Nanostray 2 - Nintendo DS

Version 1.0 (27/03/2008)

Version History:
1.0: Basic guide complete - (27/03/2008)
0.4: First four stages - (20/03/2008)


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Game by Shin'en

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type NS1)

NS1: Intro
NS2: Gameplay
NS3: Weapons and Items
NS4: Stages
     NS4.1: Teppeki Dock
     NS4.2: Keikan Outpost
     NS4.3: Naizoh Habitat
     NS4.4: Shinkai Bay
     NS4.5: Daitoshi Station
     NS4.6: Kigan Belt
     NS4.7: Kohai City
     NS4.8: Himuro Base
NS5: Bosses
     NS5.1: Teppeki Dock
     NS5.2: Keikan Outpost
     NS5.3: Naizoh Habitat
     NS5.4: Shinkai Bay
     NS5.5: Daitoshi Station
     NS5.6: Kigan Belt
     NS5.7: Kohai City
     NS5.8: Himuro Base
NS6: Challenge Mode
     NS6.A: Challenge Set A
     NS6.B: Challenge Set B
     NS6.C: Challenge Set C
     NS6.D: Challenge Set D
NS7: Simulators
NS8: Unlockables
NS9: Credits

Nanostray 2 is rated A for "Awesome Crab Boss," it contains scenes of massive
maggots and tumultuous turrets. Player discretion is advised.

|                                NS1: Intro                                  |

Marvellous! Well met my friend. What call for excitement is there? Lo, it is
the release of a competent shmup on the DS.

Nanostray 2 is a surprising game. While Nanostray was a good game in its own
right, Nanostray 2 takes steps to innovate the design, to tweak the system.
Here I had thought that developers didn't have the stones to do this anymore.
While you get a similar experience to the first game, it is different enough to
make it a worthwhile sequel.

Beyond that, it's a quality game. It's an easier game than a lot of intensive
shmupers will be used to, however it is at least accessible to a wider array of
people here. And to those of us who do play shmups frequently, it seems to pay
homage to old shmups and shmup themes. I can't say for sure that's what they
were going for, but it definitely gives that impression.

Moreover, I am happy that a game like this got released on the Nintendo DS,
which is in definite need of more games like this. This doesn't have the
benefit of a longtime fanbase of something like Contra 4, but that's all the
more reason to support Nanostray 2.

Because we need more games like this.

|                               NS2: Gameplay                                |

Nanostray has three control sets.

Control Set A:

Control Pad: Movement
A: Primary Attack
B: Secondary Attack
L and R: Satellite Position
Start: Pause

Control Set B:
-Right-Handed Touch-

Slide Touch Screen: Movement
Control Pad: Primary Attack
L: Secondary Attack
Tap Touch Screen: Satellite Position
Start: Pause

Control Set C:
Slide Touch Screen: Movement
A: Primary Attack
B: Secondary Attack
Tap Touch Screen or L/R: Satellite Position
Start: Pause

The touchscreen controls may or may not be your cup of tea. You will need to
practice and to hold your hand in a way that it _won't_ obscure the screen.
This is the biggest issue with touch control, though it -is- surprisingly
responsive. Give it a shot and it may turn out useful when you have to do
dodging challenges and the ilk, if not in the main game.

But as you can see, the controls are very simple. I kind of wish you could
customize them because I prefer Y and B over A and B, but c'est la vie. I am
content with the fact that controls are the controls of a shmup, ha...

Before each stage you have the opportunity to pick a subweapon. These will
prove invaluable so pick wisely. You can also edit the position of your
satellites from here. By selecting one of the satellite boxces, you can use
L and R to move them within here. You can make, for instance, your backwise
satellites tighter or more spread, and so on and so forth. This is an excellent
feature and I urge you to experiment with it.

There is a nanogauge now too, which counts down the time between enemies
destroyed. The more enemies you can destroy without running the gauge down, the
better it is for your score.

Each level has a sub boss and a boss. You must fly from one end of the stage to
the next, and defeat these bosses. There are eight levels in total. Unlike the
typical arcade shooter, you have  achoice of order to do some levels in. Stages
2, 3, and 4, as well as 5, 6, and 7 are two sets that you may make your choice.

In the end, it doesn't matter what order you do them in, but if you do the
easier levels - or those _you_ have an easier time with - last it may at least
keep you fresh.

When the eight level is conquered, you can watch the ending - though there is
still plenty to do in the other modes.

|                            NS3: Weapons and Items                          |

Nanostray 2 differs from the first game in that you can only select a secondary
weapon an dnot a primary. This may seem like a letdown at first but it's no big
deal. Since you pick your secondary before the stage this time around, you
don't want to get stuck with a poor primary for the situation. A standardized
primary thus helps.

The lack of a Side gun was distressing at first, there are some situations that
it would come in very handy. However, this is solved partially by satellites.
They are weaker, but in some ways more versatile.


When you destroy an enemy or enemy wave, an item may be released.

Yellow Coin: Released en masse by large enemies, collect for points.

Blue Coin: Released after a wave has been downed. They will slightly refill
           your secondary weapon's power meter.

1-Up: Released after a wave has been downed and you have 1 life left.

Satellite: The first two waves you destroy will release these glowing orbs.
           Each one provides one Satellite.



Satellites are the "options" of Nanostray 2 and are extremely useful. They not
only increase the rate of fire, but two satellites firing also increases the
volume. They allow you to hit larger targets with more concentrated fire or
conversely - multiple smaller targets.

The versatility comes from being able to change their position around the ship.

o       o      o
  >     >    >
o       o      o

 1      2     3

You have three stored positions. The default positions are tight in the front,
straight up and down, and loose in the back. You can change these in the weapon
select mode. Select the box showing position and manipulate it with L and R so
that you have three optimal positions.

You can change direction while firing, so remember which direction L and R or
whatever you're using provides, so that you can switch on the fly.

Power: Low

Pulse has a long range and low usage, but its power leaves much to be desired
for larger targets. While a concentrated beam may be useful for a boss or
miniboss, it might not be enough to fend off larger enemies before they fly

That's fine, however, as Pulse is more useful for groups of small enemies. You
can sweep the screen with pulse and so it is useful for taking out some waves
before they draw near.

It uses less power than Raydion, but is only truly useful for crowd control at
a distance.

Power: High
Usage: 25%

Seeker was easily the best choice in nanostray (imo of course) and it's still a
force to be reckoned with here. Seeker fires two bolts of energy that home in
on a target. The destructive power is immense, and it can take out most large
targets with a single attack.

