? It isn't open to tourist.

Reika: Ah, me? Reika's here to solve the
       incident. A couple is supposed to
       have illict sexual relations here.
       I'm gonna change that hisotry.
       I'm not gonne let them have their
       first kiss here.

Emilio: ...The incident in question here is
        that there are a huge number of
        missing persons.

Reika: Buh? That's strange. Are you saying
       this is a diffcult case?
       Alright, I'll do my best.

Emilio: ...


Yukari: Back by popular demand, it's Yukari
        version Z! With a scent of love in
        the air, I'm back, better than ever!
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Reika: Sorry, but ya know, Reika is Double Z--
       Ah! Stop! What are you doing?

Emilio: Please stop it!

Yukari: Ahhh, how cuuute!
        Who is this kid?

Reika: This is Reika's, so you can't have

Emilio: I said please stop it!


Yukari: Why is it two against one?

Reika: It's the power of love.

Emilio: ...Please stop it.


Reika: Do you have something you wanna talk
       about, Emi? Big sis will listen to
       you any time.

Emilio: (I bet this is what it feels like to
        have a younger sister.)
        No, umm, since we've come this far,
        it'll be dangerous if we go back.
        Keep quiet and come with me. Okay?

Reika: Aee you scared? Okay. Reika eats her
       carrots, so she has good night
       vision. I'll go with you.

Emilio: How did it come to this...?


Shikou: A girl and her younger brother here?
        What has become of this world?
        Withdraw. I will not pursue.

Emilio: I don't like being called the
        younger brother.

Reika: Yeah. Reika isn't even born at this
       point yet.

Shikou: ...My apologies.

Reika: Don't sweat it.

Shikou: ...

Reika: ...

Shikou: Um, do we really need to do battle?
        This won't be easy for me.

Reika: This wouldn't be a very good game if
       the boss ran away.


Shikou: I guess it was good it was just a

Reika: He said I was as beautiful as a 

Emilio: What are you talking about...?


Emilio: Got it? From now on, you can't go on
        alone. Just stay behind me and try
        not to get hurt.

Reika: You remind me of my boss when I was
        a rookie, Emi.

Emilio: (I feel like an older brother.) When
        I'm with you, I feel like... Hey!
        Don't look at your notes when
        someone's talking to you.

Reika: ...Ah, that's right.
       Have you ever wanted to die, Emi?
       Have you felt despair or lonliness?

Emilio: ...Do you think about things like

Reika: Reika? Uh-uh.


Freedom: Hmhm, a wind that makes you want to
         smile is blowing. It is a wind like
         beautiful spring.
         Today is a beautiful day.

Emilio: Why are there only weird
        people here...?

Reika: I think it's better than
       having bad people.

Freedom: You're right. Now then, shall we
         fight? You know who I am,
         don't you?

Reika: Reika? Uh-huh. You're a memory,
       right? I think you're a memory of
       the director.

Freedom: Correct.
         Please tell this child later.
         There's no need to worry about us.


Freedom: It really is... a good era now...

Emilio: Reika, you shouldn't think of
        wanting to die.
        If you're alive, something good is
        bound to come your way. There might
        be someone that needs you.

Reika: Reika feels a bit awkward.
       I'm the one that's worried about


Emilio: So then, you're saying that the
        castle itself, and the people in it,
        is just a dream?

Reika: Uh-huh.
       I think that everyone's fast asleep
       by now.

Emilio: ...Why is there a castle like this?

Reika: The former loop of the Dream Park
       System is probably still active.
       This is a problem.
       So you don't have to worry about
       hurting people.

Emilio: I'm not worried about that!


Kagachi: I see you're not alone.
         Good for you.

Emilio: Good for...?
        It's just more trouble for me.

Reika: Really? I think you're having a good
       time too.

Emilio: That's... tree... but...

Kagachi: Heh, I'll eat you both.
         You'll be together in my belly.


Reika: see ya.

Kagachi: You guys... are weird.


Emilio: At any rate, don't think about

Reika: What about you, Emi?
       Haven't you ever felt like wanting
       to die?

Emilio: ...I would never think such a thing.

Reika: I see. Then, you're alright now.


Tsukiko: Welcome, funny girl and her little

Reika: Oh, that's funny!

Emilio: At least call us "the boy and his
        younger sister"!

Tsukiko: I am the greatest nightmare.

Emilio: You're a nightmare alright...

Reika: Hey!
       Hurry up and let's do this!
       Reika's in serious mode!


Tsukiko: The nightmare is ceasing to be a

Reika: Well, we ended up changing history.

Tsukiko: Foolish child.
         You should have stayed asleep

Emilio: The conversation's been stagnant for
        a while now, Reika. Really now...

Reika: Uh-huh.
       Let's get this last fight started.


Emilio: It's finally over.

Reika: Uh-huh.

Emilio: I'm tired...

Reika: Yeah, I think I'll go home too.

Emilio: Huh? Ah, yes, of course.
        Um... Would you...

Reika: Uh-uh.
       My home is just a blink away.
       Ah, I almost forgot.
       I'll take your demon with me, Emi.
       I'm sure it'll suit you better to be
       a normal boy.
       And if the History Security Police
       come, keep this a secret, okay?
       Reika did a few naughty things.
       And also...

Reika kissed Emilio on the forehead.

Reika: I'm the big sister after all.
       See ya.

--C7. Emilio + Munchausen----------------------------------------------(em+mu)--


Emilio: I was told that the person I'm
        supposed to pair up with is a witch.

Munchausen: My lady said that she wasn't able
            to fix her hair to her liking.

Emilio: Who are you?

Munchausen: My name is Munchausen. I have been
            serving as the lady's butler for
            many years. I've come on her behalf.

Emilio: ...I'm a little worried.

Munchausen: Leave everything to me.


Emilio: There's the castle.
        Excuse me, but I was told that the
        person I'm supposed to pair up with
        is a witch.

Munchausen: My lady said that she wasn't able
            to fix her hair to her liking.

Emilio: Then, who are you?

Munchausen: My name is Munchausen. I have been
            serving as the lady's butler for
            many years. I've come on her behalf.

Emilio: ...I'm a little worried.

Munchausen: Leave everything to me.


Yukari: Do you know why we can fly?

Emilio: ...It's because of our old blood.
        A long time ago, there was once a
        species of people that could fly.

Munchausen: There are those in this world
            that can get things done with sheer will.
            Blood and tradition have no meaning
            under the blue sky. Remember that
            when you go to hell.


Yukari: Huh? Why? This guy's strong!

Munchausen: Please rest in peace.


Emilio: ...Are you really a butler?

Munchausen: I am a versatile butler.

Emilio: You possess the old blood too?

Munchausen: ...A thing like that has no value.
            Do not discriminate against other
            people just because you can fly.


Shikou: Limitless magic erupts from you.
        Your power increases as time passes.
        ...You're certainly not human.

Emilio: I knew it. Are you a demon?

Munchausen: As I said, I am a versatile butler.
            A long time ago, I swore my loyalty
            to a certain witch.
            If I were to say so, I guess I am a
            demon without evil. I am neither
            good nor evil. I am just a demon.
            I am Fumiko's demon, Muncahusen.
            Remember that when you go to hell.


Shikou: The old gods' power is to be feared,
        young lad. To work with them is
        treason against mankind...

Munchausen: Silence.
            Go to hell quietly.


Emilio: ...You're very strong.

Munchausen: It is one's heart that is, Master
            Emilio. Do not fear power, but
            fear the darkness in one's heart.
            There are humans stronger than me.
            There are greater demons weaker than
            me. That is the nature of power.


Freedom: It's so nice to fly. I wonder how
         the common people feel?

Munchausen: Milady, that arrogance is what
            destroyed the Oma.

Freedom: They were destroyed because the
         blue betrayed then. No, it was Shiyone
         that betrayed them. My husband who
         left me and fell in love with a

Munchausen: ...

Freedom: Isn't that right, eastern wind that
         protects the four directions?
         The blue who is a deep blue liar.

Munchausen: All must become blue in the presence
            of the deep blue. Remember that when
            you go to hell.


Freedom: How lucky...


Emilio: ...What were you talking to her

Munchausen: It was something that people who
            live in the present do not need to
            know or need to remember.
            Yes... We fought so that we could be


Kagachi: There is an old legend.
         When the most powerful mystical
         the dancing doll, was persuaded by a
         princess and sided with the humans,
         the four pillars of Arada followed.
         I wonder what became of the water
         dragon that governed the eastern

Munchausen: The water dragon's domain is not the
            eastern winds. The one that governs
            the 880,000 is the tunderbird.

Kagachi: The bird of lightning was said to
         have burned to ash, but was revived
         by gaining new wings.
         It was said to be more powerful than
         the water dragon.

Munchausen: It is not even strong enough to
            withstand the punch of a regular
            That is not what strength is about.
            Remember that when you go to hell.


Kagachi: So this is strength.

Munchausen: Not at all.


Emilio: I wonder what strength is.

Munchausen: It is a specialty that has no real

Emilio: I always wanted to be stronger.

Munchausen: Justice and love also have no
            meaning in much the same way.
            It is up to the individual.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         No, perhaps you are the nightmare,
         legendary demon thunderbird.

Munchausen: Master Emilio, what do you intend to
            gain by becoming stronger? New foes?
            Or the enmity of fallen enemies?

Emilio: ...

Munchausen: You must strive to gain strength
            with meaning.


Tsukiko: Don't think you can win because
         of this...

Munchausen: Of course not.

Emilio: Look at that!


Munchausen: It's over.

Emilio: ...Hey, did the legendary
        thunderbird really get stronger?

Munchausen smiled and gently started

Munchausen: It is quite a long story.
            I will begin with how we how we first found
            our home...

--D1. Fumiko + Roger--------------------------------------------------(fu+ro)--


Fumiko: Roger, do you know where my Kohtaro

Roger: (Huh?)
       Haha, if you're referring to my
       Kohtaro, I don't know where he is.

Fumiko: (Hmph...)
        What's with you?
        You can't even bear children.

Roger: Tsukiko is in charge of that.

Fumiko: ...I'm getting a headache.
        Are you serious?

Roger: I hate strange people trying to get
       with Kohtaro, but since Tsukiko is
       family, I have no problem with that.

Fumiko: That's an even bigger problem!


Fumiko: This isn't good.
        Since that last incident, I think
        those two have gotten closer.

Roger: Yes, it is indeed very dangerous.
       The not-so-beloved Sayo's chastity
       is in danger.

Fumiko: Don't you think we should work

Roger: That's probably a good idea.
       (It can't be helped for now...)

Fumiko: (I'll just kill him when I get a


Yukari: What? They're not cosplaying as me,
        but as Fumiko and Roger?
        I guess you still haven't grasped
        the concept of the World of Castle

Roger: It lookes like the enemy.

Fumiko: Even if she wasn't, it would be
        better to think of her as the enemy.
        I have no clue what she's saying,
        but it's irrtating.
        (Not as much as you though.)

Roger: Agreed.
       (Though she's not as bad as you,
       who's always flirting with Kohtaro.)


Fumiko: It looks like you didn't know...

Roger: But the truth is...

Fumiko: (I'm the most popular...)
Roger: (I am the most popular...)

Yukari: How awful!


Roger: When this is over...

Fumiko: What?

Roger: (I'm going to go and play with

Fumiko: (I'm going to play with Kohtaro...)

Roger: No, for now we just need to survive.

Fumiko: You're right.


Shikou: I can't believe you guys made it
        here first.


Shikou: I thought that Sayo and the young man
        left before you... Are they taking
        their time, or on a rendezvous

Fumiko: Wha...!?

Roger: Gaaah.

Fumiko: L-Let's take this guy down quickly.

Roger: I-I agree.


Shikou: What is this strength...!?

Roger: The power of love!
       Yes, the love for Kohtaro.

Fumiko: You're revealing the truth.
        You're so stupid.


Fumiko: I want to give you a bloody death,

Roger: You've got some nerve.

Fumiko: Unfortunately, we don't have
        the luxury right now.
        (I'll kill you later.)

Roger: We have to hurry.
       (I'll defeat you later.)


Freedom: A turbulant wind is blowing.
         What the...?

Roger: Get out of our way!

Fumiko: Stepmother, would you mind getting
        out of our way?

Freedom: Umm, I was hoping that you would be
         at least a bit more surprised to see

Fumiko: Nothing else matters when I have a
        man on the line. Just get out our
        way. You'll be sorry if you don't.

Freedom: Liar! You're a liar!
         You've already started to use your

Fumiko: I'm pressed for time!


Roger: You should have taken your time and
       talked wth your mother.

Fumiko: I haven't aged enough yet to ponde
        the past.

Freedom: I don't think that's the point.
         Ohhh, what a world...! What a world!


Fumiko: How far are we?

Roger: We're just a little over half way.

Fumiko: Let's hurry.

Roger: Double time!


Kagachi: So you ca--Oogh!

Fumiko: Hurry it up with the introductions.

Kagachi: Aren't you out of time already?
         If a man and a woman are together
         and have 25 minu--Oogh!

Roger: Hey! This title is ported to a game
       console in the home!

Kagachi: I think you should just head back.

Roger: Huh!?

Fumiko: There's no such thing as retreat in
        my vocabulary. Roger, let's commence
        Conquer and Advance!


Kagachi: You never admit your mistakes, do

Fumiko: I've never made any. If there is a
        mistake, it's the world that made


Roger: ...

Fumiko: ...

Roger: Hahaha...

Fumiko: Hmhmhm...

Fumiko/Roger (Time's up... Time's up...
             Time's up...!)


Roger: Hahaha...

Fumiko: Hmhmhm...

Tsukiko: They're already broken before we
         even got started. This is going to
         be difficult... *sigh* Well, I guess I
         better do it anyway...
         Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare.

Roger: This is a nightmare all right...
       ...Huh? Fumiko?

Fumiko: Greatest also means the last, right?
        Wait, this is a nightmare...
        Yes, a nightmare.
        If I burn this girl to death, I'm 
        sure I'll wake up, and everything
        will be back to normal.


Tsukiko: ...The nightmare has just begun.

Fumiko: There's no greater nightmare than

Roger: Yes, that's for sure. At any rate,
       you appear to be Tsukiko's impostor.

Tsukiko: Why are you bringing that up now?


The two run off without even
observing the crumbling castle.

Fumiko: Let's hurry.

Roger: Agreed!

Fumiko: (I should control this ninja with my
        magic and kill Sayo. It'll be like
        killing two birds with one stone.

Roger: (I should egg on this witch and
       come to their rescue.)

Fumiko: Hahahaha!

Roger: Haahaha!

The two move off into the distance.

--D2. Fumiko + Gennojo------------------------------------------------(fu+ge)--


Gennojo: This is awful. I'm rolling down a
         path of destruction.

Fumiko: You sound like you're reading a
        script. Stop acting like a bad

Gennojo: It's your fault!

Fumiko: Are you talking about the money I
        lent you? Or is about your rent
        I paid.

Gennojo: O-Of course, it's all thanks to you,


Fumiko: Now, why don't we take a look around
        our new home?

Gennojo: What do you mean?

Fumiko: Oh, are you going to embarrass a

Gennojo: Aren't you too old to be embarrassed
         about anything?

Fumiko: I saw on TV that they've been
        aggressively going after overdue
        rent recently.

