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.hack// G.U.
Vol. 3// Redemption

"That's why I'm here."

---In-Depth step-by-step walk through / FAQ 

---(!!!!!)---This Guide has been written by Jon_Fireblade and only by 
Jon_Fireblade. (Unless other wise stated)
You may not copy or reproduce it under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on any other web
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violation of copyright. This guide was written for GameFAQS.com only and is not
for use on other web sites. Any requests to use this guide for anyhting
other then personal use will likely be denied. Thank You.

This guide may contain mild language but
no worse then what you'll hear in the Game.

-------(!!!) -------------------

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-----Table of Contents----

I) Intro. to guide

II) G.U. series
((Area words marked with (Q) are quest shop related areas))

	C) Vol. 3- Redemption
	-- Spreading Shadows --
	1)Universal, Ocean's, Glide
	2)Unseen, Alien, Elf Animal(Q)
	3)Hidden,Forbidden, Hades
	4)Hidden,Forbidden, Hades
	5)Calm, Betrayal's, Longing
	6)Gathering, Familiar, Mascot(Q)
	-- No Choice --
	7)Tournament:Round One 
	8)Wise, Calamity's, Water Mill
	9)Tournament:Round Two
	10) Glowing, Passive, Fairy(Q)
	11)Tournament: Semi Finals
	12)Undercover, Lakeside's, Metal Beast(Q)
	13)Tournament:Final Round
	14)Looming, Muddled, Seer(Q)
	15)Running, Speed's, Rider(Q)
	16)Tourtament: Title Match
	-- Key of the Twilight --
	17)Ethical, Prodigy's, Prophecy
	18)Fading, Moonflower, Glory
	19)Vulnerable, Barren, Safe House(Q)
	20)Undetered, Legerity's, Goblin(Q)
	21)Immersed, Crime's, Paraphrase
	-- Preludes of Battle --
	22)Hidden, Forbidden, Bulwark
	23)Incensed, World's, Build-up
	24) Fleeing, Dismayed, Emotion
	25) Hidden, Forbidden, HolyGround
	-- War of the Epitaphs --
	26)Hidden, Forbidden, Dragonbein
	27)Hidden, Forbidden, Battlefield
	28)Hidden, Forbidden, Bulwark
	29)Hidden, Forbidden, Radiation
	30)Excited, Conflict's, Fate
	31)Hidden, Forbidden, HolyGround

	-- End of Vol. 3 / Post Game --

	- 1)Doppleganger
	- 2)Lost Weapons
	- 3)Hidden Quest: Forest of Pain
	- 4)Quest Champaigns
		a)Highway Master
		b)Stray Mecha Grunty
		c)Lucky Data Collection
		d)Chim's Kicker
		e)Bikman Model
		f)Chase The Bounty
	- 5)Bike Missions
	- 6)Normal Quests
	- 7)Books of 1000
		a)Lucky Animals
	- 8)CrimsonVs
		b)Getting Cards
		c)Suggest Decks

	-- III)Characters and Story Line --

	- 1)Characters
		a)Epitaph Users
		b)'Background' characters
		c)Other Important Characters
	- 2)Story Line
		a)Pre-Morganna Incident
		c)Time of Pluto Again
		h)//Legend of the Twilight
		i)G.U Time period

	-- Frequently Asked Questions --
	- 1)Questions for All 3 Games
	- 2)Questions for Vol 1
	- 3)Questions for Vol 2
	- 4)Questions for vol 3

IV) Credits

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1) Select the item you're looking for from the above table of 
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2) press and hold ctrl (then) f to open a small search  window.
Paste the title of what you're looking for in the shearch box. 

3) Click on 'Find Next' until you see what you're looking for.


----------------------------I) Introduction to Guide------------------------
Welcome back everyone. It's time to get started the the 3rd and final game
of the GU series.  I wanted to thank you all for sending me e-mails
saying you liked the guides for Rebirth and Reminisce. 
I only hope to be able to deliver a guide just as good if not better.

