Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots By: Alex "Joker" Hall Started on: June 12, 2008 Completed on: E-Mail: @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@ @@! @@! @@! @@! @@! @@! @@@ @@! !@! !@! !@! !@! !@! !@! @!@ !@! @!! !!@ @!@ @!!!:! @!! @!@!@!@! @!! !@! ! !@! !!!!!: !!! !!!@!!!! !!! !!: !!: !!: !!: !!: !!! !!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: !:! :!: ::: :: :: :::: :: :: ::: :: :::: : : : :: :: : : : : : :: : : @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ !@@ @@! @@! @@@ @@! @@@ !@! !@! !@! @!@ !@! @!@ !@! @!@!@ @!!!:! @!@!@!@! @!@!!@! !!! !!@!! !!!!!: !!!@!!!! !!@!@! :!! !!: !!: !!: !!! !!: :!! :!: !:: :!: :!: !:! :!: !:! ::: :::: :: :::: :: ::: :: ::: :: :: : : :: :: : : : : : : @@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@ @@@ @@@@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@ !@@ @@! @@@ @@! @@! @@! @@@ @@!@! !@! !@! @!@ !@! !@! !@! @!@ !@!!@! !!@@!! @!@ !@! @!! !!@ @!@ !@! @!! @!! !!@!!! !@! !!! !!! !!! !@! !!! !!! !@! !:! !!: !!! !!: !!: !!: !!! :!!:!:!!: !:! :!: !:! :!: :!: :!: !:! !:::!!::: :::: :: ::::: :: :: :::: :: :::: :: ::: :: : : : : : : :: : : : :: : : ::: _____ __ _ _ | __ \ / _| | | | | | | \/_ _ _ __ ___ ___ | |_ | |_| |__ ___ | | __| | | | '_ \/ __| / _ \| _| | __| '_ \ / _ \ | |_\ \ |_| | | | \__ \ | (_) | | | |_| | | | __/ \____/\__,_|_| |_|___/ \___/|_| \__|_| |_|\___| ______ _ _ _ | ___ \ | | (_) | | | |_/ /_ _| |_ _ __ _ ___ | |_ ___ | __/ _` | __| '__| |/ _ \| __/ __| | | | (_| | |_| | | | (_) | |_\__ \ \_| \__,_|\__|_| |_|\___/ \__|___/ - Well this is it... the last mission for Solid Snake. It's kind of sad to see this legendary icon of the gaming world hit retirement. Even though I know that in some way down the road, Konami will do something about putting Snake in other games of even a new Metal Gear game, but I don't think it will have the same impact behind it without Hideo Kojima watching over the project. He did say that this was to be it for him and Snake as far as Metal Gear goes. I guess from now on we will just have to sit back and wonder who will take over the saga of Metal Gear... IF there will be a continuation of this great franchise in any way. Hideo is a great visionary to say the least, and it is sad and yet happy to see the conclusion to all of the intrigue that we have grown up with since the days of the NES and the first Metal Gear. I pray that with this guide, I can dedicate and show my true appreciation for what Hideo Kojima has given to us and rise to the challenge of helping everyone out with this guide. It's time to begin the final mission... it's time to once more step into Hideo Kojima's world... is there a right or wrong way to get out? Only you will decide that for yourself! - As with every other guide that I've wrote, this guide is my own property! I happily made this for all to enjoy and to use, and all that I ask is that if you are planning on using this for your site, then just ask me for permission ok. I'm really easy to get along with and generally don't mind it so long as you ask for my permission first. Don't go thinking "Oh he'll never say ok, lets just rip the guide and post it anyways" because that's a flawed way of thinking. Just give it a shot sometime and you may be surprised! My e-mail box is always open! - A big reminder to everyone out there....if you're looking for updates to this guide, then head on over to I write for that site and that site only.....or at least, that's where the guide's origins are. Any update that I do will hit there. I don't really plan on keeping up with how many other hundreds of sites have my guides up for their use and have to go and update it on their site as well, so save yourself some trouble and headache and check my guide out at GameFAQs ok. I really don't want to deal with a million e-mails asking me about updates and info and such when I'm telling you now what to do. - *** Reminder!!!! *** Given the nature of Hideo Kojima's work, I will be constantly updating this guide. Don't get stuck on seeing a certain update number for it, until I put the final mark down for it. Due to the fact that there's probably a million ways to handle any given scenario and the fact that people will send in their ways for handling said scenarios the updates will be sporadic. So always keep an eye out for new info that I may put up for the game and be patient if I haven't given out the info for a certain part of the game yet. At this point in time I too am still going through the game myself! :) - ***SPOILER WARNING*** It's not in my nature to ruin the surprise for anyone, so I will do what I can to keep the spoilers to a minimal. That's not to say that you won't see a few here and there given that the guide is meant to help and show you what's up ahead. I'll do what I can to keep Codec conversations out of the main story walkthrough section and keep as many surprises and event notifications to a minimal, but do keep in mind that you will read when I tell you a boss will appear and this is what he will do and such. I may try to put all spoilers in a separate section for all to read later so no one can complain about it in the main section, but as I said before, I'm warning you now that a few spoilers are inevitable. - Time to get started with the mission at hand! - Table of Contents - 1) Story 2) Controls *PS3 Controller Button Configuration* - Menu Configuration - In-Game Configuration 3) The Basics *Movement* *Rolling* *Wall Press* *Distracting* *Suspending* *Attacking* *Gadgets* *Close Quarters Combat* *Equipment* *In-Game Pause Menu* *Gauges* *Equipment Weight* *Threat Ring* *OctoCamo* *Metal Gear Mk II* *Battle Tips* 4) Game Modes *New Game* *Load Game* *Mission Briefing* *Options* *Photo Album* *Virtual Range* *Metal Gear Online* *Extras* 5) Story Mode *Opening Credits Battle* *Act 1 - Liquid Sun* *Act 2 - Solid Sun* *Act 3 - Third Sun* 6) Metal Gear Online 7) Cheats and Secrets *Cheats* *Secrets* *Easter Eggs* - Zone of the Enders 2 Computer Background - Frog Soldier Doll - Laughing Octopus Doll - Weird Crop Circle Message - Development Team Hand Plate *Glitches* *Miscellaneous* - PMC Intro Movie Commercials - PMC Codename Dedications *Extras* - OctoCamo Downloads = Digital Red = Digital Blue - iPod Music Downloads = Conclusion = HIND D - Integral Podcast Downloads 8) Alternate Player Tactics *Story Mode Tactics* *Metal Gear Online Tactics* *Alternate Secret Unlocking Tactics* 9) Credits DOMMMMMNMNMMNDDDDDDD8888OO88O88888888OOOOOOOOOZOM.=,:~~:$I=??I8NMMMNMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNDDDDDDDD88DD888D8888888OOOOODM~:,.=:::I$7=?I+NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNDDDDDD88DDD8D88D88D88OOOO8D=~?,,:.~:~?I7??IIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD8D888888O88D8ODM~:~:,,=,,:::I?I=++MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDD88888D88ON,::::~,~.,:::~+?I~?+7.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD888888D888M,::::::~:::+:~~:$O=+=:::=MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMNNNNNNDDDNNDD888888D888O~:::::::::::=:=~:D7~====MMM8NMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNDNNDDD88888D88M:~~~~:::::::~:::::~O?~==:~+NMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMNMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNDDD888ND8D7==~~~~::::::::~~,:~~:~~~==:+=$MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNMMNNNNNNND8888ND8M~=++=+~~:::::::::=~,~~~~~~~~+~?Z7NMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMMMNNNNNND8DDDNDDN?++7+=~=::~~~::::::~+~~:~~~~,===$ZONMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNDDDNNNNM???7?I~?+~~~::~::::::~:~=:~~~+?,~.,~NDMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNMNMZONNNMN$$==:::::::::::::=?~~~~=~:=~,.,,NNMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNMMNDMMM$O????+=~~::,:::::::::~===~+::I,:~:.:~NMMMNNNNN MMMMMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMMNNNMMMMNNM8ND87?7+++~~::,,,::::::::~=~=I?~.,,,+,,:8O88NNNNNN MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMNN8Z8$$IOII==~:,,,,,::::::~~~~:=?+I...,.,,,=ODNNNNNNM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMNMMN8DD$ZZD$I???=~::,,,::::::~~~~~~==+??..,,,.Z=~ZNNMMNDD MMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMMNNNZNNDMNDZ77IIII~~:,,,,,:::::::~~~~:~=+==:.,~:~=8?7...$$DD MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN$7?777$$7777I?+=~~::,,,,:::::::~~:~:~=====~..O?~=:ZIID888D MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNZ7=+I++++=+I???????+++==~~~::::::~::::::::~~=+====~~...==I+I8$ONN MMMMMMMMMMMMMNOI=~~~===~~~==++=++??++====+==~~~::::::~::::~~=+====DNDOD=78DDDDNN MMMNMMMMMMNMNN8I~::~~==~~~~==++=+++=+==+??+?==~::~:::~::::~~=+===+8MDOON88DDDDDD MMMMMMMMMNMMNDDZ=~:~~~~~~~~====~~==~====+++?+=~~::::::::::~=+?===8DNN88D888DDDDD MMMMMMMNNNNNNDD8?~::~~~~~=~~=~~::~~~:::::~~~~=~~::::::::::~=++===DNNNN8OO88OODDD MMMMMNNNNNN8DDDDZ=:,:~~~~~~~~??=~~~~~::::,:::~:::::::::::::=+?==+8NDDNDDOO8OZ888 MNNNNNNNDOO8DDD8OI~::~~~~~=+?IIZ8ZI+=~:,,::~~:::::::::::::~=+I+++ONDDDNDDOODOO8D DNNNNNOOO8O8DDDD8Z+~:~~~~==???II7ZDOI=~:,::~~~::::::::::::~~I?++?8NDDDND8OOOOZ8N MDDND888OO8DNND8D87=~:~===?+===+I?++$O7=~,,::~~~?~:~~::::~==$?++NDNDD8NNDOOOZOON MM8DDDD888ODDDND88OI~:~~===~::=+I+==~~?$7=:::~~~::~~=~~:~~=+??++NDND88DNNO8DZ88N MMMDNDDD88DDDNNNN88$+:~~=:::==?7O=?+?I+?+?=:::~=~:~~=~~~~==?=++ZONN888DNND8D8OON MMMMMNNND8NNNNDDOOOZI=:,:~==ID8I$77I~777,~+++=:~=~:~~~~~==+I?+?NDN8888DNNNO88OON MMMMMMDNDDDDDDDN888O$?===+7Z$$$777ZI$~=::+$+II:~=~~~~=====7+++=ODD88O8DDNN88OOON MMMMMMMMD8D8DDDDNDDDNO$778Z$ZZI+Z7I7~??I??+~?I=~=+~~~===+7I???MNN888O8DDNNND8OON MMMMMMMMMD8D88DDDDDNNNND8I$Z7+$+~$ZI~?I:~~+=+?++==~~~==+77+++?DNN888OO8DDNNDD8ON MMMMMMMMMMM888DDDDDDDDNO8O?Z$7$II?+==?=7?I7?+=~~=~::~==+$I+??MNNN8D8888DDNNDD88N MMMMMMMMMMMMO8ODDDD8D8DDZOZ+$Z$77+?7??===~~~~~~~~~~~==+ZI??+DNNMNDDDD88DDNNM8D8N MMMMMMMMMMMMMODDDD8D8888OZO7ZOZDZ$$++~~~:~~~~~==~:~~=+?I???IDNMMNDNNDD8DDNNMN88M MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDDDD8DDDDD88DZZ$77I==~~~=~=~====~:~~~=III??$8NMNNMNNNNDD8DNNM8D8N MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDDDD8NNNNDOZ7$7$$III77I?+++=+=~~~~===II???DNMNNMMNNNNNDDDNNN8DDM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8DNDDNDDD8OZZOOZ88Z$7II++==~~:~~~~+$I??7DMNNNNMMNNNNNDDDDNND8DN MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8DDDDDDDDDDDDOOZZ7I??++==~~::~~~=I???+DNNNNDNMMMNNNNDDDDNNDD8N MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDDD8DDDD8OZ$7777II?+=~~~:::~~~??I??NNMDDD8DNMMNNNNDDDNDNDDDN MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8DDDD8D8OZZ$7777I?+=~=~:~~~~=Z7I?MNMNDDDNNMMMMNNNDDDNNND8DN MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDDD8OOOZ$777I???++~~:~~~?7I7OMNMDDNDNDNMMMMNNNNDNNNNND8D MMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDD88OZ$$7I7II??==~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etting Started *** - Man this game is so massive that before you can play the game, you have to download a part of it just before the game can start reading the disc! The download comes the first time you put the disc in after you press X on the screen that tells you about the autosave feature. You get to watch Snake smoke a cigarette that never seems to end. The download lasts for about 8 minutes, so you can get your gaming snacks ready, take a bathroom break right now before having it hit you in the heat of battle, or just enjoy the various messages the Kojima team put together for you to read while Snake enjoys his nicotine fix. They range from in game tips and control features to health warnings and general advice for playing properly such as taking breaks (yeah right....). Once the download is complete, it's time to get this show on the road! Snake even gets the final word of this... "Kept you waiting huh?" Oh man... these little perks and small things do make the game enjoyable! Lets begin! Chapter 1 The History of Metal Gear . ..ZM~~N...... .I:=+~,,7?O=ZO. .?+M?ZI:~$INND. .7MZZ8?N?$8I$I+. .$I7NO8MI78M7?I .$.~888I?7NNO88. .IO7Z8+:.. ..:8I88DD8D887.. .MN.. ..:=?$$?~:7M?ZDDNNN8$7~. .D.. .:=I?=8$MNNNZ8NNNMNN: N.. ..D......7DOI?:NZO$NMM.. . .M::. ~NOONZI,DNZMDNM$D ~,..,~=?7O=77~.. .:~~87MIZNDODNNN8IZ ..N+?7$Z$IZ=~. .~8D~INDMD8NNNNNNON: ..ZIO$7?I:. ..DNDIMOZ7NNDZNNNNNND8Z?.,. . .. ... ..,~=DM+ID8ZDNDZMMNMDMODM88??+8N~?Z+~. .=:=~~=?=MZ8DDNDDDI$ZMMND7NMND$$$$7$I+=Z .8DDZ7$O8DNN8NNMNMNZMMNNDMMNNO8OZNZO77?$ .=777M$ZO8OMN8MMINMNDMMM8ZDMDNNZ$N8N77$O ..O+$$DOZ$Z8ND8=M?7NZZM8$$8OOOZINN888ZDDZ. .7.=?7ZZ?$ZODMZ78II7ZZ8NZOZZNZDNDDD8DND?++ .7.==?O8OO88OO$7777788DNZZZ$Z8D8DNNDDNN$?7 .ND$7$I7ND8DD8O7$77$ZNNNDNO88DD8ONODNND8Z8 .$?ZN77$ODOMNDD888O8M8ZNNNNNNNNDDNDNND8O7I ~8DZ$$77$INNMOD88O8DNMMMMMMNNMNIMNDDDO$I?. ..,DO7Z$$77DMMNMM8N88ND8DOO7Z8DDODMMDNOZZ7IDI .~.MDZZZZ$7D?N~ZD8DNDDNZMNMNMMNM8D8MO?O7OZZ7$=.. ...D7NMO8OOZN:7ZO7??$IONNNNDDDDDNNMN8878D$OZZO7~.. ..?D$,?$7INODNZMZN78NNMNI$NM8OZODD8NNNOM$MM$O8OZ$:I. ..=7++$$DMNZIM. . MN8MNONNNMN8OD8OODDM7IN7DDND8$M8+. .M+?+M8$7I8O=:.. .?7$NODNNNNDN888ZDNO$$$~DDNND8ZDN, .=I?ZZ8OND..O. .?IZOD7D$DDNOOMZOOOD8?M:NDNMNDDON7. .?7D77N8IMZD. ..N88NDNON7?=?N8$$DONNN8NNDDDD8MM7. .+$IIMD$D$7., ..?DDN88NMMDZZ?7M$Z$DDNDO8MNMNMND$OI. ,M$$8+?+N,.. ,NND?8DMNMNNMN8ZZD8N8DMO8O$IMM8D$?=D. .NDO?II7?.8. .DMONDZNNNNNNDOOODO$O8DDMZ$ONNN8OOO7?. ..?:7ZZOZZ?M. NNZ8+7MMNDDNNDO$N8OZIN8NNMZDMDM$787IDN .,7ZO$8ZM= .??7D7?ZO?NDMMNDZ7$Z8ND8DDNN$8NMMD7OZ77. M,NZO8D$N+..8?M++NO8DDN8NMNNZ8NN8INDNNNZ$Z$8D$$IID.. .,ONOD8D8MZ.IMII$MMNNDMNN8NDNNNMMMMNNNMO$7ZD88$7I?+. .OO$DDND8MD.N7=8OODNNNMDD8DOOZMNN8DNODOOOZZ8OZZZ$ID.. Z7DO7O$Z8NM.~=IZ8MDNNMNOZ$$MZOMMM7INMMOZ?+I$OZZZZ$88. MMMON$O+~N7$IZ78MNNNDMMNNZZO$D$ZMNNMONZ$+7Z?7ZZZZ$DM ..O878I?8.$OZ$8NNNNDDM$ODDZ8DZONDODZNNZNZN87$ZOO8DDNM. ..7MN:8NM:.D=?+?7O+Z7NDDD88ZNO8Z$NNZNNM77$O$N$8DDDNM?~ .+MMN87++N,?++IZ$IM$IMD88OZNOND8D8$MOO7$D$.MN8NNDMMO. .NNMZM=.Z$7I+7I7DIZ8ZOMMDD$ZNNNMMNND7I+$O7..$NNND7N. .7MDND:,,+,,+?ZZDN8NNDMNZDNNNNMMN$NN$OIII7...N?NDO~M.. ..IM ..~=,:::=IO$8ONDODNMMMNNNMDDNMOOZZIID$?. MNMMND.. . .:=?,::87Z$ZZIMNO8DODNNMNZMM8$$ZZZ$77.. +MNMMN ..~+=?I,?IIZ$$$$NN$8NNN$8N8D8ZZZZ$Z$D, .NDN$NM.. .87$M+?=?77$$$7ZD$N8=8ZM$NODD$OZO$Z$8==O. ..~$M. .NN$DN:~?M$8$$IMMND77..~.OZO887OZOOOOD++O. ?= .8DNO~=ONNNNM8Z$8ND8M....=8OODO88ZZZO$I:D. I$ZOZ=+$NNNNNNND8O$I. ...=$O8DIOOZOOOD+=. .M$Z88II+MNNNNNNND8~:: .=.+ZON78OOOOOZM?7 .O7$DZ$$I7DDNDDDDN=8,? 7.?O8D888OOOO$NN .IIIN$$$?ZO88?I+?+++. .OI$N8NNN88OOZ8M. 77?+NZOZ?Z8ON:++?~~.. .MODINNDNN8ODDN8M. O?ZZMDN8O?O88=+++= .I=ZIDNNINNMNDNN8. ..I7ONZO8NN$Z8N==~=O. =+?7NNNNDNNNNM8. . ~OOZM?ND$DNNMNNMI. .~M8NNN$NNNMMN. ..NO$8NMNNNNNNDOZ?. .,N~$NDNN7+INO+. Z$8$ONNNNNNDN8NM. .M.ZNII$8D$7I7Z. ...7~8?78DMNNN7O$. ..N~IN?7OD$77IO. .7~+?M$8MNZ$7O+7?. ..IO$$OO7?==?. ..?N?+$O88OODM?=.. .ONDZ8$I++++, +.IM?+ZOOOOOZOI+ NZNZDZ?=?I7N .8NODO+$Z$$7$I~,. .O$DNZ$N8N7N.. .~DMZ7?$$77II8M.. .D7NZN$8NMNI7.. ...ZO88?Z$$$I$... .+O$ZNMD8DO$,.. .~=INONNDOM77N~M ..+Z?788DDDOOD. .~+ODODN8NNMNIM. ..M~MZ$DDDNNNM, .8I8NNDNNND8D+ . MI7ZDN?NNNM+. D?78NMNNNNND?N ..M.+8NNND887:+. .:.INDNNNNNN8IN. . .:$,=?$ZZZZ$:? ,OI$O7O8NNDDDD. .7N::=$ZZZO$8:$. .7I7Z?$$88N::~. . ~7Z::+NOOZOZO.8. Z+I?77ZOO$.,:? .ODO::+D8OZZOO$$. 7M?7ZZZO7=,,,. .~DD7$$88OZZZ7.. .NN$OO$7D::,O. ..8MDD8MNNDOO8 .M7?88D7ZOZON. .8ZNNNZNDO8. ,?8M?DDOOOIM,. .M8DDND8N:. .IOND8DDN8N,. .8$DN88OZ. ..DDNNMN8OO,. .+ND88D$. .:Z8IDD8ZII .ZD8DNZO .DZOZOOO$,. .DNODDO$ ~MZZOZOI. .78OZDO$, Z,O77IND. .O8DDZDZD. :777Z$7?N .~7DDDNDZ? I$$$$NDN. ..NDMZID$?.. .,INNDONND .MNDNZM8DMD. .~$DNDNM$~ .77M8878N8M??.. 7NO$NNDD=. ..NM?Z8D8ZO8M .7ZZ$MDOOZ. M=8IDOD88Z8Z .....$O$DND8Z$ 8:N888I~, ..~==+7$88DNO= . +MMNI .8I$Z$$ODO8N8 .. .DIDMN777:7. .D7D7I$..8. N,::,M. . (Coming Soon.... very very long story from the first Metal Gear game to the current MGS4! I want to make sure that I get everything in great detail for all!) Chapter 2 The Game Controls . ..~,O~~,,,,,,,,,::~=++++??I?Z8... . ...$?7+~~:,,,,,,,,,,:~==+?II7$$$ZD... .OZZ7==~=,,~,,,,,,,,:===++?7$$Z8O8O8.. .,..Z$Z$?=~:~~~~:::,,,,,:~=++?I7$ZO88DNDO.. .... ...O$$$I+~=~~~==:~~:,,::~==+?I7$$Z88DNN8ZOZ..... ...Z$ID$7?=~~==~=~~~:~===+??+?77$ZZOONMNNMO8,.. . ...O7?I87I+====~~~:~~~=+????II77$ZZZZO8DDNDDDO$... ..OZ?II8Z7I?==+~~=~+=+??I?II777$ZOZZOOO8ZDON8$$......... ..I~??7OZ$I+==++==:~==++I777777$I7$OO8OOZDMMNOZO.... ... .,ZI:=I88ZZ?:=+=~====~=+?I7777$$?I$Z888O$ODM8ON8........ .Z7I$ON88$I=+I??+++=+?+??II77$Z$7$O888OOZIZZONM$?IIII.. ..8OZZOOZ$ZZI?777II+?7IIII?II$$$$$Z8NNDOOZ$$ODNN8?7Z$7.. ..O8OZZZ8ZOZZZ$$$$$?I77$ZZI?I7$7$$O8NNNN8DZ8NMMMO7??$... .8DO8OZO88OOZ$ZZ$ZZZZZO$IIIII7$O8DNNNNN8ZMMMNNNI~+I$.. ..ODO88O8OOOOZZO8OZZOZZIIIIII$OZNNNNNMNZZMMDNNM?7II?.. .$ZDODZZOOOZZOO8OO8O8$7I7777$Z$DNNNN8O$ODDDMMMI7777I. .OZ$MZZZOOOOOO8O87Z$O7777777$ZIZDNDDN88DNMMMMD+??7... .ND$NDO$ZDZOOOO8O$Z7$7I777$$OZ7$ZNDNZNZDNNNO=??+~?+.. .DN8OD7$88OOOOOOOZ7$$$7ZON8D888$I$DNNN8NMMM=??+I.. .. .. ..DD8ZZZZD8O8888OZO7$$ZZZDD++IZ7I??$DNMNDMMN~=??+7. .. . 8N8888D788IOOIOOO8O++7ZOOZZ7II?+?7D8MM8MND:???77.. . ,8MD88MNM8Z+7II$ZZII=I77II?+++++I$O8NMNMM?+II7$$.. ,..8MD8MDDND+=++=+++?=?I??++=+++?7ONNMMMMOZ??III... . ..OMDMNNDO$=~~~:=+=+I?++=+++?IZNNMMMMDO$?7$8.... . ...I8NNMMOO?~~~~~+==III?+++??7MMMMMMNM$ZO$7$.... . ....N..NMMDN?=~~+=:=?=?II??ONMMMMMMMMMM$$OO$ZZ.. .. ....,8D8M7~+=+7I7II??I78MMMMMMMMMMMD$DDN8Z.. . ..DMNN8N=+++7I?II7DMMMMMMMNMMMMM87ZNOO$... . ..DNNNNNO$OO8D8DNDNMMMMMMMMMMMMMII$$$$... . ..DNMNNMOZ$7IONMDDMMMMDDMMMMMMMN$$77$$.. .. ....DDMNNM8D88Z$$8DMMMMDMMMMMMMMMMMN88Z.. ........D8MM8M$III788MMM88NMMMMNMMMDNNZDD8$Z.. ........ .........8DMMDDDOODDMMMD88MMMMMMNNDDN8II??7$O$.,... .. ....NN88MMMMDDDDMMMD8NMMMMMMNMDDD8O7?==+?7$ZZ8. . ..8DD8DNNNNMMMMMNDNMMNDNMMMMMMNNNMDOZ$I?====?I7$ZO8.. .... .88DD8ODMMMDMMNMNNDNMMDNMMMMMMMNNMNNDO7II?+~~=+I77I78Z,........ ....,8D8DO$OMMMMDMMMMMMMMNN88ONMMMNNNNDD888OI??+==??II777I7O77...... . ..DND$?7ZZ8DMMMMMMMMMMMM8$$$ZOZ7???I$O7+~:::~~====?ZOIIZIIIIII7$O,.. , O$~+7D8+=?$NMMMMMMMMDZZZOZZZZOO8888Z7??I7ZZ8OOOOOOOO$7+7$+?~,~~:,,:, ....D8ZOOZOD8OO7$DMMNNOZ8$ZOOZOOOOOO888D88OOO88O8DDD8D88OODMOO8I?~::::::,, ..,ODDZ888$ZZ8O$$8MD88NZ$OOZOO8$$7I$DMNDD888DDD8O8OOO$?777$778?,,,,,,,,,,, .. ..8888DDZI?O8DN8NONOODND88O8ODZ7III7D88OOOOOOOOOOOOOOI?III?=~,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ..Z$7:~+?+7Z8888DDNNO8NNN8DDMNZ$777I78OOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZIII~::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .....8Z7::::,,+?OOO8OOOMDO8DOODD8Z$Z$7I$NZO8ZZOOZZZZZZZI====+=::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...O7?=,:::+77$7ZOO$++?$$7IIII?$Z$7I+II+7?O$OOOZ?=:,:::::::,~+~=+=:,::,,,,,,,,, ,..7?+:+?=~I7II777Z??+~+IZIII7$$$$7?7+I??:7ZOO8OOOOOOZZZ?~::=??+==+7I?+~::,,,,,: ..77~?+:=?$I~=?$??+~?:,777I?+?I?$I???7$ZOOD8OOOOOOOOO8888OZZ+:=+??+=~=????~:,:,: .$$:+I7+?+I?++I7=?~7,,?D87+??7?7$Z$$$I$Z$$?Z$7OOOOOO888OOOOO~,,,:==+I+++?I??I?=+ 7$$=7Z:7,+==~::~+,~,,?ZZZ?????$$ZI+??I=I$ZZOOZ$7OOO88888888O7.,,,,:=?I???+?777I7 II7O$+I??~,,:,?:$7~::O$DZ$7III++???=+?II$ZO8O8ZOZM8OOO8O888OOI:,,::::=+I7I77?I$O II$$7III:,~=+7++=?::I8ZOZZZZ7?I?I?~++++$$ZODNDOZMZODDDD88888O8OO$7I?+??+??I$77$7 ,77ZZ$ZI77I+Z?:+?::+Z$8ZOZOOOO7$$I?+??+IZZZOOOZMZOO88888DDDDD8N$7I+7$$$$$$II77ZZ .OZI8Z7OO77=??:$$=:$OZZZ$II$OOOOZO$I??II7ZZZOOZOOO8DDNNNDNNNNNDM88O7III$ZZZZZ$.. .............+~I$~~Z$$ZZ??I7O88OOZO$$$II77ZZZZZOO88MNDNNNNNMMMMMMDDZZZZZZZZZ.... - Naturally you will need to know the ins and outs of the game and how to do anything before diving right in! Now we all know that Snake is a master of combat technique and tactics, so you should too. Here's where we will learn the ins and outs of getting things down just right. * Playstation 3 Controller Configuration * - You have to love that this game is a PS3 exclusive. I was just waiting for the day that the PS3 would finally get a great exclusive game for its library, rather than having just games that are on the 360 as well. With that said, since I am getting off subject here, this section will remain solely about the PS3's control scheme for this game. You gotta love it! ** Menu Configuration ** - First I will touch on how the button scheme for navigating the menus in the game. This may seem a bit tedious and un-needed by some, but you would not believe the few e-mails I get asking how to properly navigate a game's menu screens. So here we go.... Left Thumbstick - Scroll through menus Right Thumbstick - Scroll Maps D-Pad - Scroll through menus X Button - Confirm selection, swap out weapon/item O Button - Back Square Button - Remove weapon/item Triangle Button - Change Map angle, Purchase ammo L1 Button - View weapons/items, view receipt from Dreblin L2 Button - Customize weapon R1 Button - Zoom in map R2 Button - Zoom out map R3 Button - Move between your position and current objective on Map Screen L3 Button - Not in use Start Button - Close menu Select Button - Not in use Simple right? I don't think I really need to go into great detail with traversing game mode screens. Pretty much everything is in black and white with what I just showed you. If you really really REALLY are having trouble with going through a menu, then you should really take a look at yourself and wonder if you should be playing video games in the first place! ** In-Game Configuration ** - Ok, here's the standard part of any walkthrough or instruction book, the control scheme to using the game itself. Now if it looks confusing and you think you won't get the hang of things, then you're just thinking too hard. It's much easier than it looks, trust me. For the most part, the controls are set in stone, with just certain aspects that you can change about them in the Options Menu. I will go more into detail about that in the Game Modes section of the guide, so head there if you're wanting more in depth tweeks to your control scheme. Right now, lets get down to what they have provided you right off the bat. Left Thumbstick - Move Right Thumbstick - Move Camera D-Pad - Zoom in/out while using a scoped weapon or Solid Eye Binos mode. Can use to lean to left or right while in FPS mode. X Button - Crouch (tap button) Crawl (hold button) Roll (while running) O Button - Reload Turn off sound to Codec conversations, skip Codec conversations Square Button - Turn Auto Aim on or off if you have it turned on from the Options Menu Triangle Button - Action Button (when prompted on screen for certain actions near certain objects) FPS Mode (when weapon is drawn) Fast forward Codec conversations L1 Button - Aim Weapon L2 Button - Open Items (Hold Button) Quick Item change (Tap Button) R1 Button - Fire Weapon (while aimed in with L1 or not) CQC (when not equipped with weapon, hold button) Melee Attack (when not equipped with weapon, tap button) R2 Button - Open Weapons (Hold Button) Quick Weapon change (Tap Button) R3 Button - Camera reset, Move weapon position (when L1 is held) L3 Button - Not in use Start Button - Open pause menu Pause cutscenes Skip Codec conversations Select Button - Display button configuration Use Codec Seems like alot to take in doesn't it? You'll also notice if you're a die hard Metal Gear fan that the control scheme has changed just slightly since the last Metal Gear game. It's not an overly complex configuration, and you should find a comfort zone relatively quick with the controls. As I said before, you can go to the Options Menu and tweek the control scheme in certain ways there to help better fit your playing needs. Chapter 3 The Basics .. ... .......................... ... .. . ....,?O888OD888888D888OO7=....... .. ....,+7N88888DDO88ZZD88OO8OZ=...... .. .....$8D88O88DD888OOOZ8DDO$88OO778O?.. .. ....$DNNDD8888D88OOZ8O8DDOZOD8OZZOO+,. ..7DNNNDDDDDDDDD88OOOODDOOO8OZ$O88$+.... .. .....$8NDNDDDDDDND8888D88ODD8OZZZOOODD8OO7I.... ... .. .?DDDDNDDDDDDDDDDD8OO888DD88O$OOO8888OO$7 .. ... ....$DNNDDDDDDDDDDD8DD88OOO8MND8OOZZOZO88$?77. ... ....ODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD8OO8OODDOO8D8OZZZZ7ZO$.,.... ..~7DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD888888OZZZOZZZOZZZZZZZ$ZO7..... .=8DDNDNNNNNNNDDD88888O88ZOOZO8$$$$$$ZOZOO8OZ$,... .+8DNNNNNNNNNNNDD8888888OOD88DZZZ$$$$$ZOZZOZOZ....... ....... .IDNNNNNNDDDNNNDD8888DD88DO$88$Z88O$$ZZO8OOZZOO8$Z7......... .IDNNNNNNNDNNDDNDDDDDNDDD8$O8OZOOZ88OZZOO88OZ$77OOOOZO88O7... .=ZNNNNNNNNNNNNDDNNDDNNDD88D8OO8D$OOO8$OOOOOOOZZZZZO8DD8OZZ.. . ..DNMNNNDDNNNDDNNNNNNN88D8NDO8OO8ZO8OZ88OOOOOOO8O88DD8OOZO8O$. . ..8NNNNDNNNNNNNMMNNNNNDNDDD88OZ8D8OI::OZOZZOOO88OOO8OOZ$Z8O$7 .. ...........INNDNNNNNNNNMMNNMNNDDNNNDND8II$,~=~~~NZZ$ZZOOOD88O8OO8O$Z.. ....... ...+OMMNNNNDNNMNNNNNDNNNNNDN8=~~$$?+~~:,7$?$ZOZOO88888O8O8ZZ.. .........+ZDNNNNNNNNMNMMMND8O87+M7=$O8$O8DN=,:~++I7D888OOO8888D88O.. .. ........IO8DDNNNNNNNDOO$7I?=D?$8?7$78DM7:Z,,:,~+$~DO888OOOODDO8... .. .......+DNDNDNNNN8IZZZ888DDDZOO=~~+78ZOII~:::::=~:N8O8888888ZZ.. ........+ODDDNNNN8ON8=7$O88D88DOZ7=:::==II++=:::::===M8888888O8DD. .. .....=8D88ONDNNMNZ$ZO~$ZNDODDZZ?I7+:::~=~+~=~==:~:+~O8D88D8888N8OO... ...=8DDDDDDNDNNNNO7$O=+=7ZOOOZ$?7I?::::~=====~~~:~D8NDDDDD8888ZOZ.... ..~??I888DDDDN888D8$$I=?I777777777I=:::~=====~~~,:DDNN8D8DDD8OZ.,. . ....Z8D88DDD8D8D88D$77+=I7777I777I7=:::~++==~~~:,:NNNDDD8DDD8Z,.,.. . ......7OZODDNDDDD88N$I?+I77$$7777II?=,~+~=~~~:::,=D8DDD8NNOO..... .... .. .,...$D8DDD8888O8DO7$~+$7$$$7II$8ZII=:::~:,~,:7D8N88DO... .... .... ...., ..,7O88O8D8D888M$N?:?7$7I7777Z8O7~::+??:~,7DDDZI77$........ .... ..?78DDDNNN8MO8NN,II777I?7$$7ZZ?+:::~:,$Z,.... .... ..?7OO8D8DDNDZ$NN8,+I778OOOZZ7=:~~:::,:7$.......... ......:$O8D8?:NNND7,?777IZOO$$+=~:,~~=~$?,.. .... .. ....,??NZZDNNNM?:?7I7$$II?~=:,:+?~:ZO... .... .................I=$=+I77???+===?7?~ODZ$....... ....................7+$OZI?I$$I+:=?$I$D87OZ....... .. .................?8+OZOOOOOO$ZNMND88Z7Z$O.. .... .... .. ............. ?DZZO8DNNNDMMMNND8OZ$$$$Z$,... .. ...... ........ ....+OMMMMMMMMMMMNNND8ZZ$7$$$Z$$$...... .... ... ....... ........~$MMMMMMMMMMMMMDD8ZZZ$7I?+==?77$$,...... ................:$7$ZDMNMMMMMMMMMMMDO$7I?==+++II+=?8DI$$Z.,.. ,. ..........+?8NDO8D8NMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDZ77I??I+==+???7DZ$$+??I7I., . ........I7??IDMDDMMMMMNNNNNNMMNND8O7?++??+=I??:.:=?++==?=~=++??....... . .......?I+7$$DDMMMNNMMNNNNNMMMD8O7?+++?+?+??Z8$7+++~=~~?7ZZ$ZZZZOO..... ......~II$$$O8DMNMNNMNNNNMNMMN8$I????++++??NZ?=?III+=?Z8Z8DND8OZOO.... .........?8O$IZZOZD8NDNNMMNNNNNNMMDZI??????I??IMNI+++=++?ZOZNNDD888OZ$$O.... ......~?D8DZ7$OOZO88DDDDDNNNNDND8O7I??????I?7DNO7????+?$ZOONND8DDDD8ZI?$..... ....,?DD888$ZO88ZODO8DNNNNNMNN8$IIII??III?Z8N8Z7I?III$OO8MMNDDDDDDD8O888.... . .....D8ODNDZOOOOZODZODDDDNNNDZ$IIIIIIIII7ODDN7II7I?IO8Z8DNNDDDDDDD88OO8O..... ...7888DND8D8DDDZ88OO88DD8Z$7IIII?I7I7$88DN87$77IIOOOZ8NNDDNDDDDDD888888.... ...ZD8N8D8OZOO8OZ8DOO888Z$7IIIIII7II$8DO8NO7$77I$OOZ8OD8D8ODNNDDDDD88888.... ...ND88D8DDD8OOZODDOOOZ7IIIIII?I7IO8888MNOZO$$$O8O88ZODD888888DNNDD88888.. . ...D88DD8OOZ88Z$DDDOZ77IIIIIIII7Z888DNMN8$$7IZZO$ZDN8DN88888888DNDNDDD88.... . ..$ND8N8OOZZODDDOZ$77IIIII777O8MMMNND8O$OO$$8ZZZ8D87DNDO888888DDDNDDDDDD. ... . ..ZNDDD8OOO88Z8Z$7III77I777$DMMNNNNND7I7$$8OOZ$88D7$ND88888D88DDDNNDDDNN..... .I8DND8OO88?IZZ$II7II7I7ODDD87$$Z$778$$ZOOOZ$DN88$ZDOOO88DDDNNDDDNNNNDDD. .. . 7DNN8OOZO77OZ7I77II7$$8MM88O7I=??