Gennojo: Ha, haha. Of course, I'll go with
         you. We wouldn't want that, now
         would we, Miss Landlady?


Yukari: Huh? Aren't you that private
        investigator? What are you doing
        around here?

Gennojo: The part-timer at the flower shop?
         What are you doing here?
         Hey, why aren't you at school?

Yukari: I ditched class, of course! There
        was an ad to be boss of this stage,
        so I took it. It pays pretty well.

Gennojo: Is that so?

Fumiko: That high-pitched voice is loud and
        annoying. Gennojo, take care of her.

Gennojo: ...You want me to do what?

Fumiko: Rent...

Gennojo: Damn. I feel like crying.
         I mean, no hard feelings.
         Just die.

Yukari: This happens to be my job.
        I'll make you cry uncle!


Yukari: Uncle! Uncle!

Gennojo: I'm kind of worried that she's
         getting dumber and dumber every time
         she gets hit.

Fumiko: Why don't you take responsibility

Gennojo: Don't tease pure old me.


Gennojo: What beatutiful scenery.

Fumiko: It sure is.

Gennojo: Why do we have to fight in such a
         place? We should just enjoy the

Fumiko: ...True. But I guess that's just the
        nature of a Yaoto.


Shikou: Doesn't it make you feel like
        fighting because the scenery is so

Gennojo: ...Listening in on other people's
         conversations? That's not very

Fumiko: There are times where one would
        fight for a beautiful woman.
        So Gennojo, sic him.

Gennojo: I'm a wolf.
         Don't treat me like a pet dog...

Fumiko: Rent...

Gennojo: Arf, arf!


Shikou: How miserable.

Gennojo: Shut up.

Fumiko: That's pretty much the extent of a
        man's happiness.


Gennojo: I dreaded that day. I dreamed of
         that day. The day the rent is
         collected, the 3rd of each month.

Fumiko: What are you getting all poetic
        about? You're such an annoying man.
        A beautiful woman is collecting your
        rent. You should be happy. I know,
        sing a song about how happy you are.

Gennojo: No way.

Fumiko: Why don't you just live with me and
        Kotaro at the mansion?

Gennojo: No! Anything but that!


Freedom: So you made it, my personal sin.

Gennojo: What?

Fumiko: ...Stepmother?

Gennojo: Wait, so is she an old woman?

Fumiko/Freedom: Shut up.

Gennojo: *gag*

Freedom: ...You still call me that, I see.

Fumiko: ...
        Hmhmhmhm, today's a good day
        I get another chance to kill you.
        I'm so happy, I'm crying.

Freedom: ...You still think of that person...

Fumiko: Men are all mine, Stepmother.
        Hurry and go back to hell.


Freedom: ...Naughty girl...

Gennojo: Hey, shouldn't you have raised her
         to be a little easier on collecting
         the rent?


Gennojo: You called her "stepmother." I didn't
         know you were married. Shouldn't you
         be taking care of your husband?

Fumiko: What are you talking about?
        That's my stepmother.
        She took me in and raised me.

Gennojo: And you beat the crap out of her?

Fumiko: We both fell in love with the same
        man. All woman are enemies then.
        Kill the enemy.


Kagachi: So you made it, one who has the
         pride of a wolf.

Gennojo: You'd understand if you lived in a
         rental apartment too.

Fumiko: There's nothing strange about a
        witch using a wolf to do her

Kagachi: Is that all you have to say?

Fumiko: Such an insolent one...
        Fine, I'll just kill you.
        Gennojo, get him.

Gennojo: I'd personally like to persuade you
         more. I'm not too thrilled about
         that, so I wanna make that point clear.

Fumiko: Rent...

Gennojo: Aahh! I have no choice!


Gennojo: I want you to know one thing.

Kagachi: What is it?

Gennojo: I'm not doing this bcause I want to

Fumiko: You became a loser the moment you
        tried to understand the enemy.


Gennojo: But the realtors said that the
         apartment manager was beautiful...

Fumiko: I am beatufiul.

Gennojo: They said the landlady was supposed
         to be nice.

Fumiko: I'm very kindhearted.

Gennojo: They say, the plainer the woman,
         the fiercer the love.

Fumiko: Anyone who says that should be
        dragged out into the street and


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare.

Gennojo: It truly is a nightmare.

Fumiko: I'll drag you out into the street.

Gennojo: If I rented a castle like this, I'd
         be broke in a month.

Fumiko: You subtly evaded the point, didn't
        you? Alright, young women are
        irritating, so go execute her.

Gennojo: The reason to take her out is like
         a nightmare.


Tsukiko: All you can do is control people
         with money and objects...

Fumiko: Oh, I have my body as well.

Gennojo: If a man gets involved with her
         haphazardly, she'll swallow his like

Tsukiko: I wonder if yo can still keep on
         joking after this...



Fumiko: Oh, finished already?
        You're not so tough.

Gennojo: I'm tired.
         I just want to sleep now.

Fumiko: That's fine with me.
        I'll let you sleep on my lap.

Gennojo: No. I'm fine. I'm gonna go back to
         the hotel, lock the door, turn back
         into a wolf, and go to sleep.

Fumiko: Why don't you just give in?
        It won't be so bad serving me.

Gennojo: No. I have my friendship.
         I can't betray Kim.

Fumiko: She can stay with me also.
        Kohtaro is number one, of course.

Gennojo: ...No thank you.
         I think you're actually serious this

Fumiko: Suit yourself, I'm not in a hurry
        anyway. You'll at least have lunch
        with me, won't you?
        I'm sure you can't read German.
        It'll be my trest.

...Gennojo's face became miserably
distorted. He had lost to the
promise of food.

--D3. Fumiko + Mihee--------------------------------------------------(fu+mi)--


Mihee: I just want to let you know,
       there are two types of people I
       don't like: women, and women who
       act flirtatiously.

Fumiko: Hmm. So what about it?

Mihee: You're both.

Fumiko: Oh, those standards seem to denounce
        yourself. I guess hating yourself
        also causes you to hate others.

Mihee: ...I hate smart women too.

Fumiko: I'm glad.


Mihee: It's distateful to build a castle
       on a lake.

Fumiko: It's not unusual to use a river
        or lake as a natural moat.
        At least not here.
        However, this place is like a villa,
        so it might have been built for
        evening parties on boats.
        It's not leaning, so the foundation
        seems to be solid. It looks like
        it's late 17th century.

Mihee: We're going to destroy it anyway.
       Who cares?

Fumiko: I'm explaining this because it's
        gonna be destroyed. You can't look
        at it again one it's destroyed, can you?


Yukari: A beautiful woman has appeared from
        the desk drawer. The super-cute
        angel, Yukari Mark 2, has arrived!
        Now that I'm here, I won't let you
        do as you please.

Mihee: ...

Fumiko: Aren't you glad? This one looks like
        she's for you. You don't like her,
        right? Why don't you try liking her?

Mihee: No, this is just too muhc.

Yukari: Are you moved?

Fumiko: Maybe amazed.

Mihee: What a pity.

Yukari: What do you mean by that?
        Fine! I'll take you down!
        Prepare yourself.


Yukari: Awww...
        Two against one isn't fair!

Mihee: I'm sure women who talk like that
       get the cold shoulder.

Fumiko: It's pitiful becase she doesn't
        even realize it... It sound like
        you have some issues too.


Mihee: I hope we don't get another woman
       like her next time.

Fumiko: If we do, that's fine as well.
        We can probably take it easy then.

Mihee: Not-at-all. I get a headache
       whenever I deal with someone like
       that. I prefer a normal enemy.

Fumiko: Like a handsome man?

Mihee: Is that all you think about?

Fumiko: No. I'm just teasing you.
        I only have the hots for one man.


Fumiko: 70 points.

Mihee: You have bad taste.
       It's more like 40 points.

Fumiko: The lowest score I give is
        70 points.

Shikou: I'm not sure what you meant,
        but I know I've been insulted.
        Prepare yourselves, women!

Mihee: See? You've made him angry.
       That's why I was against it.

Fumiko: Oh, you say that, but you seem to
        be on a roll.

Mihee: We'll continue this after the


Shikou: Oh my!

Fumiko: What's he so surprised about?


Fumiko: He wasn't that tough.
        I want to take a shower.

Mihee: ...
       Don't you get sick of it?

Fumiko: Of what?

Mihee: Uh, well, um, men always try to
       show how great they are.
       Don't you end up disliking it?

Fumiko: The men I fall in love with
        are terrible at showing off.
        If they pretend to be tough,
        they do it in a different situation.

Mihee: Such as?

Fumiko: Well, when they're sad.
        If you're going to fall in love,
        that kind of guy is best.


Freedom: A kind wind is blowing.
         So even you can play a wind like
         this, Odette.

Mihee: Who is this woman?

Fumiko: The person that raised me... No.
        Probably... an illusion or a way
        to revive the dead.

Freedom: You seem calm.

Fumiko: You're the one that taught me to be.


Freedom: You're no longer the little Odette
         I used to know.

Fumiko: You're right.
        She died a long time ago.


Mihee: Was it okay to defeat her?

Fumiko: It's better than having her be
        controlled by someone.
        She's not that kind of person.


Kagachi: So you made it.

Mihee: 30 points.

Fumiko: I say 70 points.
        Your points have decreased.

Mihee: He doesn't look very smart.
       Men should be intelligent.

Fumiko: Oh, a glasses fetish...


Kagachi: Should I have worn glasses then?

Fumiko: No, don't even bother.

Kagachi: I see...


Mihee: What's with this place, anyway?
       There are too many weird people

Fumiko: One thing for sure is that they
        weren't selected for their fighting
        Hmmm... I got it!

Mihee: Did you find something?

Fumiko: I won't be sure until I verify it.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Mihee: So you're the ring leader.

Fumiko: No, I don't this so.
        And she's not the greatest.

Tsukiko: ...You've got good senses.

Fumiko: You're just saying greatest so that
        you can make people think that,
        You may be the last, but you aren't
        the greatest.

Mihee: So, what are we going to do?

Fumiko: The same as usual.
        We'll first conquer.
        Everything else comes later.


Tsukiko: ...This is the end.

Fumiko: ...



Mihee: It's over.
       The castle is crumbling.

Fumiko: No, not yet.

Fumiko crushes a small ball in her

Fumiko: Now it's over.

Mihee: And that was?

Fumiko: A device that makes you dream.
        It's been making everyone dream.

Mihee: I see...
       Um, I'm sorry.

Fumiko: For what?

Mihee: I was looking down on you.

Fumiko: I'd forgotten about that. Anyway,
        let's get some rest. We should be
        able to sleep now without dreaming.

--D4. Fumiko + Nagino-------------------------------------------------(fu+na)--


Nagino: It looks like everyone was caught
        and is sleeping in that castle.

Fumiko: I can't believe they got caught by
        such an old-school spell.

Nagino: Hmm, a large scale sleep cube
        depends on the person...

Fumiko: It won't affect me.

Nagino: You're not a dreamer.


Fumiko: As long as you're here, it looks
        like I can just sit back and watch.

Nagino: Hey, that's not fair.
        Let's fight together.

Fumiko: You're a difficult little girl.


Yukari: Long time no see!

Nagino: Who are you?

Fumiko: Who are you?

Munchausen: It's Miss Yukari Horiguchi.
            She was at the Twisted Castle.

Fumiko: Hmm. So she's someone that's been
        crushed by me?

Yukari: Wha... Who got crushed!?
        Look at you!
        You even had a kid now!

Fumiko: You couldn't have a kid even if you
        wanted to. You don't even have a
        boyfriend. On top of that, it looks
        like you've been demoted.
        I feel sorry for you.

Nagino: Let's hurry and defeat her and move
        on. I'm getting bored.

Yukari: You both have a nasty mouth.
        I'm gonna make you both say uncle!

Fumiko: Hmm, that's a nice word.


Fumiko: Uncle.

Nagino: Uncle.
        Okay. Well, buh-bye now.

Yukari: This sucks!


Fumiko: That idiot was unbelievable.

Nagino: Don't you think she was kind of

Fumiko: Then why don't you take her with
        you on your journey?

Nagino: That's impossible.
        The road I'm taking is painted with
        blood and it's hard to tread.


Shikou: The Road to the Abyss, huh?

Nagino: Hey, is this man handsome?

Fumiko: No. He's the type that lives in his
        own delusions, is good for nothing
        and probably can't persevere.

Shikou: Hey, you're subtly sating bad things
        about me, aren't you?

Fumiko: I guess you've never heard a
        conversation between two girls.
        That's why I said you're delusional.

Shikou: What!?

Fumiko: Ahahahaha.

Shikou: You call yourself a girl with a face
        like that?

Fumiko: I'm going to kill you. Munchausen,
        commence targeting laser. Don't even
        let his ashes remain.


Shikou: I can't believe I'm being killed for
        such a stupid reason.

Fumiko: There are some things that people
        say to a woman that allows her to
        kill them.


Nagino: There are some things that people
        say to a woman that allows her to
        kill them...
        Come to think of it, the person that
        raised me used to say the same

Fumiko: She sounds like a wonderful person.

Nagino: Uh-huh.


Freedom: You're still not married yet...

Fumiko: I can't just choose one man.
        All men in this world are mine.
        Kohtaro is special, of course.

Nagino: Who is this person?

Freedom: Thank you for taking care of my

Fumiko: It's an illusion that looks exactly
        like someone I used to know.

Nagino: Should I defeat her for you?

Fumiko: Don't bother.
        We'll fight as usual.


Freedom: ...

Fumiko: Goodbye, Stepmother.
        You were a good woman.
        Even now, I think of how good it
        would've been if we didn't fall in
        love with the same person.


Nagino: Fumiko, you really were fond of your

Fumiko: It's over now, and it was a long
        time ago. It was so long ago, it
        might've not even been me.

Nagino: I wonder if I'm gonna talk that way
        about my mother some day...

Fumiko: As your mentor, I suggest that,
        when it happens, don't hesitate.
        End it in one blow. That's the best.


Kagachi: A mother and her daughter.

Fumiko: I don't mind that, but I wouldn't do
        her real mother justice. I'm just a
        chaperone. One that smells of blood.

Kagachi: Why do you fight?

Nagino: To kill the father that abandoned
        us. And today, just for the heck of

Fumiko: Because it seems like fun.

Kagachi: You're honest, but that's not a very
         respectable reason.

Fumiko: People don't have deep reasons to
        kill each other all the time.
        That's just the way people are.


Kagachi: I've been kind of defeated.

Nagino: I don't think you said that


Nagino: Hey, what does it feel like living
        so long? Aren't you lonely?

Fumiko: I'm not sure.
        I've ever lived any other way, so I
        don't know.
        I can say I once met a man that
        lived a very long time, but he was
        A man that dies in less than 150
        years is a lot better.
        ...That's what I think.
        Everyone probably has the same
        amount of radiance in their life.
        It either shines brightly in a
        single moment, or it merely
        flickers for a long time.

Nagino: Is it better to shine brightly in a
        single moment?

Fumiko: Who knows?
        There are times when you want
        someone to live a long time, even if
        it doesn't mean shining brightly.
        Even I don't have the answer to that.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares,
         cursed women of noir and rouge.
         Who's blood do you want today?

Fumiko: That's an old beauty treatment.

Nagino: All I want to do is press the
        win button.