The problem arises whehn there is more than one target onscreen. You will need
to be relatively close to the target or at the very least have only one
onscreen so that it does not strike a smaller target by mistake.

It does immense damage, and it seems like a fire and forget weapon. It isn't,
Seeker is deadly in experienced hands but you have to take care with it to use
it properly.

Power: Low

Raydion is an awesome crowd control weapon though it very rapidly drains your
power reserves. It surrounds your ship in an electrical field, which damages
any enemy that comes in contact with it. For smaller ships, this means death.

When your SHN fighter is surrounded with Raydion, you can use yourself as a ram
of sorts. Fly through small ships to rapidly destroy them. If only a few are
coming near you, simply tap the button and a brief surge of electricity should
down them.

The downside is against large targets, which will require a fair bit of juice
to down. Keep this in mind. You may take out one large ship, but you won't take
out the fleet. Also, getting really close to some bosses isn't always the most
atractive option.

*Ion Strike:
Power: High

Ion Strike might just have the greatest destructive potential. Hold the button
to send it out, and release to explode. The explosion is very powerful, and can
hit multiple targets. It can also travel through surfaces.

This, of course, is the advantage over Seeker besides the lower power usage. If
you can master Ion Strike, it is a deadly tool indeed.

Of course, it travels only on one plane and you need to direct it personally.
This is the downside. If you have to direct this device for any length of time,
then your attention maybe should have been elsewhere. You don't want to be
downed because you weren't concentrating on more than your target.

That's a paramount skill if you are using Ion Strike - to be able to consider
the whole screen while being accurate with your strike.

*Shock Mines:

Shock Mines are mines launched directly ahead of your ship that do reasonable
damage. They explode in the vicinity of an enemy.

Shock Mines are most udeful in levels you are familiar with, you can release
one when you know something is coming, so that it is either destroyed or so
suficiently damaged that your primary weapon will down it soon anyways.

The splash damage is not tremendous on shock mines, and you probably won't
take out a full wave with a single mine.


The spin gun shoots a purple bolt that will dance between enemies - briefly.
For larger enemies, it will typically stay on top of it until it is totally

This sounds like it could be useful, though the bolt will typically destroy
only a few enemies before exhausting its power, and to take out a larger target
it probably -will- deplete its entire supply.

I'd say pick another subweapon unless you _know_ this one is going to help.

|                                NS4: Stages                                 |

This walkthrough is for helping people through the game, and applies for Normal
difficulty. It -won't- help you get the bests core. That's a competitive area,
my friend, and it only matters if you do it yourself.

                             NS4.1: Teppeki Dock
Orientation: Horizontal

When the level begins, stay near the bottom. When the small ships appear, head
up while firing at them. The junk here can be destroyed, but right now it is
more important to snag a satellite.

Be prepared for the next wave at the top, grab your next satellite then weave
down between the refuse - destroy it if possible - and meet the wave heading
down and left. Stay central as the enxt wave appears from the background, and
shoot them as they appear.

A large ship will appear below you. There will be three in total in this area.
Rather than using your secondary weapon on this ship, get right in front of it
and blast away with your primary - pulling back when it gets closer. Take out
the next two the same way, taking the time of course to destroy the waves that
appear. You might have to use a secondary ont he third if you really want to
blow it up.

Either way, you will arrive at a door. Shoot the red core on the door but
don't get too close to it. A wave will arrive from the background so you will
want to shoot them while you shoot the door.

Stay near the door and switch your satellites to an upwards angle, so as to
take out the two turrets here. Stay back though, as two waves appear from the
background, and a third from the pit in front of you.

When they are thus dispatched, there are large pipes blowing gas here. Wait and
destroy the wave that appears just past it. Fly past the gas when it stops
blowing, be quick. Stay near the gas until you destroy the next wave, however.
It's probably best to switch to an upwards shot.

Keep firing forward as you enter the tunnel. The wave from above will be firing
all the while. When you get down to the two pipes whose streams criss-cross,
move past the vertical stream. Take out the next wave, and blast open the door
via its red core.

                       ********Miniboss: Genken********

The miniboss is running along the floor when you come up upon it. Basically you
have to stay near the same level it is toward the left side of the screen. The
miniboss will fire streams of green bullets, and provided you're on Normal
Mode, a red shot.

This red shot can bounce off of walls. Essentially, it's best to stay just
above Genken when its on the ground and just below when its on the ceiling.
Your satellite should get most of the shots in. The red shot will be charged
before fired, so you can get a premptive evade in - it will bounce to the left,
fly away from Genken and towards it when the shot hits the wall.

The green shots come more or less in straight lines - they should be cake to
avoid. Just don't get near it because when it changes between floor and ceiling
that could mean death.


After the miniboss, there will be a few slow-moving waves. Make sure you get
them all to recharge your special meter if you used a secondary in that fight.
Big ships are in the background, and one will fly into the lower part of the
playing field. Strike it down, potentially with a secondary weapon, if you can,
otherwise wait for it to fire before moving forward.

Waves will appear from the bottom right, mid left, and top right. To get them
all you will need to pick an upwards/downwards satellite position. Afterwards,
large spinning enemies will appear. You will probably need a secondary weapon
to take them down. Unless you want the points, it may be more economical to
dodge their shots and focus on the waves that come with them.

Switch to a more backwards shot at this point. Yellow ships travel vertically
on the left and right of the screen. This way you can hit them on either side.
This continues with the spinning enemies again, you may want to strike them
down with a secondary so things don't get too hairy. You'll enter a vertical

This tunnel down is lined with turrets. Switch between front and back shots as
you descend. When you approach a "T" shaped structure, fly around it. It is an
obstacle. When you see the vertically arranged ships, switch to a frontal gun
and strike those fools down.

As you leave the tunnel, a wave approaches from behind. There's a few more to
the front afterwards, so switch back to a frontal shot.

Now, your SHN-Fighter starts to travel up again. You will see somne lasers
firing and stopping, firing and stopping. When the bottom array of lasers
stops, fly beneath the top array of lasers. When that top array of lasers
stops, fly up and shoot the turrent.

As you approach the smashing walls, stick to an upwards shot and destroy the
wave that appears. Switch to forward and destroy the turret. Switch to forward
for the next wave, then reverse for the turret. Switch to forward for the wave
at the top, then reverse for the second one.