So anyway, after playing Vol 3 in the GU series I'm still not sure what to
make of it. Some parts of it were enjoyable and yet others were on the verge
of being rather annoying. It is by far the most.......how do I say this......
.......different......Ahhh: It had so many good things in it that made
it a fun game. It's just that I honestly wish things would have turned out
a little differnt in the end. It has a different feel to it then any of the
other .hack games. It was good, its just that it was so different: it made
it feel like the odd ball of the series. I don't know. You'll just have to
see for yourselves.

Well anyway, enough of me going on like this. Lets get to the guide.

I'd like to re-cap quickly with what was said in the last guide and also
to add some new information to this guide so please read:

These are the major forms of Media in the .Hack// series:

Going in chronological order-

 .Hack//SIGN (TV series),
 .Hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine (Games)
 .Hack//Legend of the Twilight (TV)
 .Hack//ROOTS (TV)
 .Hack// G.U. Vol: 1 (Rebirth),2 (Reminisce),and 3 (Redemption)

 (.Hack// G.U. Trilogy is a full length CG movie that's due for release
in Japan on January 25,2008. Add another 6 months and you get a rough estiment
on when it will reach the US. Also, it seems the movie will take an alternate
approch in telling the story. AKA: "This is how it could have happend")

 Also note that there are bonus disks that come with each of the four original 
 games and one bonus disk (The Terminal Disk) that comes with the special 
 edition of .Hack//G.U.- Vol. 1-Rebirth.  Also on the normal game disk of
 Vol. 2-Reminisce there is included the first episode of .hack//Roots, AND
also on the normal game disk of Vol. 3 is the 6th episode of ROOTs, Both of
which can be watched through the game's desktop under the movie player.
Moving along:

This guide will take you step-by-step through Vol. 3 Redemption. I will
include the story events, Optional Quests, Hidden Quest, Books of 1000,
leveling up, boss fights, back ground information, and of course other little
odds and ends.

Just like in the last guide this walkthrough DOES contain spoilers, BUT again
like in the last 2 guides I will mark them before hand and have you play ahead.
You will notice that my standard line is: "Watch the scenes, and then come
back and read more." This allows you to play through the game and still enjoy 
all the surprises the story has to offer without spoiling it for yourself.

For now lets get started with this game.

-------------------------------- II) G.U. series  ---------------------------

			.Hack// G.U.

--------------------C) Vol. 3- Redemption --------------------------

--- Game info.
Game length: Moderate 
Average Game time: 25 hours (20-30 hours)
Difficulty: Medium-Hardish

----Over View---
--Gameplay: 9/10- Nothing's perfect but I really enjoyed the combat in this
volume. It felt like you were almost playing a different game instead of the
same game with a continued story line.
--Music: 10/10- It fits perfectly, and I mean Perfectly.
--Graphics: 9/10 - granted it can't compare to some 
Final Fantasy CG movies, but it's the next best thing.
--Voice Acting: 9/10 - only on rare occasions did I 
think it might have been better, but even then not by much.
--Replay Value: 8/10- Replay value ok. I mean it's a fine enough series
that you'll probably want to play through the games more then once.
--Story Line: 10/10- Really this one is an odd ball of the whole
series even more so the Reminisce. But then they were trying to make the
games feel differnt from each other.

Overall rating: 8/10 - I personally think it was just slightly under par
with the other two games. In the overall ranking I think it was pretty good,
but  not truly great. Still don't be dissapointed, that's just what I think.
I still say that as a series it's one of the best I've ever played: Good game
play, amazing music, great graphics, and a story worthy to be called .Hack// .

--- Getting started-
I'm going to mention here that you guys using my guide will probably enjoy
the game more than I did. The reason is that I'll be explaining things as you
go along and helping you out. Where as the first time I played the game I was
on the verge of going nuts from not being sure what to do and when to do it. I
mean there isn't a huge amount of stuff such as a game like Final Fantasy 12,
but there's enough that you'll probably be glad to have advice if you're
like me.

Ok then, First things first. 

-------People Converting from Vol. 2 Reminisce.--------------

Those of us who went and bought the first and second game,
you will be glad to know that you will indeed keep the following things from 
the last game: Items, EXP, party list, equipment, money, Guild Rank, affection
rating, and lots of other stuff. As long as you have the cleared data
from the second game you can keep all that stuff mentioned above. For now read
on and I'll walk you through getting your data converted.