+?8$ZOOOZOD8OOO$D8O88D88DDDDDNDNNNNNDD .. - So now it's time to move on to the meat and potatoes of things. Some would call this the advance tactics section. I call it the basics simply because you should have an understanding and knowledge of these things before moving on in the first place. Some parts of this section may seem redundant, while others are there to make you think and plan ahead for battle. Remember, this isn't a guns blazing kind of game! You have to use stealth and craftiness to make it from one area to the other. I don't think you bought this game to constantly see the game over screen, right? So now lets learn the basics. ** Movement ** - Naturally you need to know how to move about so you're not a helpless sitting duck! So here we will look into how to move about properly so you can sneak past that pesky guard to either forget him or sneak up on him and snap his neck. Using the Left Thumbstick makes Snake move about. Depending on how hard you hold the Left Thumbstick in any given direction will dictate how fast Snake will move. For example, if you just barely hold the Left Thumbstick in any direction, you'll make Snake do a slow and silent sneaking movement. If you have to haul ass to cover, likewise if you hold the Left Thumbstick all the way towards a certain direction, you will make Snake run. It's all a matter of knowing when is the right time to use these actions so you're not spotted. To crouch, simply tap the X Button once. From here you can either go into the prone, stand up, or do a crouch walk. To crouch walk, just hold the Left Thumbstick in any direction while in crouch mode. To go into the prone, hold the X button while either in standing or crouch modes. You can do a belly crawl while in prone mode by moving the Left Thumbstick in any direction. To get back to your feet from the crouch mode, simply tap the X Button once. To get back to your feet from the prone mode, hold the X Button. ** Rolling ** - The roll is a trademark in the series. It can be used as either an attack or an evasive manuever. For the most part the roll was used by most as an evasive manuever and rarely as an attack since it kinda left you open to alternate enemy fire. It was seen in wide attack use though in the game Super Smash Bros Brawl. In this game, rolling has "evolved" in a way. You can now do various rolls and advanced rolls to help you out in any given situation. It's how you use those rolls when the situation occurs may just be the life saving technique you needed, or the damning deathblow from using it improperly. Lets take a look at what can be done with rolling. While running press the X Button to do a forward roll. If you wish to go into a prone position from a roll, hold the X Button down while running and when Snake finishes the roll, he will end in the prone. Side rolling can be done by holding the L1 Button and moving the Left Thumbstick either left or right and then pressing the X Button to perform the roll. This can also be done from the prone position in order to make Snake roll on the ground. Snake can now roll on the ground to lay on his stomach or back. This can be done by pressing the Triangle Button while in the prone position. The effect this has is more to help out your OctoCamo in a ways. ** Wall Press ** - A natural act of sneaking is the wall press. This has been used for many different situations throughout the MGS series and sneaking games in general. From using it to sneak underneath a wall mounted camera, to quieting your footsteps to move across areas with many enemies in it. This game is no exception. You will find yourself pressing to many walls to sneak around and peek around walls or using it for cover. There are many situations where this will come in handy, so don't go into Fury mode and forget this tactical and life saving technique! To press up against a wall, press the Triangle Button when you are close to a surface. You should be "stuck" to the wall now and able to move along the wall with your back to it. When you want to leave pressing against the wall, hit the Triangle Button again to resume normal mode. You can peek around corners and even fire at enemies from wall pressing. To do this, just use the Left Thumbstick when you get to the edge of a wall and press in the necessary direction (i.e. left or right) to peek out from that direction. To jump out and fire at enemies first start peeking from the wall and then hit the L1 Button to aim. From this just hit the R1 Button to start firing at enemies. ** Distracting ** - A very faithful and sometimes entertaining way of getting past enemies in the Metal Gear series was to distract them. This could be done a number of ways. From making a noise in one part and running away, to using a porno mag to get the guy's attention, whatever the case you will find plenty of ways to distract in this game as well. One thing to watch out for is yet another small perk to Hideo's genius. Hugh Hefner must be a fan of the MGS series since you can use Playboy magazines to distract enemies in this game. That's right... licensed nude mags. They pulled no punches in this game, so neither should you. So here's how to learn to taking that annoying soldier's attention away from you and onto something else. The first and classic way is the Wall Knock. This can be done when you are pressed against a wall. To start knocking on a wall, first go into a Wall Press and then hit the R1 Button to start knocking. Another way is throw empty magazine cartidges around. The enemy is a curious person, and when he sees a few spare magazine cartridges he may see either a trap or a spare cartridge for him to load rounds in. Whatever is going through his head, it's a way to get his attention away from where you're hiding and a way to sneak past him while his attention is turned elsewhere. It's funny how much gamers have wished for this option in many games before, and how we have tried like idiots only to have the computer shoot us to death for being a retard. Not in this game! Go into the prone and hold the Triangle Button to play dead. If you're convincing enough, the soldier will just move on to other things and leave your body to rot in the sun... or sneak away when he's not looking! When you have found a Playboy or naughty magazine, select it from your inventory and then open it up with by pressing the L1 and R1 buttons. You can flip through the pages to take a look for yourself before letting someone else enjoy it. To flip through the pages, use the O Button. When you have found a page that you think the enemy will enjoy more than anything else, let go of the shoulder buttons and Snake will place the magazine on the ground. Then just hide somewhere and wait for the fool to walk up to the magazine. A very effective distraction tool and sometimes with hilarious results! This was a trick I used back in the MGS3 days. Take advantage of your camo. First get enough distance to make some movement that the enemy will see. Not enough to make a positive ID of you, but just enough to peak his curiosity to check what the movement was. With that being said, either quickly run from the area to hide elsewhere, or use your camo to hide close by. If you try the camo route, then if he takes the bait and feels that it was just his imagination, you can sneak up behind him and take him out with a little CQC. Using other sounds other than just the knock will also distract the guards if it is loud enough to be heard. This could range from gunfire, to coughing from smoking. It's how you use these sounds that could distract the guards. If it sounds to threatening to them, they may go into Alert Mode, which is something you don't want. So be careful how you go about using sounds around you. Another way to distract enemies is by using your surroundings. In previous games you could use various objects or wildlife to cause a soldier to look at the disturbance. This could help or hurt you. If you use it to your advantage, then you can sneak around with the greatest of ease, keeping your spare magazine cartridges and Playboys to yourself when needed. But much like MGS3, sometimes it could hurt you, such as when birds fly away from being startled. The guards do take note of these things and investigate immedieately. If you aren't in a good place to hide, then you better be ready to fight. ** Suspending ** - This was something that was in many a MGS game, but took higher precedence in the MGS2 game. You could do pull ups and level up your grip gauge in that game, and you could sneak past many guards all over the place by suspending over a ledge. This game is no different either. You may have to utilize this techinique a few times to escape the notice of the soldiers. When you are close to an edge, hit the Triangle Button and Snake will begin to dangle over the edge. Keep an eye on your Grip Gauge that takes the place of the Psyche Gauge when you start suspending yourself! When it hits empty, you will fall! To move left and right while hanging from an edge, just move the Left Thumbstick in either direction, and Snake will start moving that way. To drop down from a ledge, press the X Button and it will send Snake falling to whatever's below... or his doom. While falling though, if you hold the Triangle Button and there's a ledge below you, Snake will grab the ledge and resume hanging for dear life. To pull yourself up back to safe ground, use the Triangle Button while hanging from a ledge. Just be careful not pull yourself up into the enemy's line of sight or you may have been better off just falling to your death. ** Attacking ** - Well you're not going to get very far in this game if you think being a pacifist is going to work. Whether you sneak around the entire game or go into Fury Mode you will eventually run into a fight or two. If you don't know how to at least throw a punch, how do you think you will save the world from Liquid? So lets get down to the nitty gritty. To aim a weapon and fire or throw it, first use the L1 Button to ready or shoulder the weapon. If you have Auto Aim on, then when you ready or shoulder your weapon, it will look at the nearest enemy in front of you. To use the weapon, hit the R1 Button to fire or throw the weapon. If you do not have Auto Aim on, then you will have to manually aim the weapon with the Right Thumbstick. Pressing the R1 Button without a weapon in hand will initiate hand to hand combat with an opponent by giving them the old one two kick combo. Even in Snake's old age he still has it! To go into FPS mode, hit the Triangle Button when you have shouldered your weapon. If you have a scope on your weapon, you can adjust the sights by zooming in and out with the D-Pad. Reloading a weapon is essential. In this game they give you a specific reload button this time around. Hit the O Button to reload your weapon in between fire fights so you're not running on empty when in the heat of battle. ** Gadgets ** - Just like James Bond, Snake has a few special gadgets to help him out during his missions. How you use them could make your job of sneaking around a whole lot easier than before. Otacon has given you quite a few treats to play around with this time around. Activating your OctoCamo is quite simple really. All you have to do is lie on the floor motionless or pressed against a wall motionless for a few seconds and the suit does the work for you! Easy right? Just get into position for the right camo look that you are going for so that you can hide with ease from your enemies. Activating your Threat Ring is another auto gadget as well. Just remain still for a few seconds and it will appear. The Threat Ring will stay active as long as you're not moving around fast. Basically you can crawl, crouch walk, or walk very slowly to keep it active. The Solid Eye has various modes that you can use to help you out during your mission. To activate, select it from your items menu with the L2 Button and then use the Triangle, Square, or Circle Buttons to activate one of the various modes it has to offer. More info on the Solid Eye can be found in the Solid Eye section of this guide. ** Close Quarters Combat ** - Snake has alot more than simple combo to put down the bad guys. When he has no more ammo and just his wits alone, he uses some CQC to drop the soldiers like a bad habit. Here you will learn how to properly use the CQC to your own advantage as well. After getting some new information from *** about CQC and personally going back and experimenting, I was wrong about CQC only being able to be performed with just a knife in hand. You can use various weapons throughout the game that will help you out to performing various CQC manuevers. I am currently working on a list of CQC compatable weapons so you don't run into the thick of things and find out that the weapon you are currently holding won't perform any CQC. From what I can tell so far, rocket launchers and sniper rifles seem to suffer the most from this, not having the CQC function available while holding them. As I said before, I will do an extensive check on all of the weapons that I can get my hands on and will put up a list of compatable and non-compatable weapons in the near future! To throw an opponent, run up to them and hold the R1 Button while pressing the Left Thumbstick in the direction of the opponent. This will throw them to the ground hard and leave them seeing stars so you can make a quick getaway. If you run up to an opponent and hold the R1 Button, you will grab the enemy and be able to do a variety of moves from this position. If you press the R1 Button again after you've grabbed the opponent, you can disarm them of their weapon. If you have a one handed weapon in your hands and continue to hold the R1 Button, you will restrain the enemy. If you hold the R1 Button after you have grabbed the opponent (i.e. you first grab the opponent, take a second to let go of the R1 Button and then hold it down again rather than constantly hold it to do a restraint) then you will start to choke the enemy out. After you have restrained an opponent and got what you wanted out of them, tap the R1 Button and hold the Left Thumbstick in a direction to throw them. If you crouch while restraining an opponent, you can restrain them to the ground police style by doing the same thing you did to throw the opponent after a restraint has occured. If you have a knife in your hand and you want to just finish the opponent off, you can hit the Triangle Button to slit their throat. Shielding with an opponent is a great way to turn the tables on a rushing mob of enemies. To do this, quickly grab an opponent with the R1 Button and then hit the L1 Button. This puts them as your human shield and they will get shot up first well before you do should his teammates decide to not care about his life. ** Equipment ** - You start off with practically nothing, so what's the first thing you want to do? That's right... find some items and equipment for you to use! There are many ways to finding equipment and items in this game. You can steal them from enemies, find them lying around, or even buy them. Here I'll talk about what you can do on using and finding items and equipment. Easily enough to get equipment you just walk over it and you get it in your inventory. To select the item you just picked up, open up either your weapon or item inventory (depending on the type of item you just picked up will determine which inventory it goes to) by pressing and holding the L2 Button for items and the R2 Button for weapons. You can scroll through these inventories by using the D-Pad. To steal or pillage items from a dead or unconscious person, just hold the Triangle Button near the fallen enemy and then let go once you pick them up. Do this a few times till you feel satisfied that they won't give up anymore items. If you sneak up from behind an opponent with a gun, you can hold the enemy up. Just get close enough to them quietly without alerting them, and then press the L1 Button. From here press the Triangle Button to start a body search on them. When you see the prompt that something was found, press the Triangle Button again to take the item. ** In-Game Pause Menu ** - Now it's time to discuss the options you can access from the In-Game Pause Menu. Here you can mess around with the various features, weapons, items, and options available to you in the game. If you feel that something needs to be changed or upgraded, here is where you will go to find it. Codec: If for some reason you find the Select Button too daunting to use, then you can pause the game and use the Codec option to open up the Codec for your use. It's a bit much I think to have this here, but if it does help people to access this through the pause menu rather than simply using the Select Button, then who am I to judge? It works the same as always. Find the frequency you want to hail someone on, hit the X Button to try it, and if someone is there, they will talk with you. It's that simple. Weapons: This is where you can go to view all the weapons you have picked up and currently have on you. This is also where you can go to assign weapons to the quick menu while in game (the weapons menu used when holding the R2 Button). Make sure you have what you need readily available to you so you don't turn this game into a Megaman game by constant pausing and weapon swaping. You can also check out the statistics for each weapon. This ranges from reading up on what the weapon can do, a little info on the weapon, and a rank assigned to the weapon based on its current performance. This is judged by an E to S rank system, with E being the lowest rank, and S being the highest rank. Keep an eye on this so you know what to bring out for a certain battle when needed. You can also upgrade weapons to make them become an S weapon by visiting Dreblin's Shop. Items: Pretty much the same concept here as weapons, only without the rank system. You equip what you need to access the quick menu (the items menu used when holding the L2 Button) or just use the item you need from this menu. Nothing too much to worry about here since it is simple and straightforward. Camoflauge: Here you can change the options for the OctoCamo. The main thing is turning the OctoCamo in either Automatic Mode or Manual Mode. If you leave it in Automatic Mode, the OctoCamo will always change to match your surroundings so long as you stay still long enough against a wall or the floor. If you decide to use Manual Mode, you will have to change the camo yourself to match your surroundings much like Metal Gear Solid 3. The thing is is that you have to have camo designs already memorized to the suit so that you can recall the design. This screen is also where you will find the ability to put on other articles of clothing or suits that you pick up throughout the game or earned through a game completion. Dreblin's Shop: Now here's where to go for getting a much needed weapon before a boss battle or upgrading your current weapons to contend with the tougher enemies in the game. Just access it and the go in and start buying what you need, granted only if you have the right amount of points to buy what you need. Briefing: This is an in-depth way to look at the moves available to Snake plus check out what your Metal Gear Mk II can do for you. Not too much but a nice touch to things if you want that extra info on things. Options: Here's where to go to tweak the controls for the game if you didn't do so to suit your needs before starting the game. Essentially it is the same thing as the Options Menu you can access from the Main Menu. If you want more info on the Options Menu, just head to the Game Modes section of this guide where I go into detail about the Options Menu and what to expect from it. Save: No real explanation needed here. This is where to go to save your current game data when you reach a checkpoint in the game. It'll save your data up to that checkpoint, so when you take that fatal shot later or turn the game off, this is normally where you will pop back up at. ** Gauges ** - Now it's time to learn about the various gauges that show up throughout the game. It's essential to watch these gauges throughout the game, especially since some just show up during certain actions done. They're all important and if you take your eyes away from them for too long, you may end up putting yourself in a bad situation, or dying. So lets take a look at them... Life Gauge: The most straightforward gauge to watch in the game. If it reaches zero, it's game over. You can keep your Life Gauge up with various items such as rations to keep from getting killed. Just make sure to watch it carefully since you want to make sure that this gauge doesn't get close to the bottom without you knowing. Psyche Gauge: Now here's a gauge that takes a page from the Metal Gear Solid 3 game. Much like the hunger gauge of that game, this gauge acts pretty much the same with a few new minor twists to it. First off, the lower that this gauge gets, the less effective you will be with your shooting and performance. So if you're the type that loves to just run in guns blazing, expect to see this fall down alot on you. Now if you manage to kill off enough enemies within a given time of each death, you will enter a battle high. This is kind of like a rage mode for Snake. It makes him accurate and his gauge won't move at all from it's current position. The downside is that once it begins to fade away, your gauge will take a severe hit and you won't be able to perform anything until your gauge is filled back up again. So watch out when you enter a battle high. To refill the gauge, just find a spot to be alone, and just go into the prone. Make sure that Snake isn't upset from being hot or cold or whatever the case may be. This will slow things down significantly if he isn't happy. You can refill the gauge while standing or crouching as well, but laying down will make the gauge fill the fastest. Battery Gauge: When you have an item active that requires a battery, a gauge for it will appear in the bottom left corner. So watch it carefully so that you don't negligently use up the battery for a certain piece of equipment too fast. You can find upgrade batteries as you go along in the game. These will extend the life of your items tremendously with extra batteries to use. Also if you want to get more juice for the items battery, just refrain from using it for a bit and it should recharge on its own. Grip Gauge: The Grip Gauge takes the place of the Psyche Gauge when Snake is hanging from a cliff. Once the Gauge reaches the end, Snake is going to take a plunge downward. O2 Gauge: Much like the Grip Gauge, this gauge takes the place of the Psyche Gauge when Snake goes underwater. The moment this gauge hits bottom, it will affect Snake's Life Gauge. So unless you want Snake to drown to death, make sure he gets some air before it reaches zero. ** Equipment Weight ** - Another thing about this game that makes you think before rushing in is the weight limit imposed upon Snake. No longer can you carry an infinite number of items much like the days of Metal Gear Solid, instead you have to watch just how much you carry of everything. In order to keep Snake performing at a normal pace, you have to keep his weight limit under 70 kg. If things start to exceed this number, then Snake will start to slow down and feel more stress from the weight, thus decreasing his Psyche Gauge much faster. So if you're the type that loves to carry everything even if they don't need it, then you better think twice in this game. Making sure to keep your inventory well balanced and optimal for any situation is going to be key to keeping your weight limit down and finishing the mission without much hassle. ** Threat Ring ** - Yet another great perk to the game is the Threat Ring. This ring is basically a see through white-ish circle that is like an instinct similar to real life in a way. When you sense something or someone close to you, you start looking in there direction to see if they are a threat. This is how the Threat Ring works in the game. Basically if there is no kind of threat near Snake the ring will stay low to the ground and in a perfect circle. When there is a threat nearby, no matter what it may be, the Threat Ring will start to peak at various intervals to show how close the threat is and sometimes how large the threat is. The Threat Ring appears only when you are in the crouch or prone positions. Also in the crouch, you have to move slowly in order for the Threat Ring to stay active. If you are standing or moving fast, you won't see the Threat Ring at all. This is basically a good way when taking a breather from the action to see if you are surrounded by many enemies, or if you are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to ambush an enemy. ** OctoCamo ** - As said before, the camoflauge system from Metal Gear Solid 3 makes its triumphant return to this game. This time around there are many ways to use the OctoCamo to your advantage. One of the better perks this time around is the ability to leave the OctoCamo on Automatic Mode and allow the system to do the work for you. This is a great way to start things off unless you're playing through the game a second time or just want that extra challenge of having to cycle through camo options manually. In order to use the Manual Mode of the Octocamo, you have to first have some presets readily available. This means that you can either download new skins when they become available from the Extras Menu, or going throughout the game and allowing the OctoCamo to "memorize" certain patterns from pressing against a wall or going into the prone on the floor. To basically use the OctoCamo though, you will go into the prone or press against a wall and wait for a few seconds while the OctoCamo does its thing and starts mimicing the pattern of the surface you are against. You can tell just how camoflauged you are with your surroundings by looking in the top right corner of the screen and seeing the camo percentage rate. The higher the rate, the more blent you are with your surroundings, making it ultimately harder for your enemies to see you. I just confirmed that by shaking the controller, it will change your OctoCamo back to normal after you have a camo on you. This is a useful trick to use to help you getting in and out of camo details fast or if you just want to stay in the normal sneaking suit color. ** Metal Gear Mk II ** - For once you actually have a Metal Gear to help you rather than being a final boss of sorts later in the game. The only thing is, it's not what you think it is. Rather than being a huge hulking behemoth monster tank thing, you now have a rather small chicken sized cutesy Metal Gear... complete with fold out Sony Cam! Naturally this thing offers some comic relief throughout the game but it does have its uses, so don't go thinking that this is the Jar Jar Binks of the Metal Gear Saga. The Metal Gear Mk II is a remote controlled device much like the SpyCam from Perfect Dark Zero. When you activate it, you lose control of Snake, but gain control of the Metal Gear. This little bastard can do some recon work for you by sending it out to unknown areas first, there by relieving some worry for you. It has its own camo feature as well, so it's not sticking out like a sore thumb for all to see. To activate the camo feature, press the X Button so you can hide in plain sight from enemies. Now you can also use this Metal Gear for more than just recon work. Having trouble getting close enough to hit a switch because of too many enemies? Well send the Metal Gear Mk II to sneak by the guards and hit the Triangle Button to do actions for you. This can range from hitting switches to turn off things to tapping a wall to distract guards. And if you thought that was all it can do, well think again. The little guy can also help you out on the offensive as well. Naturally you don't want to go running full throttle into the heat of battle with this little guy... he'll get torn apart in no time. But if you hate having guards just standing around doing their guard thing and waiting to spot you so they can mow you down, then sneak up on them with Metal Gear Mk II. Just aim at them with the L1 Button and then hit the R1 Button to give them a electric shock, thus knocking them out. A fun and funny way of dispatching your would be dispatchers. ** Battle Tips ** - Naturally this is the one section that I think will be updated the most. This where I will point out either common sense actions to take when playing the game, or nice actions and such that I find useful. Here is where to go to help your game out throughly and if you find the information here useful, then use it to your advantage. If you think that something else is a far better solution to things, then send in your tips to me so I can add them to the guide. One painfully obvious tip is always making sure that you have a full magazine at all times. Constantly reloading your weapon is a must in games like these since you don't want to move from one fire fight, and get into another with just three bullets away from having to automatically reload. Take the time to watch your bullets meter and reload when you get the chance. This includes in the middle of a fire fight. If you've pressed the enemy back some and they are taking cover, take this opportunity to quickly reload and stand ready for them to poke their heads out. This is just a given in the gaming world that everyone knows. If you don't know it, and you miss reading it here, then pardon my un-political correctness but you are a retard. Basically what I am getting at is to aim for the head. The head has always been a vital area of the body. It's almost always a one shot one kill kind of area as well. Nothing that moves can survive a headshot and I mean nothing. Zombies... shoot them in the head. Terrorists... shoot them in the head. Animals... shoot them in the head. That jerk that doesn't deserve that hot girlfriend he has... shoot him in the head twice. You get the point pretty much. The head equals dead. Don't go thinking you're The Fury in this game. You can get easily overran by enemies in no time flat, and then you're taking fire from every direction around you. Stealth is key in this game, so do what you can to utilize it to the fullest. If your health is running low, no one's going to look at you differently if you run away like a pansy. Doing so will keep you alive. No one likes seeing that damn game over screen, so do what you can to take cover and give Snake a much needed break to rest and regain his health before going back to destroying whole battalions of trained mercenaries. Obviously unless you're Billy Badass, you're going to want to save your big guns for the big enemies. Taking on a Metal Gear with a knife is not manly, it's just stupid. Taking on a Metal Gear with an upgraded rocket launcher and blowing the thing back to the scrap heap.... now that's manly. So make sure to not go overboard when thinking to yourself "Oh I wonder how the enemies will react when I shoot at them with a highly explosive weapon." I can tell you what they think.... and they think you're overkilling them. Always take a look at your surroundings before moving into the open. Whether you send out the Metal Gear Mk II or just decide to move slowly and carefully, always take a good look around you to make sure that you aren't missing that one sniper that could easily take your head off. Chapter 4 The Game Modes ,,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDDD8888NNMMMMMMMMMMM8.. . .. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN$II??III?78DMMMMMMMMMM8. . NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN?++++++++=?$8NMMMMMMMMNI. .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMNO+======+++=IIOMMMMMMMMM8... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD8MMMMMMMMNN?=~~~~~~~=+=~$~?NMMMMMMMNZ.. ..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN8$$MMMMMMMMND==~~~~~~~===~=+~INMMNMMMMM.. ..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN8I?ZMMMMNMMMD7=~~~~~~~~~===~I:~DNMDMMMMM.. ..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN$??ONNMMNDNND?~~~~~~~~~~~==~7::?NMNNMMMM.. .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNDI??ONNMNN8NDD=~~~~~~~~~~~===7::~8NDNMMMM8, .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNZ???ODNNNONODZ=~~~~~~~~~~~~=?I=~:~D8NNNMNO. .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMND$???Z8N8DDO7D?~~~~~~~~~~~~~=I?+=~~ZDNNNMMD NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNND7I?+$8NNDD7Z8+==~~~========+I??+=~=O8NNMNO. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNN87???Z8D88OOOZ+======+++==++?77ZZZ$??DNNMN8. .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDD$I???OD8DDZODZZZZ$7IIII???I78DD8Z$7IIDNNNN.. .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNZD8$I???O88DNNDNZZZODDD8OI?++I$O88ZOO8Z7DDNND.. .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNZ8O7I??I8ONDD88DZ$ZZOOOO$I+===IZ8NMDMMN8DNNND.. .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDZ8O7III7DZNDDDMMMMMMNZ777?===+~$$IDNN8MZNNDD8 .NMMMMMMMMMMMMNMNOOO7III$DDNMMNNDNNN88ZIII?+====?7Z$OOO7?8DD88,. .MMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNOOZ7I?I$88NNNNN8D8OZ$????++====~?II7$I+~=888... .DNMMMMMMMMMMMNNN8$$7????$ZDD8DDZZ$$7I????+====~=:+???+=~:8DD... ..NZ77ZNNNMNMMNDND$O$I+==?7Z8OZZ++++++++=========~:=++==~~?DD. NZZ$$I?I7DNNNNO8N8$7?===+??8Z?$==================~:=++==~~88... ..$$$IIZ77$NNDN8OD8Z$I+===+=$$=$=~~~~==~~~======~~=:~=+====OOZ. ..$7$I7ZO$$NNDNDZ8DO77?+==+=?7=$===~~~~~========~~==:==+==+ODO.. ..ZI7I$Z$OZDN8N888DOZ$??++=++$?I+===~~~~==+?++?II?I?++++==+OZ8:. ..I$I77I7$8DODZ8OD8Z77I??+??7?+I=~=~~~~=+??7OOZZ$I$+?=+++?8ZO8. ...877IIII7ZD8NOOZ88Z$$II????II?7===~~~===+?II?+II+~~=====78..8Z.... ....O$II777$8D8OZZ88Z$7III???II?7====~~~~~~~~~~=+?~~::==+=ZZ...8... ....Z77777I$8ZDZ8OOZ$7III????7+?====~~~~~~~~~~~==+:::~~++,....$$.. . .. .,,.7II???$ZOOO8O$7II?I????7+++====~~~~~~~~=+?III+:~=+=......O$. .. ...ZZII78ZDZ8O77I???????I?++====~~~~==+I7$ZZOZ7+==+?. $$.... .....N888OO88O77????????I?+?+=======?7$$ZO8888Z7?+II. $$.... .......N88O8OZ77II????????+++====+IZZZZ$7III7II++++7. 7$.... ... .MMMN8ZO8Z$7II?????????++++++++??I???I7$$7?=+?+.. 7$... .MMMMN8OZ8OZ$$7II???????++++++===++?I7$ZZZ7+==+?.. ..... ..MMMMMMNOZODOZZ$7IIIII?????+++=======+?IIIII+==+$.. .. .. .NMMMMMMMZ$ZO8OOZZ$7777III???+++==========++?===+$.. .. .. .NMMMMMMMMO$$ZZZOOOOZZ$$77III??+++====~~~~===+===?... MMNMMMMMMM8$7$77ZZ88OOOZZ$$77II??++========+?I?++NN.. . . MMMNNMMMMMND$777I77$ZO888OOZZ$$7II??++====++?I7I?8MMDN. ..MMMMMMMMMMMMD$7I7???II7$ZZ8888OOZZ$$77IIIIII7$Z$7NMMMMNN. . . NMMMMDNNMMMMMN$IIII++++?III77$ZO8888OOOZZZZZZOOZNMMMMMMNM. . DMMMMMNDNMMMMMM87II?++===++???III7$ZOO8Z$7II+~INMMMMMMMMMMN . .MMNMMMNNDNMMMMMD$II??+====++??????II7$$7?++?=~=DNMMMMMMMMND... NMMMMMMDNNNMMMMMMZ7I??++=====++?????III7I?++?=~=?NMMMMMMMMMM... MMMMMMMNNNMNNMMMMMDII??+======++++????I7I++??=~=IOMMMMMMMMMMN. NMMMNMMNMNNMNNMMMMMM$II?++=====+++++++?I?????==+78NMMMMMMMMMMM. . .MMMMNMMMMNMMMMMNNMMMMMM7I??+=====+++++++?I???I?=++$8DMMMMMMMMMMMN..... .MMMMMMMNMNMMNMMMNMNNMMMMMMO7I?+====+++++++?I??II?=+?$ODNMMMMMMMMMMMMMN.. NMMMMMMMMNMNMMNMNNMMNNMMMMMMM7I?+===+++++++?III7I?+?I$O8NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMNNMNMMNNNNMNNNMMMMMMMOI?++++++++++?III7I??I$O8DNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... MMMMMMMMMMNNNNMMNNMNNNNNMMMMMMMDI?+++++++++?II7II??7Z8DNMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMN.. MMMMMMMMMMNNDDNNMMNNNNNDNNMMMMMN$I??+???++??I77II?I$ODNMMMMNMMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMN MMMMMMMMMMMNNDDDNNMNDNDNDDNMMMMD$77I??I????I7$II7I7Z8NNMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMDDNDNDNMNNNNNNNNMMMDOZ$7II77II77$ZNNNMMDDNMNMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMNDNNNNNMNDNNMNMNNNN8OZZ$$Z8NNMMNMNNMNMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNDDNDMMMNNNNNNNNNNDOODNMNNMMMMMNMMMMMNMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNDDDNMMMNNNMMNNNNMD8MMNNMMMNMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDNNDDDNMMMNMNNNMMNNMMMMNNMMMMMMMMMNNMMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - Well now you turned on the game and enjoyed the Konami staff's words of wisdom while watching Snake smoke. Now you're at the main menu and you ask yourself, wait what are all these things? Normally you just go right in and play, but then you start ask yourself, what are all the other options for? Well that's what I'm here to teach you! This is the section that will explain what the various game modes do and what to expect from them. Rather than just going into something blindly, you can read ahead and learn a thing or two. ** New Game ** Pretty simple to figure out, this where you will go to start your game. When you first start one up, you have your option of what kind of difficulty level you want the game on. They range from this: Liquid Easy = Pretty much very easy mode of the game. You won't die as fast, and there's far too much ammo and life items available to you. If you have never played an MGS game before or just suck at sneaking around, then here's a good stepping stone to understanding the new world that you are in. Naked Normal = This is kind of the middle ground from Easy and Normal modes in games. It's got a bit of challenge to it, but not alot to make you sweat. I think that this is where most, if not all should start at. Solid Normal = The real normal mode of the game, this is where items and ammo start to become a bit harder to find. The use of stealth is a bit more emphasized here and you will take damage at a higher rate than before. So if you have a good knowledge of the game and the things to come, then here's the next step to becoming a Metal Gear god. Big Boss Hard = The difficulty to making you become the cream of the crop. You have access to very little, and you really feel like an old man since you are a big pansy that can't take a hit. Not only that, the enemies in the game decided that college was a good idea and so now they are much smarter and craftier when hunting you down. If you have balls of steel or memorized the game from beginning to end, then this is where you can test your mettle. I know that there are other difficulties to unlock (this is a Kojima game, he usually leaves the more extreme difficulties for you to unlock) so once I do unlock them and get a chance to see what they offer or what they are called, I will add them to this section. ** Load Game ** - If you are smart, then you will have saved your game a few times before turning the system off. This is where you go to pick things up right where you left off. ** Mission Briefing ** - Like those great and long cutscenes about political conspiracy theories and intrigue that was written by a great staff and voiced over by a great cast? Who doesn't!? Here you can watch the in-game movies that play before each act. The game will pick up on a saved game and pull up all the acts that you have unlocked, so you can watch these movies at your leisure. ** Options ** - Ah the good old options menu... what great game doesn't have one of theses? Don't like how your game controls are? Options menu is your answer. Don't like the volume of the game? Options menu is your answer. Don't like a certain feature in the game? Options... well you get the idea. Here is where to go to start tweeking things to suit your needs and give you a more optimal gaming exprience. The options open to you in this game are vast and many. I will go into detail about each one too, though you can look at the bottom of the screen when scrolling over each option to see what it will do for you. = Equipment = Weapon Change Settings - Here you can change the mode in which you use the R2 Button. The default setting is Toggle Mode. Toggle Mode lets you switch back and forth between armed and unarmed stances with weapons. This is the preferred method of play. The Recall Mode is a way for you to switch back and forth between two different weapons. Lets say you want to quickly switch back and forth between your pistol and your Ak-47. Just equip your pistol normally and then hold the R2 Button to go to your Ak. Once you have the Ak selected, you can now do quick switches between those two weapons on the fly by tapping the R2 Button. Cycle Mode is where you have your weapons go through their cycle of appearance in the menu by just tapping the R2 Button. Item Change Settings - This is the exact same as the Weapon Change Settings. You have access to the same Modes and they work exactly the same. Lock-On (Auto-Aim) Settings - If you really can't aim for crap in this game, then here's where you can turn on Auto-Aim to help you. So now all you have to do is point your weapon towards the nearest enemy and the game will do the work for you. = Controls = Normal View Up/Down - If you're one of those guys that prefers to have their controls inverted, then this is where you go to invert your Up and Down. I don't see how someone can do good with this, but hey... I've seen people use it effectively before. Normal View Left/Right - Now this is a first for me. I've never seen a game that allows you to invert your left and right before. That's right, if for some reason you think that by pushing the Left Thumbstick to the left should make Snake run to the right, then this is the option for you. Normal View Movement Speed - This is how sensitive you want your speed to move when aiming or directing Snake around. This does not affect his actual run speed in the game. Over-the-Shoulder View Up/Down - If you're one of those guys that prefers to have their controls inverted, then this is where you go to invert your Up and Down. I don't see how someone can do good with this, but hey... I've seen people use it effectively before. Over-the-Shoulder View Left/Right - Now this is a first for me. I've never seen a game that allows you to invert your left and right before. That's right, if for some reason you think that by pushing the Left Thumbstick to the left should make Snake run to the right, then this is the option for you. Over-the-Shoulder View Movement Speed - This is how sensitive you want your speed to move when aiming or directing Snake around. This does not affect his actual run speed in the game. First Person View Up/Down - If you're one of those guys that prefers to have their controls inverted, then this is where you go to invert your Up and Down. I don't see how someone can do good with this, but hey... I've seen people use it effectively before. First Person View Left/Right - Now this is a first for me. I've never seen a game that allows you to invert your left and right before. That's right, if for some reason you think that by pushing the Left Thumbstick to the left should make Snake run to the right, then this is the option for you. First Person View Camera Speed - This is how sensitive you want your speed to move when aiming or directing Snake around. This does not affect his actual run speed in the game. Remember First Person View - You can set this option so that rather than having to hold down the buttons to stay in first person view mode, you will stay in it after you let the buttons go. Basically you can run around in First Person View Mode until you decide to cancel out of it manually. View Change Default Direction - When you are in manual aim view, you can set this to where the camera will focus on. Whether it's on an all range kind of mode or focusing solely on the player, it's your choice how you want the camera to act. View Change Speed - This is how fast the camera will move around keeping focus on whatever you set it to do. = Audio/Video = Language Settings - Here is where you can change the language for the game. The options open to you are English, French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish. This only affects the typed words that are shown on screen and not the spoken language that is put on the game. Cutscene Subtitles - This is where you go to turn on the subtitles to be shown during the cutscenes of the game. In-Game Subtitles - When someone is talking to you during game play you can use this to have subtitles shown or not. In-Game Music On/Off - If you don't want your IPod to play any music during the game, you can set this option to either on or off which will dictate if music can be heard or not. Incoming Codec Output Device - Thanks to Charlie Six for helping me out on this one! If you have a Bluetooth earpiece or headset made for the PS3, then you can set this option to have your Codec calls and conversations to be played in your headset. That's a very nice touch indeed for the game! Too bad I don't have a headset too play with.... :( External Output Volume - Here is where you can go to make the volume for the game louder than normal without having to play with the volume of the TV. = Display = Icon Display Size - You can either set icons to be displayed at their normal size or on a larger scale. SELECT button Function - This is where you can set the select button's function from either a way to explain things for you in-game or to access the codec like in the classic Metal Gear Solid games. I prefer it to be a codec button. Blood - Like your game gory and full of blood when you shoot someone rather than playing a round of paintball with mercenaries? Here is where you go to turn the violence down and make mommy happy by not showing any blood. Screen Adjustment - Is your screen just alittle off center? Use this to fix all of that and center the screen to your choosing. Brightness Adjustment - If you can't see things that well and if things look way too dark for you, then you can use this to brighten the game up a bit so you can see better. ** Photo Album ** - Are you the kind of guy that loves to take pictures of your victories and some shots of you doing badass stunts? Well this is where you can go to view your pictures that you take in game and either delete or keep them from here. So how much of a shutter bug are you? ** Virtual Range ** - Need a chance to practice a bit or shake the cobwebs off? This is where to go before diving headfirst into the game. You can practice with a variety of preset weapons if you don't have any saved data, or if you do, you can practice with the hidden and earned weapons you've found. Everything here is much like the VR Missions of old with you just in a virtual world practicing and trying to become the best. ** Metal Gear Online ** - Oh man... Now I know where alot of people went as soon as they popped this game into their Playstation 3's! This is the multiplayer option of the game, which Hideo Kojima says is in reality a stand alone title rather than an add on of sorts to the game. From what I've learned so far, there will be updates and additions made for this as time passes on. Whether or not they will be good or bad, we will just have to trust in Konami and Kojima that they know what they are doing. If you want more information about Metal Gear Online, then head to the Metal Gear Online chapter of this guide. ** Extras ** - From what I can tell, this is a place to be able to download various new types of skins, iPod tunes, and podcasts for use in the game. I don't know if there will be a set schedule of releases from Konami for this, but as of right now, all I can say is is that once you've beat everything and unlocked everything, then this is where you should turn to for new content to download and try out in the game. Very nice of them to make a way to further the content of this game by adding a way to download things that weren't originally put into the game. One thing I do not know is if once an item is up for download on the Extras menu, will it be up there for a limited time or forever. I will do what I can to keep up with this and keep information available to all of you when I see something new to download. You can check out more information on what is up for download in the Extras section in the Cheats and Secrets chapter of this guide. You can view or delete items which you download here, or access the download menus to find new items. You must have internet access to do so before attempting to download. Chapter 5 Story Mode ::::::::::,:::~7OODNMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDO7+~~~==~~==+======+ ::::::::~,:::,?ZODNMNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNMNNNNNNNNNNDNNNDDDDDNND$?~~======+======= ::::::::~:~::+$O8NMMNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMNNNNMMNNNNNNNNNDDNNNDNDDDDN8Z?===++==+??+==++ ::::::::,::,=ZO8NNMNNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD87?=+????????+++? :::::::::~::7O8NMNNNNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD8Z7+++++++++???++ ~~::~::~~::I8ODMNNNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNDDDDNNNNDNDDDDDDD8$I+????????II?? =~~~~~~~::=O88NMNNNNNMNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNDDDDNNNNDDDNNDDDD8$???????II???? =~~~~~~~~=$DZDMMMNNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNDDDDNNDDDDDDDDDDOI??IIII777I?? ~+=~~~~~:7DO8NMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNDDDDDNDDDDDDDDDDZI?I77II77III ~~=~~:~:+ODODNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDO7I?IIIII7777 ~:~=~~::$D88DNNNMMMNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNDDD8888DDDDDDD8Z7II77777$$$ ~:~===:+8D8DDNMNNNMNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNDDDDDDD88DDDDDDDO$II77$$7$$7 ::::~~:$DD8DNNNMNNMNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNDDDDNNDDD8DDDD888O$7II7$$$$$$ :~::~::O8DDDNNNNNNMMMNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNDDDDNNDDDDDDDDD8O$7III7$$$$$ :~:~~:?O8DNDNNMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD8Z$III7$$77$ :~~=~~$O8NDNNNMMMNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDD8DDD8OZ7III77777 ~:~::=ZO8DDNNNNMMNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD8OZ$7III7$7 ~::::+ZODDNNNNNMNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD88OZ$II77$$ :::::?$8NDNNNNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNDDDD88DDDDDDDDDDDD88Z$III7$$ ~::~=IZDNDNNNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDDDDD888DDDDDDNDDD88OZ7II77$ ~~:~=?ONNDNNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNMMNDDDDDDD8DDDDDNNNNDD8OZ$7I7$$ ~~::=IDNDDNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNMNDDDDDDDDDDDDDNNNNDD88Z7I7$Z ~:::+ZNDDNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDNNNNND8$II77 ~~:=IDNDDNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDO$7II ~:~IZDN8DNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNDDDNNNDDNNNDDDDDDNNDDDDNDD8OZ$7 ::=7Z888DNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNMNMNNNNNNDDDDNNDDNNNNDDDDDNNDDDNDDDD88Z7 :~~+7O88NNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMNNNNNNDDDDDNDDDNNNDDDNNNNNNNNNNNND8Z7 ~~~+$DNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMMNNNNMMMMNNDDNNNDDDDDDDDDDNNNNDDDNNNNNNNDD8O$7I? ~:+ZDNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNDDDD88DDDDD8OOODDDD88DDDDDDDDNNNDNDNNNNNNNNNDO$7II =?ZNNDDNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDD88OOOOOOOOZZ$778D8D888DDDDDDDNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDO$I =$DNDDDNNNNMNNNMMMMMMMMNNNNND8OOZZZZZ$7777I??$888888DD8DD88DNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDNDO7 ?ONNDNNNNNNMMNMMMMMNNMNNNNND8OOZZZ$$$7III??++?O8OOO8DD8DD88DNNNNDNNNNNNNNNNDDD8Z $NMDDNNNMNMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNDD8OZZZ$$$7II????++~78OO$O88D8D888NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDD8 ODNNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNDDDD8OOZZ$$$7II????++=?OOZ$Z8O88D88ONNNNNNDDDDDDNNNDDDDD ?IZDNNMMMMMMMMMMMMNNDDDNDNDD8OOZZ$$$7III????+==ZO$$7OOZ8888ZDNNNNNNDDNNNDNNNDD88 :~7DNNMNNMMMMMMMMMNDDDDDDNND88OZZ$$77III????+=~IO$$7ZO$O8OOZODDNNNNNDNNNNDNNDDOZ ~?ONMMMNNMMMMMMMMNDD8DDDDNND88OZZ$$$7III????+==+ZZI7$O7$8OOZ$DDDDNNNDDDD88DDD8Z$ ?ZDNMMMMMMMMMMMMMND88DDDDNNDD8OZZ$$$77II?????===7Z??7O7+OOZ$7ODDNNNNNDDDOODDDOZ7 ZDNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMND888DDNNNND8OZZ$$$77II?????+==?Z++I77~7Z7I+IO8DDNNNDDDOO8NDO$7 8NNNMMMMMNNMMMMMMND888DDNNNND8OZZ$$77III?I???+===Z+=??7:+Z++:~$OOO8DNDDD8OON8OZ7 NMNNMMNMNMNMMMMMNND888DDDNNND8OZZ$$$77III????++==$I~+?=~~$==,,+$$I$ODDDD8$7DDZ$7 NNMNNMMNNNNMMMMMND8888DNNNNND8OZZ$$$77IIII???++=~II~+?~,~7~~:,~+II7Z8DD8O??D8Z7I NNMMMNNNNNMMMMMMND888DDNNNNND8OZZZ$$$77III???++=~=I~=?:,:?:::,,~++I$88DDZ~=N8ZII DNDDNMNNDNMMMMMMD8OO8DDNNNNDD8OZZZ$$$$77II???++=:~I?=?:,,=::::,:~~+$O88DO:~NNO7? ZZ7ZDMMD8DNMMMMNDOZZ8DDDDNNDDOZZZZZ$$$$7II????++~~II=+:,,:,,:::::~+IZO88$~=DND$? =?IZ8NM8Z88NMNNN8$$Z8DDDDNNDDOZ$ZZZ$$$$77I???+++==II=~,,,,::::::::=I$OOO7=+NND8Z ~==+ZNMZ$ZODMND8Z7$O88DDDNNDDOZ$$ZZ$$$$$7I??++++=+??=:,,~===~:::::~?$OZ$$=+888D8 :,:+NMNZ$ZODMN88$7ZO888DDNNDDOZ$7$$$$ZZ$7I?+++????++=~+I7I+=~~::::~?$OZ$7:+OZZOO ~:.+NMMO77$ODN8O$7ZZO88DDNNND8Z$77$$$ZZZ77??++?III?IIZOZ7+~~:::::~~=7OO7+:$OZ$Z7 =~~$NMMD7IIO8ND8Z$ZZO88DNNNNND8Z$7I77$ZZ$7?+=+I7$ZZOOZ7?=~:~=~~~=~,~7OO?:=D8OZ$7 =+7NMMNN$I?ZODN8Z7$Z8D8DNNNMNNDDOZ$$$ZOOZ$?++?$OO8888Z7??+==~:,:=,,=7O$=,INOZ$7I ~7DMMNDDZ7I$O8D8O$ZO8DDDDNNNNNNNDDDD8888OZ?==IODDD88O$I?+=,....:~,:+I7+~:ZMO$7?? :=7DD8DNO$7$OO8DOZ888DDDDNNNNDDDNNNNNNNN8$?+=7D8OZ77II?+:,,,....:,~=?+~~~DMO7I?? ,:=7ODNDDZ$ZZO88OO8OOOOO88DD888OZOOZ$ODDN$?++$OI+++???+~:,,,....,::=+=~:INDDZ7I? ,,:+7$OODO$Z$ZOOZZOOZOOOO88888OOZOOZZ8MMMOI=+$?~~~+?++~,,......,::~=~~~:ONO88Z7I ,:,:=+IZN8$$ZZZOZZ8OO888888888OOZZZODMMMMN7,~?.:~:++?+~:,,....,,,:~=::~=NM$$ZZ$I :::,,=$ONNO$$Z$Z$$O88888D88888OZ$O8DNMMMNM8~=?,,~~==~:,,.....,,,,:~~~::ZMD87?III :,,,~?Z8DM8ZZZ$$$7Z8888888DDD88888DDNMMMNN8=~+:,:~=~:,,.....,,,,::=::~7NNDD8$I?? ::,,~IZODMNOZOZ$7I7O888888DDDDNMMNNNMMMMNN8=:=~:,:,,:..,....,,,,::=~IZNMDDDD8O$? ,::::==?DMMD$ZOZ$IIZ8D8D8888DNMMMNDNMMMNNND=:=~~:,,,,,,....,,,,::~~IDMMDDD8DDD8I :,,::::?MMMMO$Z$$7IIZDDDDD88NMMMNDDNMMMNDDD=:=~~~,:~:,,,,,,::,::~~~OMNNND888DD87 ,:::::?DMMNMN8Z$77I?7ODDDNDDMMMNNDDNMMMDDDN+:~~~,~8N7:,:::::::::=:~DMDNNN8888OZI ::,:=+I8MMNNMMD8Z77II$8DDDNNMMNND8DNMMNDD8N?:=~::OMMM$::~::::::~=~=NMNMDDDD8Z7I? ~~~+I?7DNMMMMMMMD777?7O88DDNMMNDD8DNMMNDDDD+:=~,IMMNM8~:~~:::::~~~=DNNNDD888$??I :,=I?IZDDNMMMMMMN$777?Z8DDDNMNND8ODNMMNDD8D=:~:~NMND8D+,~~:~:::~~~=NDNNDD88DOI?7 ,~I7$ZO88DMMMMMMMZI$7?7O8DNNMMNDOODMMMND8D8=:~,ZMMN8O8=,::~~::~=~~=NDNND888D87?7 :?$$ZOOZODMMMMMMMZ?$$IIZ88NNMMD8Z8NMMNND8D8=::+NMNNOZO~::::,::~~=~?NDNND8O8D8$I7 +$$$ZZZZ8NMMMMMMMO?$Z7?$ODNMMND8ODMMMNNDD88=,:OMMNDOOO~::::::~===~7MDNNDOZO88ZI7 I$7ZZ$Z8DNMMMMMMMDI7Z$I7ZDNMMDDD8NMMNNDDDDO=:=MMNDDOOO+~::::,:===:ZM8DNNO$Z88OII 7I$$ZZODNMMMMMMMMN77ZZ7I$DMMNDNDDMMMNNDD8D$=,$MMDD8Z87?+~~:,:~~==~OM8DDN8O$$ZO7I 77Z$ZO8DNNMNNMMMMN$IZO$IZNMMNDDDNMMMNNDDDD$~~DMND8ZOO=+?+:,=$Z?~==OND8DDN8O$7$$I I$ZZZO88DNNNNMMMMM$IZOOIONMMDDDNMMMNNNDDD8Z~$MMDD8Z8$::++:=DMMZ+~+$DD8D8DDD8$7I? I$ZZOOOO8ND8DMMMMMZI$8OZDMMNN88DMMMNNDD88O$7MMDD88Z8?:::=~OMMOZ?~?78DD88DD88OZ$I 7ZZZZOOOO888DMMNMNO7$OOODMMNDD8DMMMNNDD8D8O8MMDD8ZOO=::::ZMM8Z$?=77O8DDODD88OZ$$ $ZZZZZZOOOO8NMMMMDOZ7OO8NMMNNDDNMMMNNDD8D88MMND8OZ8$=~~,IMMNOZ7+?$7ZDND$OOOOZ$7I ZZZZZ$ZZZZ8DMMMMNOOO7ZODNMNND8DNMMMNDD8888NMNDD8ZO8?===:DMN8Z$I+7Z$$DNN$77$$77I? ZOZZ$$77$Z8DNNNNDZZ87$ZDMMNND8DNMMMND88D88MMND88ZO8~~=+7MMDOZ77?OO$ZDNN$III77III OOZZ$777$ZODNNDDDZ$877ZDMMNNDDNMMMNND88D8DMMND88O8$~?+IDMN8ZZ77+N8ZONND$77IIIIII OOZZZ$777$ZO88888ZZO$7ZDMMNDNNNMMMNDD88D8NMMN88DO8$I?+OMM88Z7$I+MDO8DNDZ77IIIIII OOZOZ$7II77$ZZZZD8ZO$$ZNMMNNNDNMMMNDD88DDNMMD8O8Z87?=$MMDOO$7Z+IMN8ODD8Z77IIIIII - Time to get started! This is it. Are you sure that you are ready to exprience the final chapter of the legend himself, Solid Snake? Well there's no turning back now! It's time that the world now exprience the last chapter of this great series. It's still a shame to see this series and a legend end but as they say... all good things must come to an end. My job now, is to help you reach that end as painless as possible. Lets get started... ** Opening Credits Battle ** - From the moment you start the game, you're thrown right into the heat of battle. There will be a good sized cutscene that you will have to watch before starting up the action. This basically serves as a way to see and show some of the controls and features of the game. You're in no real danger if you just follow the extremely linear path you're given. First you will start off trapped between two big trucks. By going to the far left truck, you can low crawl under it and continue the opening credits and another cutscene. Once this cutscene is complete, you now get your hands on a rifle. Otacon gives a brief explanation on how to equip and use weapons before letting you loose to walk down the alley way towards the man taking cover. Once you reach him, another cutscene should kick in. When the cutscene is over, you're told to head north. Don't engage in any combat since you aren't in any position to do so at this point. Just run across the street and follow it till you reach the end where you should see a northern alleyway. Just go straight down this way and crawl under the rubble to pick up the ammo box and continue to the other side. Dodge the Gekkos as they appear (if they appear... I did this three times to get this quick route I'm typing about and only on one of those times did the Gekkos appear to get in my way) and move to the left. If the Gekkos are on your tail then quickly duck into the blown away house and keep moving to the left to find a doorway out of the house. Just move up a little bit and turn right into the alleyway behind this house to trigger another cutscene. Congrats... you just beat the Opening Credits Battle! ** Act 1 - Liquid Sun ** - After some tad lengthy cutscenes and such, you'll have a small codec conversation with Otacon about picking up the Metal Gear Mk II. This is the first thing you will go after before moving on with the mission. * Middle East: Red Zone NW Sector * - Currently you are in the Red Zone NW Sector where your mission begins. If you pause the game to look at your map, you'll see that your destination is a bit down the way. You'll notice from this map that the main road is pretty big, but remember, you're sneaking around, so staying off this main road will be crucial to not being spotted by PMCs or Gekkos. But lets get started to getting to the destination to pick up the Metal Gear Mk II. Before heading out to the main road to start things up, go to the end of the alleyway, into the dead end. You will find a few rebel bodies here, but you will also find a ration and some ammo. These things are always needed in a pinch, but lets hope that we can avoid those pinches. First turn the corner and head out to the main road. Just as you reach the end of the alley way and begin to come out onto the main road, wall press and peak out to see two PMCs scouting the main road. The fun begins as you now have to start watching them and finding the opportunity to sneak by them. Now the easiest way to do this is by going into the building on the left side of the main road (the one you were just wall pressing against). In this building is a ration (These things are life savers, so find them when possible!) and as you move to the side of the broken stairway, you should trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will hear the PMCs yelling that they have enemies sighted and you will then hear gunfire. Otacon will tell you that you should avoid unnecessary combat (which you should!) so it's back to sneaking around. Rather than run back outside the building you are in through the doorway on left, crawl through the vent shaft by the doorway and pick up the Arsenal Compress. Keep going through to the other side of the vent shaft. When you get to the end of the shaft, you will come out in an outside alleyway. Don't stand up immedieately or run out into the open main road. Rather