Tsukiko: I guess there's no choice but to

Fumiko/Nagino: *sigh*

Tsukiko: Well, this is that kind of castle
         after all. Now, if you want to wake
         everybody, you'll have to ight!

Fumiko: Isn't there an easier way?
        I wouldn't mind if you would just
        hang yourself.

Nagino: I'd prefer the win button.


Tsukiko: If that's the case, I'll have to
         fight with this.

Fumiko: What a stubborn woman.
        You're stepping in a mine field.

Nagino: ...


Fumiko: It's over.
        ...Huh You don't look so happy.
        Is something wrong?

Nagino: That woman looked like my mom.
        No, not just my mom, she also looked
        like me. That's why...

Fumiko: You shouldn't be that way.
        It's okay if you do something bad,
        but losing is out of the question.

Nagino: I get it.
        You just have to win.

Fumiko: Yes.

And so, Nagino Ise came one step
closer to become an adult.
A terrible, terrible adult.

--D5. Fumiko + Reika--------------------------------------------------(fu+re)--


The future.
The setting, Nakano.

Reika: I-If I get demoted any more, my rank
       well be lower than a police dog.

Fumiko: Just go eat some dog food.
        Or else...

Reika: Aaaahhh!
       I'll do it! I'll do it!

Fumiko: ...Good girl.


Present day.

Reika: Aaaahhh, the director is here!
       I'll do it. This time, I'll really,
       really do it.
       So please, please don't demote me
       any more.

Fumiko: What's she talking about...?
        What a strange girl.


Yukari: Tadah. Hey, listen, you guys.
        Well, you don't have to if you
        don't want to.
        But I've been asked out on my first
        Hey, hey!
        Isn't that mazaing?

Fumiko: It must suck to be unpopular.
        ...At any rate, what a strange girl.
        Can you figure her out?

Reika: Hmm, Reika thinks it's probably a
       residual will or holomodel.
       Huh? But isn't the director an
       authority on the subject?
       Like the Mars Independence War..?

Fumiko: What are you talking about? *sigh*
        Is the castle emitting some sort of
        radio wave that makes everyone stupid?
        No matter, it's all the
        same if I kill them.


Reika: Auauauauu.
       Why didn't we arrest her?

Fumiko: Because it's easier and more fun to
        kill her, of course. We aren't the
        police, you know.

Reika: Huh?
       But isn't the director at the top?


Reika: Hmm.

Fumiko: You don't look very smart.
        You'll get tired if you think too

Reika: Hmm. Hmmm...
       (I'm sure this director isn't lying.
       But the director in the future
       doesn't lie either.)

Fumiko: What are you clapping your hands

Reika: Ah, I see. You're not the director.
       You're someone else.

Fumiko: Didn't I say I didn't know
        anyone like that?

Reika: Reika is so smart.

Fumiko: ..Uh-huh.


Shikou: You look tired. I would have liked
        to battle you if you were at full

Fumiko: Don't worry. I just have a headache
        because of my not-so-bright friend.

Reika: Where is she?

Fumiko: See what I mean?

Shikou: I see. I may be the enemy, but let
        me just say that I feel your pain.

Fumiko: I guess I should say thank you.


Shikou: Even if people call you stupid...
        Live strongly.

Reika: Milk?

Fumiko: That's "It does a body good."
        *sigh* Never mind.


Reika: Reika's grades in school aren't that
       bad, other than math.

Fumiko: I wonder why you were bad a tmath.

Reika: The instructor was mean and wouldn't
       let me count with my fingers.

Fumiko: Bwahahahaha.
        Hah, not bad.
        You made me laugh out loud.

Reika: If I can use my fingers, I can count
       to at least 60 digits.

Fumiko: Ahhahaha. I like you.
        What's your name?

Reika: Reika Kirishima.

Fumiko: I'll remember that.

Reika: (Ah, the director was cute during
       this time period.)


Freedom: A mysterious wind is blowing.
         You are... not of this time period.

Reika: I get the feeling you aren't either.
       You're probably from long ago.
       Yeah, from the director's memories.

Fumiko: Munchausen, analyze it.

Munchausen: There's no mass detected.

Fumiko: ...I guess you're not just stupid.
        Reika, we're going to fight.


Freedom: You've become strong.

Fumiko: I'm not who I used to be,


Fumiko: why are you crying?

Reika: Because, that person was your

Fumiko: That's no reson for you to cry.
        And that's just an illusion.
        Now, won't you tell me? Why do you
        keeep calling me director, and how
        did you figure out the illusion?

Reika: Uh, uhh, well, the rules say that I

Fumiko: I don't care about any rules that
        don't benefit me. Hey, don't run


Kagachi: You're very fast.
         Why are you in such a hurry?

Reika: Because someone very scary is after

Fumiko: You really know how to keep me
        Fine, I'll start filing down your
        fingers for 3 days and 3 nights and
        kill you slowly. Stay right there.

Rei Aiiiiiieeee!

Kagachi: I don't know whether I should save
         her or not. No, I'll just let them
         fight and eath both of them after.

Fumiko: You're a conveniently thinking

Reika: (She's not much different from the

Fumiko: Geh!

Reika: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
       Not the file!


Kagachi: ...My plan... failed.

Fumiko: It's unfortunate that you're the
        only one that's going to die.


Reika: Please forgive me.

Fumiko: You really are an amusing girl.
        Very well.
        The enemy is getting stronger, so
        let's stop playing. From now on,
        I'll focus on killing the enemy.

Reika: (Auauau, she's a bad person.)

Fumiko: You have something to say?

Reika: No! Nothing at all!


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare.
         This is the end for you, first
         degree time criminal, Time Gal.

Reika: I said I'm with the History Security
       Police! Buh? How do you know that?

Fumiko: Why are you counting your fingers!?

Reika: Reika's thinking.
       ...I see.
       This is from the future as well.
       This is the Dream Park System.

Fumiko: What do you mean?

Reika: It's an attraction from the future
       that was prohibited by law since it
       was so dangerous.

Fumiko: So the enemy is an amusement park
        from the future?

Reika: Yes.

Fumiko: ...Whatever. My life is about
        killing and moving forward.
        I'll believe you, so help me.

Reika: Yes, ma'am!


Tsukiko: Let reality crush you...!

Reika: Aaaaah! What is this?

Fumiko: I see. A dream demon has taken over
        a machine from the future. When it
        comes to war, nothing beats reality.
        Fighting an illusion is spoiling the
        fun. Munchausen! The target is the
        enemy straight ahead.

Munchausen: Yes, milady.


The castle crumbled away.

Fumiko: So, how are into the future did you
        come from?

Reika: ...About a thousand years.

Fumiko: So that's where the future me,
        the director, is...

Reika: But, she might not be you.

Fumiko: Why's that?

Reika: The director is a terrible person,
       but she always values life first...

Fumiko: You're saying she's different from
        cold-hearted old me?

Reika: No, not the file!

Fumiko: I won't kill you.
        Hmm, I never imaigined Kohtaro would
        influence me so much.
        I bet we're going to get together.
        I might change my impression of him.
        Uh, Reika? Where are you?

Reika remembered the director's
assignment she totally forgot about.
She abruptly time jumps.

Munchausen: She's gone.

Fumiko: She came to save me, huh?

Not really.

--D6. Fumiko + Munchausen---------------------------------------------(fu+mu)--


Kohtaro: Yeeeaow! Fumiko!
         Time out! Time out!

Fumiko: Don't panic just because I'm in your
        bed. Just relax and enjoy the action
        we'll be having together.

Kohtaro: Like that'll happen!

Fumiko: You let Sayo in your room.

Kohtaro: Yeah, but I'm in a sleeping bag with

Fumiko: Oh, that sounds like fun too.

Kohtaro: What's fun about that!?
         Now, please leave! I mean it!

Fumiko: Fine, I'm leaving!
        You don't have to ask!
        You **** bastard...!


Fumiko: What a boring night. I'm tired of
        teasing Kohtaro, and this Alcaland
        countryside isn't very elegant.
        Munchausen, prepare my clothes.
        The Swiss ones.
        We're going for a walk.

Munchausen: Certainly, milady.


Yukari: That super-beautiful and popular
        girl is back!

Fumiko: Is she talking about me, Munchausen?

Munchausen: I believe so, milady.

Yukari: Hold on, old bag.

Fumiko: It's time for some killing.
        Munchausen. Prepare to fire.

Munchausen: Yes, milady.


Yukari: I'm not finished talking yet!
        How rude!

Fumiko: There are some things that people
        say to a woman that allows her to
        kill them.


Fumiko: Destroying a castle just for the
        heck of it is just what a merciless
        conquerer would do. This feels good.

Munchausen: Indeed, milady.

Fumiko: Well then, let's enjoy that role.
        Munchausen, advance and conquer.

Munchausen: As you wish.


Shikou: A powerful foe has arrived.

Fumiko: Oh, you look pretty strong yourself.

Shikou: ...Not for me.
        For Sayo Yuuki.

Fumiko: ...Who's that, Munchausen?

Munchausen: She is Kohtaro Kuga's current

Fumiko: Ahhh, that's right. I forgot about
        her. But, I'm very kind to ornamanets
        and accessories.

Shikou: ...You hide your true intentions
        well. Very well. Enough talk.
        Let us do battle.


Shikou: You're strong...!

Fumiko: I don't know how old you are, but 50
        or 60 is still just a child.


Munchausen: Milady, it's time for you to get
            some rest.

Fumiko: I think I'm going to stay up
        tonight, Munchausen.

Munchausen: It's bad for your beauty treatment.

Fumiko: I'm going to be a bad girl tonight.
        You don't mind, do you?

Munchausen: Well then, we should hurry on our


Freedom: I see you're still a troublemaker
         as usual.

Fumiko: ...Step...mother?
        Wha... There's no way.

Freedom: You still call me that, I see.
         I'm here to scold you. You're still
         frolicking around wih men...

Fumiko: This is really well-made.

Munchausen: I'm not so sure about that.
            She doesn't seem to know who I am.

Fumiko: Oh well, no matter. It'll feel good
        to beat down something that looks so
        openly like my mother.


Freedom: You disrespectul child...

Fumiko: Like music to my ears.
        It would have been nicer to hear it
        from my real mother.


Fumiko: I wonder how it works.
        It seemed way off target for aiming
        at me.

Munchausen: I don't think it was just aiming at
            one person.

Fumiko: Dividing without conquering?
        What an unusual enemy.
        Is she mocking us?

Munchausen: I can't imagine one with so much
            magical power would have such a low

Fumiko: Then maybe it has no intellect to
        begin with.

Munchausen: Perhaps.


Kagachi: You came.

Fumiko: I wonder who this one is for.

Munchausen: We don't have enough information.

Kagachi: ...Ignoring me, huh?
        You're dangerous.
        I'll defeat you quickly.

Fumiko: What accent is that?

Munchausen: It seems pretty close to that of
            Master Hyuga's country.

Fumiko: Well, I guess it doesn't matter
        if you kill them. Let's advance,

Munchausen: Agreed, milady.


Kagachi: Uggghhh...

Fumiko: You put up a bit of a fight.


Munchausen: You should really get some rest

Fumiko: Do you want us to go back?

Munchausen: No, at this rate we can get back
            faster if we move forward.

Fumiko: Yes, that's probably better.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your...

Fumiko: I guess we can kill a little more
        time. What's your name? I'll put you
        on my list of people I've killed.

Tsukiko: You've got very poor taste.
         ...My name is Tsukiko.

Fumiko: ...So you're the women Kohtaro
        escaped to.
        Hmhmhm, it's good staying up late.
        I have a bonus prize.
        Commence Compete Devastation!
        Panter Vo!

Tsukiko: Aaaah! What kind of reason is that
         to fight!?


Tsukiko: How... How cruel...

Fumiko: Aahahaha! Amazing! You're just
        amazing! You're like Remagen's
        foolish American military.

Tsukiko: ...

Fumiko: Huh? What? I can't hear you!



Fumiko: Another all-nigther, huh?
        It's not good for the skin.

Munchausen: Indeed, milady.

Fumiko: ...Is there something else?

Munchausen: ...No.
            We should hurry back.

Fumiko: I understand.
        ...But if you have something to say,
        just come out and say it.

Munchausen: The way you got angry at the end...
            I can see that you truly do fancy

Fumiko: Mmhmhm. Yes.

--E1. Roger + Gennojo-------------------------------------------------(ro+ge)--


Roger: Being here together like this...

Gennojo: What?

Roger: ...makes me want to say,
       "Come on, doggie."

Gennojo: ...I'm a wolf.
         I'll bite you to death.


Roger: It's a beautiful castle.
       A dream paalce.

Gennojo: With all those enemies? ...I don't
         get you. It at least needs cherry
         blossoms or autumn leaves.

Roger: Cherry blossoms are nice.
       They remind me of the Potomac.


Yukari: ...Long time, no see.

Gennojo: ...Why are you here?

Roger: ...Intervention...

Yukari: Come on. I came because you
        said you needed cherry blossoms.
        Hey, look happier.
        But on days like this, a picnic is
        better than having a match. Let's
        get this over with quick.


Yukari: Aw man.
        I lost again.

Gennojo: I thought we already defeated her

Roger: (Did we fail the trace...?)
       A ghost ended up appearing in the
       middle of the day.

Gennojo: It's like a bad joke.


Gennojo: What do you think that was all about
         back there?

Roger: I'm not certain. It didn't appear to
       be a physical object.

Gennojo: Yeah.
         It definitely didn't have a scent.


Shikou: What a nice day. Such a rare
        occasion. I always wanted to let
        the girls out on days like this...

Gennojo: How unfortunate for you.
         So, what happened to those girls?

Shikou: They died.
        I sent them off to die.
        As a shield for the country.

Roger: ...Why tell us that?

Shikou: Who knows.
        It must be because of this weather.


Shikou: ...Well done.
        I'll take this weather back to the
        girls. To a faraway hell.
        I wonder if I will be forgiven.

Gennojo: You might be forgiven...

Roger: ...I hope you're forgiven.


Gennojo: What a bizarre incident.

Roger: It appears like it was an incident
       from a dream.


Freedom: A spring wind is blowing. A kind
         wind that nudges you to wake up.
         You are the warrior of the spring
         wind. You are trying to wake up.

Roger: It appears we're about to enter a
       dream. This must be the castle of

Gennojo: ...I'm not very good at dealing with
         people like her.

Roger: Why is that?

Gennojo: ...No comment.


Freedom: Thank you...

Gennojo: ...If it hurt, I'm sorry.


Roger: So, that woman just now seems to be
       your type.

Gennojo: ...No comment.

Roger: Hmm.

Gennojo: Don't automatically make


Kagachi: Today is a good day.
         I've been able to meet another of my

Gennojo: So we're the same? I see...
         I'm happy for the reunion as well.

Kagachi: Even if we're about to kill each
         other? ...Let's do battle. No hard
         feelings, no matter who wins.

Gennojo: Sure.

Roger: ...Is that a dog-deity too?

Gennojo/Kagachi: That's wolf.
                 Here goes!


Kagachi: That was a good battle.

Gennojo: I will drink your blood, and you
         will live on inside me.

Kagachi: I will live together with you.

Gennojo: Yeah.

Roger: (The enemy is a ghost, so I don't
       think drinking blood or anything
       like that applies in this case...)