                         ********Boss: Shokkoh********

Ah, a robot with lasers. You need to hit Shokkoh in the orb on the bottom of
its body.

Shokkoh starts by raising his arm. Now is the time to let loose with your
secondary weapons on his orb. His hand will fire lasers, one from each finger,
but you don't have to worry about that until he brings his hand down. At this
point, stay back and dodge the lasers. The lower left corner is tight but does
work well for this if you want to continue to get shots.

Keep on firing at this orb. His arm will sprt a laser. Fly up next to his
wires in his head and the laser will thus miss you. Make small movements closer
so as not to hit the head but also so as not to be crushed by the arm.

Shokkoh will next open his arms into a > shape. Stay between them, near the
green. It fires many shots out of this array. When he moves forward, move with
him. When he moves back, let him shoot one volley, then move out of his array
and into the lower left. Dodge the next volley of shots as they come, but
Shokkoh will crush his arms closed so don't go between them.

It then switches it back up. Just learn to dodge the attacks properly and this
will become second nature. And look on the bright side - it's more complex than
some of the next few bosses.

Want to score a lot of damage with your main gun? As long as you have a tight
stream on your satellites, getting right next to the orb will very quickly
increase the damage. This is best done when the laser finger arm is raising,
get away when it starts to lower.

                             NS4.2: Keikan Outpost
Orientation: Vertical

Haul back to the bottom of the screen and take out the two waves that appear.
The large ship that arrives releases multiple lasers and leaves. Take him out
with a secondary if you so desire, but getting your satellites now is very

Stay in the moddle of the screen now as more waves arrive. You could pick one
of the big ships that arrive on the side and down it, but it's not ultimately
important. The next big ship comes straight up the middle, however, so if you
can't take one out quickly, dodge to the side. Take out the remaining waves to
refill your secondary if you had to use it.

As you enter the structure, there will be large structures moving back and
forth. Retreat to the bottom of the screen and fire upon them until they are
destroyed utterly. After their chamber there are some flamethrowers. Move past
them after they fire and _when_ there is enough space at the top of the screen
for your SHN-Fighter.

After the flames, there will be some more mobile blockades. After these,
switch to a sideways satellite position and take out the turrets on the right
and waves on the left. Switch to a forward shot as you go around the corner
with the waves on the right.

Switch back to a forward spread and destroy the turret from below and the
wave on the right. Switch back to side for the wave, if you must, but back to
front for the blockades just ahead. As these blockades travel down at you, do
not shy away from blasting the last one in your way with a secondary if you
have to.

When you're out of there, take out the waves but pay mind to the large ship.
Dodge to the side if it gets the drop on you. Refill your secondary weapon on
the multiple blue coins here.

Keep a forward shot for the following blockades, and hit the turret with one of
your side streams. Destroy the waves coming from above and before the fire at
the bottom of the next wall can blow again, sneak onto the lefthand side. Shoot
the turrets here with a side shot.

I'd take the right on the next one normally, there's only one large ship here.
If not, you have to pass some flamethrowers and waves, stay back until there's
enough room for you on top, charge forward when they stop blowing, and stick to
the far left.

Pass teh next few flamethrowers as you just did. There will be some turrets on
the lower wall, strike these down with the side cannon, but quickly change back
to a forward shot to compensate for the waves that arrive here.

                       ********Miniboss: Senten********

As the miniboss approaches, get in past his outer rim. Those black bars, by the
way, will not destroy you. You can move all around the centre, important.

Senten's core will spin. It has four guns that will fire as it spins. Move
around the centre firing upon it while staying between the streams. Of course,
change your satellite position as you go around.

 .'  B  '.    -When you are at the top, switch to a back shot.
'         '
'S       S'   -At the sides, switch to a side shot.
'         '
 '.  F  .'    -And of course, a forward shot at the bottom.

When he stops firing the streams, get to 12 or 6 o'clock around him and get
ready to dodge the shots from his outer rim cannons. There will be a little pie
wedge that you can stay in that will move a bit. Stay here and concentrate on
avoiding him until he starts his normal streams again.

If you want to rack up serious damage with the primary weapon, switch to a
forward shot and rest your satellites on top of its core. Fire away. Never let
a gun in front of you, however, and if the outer rim cannons line up with you
get out of the way right away.


There will be multiple waves now - take this as an opportunity to refill your
special meter. The big ships arrive once more. Middle, sides, middle. When the
waves come two by two, you will need to line up with at least one of them and
use forward satellites to get both.

Soon, you will enter a metal tunnel. After the first orange blocks there will
be a wave or two, take them out but pay attention to the invincible spinning

When it stops, pass it. Pick a side for the pait above. Stay between the guns
on the turret proper until you are on their side. Let them stop, then pass to
the north.

Stay to the protected sides of the orange blocks for the next turret. Slip back
in line after the block and fire at the turrets here. Switch to a side cannon
now. As the cannons appear on the upper side of blocks, hit them with the side
cannon. When they appear on the bottom, you can try the side, but taking out
_one_ with the spread of a forward shot may be the best way. Either way, shift
your fighter's position in line with the openings whenever you come to them.

When it speeds up, you are leaving the wall turrets section. Stay at the back
and fire like crazy at the blockades that approach. If you have to, use the
orange blocks here as a shield as you take out only one side of them. It
shouldn't be a huge issue though.

                         ********Boss: Tessemi********

Tessemi crawls along the wall at the top of the screen. It's much more simple
than Shokkoh, but keep an eye out.

As it walks up and down, it fires many streams of bullets. It only shoots red
bullets when it moves forward. The first burst usually has a stream that goes
straight down the middle, so be sure to be to the side when it starts down at

Otherwise, stay near the bottom and continually fire while making little shifts
in position to dodge the green bullets slowly coming towards you.

A little over halfway destroyed, it will begin to launch large green orbs at
your ship. Stay still, then move when they appear. They move briefly, note
your position, then fly at you. Work your way from one side of the screen to
the other. Please beware when Tessemi goes down again, he will probably still
do red shots.

It does alternate back to green shots, so just keep up your pattern and it
should fall.

                             NS4.3: Naizoh Habitat
Orientation: Horizontal

There will be many blue cell enemies flying onscreen from the righthand side.
Now, if you have Raydion, just give it a short burst whenever they get close.
Otherwise, keep firing and dodging to the best of your ability, but stay near
the bottom of the screen. There will be a wave of red cells down here. Destroy
them for your first satellite. Get up a bit and destoy another wave for your

Continually shoot these waves as they arrive, but after the cells, there will
be giant maggots. These maggots don't pose much of a threat, however they are
large and take up much of the screen. Either fire on them with the primary and
dodge them when you have to or shoot them once witht he secondary.