go into a crouch walk and wall press the nearby wood stacks just to the immedieate left of you as you come out of the vent shaft. From this position, you should see the PMCs doing their sweeps on the opposite side of the road, and hear a few loud machines doing their thing off screen. That machine sound is the turret from the top of the PMCs ATV that is located to the right of your position on the main road. Keep an eye on things and wait for the moment to move. Remember, the enemies move in groups in this game, unlike previous ones where they were single patrols. When the two PMCs move further into the left side of the street's buildings to continue their sweep, then all you have to worry about is the ATV turret. If you now move to the right wall of the alley you are in, you will be able to watch the turret and wait for it to move away from looking at you. When this opportunity shows itself, quickly move forward a bit and head into the building on your right. Get out of the doorway so that the turret doesn't see you there. If you went into the right buidling, you will see a rebel fighter fall from the sky in this building. Naturally the rebel is dead. If you go into the room on the left side from this rebel's corpse, you will two more dead rebels in this room. Pick up their weapons and the compress on the bed before moving to the window. Crouch down and wall press the window and look around to see where some of the PMCs are. You should be just a ways from the backside of the ATV now, though it can still see you if you do anything to draw attention to yourself. Go back to where the rebel's body is (the one that fell from the sky) and pick up his weapon. Go towards the back of the room and crawl underneath the rubble here. As you get about halfway from crawling, a rebel will fall in front of you on the other side. You will witness him getting shot by an off camera PMC. Wait just a few seconds before coming out of your now hiding spot to see the PMC that killed this rebel walk off down the street from the holes on the left and front of you. At this time you should also hear a small jingle and sort of commercial about the Praying Mantis group. Once you feel comfortable that he's out of range to see you, crawl out and stick to the right side of the room that you are now in. Use the various barrels and crates to give you cover if you need it, otherwise stick to the far right of the room and continue forward till you reach the end of the building. The end of the building will be where there is a doorway that leads outside of this building. The doorway that I am talking about has a guard that is standing outside of it. It's best to do this to taking him out quietly. First run back to that fold out wall thing beside the crates on the right side of the room. Get behind it as if you were going back the way you came. There are some small jars just to the right side of this fold out, and if you walk over them and hit them, they will make noise. This will attract the guard. Quickly run back to the other side of the way you came and wait next to the shelf. You can watch the PMC for a moment and listen in on him from here. Once he says something to the effect of "I know I heard something" he will start moving back to his post. If you quickly crouch walk up to him from behind with your knife equipped, you can use some CQC to take him out by either knocking him unconscious, or killing him. I prefer killing him since I don't want him to say anything to alert his friends when he wakes up. You can take his weapon and when you do, Otacon will ring in about the difference between PMC weapons and rebel weapons. Congratulations, you're now halfway to the destination! Now that the pathway is clear from the guard, you can move through the doorway without worry. Go through the door to your right as you exit this doorway, and look to your left to see an ammo box to pick up. From here go to the end and you will see daylight from an open doorway. As you start to get closer to the end, you will notice that there are PMCs running around outside. Not only that but they have an ATV with them as well. They seem to be looking at something that is down the street from where you came, but don't concern yourself with that. Just turn right from this doorway and head to that big green dumpster to give yourself cover. From there head to the right to find a doorway leading to the Red Zone (the door is to the right of a Praying Mantis poster). * Middle East: Red Zone * - Hey you made it without a scratch on you and minimal resistance! Give yourself a quick pat on the back before moving on. You still have a small way to go before reaching the destination and now that you have a somewhat understanding of the flow of the game, then there will be a bit more challenge to things from here on out. Lets move on... *** Before moving on, hit the start button and save your game!!! I will be giving these reminders out throughout the guide of when is the best times to save! This is so you can try to make it through on a game without getting any alerts. If you feel that you should save more or less than what I tell you to do, then it's your decision. *** You start off crouched down by a set of stairs. Move up the stairs and Otacon should chime in about doing a roll to cross small gaps. Do this to cross the small gap that you see in front of you. As you do this, you should notice a PMC moving just out of sight. Make your way through the doorway and just behind the folding wall is a set of lockers on your left side. Don't worry about these right now, but move along the left wall from these lockers and stayed crouched down in the small pocket corner of the wall and archway where the PMC will come out. As the PMC walks into view of you, he should not see you. If you want to make things lean more towards your side, you can let the Octocamo blend you in more so to this pocket corner. Let the PMC move just a bit to where you have a good view of his side and back before quickly moving in and using some CQC to knock him out. As I said before, I prefer killing the PMCs off so that I don't have to worry about them later, so I wake up the PMC and then immedieately grab him as he wakes up to slit his throat. Now you can use the lockers you just passed. Put him in the left locker since that one is empty. If you open the right locker, you can pick up a Playboy to use to distract a PMC later. There are two more PMCs now to deal with, though I have found ways to get around them, but since we've been doing quite a bit of sneaking, lets get some action in as well! First head through the doorway that the PMC you just killed came through. Drop down in the big right hand hole of this floor that you are on. If you look on the left side of this room that you just dropped into, there is pair of lockers in here. In the left locker is a Regain (R) that should come in handy to restoring your health and a bit of your psyche when you need it. Turn around now and head up the stairs to get back to where you just started. Go past now the hole you dropped down in and jump over the wall where it will allow you to do so. You should now be on a roof with a ladder opening in front of you. Go down the ladder opening and you will see a PMC pacing back and forth behind the pillars in front of you. Use the pillars to your advantage to sneak up on him and stealthly kill him with your knife. (You're probably going to see that I will be killing most if not all that I can with just my knife.... I like the personal approach and conserving my ammo!) With this guy out of the way, you can now focus on the last one, or skip the next paragraph to get to the destination. (This next kill is basically for fun and an extra measure to maybe not getting seen moving toward the destination point... I just like doing it because I'm sadistic!) From this pillar section, you should see a fence to your left and doorway to the right of it. Go through the door and head in front of you to wall press the wall that is partially destroyed. You will then see (if you move the camera around a bit) a PMC pacing up and down this road. Just wait for him to pass by you (and staying out of his line of sight as best you can) and then crouch walk up to him slowly and silently so you don't alert him to your attack. Grab him up and slice his neck to put him down for good. ** Want a few more items for good luck? Well if you took out the three guards then you should be free to going back and picking up the extra items with ease! Lets start at the stairs that you start at to begin with, the ones you go up before killing the first PMC. First off there's the infamous cardboard box and a compress underneath this staircase. From the staircase go right until you reach the stairs where you took to go back up after getting the Regain. You should see a set of three lockers in near the stairs. In the middle locker is a ration. Now go back to the statue in front of the first stairs and stand in front of it. Turn to see a wall in front of you with three Praying Mantis posters on it. From this wall go to the left and turn right at the end of this wall. Turn right again to see a doorway to go inside of a destroyed room. While in this room, go to the end of it to find a stair well to go up. At the top you will see a set of crates just to your left and a small plank for you to balance on. Make your way to the other side and stay along the right side of this room that you are now in. Go along the ledge to pick up two noodles and a Playboy.** From the pillar section you can move into the nearby alley where a dumpster is located (a nice hiding spot if you really need to use it) and survey your surroundings. If you need to hide or wait for a PMC that you let live pass by or move on, then do so. Otherwise if you are more than ready to move on, then just go to the right of this alley and you will seen a small destroyed section of the wall on the right building that you can enter the building through. Just go in and you'll have reached your destination and get to watch another cutscene. Alright!!! Now we got some new toys!!! Not only that, but we have some silenced guns to play with too! For those that loved to tranquilize the enemy because you had a bleeding heart or just wanted the bonuses from not taking a life, then you get a tranq gun as well. Both will come in handy for the sneaking around you have to do. Not only that, but now you have access to the Solid Eye and the Metal Gear Mk II. Now it's time to kick some ass! Otacon said something about Liquid being spotted, and then all hell broke loose! So now you have a new destination point to get to. Bring up the start menu to take a look at your map. As you can see, the destination point is right across the street from you. Seems easy right? Well take a look outside on the main road. That's right... way too many PMCs around. So it's time to go the long way to get there without being seen. (Quick Note, you now have access to the camoflauge menu as well! If you want to play in manual mode or keep it in auto mode, you can now choose that here. You will have to put your camoflauges that you want to use in a memory system in order to play with the manual mode. To do this, just press against the wall or go into the prone and let the suit do its thing. Then go into the Camoflauge Menu and choose the option Register Camo Pattern. This camo pattern is now available for you to use in manual mode. You can go through the whole game doing this and keeping various camo patterns in the memory so you can pull them up when you need them ala Metal Gear Solid 3. You can also change the color of Snake's carrying vest in here too. You have five colors to choose from in the beginning. I think black is the best option since it does help to blend in with the shadows better.) ** Now's a good time to save! ** Ok... the streets are crawling with PMCs and rebels fighting each other. This is a great way to rack up some free items by killing or disabling any PMCs (and if you don't care about them, the rebels too) and taking their items. Because they are fighting each other, you can just simply take what you want from their dead bodies, along with their dropped weapons. Now I'm going to first get you to the destination point to move on to the next mission. When you get there though, I will show you a way to get in good with the rebels if you really want them to be on your side. First head through the destroyed wall in front of you and wall press against the immedieate wall to your left to avoid being seen by the rushing PMCs. You will be making good use of your Operator or Tranq Gun here, so get out whichever one you want to use. There will be three PMCs that rush pass you and take cover near a concrete slab outside of the building you are in. Keep an eye on them and wait for them to move forward from this slab. You can now take cover behind it and from here you should see two PMCs taking cover in front of you. Just take them out with whatever gun you are using so they don't spot you when you begin to move forward here in a moment. Just wall press the slab and move all the way to the right and then poke your head out to shoot at them. Take only one shot before taking cover again so they don't see you (they're too preoccupied by the fire fight to waste too much time looking in your direction or catch you in time if you do this). Once they are both taken care of, move to the concrete slabs to your right, staying on the right side of them. Getting to the end of them, poke your head out by repeating the same process you did on the first two with the one that's located near their bodies. Once he is taken care of, if you are using the Tranq Gun, if you have good aim, you can take out one of the PMCs firing at the rebels from the pillar to the right of the PMC you just shot. His leg is more exposed than anything, so if you hit it, it will just be a moment before he falls asleep. Now move into the right building by going through the big hole in the wall and follow the corridor you are now in. Sometimes if you get here in a quick manner, you will see a big explosion, followed by a rebel body slamming into the wall in front of you. If not then you will just see a rebel body laying in the doorway as you approach it. In either case just move to the other side of this position that rebels are holding and you will see a decending staircase doorway. This is your destination to reach. Now before you move on you can earn the respect of the rebels around you to their fullest real fast if you want. If not then at least you'll have a brand new toy to play with. If you go all the way to the left from the doorway to move on to the next destination, you will find a body with an RPG laying with it. Now here's where you can earn the rebels respect. Go back out to their position and first take out the remaining PMCs with either your Tranq Gun or shooting them in the head with your other weapons. Now you should see an ATV with a turret on top keeping your boys pinned down heavily. Just bust out the RPG and aim for the turret. The entire ATV should be destroyed after this, giving the rebels a chance to breathe and thank you for your assistance. They will respect you deeply and as long as you don't start backstabbing them, they will help out against the PMCs. Whatever you choose to do, either help the PMCs or be greedy and hold onto your new weapon move on by going down the stairs to continue the mission and enter a new area. * Middle East: Militia Safe House * - Now armed with a few new gadgets to play with along with some good weapons to boot, you are now beginning to get a feel for the game right? What more could await Snake in the Militia Safe House? ** Saving time!!! ** First off it's pretty dark in here and even Otacon agrees with me. So time to see how great the night vision works in this game! Just activate your Solid Eye for night vision and proceed ahead. (To be honest, I am extremely impressed with the visuals that are presented in this night vision! I thought that Call of Duty 4's night vision mode was great, but man.... I didn't know what great was till I saw this!) This is a crazy place to be in! Pretty much you're going in a linear path. As soon as you activate your night vision, you should see a door in front of you. Wall press to the left of the door and you should see a PMC in the other room. Take out the guard however you please and then continue on past him. Once you move foward, you should enter a cave tunnel and see a ration in front of you. From this ration you should also see a box of ammo to your left from where you are at. As you reach this ammo box, you should hear the PMCs yelling out orders. Don't waste any time, and run back to where you picked up the ration just a second ago and crouch behind the crates. You should see three PMCs run past you to wherever they are going. You can now move foward again. As you go up, you should see an ammo pick near a boarded off section of the cave you are in. From there go through the nearby doorway and follow the hall to a room filled with chickens. Near the chicken coop on the left side of the room is a noodles and in the far top right corner of the room is a Regain. After you pick up these items head up the stairs in the top left side of the room. As you get to the top, you will see two rebels come into view. They will talk for a moment about backing up the people up top and then start running towards you. Just use the circlular stone piece just to your right as you come up the stairs to hide from them as they pass by. Now that things are clear, you can move on. First you will want to head in to the left room with the dead PMCs in it. You can take the various guns and ammo lying around their bodies for your own use. Once you are done, head in to the far room rather than the hallway that is on your left. This room has many wounded rebels in it, with one rebel watching over them. If you haven't pissed the rebels off in any way, then you will just startle the lone rebel for a moment before he runs off. Other wise you will just make him mad and shoot at you on sight. Whatever kind of game you have been playing thus far, just be prepared to see this guy and take the appropriate measures if you have to against him. In this room you can find various ammo pick-ups and a pentazemin. Now head to the back of the room where you will see an opening in the wall leading to another hallway. But wait! Before you move anymore, stand in the doorway and turn on your night vision if you don't already have it on. You should see a pick up box in front of you that's shrouded in darkness. This is an iPod tune! Take it to make your collection of music bigger! Now head down the hallway where you will run into a rebel. Again, if you are on good terms with the rebels, just hold still once you have alerted him and he will check you out for a moment before giving you the green light to move on ahead. Otherwise you will have to take him out to move on. Behind this rebel is a room where two more rebels are inspecting a piece of what looks like a metal wing of some sort. Obviously it's a piece of one of the unmanned units that the PMCs are using. Just get past these guys and head to the stairs on the far left side of the room. As you get to the top of the stairs, take a left and go into the room where two more dead PMCs lay. This room has a few grenades for you to take with you! Once you've taken all that's in this room, head back out down the hallway where you should of seen two rebels talking to each other just before turning into the room with the two dead PMCs. Take the open doorway to the right and follow the hall to a dead end room where you will find some RPG ammo, various other ammo, but most of all three lockers on the left side of the room. In each locker contains one item. They are a Playboy, ammo, and a Costume Change item. Yep, you now have access to change costumes to the Middle Eastern Militia garb you first wore when starting the game. When you are done taking all the items you want from this room, head back out the way you came and go the other way now. You should now have made your way into a room filled with crates, along with two rebel soldiers. Once you get past them (however you manage to do that) head to the far left side of the room to find a passage way for you to go along. After going past these pipes along the wall you will see an opening where two more rebels will spot you. Once you make it past them, go left instead of right to grab some RPG ammo. Once you have this then turn around and go down the hallway. You should reach a room filled with shelves and a stairway to your left. There are some ammo, ration, and petro bomb items in this room as well. Once you have all that you want, go up the stairs to move on to a new area. * Middle East: Urban Ruins * - Whew! Now things are really heating up! After a lengthy period of conversations and codecs and watching a silly little monkey, you can now buy, customize, and sell weapons! Things are really turning in your favor. Now it's time to move on and get to the new destination point. ** If you know what's good for you, you'll save! ** Once you are given the green light to move around you will notice a set of stairs in front of where you are crouching, just to the right. Instead of going up these stairs, first go down the dark alleyway and pick up the gun off the dead rebel. This will go towards Drebin points! Behind the rebel is a noodles and Playboy for you to take as well. Once you get back out into the open, take a left and go all the way to the end where you should see an RPG hidden behind a wall. More Drebin points and you get to keep the ammo! Now head for those stairs. When you reach the top of the stairs, there's still some more goodies to collect. Getting to the top of the stairs will put in to view a rifle for you to sell and a petro bomb. Now you're not quite down with the collecting just yet! Have Snake face towards the stairs. Now from this view head towards the end of the platform you are on. You should see a small opening between the stairs and the destroyed building. Fall into this crevice and collect a red dot sight to customize a weapon with, an RPG to sell (and keep the ammo too!), and a sleep gas mine. Now you have one more thing to get before moving on. Go back up the stairs to the platform you were on before and walk all the way to the end of it where it hangs over the destroyed building. Fall just to the top of the rubble at the corner of this destroyed building and collect one more RPG to sell. With all that done, you can now move on to making your way to the destination point. Ok... I just want to point out that this next part is a bit confusing, but I will do my best to get you through this maze of rubble. So bear with me ok! After you have collected all the items from above, or just choose not to, from the place where you first start off crouching, go past the stairs and you will see a destroyed section of wall on your right. Go in here to see a dead rebel. Pick up his weapon for some points and ammo and continue on to the back of the room to go through a destroyed section of wall on your right. Otacon should of chimed in when you entered the building to tell you to be careful. After going through, you should been auto crouched. Turn right and head to the end of this narrow passage to find some daylight. Turn to the left and you should see a hanging body and an ammo case in front of you. Pick up the gun that the body drops for Drebin points and ammo, and then hop up to collect the ammo box on the ledge. Go through the destroyed wall on the ledge you are now on and the camera should move to show the left side of the new room you are in. An explosion should be heard and you should see dust and debris coming out of the narrow passage on your left. Once the dust settles, enter the passage and you should see a fork in the path in front of you. First go along the right path to grab the guns for Drebin points and ammo, but don't stay in front of the open window for very long, or you risk getting spotted by the PMCs just outside. Turn back and now go to the left path. If you turn right, you will see another dead rebel, and you can pick up a compress near his body, along with his gun for Drebin points and ammo. Turn around from his body and enter a room that you can stand up in. Go to the ledge with the ration on it and hop up onto it to get the ration. Go through the destroyed wall on this ledge and turn right. Go to the end of this room, past the green couch on the left side of the room and turn right to see a narrow passage way with stairs. As soon as you approach the stairs, a small cutscene should kick in showing the stairs being destroyed. Continue forward through the passage to the end to see a destroyed wall on your right. Go through the wall and first go along the right side of the room you are now in and you should see a very small gap in front of you. Crouch walk under the gap to pick up a ration from the dead rebel on the otherside. Go back into the room you just came from and go to the left side of the room to see a slope from the rubble. When you get to the top, wall press on the left side to get across to the other side. Drop down through the destroyed wall on the other side and run to the end of the hall that you are now in to pick up some ammo. Past this ammo pick up is a ledge to jump up on. Get on it and turn right and you will see a slope from destroyed rubble and a staircase in front of you. Head to the staircase and a cutscene should kick in. Nice... finally out of that rat's maze! * Middle East: Downtown * - I am glad to be out of there... any longer and I would of developed a bad case of claustrophobia! In any case now that we are out in the open, guess what? That's right... back to the warzone! It's a good old time to start shooting people up again! Or is it? Can you possibly make your way through this part without being seen and with the utmost stealth? Well with my help you will! ** Save that game!!! ** First off... I just want to say that I hate snipers... they're so annoying and they can spot you a mile away, triggering the alert on you! But don't worry... I've got your back on this one and I'm going to show the way to avoiding these bastards! Ok... the route I'm going to take you may seem a bit hazardous and such, but this is the route to take if you don't want to make any alerts. Now to begin with, you are going to come in contact with many PMCs in this one. The first thing you need to do is get a silenced weapon or just use the Tranq Gun for this one. Either way, you want to use a weapon that isn't going to give you away the moment you fire it. You're not going to run into single PMCs here, they do travel in groups. So if you are a good shot, stick to what I say, and don't deviate from the plan, then not only will you make it through without being seen, but you will also aquire a sniper rifle for all you sniper fools out there. Lets begin shall we... First from the position you are facing from your crouch, go forward and stick to the right building, staying close to the wall while running. As soon as you come to the end of the building, take a right into empty back area. You basically stay under the roof and keep the small pillars and the wall on both sides of you as you run. Once in the open area, from the backside of the car you pass, you should see a crate in front of a dead end. Go behind it to pick up a ration. From this point, stand in front of the crate now, and turn to your left. You should see a small alleyway in front of you. Go down this alleyway to see some PMCs making their way down a small road. Follow the two rebels, keeping them in front of you, until you see them fall over dead. This is the start of those damn snipers. Now pick up the weapons that the two rebels dropped for Drebin points, and don't waste time standing out in the open. Make sure to stay on the left side of the street if you want to stay safe from sniper fire. You should see some rebels preparing to rush out in the open.... they're stupid. You're not! Get behind them in the alley they are in and go down it to about the middle. If you look to the second opening on your right side, there should be some boxes stacked in the alley there. Jump over them and go to the end of the alley, wall pressing the left wall before moving out into the small street. If you look out onto the main road (pull up your map and it's the big road on the left side on the map) then you should see two PMCs waiting. Take them out before the ATV shows up. It's best to use the Tranq Gun since you can hit them once and they'll fall over in a second or two. Once they're taken care of, the ATV should appear. Don't waste time staring at it though, and go onto the small street, heading right. Immedieately go into the first left you