Even since his first appearance in the eighth Dragon Ball Z movie, Broly has
been a fan favorite. Everyone loves playing as the raging lunatic every now
and then, and nobody does it better than Broly. While he didn't fair too well
in his first appearance in the Budokai series, his status in the Shin Budokai
games has been elevated to say the least. Simply put, Broly beats the living
hell out of anything in the game, he has tremendous reach, one of the
best death moves in the game, and one of the strongest ultimates available.
Broly is easily one of the most damaging characters in the game. Broly in
Shin Budokai Another Road, while not exactly top tier material, is a very
solid character.



- Broly has amazing reach with just about all of his rushing and slam strings.
Considering the speed and priority of his slam starters, Broly has an easy 
time zoning the majority of the cast. 

- Broly is an extremely powerful character, hitting well into the 3000s with
ease. With Broly's best combo hitting for 3999 damage, his only competition
in the field of absolute damage is Bardock.

- Gigantic Claw is an amazing death move, easily one of the best in the game.
It has high priority, comes out extremely fast, and hits hard. Since the
opponent can't break fall afterwards, a follow up Blaster Shell is guaranteed.

- Broly's >RRR rushing string breaks the opponents guard making it harder, if
not impossible, to turtle against Broly.



- Broly has a very tough time dealing with rush down characters like Bardock,
Future Trunks, Pikkon, and Krillin. These characters have high priority slam
strings that allow them to get in and stay close to an opponent. Once these
characters get in, it is easy for them to pick apart Broly.

- Broly's size makes him very easy to juggle. There isn't a single string in
the game that can miss Broly at close range, this makes comboing him much
easier than normal. As in all fighting games, being the biggest just makes
you the easiest target.



One word, zoning. Broly has a lot of power but he has to use his range to get
the most of it. Letting characters get in too close is dangerous since Broly
doesn't have any strings, slam or rushing, that can deal with quick, high
priority slam strings. Rush down specialists like Bardock, Future Trunks, 
Pikkon, and Krillin are especially dangerous. Keep everyone at mid to long 
range, don't let ANYONE within arms reach of Broly.

*Rush down and defending*

Broly's main slam starter is his RRR and an aura charged Gigantic Claw cut through any sort
of guarding, including aura guard, so be sure to use them when the opponent
is waiting it out.


Broly has among the best set of juggling strings in the game. On top of his
R and RRS and vS strings, just be sure you energy cancel both of them to
avoid getting punished. Also, since Gigantic Claw comes out blindingly fast,
you can use it to get a quick pot shot in when the opponent least expects it.
Since you are at the disadvantage, the general assumption is that you won't
use ki unless absolutely necessary. This can play in your favor since
the opponent isn't going to be expecting Gigantic Claw. Once they are hit 
with it, they aren't going to be as aggressive knowing that you can still have
a reliable way to deal damage. While a single Gigantic Claw only does 585
damage, it quickly stacks up especially since the move is hard to teleport
counter even if you know it is coming. Just remember to build your ki to
regain the ki advantage so you don't become dependant on single slams and
Gigantic Claw.



*Super Quick Guide to Combo Canceling*

All combo cancels are done by holding down the last S in a regular combo
string then tapping guard to cancel the animation.  When done fast enough,
the character returns to their neutral state and can immediately start 
another combo string.  Once mastered, the charge on the canceled S doesn't
show and the full combo looks fluid without any noticeable breaks or pauses.
Side Step canceling can be done by tapping down or up with guard but only 
works with certain combo strings.  The advantage to side step canceling 
is that if done properly, the combo continues from the opponent's back 
where damage is greater.  Energy attacks can also be canceled by holding 
down E then tapping guard, but only a few characters need use this method 
to cancel a string.  Since energy canceling uses a small amount of ki, it
isn't recommended unless it is the ONLY way to cancel a certain string
for that character.

Finally, the most advanced combo cancel is the Aura Cancel.  While
holding S, tap Aura Burst, release S, then tap S again to trigger the
character's Aura Slam.  This is by far the most difficult cancel to pull off
but opens a whole new range of damage. After a successful Aura Smash cancel,
you are granted a free Aura Rush attack so use that to close the distance 
and continue the combo.

*The Golden Rule of Combo Canceling*

NEVER under any circumstances attempt a combo that puts the opponent in ki
advantage.  That means that no combo should EVER go over 2.5 bars worth of ki
gain for the opponent since it leaves you open for a teleport counter (which
can be canceled into a combo).  That also means that no combo should end in 
an attack that can be recovered from quickly leaving endless possibilities 
for a counter attack.

Basically, no on the ground attacks since break fall can lead into a combo
just as quickly as a teleport counter cancel.  

Finally, absolutely NO PURSUIT FINISHERS!!!!!!  I can't stress this one enough,
although they look great each pursuit attack gives the opponent back 1 whole
ki bar.  That means that getting a complete Pursuit combo ending in a
finisher is next to impossible against anyone who knows how to teleport
counter.  A single pursuit attack is okay once in a while to show off, but
trying for 3 is asking for trouble.  All combos in this guide follow are 
safe to use but incase you try building your own, just keep in mind the 
golden rule and you should be okay.


R = Rush attack
S = Slam attack
>= Towards opponent
< = Away from opponent
>> = Dash to opponent
^ = Up on the D-pad
E = Energy Button
- = Cancel
* = Stun
~ = Side Step Cancel
' = Fully charge upcoming move
[AB] = Aura Burst
-[AB] = Aura Cancel


All combos are performed on the ground without booster cards in LSSJ.

Beginners Section
No cancel knowledge needed

1) vS, RRR