Anyways, the first maggot goes across the top, not too important. The second
one goes from top to bottom, so it's a fair target. As the third arrives, you
will have to contend with a ground crawler. these malformed husks crawl along
the ground firing at your SHN-Fighter. Pump them full of lead though be sure to
take out some waves as well. The third maggot goes to the right.

As the fourth maggot arrives, a tusk will jutt out on the right side of the
screen from the crater mark here. Stay back and fire on it, this will also take
out the rolling enemy en route. A maggot will be travelling right, duck beneath

Stay back and fire at the maggots going up and down in the pit just ahead.
Destroy the waves of red cells but watch out for the crater here - it has a
tusk. Stay back as you destroy the turrets, crawler, and tusks. At the end,
there is a maggot so use your secondary. If you sneak past it, go up as there
is a tusk on the bottom path - so you will likely be going up either way.

There is an acid thrower at the bottom anyways, throwing jets of acid into
the air. Instead, take the top path and destroy the top tusk after the acid
jet. Once it is destroyed, switch to an up and down formation and destroy the
turret on the ground. Switch back to a forward shot and take out the next
tusks before the next acid geyser. Wait for the geyser to spit acid, then sneak
on past.

There will be large bone circles coming up. There is a gap in this circle, go
inside of it. Stay near the top of it so the acid jet does not hit it. Use a
forward shot for the first wave, then a backshot for the next two waves. Whever
the bone circles open right, slip through to the next circle. The next wave,
after the red structure, is a forward issue and the one following is for the

As you head up, use an up and down shot for the two waves, the switch to a
forward shot as you realign to go right. You will be assaulted from all sides
by blue cells. Rapidly fire and rapidly switch between formations to keep them
at bay. Raydion is extremely useful here.

When you arrive at a tunnel, stay near the right of the screen, as the tusk
doors close.

                       ********Miniboss: Hishin********

Hishin walks forward. It spurts energy from the top and will now and then
launch a rolling, bouncing enemy. Basically, the energy balls are "lobbed,"
that is, they ar esubject to gravity and travel in a parabola. 

As such, you can stay near Hishin and move back when it is on the ground,
but when the screen shifts so it is on the top of the screen - get the hell
away from it. Stay near the bottom and dodge the energy balls as they fall

As for the bouncing rolling enemies, they make a distinct sound when they
are lobbed. NEVER let Hishin close you in or else they will hit you with
their shots OR themselves. Staying a distance here makes the fight longer
but at least spares you some regrettable deaths.

So pump it full of whatever you've got as it is fara way. When it moves forward
switch to an up and down formation, then backwards and hit it as you pass it.

Careful evasion is the name of the game here, and definitely use your secondary
weapon to speed it up.


Keep a forward shot trained as you head right again. Destroy the waves, but
adjust your position so you first take out the turret, and then the crawler.
Stay near the back as you approach the large metal urchins. When they blow up
they launch shots, so you will want room to dodge.

You soon arrive at a wall, select an up and down shot here. Fire at the wave
coming in fromt he small opening, but also the urchin and tusk above you. After
the first two tusks, switch to a backshot and take out the next wave. Then
switch back to an up and down shot. Train your shots on that big urchin, but
switch position to meet those waves from the back when necessary.

Switch to a backshot when the screens tarts to move right again. Take out the
wave, the switch to a forward shot for the tusks and crawlers. Use a secondary
shot on one if necessary but don't go crazy as the boss is just ahead.

                       ********Boss: Mushikera********

Mushikera is pretty simplistic, though it may take you by surprise unless you
pay attention. The weak spot is the eye in the middle of the wall.

Mushikera will launch white orbs that expplode into a radially burst of shots
when hit. The best thing to do is explode them at a distance so the shots are
extremely thin when they get to you - easy to dodge then.

When mushikera closes its eye, stay where you are until it opens it. It
launches a wave of blue cells forward. If your secondary can't deal with them,
dodge to the bottom of the screen. You need to stay in line with the eye until
it starts firing, otherwise Mushikera seems to shoot a wider berth of shots.

Basically, you have to pound it in the eye from the back of the screen until
it is destroyed. The pattern is easy, though it can get hairy at times.
Concentrate on evasion and it will eventually fall.

                             NS4.4: Shinkai Bay
Orientation: Vertical

Stay near the lower right and start hitting the waves as soon as they appear.
Destroy these two lines and if the laser ships arrive, dodge and grab your two
satellites. Three of these laser ships will arrive. They aim at your SHN
fighter and launch some lasers. Make them aim, dodge, and return fire.

Another set of waves like at the start will appear now. Great if you missed out
on one of the satellites. A big yellow ship will arrive here, it shoots a
spread shot forward. You can concentrate fire on this guy while staying at the
bottom to dodge shots, or quickly down him with a secondary.

After a few more waves, there will be three more laser ships. You have two
satellites now so destroy them as they arrive and before they can fire. Get to
the centre of the screen for the next wave, and you can stay here for the next
three after this and before the turret.

These turrets fire a wave of shots as they swivel to and fro. Keep a forward
shot trained, and take it out. There is a laser turret on the left, but take
out the wave from the right and the spread turret from above.

Keep a forward shot trained on the waves as the screen starts to turn. Switch
to a side shot and take out the turret and waves. When you see some blocks in
the way, switch back to a forward shot and take it out. If you can do it quick
enough, switch to a side shot and take out the laser cannon.

Go left and there's some blocks ahead of you. Take them out with the forward
shot. Keep firing as more block barriers show up. Stay forward.

There will be robots here that aim and fire a few shots. Either hit them
rapidly or use a secondary. THough that may be best used at the large yellow
ship just past the robots.

Take out the wave of two ships that comes up.

                       ********Miniboss: Umihebi********

Umihebi is a mechanical sea snake that jumps out of the water and fires shots.
Do __not__ waste secondary weapons on it unless you want to take it out fast.
It is only on your plane briefly, meaning you have a small window to hit it
each time. However, this miniboss is largely non-threatening so don't fire
your secondary all helter skelter.

When it jumps out of the water, fire at its head, then dodge to the side. The
snake shoots stremas of red shots, and a starburst of green shots. Dodge the
reds left and right, then stay between the green streams. Stay at the bottom
of the screen and there WILL be enough room to dodge the reds again.