-------People starting a new game from scratch.-------------

Well, for you who are starting new; this is going kind of suck. 
When you start a new game you will be given a certain amount of stuff 
to help you out, but honestly you got your work cut out for you. See,
people converting had the chance to earn  extra money, level up, 
and do extra stuff before they started into the this game. You on the 
other hand won't have that opportunity. Here's a list of stats for
when you start a new game:

-Level 93
-Skill level: TwinSword-20, BroadSword-20, Scythe-20

-Twin swords: Level 91 Wind Haven 
-Broad Sword: Level 92 Wrath Fenlong
-Scythe: Level 75 Ticking Death
-Armor: Level 90 Vigil Dragon
-Accessory: Level 90 Simple Handbag

-Items: Healing Potion x15, Fairy Drop x10,Revival Medicine x10, 
Life Scrolx2.

-Money: 15,000 GP

Honestly I don't know what to tell you other then good luck.
You're going to need it.

As you put in the disk take time to watch the opening movie play before you
get to the main menu. Don't skip it. It's pretty good, not my favorite. But

As the main menu comes up notice that you no longer have the Convert Option
from Vol 1. Basicly you'll find it the same system as vol 2.
Go ahead and start a new game. If you beat Vol. 2 and have
the data on the same memory card you will get a message that reads as follows:

-"If you have clear data from .hack//GU vol 2: Reminisce, you can use it to
begin .hack//GU vol 3: Redemption. Begin game by converting?"

Obviously you want to select "yes" because otherwise you'll waste all the work
you did in the last game.

You will be asked to chose the save file to start a new game with.

-Once you do that you will get another message:
"You will recive a bonus for converting clear data from Vol. 2 Reminisce.
If your inventory is full, items will be stored in you guild storage."

Sweet! Not only do you get to keep your stuff from the last game but they
give you a double reward for just beating the last game. 

Here is the list of what you get: Holy Arrow x10,Hell Raiser x10,The Wheel x10,
Warrior Soul x15, Wizard Soul x15 and 10,000 GP. And last but not least:
a movie added to your desktop Movie player.

So anywho. Watch and enjoy the opening scenes, and there is a large amount
of them. So kick back and relax. Feel free to read ahead AFTER you finish all
those scenes. I mean like ALL of them. Come back when you arrive at your
desktop and we'll take it from there.


Movie- Ovan and the Girl
Short Version/Main points: This game opens with a movie
that sheds some light on Ovan's past, which until this game
has been pretty clouded. The the Vets of the series will probably
flip a lid, like I did, when they see the cover of the book Ovan
was holding.

In the Cut sceens following the opening movie you are given yet
more information. Ovan states the fact that once, seven years ago, there
was a godess that existed in the game. And of course those who havnt played
the original games are probably getting pretty pi$$ed I keep bringing it up
and they still have no idea what the F*** is going on. well good news for you
my firends. By the end of this guide I promise you will know everything 
important that happened in the old games and everything else that goes
with it.

Back to the movies: 

1- Aina was attacked by AIDA and could not be cured by Ovan's Avatar.
Well that sucks.

2-You realize that Ovan's incased arm is losing some of it's
effectiveness to restrain the powerful AIDA that infected Ovan.
Also, Ovan is depending on Haseo to come through for him.....
Wait a second, WTF!? What is AIDA going to do? Why is time running
out? What is it Haseo has to do?

"Tune in next time to find the answers......"

Next is the recaping on the first two games. YAY! Memory flash backs!

After the recap of past events you'll see Haseo talking to himself outloud.
Ahh, dont worry he's not crazy, I talk to myself all the time.........
....................WHAT?!, don't give me that look. It's not funny! Sometimes
it's good just to talk out loud and blow off some steam.......yeah whatever.

Anyway, Haseo points out that he saw Azure Kite when Shino got pked by Ovan
and sent into a coma. So naturally he thought Azure Kite had done the crime.
Lol, Poor Azure Kite had been framed all along. Leave it to Haseo to go after
the wrong guy.

Haseo goes on to say that it's very likly that Ovan's been pulling the strings
since they first met.....well, YEAH. Who did you think it was Haseo? Instead
of brewing over the fact you SHOULD be thinking about WHY Ovan whould do that
to you. Last time I checked Ovan wasn't insane, a little odd at times, but not
insane. And only insane people (or some one who has no heart what so ever)
would put you through hell like that. No....Ovan has a reason.