see and stay along the right wall of this alley. If you went down the right alley you should see a small pot at the end of the wall on the right side of the alley. As you leave the alley, you should see some pillars and some crates stacked on the first one. Go to the second pillar and wall press on it. Peak out on the left side and take out the two PMCs down the way. Again, the Tranq Gun works wonders here. Once you have disposed of them, then head down the street towards the PMCs you just took out, only you should see some windows on the building on your left. Go through the first one (the one without the shutters) and now it's time to put the sniper's out of the way... and get your hands on your very own rifle! First head up the stairs that you see as soon as you jump through the window on your left side. When you reach the second floor, go down the hallway to pickup a grenade. Proceed now to the third floor. Just as you get to the top of the stairs, wall press against the wall and use the camera to watch the open door in front of you. A PMC should walk into view staring out the door at your direction, but should soon turn to talk to his sniper buddy in the same room. Use the Tranq Gun to put him to sleep, and then move the camera a bit to the left to try and look at the sniper. He's crouched along the wall, looking out the window at the street you were on before going behind the rebels that were going to rush. He does reload his weapon, and when he does, he looks out the door at your location. First make sure that he's not reloading and crouch walk to the right side of the door and wall press against it. From this position, you can't shoot him, but you can watch him. Just watch him and wait for him to reload. He's random when he reloads, so you don't want to risk running past the door when he decides to do so. So wait for him to reload and when he goes back to shooting out the window, crouch walk to the left side of the door and wall press against it. You now have a clear shot at him. Shoot him in the head so you don't alert him, or use the Tranq Gun to put him to sleep. You now have your sniper rifle once you go collect it. From the bodies of the two fallen PMCs, if you look to your left there's a window. Go to it and stand up to see a second sniper laying down on the roof outside. Shoot him in the head to avoid alerting him. Now turn around and you should see two lockers. Open them both to pick up a free laser sight and a PSS. Now jump out the window towards the second sniper you just took out and follow the roof to get down to the street below. It's best that you drop down in front of the dumpster in the dead end. From this dumpster run out into the middle of the street, and then immedieately run back to the right side of the dumpster and wall press against it. You should hear some PMCs talking and then after a few seconds they will appear and go down the alley in front of you. There are two ways to take them out. The first is to peak out from behind the dumpster and take them out yourself. The second is kinda funny. Thanks to you clearing the building, your rebel buddies are now in it, and they will see them in the alley and start throwing petro bombs at them. They are not that accurate, but when they do hit, watch the PMCs stop, drop, and roll as they try to put themselves out to no avail. Either way, when they are out of the picture, collect their guns and watch out for the petro bombs that may be thrown in your direction. Now get back to the street that the two PMCs came down and go down it, staying on the left side of the street. You should see a blue van on your right and some crates in front of you. As soon as you reach the crates, crouch walk to the left inside the destroyed building and stay crouched down against the right wall of this building. If you get close enough to the windows, you should see two PMCs. Wait for them to start moving and turn to watch the opening that you just came in from. They should run past you. Once they run past you, collect the ration on the right side of this room and go out, taking a left back onto the street where the PMCs came from. Head down the street and head to the end of the street, sticking to the left side of the street. As you reach the end, turn the camera to look left so you can now see down the new street you will go down. You should see a dumpster on the left side, covering you as you come out, and some crates on the right side up ahead just before you make it to the main road. You should also see a PMC with his attention towards the rebels on the main road as well. Wall press against the crates and get a head shot on the PMC to take him out. Then leave the crates and stay along the right side of the buildings, using the car in front of you for cover. Once you get to the turn on the building, turn with the building and you should see a blue van so long as you stay on the right. Use the blue van for cover, and when you get to the back side of the blue van, stop and look to the left side of the road. You should see two stacks of crates with a small vent shaft to crawl through in between them. That's where you are going to go. Get there quickly, but stay in a crouch walk so as not to attract attention. crawl into the shaft and you will turn right inside. When you come out, you should be in an empty room. While you are in here, Otacon will chime in to say something about a PMC airstrike. Stay patient and just stay put at first. You should hear the helicopter on the right of the building and it will fire some missles at the area you are in. You should then see the rebels running around outside through the windows and the door in the room. You should see some rebels with RPGs running around too. Let them take out the helicopter for you, or at least scare it. Once you feel that you are safe, run out through the door with the shutter, and run to the opposite side of the area you just came out on. Try and pick up whatever weapons you can from the fallen rebels while you run to the building in front of you. Your target is the pillars in front of you. When you get here you should see a door that leads to the next area and to your destination. * Middle East: Advent Palace * - Alright... now that that's over, you can relax a bit since there's no real open areas to contend with anymore. Kind of a crazy ride so far right? Well you haven't seen anything yet! Now it's time to get your hands on some elite weaponry! This place marks what could be considered a mini-boss fight in my eyes. The enemy knows you're there, so there's no real alert raised.... the enemies you will fight are also far more advanced than anything you've fought before either. A team of female ninjas dubbed the Frog Soldiers... Liquid's elite fighting squad. But first, you have to deal with a few traps set by Johnny aka Akiba! ** It might be a good thing to save ** To start with, the first part of Advent Palace is fairly simple if you just follow what I say to getting past all the traps. There's no enemies to contend with, and this is a good time to pick up some items all over the place as well as disarming some claymores for future use. It's the second half of Advent Palace where you can go all out guns a blazing... and I know everyone has been waiting to do that since turning this game on! First before stepping out into the main square of the palace, turn to your immedieate left and you will see a staircase. You should see a body at the top of the staircase as well. Go up it to collect some Drebin points, ammo, and a ration. Continue up the stairs to the second floor and get the compress just to the left. With all of this in your posession, head back downstairs to where you first started. Now the inner square is what I call the green carpeted area where all the sofas and such are sitting. Don't go anywhere in the inner square just yet. Rather stay along the outside and as you come to the end of the square side, turn and follow the bar on your left. Just as a green couch comes into view against a pillar, you should see a claymore in front of it. Crawl over it to pick it up. Now you can collect the Playboy that's on the green couch in front of you. Get back on the outer part of the square behind the green couch. Turn to your right and you should see a sleep gas mine set in front of you. Crawl over it to collect it. From the sleep gas mine's location, turn to your right and you should see an AK on the table in front of you. Pick it up for some Drebin points and ammo. Now turn around and head up the stairs to the second floor... no more to collect on the first! As soon as you reach the second floor, go straight ahead rather than turning right. You should see a claymore in front of you guarding an item. Crawl over the claymore to collect it, and then pick up the Stun Grenade. Now go back to where you started and take that right. When the narrow hall way opens up, you should see a claymore to your right guarding a passage. Crawl over it to collect it. When you come into the next room from where the claymore was, you will see two doors in front of you. Take the left one to collect the Smoke Grenade. Head to the back of this bathroom and turn right to go through the hole in the wall. From this hole, turn to your left to go through another hole in the wall. In this hallway, if you look to your left, you should see some trip lasers coming through the wall. Don't bother with them for now... even Otacon will agree with me. Instead head to the right to gather the last of the items for this floor. Just as soon as you round the corner, you will see a door on your left. Before entering the door, go into crawl mode and proceed. There is a claymore just to the right of the door that you can collect this way. Once you collected the claymore, stand up and get the noodles in front of you. Then jump through the hole in the wall that's behind the noodles and head back to the stairs that got you here. Before heading up the stairs, you should be placing the camera behind Snake at all times. If do this while you're facing the stairs to go up, then you will see a sleep gas mine at the top of the stairs. Go about halfway up the stairs and then start crawling the rest of the way to collect the sleep gas mine. Now before going on to the third floor, you're going to go up the stairs to the fourth. Start crawling on the stairs immedieately before even getting on the stairs. There's a claymore on about the fifth or sixth step and very hard to see. Collect it and then run the rest of the way up to find the fourth floor blocked off, but to also find a noodles up here too. Once you've got this, head back down to the third floor. Take a right when going on the third floor and follow the path til you reach the end and can either turn left or go straight to the back room. Take a left and you should see a sleep gas mine at the end of the path. Crawl once you get somewhat close to it and collect it. From this sleep gas mine, turn to the left to see another sleep gas mine at the end of the path. Collect this sleep gas mine. Now turn around and head back towards the first sleep gas mine you collected. You should see a door to the left of where it was. Go through the door and you are now in a bar. There's a ration in the first booth on the left, and an ammo box behind the bar. Once you've collected them, head through the door behind the booths where you should be in a narrow passage with a bookcase on your left, and telephones on your right. Go to the end and go through the door on your right. You should see a claymore to your right between the tables. Crawl, once you get close enough, to collect it, and then pick up the iPod Music: Level 3 Warning that the claymore was guarding. Heading straight from here, you will see two doors in front of you. Go through the left one and follow the path to collect a ration. Head through the door on your right and make your way back out to where you started. Now head towards the spot where you picked up the second sleep gas mine earlier. There is a stairwell to the right of this spot. Take these stairs up to the fourth floor and when you get to the fourth floor, take a left and head down the path till you see a doorway. Crawl through the doorway and to the right of the doorway is a sleep gas mine. Collect it and then head behind the bar and through the doorway to trigger a cutscene. This cutscene is a bit of a long one! Now before you move on to offing every single Frog Soldier, I will tell you that you can unlock a small easter egg here if you take them out without killing them. In other words, you have to use just your Tranq Gun. That's right... try shooting these babes with a simple pistol... with a kind of slow rate of fire. It's not impossible, but I will say that it will test your skills of aiming and reaction if you can keep up with this gun. If you succeed, then you will unlock a Frog Soldier Doll that can be viewed on the Nomad during mission briefings. You'll know you did things right when you reach the garage of the Advent Palace and see the doll there. Alright... time to fight! There's no need to worry about what you do, so long as you kill, kill, kill! Or if you're a pacifist or trying to unlock the Frog Doll Easter Egg, then a gentle nap for the ladies is in order. Whatever way you want to play, just know that the only thing you need to worry about doing is making sure that the Rat Patrol members don't die and stay on the move. This can be done simply by moving on ahead to do the work yourself. If you move into positions that give you the most to work with while the Frogs shoot at the Rat Patrol, then you can easily pick off each Frog to watch the Rat Patrol keep moving forward. If you leave them, then they will stay put until you show up to trigger their movement again. Just do the work, and then play babysitter to them to keep them moving pretty much. You have to make your way down to the first floor to escape the Advent Palace through the garage. Don't worry about which path to take... just go where the Rat Patrol goes. This is a great time to collect some new weapons too! Not only that, you'll be raking the Drebin points the more Frogs you take out. They mainly drop P90s, which are worth 1500 Drebin points each! Given the fact that there's tons of Frogs to contend with, and you have a bounty of Drebin points to pick up. Not only that, but you can also pick up a new sniper rifle and pistol here too! The sniper rifle that you can pick is the DSR-1 during the ambush when you get to the second floor, and the Five-Eleven that I got from a Frog when Akiba gets knocked out and was shooting at him. At one point Akiba gets knocked out and it's up to you to wake him up. Just crouch near him and hold the Triangle Button to wake him up. This can be easy or hard depending on how well you take out the Frogs first. They do ambush you from all sides when you try to wake Akiba, so if you have to, just tap Akiba once and then check your surroundings before tapping him again, repeating the looking around afterwards, until he is awake. Once he wakes up, he will disarm the trip lasers you couldn't get through before. If you do a roll just as you reach the hole, you can land on the other side to pick up a free grenade launcher attachment, and some ammo. When you got it all, just drop down the hole and follow the Rat Patrol. You'll have one more quick battle with them when you reach the first floor before getting to make your escape, and watch some more cutscenes for your enjoyment. Congrats on your victory! And if you did manage to use the Tranq Gun for this fight and win, then even better... go get yourself a table dance from the neighborhood slut. Before leaving the garage, don't forget to collect the three P90s that were left from the dead Frogs, along with the Frog Soldier Doll if you earned it. The Frog Soldier Doll can be seen near a tire that's leaning against a wall near a doorway. * Middle East: Crescent Meridian * - Whew... that was some fighting huh? Well fun time's over... now it's time to get back to the sneaking around. Before you start, you may want to look at your Drebin points to see if you have enough for some modifications to your weapons. I easily got double what I had from the battle with the Frogs. Using modded weapons will easily make things a whole simpler on your part. If you choose not to mod your weapons for the sake of giving yourself a challenge then that's find too. Well you finally found Liquid's location, so it's on to finishing this thing! ** Wiseman say... Save Game ** To start things off go through the small destroyed section of wall to the left of where you started in the garage. From here, jump onto the crates and hop off of them on the other side. You should see a prompt come up that says you are now in the Crescent Meridian. Just follow the passage and you will come out to see some rebels shooting down the street. Follow them and the moment you get out just past the car to your left, a cutscene should trigger. Oh man... some big time back up for you! Don't tell me you didn't think that at first it was going to be a bad thing for you. You were starting to sweat! In any case back to the sneaking. I just want to point out that first, you will be staying on the right side of the street the entire time. The PMCs will be on the left side of the street for the most part. Just make sure you have a silenced weapon or your Tranq Gun available so you don't set off alerts left and right. Now onto the sneaking around! After the cutscene with the tank, run to the right side of the street you are on and you should see an opening to run into just past the concrete barracade. Go in here and follow it until you see a destroyed part of wall just to your right when you get ready to turn in this passage. Wall press against the left side of the destroyed wall and start picking off the PMCs that you can see. You should be able to get about four or five of them. Four will be on the ground, if you're fast enough to get them all, and one will be in the window above them. Pick them all off, or let them run ahead, but make sure that they're not in front of the opening or else they will spot you. When you are done, leave the wall and look to your right from your position. You should see a ladder against the dead end of this passage. There is a small vent that's a bit hard to see, but it's there next to the ladder on its right side. Go through here to pick up a ration and come out the other side to be greeted by two rebels. If they're not dead that is. Sometimes you can reach them before they get picked off, so if this is the case, stay out of the opening and wait for them to die. When this happens, wall press against the left side of the opening and start picking off the PMCs. Avenge your brothers in arms! You will someone fire a rocket at your tank from the window above the two PMCs that you can pick off on the ground. You tank will take a bruising but keep on cruising, so no worries about this. Just take a shot at the guy in the window and take him out before he can reload to fire at your tank again. If you wait for just a moment, then two more PMCs will come into view to try and hold the area in front of you. Take them out and then move on. When the area is clear in front of you of PMCs, head out the opening and stay against the right side of the street. As you turn right, your first cover point will be the dumpster that comes into sight. Some rebels may be using it for cover as well. Just wait for them to move up, and your tank should show up to the left of you. You can use this for cover when moving forward from the PMCs that should come in to view. Just stay on the right of the street, and you should come to a spot where there is some brick pillars in front of a hole in the street. Stay behind the pillars and pick off any PMCs that your tank may have missed from blowing the hell out of their positions. When you are ready, move up to the crates where some rebels are taken cover in front of you, stay down in a crouch walk. Walk forward just a bit from this position and turn right to go underneath a building. As you turn right, you should see a staircase in front of you. Go up the stairs and there will be a rebel sniper up there with you. He usually gets taken out, but if you're fast enough at taking out the PMCs from one of the windows, then he will be ok. Normally though, he will die. So take his position and start picking off the PMCs as they come along. If after shooting PMC after PMC and the tank doesn't move, then go down to the ground and crouch walk forward along the right side of the street. Just as you leave the building you were sniping from you should hear the tank begin to move. Now go back up to the sniping position and continue to pick off the PMCs as they come out. Your tank will be destroyed as it reaches the end of the street. Just keep picking off the PMCs that come out in waves until you hear the rebels screaming "We did it!" and cheering. You can now go down to the street and head past the tank, turning left on to the new street past the barricades to activate a new cutscene to watch. And this cutscene is a bit morbid! * Quick Update * I just went back through the Crescent Meridian scenario again, and found a very great weapon for you to add to your collection. The Javelin. First go through the scenario wiping out all the PMCs. Once you have won this fight (you will know you have once the rebels start cheering) then go back to the building where you had to take out that PMC who was firing rockets at your tank. There will be a blue van near the buidling, and behind it is an alley that you can go into. Just climb the ladder you see against the building in the alley and the Javelin is on the far side of the roof that you get on. Not too shabby huh? Now you can continue on to watch that creepy cutscene. * Middle East: Millenium Park * - Wow.... just wow. You have now met your bosses for this game! They damn well better be bosses and not just part of a unit of things that are like them is all I can say! In any case after the cutscene is over, you are now in Millenium Park, and at the final step to finding Liquid. This was a long a tough battle of sneaking around, but in the end it will pay off.... or will it? Time to continue forward into the mystery and intrigue that is the Metal Gear Universe! ** If you save, I'll give you a cookie! ** The final part of this Act... you made it! Before I let you loose to start sneaking around, I just want to point out that you can find a free Masterkey shotgun attachment for rifles in the camp area of Millenium Park. It is randomly dropped by downed PMCs. If you really want this free perk and you feel that sneaking around taking out PMCs isn't fast enough to find this, then just bring up an alert and find a corner to start picking off the PMCs that start rushing into the area. Do note however that doing this will put a stop to your No-Alert game if that's what you are trying to do. Ok... after picking up all the weapons the rebels drop after getting slaughtered for Drebin points, head towards the wrecked bulldozer, and get on it's left side. As you reach the front of it, peak out to see two PMCs off to the right of the road. Take them out and start crouch walking towards their bodies. Take cover behind the wrecked car behind the downed PMCs and a single PMC should walk out into view. Take him out and continue to crouch walk along the right side of the road. Just as you are coming around the turn heading right, you should see a PMC standing guard at the entrance to the camp. Take him from this position. Head now to the PMC you took out before this one and you should see a small dead end in between the camp wall and a building. There is a spot here that you can crawl under to get inside. Go through here and take a right towards the dead end of this hall. There's an iPod Music pick up (Theme of Solid Snake) here. Now turn around and head to the stairs. As soon as you get to the last step, turn around and go to the first flight of stairs and stay crouched down on them. A PMC should walk into view if you have the camera set up to see the top floor. Wait for him to turn his back to you and walk down the hall. Shoot him in the head to take him out. Take a left when you get to the top floor and follow the hall to find a hole in the ground. Fall through and turn around to get to the back side of the crates to find a Smoke Grenade and a door to go through. Go through and you should see a single locker to open on your right. Open it to get a free suppresor for your M4. Now wall press against the left side of the destroyed wall and move the camera to look towards the left side of the wall. You should see a PMC guard roaming around somewhere out there. Let your OctoCamo take effect with the floor, and then move to the right of the destroyed wall and move around a bit to get the guard's attention. He will come to investigate your spot, so move behind the lockers to the left side of the one locker that had the suppressor in it and wall press here to watch the guard. If you have a Playboy, set it up before you get his attention so that way he sees it and won't move so you can get a nice headshot off of him. If you don't then wait until he starts walking away to take him out. Once he is dealt with, you should see a PMC in the distance from where you are at. Leave him alone since he will raise the alarm unless you land a headshot on him. He's not worth the effort. Just go out the destroyed wall part and head to the left along the wall. You should see a hole in the wall behind some crates if you follow the wall. Go under here and as soon as you make it out to the other side, wall press against the crates to your right. Peak out to make sure that there are no roving sentries around. Crouch walk to the back side of the truck in front of you and peak out the side to make sure there are no sentries around. Follow along the wall of the building in front of you to get to the other side of it, watching for sentries and taking them out if necessary. On the other side of the building are stacks of wood. Get behind one of them to look to the right side of these stacks and you should see a guard tower. Take out the guard in the tower and follow along the fence on your left. Follow it to the guard tower and get around to the other side of it. More often than not, there will be a PMC guard that will show up on the other side of the wood stack that comes in to view. Take him out and make your way along the fence to the other side of the tent on your right. Go through the red door that you will see to your right and a long cutscene will kick in. Congrats! You have completed Act 1! ** Act 2: Solid Sun ** - So the plot thickens! After some lengthy cutscenes and codec conversations, you are now in the jungles of South America. And please... lets refrain from the hispanic jokes ok! Now that you have a deep understanding of the game, you can bet that the gloves are coming off, and that you will now have some real challenges to contend with. I can guarantee that you will be seeing some boss action now, along with some more intelligent PMCs. You're not afraid are you? I thought not... lets move on! There's quite a few new factors that I have noticed this time around that add to the already impressive challenge in front of you. Three big things as a matter of fact. The first is that this time around you will gain stress from staying out in the sun too long. I know that South America is a pretty hot place in real life, but I would think that the Middle East is balls hot compared to this place. In either case, the heat from this place will effect your stress. To combat this, find a nice shaded area to stay under and let your stress meter fall. You don't want your stress effecting your combat performance or your life now do you? Another thing that I have noticed is for those looking to do a No-Kill game. That Tranq Gun works wonders for this, but this time around, the enemies don't stay asleep for nearly half as long as they did back in the Middle East. So once you have taken care of an area of PMCs, putting them all to sleep, get you what need from the area quickly and move on. You don't want to have to contend with them again or risk them waking up to cause an alert. The last thing I noticed is that the PMCs are now going to do a good job of blending in with their surroundings. Often times I have missed a few PMCs and was caught by them. The biggest thing to look out for is the black ski mask that the PMCs wear. That is the biggest give away to their location and that they are a PMC. The rebels in this place do a very good job of blending in as well, though they wear green fatigues and often times hide in the tall grass, making them hard to see from time to time. You have to keep a watchful eye not to get trigger happy when you see movement coming from the grass. It could be one of your buddies! So for a quick checklist of what to watch for this time, adding on to what you learned so far: 1) Heat equals stress... stay in the shade when possible! 