You can stay at the bottom of the screen dodging left and right and get enough
shots in to destroy it quickly. Otherwise, you can move everywhere giving
yourself a wide berth and hit it only a few times during each repetition.


After the two laser ships, take the right path on the split. Switch to a side
shot and destroy one of the blockade blocks coming up while destroying the wave
to the right.

Stay behind the wall as you head north. a turret rakes around in a circle with
a large purple laser. stay behind the wall until it finishes. Take the
righthand path up and destroy the ships on the left with a sideshot. Switch to
a forward shot for the next bunch waves.

Just after the next blockade, there will be another large laser cannon. Let it
start around and head to the right of it. Take a side position for your
satellites and destroy teh first wave. As youd estroy the second wave, move
up between those closing walls.

Keep an eye on the laser turrets, but switch to a forward shot and destroy the
swivel turret. Start to destroy the long wave fromt he north and move up and
in before the doors close, as you are destroying the wave.

You again come up to some laser turrets. Switch to a side cannon and take out
the first one on a wall shooting horizontally and the one shooting vertically.
Try to destroy the third but don't worry too much about it, make it through the
door above all else.

With the moving laser turrets, destroy one then focus on the wave, move through
the door. In here, stay between the streams of fire and whip through the door
as soon as possible.

Destroy the laser ship, dodge the turret, and you will be at a blockade again.
Fire on it straight ahead. Keep firing at them but if they get too close blast
them with a secondary.

Switch to a sideshot as you emerge and take out the turret and waves. switch to
a forward shot for the three laser turrets along the wall. Keep it up...

                       ********Boss: Ishigani********

This awesome cool crab is making rap gestures with its claws. It's a shame to
destroy this beacon of rad, but alas... that is the tragedy of Nanostray 2.

Ishigani lets out a wave of red shots. Stay at the bottom of the screen and
head away from the crab when he starts to fire. When the shots come close, fly
between them. You may have to pass through two or three streams, but it's no
problem if you give him a wide enough berth.

When Ishigani stops firing rd shots, he will fire awesome golden lasers. These
lasers bend towards your SHN-fighter and fly forward quickly. Stay near the
bottom until the lasers bend then dodge away from them.

If you keep firing all the while, Ishigani quickly falls. Though its attacks
are constant, it is a large target and thus quickly destroyed. Its whole body
is vulnerable, after all.

                           NS4.5: Daitoshi Station
Orientation: Vertical

Start on the left and destroy the waves as they pop up. once this wave is
destroyed, head over and destroy the next one. Collect both satellite power ups
and destroy the next few waves, even switch to a side shot if you have to.

Eventually, some larger ships will appear. These open their cannons and fire a
spray of shots. They have a lot of endurance so you may want to use a secondary
on them. HOWEVER, there are many so that soon gets expensive. Start shooting
near them and move back.

The ships that look like this:
 /     \
|       |
|   _   |
\  ( )  /
 \ | | /
  \| |/
   \ /

WIll fire a screen-length laser out. So gte out of their way when they get to
the top. Dodge to the side and continue to pound them until they drop. After
these laser ships, there will be a large missile ship. Stay back for this guy
and use a secondary if you _must- but it's not necessary. Keep the shots up and
dodge as the missiles fly toward you.

There will be another missile ship after a few more waves of enemies. Again,
stay near the back of the screen and you should be able to down it. A large
structure will arrive.

Keep a forward shot trained and stay near the left. Use its side spray (the
side spray of the forward shot) to hit the two laser turrets ont he right hand
side. Then begint o follow the path inward. Switch to a side shot and take out
the turrets on the right then left. Simply pass them if you can't destroy them

You want to destroy the next guy asap as a large bullet spray ship will arrive
shortly. Destroy it then focus on the big ship. Keep your shots forward and
destroy the next few laser turrets. The forward mode will also allow you to
take care of the approaching waves as well.

Laser ships will arrive again, dodge their lasers, and focus ont he bullet
sprayer that appears next. Get the waves as per usual.

Keep your shots forward. Destroy the laser turret that appears on the left of
the screen, then stay near the back of the screen - the two bullet sprayers
should fall to you if you take them on from back here. As you enter the narrow
passage, a missile ship will appear. Keep firing, but stay near the left wall
so you can more easily dodge the missile. There will be quite a few waves now
before the miniboss, so refill your secondary.

                        ********Miniboss: Tembi********

Tembi is a humanoid robot. He has two main attacks - a green wave of shots and
large energy balls. The balls of energy start slow then slope towards your ship
and the green waves come in three waves of many bullets. Tembi will use the
energy balls from two positions on the screen, then the green waves, then the
balls, and so on.

When Tembi uses the energy balls, get on the other side of the screen and fire
at tembi. Move out of the way as the balls fly before you. So stop, dodge,
stop, dodge, stop, dodge for each burst of three.

For the green waves, stay at the other side of the screen, NOT in line with
Tembi. Go between the bullets as they spread out, and as I said do not stay in
line with Tembi - in case he flies toward you next.

Throughout the fight, just keep dodging and firing. Adjust your satellites so
that you are always aimed at Tembi.


Four waves will approach now. Use a forward shot for the first two, and a side
shot for the remaining. Switch back to a forward shot and destroy the laser
turret that appears on the righthand structure.

As you enter the passage, start shooting yellow blocks and stay near the left.
Do not worry about laser cannons, simply dodge the lasers and focus on the
blocks. Keep firing on them and use a secondary if they get too too close.

There will be laser ships appearing on either side of the screen now. Fly up
next to them and shoot them down. Stay in the space they leave behind to avoid
the lasers of the others. But do NOT use the topmost laser ship - waves will
arrive between the two instances of laser ships here.

There will be numerous waves now, clean up so your secondary is full for the

                        ********Boss: Ginyoku********

Ginyoku is a large, spinning boss. You will need to stay between its blades for
much of the battle. Ginyoku alternates between two main attacks - a raking
laser and a spread of bullets.

When Ginyoku turns its blades on its sides, it is going to fire bullets. They
kind of go like this:
     || X     While Ginyoku's spread isn't quite this wide, it does show the
     || X     side from which bullets are spread out (X).
    (  )
X  // X\\
X //  X \\
 \/      \/

When Ginyoku spins clockwise while firing a spread, stay up near the top of the
blade oppiste the bullets' point of egress. When the boss spins counter
clockwise, stay near the main body of Ginyoku and beneath the point of egress
if possible.