----Next sceen.

You see Yata Brooding over the situation at the Serpent of Lore.
Then as he's starting to draw some good conclusions when he suddenly hears
a voice from above sayin: DENIED FOOL!

Yeah, it sucks, but finially the big wigs at CC Corp. have had enough
of Yata's BS and are getting ready to boot him out the door.

---------------------   Spreading Shadows  ------------------

Well then, it seems as though things are not looking good.
This first section of the game will be dealing largely
with the aftermath of all the events that happened at the
end of Vol 2. I'll warn you now, alot of stuff happens
and not alot of it is good. And to be completely honest you're
going to have to deal with all this $hit first BEFORE you'll be able
to get to anything good and intresting.

Lets start things off with the e-mails. And make sure to start at the bottom
of the list and work your way up.

-E-mail- Uchiyamada  : Conversion bonus features
Short version: Ok, when I first read this e-mail Everything was ok until
I read about the Doppelganger then I got confused as heck.

1) Id you check your movie player on your desktop you will find the 6th 
episode of .hack//ROOTS. So that's cool.

2)If you defeated the Doppelganger and did all the stuff I told you to
in my other guides, then you got nothing to worry about. I'll cover when
you should go fight him and what not. And that won't be for awhile considering
you can't get the items from him until the Post Game section. So don't worry.

-E-mail-  CC Corp. : Notice of Campaign Completion
Short version: It means all the Camaigns from Vol 2
are now over and your chance to get the special items from
those events is now passed. (Hopefully you maxed out the books
of 1000 before you started into the next game)

-E-mail-  CC Corp : New Town Access
Short version: You can now go to Breg Epona. A new town for advanced
players. BUT it's not the last town you can go to, there's one more, but
that'll have to wait till later.

-E-mail-  CC Corp. : Your Benefits as Holy Palace Champion
Short version: Basicly Canard has expanded to an Advanced level Guild.
There are 3 bonuses for achieving this.

1) Your @home is now located in Breg Epona.
2) You can use alchemy on weapons that have a difference of 20 levels.
3) When viewing your guilds storage you can press Tri-angle and exchang the
item for money. (Although your better off just selling it at the guild shop)

-E-mail-  Atoli : About Moon Tree
Short version: She talks about the aftermath of the event that
took place at Moon Tree. Remember that the Crowning ceramony for Haseo,
the thing with Moon Tree, the Battle with Sakaki, and then Facing off with
Ovan: All happened on the same day. My guess this is somewhere within a week
afterward. Haseo did mention he needed some time to himself before he could
move forward. I'm willing to bet he took a couple days off.

-E-mail- Anonymous  : The Power of the Avatar
Short version: Bascily someone knows who you are and what's
going on. However he refuses to give you his name. But he's
let you know that instead of Divine Awakening you can now
perform Avatar Awakening. 

Anyway, he says he's your unseen ally. That's cool. Personally I
think it's the guy who wrote the Terminal Disk. AKA a head cc corp.
programming engineer who resigned after...........well, lets just say
he was co-leading the project that created the avatars. Which just happens
to be the project that caused the fire at the CC Corp. building and destroyed
80% of the first version of the game.

............And you want this guy messing with Haseo's character?!
Not really, the fire wasn't his fault. It was the other guy......

-E-mail-  Anonymous : Growth of the Avatars
Short version: Ok, here's what I was saying in my last guide about
the Lost weapons having the potential of being the Ultimate weapons
for the Epitaph users.

Remeber the weapon Haseo got in the last game (Ticking Death?).
Well if you collect enough Virus Cores by using Avatar Awakening 
you can upgrade the weapon and it will become stronger. I'll walk you
through the process in the guide so don't worry for now. Besides the only
weapons I would suggest doing this for is Haseo, Atoli, and Kuhn.
The others are optional and not really nesscary. I was able to get 4 out of
7 weapons fully upgraded by the end of the game. So really it wasn't that much
trouble and not really a big pain.

Ok, next thing you should do is flip over to the News. You might as well look
at this and get it out of the way now.