2) If using a Tranq Gun, be quick about leaving the area after knocking out the guards 3) Keep a very sharp eye out for friend and foe on this stage With that said, you should be good in South America. * South America: Core Valley Village * ** Dude... you should save! ** - You start off at the edge of a cliff looking down on the village. You should see 3 PMCs down below you. First shoot the one directly in front of you, then shoot the other two to the right of him. Two more PMCs should come in to view after dealing with the first PMC. Once you have completed taking all five of them out you should hear some of the rebels talking and getting ready to steal some of the weapons from the dropped PMCs. If you stay on the cliff edge, when the rebels get some weapons, you can attempt to start picking off the PMCs that will come out of the buildings. When you are content or have successfully taken out all the PMCs, move all the way to the left side of the cliff and go down the path to get behind the buildings that were in front of you. Stay in the shade of the buildings when you can, and if you know that there are still PMCs running around, every time you get close to the edge of one of the buildings, peak out to the side to see if you have a shot. If you watch the rebels and the direction they are shooting, this can tip you off to their location. Just follow along the back side of the buildings, until you have to take a left. Take this left and proceed along the back side of these buildings as well. Once you reach the last building, by now if you haven't taken out all the PMCs, then start looking for them or let the rebels take them out if they can. Once the area is safe, go around to the front of this last building and go inside to find an iPod Song (The Fury) to the left of the entrance. If you use your nightvision in here, you will be able to see an ammo box in the back. From this ammo box, turn to the left to see a small hole in the floor. Fall down it and crawl just to the side of this hole to pick up a free suppressor for your weapons. Get back into the building and leave the way you came. Turn to the left from the building and follow along the left path (you can see which one the left path is on your map in the pause menu. It is the more thin one.) ** Quick Update ** After playing through this area again I noticed that the rebels open a door for you on the buidling closest to them. You have to rescue the rebels first, so you have to be quick with your shots so that none of them are killed by any of the PMCs. Inside the building they open is a Twin Barrel shotgun, a Muna, a noodles, some various ammo, and a South America Rebel costume. The Muna is a small plant that when equipped will restore your Psyche gauge much faster. A very handy item. Also now being able to dress up like your fellow hispanic rebels and make Che Guevara proud is open to you too. The Twin Barrel shotgun reminds me of the shotgun of choice used by Antonio Banderas in the movies where he played El Mariachi. It's short and straight to the point! A fine addition to your gun collection. when you reach the left path, you should see a Smoke Grenade pick up on the cliff in front of you, along with hearing the rebels and the PMCs fighting. Just move to the right of this cliff while crouch walking and then stand when you see the turn of the cliff in front of you. You should see a PMC in front of you either looking for the rebels or if the rebels are dead, then he should see you, but only a glimpse of you. If he's looking for the rebels, then take him out where you stand. If he sees you then he will run towards your spot to investigate. Just back track a bit and hide where you have to to get a clear shot of where he will show up. Take him out and then move forward. Keep an eye on the cliffs above you for any PMCs roaming around. Keeping the rebels alive as best you can for as long as you can will cause the PMCs to give away their positions. Just keep moving forward towards a destroyed shed and as you do so, you should of encountered one PMC on the cliff in front of you. Take him out before making it to the destroyed shed. Now you have to find a way to make it up the cliffs. As you do so you should encounter two more PMCs. Just stay in a crouch walk the whole time you go up and keep scanning the cliffs everytime you take a step up. Eventually you will see them. If any rebels are alive, as I said before, they will give themselves away. They normally hang around the small shack at the top of the cliffs, so the closer you get to this shack, the more you should keep looking around for them. Usually after taking these two out, I have found one more PMC roaming around behind the shack. Take him out when you get the opportunity to do so. Once you have taken all of the PMCs out on the cliffs, if there are any rebels still alive, they will cheer about their victory. This is your time to make it to the top of the cliffs and take the path from there to continue on. When you start to head down the path, a codec conversation should kick in. Intrigue abound! But forget about that, time to move forward. There's an interesting event happening in front of you! Rather than the rebels starting a fight with the PMCs scattered around in the rocks, the rebels are sneaking by them instead. This can present a wide variety of opportunities to you. You can follow the rebels past the PMCs if you want. If you're in good with the PMCs then they will let you stick with them. If not, then use the rebel costume if you got it to make them think you're on their side. You can sneak to the other side of the rebels and start a commotion so that the PMCs start fighting with the rebels and you sneak by them all while they fight. Or if you're the guns blazing kind of guy, you can just start picking off the PMCs as they come out from behind the rocks. I find that the best way is to follow the rebels. It's efficient and keeps the stealth action going. This is one part where it's all up to how you want to handle it. It's pretty simple to sneak by while they're fighting and if you aren't playing a No-Alert No-Kill game, then having fun with the various spots to hide behind to fight with the PMCs will give you a nice challenge. Whatever way you decide to go, when you get past the PMCs, as you go down the path in front of you, just as you reach the turn in the path, you should now be in the Power Station section. * South America: Power Station * - As you come into this secion, a mysterious codec conversation should kick in warning you about what's up ahead. Time to be extremely careful! ** Saving is a good thing! ** This next section holds its own unique way of how you progress. The power station that is in front of you can be disabled, thus wavering the war between the rebels and the PMCs in a certain direction. It's up to you to decide what you want to do though. I will say this though... if you destroy the power station, you will have a much easier time and get the opportunity to search around for some special items and weapons. Basically it's like this... If you destroy the power station, you will get the rebel presence in full swing in this area and the PMCs would have pulled back, thus giving you the full opportunity to run around at your leisure. If you don't destroy the power station, or let the rebels do that job for you, then the rebels will be wiped out and the PMC presence is almost doubled what it was before. Best thing to do is take out that power station. Oh yeah... one more thing. You have to do it before you move on to the cutscene that lies ahead. Once that cutscene is over, you will see the effects of whether you destroyed the power station or not. Time to move on to me explaining your route now... First off just as you round the bend to the right, you will see four rebels in front of you. Put them to sleep (I repeat that... PUT THEM TO SLEEP!!!!) and take their weapons from them. All of them would have died anyway, and this is a way to somewhat stay on the good side of the rebels without killing any of them, along with picking up two new guns if you haven't picked them up already. The two guns are the PKM and the G3A3. From the position of the four rebels, head to the left and you should see a small shaded area in front of you that you have to crawl to get under. Go here and then turn to your right to see a thin tree. Look to the right of this tree and look up the side of the cliff to a small grassy area. This is where the two snipers are. If you are going for no kills, then the Mosin-Nagant is perfect for taking them out. Otherwise just use any other kind of scoped weapon and take them both out. Once this is done, head back to where you put the four rebels to sleep and this time go to the right. You should see a spot where you can start stepping up along the cliff to go around the backway of where the snipers are. When you get to the top you will see a part where you have to do a roll to get across to another platform. Do this and then roll again to get to the other platform in front of this one. When you reach the third platform, you will see a PMC walking with his back turned from you. Take him out and then do a roll to the left of the platform you are on to reach the other side. As you move forward here, just after a few steps you should see a PMC standing off to the right. Take him out and then wait for another PMC to come into view to check on him. Hide in the tall grass in front of you and take him out from here. Now move over to where the two are (either asleep or dead, however you're playing it) and move to the right of them, getting against the nearby bank, and staying in a crouch walk too. Turn to your right and you should see a PMC standing just off in the distance a bit. Take him out and then move forward a bit to see a pathway that goes to the right. As you go around this path, you will see a perfect sniping position come into view of the power station. There is also a mortar placement here as well. If you're planning a no-kill game, then bust out the Mosin-Nagant and start picking off the PMCs. If you don't care, then the mortar placement is all yours. Some times you can take care of all the PMCs just by sniping, but sometimes the PMCs will stay stuck in the back of the power station. First concentrate on taking out as many PMCs from this vantage point before deciding to move. If the rebels are still shooting at something on the ground, then follow along the right side of your position to find a ramp way down from there. Proceed to taking cover in the tall grass in the shade in front of you as you come off this ramp way and resume picking off the remaining PMCs. Once all the PMCs are dealt with, a rebel will run into the power station and destroy the control panel inside. If you want to speed things along, try sneaking into the power station and destroying it yourself. This is a bit harder since you may be seen by a PMC, and if you're going for a No-Alert game, that's not what you want to do. Once the power station is disabled or if you want an extra challenge by having double the PMCs around, then head to the back of the power station and make your way to the far Stryker vehicle to start up a rather lengthy cutscene. You will know when you have won the battle for the rebels and eliminated the PMCs around when they start cheering. During this battle if you want to collect some more weapons, you can find a M60E4 and a MP7 on the PMCs. If you want to be a dick and take a great weapon for free from one of the rebels, look to the right of the position that you will be sniping from. In the shady tall grass is a rebel with a brand new M72A3 rocket launcher for you. Just be kind and put him to sleep and then take his weapon. After a pretty long cutscene, while a bit humorous and adding more intrigue to the plot, if you helped out the rebels and disabled the power station, it's now time to go back and start collecting a few items before moving on. If you didn't, then sadly you're on your own when trying to make it to the next section. Due to the fact that it helps out the stealthiness of your game by taking out the power station, I always do that and don't even bother to worry about dealing with double PMCs. So go ahead and skip the ahead the next paragraph and good luck sneaking around or going guns blazing on the PMCs. ** It's that time again... Save time! ** First turn around and head through the right entrance to get back to the power station. There should be a fuel truck in front of you as you go through the entrance. Go to the left side of this truck and you should see an electrical wire spool. On the other side of this spool there is a vent shaft that lets you go under the power station. You can find a Regain, Playboy, and compress under here if you follow the path it gives you. It's pretty dark under here so use your night vision to get around. When you come out you should be in front of the power station. From here go back into the power station and collect the C4 and ration located inside. They're both located under the desk near the back entrance. Pause the game now and look at your location. See how the building your in looks like a backwards L? Well go around to the bottom side of this L and you will find an exit that leads out to the power cables section of the station. There is a ladder to getting up to the top of the platform here on the far side of the beams. Climb to the top and then look to your left to see a platform connected to your platform by wires. Jump off the side near one of the wires and move across till you reach the platform. On the platform you will find a rifle scope and some ammo. Drop down and underneath the platform on the concrete slab is an FIM-92A rocket launcher. You're starting to become a walking one man army with all this kind of arsenal! Turn around towards the platform that you first got on to get here and you should see some crates stacked up against the wall. There's some ammo on them. Also amongst the crates is a PSS and a noodles. Once you have all of them use the crates to jump the wall to get back where you were. Now head back to the spot where you were talking with Drebin. If you look down the road to area you haven't checked out yet, you should see a road to the right that curves. Follow this road to enter the Confinement Facility. * South America: Confinement Facility * - Once you head into this area, you're immediately thrown into another codec conversation. The plot thickens even more!!! By now a few questions may be running through your head about the story and trying to piece together what you already know from previous games. All will be revealed in due time as you progress down the game. For now, just worry about what's in front of you. ** Saving might help! ** Ok... I just want to start off by saying that this next area is big... and I mean big big! There's alot to do and see here and a few new items for you to collect. Don't let the expansiveness of this area get to you though... you will do fine. First you are going to stay to the right, staying against the bank to the right of you. You should see a tree on your right come into view to offer you some shade from the heat, and a Playboy in the shade as well. From here, pull out your sniper rifle and turn to your right to face the small islands and everything else. Start by picking off the PMC that will be in front of you just by the water. As you do so, you should hear some of the rebels talking as they see you. They will pass you by and begin fighting with the PMCs. Stay put for a few moments, as sometimes another PMC will run up to check on the body of the PMC that you took out (especially if you put him to sleep). Take this guy out and then move up to the bodies of the PMCs. From here you can now take another sniping vantage point on the road ahead. Watch out though, because a helicopter will come in now if it already hasn't. Take out your FIM-92A and take it out with just one shot if you're good at aiming with it. Once that is taken care of, resume sniping the PMCs til you feel you have done your fair share. The rebels should move up and start drawing the attention of any PMC you may have missed anyway. Head straight and fall in the water in front of you. If you are in the correct spot, there will be a rebel's body floating in the water. Head to the right and follow the stream around the island in front of you. As you head around, be on the look out for any PMCs that may spot you. Don't draw attention to yourself by shooting at them if they are fighting with the rebels. Just keep moving because this is not a good place for you to be to take on the PMCs. When you make the turn to the left in the stream, you will see some small rocks on your left against the island. Behind these rocks is a way for you to get on the island and collect the iPod Tune (Rock Me Baby). From the landing where you got on this island, go back the same way into the water. Directly in front of you from this landing, you should see a vent to go in to. Go in the vent and turn on your night vision to see what's ahead of you in here. Go to the end and you will be at a small base. From the end of the vent hole where you can now stand up, look to your left and you will see a rock to take cover behind. Take cover here and take out the two PMCs that come into view. Sometimes the random mortar rounds will do this for you, but don't leave things to chance if you have to. Once the two PMCs are down, make your forward from the rock just slightly, and look up to the right before going past the edge of the wall to your right. You should see a PMC in the tower. Take him out and then wall press against the wall and peak out to see if anyone is around. Sometimes a PMC will come through the door that you will see in front of you when you peak out. If no one is around, then go to the right of the crates you see in front of the door and you will see a small hole in the wall beside the crates. Go inside through here and collect the Chaff Grenade, noodles, and compress in the room you go into. Once you have everything, go out through the doorway at the top of the room and turn left. Go down to the end where there is a door on your right. When you enter this room, you will see a window on the right side. Crouch walk behind the nearest table and you should see a PMC just outside. Take him out with a headshot and collect the noodles on the table. Turn around from this part and head out the doorway at the bottom of this room. From this doorway, take a left and head down the hallway till you see a door on your left. Go through this door slowly, and crouch walking. When you go in the room, an explosion will destroy the window on the right side of the room. At this point, two PMCs will walk to the window and peak into the room. Lay down between the two beds to the right of the destroyed window and wait for the PMCs to move away. When they are gone, collect the Playboy and the iPod Tune (Metal Gear 20 Years History Part 3) in both the top left and bottom right corners of the room on the beds. With that done head all the way back to the room where you found the Chaff Grenade. From the doorway that leads back to the hallway, take a left towards that room you shot the PMC through the window. This time though, rather than going through that door (which will be the door on your right) go through the door on your left and you should be in a computer room. First before heading out the door to go back outside, check the window and move the camera around to survey the outside as best you can. Make sure you don't see any PMCs roaming around. If you do, take them out the best you can if you have a shot from the window. If not then poke out from the door and take them out. When all is clear, go through the door and head to the right. Go around the building and you will see an opening in the concrete wall to your left. Go through here and you will see stacks of wood all over. Watch out for stray PMCs running around. Move to the left side of the stacks and follow along the wall. You should turn left and see a big crate against the wall. If you don't see any one then move forward, and stay close to the wall. The closer you get to the wall, the more cautious you should be. There will be from time to time a PMC here in just a short sleeve grey shirt. This guy is carrying a new weapon to add to your collection. If you don't see him, then follow along the wall some and you should see him running around near the road fighting with the rebels. Take him out and get the XM320 Grenade Launcher. Normally though, the moment you go around the crate, you will see him. There is an opening near the guard tower from this side of the base. Go through here and then turn to your left to see a small hole in the wall to crawl through. Go through here and then go to the right and follow along the wall to find a way inside. Go inside here to find alot of much needed ammo and a M870 Custom Shotgun. Once you have it all, go back the way you came towards where you found the guy that held the XM320. If you look down towards the road from him you will see fork in the path. Take the right path to stay out of sight from any PMCs fighting with the rebels. Get to the road and follow it to the right till you see a barrel on your left side. When you approach the barrel, crouch walk to it. You should hear a PMC say that he thought he saw something. Go back a small ways from the way you came and turn towards the barrel. Go into the prone position and be ready to pick off the PMC once he shows himself. Once he's taken care of, go back and climb the steps you see to your left of the barrel. Take a right once you reach the top and go all the way till you reach the edge of the path. Pull out your sniper rifle and look around for any patrolling PMCs. If you see any, take them out. Stay along the top with your sniper rifle and move slowly foward with the crouch walk. Take the time to stop a few times to survey your surroundings with the sniper rifle, and taking out any PMCs that may come into view. For the most part, you should at least see two PMCs. The first will normally bring the second one out to investigate the body (whether dead or asleep... if asleep then it's more of a given). Just stay along the water beds and red rock, making your way through to the end where you will find a path above the road. You will know you are on this path by the wooden gate that is along the right edge of the path. Go all the way down until you see a small tree come into view. You should see a PMC down the way from you beside the Stryker vehicles. Take him out with a sleep weapon and then turn your gaze to the small guard tower to the left of him and take out the PMC in there as well with the sleep weapon. A roaming PMC should come around and see one of them. Take him out as he comes into view. Once you have all three of them down, move behind the wood stacks to your left. When you get all the way to the left side of the stacks, wall press against them and peak out to see a roaming PMC. Take him out and then move towards his body to pick up his weapon. Go around the left, staying outside of the buildings. Just follow along the buildings until you make your way around the confinement area to where the guard tower is, along with the three bodies (either asleep or dead). From here move into the building with the destroyed wall to your right and take out the PMC guarding the rebels from the window in front of you. Once you have rescued the rebels, go inside their building to pick up a Playboy. Can't have too many of these right? Now you can go back inside the L shaped building (look on your map in the pause menu to see which one I'm talking about) and go to the room with the big hole in the center of it. A VSS Sniper Rifle is in this room. Take it to add another weapon to your growing arsenal. With this taken, head back out to the spot with the guard tower, and facing towards the spot where you sniped the three PMCs from, look to your left to see a small route to take. This is your exit out of here! Take it to head to the Vista Mansion. * South America: Vista Mansion * - That place took waaaaay too long right? Told it was a huge area. There are many ways to cutting that last area short, but I will go into detail about that when I start putting up speed run routes for you. For now lets focus on just getting through the game and learning more about the story! ** My mama said saving was the right thing to do ** Alright... you start off on a ledge overlooking the PMCs. Perfect for picking off heads right? Well you won't be doing all the work. All you have to worry about is taking out the PMCs that may spot you crouch walking along the ledge. They would be the ones closest to the ledge. The attacking rebels for the most part though do a good job of keeping the PMCs attention away from you. Just follow along the ledge until a cutscene appears showing the rebels bringing out a bulldozer. Protect this bulldozer! Once the bulldozer goes through the mansion walls, then you can head back to the Confinement Area without any worry if you missed any items I specified up top. This basically means that the rebels have taken over the Confinement Area, so no worries about any back attacks. First step just out into view in the broken gate and start picking off the snipers on the roof with your sniper rifle. Once that is done, make your way inside and to the right. You should see some tents on the right side of the compound. Use these tents for cover. Go all the way around the backside of these tents until you have made your way to the far back side of the compound. Yep, you're sneaking inside the back way! When you reach the backside, you may run into some rebels here. Just let them keep doing what they're doing and use them as the distraction you need to sneak in. You should see a set of stairs near these rebels. Go up them and when you get to the top of the stairs, peak your head out to the side and then start picking off the PMCs that you can see. Once you feel confident enough that you can get by without being seen, keep along the wall to your right and make your way into a garden with a hedge maze. Look to the left of these hedges and you will see a window with a Stun Grenade beside it. Get the Stun Grenade, and then do a roll through the window to get inside. Head to the right and follow the hall to the next room. Once here go to the right side of the room and head towards the room with the stairs. Wall press against the right wall and look up at the top of the stairs. You should see two PMCs come downstairs. Make your way back to where you first came into this room and hide behind the desk, and pick off the PMCs as they get to the bottom. If you want to, you can also just wait out of sight until they move on through a nearby door. When they are out of the way, head upstairs and then go to the bedroom down the left hallway. Once in the bedroom, make your way to the far side of the room to find a door that will lead you out to the roof. Make sure there are no PMCs around on the roof as you walk out. Once on the roof, turn to the left and head that way till you see an open hole to drop in through. Head down the stairs and when at the bottom, pick up the noodles to your left. Follow the hallway till you see a storeroom on your right. Go in to collect various ammo, grenades, and a compress and ration. When you have everything get out and move on down the hallway. At the end is a ladder that leads to the Research Lab. ** Quick Update ** After playing through this part again, I found another iPod Tune. This time it's the iPod Tune (Sailor) from Metal Gear Solid 3. To find it, go along the tents like you normally would. Just as you reach the area where you are going to go up the stairs, turn around and look for the long crates near the opposite wall. You have to wall press against the wall to make your way behind the crates to pick up the music. With this now yours, you can move on with the area. * South America: Research Lab * - Not too much of a hassle on that last part right? Well now the plot thickens! As soon as you start up in this area, you are thrown right into cutscenes. Sit back and watch the drama unfold. ** Even the game asks you to save, so lets be nice and do so ** Ok... things just hit the fan for you. Surrounded by enemies and you have Laughing Octopus in the area. Well first thing's first, you have to deal with the Frogs. You can run around like I do and purposely get caught for awhile to rack up on P90s to sell back to Drebin for points. Hey they're worth a pretty penny and like the first time you fought them, the Drebin Points will rack