Roger: Too bad you couldn't drink any

Gennojo: ...That's just an ideal. If I really
         drank blood, I would be a vampire.

Roger: Aren't they the same thing?

Gennojo: No. At least not in Japan. Anyway,
         isn't this a nice place? You can
         meet the peolpe you want to meet.

Roger: Even though you may be trying to
       kill each other shortly after you've

Gennojo: Life isn't all about the good
         things, but it's also not all bad


Tsukiko: ...Roy?
         Oh good, it really is you, Roy.

Roger: ...Tsukiko...

Tsukiko: I'm so glad. I was worried about
         who'd be the last one to show up.
         I'm glad it was you, Roy.
         It's much better than some stranger,
         but if it was Koh, I would...

Roger: Uwaaaaaaah!

Gennojo: ...You're so green. You should be
         happy in times like these.
         This is a good thing.
         After all, you were able to see her,
         though it's just for a moment.


Tsukiko: ...Roy?

Roger: Uwaaaaaaah!

Gennojo: Roger. That's the first time I've
         seen you make that face. It makes
         you look younger, more your age.


Gennojo: Hey, get up.
         It looks like there's another round.

Roger: No, no...
       I've had enough with just Shin...

Gennojo: Well, well...
         You're quite the kid.
         You're worse than Kohtaro.


Roger stood staring at the
disappearing castle.

Roger: ...I lost my cool. Sorry.

Gennojo: You're still young.
         You knew that they were going to be
         people we love, as well as ghosts,
         didn't you?

Roger: *sob*

Gennojo: ...Don't cry.
         Good things will eventually come...

--E2. Roger + Mihee---------------------------------------------------(ro+mi)--


Roger: Is this the spot?

Mihee: Ah... no... try a little lower.

Roger: What about here?

Mihee: Yes... Yes, that's it!
       That's the castle.
       That's the Swan Castle.

Roger: Hehehe, too bad, all you gamers
       out there. This game is for sound

Mihee: Which way are you facing?


Roger: So that is the castle of
       shikigami... Miss Kim, can you keep
       up with my speed?

Mihee: I should be asking you the same.

Roger: Hmph, then let's proceed!


Yukari: What's with the cosplay? *gasp*
        You're not here to stop me from
        becomg a global idol, are you?

Mihee: Are you going to be a comedian?

Yukari: Noooo!
        ...Hey! You there!
        What are you hiding!?

Roger: ...Uh, an autograph book.

Yukari: Are you a fan of mine?

Roger: No. But I like comedians.

Yukari: Grrrr! I'm gonna kick everyone's


Yukari: Awww, I got my butt kicked!

Roger: She's stupid.
       An idiot.

Mihee: I'm sure it's aggravating for her to
       hear you say that.

Roger: What do you mean, sword-maniac?

Mihee: What did you say, stupid ninja?


Roger: I think we need to settle this once
       and for all.

Mihee: Let's do it then!

Roger: Whoever gets there first is the

Mihee: You don't need to tell me!


Shikou: It's okay to have a race, but...
        I don't think the game system will
        allow you to do that.

Roger: ...Oh.

Mihee: In that case, I'll just defeat you


Shikou: Is this what it feels like to have
        anger displaced on you...?

Roger: I think so.

Mihee: Shut up!


Roger: Enough's enough.
       There's no sense in us fighting one

Mihee: ...

Roger: What now?

Mihee: ...It's strange.

Roger: What? This is the official uniform
       of a ninja.


Freedom: Two distorted winds have come
         together to become a normal wind.
         I guess things like this happen.

Roger: I don't know about this tramp, but
       I've been normal from the start.

Mihee: Shut up, stupid ninja.
       ...Hey woman, what is today's
       weather, and what day is it?

Freedom: I do not know.

Mihee: As I thought...
       And why is that?

Freedom: It is not in my settings.

Roger: What is this woman?


Freedom: You... fought well...

Roger: What kind of perfume to I like?

Freedom: It is not in my settings.


Roger: What was that anyway?
       Who was that woman?

Mihee: The man before said this was a game
       It appears we're in some sort of
       game, a faux reality created by
       drugs, computers, or magic.

Roger: Then the missing people are...

Mihee: Probably trapped in the same sort of


Kagachi: You two are stange.

Roger: What is the design on my underwear?

Kagachi: It is not in my settings.

Mihee: So it has a design...

Roger: I'm just kidding.
       But now I'm convinced.
       Now I can fight without hesitation.

Mihee: I don't think you're doing anything
       different than before.


Roger: What is the design on Mihee Kim's

Kagachi: It is not in my settings.

Mihee: I'll kill you.


Roger: I thought I Was going to die.

Mihee: Die already.

Roger: It looks like we're toward the end.

Mihee: Hey! Listen to me!


Tsukiko: Roy?

Roger: Is so well made.

Mihee: Do you know her?

Roger: Yeah.
       Tsukiko, what is your cup size?

Tsukiko: It is not in my settings.

Mihee: That's sexual harrassment, stupid

Roger: Hahaha, no worries!
       There's no such thing as sexual
       harrassment for a ninja.

Mihee: You're an Olympic-class idiot.


Tsukiko: ...Let reality crush you...

Mihee: Finally, this one's real.

Roger: I'm going to pulverize it with my
       ninjutsu. Here comes the
       international ninja!


Roger: It's over.

Mihee: Yeah!
       No... What if we think it's over,
       but it's not over at all? The dream
       might still be running.
       For example...
       Stupid ninja, do you like my type of

Roger: It's not in my settings.

Mihee: Hahahaha.

--E3. Roger + Nagino--------------------------------------------------(ro+na)--


Roger: I, Roger the ninja, have arried.

Nagino: Hmm, why are you doing that?

Roger: It's a tradition among ninja of

Nagino: You're not Japanese, are you?

Roger: I said ninja of Japan and not
       Japanese ninja.

Nagino: ...


Roger: Will you call me papa?

Nagino: No way. Never.

Roger: Why?

Nagino: Because of the way you're dressed.

Roger: What? This nice ninja-guy outift
       I'm wearing?

Nagino: How is that nice!?

Roger: My, my. It's sad to see that
       Japanese women have forgotten the
       beauty behind such an outfit.

Nagino: That's what you'd call an
        anachronism. Just stay away from me.

Roger: Well, you may be small, but you
       indeed are one full-grown lady.


Yukari: Risi... no, exploding in popularity.
        I'm the talk of the town! The super
        beautiful girl has arrived.
        Now, try and guess my name.
        1. Yukari Horiguchi
        2. Yukari-chan Horiguchi
        3. Yukari Horiguchi

Nagino: I don't care about your name.
        And your popularity must be your

Roger: You don't hold back, do you?

Nagino: Do you hold back?

Roger: No way.
       I'm a hard worker.
       You're funny, so I'll let you live,
       but you're still on the level of a
       lab rat or a rare zoo animal.
       It's fun to watch, but by dinner
       time you've already forgotten about


Yukari: See you nest week, everyone!

Roger: No, I don't think so. Don't worry.
       I didn't finish the job last time,
       but this time I'll get it done.
       There's no tomorrow for you.
       Don't worry.


Roger: Hey, you. Is the reason why you
       don't want to call me papa because
       I'm from Septentrion.

Nagino: ...Yes, that's one reason.

Roger: There's more?

Nagino: Actually, I could care less how
        much profit the Seven Stars of
        Septentrion make.
        Doing morally cruel things isn't
        only exlucsive to you. That's no
        special reason to dislike you.

Roger: Then what's the problem?

Nagino: It's the way you're dressed!

Roger: Huh, is that really the problem!?


Shikou: The way you carry yourself...
        Are you of royal upbringing?

Roger: I thought so up until a moment ago,
       but now I'm not so sure.

Shikou: Why is that?

Roger: It seems that I am disliked by Blue.

Nagino: I think it's just the way you're

Roger: Forget it. You there, would you mind
       dying, so I can vent my anger?
       Don't worry, it'll be quick.


Shikou: This is a terrible way to die...

Roger: It's not like there hasn't been any
       disturbing stories in the history of
       mankind. One more won't hurt.

Nagino: How tasteless.


Nagino: What do you intend to do by being
        friends with me?

Roger: Nothing really.
       I don't intend to touch you nor do I
       think it will be profitable.
       But the reason I'm here with you
       despite that is that I want to have
       a girl like you as my daughter?

Nagino: What do you intend to do making
        me your daughter?

Roger: Well, after raising you, I might
       make you my wife or marry you off to
       a man that I want.

Nagino: That's so tasteless.

Roger: Really? I don't think that's such a
       bad deal.


Freedom: A sinister wind is blowing.

Roger: Well, well, it looks like the
       ancestors don't like me either.

Nagino: You're hated everywhere.

Roger: If you're rich and competent, it's
       like a tax for being famous.

Freedom: Why are you with someone like this?

Nagino: Me? I won't do anything as long as
        he doesn't try to hurt me. He's free
        to think whatever he wants.

Roger: So that's that. The young lady says
       she'll forgive me even if I do have
       immoral thoughts.

Nagino: I'll look at you with contempt

Roger: Ouch.

Freedom: I guess it can't be helped...


Freedom: Impressive...

Roger: What were you expecting?

Nagino: You should do your things yourself.


Roger: Don't you think we get along after

Nagino: I don't think so.

Roger: What is it?

Nagino: That's an unusually kind smile.

Roger: I already told you what my ulterior
       motives are. There's nothing more.


Kagachi: Are you father and daughter?

Roger: I hope to be.

Nagino: It's not good to get close to adults
        that show money to children.

Roger: Who are you talking about?

Nagino: Niigi.

Roger: I'll pretend I didn't hear you say
       that name.

Kagachi: Well, it looks like you both get
         along. I'm relieved. Just relax and
         be eaten by me.

Roger: Hey, isn't this what you'd call

Nagino: A wolf's taste belongs to a wolf.


Kagachi: You're good...

Roger: I'll put you in a zoo.


Nagino: Now I understand.

Roger: About what?

Nagino: About your intentions.

Roger: Oh, it looks like the enemy is here.
       We'll have to end this conversation
       for now.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Roger: It's not bad for a walk in the park,
       but it's not tasteless enough.
       Here's a little gift from me.


Roger: What's the matter?
       Pick it up.

Nagino: 25 cents?
        You're cheap.

Roger: you mean generous.
       How much would you pay then?

Nagino: I wouldn't give any moeny.

Roger: See, I am generous in that sense.

Tsukiko: ...You're both billies.
         I'll make you regret it.


Roger: It's impossible to make us regret
       it. I really enjoy this role I'm in.
       I truly do.

Tsukiko: ...Let reality crush you!!

Nagino: That's impossible too.
        You're the one that's going to be
        crushed by reality.


Roger: You kept me up all night, and it
       wasn't even that educational or fun.
       Let's go someplace fun tomorrow.

Nagino: You just want to use me to see

Roger: How did you deduce that?

Nagino: When I imitated Niigi, you smiled
        so kindly.

Roger: Is that all?

Nagino: Uh-huh.

Roger: That's no good. That's the bad ting
       about you women. You are correct
       that I am in love with her.
       Of course, I also want to be your

Nagino: She's married, you know.

Roger: Be it a married woman or someone's
       daughter, I always ge what I want.
       I can give more love than anyone.

Nagino: How tasteless. Oh well.
        I wanna go to an amusement park.

Roger: As you wish.

--E4. Roger + Reika---------------------------------------------------(ro+re)--


Roger: I am Roger Sasuke, the international
       ninja who has trouble dealing with
       his increasing popularity.
       This time I am here with my beloved
       Kohtaro and Sayo in Eastern Europe.
       I feel a little embarrassed about my
       first trip abraoad.

Reika: My name is Reika Kirishima,
       History Security Police Department
       My boss told me to change history,
       but is it really okay? But a castle
       that has no moving bones is nice.

Roger: Well then, let's go.

Reika: Roger!


Roger: We're going to the castle.
       Kohtaro and Sayo are in danger.

Reika: Roger!

Roger: For my friends.
       (I'm gonna get in their way...)

Reika: For my orders.
       (I'm gonna get in their way...)


Yukari: And Yukari, who awakens at the
        castle, is suddenly attacked by
        Next time on Record of Yukari War 2,
        Mutable Beauty. Will she be abducted
        by the ninja and strange girl? (P.1)
        I always get the hex I'm aiming for.

Roger: She's weird.

Roger: Uh-huh.

Yukari: Look who's talking. A ninja who's
        done incorrect historical research
        and a lady wearing outdated clothes.

Reika: Reika's only 19.

Yukari: I'm 17!

Roger: You're an old maid.

Reika/Yukari: Huh?

Roger: Just kidding, it's just a joke.
       Let's hurry up and fight and execute
       the mission.


Yukari: I lost to an old maid!

Reika: Grrrr!
       I told you Reika is 19!


Reika: ...

Roger: ...
       (Don't mess with the top dog.)

Reika: I'm gonna leave for a bit.

Roger: Huh Where?

Reika: I'm back.

Roger: That was too fast!

Reika: Hahaha. Reika is 17 now too.
       I went and changed time.

Roger: ...You don't look any different.
       Ugh, I'm kidding. Let's just get
       going and execute the mission.


Shikou: Can I ask you once thing before we
        do battle?

Reika: What?

Shikou: Uh, it looks like that man is
        beaten up pretty badly even though
        the battle hasn't started yet.

Roger: It's better to live a humble life
       because having a big mouth can get
       you into trouble...

Shikou: I don't undersand what you mean,
        but I think I understand how you

Reika: Reika went two years into the past
       and used cold sleep, so I look two
       years younger.

Shikou: So you're saying that men are
        suffering from the unfairness of it

Roger: Yeah, that's right.
       It's too bad that you're the enemy.

Reika: I'm gonna kill you!


Shikou: More power... to you...

Roger: Thank you, comrade.


Reika: Mmmmm...

Roger: Don't be mad. Next time, I'll come
       with you, and you can change your
       look to whatever you like.

Reika: Really?

Roger: But of course.
       Would this face lie?


Freedom: A delightful wind is blowing.
         One wrong gust and it could turn
         into a stupid wind.

Reika: Paya-papa, paya-papa,

Roger: If the world is in danger, it's up
       to us shadows to put a stop to it!
       International ninja Roger...!

Reika: And Reika...!

Roger/Reika: Are here to save the world!
             Let's go!


Reika: I always wanted to do that once.

Freedom: I-Is that so.

Reika: Yup.


Roger: Uh, are we going to do that again?
       That was embarrassing.

Reika: Yeah. Reika's anger is deeper than
       the ocean.

Roger: Ugh.


Kagachi: ...You guys are idiots.

Reika: In the deepest and darkest part of
       the heart, we wait for the door to
       be unlocked.

Roger: If we hear a voice, we'll come from
       any part of the world. The shining
       keys of justice.

Reika: If the world is in danger, it's up
       the the History Security Police to
       protect it! Police offcer, Reika!

Roger: And Roger!
       (This is so embarrassing...)

Reika: Here we go.

Roger: Roger!
       (Oh just kill me...)

Kagachi: ...You guys are Grade A morons.


Kagachi: Guwah!

Reika: We won!


Roger: These enemies are really weak.

Reika: Uh-huh. That's because they're
       computer graphics created by the
       Dream Park System.