-News-    : 
Short version: 

-There's a new Online Jack. The first one
in this game isn't greta, but the other two 
are really good. But, watch it anyway, it's 
still rather funny.

-The internation space station is having problems
and if they continue it's going to fall out of orbit.....
well that sucks.

-Some cars are seriosuly Jacked up. Stupid people should know
better then to let a computer drive for them.

-There is an extreely odd topic about the Arena and how the
rules have changed......What the CRAP?!

Lastly look on the Forums. Remember that you're seeing the
aftermath of everything that took place in vol 2.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: 

-Some ppl talking about Moon Tree and see black spots.

-Version update for Crimsion VS

-Some ppl commenting about the news

-More ppl talking about black spots

-And Pics on the Apkallu.

when that's done it'll be time to finally log-in.

There's some stuff on the Offical Forums, not really 
important, just view it quickly then log-in.

-------Town:	 Mac Anu	    -------

Open your menue to see all the new stuff they got for you.

1- You can check the growth (level) of the lost weapons under
your menue now.

2- Avatar Awakening can be leveld to to a max of levle 10 at which
point it will do the most damage. (I only ever got mine to level like lvl 6)

Then, transfer over to the new town.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

This town will be your base of operations for about 3/4 of the game.

Your first order of bussiness is to head to the new @Home. It's located
at the back of the city, you can use a warp point to get there or you can
walk/Ride the Steam bike. Your choice. I would take time to look at what's
for sale in the new shops. This city is the 2nd biggest one in the game.
At first I really didn't find this one that likable, it was a bit bright
for my taste. However, after taking some time to slow down and appreacate
it: it really is rather detailed and after awhile I decided I liked it.

By contrast the new @Home is kinda dark......
Well, what ever.
Generally speaking I think it's pretty cool.

Silabus and Gaspard are there and metion its time for a grunty event.
Then Atoli appears out of no where and scares Haseo: Blind spot again.

At anyrate, talk to Death Grunty to get on with the event and on with
the story line, of course you can't help but chuckel at Death Grunty and Haseo.

You'll get some key words and this'll be the first area for the game.

Also, talk to death grunty and view the books of 1000. I had 4 of the 8
max out right then and there. Then turn around and take the money you just
got off Death Grunty and buy the new Guild Expansions. Lastly, the items you
got as Game Convertion Bonus, yeah, I'd just sell them because to me they're
worth more in GP to me then actually using them in battle. It's up to you
but it's a good way to earn some extra cash.

-Equipment and Items-

Ok, Add Atoli and Silabus to your party. Then head back into town. Make sure
to stop at the Weapon and Armor Shop. Pick up the following things:


If you have the Doppleganage Weapons and the Lvl 100 armor from
beating the game's hidden quest then Haseo won't need a weapon and
armor upgrade for about half the game.

BUT: I'm sure it's safe to assume that there are a couple ppl who
perhaps bought the games out of order OR just didn't bother to get the 
doppleganger items that are so very very useful. That being the case I 
figure for the sake of arguement. I will not use any of those weapons 
during the normal game play while writing this guide. 
(Even tho it'll be a serious pain in the @$$)


TwinBlades- lvl 101 (wp shop in Breg)- Fire att and Drain 10%hp
Broad Sword- lvl 101 (wp shop in Breg)-Fire att and Drain 10% sp
Scythe- lvl 101 (wp shop in Breg)- Light att and Drain 10% hp
Armor- lvl 101 (arm shop in Breg)-   -25% Phy and -10% Magic
Accessory- lvl 95 (2nd game)- +10% speed, red stone x2 
                              (decrease arts sp consumption)

lvl 101 sword-Move the materials to his new weapon
lvl 101 Light armor- *dido for materials*
Leave accessory as is for now (Lvl 95)

level 101 Robes

Like I said above: If you followed my guide from vol 2 you should have
the Doppleganger weapons and also the Armor from beating "The god Eater" in the
Hidden Quest for Vol 2. That Equipment will actually last you for almost half
the game before you need to upgrade your equipment. In other words, Haseo 
doesn't really NEED anything at the moment.

Also, MAKE SURE to go to the magic shop where they sell scrolls and pick
up a few Sanity scrolls. It allows you and Atoli to learn the spell to cure
confuse. You WILL need this. 