When Ginyoku has finished a spread it next goes to a laser rake. A laser will
emerge from its body and rake across the screen. You need to get between the
blade and the laser.

Ginyoku's arm/
'-._'-._ ( )      will always have two paired legs and one singular.
    ||       ||  ||->
  ( () )     ( () )      The trick to moving past it is to stay near the single

  ( () )     ( () )      The trick to moving past it is to stay near the single

*Challenge B.1
Task: Collect 40 yellow coins
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Seeker

You get four shots with Seeker, you could get more with Ion Strike but you need
the speed of Seeker.

Collect the yellow coins ass they appear and hit the robots with Seeker as soon
as they appear. Collect their coins immediately. There are three robots.

Keep firing your primary weapon but hit part of the first wave with your seeker
as well. You want to get a satellite NOW. If you get two satellites, you can
fend off all of the waves as theya ppear, meaning you won't miss the coins.

*Challenge B.2
Task: Survive
Time Limit: 20 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

Raydion is a must for this Challenge. You will fly into a structure littered
with cannons...

Alright, shoot the ships that appear or burst raydion if you must. The
satellite should be kept in forward shot formation.

As you fly through, dodge the laser turrets and raydion the bullet turrets.

When you approach the end and the turrets are on the opposite side of the wall,
protected from your shots, use raydion to quickly dispatch them even through
the walls themselves.

*Challenge B.3
Task: collect 48 Yellow Coins
Time Limit: 10 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

You are surrounded by many boxes start at the top and spin around using
Raydion. Collect all the coins as they head into the centre.

You WANT it staggered like this so that if you do them all at once they won't
disappear. You want ALL of the coins.

*Challenge B.4
Task: Score 50000 points
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Seeker

Stay at the top and hit that wave as they appear. As a large yellow ship
appears below, fire your seeker. Make sure there are no waves on hand though.
Take the satellite and position yourself centrally.

Shoot the next big yellow asap and start collecting the coins of the first
before the next wave appears. Down this wave. Get the second satellite and
collect the second big yellow's coins.

For the wave approaching from the right, use a forward shot and fly up and
down to hit them all. Fire a seeker at each big yellow that appears and use
an up and down orientation for your satellites for the remaining waves.

*Challenge B.5
Task: Destroy 15 Waves
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

Not as bad as it seems. Again, this one is reactionary. Mostly.

Pick a side, either left or right as the ships arrive at the start. Shoot at
one and use the Raydion to clobber both.

You will get two satellites. But them to your side. Destroy all waves that
appear and use the Raydion for any that are very thick or look like they will
get away. Never mind the robots, you can get 16/17 waves without them.

*Challenge B.6
Task: Survive
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

The screen will spin and ships will arrive from the openings in the walls. This
is an exercise in dodging.

Stay near the centre of the screen and any time a ship comes near shoot it if
it is from the front or give a quick burst of the Raydion from any other side.
Just TAP the button for Raydion and it _will_ last you this whole stage. Dodge
the bullets then get back intot he centre.

*Challenge B.7
Task: Survive
Time Limit: 20 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: None

You're between four invincible bullets praying turrets. Essentially, this is a
a weaving exercise. Stay at the top centre until about 10/8 seconds. Weave your
way back into the centre now and dodge until time runs out.

This one is really all about your reflexes.

*Challenge B.8
Task: Score 37000 points, do not get hit.
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

Remember if you just TAP the button for Raydion, it gives a quick burst of
electricity that will still hit everything around you as it normally functions.

Anyways, all of those cells come down around you. They spiral in. When the
cells start to spiral back out, give the biggest clump of them a jolt with

If you tap it correctly, you should have enough juice to take you through the
stage. Otherwise, if you have just over 30000 the nanogauge should allow you
to string enough cells together to make up the difference. Given enough time
of course.

                     -=-=-=-NS6.C: Challenge Set C-=-=-=-

*Challenge C.1
Task: Survive
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: None

Pull back from the structure as you make your approach. Wait for the turrets to
fire their first volley then move past the first pair, up around the wall and
then pass the second pair.

It will be around 21 seconds now. Stay in the little alcove at the top of the
screen as the next turret fires. Whent he shot passes beneath you, pass by the
turret and stay to the right of it.

At the end there is a flamethrower, nothing to worry about because you are not
going down there. Stay near the opening at the top of the screen. When the
screen starts back left around 12 seconds, let any shots pass you before
heading through the upper path again. Wait for the turret in the tunnel to
fire then pass it. Do not hide int he alcove again.

You can pass the paired set of cannons when they don't fire, around 6 seconds
remaining. Take the _lower path_ here, more room to dodge.

When the timer hits three, you can pass the final pair of turrets and you're
home free.

*Challenge C.2
Task: Score 35000 points
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

Raydion gets so much love in the challenges. You need to fly by the waves of
ships and hit them with electricity. Make sure to fly opposite of their
direction to minimize power use. If you die during one wave but manage to
destroy it before it leaves, you can still win. May be the way to refill
your secondary meter, but use blue coins as much you can.

*Challenge C.3
Task: Collect 12 yellow coins
Time Limit: 33 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: None

There's a definite pattern here.

1. The first coin is right above you. Grab it and pull back.
2. Fly up and right, just below the flamethrower. Grab the coin.
3. After they blow, fly up and grab the third coin.
4. Take the yellow coin below the brown block as you fly left.
5. Grab the fifth above the flamethrower.
6, 7, 8: They're at the top of the run. Get hit with a flamethrower and use
         your temporary invulnerability to grab all three.
9. Grab the new coin under the brown block as you head back down.
10. Stay to the left as you head down and wait for the flamethrowers
   (horizontal) to blow. Grab the yellow coin beneath them to the left.
11, 12: When you see the last two coins, get hit by fire then quickly snatch
        them up.

You have 99 lives, yes, but only lose them when the screen doesn't move. Any
notion otherwise could screw you out of grabbing a coin.

*Challenge C.4
Task: Destroy 20 waves
Time Limit: 33 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

Oh Raydion, lovely. This stage is pretty straight forward. Use your primary
weapon on enemies in front of you and Raydion on those above, below or behind

Essentially, start out by taking the first wave with your primary as they
emerge and teh secondary with Raydion. Get your satellites and start firing and
never stop (with the primary).

Everytime you destroy some waves, get the blue coin. Raydion should be used in
the shortest bursts necessary. For the vertical wave near the end, use the
primary weapon.