Roger: ...What?
       Wait, what was that?
       What did you just say?

Reika: I said CGs. A previous loop must
       have remained. It probably uses
       everyone's memories to generate 'em.

Roger: (Can't she just be a regular

Reika: That's cuz~
       Reika's only~


Tsukiko: ...Roy?

Roger: ...

Reika: See?

Roger: ...Indeed.

Tsukiko: Roy, what are you saying?

Roger: Silence, illusion!
       Now that I know you're fake,
       I'm not holding back.

Reika: It's not an illusion but a CG...

Roger: Let's rock!

Tsukiko: What are you saying, Roy?
         What are you saying, Roy?
         What are you saying, Roy?


Reika: Why are you angry?

Roger: ...That enemy had the face of a
       friend. It makes my blood boil,
       even if it is just an illusion.

Reika: ...Hmm, then the next one should be

Roger: Next one?



The long night ends.
After destroying the tiny machine,
Roger let out a sigh.

Roger: ...And they lived happily ever

Reika: Buh? Why does Reika feel like she
       forgot something? Hmmm, what is it?
       Hm? Someone's coming.

Kohtaro: ...

Sayo: ...

Kohtaro: Um, uh, well...
         We're a little late...

Roger/Reika: Aaagghh!

--E5. Roger + Munchausen----------------------------------------------(ro+mu)--


Roger: I guess it doesn't matter, but...

Munchausen: What is it, sir?

Roger: When I think about how many people
       would choose us as a team, I get a
       sudden impulse to commit suicide.
       Don't you think the fans would would enjoy
       it if we just stayed here and

Munchausen: No, I believe that because we think
            no one is wathcing, we can create an
            interesting situation.

Roger: So what's the plan?

Please see the rest in the main
story of the game.


Today is another day where a
strange castle appears, and we have
to destroy it.

Roger: That old hag is flirting around with
       my Kohtaro again. I'm going to go
       and see what's going on.

Munchausen: Please wait.

Roger: ?

Munchausen: We're two men alone. Don't you think
            it would be a waste?

Roger: That doesn't sound right. Wait...
       Even though we're two unpopular
       character togther, that's just...
       Ah, no...


Yukari: ...

Roger: Here I am. I'm finally here,
       the legendary heroine for a new

Munchausen: Here goes, Rogelyn.

Roger: Sure, big sis.

Yukari: ...What's with you guys?

Roger: Oh, don't act so reserved.
       We're all women here. Let's be more
       free and unrestrained.

Yukari: Aahh! Get away from me!


Roger: Well?

Munchausen: Big sis.

Yukari: Noooo!

Roger: Ah, she's disappearing.

Munchausen: She has no will power.


Roger: ...

Munchausen: What is it?

Roger: I feel empty.

Munchausen: Oh no, you say that, but you look
            pretty good.

Roger: Really?
       Oh, that couldn't be!


Shikou: ...

Roger: Looking like this makes it at least
       interesting to see the opponent's

Munchausen: Indeed it does, Rogelyn.

Roger: Yes, big sis.

Shikou: G-Get away from me!

Roger: *wink*


Shikou: Aaaargh!

Roger: That was a serious cry of defeat if
       I ever heard one.

Munchausen: It wasn't very graceful.


Roger: I must say this strategy is pretty

Munchausen: Indeed!

Roger: I'm getting psyched! Almost as much
       as doing the major cleaning during
       elementary school.

(Roy Bauman was a kid who didn't
like cleaning, but once he did it,
he took it very seriously.)


Freedom: Excuse me, granny. I was thinking...
         I don't think it's very appropriate
         to express yourself in that way.

Roger: You're awful!

Freedom: Aaahh. I'm so sorry.
         What should I do in times like this?

Munchausen: Now!

Roger: Another successful ninjutsu!


Freedom: It's so bad...

Roger: I won't deny it.


Roger: I'd like to get to the end like
       this, but...

Munchausen: That probably won't be possible.
            The enemy won't be that easy.

Roger: Could this stange feeling I'm
       getting in my small bosom be the
       sense of a fierce fight?


Kagachi: ...

Roger: Bwahahaha!

Kagachi: Hey, don't laugh! I mean, who are
         you to laugh at me!?

Roger: Oh, are you jealous of my beauty?
       Ohohohoho, right, big sis?

Munchausen: Ohohohoho, right!
            I'm sure that's it!

Kagachi: Hell no! You're terrible! Both of
         you! That's why I'm going to kill

Roger: Come and get it!


Kagachi: ...Ahhh...

Munchausen: You just thought that the sound you
            made getting defeated was cute,
            didn't you?

Kagachi: If I would have known about this
         lifestyle sooner...

Roger: Yes. You mght have been my little

Kagachi: Good day... big sis.

Roger: Good day.


Munchausen: Looks like this is the last one.
            *cough* *cough*

Roger: Big sis! Did something happen to
       you in the last battle?

Munchausen: No, spit is caught in my throat...
            *cough* *wheeze*

Roger: Don't say spit.
       It's phlegm!

Munchausen: Oh my, that's right, Rgoelyn!
            Yes, even phlegm gets caught in
            my throat and I have fallen, don't
            look back and keep moving forward!

Roger: Big sis!


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nigtmare.

Munchausen: I wonder what part of this is the
            greatest nightmare?

Roger: Gah. Ts-Ts-Tsukiko.

Tsukiko: Don't "Ts-Tsukiko" me, Roy.
         The whole family is going to be

Roger: Gah! This really is a nightmare,
       ever since that time mom found
       that book under my bed!

Munchausen: What in the world!?
            You're going to pay!


Tsukiko: I have to... reform him...



Roger: ...

Munchausen: Are you sad?

Roger: ..Yes.

Munchausen: But most families are like that.
            They say they're worried, but their
            only concern is their reputation.

Roger: ...I know. I really do.

Rogelyn wiped her tears.
Excuses will no longer work.
A fabulous new life begins.
Althouth dressing like a ninja is
pretty fabulous too.

--F1. Gennojo + Mihee-------------------------------------------------(ge+mi)--


Mihee: Why am I here?

Gennojo: It's work.

Mihee: I came to see my cousin!

Gennojo: Don't yell.
         You'll give me a headache.


Mihee: Why me...?

Gennojo: Give it up.
         We're already at the castle.

Mihee: I don't mind helping people out.
       But my problem is the fact that I'm
       helping out Japan.

Gennojo: We're trying to help the people of
         this country. What else is there?

Mihee: ...Nothing.

Gennojo: Then there's no problem. Now, let's
         solve this incident. But man, this
         catle sure is beautiful.


Yukari: I've finally caught you!
        I'm back in the outfit I wear at my
        part-time flower shop job!

Mihee: What are you embarrassed about?

Gennojo: Um, well, I guess it doesn't matter,
         but why you?

Yukari: Can you guess?
        For revenge, of course! I lost last
        time, but I'm gonna win this time.
        Now, let's fight fair and sqaure!

Mihee: Do you know her?

Gennojo: She's the enemy. She's not my type.


Yukari: Two against one isn't fair!
        I'm gonna bring Takano next time.

Gennojo: Please don't come back.


Mihee: She was pretty cute

Gennojo: ...She's not my type.

Mihee: She's my type.
       I want her.


Shikou: I guess I should say welcome.

Gennojo: We would have come even without the
         invitation. It's rare, but we're
         actually trying to help people.

Mihee: You're twisted.

Gennojo: Miss Kim, your words are a little
         harsh. I want you to be a little
         nicer to me.

Mihee: Why do I have to be nice yo ou?
        I'm just stuck with you for now.
        I'm not your girlfriend

Shikou: Can we do battle now? Though I do
        want to keep watching you two since
        you look like such a good couple.

Gennojo: Well, thanks.

Mihee: Just how do we make a good couple?
       I don't like what you said, so I'm
       going to tear you apart.


Shikou: Heh...

Mihee: Don't laugh so indiscreetly.


Mihee: Why are you smiling?
       What's so funny?

Gennojo: You two are very similar. You
         definitely remind me of your cousin.
         I think I'll go visit him sometiome.

Mihee: Let me tell you this, I am me. I'm
       nobody's replacement. Don't compare
       me to anybody, not even my cousin.

Gennojo: I'm sorry.
         I wasn't trying to compare you.

Mihee: Are you into men?

Gennojo: No. Absolutely not. Though it's true
         I always get dumped, it's not enough
         to change my preference to men.


Freedom: It's a peaceful wind.

Gennojo: I'm surprised.
         You're terribly beautiful.

Freedom: Thank you. I'm flattered.

Mihee: Why are you getting so friendly with
       the enemy, you cheating bastard?

Freedom: Are you cheating?

Gennojo: Come on now. Getting dumped twice is
         enough. Three times is too much.
         I'll tell you, since it seems
         like you don't know, but I'm single.
         No, what am I saying?
         Uh, well, I won't make it hurt so
         much, so do you mind getting killed?


Gennojo: ...Sorry.

Freedom: I forgive you.


Mihee: You should stop complimenting women
       so easily. I feel sorry for them.
       What if one takes you seriously?

Gennojo: If I was that attractive--Uh, never mind.
         You're cold toward me, but you worry
         about an enemy woman?

Mihee: Of course. All beautiful women
       belong to me. What's wrong with
       worrying about my property?

Gennojo: ...Whatever you say.


Gennojo: Too bad the enemy isn't beautiful.

Mihee: Are you jealous?

Gennojo: Give me a break. I told you,
         I'm single. Probably forever.

Mihee: Really? Can I really trust you?

Gennojo: What do you mean by that?
         No, never mind. Let's not keep
         him waiting. Be it a person or god,
         being amped about work is the best.


Gennojo: So he ended up not being able to say
         a single line.

Mihee: What are you talking about?

Gennojo: ...Nothing.
         It's just a man's sorrow.


Mihee: What's with this castle? It's a lot
       bigger than it looks outside.

Gennojo: Really?

Mihee: Have you fallen for me?

Gennojo: What gives you that idea?
         No, that's not what I wanted to say.
         ...This castle probably isn't real.

Mihee: You look embarrased, so it looks
       like I'm not entirely wrong.

Mihee: I should have realized with Yukari.
       This is a place that makes things
       you don't want to see appear.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.

Gennojo: For me, living is a nightmare.
         This is much better.

Tsukiko: Oh, then why are you still awake?
         You should go to sleep like everyone

Gennojo: I'll pass on that. I don't like
         nightmares, but it makes me even
         more sick to run from them.

Tsukiko: I see. It's because of her, isn't

Mihee: You're fighting for me?

Gennojo: I'm getting sleepy. I want to sleep
         now. Better yet, if I defeat you,
         I'll be free.


Gennojo: Well, it's finally over.
         It looks like the missing people are
         alright too. Castle closed...!

Mihee: Not yet.
       We have to fight one more time.

Gennojo: Well now; Miss Kim, what would your
         cousin say now?

Mihee: After all this, are you still
       talking like that?

Gennojo: Huh? Hey, what do you mean?
         Hey, stop fighting without


Mihee: As I suspected, you really are
       interested in men.

Gennojo: Huh?

Mihee: I've made my decision. I'm your
       enemy. The next time I see you, I'm
       going to take your life!
       My hurt feelings will only be
       quenched with your blood!

Gennojo: H-Hey now?

Mihee: I would have made you my wife!

Mihee Kim ran away crying.
Gennojo was at a loss.

Gennojo: ...Wife isn't the correct word.

--F2. Gennojo + Nagino------------------------------------------------(ge+na)--


Nagino: Stardate 20120606. I'm a traveling
        sandwich chef brought to this
        country by a meddlesome adult.
        His speculative nature reminds me of
        MAKI. Because of that, I've decided
        to help him a little. ...Ow!

Gennojo: What are you doing?
         Let's get going.

Nagino: You hit me!

Gennojo: Children become adults by getting

Nagino: That's old-school.
        It's so outdated.


Nagino: Stardate 201206032.
        I, a traveling sandwich chef, have
        made my way to the Swan--Ouch!

Gennojo: I don't know what kind of silly
         role-playing you're doing, but
         didn't I tell you to knock it off?

Nagino: Papa! Stop hitting me on the head!
        You're messing up my hair.

Gennojo: ...Hey, now... call me big brother.
         I mean... Please. I beg you.

Nagino: Why?

Gennojo: I'm only, uh, 29.

Nagino: I'm only 9. Let's just be like
        father and daughter.

Gennojo: ...


Yukari: Have you heard the rumors? Of course!
        Back by  popular demand, it's Yukari
        version 2! 
        I always get the hex I'm aiming form.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Nagino: Papa?

Gennojo: It's a nightmare.
         A nighmare's appeared.

Nagino: ...Geez, this is why adults are no
        good. They're useless when you need


Yukari: No way, the Fierce Fight Chapter
        ends here!? What's going to happen
        to me? No, I hope not that.

Nagino: I'll let you know as a parting gift
        for your death. You're going to
        lose, completely.

Yukari: Noooooooo!


Gennojo: Ugh, that was a dreadful enemy.

Nagino: Why?
        Did she look like your ex-wife?

Gennojo: ...Where are you getting that kind
         of knowledge? I'm suddenly worried
         about who raised you.

Nagino: Mama Fumiko.
        So is it true that you're going out
        with the flower shop girl?

Gennojo: That damn witch...
         Don't get cocky just because you're
         lending me rent money.


Shikou: A father and his daughter...

Nagino: Yup, we get along really well.

Shikou: Shouldn't you send your daughter
        some place safe...? What kind of
        parent are you?

Gennojo: ...Everyone's just making whatever
         assumption they want. Being near me
         is the safest place she could be!

Nagino: Uh-huh. I trust him on that one.


Shikou: So this is father-daughter power!

Gennojo: It's brother-sister power.

Nagino: There's no such thing as siblings
        that are 20 years apart.

Gennojo: ...


Gennojo: ...Ummm, what?

Nagino: Is it true you're really 33?
        It's okay to lie about your age a
        little. I'm easy on adults, ya know.

Gennojo: She even told you that...?
         That old hag!

Nagino: You'll still lose.

Gennojo: Shush. A kid shouldn't be predicting
         the future.


Freedom: So you made it, chosen one.

Gennojo: What was I chosen for?

Nagino: She means me.

Freedom: Heh.

Gennojo: Heh.
         Yes, it seems that you have chosen
         me. I guess I should be honored.

Nagino: Hrmm.

Freedom: You should be honored.
         You're taking the place of a demon


Gennojo: What'd she mean by demon king?

Nagino: I don't know.

Gennojo: ...Let's go.


Nagino: Ow! What are you doing!?

Gennojo: I won't tell you not to lie. I'm a
         liar too. But try to be able to tell
         the truth to those you can trust.

Nagino: ...I thought that I was.
        Don't worry, Papa.
        I'm strong, you know.

Gennojo: There are stong individuals, but
         there's no such thing as a strong
         soul. If you want to call me Papa,
         think about what I said.


Kagachi: Are you father and daughter?

Gennojo: That's right.

Kagachi: I see. You're very fortunate.
         You'll be together inside my

Gennojo: No thanks. A father has a duty to
         fulfill, like risking his life for
         his daughter.
         No, it's not even duty.
         It's instinct. Instinct tells me to
         kill you for my daughter's sake.

Kagachi: Very well. Come and get it!


Nagino: ...I feel kind of embarrassed.

Gennojo: You're the one that called me "Papa."