up. When you have enough or you just want to get on with things, then you have to get your Caution Meter down to zero. This isn't the easiest thing since you are in such a small space, but it can be done. On that note I can't really give you a clear cut path to take to hiding. Just find a corner, let your OctoCamo kick in, and then hold it off by not letting any Frogs see you. ** Quick Update ** There is an end to the Frogs! Just keep killing or defeating them till there is no one left and the Caution Meter goes away immedieately. You know when you have won because you will hear Laughing Octopus scream Snake's name. A small cutscene will kick in just after this. Now before we get down to the ass kicking, I'm going to point out that you can earn a special item from Laughing Octopus. It's the Laughing Octopus Doll, just like the Frog Soldier Doll. You have to defeat Laughing Octopus with purely non-lethal weapons. That means if you have been doing everything that I have told you so far in the guide, then your weapons are pretty damn stacked for this fight. You should have a full set of non-lethal weapons as well. The main three non-lethal weapons should be as follows: The Mk II Pistol (The Tranq Gun) A Shotgun with V-Ring ammo (V-Ring ammo can be bought from Drebin once you obtain the Twin Barrel) Stun Grenades (Should have more than plenty from picking them up all over the place, or shaking down fallen PMCs. If not, quickly buy some from Drebin) By now you should have at least two Shotguns, the Twin Barrel and the M870 Custom. I prefer the Twin Barrel since it's got a hell of a lot more kick to it than the M870, but since you have to reload it so often (after every shot to be exact) then it's really a matter of preference here. Either you go for pure power, or you go for substance in the fact that you can get some shots off before having to reload. Whatever you decide, know that your shotty is going to be you main weapon here. Laughing Octopus is a bitch and a half since she can smack away the Mk II's tranq darts before they hit her. That's not to say that you can't hit her at all with this weapon, but it really should be used if you're sneaky, or can hit her when she isn't looking. So with the shotgun and Stuns in hand, you should be good to go. If you don't care about wasting her life and killing her, then by all means use the massive amount of guns you should have in your inventory to kill her. Machine guns and shotguns work perfectly. Just don't let her get the best of you and you should have her seeing red in no time. Ok... first off she's carrying an automatic, so don't stand in front of her long enough to get a clear shot. She can really let loose on the outer rim of the stage, so if you have to jump out at her when she's out there, try to get as close as possible so you can hit her before she gets a chance to start shooting. If you get close enough to her, she will start to attack with her tentacles. Normally you won't see this often enough unless you waste time when you are close to her. So get in, take the shot, and move out of the way. Now when she does get knocked down, she lets out a thick black cloud of smoke so she can make her escape. When you see her use this, move away quickly. If you're anywhere near the spot where she let the cloud loose, she likes to leave a homing missle present there for you. So if you knock her down, just know that this is coming up next. Once you have knocked up to at least half of her life, then she will start using her tentacles for long range attacks in order to electrocute you. Don't make yourself an obvious target by moving around and staying out of sight and she won't find an opportunity to use this attack on you. Finally her most vicious attack is the one where she balls herself up and sends herself flying at you like a pinball. She starts using this when she's close to KO or death. The easiest way to avoid this is by running up onto a bed in one of the middle rooms. Once you see her health or psyche bar reaching the end, start staying put near a bed since she will try to hit you with this when she can, and you don't really have much time to get out of the way. When she runs from you, she will sometimes use her camo to blend in with the walls around you. Just use your night vision to seek her out and show her that you're not that gullible. Not only that but she does have some little tricks in hand to blending in even better. Your night vision is going to be your saving grace in just about all of these. She will sometimes change herself into one of the boxes in the middle room. With night vision on though you can see her tentacles. She will sometimes turn into the human body mannequin to really fool you. With night vision on, she will glow white, unlike the real mannequin which doesn't show up at all. Sometimes she will try to really get the best of you by turning into one of the fallen Frog Soldiers. If you haven't been killing them off, then this will pose as a problem since you have alot of unconscious bodies all over the place. If you use your regular Solid Eye though, you can look at the read outs and if they match her health and psyche bar, shoot her! Two funny illusions that she will use is turning herself into the Metal Gear Mk II and Naomi. Well first off the Metal Gear she turns herself into is far too big to be the real deal, so shoot her when you can see her, just don't follow her too close. Now when she turns into Naomi, as you know Naomi was taken away. So don't fall for this cheap trick and just blast her ass when she tries to use it on you. She does have weakpoints, most notably her head. If you can get a clear shot at her head, then she will take a big blow to her life or psyche bar. Once you've either killed or defeated her, then she will emit that black smoke once again and a cutscene will kick in. ** The Laughing Octopus Doll ** If you have defeated Laughing Octopus with nothing but non-lethal weapons (that is if you just used the three I told you to use at the beginning of this section...) then you will have just a brief moment to collect doll once she becomes Laughing Beauty. The doll is located in the top right room in the bottom left corner of that room. Grab it before you finish off Laughing Beauty, or before the "spirit world" sequence kicks in. This is your only chance for it, so don't miss it! Laughing Beauty is pretty damn quick and can dodge fairly easily. No worries here about weapons though, but she still fights back by trying to grab you. Shotguns and grenades are very effective here unless you have some dead eye accuracy with your other weapons. She does go down quite easily so long as you can land a hit. Again, a shotgun is the best to use. If after three minutes if you don't defeat or kill her and likewise she does not do the same to you, you are taken to a "spirit world" of sorts. This is when you have your last chance to do the deed yourself. If after three more minutes you can't finish her off, then the game kills her. So if you just want to have some fun or get a little kinky with her before she dies, then you can just hide from her and listen to her, you can lay on the bed face up before you enter the spirit world to let her cuddle with you, when in the spirit world you can use your camera against her to make her stop and do poses so you can take pictures, or you can play the iPod song Oishi Chuhan Seikatsu and she will dance her few moments of life away. There are two different endings that can come of this. This depends on if you kill her or defeat her. To kill her, just let time run out on her or use lethal weapons and drain her life bar away. If you use purely non-lethal weapons though (much like the ones you use if you earned the Laughing Octopus Doll) then you will defeat her. Defeat means that she loses the fight but is still alive. Just something to think about if you play through this fight again in the future. Once the fight is over, you get to watch some cutscenes and codec conversations. Not only that, but you earn the FaceCamo and the Laughing Beauty FaceCamo. Not too shabby don't you think? But enough of that... we still have to rescue Naomi!!! You didn't forget her did you? * South America: Mountain Trail * - So now you're suppose to use tracking skills to hunt down Naomi's trail... go figure. It's like they can't just make it easy, oh no... you have to now use your senses! In any case, this next part can be as easy or as tough as you want to make it. In any case, should you screw up, then you'll be spotted by a Frog Soldier among other things. But have no fear... for I am here to help you through! So bust out the sniper rifle and silenced weapons, because we're going on a Frog hunt! ** Seriously... your first boss fight and you won. Save the game! ** Ok... first just go down the trail until Otacon chimes in to tell you that the trail branches off. First take the right trail and slowly go down the grass. Once you reach the end of the grass, look to your left to see a PMC taking a piss. Quite funny if you ask me. Get a free headshot on him and take his gun. Head back to where you were and take the left path this time. Now the left path takes you over a bridge. At the end of the bridge is a patroling PMC. Before even going near the bridge, bust out a sniper rifle and take him out. Once he's down, go over the bridge to the other side. Now you have three choices to make. The right path is a deadend with a few items and a booby trap there. The middle path takes you the long way to your objective, but you can grab some items such as a PSS. Bad thing is is that you will have to deal with three PMCs in the area. The right path is the short and simple path, with nothing but a distracted sniper in the way. If you are doing a speed run, then the right path is for you. If you want to collect a few items, then take the other paths and deal with the traps or PMCs that come into view. It's not too tough really if you pick them off from a distance. But in this guide, we will take the right path to keep things moving. Just as you take the turn from the right path, go into the prone and pull out your sniper rifle. You should see the sniper on the cliff just in front of you. He's busy looking in another direction to see you properly. Just get a headshot and move on. Now you have more paths to choose from. Really one of the paths is the long way to getting back to where you just came from. It will take you down the middle path I talked about earlier. The path you want to take is the path closest to the sniper you just took out. This is the shortest path to moving forward. The other path leads to more PMCs and a few items they're guarding. If you're low on items, then go for it, otherwise move down the path closest to the fallen sniper and move on. Once you reach the end of this path, get under the shade of the tree in front of you and look to your right. You should see a PMC kneeling down looking almost directly at you. If you're camo-ed up then you should not be that obvious to him. Take him out with a head shot and move on past him, just behind him to reach the river, and the halfway point of this. * South America: Mountain Trail Riverside * - Not really a new section, but this halfway mark gives you the chance to do one simple thing if you want to.... Save! ** Look to the skies! The aliens say save! ** Cross the river and take the left path since there will be no PMCs or nothing this way. The right path will take you into a direct line with the Frog Soldiers. Just as you come to the end of the path, turn to your right and you will see one of the Frogs crouching in some tall grass. Take her out and then move forward. You will now be presented with three paths to take, left middle and right. You can see what I mean by pressing the start button and viewing your map. Take the middle path. It's very narrow, and as you get close to it, you will hear a woman's slight scream. At the end of the path, look to your left to see a Frog in the tall grass. Take her out and move forward. Go around the bend and as soon as you reach the broken stump, hit the start button. As you can see there's three more paths to choose from at end of the clearing, but first thing's first. You have to get past the PMC and claymore in the clearing. Get right beside the right side of the broken stump you are at, and look at the broken tree stump to the right in the clearing. You should see the PMC's movement in the tall grass. Take him out and then move up to collect the claymore that's directly in front of where the PMC is standing. It's very obvious, so low crawl over it to collect it. Now from the start menu from the first broken stump (the one where I told you to hit start to begin with) press start to view the paths to take. You will first take the left path. This path leads to an easter egg. In the dead end you can pick up a ration and noodles, but what will definitely catch your attention is the hand plate in the center. If you look closely, the hands have the signatures of the development team for MGS4, along with Hideo Kojima himself. If you lay down on the hand plate, you can collect the rare OctoCamo pattern, Hand Camo. It's more of a joke camo than an actual legitimate camo for sneaking, but it's cool none the less. Register the camo so you can save it and keep it. Head back to the clearing and now take the right path this time (from the pause menu from earlier). This should kick in a codec conversation with Raiden when you get close to the path. Go down the path, and as you reach the end, hit the start button to bring up your map. As you can see you're at another clearing where there are three paths to take. Take the left path of your location to get to the end of this section. Follow the left path and as you reach the end where you can see the clearing, look to your right from the tall grass and be ready for a patroling PMC. Normally he will see you, but just from a distance where he can't cause an alert. Get a quick headshot and then move past the PMC to continue down the path. Taking the right path, get your gun ready as you view the small clearing in front of you for another PMC patrol. Take him out as he comes into view and then head down the first right path to find the exit from this section and to move on to the final part of South America. You may encounter a PMC close to the exit but sometimes he's not there. Just be ready for him as you get close to the mine shaft entrance. * South America: Marketplace * - Man that was a pretty bad ass cutscene that just kicked in! Now I'm going to setup this next part into varying parts. You don't just start off in the Marketplace, though that's where you will end up to finish this Act off. Before you make it there though, you have a lengthy but thrilling car chase/ defense part to do. This is a rush to play! ** Cool kids save the game ** First off I want to point out something. Yes I have referenced that you can kill with this walkthrough that I am writing... that's your own personal preference. If you're going for a no-kill game for the rewards, then this next part may give you some level of added difficulty. Because you can use infinite ammo thanks to Drebin here, you don't have to worry about which weapon to use... just whore any one that you want. But if you're going for a no-kill then your options are limited. Against the PMCs you should only use a V-Ring ammo Shotgun and Chaff Grenades. This will keep the PMCs off your butt and keep them alive. Against the Gekkos that show up, you can use anything you like since they're not "alive". No-kill basically means you don't kill any human enemies. So when you face a vehicle or Gekko or Metal Gear, then open a can of whup ass on it. With that said, lets get this party started! ** Quick Update ** If you're going for non-lethal means to getting rid of the PMCs, then put away your Mk II pistol (aka the Tranq Gun) and use solely a V-Ring ammo Shotgun. Because of their "zombie" status now, the tranquilizer darts have no effect on the PMCs. Bad for you since I know I use the hell out of the Mk II for No- Kill games. Part 1: Vista Mansion Fun times begin with a zombie outbreak! No I kid... but they move around like they are zombies. The PMCs are definitely tripping on something, but no time to ask them for a hit of whatever it is! Here you should equip your V-Ring Shotgun and start blasting away the PMCs as they start to climb up the sides of the Stryker. Your objective here is to just survive until Drebin finally moves the Stryker to the next section. CQC and V-Ring is your main source of offense here if you're going for no-kill. If you're not, then mount the turret and take out the powersuit soldiers first and then equip whatever you want to kill off the PMCs as they climb up the side of the Stryker. A shotgun works wonders since you'll spend alot of time being upclose with the PMCs in this area, so V-Ring or lethal, make the most of your shotty and the fact that you have infinite ammo with it for this part! Chaff Grenades will disable the powersuit soldiers so use that if you want to go for non-lethal means of dealing with the enemies. Once Drebin gets his act together, you'll move on to the next part, so just hold off the PMCs until then. Part 2: Confinement Area Now the Gekkos come! If you're going for a non-lethal game, then you're going to have to aim alot with your weapons. The reason for this is because the best ways to taking out the Gekkos is either with a rocket launcher, or with the turret. I prefer the turret. You can aim it much better and not worry about killing PMCs in the blast if you're going for a no-kill run. Aim at the legs to drop it or go for its "head" to destroy it. Using Chaff Grenades will disorient the Gekkos and give you more opportunities to get a better shot on them. Now the PMCs in the area will still try to climb the Stryker and get to you. You will have to leave the turret from time to time to get a look around to make sure that no PMCs are climbing up or already up on top of the Stryker. Use whatever means necessary to get them off of the Stryker. Non- lethal means back to the V-Ring shotty, while if you don't care about killing, then you can use the turret to keep them at bay if you're good enough to scan the area with it. Once you hold off the Gekkos and the PMCs long enough, then Drebin will move on to the next area. Part 3: Power Station This next part is easier than you may think. Ignore the tank that you see in the cutscene and focus on solely destroying the gates with the turret. Keep an eye out for PMCs so that you don't accidentally shoot them when they appear if you're going for a no-kill run. Other than that, it's a pretty straight forward part to breeze through. Just keep an eye out for any PMCs that may jump aboard the Stryker as you progress through. Part 4: Woodlands Highway Should you have any PMCs hanging on from the last part, get rid of them quickly since you have no worries about PMCs in this part. Jump onto that turret and get ready to mow down the Gekkos! Shoot the head of each one to drop it like a bad habit quickly. Just don't let them get close enough to the Stryker to start damaging it, or so that they can jump over it, thus giving you trouble from the front and back. It's a relatively simple part compared to the other parts where you had to fight off the enemies, so just stick to it and destroy everything in sight. After some death defying chases and too close encounters with the Gekkos (all the while racking up some Drebin points for destroying them!) you will make your way to the Marketplace. Part 5: Marketplace ** Let the heart settle and save that game! ** That's my boy!!! Raiden is such a freaking badass! I really don't know why people didn't like him from MGS2. In any case, after a sweet cutscene, it's time to end this Act once and for all. You'll be dealing with the Gekkos here, and you don't have a fancy sword to cut them all down with. The bad part here is that you can't find a straight path to getting away from them. This is one section that I have played over and over and they just keep showing up in the most random of places or move around too erractically to actually get a set pattern down. The best advice I can give you here is to run like hell and keep an eye out for the Gekkos. If you have Chaff Grenades, then they will come in handy. If you're going for a no-kill run, then you can't use rocket launchers because you may get a civilian in the blast unless you've got an extremely clear shot. So for the most part you will be running like a little pansy man to the end. You don't have to worry about alerts in this part when a Gekko sees you. They already know you're in the area so why bother bringing up an alert? So you can run around as freely as you wish in front of them without the alert going up. At least that's one less worry on your mind if you were going for a no-alert run. Ok... first as you run forward, turn to your left to go under the walkway and keep out of the line of sight from the first wave of Gekkos. As a side note, you can collect various items from the merchant carts they destroy... that's if you want to run out in the open and entice the Gekkos to kick at you and such. Also, there is an iPod song (Bon Dance) that can be collected from one of the middle stands in the area immediately in front of you if it's destroyed, so play around with the Gekkos to do this for you. Once you have this, then run into one of the nearby alleys or go under a walkway again to slip by most, if not all of the Gekkos in that area. As I said before... because of the erratic and random behavior of the Gekkos in this area, there is no right or wrong way to go. Just dodge and keep moving for the most part, there's no real reason to fight with the Gekkos even if you aren't playing a no-kill run. Just keep moving towards the destination point and end this area as fast as possible. When it's all said and done, you're treated to a nice cutscene to watch, and the end of Act 2. ** Act 3: Third Sun ** - Getting deeper into the story now aren't we! Chapter 6 Metal Gear Online ~~~~~~==~==~~=7ZZZZZOOOOZ$7$$777IIII$ZZZZOZ7IIIIIIIIIII777$$$$$$$ZZZZZ7I+=~==~~~ ~~~~~====~~=+IZOOOZZZZ$77II7777II?II77$$777III????????II7777$$$$$ZOZZ$Z$?=~==~:: ~==~~~~==+?7$O8888OZ$7777$ZZZ$777$777$$$$$7777IIIIIIIIIII7777$$$ZZOZOZZZI===~~:: ~======?I$Z88DD8OZZZZZZZZZ88OZZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZ$7777777$$$$ZZOOOOOO$+~~=~~~ ~=~~==+IZO8DDN8OZZZO8888O8888OOOOOO88D88D8888888OOOOOZ$$$777$Z$$$ZO888OO$?~=~~~: ===~=?$O88DDDDD888DDDDDDDD8D88OOZOOOZOOOOOOOOO88888888888OOZZZZ$$ZO88888O?===~~: ==+?7ZO88DDDNNDDDNNDDDNNDN8OOZ$$$ZZ$7I77$$$$$$ZZZZOOO88DDDD88888OO88OOO88$?+=~~~ ==IZO8O8DDDNNNNNNNDDDDNNNNOZ$77II7$7III77777777777$$$ZOOO88DDNDDDDND8O8O88Z7?=~: +?$O8OO8DNNNNNNDDOZODNNNNNO$7I???I777777$77777IIIIII?I77$$ZODDDNNNNDD88O8D8O$+~: ?7Z8888DNNNNNMNDOZZODNNNNN8Z7I???I77$$$$$$777777$$$$7II777$Z88DDNNNNDDD88DD8OI+~ 7ZODD8DDDDDNNND8OOZOD8DNNND8$????7$$$$$$$$7777$$$$7777777III7$ZODDNNNNNNNNDDDO$? ZODNDDNDD888DDDDDDDDD888DDNNO$7II7$$$$$$$$$$ZZ$$77777$$$$$77II7$ZODNNNMMNNNNND8$ 8DDND8DD8888DDDNNNNDDDDDDNNDDDO$$$$$$$$$$ZOOO$7$$$$$7IIIII77777777Z8DNNNNNNNMNDZ DDDD8ODDNDDNNDD888OOOOO88DNNNNN8O$$ZZZZZZZZZ$77$$$7I??++????II7$$$$ZODNNNMNNNND8 NDD8OODDNNNNDD8OZZZZZZOO8DNNNNND8Z$ZZZZZZZZZ$7777I???????????I7$$$$$O8DNNMMNNNND DDD88DNDD888OOZZ$$ZZ8DNNNNDDDNNNDO$Z$$Z$ZZ$$7I????+++??????????II7$$ZO8DNMMMNNDD NNNNNN8888DDDD8OOOO8NNNNNMDOO88DD8ZOOO8OZ$Z$7II????IIIIIIIII777777ZOOOO8DNMNMNDN NMMNDD8DDDD8OZO8DNNNMMNNMMNDZ77$ODOOO88O7I$$I?II?IIIIIIIIIIIIIII77$ZZZZO8NNNNNDD NNNNNNDD8OOO8NNNNMNNNMMNMMMND88DDOZOOOOOZ77777$$$777777777777777777$ZOOO8NNNNNNN MNNNND888888DNNNNNNNNMMNNNNNND8D8ZZOOOZZ$77777$$Z$777777777777777777$ZOO8DNNNNNN NNNNND8888DDDDNNNNNNNNMMMMNNND8OZZZZ$777$$7I7777$$$$$$$77777$7777777$$ZO88DNNNDD NNNNNNDD8888DDNNNNNNNNNNNND8Z$$$$$7I????IIIIII77I7$$ZOZ$$$$$$$7$7777$$$ZO8DDNDDD NNNNNNNDDDDNNNDDDNNNNNNNDDOZ$7777??++++++?????IIII77$OOOOZ$$$$$ZZZZ$$$$ZZ88DNDDD 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~~==+?7???II+===+========+?I$ZZ$$ZZO88OOO88888OOZ$I?++++++???????IZ888OZ$II?==~~ ======+????77+======+++++++?7ZZZZ$ZZO888O88888DDO$7?++++?????????$8D8OOOZ7I?==~~ ~~~~~=~=+??I7I?++++++++++++++??III77$ZZ$O88OOOOZ7I?+++?????????I$ODD8O88O$$I+=~~ ~~~~~==~====+$7I???????+++????????I7$ZZ$ZOOOZ$I??+++++?+??????IZ8DDD8888OOZ7?+=~ ~~~~~=====~~=777II?IIII???IIIIII??I7ZZZZZZZ$$7+=+++++??+?????I$ONNDDDD88OOZ$?+~~ ~~~~~~~~~====+?I7I?+??IIII$ZZZOZI+++???????++++++++++++??+??I$8NNNNNNDD888OZ7?~~ ~~~~~~~~~===~==+?II?====++?????I?=+++++++?+++++++++????+??I7ODNNNNNNNN88D88OO7+= ~~~~~~~~~~~~====+?7$I?+++==+=====+++++++++++++++?++????+?7$ZD88DNNNNDND88DD88Z$+ ~~~~~~~~~~==~~=+I$O8ZI?+==+==+++++=+++++++++++++++??+?I$Z888D8Z8DD8DDNDD8DD8DOZI ~~~~~~~~~~==~=+I$OO8O7?++=+++++++++++++++=++++++??+++7$ZODD88OZ8DD88DNDD88DDD8O7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~=+I$OOOO$7I?+++======++====+++++++??++?I7O8ND888D8O8D8OZODDDD8DDD8DO ~~~~~~~===~==I$ZZZZO777I+????+++=++++++++++++???77$O8DNNDD88D8O888OZOO8DD88DDDD8 ~~~~~~=~~==+?77$$ZOO?I7I?+?IIIII?+=++++++++??IZO8DNNNNNND888D8O8888OOZO88D8DDNDD ~~~======++?I7II7$ZZIIIII?+???I777II?III777$Z8NMMMMMNNND8888D8OO888888OZODDD8DDD ~~=====+++??I7IIII7$IIIIII?????I7ZZ$$$$$Z88DNNMMMMMMMNDD8888D8O88DDD88OOODDD8888 ~~~~~=I77II777I??+?I7I?II?++++++?7$ZO88DNDNMMMMMMMMMNDD8OO888OZO8D88888OOODDD88O =====?OOZ$7$$I?????IO7II77?????????I7Z8DNNMMMMMMMMMMND8888DDOOO88DD888888O8888D8 ~~=+7Z8Z$$7II???+++?O$III7I+++++++++??7ZNNMMMMMMMMNND88D8888ZZZO8DD8DD888OO8DDD8 +I7Z888OZ$777III?+?+77$I?III???????????I$8DNMMMMNNDDDDDDD88OZZO8DDD8D888D88DDDD8 I$O8DD8OZ$777III??++?7$I?III??++++++++++I$ODNNNNNNDD8DDD8OOZZZO88DD88888D888DDD8 Z8DD88DO$$777I77I??++?I7I?I7I?+++?+++??++?I7ZODDD8888DD8OZ$7$ZO8DDD8DD88888DDDD8 88888OOZ$$$$77$$7I??+++I7II7I??+++++++++++??I7ZO8888D8O$7II7$ZZODDD8DDDDDDDD8DD8 88888OZ$$$$$$7$$$I??+++??IIIIII?+++++++++?????7$ZOO88Z7I??I7$$ZO8DDDDDDDDDDDDDD8 DD88OOZZ$$$$$7777II?+===+?I?IIII?++++++++??????I7ZOZ$I?++?I$$$$O8DDDDDDDDDDDD888 888OOOZZ$$Z$$7777II?+====+???III?++++++++?++???I$$Z7I?+=+?I7$$$O8DD8DDDDDDDDD888 ZZZOOO$$ZZZZ$$7I77I??+====?I++??7I?+++++??????7$Z7?+====++?I7$$OO88888888888D8OO $ZO8OZ$$ZZZZZ$77$7III?+===+????+I$ZI?++++?+??I$$I+=======++?I7$ZO8OOO88OOOO88OOO ZO88OZ$ZZZZZZZ$$$7I????+====?II??$8Z7I???+++?I7?===========+?IIZOOOZOOOOOOOOOOOZ O8OOZZZZZZZZZZZZZ$7I+??+====+?II?ZD88OOZ7?????+============++?IZOOZZOOOOOOO8OOOZ O8OZZZ$ZZZZZZOZZZ$7I=??+====++?IIO88OOZ$I???I?++===========+++?Z8OZZOOOOOOO888OO O8OZZZZZZZOOZZZZZ$$I+++++====+?7ZOO$777I???III?+===========+=?I$8OZZOOOOOOO888OO OOZZ$$$$ZZZZZZZ$$$7I=====~==+I7ZOO$7IIII7IIII????+===~~=~====?7ZOZ$$ZZZZZOOOOOOO OOZ$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$7I+====~==?I77777IIII77777II??II?=~~~=~====?7$Z$$$ZZZZZZZZOZZZ OZZ$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$7I?