*Challenge C.5
Task: Survive
Time Limit: 45 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: None

45 seconds: Move north. Top middle.
40 seconds: Move into the centre. Move down and right between the walls until
            the moving barricades get out of the way.
36: Move back up to the top middle. Move left, down, right between the two
32: Move left, down, right to the middle. Move to the top middle and back to
    the left.
24: Move down, right, and up into the top middle.
12: Move to the bottom middle, just between the two small walls. As the
    barricade passes above, head back up to the top middle before the one
    beneath you crushes you.
7: Move left until the barricade passes, move back right and stay there until
   the challenge ends.

*Challenge C.6
Task: Survive
Time Limit: 40 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

Use raydion the first two waves coming at you so you get two satellites. Then,
switch to using a forward shot and destroy the next two waves and take the blue
coins to refill your secondary meter.

Now, use your standard shot to destroy a yellow block to the north. Let's use
the righthand path as it is honestly a little easier despite the sooner gas
vent. Either way, let the gas vent blow, then when you can fly out past it,
Raydion the wall, and wait just before the next vent.

Fire at the blocks past this vent with your primary. After it blows, pass it.

There is a vent spaying north here. Wait beside it as the screen scrolls to the
north. As soon as you see space beyond the red wall, wait for the vent to blow,
and pass it when the coast is clear.

Alright, 18 seconds left. Destroy the waves here you WANT juice for your

When you see the open gap, wait for the gas to vent down. After it disappears,
fly up and use a Raydion blast on the wall to the right. Slip in here where no
gas can hit you.

After the next vent gasses upwards, fly past it and hit the next block with a
Raydion burst. Fly out to freedom.

*Challenge C.7
Task: Collect 35 yellow coins.
Time Limit: 35 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Ion Strike

Ion Strike is key here. It is powerful enough to destroy a cruiser and has at
least 5 uses without recharge.

Essentially, hit the cruisers with an ion strike and collect its five coins.
You need to down 7 of them so you MUST hit all the waves that appear. Destroy
as many cruisers as you can but you should be in position to start recharging
your secondary just as or just after it runs out.

*Challenge C.8
Task: Do not get hit.
Time Limit: 35 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: None

Hug the back of the screen and stay near the middle as the walls taper in
towards the middle of the room.

Head up at the first split.

Head up past the climbing stair of platforms. Then down under the next one.
After you arrive at the bottom of the screen, head back into the middle so
as not to crash into the next wall.

Head down below the next block then back into the middle to pass between the
two walls. This is the 21 second mark and halfway through the level.

Head down below the next wall and back into the centre as the platforms taper
in towards the middle. So you want to stay central.

After the tapering, head down below the wall, then up over the next as soon
as you pass under. Then back intot he middle to pass between two walls.

Stay central. When you pass throught he middle of an "J" and "7" shaped walls,
go up above the next block then back into the middle.

Stay below the longer, mishapen structure and move up to the middle after the
small platform that follows it.

Fly beneath the long platform, between the two long platfroms, then take the
twisty path in the lower portion of the next structure. Get central again.

Dodge the block then stay central for the next tapering. Dodge again then stay
dead centre for the final tapering, the tunnel is just big enough to squeeze
your SHN-Fighter through.

                     -=-=-=-NS6.D: Challenge Set D-=-=-=-

*Challenge D.1
Task: Collect 18 yellow coins
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Seeker

Kind of cheap, but the best way to do this is to die halfway through to refill
your weapon. Shoot the crawlers at point blank range with the seeker. After
you have killed three AND collected their coins, die and get the last three
with your new payload of Seekers.

Kind of cheap, but it works.

*Challenge D.2
Task: Survive
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

This one is about proper Raydion management. Stay behind rocks as the screen
scrolls and use raydion to blast any turrets that do get close to you. Blast
ONLY those that are going to be in the way of you, and hide behind rocks as
the screen scrolls.

Dodge the shots until the stage ends.

*Challenge D.3
Task: Score 1200 points, do not die.
Time Limit: 25 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Shock Mines

As you move right, hit the rolling, bouncing enemies with shockmine sand your
primary weapon. The shock mines will kill them on contact. If you can get two
or three in a row as the nanogauge is still full, you will easily pass it.

Once you have 1200 points, retreat below the platforms at the end for safety.
Otherwise, destroy the dudes near the end.

*Challenge D.4
Task: Collect 15 yellow coins, do not get hit.
Time Limit: 15 Seconds
Orientation: Vertical
Recommended Weapon: None

When you start, you are invulnerable. Make EXCELLENT use of this time. Grab the
two coins down near the vents, grab the one at the left first, then the one at
the right, and then grab the four yellow coins in the spinning skeletal circle.
Pass out to its side before your invulnerability runs out.

At the VERY least, get the two coins nearest the vent while you are still

Move to the top of the screen now and take the coins here.

As for the coins in the skeletal rings, wait until they open to the top so the
acid vents are then blocked and cannot spray you.

*Challenge D.5
Task: Collect 7 yellow coins, do not get hit.
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

Essentially, there are mashers and there are turrets. When a masher opens and
you can see space beyond it, you can pass. Use the Raydion to destroy any
turrets with _quick bursts_, just _tap_ the button.

Collect the yellow coins at one point before moving past the next set of

*Challenge D.6
Task: Collect 12 yellow coins, do not get hit.
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: Raydion

Iron balls will be destroyed in a quick Raydion burst, so it is the weapon of

Start with the ball right below you. Dodge the shots after youd estroy it and
take its two coins.

Head down and right when the gears spin out of the way and destroy the ball

Now, on the righthand side, there will be two balls close together. Even so,
destroy one at a time to reduce the amount of bullets onscreen.

As you head back left, yse Raydion on the turret here. Simply destroy the
balls as you head down. You COULD destroy the two final ones together, as you
will have plenty of room to move around here.

*Challenge D.7
Task: Collect 4 yellow coins, do not get hit.
Time Limit: 15 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: None

While still invulnerable, take the lower left coin and move to the lower right
and take this one. Move now to the upper right and take this coins. Wait now
for the red turret to fire, dodge and pass over it, and grab the final coin.

*Challenge D.8
Task: Survive
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Orientation: Horizontal
Recommended Weapon: None

This one is all about dodging.

At 25 seconds, stay in the centre and the screen will start to spin.
At 20 seconds, the spray gets pretty thick. When there is a spray like this
you need to stay near the centre as the spray thins out and weave between the
globs of acid.