Nagino: Papa!

Gennojo: Hey, let go of my arm.

Nagino: Why?

Gennojo: ...Uh, well, you can hold on for
         little while.

Nagino: Okay.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.
         So, what do you think of the
         nightmares I've shown you?

Gennojo: Kind of sweet and actually kind of
         pleasant. I felt like I want to
         keep watching.

Tsukiko: Right, any nightmare is better than

Nagino: But a dream is just a dream, Papa.
        My papa would be better off facing
        reality. It suits him better.
        Honor is a taint because you fight
        with reality. Honor in a dream is
        a sham. Honor is me, and I am honor.
        Humans are walking pieces of honor
        and shame. It's much better to be
        chased by the rent collector.

Gennojo: You don't have to tell me that.
         I know... Trust me!



Gennojo: Sorry to bring this up at a time
         like this, but do you mind if I ask
         you something?

Nagino: What is it?

Gennojo: I want to know my daughter's name?
         What is your real name?

Nagino: ...
        Mirai the Blue.
        Now did you know?

Gennojo: I'm a private investigator. Nagino
         Ise was the name of a child who once
         asked for my services.

Nagino: And I was given a request from
        that child at Central:
        Please save Gennojo.

Gennojo: Can I trust you?

Nagino: Justice is with me just as the sun
        is in the sky. Trust me.

Gennojo: I trust you.
         Not the current you, but the you
         that was fond of me.


Nagino: ...Bye.

Gennojo: ...Wait.

Nagino: I can't.
        I have things to do.

Gennojo: I won't stop you. If I had things to
         do, I wouldn't stop either.

Nagino: Bye.

Gennojo: Come back when you're finished.
         That's all I ask.

The young girl had a troubled, sad
look on her face as she smiled and
Hyuga was left alone by himself.

--F3. Gennojo + Reika-------------------------------------------------(ge+re)--


Gennojo: That looks like the target castle.

Reika: Yes.

But that conversation suddenly
turned into a big ruckus...!
To find out the rest, play Castle of
Shikigami 3 with Reika and Hyuga!


Gennojo: That looks like the target castle.
         Let's go, officer.

Reika: S-Say that again.

Gennojo: That's the target castle.

Reika: After that.

Gennojo: Officer?

Reika: ...Awwww.

Gennojo: Hey, what kind of reaction is


Yukari: Hey, what are you doing here,
        Mr. Private Investigator?

Gennojo: Yu..kari?

Yukari: Me? I'm working here part-time.
        The flower shop gig isn't enough to
        pay for my videogames.
        So anyway, sorry. This is as far as
        you go. If you wanna get through
        here, then give me some love.

Gennojo: Officer, arrest her.
         Arrest her now.

Reika: If you guys are an item, why don't
       you just put her in her place?

Gennojo: ...You can't talk to a person like
         her. In cases like this, it's best
         to defeat her with public authority.


Yukari: I can't believe you hit me!
        I protest equality between men and

Gennojo: ...Arrest her, arrest her now.
         People who say things like that when
         it suits them should be taken away.

Reika: Why are you so keen on arresting

Gennojo: A private investigator doesn't have
         the authority to do that. I want to
         arrest somebody at least once.


Reika: Why did I get all emotional when you
       called me officer? Reika has never
       been called that bfore.

Gennojo: Ah, is that so?

Reika: Yup! It sounds much more cuter!
       I couldn't be a nurse.

Gennojo: ...Well, with the whole equality
         between men and women these days,
         they want everyone to be the same.


Shikou: It couldn't be...

Gennojo: It appears you know me.

Shikou: Time Gal.

Gennojo: Wait a minute.

Shikou: ...Is this a sitcom?

Reika: Nice one, comic relief.

Gennojo: Am I supposed to be the straight


Shikou: That comedy was well done.

Gennojo: It's not my real job though.


Gennojo: Let me say one thing.

Reika: What?

Gennojo: Don't judge a book by its cover.

Reika: Yes, that's very important.

Gennojo: Yeah, I'm the comic relief.
         Definitely not the straight man.


Freedom: A laughable wind is blowing.

Reika: All the people here are very

Gennojo: Sampras?

Reika: I love non sequiturs!

Freedom: I'm not too familiar with sports...

Gennojo: Shut up. You're all going to hell.


Freedom: I would have preferred a Federer

Gennojo: Are you watching tennis?

Reika: Hey, isn't that what the straight
       man says?


Gennojo: So anyway, I think we're getting
         kind of lazy.

Reika: This is the third game after all.

Gennojo: Yea, but this is your first

Reika: The summer wind feels good today.

Gennojo: We're inside.
         And it's spring.

Reika: Let's get going. The end is close.

Gennojo: It's still the fourth stage, stupid.


Kagachi: You guys are humorless imbeciles.

Reika: Didn't I say that people who call
       other people stupid are the stupid

Gennojo: I told you I was the comic relief.

Kagachi: Not only are you humorless imbeciles,
         you also have no manners.

Gennojo/Reika: Shut up.


Kagachi: Losing to you humorless imbeciles
         with no manners is a slight tragedy.

Reika: What more of a tragedy is there?

Gennojo: Running from debt collectors during
         the winter and slipping and dying
         from the fall.

Reika: Whoa, that's a true tragedy.

Kagachi: Ugh!


Reika: What do you think of this incident?

Gennojo: Suddenly serious, huh?
         ...Maybe it's just a delusion of

Reika: Bingo. This castle is reacting to
       our feelings. Did you just figure
       it out?

Gennojo: I suspected as much when that beauty
         reacted to tennis. Come to think of
         it, there's no way Yukari could
         be here.

Reika: So what now?

Gennojo: That's a given.

Reika: Yeah.


Gennojo: I'm Gennojo.

Reika: I'm Reika.

Tsukiko: I am Elivis Presley. Uhuhuh.
         I see you've assessed the situation.
         Welcome to the comedy hall of fame.
         I am your greatest comedy.

Reika: Hey, which do you think this is?
       My thoughts or your thoughts?

Gennojo: Yours.

Reika: Reika doesn't do gags like these.
       These must be yours, Gennie.

Gennojo: There's no proof, young lady.
         How 'bout we just say that we're
         both thinking the same thing?

Reika: That's fine.
       Then, let's go!


Tsukiko: ...Foolish children. If you kept
         watching this pleasant dream, you
         wouldn't have to deal with reality.

Gennojo: Then I'd be the only one having all
         the fun. Sounds good. That's the

Reika: I do this job because I like it.
       I do it dreaming about a laughably-
       easy, everyday incident to solve.

Gennojo: We know reality is harsh.

Reika: But the vacation is over.
       Reika's a female cop. I'm in the
       occupation closest to great justice.

Gennojo: Sounds good. That's the best.


Reika: It's over.

Gennojo: Yeah. I don't know what country you
         work for, but why don't you be a cop
         in Japan? I'm sure you'd like it.

Reika: In that case, why not forget about
       being a P.I. or the girl at the
       flower shop and go out with me?
       You can arrest people, see china
       dresses, or do whatever you want.

Gennojo: Well, let me think about that.

Reika: I'm the only one that can make use
       of your abilites, I mean, sense of

Gennojo: Hmph. Well that settles that.

--F4. Gennojo + Munchausen--------------------------------------------(ge+mu)--


Gennojo: My name is Gennojo Hyuga.
         My occupation: a cat-finder
         and private a investigator.
         The latter is a hobby of mine.

Munchausen: I, Munchausen, am a pure butler
            from head to toe.

Gennojo: The thing that connects the two of
         us is...

Munchausen: My lady has invested a considerable
            amount of money in him.

Gennojo: She's more horrifying than a loan
         shark. She won't take her money back
         and wants me to pay with my body.

Munchausen: Physical labor is the best.


Gennojo: Hey. You.

Munchausen: Yes, Master Hyuga?

Gennojo: Don't you ever feel like changing

Munchausen: It has never crossed my mind.
            My family has been proud of serving
            Lady Fumiko for generations.

Gennojo: ...How old is that woman anyway?
         I know she isn't as she appears.

Munchausen: I'm not sure it would be proper to
            discuss a lady's age.


Yukari: After my great popularity in the
        previous game, I appeared in an
        unpopular novel. Yukari Horigcuhi
        is a blossoming 17 year old
        and has returned!
        Here's a rocket punch to your heart.

Gennojo: Aren't you... unpopular anyway?

Yukari: No, the author was terrible.
        It was the author!

Gennojo: ...What do you think?

Munchausen: In this case, I think it would be
            graceful for both parties to take
            the blame.

Gennojo: So both the author and character

Yukari: Grrrr, arf!
        What a terrible way to say that!


Yukari: Ah, that was quicker than usual.

Munchausen: Please be more graceful.


Gennojo: I don't know why a man as powerful
         as you would stay with a woman like

Munchausen: If ability were the only thing that
            determined a person's lot in life,
            the world would be a dark place.
            There would be no saving it.
            The world is interesting because
            I'm a butler and you're a humble


Shikou: Japanese, huh? I never thought I'd
        see someone from my homeland here.
        Why fight in this foreign land?

Gennojo: Supposedly, if ability was the only
         thing that determined a person's lot
         in life, the world would be a dark place.
         I guess I'm fighting to change that.
         The world would also be a dark place
         if where you were born determined
         your place in life.

Munchausen: Those are some choice words, sir.

Shikou: You drunkard...
        Die and regret it.


Shikou: Amazing...

Gennojo: Looks like the drunkard won.

Munchausen: They say wine is the best medicine,
            as long as you don't drink too much.


Munchausen: Those were some choice words, sir.
            I can see why my lady keeps you as
            her gigolo.

Gennojo: Puah, who?
         Who's the gigolo?
         Did you mean me? Am I one too?

Munchausen: You clean the bath tub in exchange
            for lunch and some allowance, so...

Gennojo: No! That's just a part-time job!
         Believe me! My taste in women isn't
         that bad.

Munchausen: My lady is what you would call a
            fine woman.

Gennojo: No! You have to believe me!
         I haven't sold my soul!

Munchausen: But I think you've sold your body.


Freedom: An eastern wind is blowing.

Gennojo: I think this type is a fine woman.

Freedom: Hmhm, thank you.
         But that won't change the
         difficulty level.

Munchausen: If smiling at everybody is
            a good thing, then I guess you're


Freedom: Fighting isn't good.
         Ohhh nooo!

Munchausen: Even so, my lady as a cute smile
            from time to time.

Gennojo: I don't think I can agree with you.


Gennojo: It seems you've improved your
         skills. I can't believe at your

Munchausen: You have the generations mixed up.

Gennojo: Excuse me?

Munchausen: I think you are referring to my


Kagachi: ...Then, the one Kohtaro said that
         he trained with...

Munchausen: ...Would be me.

Kagachi: A most powerful enemy.
         There is no opening or desire.
         A team whose only purpose is to win.

Munchausen: Here we go. I must apologize to
            Master Kohtaro, but this is part of
            the mission.


Kagachi: I couldn't even hold them off for a
         significant length of time.

Munchausen: I know how you feel.


Gennojo: So, how much further?

Munchausen: Not much farther. I need to prepare
            breakfast for everyone soon.

Gennojo: What's that got to do with anything?

Munchausen: It means we should hurry.
            We'll increase our speed.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Gennojo: So what part of this is a nightmare?

Tsukiko: ...Gigolo.

Gennojo: No, I'm not! you're wrong.

Tsukiko: ...One down.
         You're the only one left.
         Are you alright? The way things are
         going, that witch will get together
         with Kohtaro. Aren't you afraid?

Munchausen: Heh. So be it.
            Even if Master Kohtaro gets with my
            lady, in the long span of time, it
            will be for but a moment.
            We are different. We will be with
            the lady for eternity. A moment's
            change of heart means nothing.
            Master Hyuga, open your eyes.
            We must fight.



Gennojo: You're wrong...! I'm not...!

Munchausen: Good grief.
            I guess I must fight alone for now.


Munchausen: Milady, the mission has just been
            completed. Yes? A change of clothes?
            Please wait 10 seconds.

Gennojo: Fumiko?

Munchausen: Indeed, sir. Now if you will excuse
            me, I must be on my way.

Gennojo: Wait...
         Let me ask you one thing.

Munchausen: What is it?

Gennojo: What are you going to do if Kohtaro
         and Fumiko really do get together?

Munchausen: Who knows.

Munchausen gave a mysterious smile,
turned around, and walked away.

--G1. Mihee + Nagino--------------------------------------------------(mi+na)--


Nagino: Stardate 20120607. I'm a traveling
        sandwich chef brought to this
        country by a meddlesome adult.

Mihee: It's not good to be talking to

Nagino: I'm not talking to myself.
        I'm keeping a diary.

Mihee: It's the same thing.
       It's creepy. Stop it.

Nagino: Huh? But an adult told me to keep a

Mihee: An aduat like that is just an
       exhibitionist and is only making you
       do what they can't do themselves.

Nagino: That's a narrow point of view.
        Aah, ow! Ow!

Mihee: Is this the mouth that's defying me?
       Huh? Is it this mouth?


Mihee: Why have yoy come to this castle?
       This place is dangerous.

Nagino: There was an SOS. I'm a member of
        the International Rescue Squad,
        Public Safety Division Q. Aah, ow! Ow!

Mihee: Is this the mouth that's defying me?
       Huh? Is it this mouth again?

Nagino: Fumiko told me to go take a look
        since it would be educational!

Mihee: You should have just said so in
       the first place. At any rate, liars
       never turn out any good.
       (...What's that woman thinking?
       Is she trying to put the same fate
       we have on to this girl as well?)
       ...Anyway, come with me and try not
       to get lost.

Nagino: Do you mean like a chick with an
        egg shell on its butt?

Mihee: Like a chick with an egg shell on
       its butt. Sounds like your
       parents are in the military.


Yukari: What's going on? This sounds big!
        Of course! Miss Yukari is back!
        The eternal fairty returns,
        just kidding!

Mihee: Look. See how someone who lies also
       lies to themselves?

Nagino: Hmm. I still think a lie is just
        a reflection of how someone wants to
        be. Aah, ow! Ow!

Mihee: Is this the mouth that's defying me?
       Is it this mouth?

Yukari: Hey! Stop picking on small kids!

Mihee: This is education, idiot! Die!


Yukari: Violent bitch!

Nagino: If you put it that way, everybody


Mihee: ...When this is over, I want you to
       go straight home. Don't ever think
       of doing something like this again.

Nagino: ...Why?

Mihee: Don't be like me. This lifestyle
       doesn't bring happiness, and it
       doesn't have any meaning.


Shikou: Sisters? Or mother and daughter?
        Either way, bringing a little girl
        like that here is...

Mihee: I'm not proud of it either.

Nagino: Stardate 20120608.
        I feel like a princess.
        The knight being a female knight
        seems a bit awkward, but it doesn't
        feel so bad.
        MAKI, take a synopsis snapshot.

Mihee: That's why I'm going to defeat you!
       This is a do-over for me!


Shikou: Do you expect salvation from

Mihee: Salvation isn't for me.
       It's for her future.


Nagino: That castle is bigger than it looks.
        I'm surprised.

Mihee: ...What are you so cautious about?
       Who do you think I am? I don't pinch
       you all the time.
       You'll only get pinched when you do
       something bad. Don't lie and don't
       make a living killing people.