+=====+?II?????????I777II???II+=~~=~====I$$Z7$$$$$$$ZZZZZZZ (Just like the Story Mode chapter of this guide, be patient with me to get up the multiplayer aspects of this game as well. I don't think that this section will see much if any updates to begin with, as I am trying to get the single player exprience down and finding all the secrets to this game. I will try to do what I can to sit down and finally play some online games with people and give what I can to explain things in great detail about the various aspects of the online mode, but until you see at least the story mode chapter completed by me in this guide, then don't expect really anything to come in this chapter since I will be doing what I can to get that out of the way first.) (I have sat down and made a profile and such to play Metal Gear Online. My tagname is SanctuaryRemix. No surprise there huh? So on the few times that I may jump on to play online to get a break from the story mode, look for me and we can team up sometime... or at least you know that you're getting pwned by the writer of this guide at least!) Chapter 7 Cheats and Secrets - If there's one thing you can count on in a Metal Gear game, and that's the hidden perks and secrets that all Metal Gear games have to offer. From the humourous to the badass, every Metal Gear Solid game has had its fair share of various secrets that have kept us entertained for years long after the game's release. With this game said to be Hideo Kojima's final farewell to the series, you can expect to see this game bursting at the seams with hidden content just waiting for you to find or unlock. This section is here to show you how to do just that. Having trouble finding that one special weapon that will destroy all, or wanting to hear different kinds of codec conversations that will make you laugh everytime? Well look no further because I will find them all and put up the process for getting to them for you. I have broken up this chapter into six different sections. To find out what you can find in each section and what each section means to me, just read the header note for each section to get a better understanding of what I mean by what will be shown in that section. ** Cheats ** - A cheat to me is something that you can use to tip the scales a thousand fold into your favor. This usually would involve infinite ammo, unlimited lives, etc. I am putting cheats of this nature that will make a hulking badass of pain and destruction in this section, along with any kind of password or code that can be input anywhere. An example of this would be the infamous Konami Code that was used in Metal Gear Solid 3. If I find that code to be in use, or any code or password to be in use anywhere in the game, I will make sure that it is put up here. ** Secrets ** - This category is where you will find the various ways to unlocking things that usually don't have a huge effect on you, but make the game interesting in its own way. This could be alternate outfits, to extra difficulty modes. If it has to be unlocked, then you will surely find it in this section. ** Easter Eggs ** - One thing you see often in a Metal Gear Solid game is easter eggs. These are usually humourous add ons to the in-game progression by being some object that you have to pay attention for in the background. I will be putting things in here that really have no effect on the gameplay at all, and are just there for your own amusment. For example, this could be finding a Mario doll like in the Gamecube Metal Gear Solid, or special codec conversations from doing or seeing certain things such as in Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. No matter how small it may be or how obvious, if you want to see something that you may have missed the first time around, then here is where to look to going through again to exprience it for yourself. = Zone of the Enders 2 Computer Background = If you watch the mission briefing for the first act and pay attention to the background that Otacon has on his computer, on the right screen you will see the main protagonist from the game Zone of the Enders 2. This was a great game that saw light back on the Playstation 2, and wrapped up the Zone of the Enders story so to speak. This is one of the more recognizable anime drawings of that game, and I think if I remember correctly, it was the cover art for the game as well. = Frog Soldier Doll = Do you think Sunny deserves a gift? Then get her this rare one-of-a-kind item! Only found in the Middle East! During Act 1: Liquid Sun, you can earn the Frog Soldier Doll during the Frog Soldier ambush fight in the Advent Palace. In order to earn the Doll though, you can't kill any of the Frog Soldiers while you help the Rat Patrol leave to safety. So in order to do this, use the Mk. 2 Pistol (or the Tranq Gun as I call it during the walkthrough) to put them to sleep. It doesn't matter if the Rat Patrol scores kills or not, so long as you aren't killing anyone yourself. If you have a good enough aim and reflexes, then go for headshots to put the Frog Soldiers to sleep instantly. It can be a tough fight, but an even tougher fight if you are trying to do this... but it's not impossible. In the end, when you reach the garage after the battle, the Frog Soldier Doll will be next to a tire that's leaning on a nearby wall next to a doorway. Pick it up and it will tell you that this is a good gift for Sunny. You can then see the Doll whenever you are on the Nomad for mission briefings. = Laughing Octopus Doll = Sunny's been a good girl again, so she deserves a gift. During Act 2: Solid Sun, you can earn the Laughing Octopus Doll by defeating Laughing Octopus without killing or harming her. Simply put you can only use non-lethal weapons only on her. That means no taking a single mark off her life bar. The best weapons to use for this battle are: The Mk II Pistol (The Tranq Gun) A Shotgun with V-Ring ammo (V-Ring ammo can be bought from Drebin once you obtain a shotgun) Stun Grenades (Should have more than plenty from picking them up all over the place, or shaking down fallen PMCs. If not, quickly buy some from Drebin) With that said, this will make the fight against her a bit tougher if you like to kill people. So long as you just abuse the shotgun of your group, then you will have no trouble in taking her out. Once you have defeated Laughing Octopus, then you will only a small window to collect the Doll. It is located on the bed in the top right room of the middle rooms. Go there and grab the doll before you either defeat or kill Laughing Beauty yourself, or before the spirit world kicks in. If these things happen before you pick up the doll, then you will lose your opportunity to collect it on your current game. = Weird Crop Circle Message = Do you believe in aliens? They believe in you! So much so that they even invaded the world of Metal Gear! In the South America: Mountain Trail section before you go to the river after defeating the crouching PMC in the first half of the section, head down the left path from where you came out from. After you take that small turn you will see a crop circle in the tall grass and a voice will talk to you about what it saw in the sky. The aliens are watching you always... waiting... wondering... watching. Plus you get a cool extra 1000 Drebin points for finding this! = Development Team Hand Plate = Welcome to the Metal Gear Solid Walk of Fame! That's right, taking a page out of the book of Hollywood, Hideo Kojima and the development staff for Metal Gear Solid 4 have put their hand prints for all to see... Walk of Fame style! In the section South America: Mountain Trail Riverside, after going along the winding trails, you eventually come to one part where you have to take out a PMC and a claymore in a small clearing. From this clearing there are three paths to take if you check your map in the start menu. Take the left path from checking the map from a broken stump just before the clearing, and you will soon run into a dead end clearing with the hand plate in the center. If you go into first person view, you can see the various hand prints and signatures of the development team along with Hideo Kojima. Also you can collect the rare OctoCamo pattern Hand Print for future use. Just lay down on top of the hand plate with your OctoCamo settings on Automatic, and you will get the Hand Print pattern. Just go into your Camouflage section and register the Hand Print to your memory to keep it. ** Glitches ** - One thing about the gaming community is the small and seedy underground world of glitching. Certain gamers that take their games to a whole new level of play by searching out ways to fool the programming to bringing about either humourous or cheating effects. This could be glitching the game to passing through walls like a ghost, or falling through the ground to being able to look up and shoot away every enemy without you being able to be touched. I know that years upon years of testing and programming went into this game, and you would think that there could not possibly be a single way to glitch this game. But that would be to underestimate the mind of a glitch gamer. I myself am not a glitch gamer and don't go searching for glitches to exploit. I have found some in games on rare occasions throughout my life of gaming, but that was by accident. If there are any glitch gamers that read this guide out there, and you want to let everyone know the glitch you found and the effect it has on the game, then send an e-mail and I will add it to this section. ** Miscellaneous ** - If I just can't find anywhere else to put what I find in this game in any of the other sections of this chapter, then you can be certain that it will fall here. The miscellaneous section will house all the hidden elements that I deem out there from any form of gameplay at all or just can't figure out where it would go in any of the other sections. Call it a way for me to be lazy and my loophole to sitting down and debating where to put the information that will go here rather than in one of the other sections. Mainly, this is where I will point out aspects of the game that people may not understand or miss, along with character bios and such. Mainly this will seem like a section for random information about the game and the Metal Gear world itself. = PMC Intro Movie Commercials = One thing I found out before ever even playing the game was commercials for something that I didn't know what I was looking at. I later found out through the Mission Briefing of Act 1 that the symbols of the commercials were that of the five PMC units all over the world. There are five different commercials in total. Three of them are in english (although one of them is by a british or irish accent person and a bit hard to understand), along with one in french and the other in russian. To watch the movies, just do nothing when the game begins on the Konami screen at the very beginning. The first time around you will see the raindrop Dolby Digital advertisement for the game. After that it will be the start screen where you see Snake standing in a graveyard. If you don't press anything to start the game and watch the camera pan around Snake, then around the time Snake falls to his knees after preparing a gun, the screen will fade to black and it will start from the Konami screen again. This time around though, once it reaches the part of the Dolby Digital advertisement, a new commercial will be shown. These commercials tie in with the various PMC organizations that are found in the game. One for each of them. The advertisements are as follows: PMC Raven Rows of well protected apparent soldiers are standing side by side in a dark room, when a gun from appears, giving it a FPS look, and starts firing at the rows of soldiers. When each soldier is shot, they break away like glass or fall as if they are melting away. This goes until one is left standing, and he pulls out a pistol and shoots the screen, effectively killing whomever was suppose to be shooting. His helmet then moves away from his face digitally, and he holsters his gun. A slogan shows up saying "Never a shot in the dark" when the screen starts fading to black and a raven logo appears with the words (or at least what I made of it) called Raven World. PMC Wolf This is a crazy one that kind of reminds me of the Matrix movies. It starts off with a long winded speech of would your children thank you for the world that they now live in because of you. During which time a chain of mechanical sections keep folding out at a fast pace, with small crawling robots eventually coming out of the mechanical sections and begin firing into the air. At the end they say that they care about your children and the way they will look up to you. The group supposedly calls themselves Werewolf and their slogan is "Evolution. Reinvented." PMC Mantis This one is a little bit sadistic to say the least. It has some british guy spouting off a small poem while this guy is driving a motorcycle at high speeds. Soon though you see a giant mantis like robot appear and start chasing him. From you can gather from the poem, he is a criminal of sorts and the mantis robot is a defense system for keeping crime down. The commercial ends with the guy getting knocked off his bike and shooting an uzi at the mantis robot before getting stabbed to death by it. The commecial ends with the narrator saying that this is brought about by Praying Mantis unmanned surveillance systems. PMC Octopus This one kinda borders on the sexual I think. You first see a hot chick with a harpoon gun against a pink background before she fires it at more hot chicks. The women are then shown to be swimming of sorts and caressing what appear to be octopus tentacles. The tentacles then go from supporting and holding the women, to letting out a cloud of black ink, effectively killing all the women that it was holding. It then shows what would be the head of an octopus, replaced by a human skull with the bottom jaw missing, attached to the body of the octopus. Since I can't understand french, I don't know what the narrator is saying. Also when the commercial ends, you can see a signature of some kind with roman numerals underneath. If anyone can make out what this means, or tell me what the narrator is saying, then it would much appreciated. (Update for this! Zeraious_Thanen has given me the info needed to translating this for all! It appears that if you just turn the subtitles on, there will be a translation in english (if you put the language on english) for you to read what is said) PMC Ocelot Now this one is just waaaaaay out there. First off you see two women in what looks like ninja middle eastern garb, one in black and the other in white. They are obviously fighting against each other in a grey and barren wasteland looking place with tiny helicopters and planes and missles flying all around them. Towards the end of the video, it looks like the woman in black has gained the upper hand and will win the fight, but the woman in white has other plans. Pulling out a grenade she obviously posed to pull the pin and kill herself along with the woman in black. At the climax of this moment, the screen then changes to a slogan of sorts, but it's in russian. It then shows an ocelot kind of mask with more russian words underneath it. Again I do not speak russian, so if anyone out there does and wants to share with all of us what this is saying, then it would be much appreciated. There you have it. Enjoy watching this entertaining, yet somewhat artistic and weird commercials for the PMC organizations. = PMC Codename Dedications = Ok this is one of those "if you know your Metal Gear history" sort of things. Basically if you have played the first Metal Gear Solid game, whether it be the original on the Playstation or the remake on the Gamecube, then you will notice that all the PMC organizations are named after the five members of FOXHOUND that were on the roster at that time. The five members were: Revolver Ocelot Psycho Mantis Sniper Wolf Vulcan Raven Decoy Octopus These five met their untimely end so to speak during that game. It could be said that Ocelot lived, but it was shown that Liquid Snake took over his mind by having his arm attached to Ocelots body. So in a way Ocelot really isn't around anymore. The five PMC organizations take their main name from one of the respective members of the FOXHOUND unit that was scarred into the minds of gamers all over the world. ** Extras ** - Here is where I will talk about the easiest unlockables in this game, the Extras menu option. From the Extras menu you can download new camo skins and music for your in-game iPod. The effect that they will have in game can be shown in the information window that comes up when you highlight the item you want to download. I am not sure if some items will only be available for a short period of time or up for good. My personal opinion is to check the Extras menu often so that you know if there is or is not anything new to download. Getting that item as fast as you can to make sure that if it is pulled for whatever reason, you at least have it. = OctoCamo Downloads = - So here is where to learn about what has, is, or if I get the information ahead of time, will be out for your OctoCamo. I will put up that the item is still active or not and what effect it will have on you in game. Digital Red Currently: Active Effect: Red Colored OctoCamo. No special effects Date Found: June 12, 2008 Digital Blue Currently: Active Effect: OctoCamo pattern that resembles water. Increases Camo Index when in or near water. Date Found: June 21, 2008 = iPod Music Downloads = - Want some extra music for your in game iPod but there's no more to unlock in the game? Well keep an eye out here for music that you can download for use for your in-game iPod. Just like the OctoCamo downloads, I will put up here if the item is still active or not and what effect it will have in the game. Conclusion Currently: Active Effect: Unknown at this time Description: A song representing Old Snake's will to fight as he once again confronts his archenemy, Liquid. Date Found: June 12, 2008 HIND D Currently: Active Effect: Unknown at this time Description: The Hind D music from Metal Gear Solid Date Found: June 26, 2008 = Integral Podcast Downloads = - Yet another feature for your in-game iPod is the podcast download. I have never used a podcast before and have no clue how they are used in real life, but I can imagine that they will have some kind of significance for your in- game iPod. As with the others I will post whether the podcast is active or not and what effect it will have in the game. Chapter 8 Alternate Player Tactics MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNDD8OOZZZ$$77ZZ$$$OZZZ$$ZNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDDDDDOOZZOZZ$777II$OZZ$7II$8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNND8888O8ZZ7II++==?7ZZ$77$$$7$NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDNMMMNDD88OOZ7I?+=~~~~~?II7$$7777OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDNNNNNND88OZ$7I?++=~::::::~I777$777OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDDDDDD8OZZ$$7I??++==~::::::::?77$$$$$ODMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDDDOOZZZ$$$7II?+++=~:::::,,,,~=I7$$$ZZZMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDD8OZOOZ$$$7III?+====~:::::,,:,:+I$$$ZZZNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDDZZZOZZ$$$7III?+++==~~~:::,:,,,:+I77$$ZDMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDD8$$ZZZZZ$$$7?I?++++=~~~::,,,,,,,:+I$$ZZOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMNDD8$ZZZZZ$$$$7????+++~==~~~:::::,,::~?77$ZNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMDDDO7$ZZZZ$$777??????+=+===~~~::::,:::=7$$$NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMDDDO7$ZZZZZ$7I77?7777I??????????++~::::+77$8DNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMND8Z$$ZOZZZZZ$$$$7$$Z$$$$$$$O8O$7I?~::::?I$$+I8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDO$ZOOOOOOOOOZO7OO88DDNDDZ$7I?++?=~:::~++===7DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDO$ZOOOOO88OO88ZOO8NMMNDDDD8OO$7I?=~::~=+~+++ZNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMND8$Z8DD8DDDDNNNNO777ZO8DND8ZI?II?+~~::::=~++=?NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMND8$ODMMMMNNNNNN8OI?I7ZZ888OO7?++=:::::::~~+I=?DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN8$ONNDDNMMNDNDOO7?+?III77II???+~,::::::~~+?7I8NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMND$ODDNMMNDOO88ZO$I++???IIII?+=~:,,::::~~~=+7I8NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNND$$8NNDNDDDD88ZZ$7+=++?I+======~~::~~~=~~+?=I8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMM88OO$8DDDDDD8D88OOZ$I++??$Z++~~~~++======~~=+++NNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMM8N88$O88DDDDDDDDOOO$7+++=+Z$I+~::=++=====~~+???MNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMM8NDOZ$OO8DDDDDD8ZO8OZII7$7I7ZI=::~~=======~I77ZMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMN8MN8OZOO8DDDDD8O8DMMDOZZZI+??Z7~~:~========78NMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMDDMMD8ZZZ8DDDDDDDNNNNNDO$I+~::+$?=:=~======+78MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMNDMMN8ZZOODD8DDDDDDDDD88ZI+~::~?$?=~========78MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMMMDOZZO888OD8DD8DDDOOZ7?++==+7$?========+$NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNOZZOO8OOD8D888DNNDDD88OOOO$$7+====+=++$NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDDNMNZZZZOOO8DDDDMMND8OZI=~:,~+?I+==+++++?7NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNMND8DZOOO8DDNNND88OOOZ7?+=+==++++??+++?7DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDNNDNMMMM8OO8ODDND88DD8OOZ$I?++==+?++?+++???ONMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDNNNMMMMMM8Z8O8DDDDDNDD8OO$77?+==++????+???=7$NNMMMNNMMMMMMMMMMMNN MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDNNMMMMMMMDO888DNDDDDDDOOZ$$I?++??III????+?+?NDDDNNNMMMMMMMMMMMNN MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDNNMMMMMMMM8888DDDDDDDDOOZZ$I+=+??IIIIII?+?~+ODDDDNNMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN8O8888DDDDD8OOZZ$IIIII777I7I+I~=+8DDDNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMND888888DDDD8OOZZZ$$$$$777???::=?DDDNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMND8DD8DNMNDDDDDD8OZ$777?$+,::=7NDNNNMNNNMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDDDDNMMMMNND8OZZ$7II$~,,:~:ZDDNNNMNNNMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN88DNNNNMMNNDO$7Z$I+$,:,,::~DNNNNNMMNNMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN8DDDDNNNDN88ZII77$$,:,,:,=+DNNNNNMMMNMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD88NN88NN8D8OOI?I$$+,,:,,:=?NNNNNMMMMNMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD8DODND8N8DDOO7?$O=~:,,,:~+ZNNNNMMMMMNNMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMND8888ND888D8OZO8I~:,,,,:~7NNNNMMMMMMNNMMMMMMMMMM MMMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDND88D8N8$Z8NND8Z+:,,,,,:~DNNNMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMM MMMNNNNMMMMMMMNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNDD88D8D$NMMMMNO+,,,,,::=NNNNMMMMMMMMDMMMMMMMMMM MMMNNDDNMMMNNDDNNNMMMNMMMMMMMMMNNND88DD7NMMMMMNNO,,,,,:~?NNNNMMMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMM MMMNNDDNNMNDDDDDNNMMNNMMMMMMMMMNNND8888ZMMMMMNND8+~:~~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k... I am sure you are wondering just what this section is all about aren't you? Well I am dedicating this chapter of the guide to all you out there in the world. This is where you can get recognized for your tactics and gameplay ideas that you use in the game. My way may not be the best way for everyone out there, and so this section is designed for those that want to help out others in the world to get past a certain part of the game or find an unlockable in another way or with help in online modes, but just don't want to spend the time to make their own guide like myself. I am giving you the opportunity to let yourself be heard and show what you are made of in the world of Metal Gear Solid 4 and your tactics could very be what keeps someone else from seeing that dreaded game over screen. All you have to do is e-mail me with your tips, tricks, and tactics and I will add it to the guide in this chapter. It's that simple. You will be given full credit for it when posted up since this is your information that you are sharing. So don't be afraid! My e-mail box is always open. Just make sure to post in the subject line that this is for the Metal Gear Solid 4 game in some way so that I don't mistake your e-mail for spam. ** Story Mode Tactics ** - This section will be for those who have alternate ways of going through any scenario in the single player story mode of the game. Whether this is to get pass a certain part of one act, a boss strategy that they came up with, or a whole way to get through an entire Act, this is where it will be posted. ** Metal Gear Online Tactics ** - As with most online games, people come up with the craziest ways of winning games. Finding relative strategies that seem stupid at first glance, but dangerous when put to use, these are the tactics that usually go along with online gameplay. I can only assume that Metal Gear Online is no exception to this phenomenon either. People will always find ways to putting themselves on top with the most crazy or obvious of tactics. These could range from what I called the teabag technique that people used in Perfect Dark Zero to throw off ones aim, to knowing just where to fire or throw an explosive device perfectly as in Call of Duty 4. Whatever the case may be, this is where you can send in your helpful tips and tricks to maybe giving someone else out there a chance to not stay a total newb forever. ** Alternate Secret Unlocking Tactics ** - When you are faced with a clear goal of wanting to unlock or find or earn a certain thing in the game you are playing, sometimes seeing the generic way of doing is kind of a downer. Then you meet people in forums throughout the net that show different ways of unlocking what you want at a much more faster and easier rate. This is where you can go to find out how people do these things. I myself will be placing my own ways that I unlock or find secrets in the game either the generic way or my own way in the main Cheats and Secrets chapter of this guide. This section is for those of you who seem to find other alternate ways of going about unlocking and finding secrets. If your way seems more effective, then send in the submission! I'm sure that someone else will think that you are right. Chapter 9 Credits ....................... ....... . .........,+77II??=~.......... .......:?II77??+?????I7+....... ......+77$II???+++==++I$+~..... ....,I7I77+???+~~===::~?7I:.... ....?Z$I+?+++??==~~,.:,~77+:... .....7Z7I??++==+=~,,,.,:~7$I?....... ..... .....$Z$$7I?+~~~~~:,,,,~=7ZI?....... ..... .....OOZ$77I?=~~=~~:,,,=+77I?....... ..... .....OO8ZZ7$I+~~==~:,,,~=II??....... ..... .....Z8OZ$II?=+++=:,,,.,:+???::..... ..... ....~Z8Z7=~~~:~=++:,::~77=++==~..... ..... ....O$O$7$ZZ77??I$Z7I??==$7+~?~..... .... ....ID8Z8NNNNNZZI+DNDD8OZ7?+~?,...... . ...:ZO$OO888D8Z:.$ODOZZ7===:+........ ....I$$$7$$ZODZ=::~$77+=~=~==:................. ....:?ZIOOZ7OZ?+,:~I7I?++==~,~:. ,..:~,~I$?~... ......?IDD88$87+,:+$I=+?=~=:::~..+7ID8OO8OZO... ......,.?ZDD88ZON8OO+II=+~~,,Z:::,8OO88OO8OOZ=...... ..............,,,I?7N8OI?$$7+~::+=~~.:M7D88888888O88O$I....... ........... ..=$DZII8O$O8ZZOZ77+=++=~DND8DD888D88OO8OO$....... .............~D8DZ7IZOD8O7I$$?~+~++=8NDDD8D8OI++~~=+ZZO~...... .....,?N8DD7$$N8DDDOZZ8I+?+?IDDDNNDD8??+??===~IO8?...... ...........OD8DDOZZ$DDDZI~==7$=++~NDDNDNNNDI?+++==~~?8O?...... .........Z88D8DD8$78DDNNN8D88ZII8N8DNNNMNDDI?=++~~=~+OO+..... ..... ...I8D8D8DN$Z7$N8DDNMD8D8IZDDMDNNNNNNNDI+=+===~=$8=..... ..........Z88D8D8O7+INMO8DDNM87NNDDNMNNN88NNN8888888OOO8~,.... ..........$888DOZZ$+DNNNDNNNO7DDDNNNDD88DDDDNNNNNND8D888D8.... . ....:O888DDD8OZ?OMNNDNMD$ODNNMNMO8888NNDNNNNDNND8OZOZZO.... ......Z8888D88$7~,NNNNNNN~7DNNMMMN88888NNNNNNNNNDDZZZZZZ8:... .....=888888DO=?,~MNNMNMNODNNMDDDD88888NNNNNNNNNDDOZZZ$ZZI... .........78DDD888D?+~,$NNDDNZONNDD8888888888NNNNNNNNNDDOZZZZ$ZO$..... ......OD8DDD88O?=~~DNDDMZ8D88D888D88DD888NNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZZO8?... .. ....O8O8DDD8888I=~ZMNDDDZNDDD88DD8DD88888NNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZZOO8Z.... ....88DDDDD888Z?=~DNNDD$DNDDD8DD88D88D8DDNNNNNNNNDD8OZZZZZZO88D,. . ....8DDDNDD888??+:NMDMIDDDDDDDDDD888DDDDDNNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZZ$ODDO . . ...,8DDDND8OOO+I~:NDN7DNDDNNNDDDD8DDDDDDDNNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZZ$ODD8,. ...,DDDNDD8OOI??=$NNI8NDNDDDDDDDND8DDDDDDNNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZZZOODO+ . ...,DDDDDD8OD=7?=88=DDDDDNDDDDDDDDDDNDDDDNNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZZZOODO7 . ......:DDDDD888D=?++Z=+NDNNDDDDDDDNNDNNNNNDDNNNNNNNNNDDOZZZZZZZZZ88Z,. ......?DDDDD88N7++?+=?8NNNNDDDDDNNNNNNNNNNNDNNNNNNNNNNDOZZZZZZZOZZDZ,. ......$DDDND8DD?=+?++7NNDNNDDDNNNNNNNNNNNNNDNNNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZZZOZD$.. .....,ODDDND8N7I=??+?NNNDNNNNNNNDDNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZZZOOOI.. .....:8DDNN8NM+7??+I7NDNNDDDDDNDDDNNNNNNNNNNNDNNNNNNNND8OZZZZOOO8DZ?. . .....~8NDND8NMDOOZZODDNDNNNNDNNNDDDNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND8OZZZZZO888O$, . ..:8DDN8DMN8ODZODNNNNNNDDMDNNDDNNNNDDDNNNNNNNNNNNNND8OZ$ZZZO888DZ=.... ..,$DND8MN$:?MMNNNNNNN7:+?7$$$$ZO8DNNMNNNNNDNNNNNNND8OZZ$ZZZODDO8I.... ...INNOOMN$=::~ZNDNNDN?,$7I=~,:+I7$$DDNNNNNNNNNNNNND8OZZ$ZZZZDDO8~.... ...?DNZ8ND7=+=~8NNNNNN=~==+?I+~::,,,DNNNNDDNDNNNNNND8OZZ$Z$ZZ8DDZ+.... - For now I will leave this dedication and credits section alone. I have not completed this guide and so I should not put an end note or credits part in yet. Once I feel that this guide is complete and can run at 100 percent, then I will do the whole tearful farewell thing and dedications and what not. Til then, this is to remain the way it stands. The only thing that I can say is that I do hope that this guide in some way during its development, updates, and overall scheme help you out to defeating the game, but most of all, have fun with the game. This is a game that is meant to be enjoyed and exprienced over and over again much like Hideo Kojima's earlier works. This is his masterpiece, so take in all that you see and enjoy the game to its fullest. I do hope that during the time that it takes to getting this guide to full capacity that you enjoy my work and it helps you out in some way. I thank you and hope that you will be patient with me as I go through the game myself to learn all the aspects that I can, so that I can write a proper guide for all of you. Thank you and enjoy! Sees yas later! Alex "Joker" Hall Sanctuary Remix