Really guys, this one is all you. It;s about relfexes and your ability to weave
between shots.

But as a guide line, when a spray si coming fromt he side, stay below the
spray's poiint of egress.

When it is from below and quite large, you will need to head to the centre and
find an opening.

|                               NS7: Simulators                              |

Simulators are minigames you unlock by completing the Challenge Mode. Though
they serve as diversions they do not lack finesse.


Nanobreak is a breakout style minigame where you must hit the ball with a

The paddle is controlled with the stylus. You can use it to whap the ball back
at the bricks.

                      ( )
   ( )                 ^
    ^                  ^
    ^                  ^
==========         ==========
==========         ==========

Still paddle.      Hitting with the paddle.

You really do have to wack the ball. If you wack it by pulling the paddle from
low in the field of movement up and striking the ball, the ball will fly a
better tdistance than if you were to just let it hit the paddle.

( )    ( )     ( )
  *     *      *
   *    *     *

The ball as well will fly depending on where it hits the paddle. Hitting it on
the side of the paddle will cause it to ave a more severe arc to that

        ( )     ( )
       *       *
     *     *

Now, if you are moving the paddle on an angle, hitting the ball in the centre
of the paddle will cause it be angled, and hitting it on the side will cause it
to have a more severe tilt.

|              |
|              |
|              |
|              |
/              \


The playing field has a large gap on the bottom. The ball can be lost off of
the sides, but you can move the paddle anywhere in this area. Within the
playing field you will encounter obstacles to block you, blocks for points,
and glowing orbs that split your ball into two.

This is all very simple but there is one dangerous happening:

If a ball is coming down on an almost 180 degree angle, almost completely
horizontal. The best way to handle this is to hit it with the middle of the

If it is going towards the side and isn't in the playing field, try to block
it off completely there by making a L or J with the wall, but if it is in the
playing field, hit it in the centre. It may not go very far at first, but at
least you can break it out of its path.


Orb: 500 Points
Barrel: 1000 Points
Cone: 3000 Points

Nanorush is a simple game. Simply use the control pad to steer your craft as
you fire at enemies. Fly into orbs to get their points but shoot barrels and

Barrels do not move so you can just line up and shoot them.

Cones are a different story, they fire back. It's best to wait for them to
fire, let it pass, line up with them and pulversie them with your own attack.

It gets very thick as you go on, but try to keep this style up as you zip
around walls and destroy enemies.


Nanotorque is a difficult though addicting asteroids style game. Essentially,
there are blocks here you must fire upon to spin them around. Each block has a
green and a red half, and you need to have same colours hit each other.

  +-+-+           +------+           +------------+
  | | |           |      |           |            |
  | | |           |______|           |____________|
  | | |           |      |           |            |
  | | |           |      |           |            |
  +-+-+           +------+           +------------+

  Thin             Medium               Large

The size also determines the speed at which they can spin. The larger blocks
cannot spin nearly as well. Spin is also determined by wehre you shoot the
block itself. If you shoot it on the corner, the block will be spun more
violently around in that direction, shooting it near the centre may confuse
the spin and make it more spin more slowly.

Volume of shots is the third decding factor here. The more you fire, the more
it will spin to compensate. Of course, if you fire too much, it may spin back
or spin to far. Short bursts are the best way to hit things here.

When two opposite colours collide, you lose 8 seconds and a burst of shots is
released. These shots will turn any other block they come in contact with, so
watch out.

Making same colours collide adds four seconds to your clock, as does collecting
a +4 item.

The ship can be destroyed by collidign with a block or getting hit with their
explosion. However, the game is not over until the timer reaches 0.

So, stay near the centre and try to direct same colours into one another. If
there is only one block onscreen at a time, it is almost not worth spinning it
until another comes along. You see, the biggest flaw with Nanotorque is that
a block can suddenly appear on the side. Now, this may result in -8 or +4 if
something hits it, but there's no way to know what's coming. Just take it in


Nanogrid is much like Qix, or even Duncan's Thin Ice. You can hold down the
button to draw a line. This line must be drawn around the mobile items between
the grid lines. These grid lines mark your only points of movement, and drawing
a line around an item will destroy it and earn you points.

Consequently, drawing a line around more than one results in a multiplier.

Enemies are here too, however, and like Qix, if they touch you or your line
you will lose a chance. I have surrounded enemies and they did not perish, so
for now I believe you will just have to avoid them.

Along the while, there are small items that appear on the gridlines. Pick these
up for a small amount of points, though sometimes when I have included them in
my line's path I've received a mulitiplier upon destroying an item. Worth a try
though it seems kind of up in the air.

As time marches on, there will be an abundance of enemies. At this point it
becomes more about getting those small items, and taking the few chances you
can get to encapsulate an item.

|                              NS8: Unlockables                              |

Nanostray 2 has a handful of unlockables, beyond the little stars you get on
the menu for clearing difficulty levels.

                            ---Challenge Sets---

Challenges are arranged in sets, A through D. You must complete a set to unlock

Challenge Set B: Complete Challenge Set A
Challenge Set C: Complete Challenge Set B
Challenge Set D: Complete Challenge Set C

                           ---Arcade Mode Levels---

The Arcade mode levels must be unlocked in Adventure Mode. You merely have to
play these stages to unlock them, and each stage unlocks its respectvie
appearance in Arcade.

Therefore, it may be worthwhile to play the game in different orders until you
catch em' all.


Simulators are little minigames you can unlock by completing sets of challenges
in the challenge mode.


This is a breakout style game that you control with the stylus. Unlock
Nanobreak by completing Challenge Set A.


This is a 3D minigame that I guess is kind of like Hyperzone... but not quite.
It's pretty rad, unlock it by completing Shallenge Set B.


Nanotorque is an awesome Asteroids style minigame, where you need to shoot
blocks of two colours so that one colour spins into the same colour on another
block. Complete Challenge Set C for this.


Nanogrid is kind of like Qix, but more like Duncan's Thin Ice on the
Intellivision. You need to draw lines around items to score while avoiding
enemies. Unlock it via Challenge Set D.

|                                NS9: Credits                                |

Many thanks to the folks behind the Nanostray series for bringing something to
the DS that it severely lacks. And beyond that, it's a well made game. Ha ha,
well, keep up the great work Shin'en.

Lots of thanks to Ishigani, for being the next in a long line of awesome crabs
who are also bosses. Clawgrip would be proud.

Thanks of course go out to my hosts, as without them you would not be reading
this guide.

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