Freedom: An 8th wind ascends to the heavens.
         I know people like you. The Blue
         born from black, the blue of blue.
         As I thought. So that one had
         offspring, the true king that will
         lead us.

Mihee: Is she talking about you?

Nagino: Probably so.
        ...Aah, ow! Ow!

Mihee: ...Is this the mouth talking to me
       in a conceited tone? Huh? Is it this

Nagino: I wasn't born because I wanted to!

Mihee: I know that! Bloodlines, tradition,
       don't let those things bind you!
       Don't live life with such things!

Freedom: Don't you want salvation as well?

Mihee: Shut up!


Mihee: I won't be saved by a kid like this!
       Like hell I would!

Freedom: You want that more than anybody.


Mihee: ...

Nagino: ...

Mihee: ...I had a friend who had an
       assassin for a daughter, a weapon to
       protect the religious order.
       It was the family business, so she
       did her duty. And when they praised
       her for her kills, she was happy.
       Even when she became useless as a
       woman, they told her that was fine,
       and she consoled herself.
       But, that was all just a sham.
       Killing is simply killing, no matter
       how you look at it.
       ...Don't end up like that.
       Don't be like that.


Kagachi: You sisters get along well. You'll
         both have a happy end. You'll always
         be together inside my stomach.

Mihee: That's all wrong! Nothing needs to
       end yet, and there's no need to go
       there. We're not even sisters.

Nagino: ...Let's at least admit to him that
        we get along well.

Mihee: If that's what you want, then so be
       it... I always thought that I was

Nagino: Maybe you never really tried to find


Kagachi: What refreshing eyes.
         You were stronger.
         I lost because I misread you...

Nagino: ...I'm not strong. I just understand
        myself and my fate.


Mihee: What were you talking about earlier?

Nagino: Nothing?
        ...Aah, ow! Ow!

Mihee: Is this the mouth that's lying to
       me!? Huh? Is this the mouth again!?

Nagino: He was having regrets so I was just
        trying to cheer him up !

Mihee: You should have just said so in
       the first place. And stop moving up
       front. You're weak, so stay back.

Nagino: Ookay.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I'm your greatest nightmare.

Mihee: I guess all I have to do is kill
       you. Nagino, stand back.

Tsukiko: Ahahaha, what a foolish thing to
         say. You're an idiot! The Queen of
         Flames is far stronger than you.
         A cursed child born to a demon lord
         and a shrine maiden of electronics.
         An arrow fated to incinerate all.
         Forget about me. There's no way
         someone like you can go on living
         and not get killed.

Nagino: ...Mihee Kim.
        I was just thinking.

Mihee: ...Wha?

Nagino: If your friend's daughter is alive,
        regrets what she had done, and tries
        to prevent it from happening again...
        I think that has meaning. The person
        your acquaintance is trying to save
        would be glad with a bitter smile.
        So don't be hopeless. What is your
        goal by acting like you're not the
        unlucky one and igoring yourself?
        You were the one that said lying
        was wrong. Face the truth.
        I'll be grateful, big sister.


Tsukiko: Let reality... crush you...

Nagino: That's impossible. I may be able to
        conquer reality, but the reverse
        could never happen.


Mihee: ...You're...

Nagino: I'm just a normal person born to two
        normal people.
        To me, you're just as normal.
        I'll only say this once:
        ...West of here, in a place called
        Apfelland, is a woman named Kuga.
        Tell her Mirai sends her regards.
        She'll take you to someone that can
        remove the poison from your body.
        ...I was happy, big sis.
        Beam me up.

Nagino Ise disappeard.

--G2. Mihee + Reika---------------------------------------------------(mi+re)--


Mihee: Today, I met a stupid girl.
       She had green hair that rubbed me
       the wrong way.
       Ahh, this is no good.
       ...A diary is embarrassing when you
       read it later.
       How can I record the events of that


Mihee: ...Hmhm.

Reika: Hm?

Mihee: Hahahahaha!
       What a crazy thing to say, stupid!
       You say that you're from the future?

Reika: Grrr. A person that calls someone
       stupid is the stupid one.

Mihee: Alright, alright, stupid girl.
       Then let'stake that castle.
       Let's go!


Yukari: Congratulations on your marriage,
        Harry Chang of High Score!
        Yukari, version two!
        I always get the hex I'm aiming for.
        Sorry, but this is as far as you go.

Mihee: Another stupid girl.

Reika: Hey! I told you I'm not stupid.

Yukari: You're right! How did you know that
        I was stupid crazy about games!?

Reika: See, the real thing says stuff like

Mihee: It doesn't matter. I hate stupid
       girls the most, after ugly men.
       I'm going to kill her...!


Yukari: Aahh, I lost!

Mihee: There aren't any men to flatter


Mihee: So, if you're from the future, then
       you should know my future, right?
       Tell me what it is.

Reika: It's an occupational secret.

Mihee: Hahahahaha.
       I thought as much.
       That's about all you can say.

Reika: Grrr!
       Reika really does know your future!

Mihee: Sure, sure. Just in your own world.


Shikou: Two women.
        Should I say it's a beautiful sight?

Reika: He said I'm beautiful! Aha.

Mihee: I want to kill you before I kill  the

Reika: Why?

Mihee: Unfortunately, I'm not that thorough
       of a woman to flatter the enemy.


Shikou: ...You're good...

Reika: Aha, you're naughty. Ahaha.

Mihee: ...She's more detestable than the


Reika: If you really want to know then
       I'll tell you. Let's look at this
       pink police notepad...

Mihee: What's going through your mind
       right now?

Reika: ...Mihee Kim.
       You are executed as a first degree

Mihee: ...What do you know about me


Freedom: ...A sad wind is blwing.

Mihee: Such a beautiful and insolent woman.
       I hate women like you.

Reika: ...You're hurting yourself whenever
       you say that.

Mihee: ...How would you know?

Reika: I know since I'm from the future.
       Even about things like that.

Freedom: Don't fight you two.

Mihee: ...Both of you, shut up!


Mihee: Why don't you kill me, stupid girl?

Reika: No one deserves to die.
       Not a single person.


Mihee: Why do you know about my poisonous

Reika: I keep telling you, Reika's from
       the future.

Mihee: Who's going to believe something
       like that!?

Reika: I showed you proof, and this is what I 


Kagachi: Your face is distorted even before
         the battle.

Mihee: Why is everyone talking about the
       face, the face, the face!?

Reika: It might be her personality that's

Mihee: Damn you!

Reika: Analysis complete. You're not afraid
       anymore, Mihee. Reika's analysis
       skills were #1 at the academy.


Mihee: I'm not afraid anymore, stupid girl?

Reika: You're just afraid of men.

Kagachi: Guooh...
         ...Huh, I'm being ignored.


Mihee: ...I'll kill you.

Reika: Aren't you taking revenge on the
       wrong person? It's also strange to
       be afraid of men.

Mihee: I'll kill you!

Reika: I keep telling you Reika is on your


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Mihee: Nightmare? My gretest nightmare is
       this woman here!

Reika: Why is she pointing a finger at

Mihee: If you're not a nightmare, then what

Reika: How about a math test chasing after
       you or eating a stirfry with only
       bell peppers in it?

Tsukiko: Those would indeed be nightmares

Mihee: Shut up. Talking to you makes
       everyone go stupid!


Tsukiko: ...It's not over yet.

Mihee: It's a monster.

Reika: Reika isn't afraid of things like

Mihee: Math tests are scarier?

Reika: If you get a bad grade, you have to
       retake the test, and if you do bad
       again, you have to take it again.


As she watched the castle disappear,
Mihee Kim nodded as if she made some
sort of resolution.

Mihee: Fine.
       I'll make you my wife.
       You should be happy.

Reika: Hmm, where'd that come from?

Mihee: The best thing to do about fear is
       to eat it, take it all in. Quit
       complaining. Let's go for a drink.

Reika: I'm not supposed to drink yet.

Mihee: It's okay. I make the rules.
       ...Well, let's get something to eat.

Reika: I can go along with that.
       Hmm... How did it turn out like

--G3. Mihee + Munchausen----------------------------------------------(mi+mu)--


Mihee: This tea is delicious.

Munchausen: Yes, indeed it is.

Mihee: How about being my butler?
       Quit your job with that bitch.

Munchausen: You sound serious. Were today's
            battles not to your liking?

Mihee: Yeah, they were the worst battles
       I've ever been through.

(And now to the main story!)


Munchausen: We are almost at the castle.

Mihee: ...Why me...? No, never mind.
       Once I get involved, I'll go the
       distance. Let's do this.
       You don't have to fight, so come
       with me.

Munchausen: Understood.


Yukari: Yeah, so Gaiden's sales were pretty
        bad. Even the title was called Niigi
        Gaiden... It's so awful... Waaaaahh.

Mihee: What's with her?

Munchausen: She seems very sulky.

Yukari: Huh!? Where'd you come from!? I need
        time to prepare, you know, so if
        you're gonna come, lemme know first!

Mihee: I don't think there's any reason to
       sulk after coming all this way to
       the castle.

Munchausen: Yes, indeed. Ay any rate, there's a
            certain air about it when one sulks
            while nibbling on a rice cracker.

Yukari: You there, shut up!
        Let's hurry up and fight!


Yukari: I'm speeding down the road of
        consecutive losses.

Munchausen: I feel like I peeped at an
            entertainer in her dressing room.

Mihee: I feel sorry for her.
       Should I make her my wife?


Mihee: At any rate, what's with this castle
       and the sad girl just now?

Munchausen: I think she's working part-time at
            the castle.

Mihee: So, the building is exquisite, but
       they keep the labor costs low.

Munchausen: It's a castle like a modern day


Shikou: I was a public servant for 33 years.
        I did my best, but did that country
        really get any better?

Mihee: I'm starting to feel sad.

Munchausen: I feel like I peeped at an
            entertainer in her dressing room.

Mihee: Didn't you say that earlier?

Munchausen: Did I?

Shikou: When did you two...!? Ah!
        Welcome, foreigners.
        ...Uhh, let's do battle.


Shikou: My social security!

Munchausen: What a harsh world.

Mihee: ...Yeah.


Mihee: ...I'm feeling a tiredness from
       something unrelated to these

Munchausen: I'll prepare some tea when this is
            all over.

Mihee: Will there be any biscuits?

Munchausen: Whatever you like.

Mihee: Alright, I'll do my best.


Freedom: I have no choice but to immerse
         myself in my hobby. There's nothing
         else to do.
         I can't snack because I worry about
         my weight, so I do embroidery, knit
         or paint at the cultural center.

Mihee: ...

Munchausen: Do you have anything to say?

Mihee: ...Life seems tough.

Freedom: ...Huh!? Welcome, warriors.
         You're midway through, so you can't
         get through so easily.
         I do battle exercises as a hobby.


Freedom: You're going to end up just like
         this too.

Mihee: Wow, what awful last words!

Munchausen: She was so convincing.


Mihee: This castle is indeed a terrible

Munchausen: The beauty of this castle is
            starting to look feigned.

Mihee: ...But, I'm glad I don't get fat
       even when I eat.

Munchausen: Our conversations are starting to
            sound more and more idiotic.


Kagachi: What else can I do if I quit this
         job? It's pitiful to grow old when
         my only good trait is my strength.
         Do I have to go back to school

Mihee: I feel so bad for him that I've lost
       my will to fight.

Munchausen: Yes, but it's also our job to dodge
            the bullets.

Kagachi: Huh!? ...Were you listening in on
         the poem in my heart?

Mihee: ...No, don't worry.
       I didn't hear anything.

Kagachi: Oh good. Then let's fight.
         I'm strong, you know.


Kagachi: I guess I have no choice but to take
         up farming in the countryside.

Mihee: At least you have a place to go home

Kagachi: I wouldn't have hesitated if I
         hadn't bought a house in Utah.

Munchausen: Oh, that is harsh.


Mihee: ...I've never had such difficult

Munchausen: I can see what you mean.

Mihee: What if the last enemy is even more
       miserable than the others?

Munchausen: I don't think the enemy of the enemy
            needs to be concerned about that.

Mihee: What are you saying? If I have to
       fight, I at least want to fight in
       a good mood.


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare.

Mihee: Huh!? Is that a nightmare?

Munchausen: I imagine, in a way, it is.

Mihee: Yeah. Wait, what? If that were true,
       that means we have to listen to an
       even sadder story than before!

Tsukiko: Hmm, it seems you don't understand
         what I mean when I say the greatest
         nightmare. I am the strongest.
         I'm young, beautiful, and have a
         bright future. No problems here.

Mihee/Munchausen: Oh?

Tsukiko: Wh-what kind of reaction is that?

Munchausen: Good for you.

Mihee: Yeah, I'm going to be able to go


Tsukiko: ...Let reality crush you...

Mihee: What awful words.

Munchausen: Indeed.


Mihee: After this is over...
       No, let's just fight for now.


Mihee: It's over...

Munchausen: Indeed.

Mihee: ...Did you say you'd prepare some

Munchausen: Yes. I've prepared some with honey
            to take care of your fatigue.

Mihee: I'll eat the biscuits and start
       fresh tomrrow.

Munchausen: What a cozy way to end.

Mihee: Then I'll also buy a Prada bag.
       I saw a department store sale on
       the way over here.

Munchausen: ...I see.

Mihee: And then I'll...

--H1. Nagino + Reika--------------------------------------------------(na+re)--


Nagino: Stardate 20120607. I'm a traveling
        sandwich chef brought to this
        country by a meddlesome adult.
        The person I am with it most likely
        the time traveler Reika. She thinks
        she's keeping that fact a secret.

Reika: What are you mumbling about!?
       Let's get going.

Nagino: Ookay.


Nagino: It's a big castle.

Reika: I wonder if there's such a thing as
       a small castle.

Nagino: Oh, I see. Then maybe a big castle
        is just rhetorical.

Reika: Nagi sure knows a very hard wrod.
       Well, let's go take a look around.

Nagino: Yay!


Yukari: I used to always wonder, why do the
        people I like always end up hating
        me? Even Kaiho and Takano.
        They all leave me; they all do.
        ...Talking bout AZANT.
        Is that so important?
        Is that reason enough to fight?

Reika: ...

Nagino: Don't worry about it. That's a basic
        psychological state of someone who's
        been dumped. It won't affect battle.

Reika: Did your personalty suddenly

Nagino: ...No.


Yukari: Why!?

Nagino: Because you're a fool.


Reika: It's kind of a sad castle.

Nagino: A building's a building, big sis.
        There might be sad houses, but
        there aren't any sad castles.

Reika: Hmm, now that you mention it, I
       guess so.


Shikou: ...I've trained many girls to fight
        gods until now, but I only sent them
        to their deaths.
        It must be the way of this country:
        To suck the blood of young girls and
        go on living.

Nagino: So what do you think, big sis?
        Do you hink this is sad?

Reika: ...No. I think it's pitiful, but it
       seems like something could have been

Nagino: I think so too.

Shikou: ...How would you know how I feel?

Nagino: You were talking because you wanted
        someone to understand you, right?
        ...You selfish person.


Shikou: ...

Reika: ...If you have regrets, then you
       should have done something about it.


Reika: You know, you're kind of strange,
       Nagi. You say such difficult
       things. In that case...
       Background check time! Let's see,
       according to my police notes, Nagino
       Ise died last year... Huh?

Nagino: Never mind that. Let's get going.


Freedom: I was afraid of that girl. It seemed
         like she would take him away from
         That's why I was nice to her.
         That was my greatest sin.

Reika: When does being nice become a sin?

Nagino: It depends on the person.

Freedom: So you've come to cast judgement on

Nagino: I don't cast judgement on anybody.
        If you want judgement, then just ask


Freedom: ...I will probably be judged for

Nagino: Do it until you're tired of it.


Reika: ...So, what's your real name?

Nagino: There are some things in life you'd
        be better off not worrying about.

Reika: Are you threatening me?

Nagino: I never threaten anyone. I'd kill
        before I'd threaten, I don't like
        holding back. It's so lukewarm.
        You don't have to worry.

Reika: Oh, okay.
       Then I won't.


Kagachi: I've been waiting for you...

Reika: Are you one of Reika's fans?

Kagachi: You two are both stronger then me.
         But I will protect Tsukiko from you.

Nagino: How incoherent. Fighting when you
        can't win. The best way to protect
        her is to hide.

Kagachi: You wouldn't understand.


Kagachi: Now, I'll be together with her even
         in hell.

Reika: Why is that the only solution you
       can come up with? You could have
       talked to me about it!


Reika: ...Why are you here, Nagi?
       And why is everyone else here?

Nagino: When I'm here, it means that there
        is something here that shouldn't
        belong. Just like you, big sis.

Reika: This castle itself is a time crime?

Nagino: If you're a cop, it's probably
        better for you to investigate
        yourself, big sis.


Tsukiko: ...I hope Koh gets here soon.
         I'm getitng tired of waiting as well
         as fighting.

Reika: ...Is this Tsukiko, the person that
       guy was talking about?

Tsukiko: Kagachi must have lost if you're
         here. Fine. I'll fight. Then I'll
         use your blood to resurrect Kagachi.

Reika: How occult.

Nagino: ...I see. So this is the game.


Reika: Phew, now it's finally over.

Nagino: ...Wait!

Nagino: !

Reika: Two Nagis?

Nagino: There's still another one of me.

Nagino: I know.
        The other me.



Reika: ...Two Nagis...?

Nagino: Is this genetics?
        My father also had these powers.

Nagino: ...That's right. Big sis, you aren't
        the first to time travel, and you
        won't be the last.

Reika: ...Eh?
       Buh? Nagi... Naaaagiiii...
       Where are you?

Nagino: Don't turn around. You'll find the
        Dream Park System ahead. Destroy it,
        and everything will be resolved.

When Reika turned around, there was
no longer anybody there. Only a
gust of wind was blowing.

--H2. Nagino + Munchausen---------------------------------------------(na+mu)--


Nagino: Stardate 20120603. I'm a traveling
        sandwich chef brought to this
        country by a meddlesome adult.
        Since I have some free time today,
        I borrowed the butler to solve the

Munchausen: Now milady, let us be off.

Nagino: Ookay.


Nagino: There's the castle.
        It looks like a castle from a

Munchausen: It does indeed, milady.

Nagino: I'm sorry to take you away from
        big sister Fumiko.

Munchausen: Not at all. Lady Fumiko has also
            sworn her allegiance to you.
            Please do not be concerned.

Nagino: Really Then, let's conquer and
        move forward. Let's take down the
        castle with a frontal attack.

Munchausen: As you wish.


Yukari: Welcome, newbie. I've been super-
        popular since the last title and
        in...Huh? Hey...

Munchausen: There once was a woman in a dusty
            little town.
            There's no use in crying all day.
            That's why I took the hand of a
            demon and decided to save the world.
            I'll take on all the gods and fight
            for the beautiful world I desire.

Nagino: A thrilling red car.
        Just staring at this filthy town as
        the sun rises has come to an end.
        Stop watching, Player.
        Another step could lead to darkness.
        Tomorrow might be good though.

Yukari: You're mixing it with humming...
        I'm pissed off! I'll make you cry


Yukari: Awwwww! I'm against 2P Mode!

Nagino: I think it's better than three
        against one.

Munchausen: Indeed, it is.


Nagino: That was a good warm-up.

Munchausen: Let's not get too conceited.
            Anyone can look down on anyone.

Nagino: Mkay.

Munchausen: Then let's get to the second one.


Shikou: Welcome.
        You appear to be royalty of some
        sort...Huh? Hey?

Nagino: There once was a woman who lived in
        the mountains that tasted like
        There's no use in crying all day.
        That's why I took the hand of a
        demon and decided to enchant men.
        I'll take on all justice to enchant
        the men I consider beautiful.
        Pure love is about theft and
        robbery. Whoever it may be, things
        naturally end up that way.

Munchausen: The blood boils.
            Just staring at this filthy town as
            the sun rises has come to an end.
            Stop looking and drop down to hell.
            Another step could lead to darkness.
            It could become a habit.


Shikou: I can't believe I was made such a
        fool of, and it ends this way.

Nagino: There was once a time when singing
        was the same as fighting.

Munchausen: This young lady here is the last of
            that kind.


Munchausen: It looks like we're on a roll.
            Well then, let's move on more

Nagino: Ookay.


Munchausen: Looking for a nice thrill,
            I dance the night in the trill.
            Singing at night, dreaming
            of the morning.
            I will embrace your dream and
            contest the world.

Nagino: Looking for a nice thrill.
        I sleep through the night
        with the trill.
        I take the last gamble,
        embracing your dream.
        If I die before I wake,
        I will wait for you in hell.

Munchausen: Instead of crying all day,
            I'm going to fight as a rebel.

Nagino: Lalalala lalalala lalala lalalala.
        I'm so happy. Look, the dawn is so
        beautiful. As if to praise me.


Freedom: I wanted to at least get a word in

Munchausen: Pardon us.


Nagino: Hey, did your face change just now?

Munchausen: It's just your imagination, milady.


Kagachi: There you are, singing enemy.

Nagino: He called us the singing enemy.

Munchausen: Well then, here goes as requested.

Nagino: Watch the wind blow and memories
        return. The beating drum of yore.
        The sound of grass. The whinny of
        the war horse. The brilliance
        of the spear.

Munchausen: Long ago, there was an army that
            gathered to take back the light.
            People remember the brightness
            and sing a song.

Nagino: That was the subtle memory of
        days long gone.
        And since then, when people think of
        the future. People remember the
        brightness and sing a song.

Munchausen: Behold wind. After a long time, it
            is complete once again.


Kagachi: You're strong...

Nagino: Thanks.


Munchausen: Well then, let's get to the last
            Noh song.

Nagino: A single strand of light that
        shined out of despair. A small
        fortress that defied the darkness.
        The humans succeeded this light.
        The weakest species,
        the species of light.


Tsukiko: The air has changed...
         So you were preparing your magic as
         you were going through the castle.

Munchausen: A singer has a singer's way of doing

Nagino: A single strand of light that
        shined out of despair. A small
        fortress that defied the darkness.
        The humans succeeded this light.
        The weakest species,
        the species of light.

Munchausen: A woman gave birth to a child. That
            child gave birth, and that child
            gave birth. And 10,000 years went by.

Nagino: A single woman descendant gathered
        the light on earth and used it for
        her magic. A magic called hope.
        It comes again. How dusky.


Tsukiko: Don't think you've won just because
         of this.

Munchausen: Don't think you're forgiven already.


The castle disappeared into an

Nagino: *yawn* It's morning...
        I'm sleepy.

Munchausen: It's not good to stay up all night,
            milady. I'll carry you on my back.

Nagino: No thanks. I'm not a child, so I'll
        walk back home.

Munchausen: Hmm, I am impressed by your will.
            It is a good thing you don't use
            your magic for your own sake.
            I've actually been slightly moved.
            I wish there was some way I could
            show my praise for you.

Nagino: Then let's have French toast for

Munchausen: As you wish, milady.

--I1. Reika + Munchausen----------------------------------------------(re+mu)--


Reika: Umm...

Munchausen: What is it, milady?

Reika: Have we met in the future?
       About 500 years from now.

Munchausen: Even if I did live 500 years and
            returned to the past to answer that.
            I don't think I would know.

Reika: Ah, I see.
       You're smart, Munkie.

Munchausen: Munkie has a fresh ring to it.

Reika: By the way, what am I doing here

Munchausen: I don't have an answer to that,

The two nod their head sideways.
Can the game start like this...?


Reika: Ah, that castle is beautiful.

Munchausen: Indeed, it is.

Reika: ...Hmm, I've forgotten something
       after all. I wonder what Reika

Munchausen: Well, there still is the matter of
            finding the missing people, so I imagine
            you can try to remember gradually.

Reika: Yeah, you're right.


Yukari: You really kept me waiting.
        What took you so long?

Reika: Buh, who is she?

Munchausen: I don't know either.

Reika: Well, then that's that.

Yukari: Hey!? Wait! Hold on!
        I'm the stage boss! The enemy!
        Did you forget already?

Reika: ...Huh.

Yukari: What do you mean "huh"?

Munchausen: She looks like she's about to cry,
            so I think it's best if we gave her
            a bit more attention.

Reika: It's kind of a pain.


Yukari: Everyone's been telling me recently
        that my presence is weak!

Munchausen: It's a young person's assertion.

Yukari: That's girl, mister!
        17 is still a girl!


Reika: Hmmm, there's something weird about
       that castle.

Munchausen: ...What is strange about it?

Reika: The wind.
       The wind from the castle doesn't
       feel this good.

Munchausen: Hmm, you're quite the sage, milady.
            Even I must really concentrate to
            understand what the wind is saying.
            Humans have relied too much on their
            sight that they have lost their
            ability to feel the wind.

Reika: Reika hasn't even been robotically
       or genetically altered. I don't even
       have a Methuselah program.
       Heheh, that's why I'm a dropout.
       I don't even have an IQ of 200,
       and I always catch a cold.

Munchausen: I'm not sure what Methuselah is,
            but in the days when people used
            magic, everyone was like that.
            The wind loved the people back then.
            After all these years, one who can
            hear the song of the wind is born.


Shikou: ...You're here again?

Reika: Munkie, did you come here yesterday?

Munchausen: I don't recall doing that.

Shikou: I'm talking about that girl.
        Time Gal Reika.

Reika: Hmm? Me? I have no sense of
       direction, so there's no way I could
       come here twice.

Shikou: ...That's not something to say in
        such a proud tone. Never mind. I
        just need to do my job. Here I come!


Shikou: ...You're weaker than last time...

Reika: I told you that wasn't me.

Shikou: I still lost though.

Reika: Listen to me!


Reika: The Methuselah program continuously
       combines a sperm and egg to create
       humans with specific traits.
       It takes longer than genetic
       manipulation, but it isn't as bad
       as it sounds.

Munchausen: So it's like insect poison.
            No, perhaps it is more like Sir
            Mibuya's tenchinque, Blue Blood.

Reika: Reika doesn't know much about that,
       but thanks to the Methuselah
       program, people can live to be 150.

Munchausen: I see.
            And what about you, Lady Reika?

Reika: Reika? Iono. I haven't done any of
       that, so I'll probably only live
       to be about 80.
       Reika was born by a mistake.
       Mama and Papa made me the
       old-fashioned way, and I was born.


Freedom: A wind from far away is blowing.
         ...I don't know how, but you have
         the ability to travel through time.

Reika: Uh-huh.
       Reika's a time traveler...
       I mean, Time Gal.

Freedom: I see.
         ...Why do you travel through time.

Reika: ...There might some place that
       Reika can call home.

Freedom: I hope you find it.
         Well then, let's do battle.


Freedom: This girl can hear the song of the
         wind... I see...


Reika: What is the song of the wind?

Munchausen: ...It is an ancient memory, about
            how people use magic because they
            have no fangs, fur or wings.
            The goddess Argana gave people magic
            because they were the weakest
            species that had nothing.

Reika: Huh? I know Reika isn't very smart
       and won't live for very long, but
       it doesn't mean she has nothing.
       ...Food tastes good everyday, and...

Munchausen: That is magic. Just because you
            don't have a long lifespan, aren't
            smart, catch colds easily, or
            people call you stupid doesn't
            mean you have to be unhappy.
            The wonder of unhappiness is not
            being unhappy. Wonder itself is


Kagachi: You looked as though you had no
         doubts yesterday. What worries you

Reika: Hmm.
       Happiness is so difficult.

Kagachi: Yesterday, you came and left a
         message before you defeated me.

Reika: Huh? Me again? If it were me, why
       don't I just show up as me? It's not
       a time paradox like the old days.

Kagachi: Ask yourself. Here's the message:
         "Learn the song of the wind."

Reika: That sorta sounds like me.

Munchausen: Not just slightly.

Kagachi: Let us do battle.


Kagachi: I... lost again...

Reika: The future me is very strong.

Munchausen: ...


Reika: So, the future me wants me to learn
       the song of the wind. Do you know
       what she's talking about, Munkie?

Munchausen: Of course I do, milady.

Reika: What is it?

Munchausen: A normal song. An incoherent one at
            that. Though it may act as a spell
            to awaken people from nightmares.
            It is a lullaby and an archaic
            spell. But I do not understand why
            such a weak spell is mentioned...


Tsukiko: Welcome to the castle of nightmares.
         I am your greatest nightmare...

Reika: If we beat her, will it end?
       Alright, Reika will do her best.

Tsukiko: That won't be possible.

Reika: Huh? It's not possibl!?

Munchausen: I wouldn't take her too seriously.

Tsukiko: Fact is still fact.
         This dream has no ending. Even if
         you win, the same dream will start
         all over. Your journey ends here.

Munchausen: So that's what the song of the wind
            is for... Miss Rieka! Use the song I
            just taught you! The song that ends

Reika: Uh, uhhh!
       Um, what kind of song was it again?

Tsukiko: Hopeless girl.
         But... I'm relieved!


Munchausen: Now!

Reika: Uhh, things that are lost, things
       that have perished, a far away home,
       ancient beats, the sound of glass,
       the light of the stove, the wind
       on a hill...

Munchausen: *sigh*
            ...You have it all wrong.
            Wait... This magic...

Reika: It is the subtle memories
       of a time long ago.
       When thinking of the future, people
       will remember the brightness and
       sing a song.
       Song of the wind, shine a light
       on the darkness of my heart.
       Listen wind, to the moment when
       woman and wind come together
       again after the ages.
       A single strand of light that
       shined out of despair. A small
       fortress that defied the darkness.
       The humans succeeded this light.
       The weakest species,
       the species of light.
       A woman gave birth to a child.
       That child gave birth, and that
       child gave birth and waited for ages.
       A single woman descendant gathered
       the light on earth and used it for
       her magic. A magic called hope.
       It comes again. How dusky.



Reika: We win! Reika's a genius!

Munchausen: The spell became complete because
            she besmirched the song...?
            Unbelievable. She truly is a...

Reika: Hm? What?
       You know, I'm still forgetting
       Ah, I remember!
       I have to get in Koh's way!
       Whoa! I'm 18 hours late! Aaaaahh!

Munchausen: She went off running...
            Ah, I understand everything now.
            The Dream Park was tampered with...
            ...I see. If the blame were put on
            Miss Reika, then one can elude those
            who keep complete track of time...

Munchausen took off his glasses and
watched Reika as she disappeared
into the distance.

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