-Also make sure to buy about 40 items that also Cure Confuse (Lucid Soda)
and give about 30 of them to Atoli. Also Buy a bunch of the item 
called Wonder Soda (it cures any negative effect) and also give some to

Save then head for the Chaos Gate.
Ok, then off we go.

------- 1)Universal, Ocean's, Glide -------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 96
Party: Haseo, Silabus, Atoli
My Level: 100

First off, assuming you followed my guide for the last game. Your will
be well prepared for this first section of the game.

Bascily for this mission you need to run around to three different hills and
be marked with the Grunty sent. Once you do that you can go to the last hill
and locate Melo Grunty.

Before we get to that, I need to metion some things first.
1) Hopefully you took the time to max out your level before moving
on the vol 3. If you did so you will note that you exp is 999/1000
Fighting just one enemy on this field will alow you to gain a level.
2) If you took the time to Max out your Skill Levels from Vol 2. You will
note that by using your skills (of each weapon type) just once, you will
gain a Skill Level (lvl 21). This will grant you the level 3 arts for your
Scythe, Broad Sword, and Twin Swoards. These skill are you LAST arts
you will be able to gain for each type of weapon. From here on out, every
time you gain a skill level (22-30) you will decrese the amount of SP needed
to use the skill. In other words it's still a good idea to gain as many skill
levels as possible.
4) Now that you have your final arts available to you It's be a good idea to
set them to your skill trigger:

Tri-Angle: Ghost Faclon
Square: Armor Break
Circle: Reaper's Dance
X: (Put anything you like here, it's up to you)

3) If you picked up the equipment I suggested, make sure to give it to Silabus
and Atoli once they get to level 101.

Hopefully you were smart enough to do the bike trials from the old game and if
you did them all you got the Tridal Muffler: this will make you invisable to
monsters while on your bike. So obviously you should use your bike to get 
around. (note: use your bike and get all the symbol fragments to open the 
Beast Temple. You shouldn't have to fight anuthing usless you want to)

-There are two small hills on the East (right) side of the map. You need to
visit the one in the more to the south (on it's own little island) 
Go here first to meet up with Wise Grunty.

-Once done then head for the West side of the Map (left) The hill on the island
most to the south is where you can locate Gao Grunty.

- The hill more toward the north from above mentioned position, is where you
will locate King Grunty.

-> Once you get to all three locations you will get a message from Death
Grunty and then you can locate Melo Grunty on the hill beside the Beast Temple
which is located in the North West corner of the map. Once you talk to him
the mission will end. Then use the Platform near the Beast Temple to get back.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------
When you arrive back, head for Canard's @Home.

watch the scene then log-out.

Read these from the bottom up.

-E-mail-  Melo : Thanks
Short version: Like the title sugests, he's just
saying thanks for the help.....even tho he's not real.

-E-mail-  Anonymous : Reguarding the Sacrament
Short version: bascily you dont need to worry about this
just yet. I'll be covering the Lost weapons in my guide. So
no Worries......yet.

-E-mail-  Pi : Emergency
Short version: Something's going down, and you need to hop over
to Raven's @Home in Mac Anu..... Well Obviosuly you already know
about Yata getting the Boot, but you don't know the other half.
And no, it's not going to be good news.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: You'll find some Pics in here.


-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Warp over to Mac Anu.

-------Town:	 Mac Anu	    -------

Head for Raven's @Home. Watch everything that happens and
we'll deal with it as best we can afterward.

Movie- Sakaki Arrives
Short Version/Main points: Sakaki is a B@$tard. That really sums
up alot. But That wont do since I'm writing a guide here: Bascily
Sakaki got Yata fired and is now running the whole game. 


You...... are........ SCREWED!!!

As you leave Raven you'll get a mail which is what you'll be wanting to read.
So Log-out and while the game is loading you're desktop read ahead:

1-Yata is off somewhere in their real world being all emo. He's pretty
pi$$ed and yet terribly depressed at the moment.
2-Sakaki is now watching you 24/7 from the Serpent of Lore.
3-You will be spending the first half of the game rebeling against Sakaki's
rule over "the World" while trying to figure out a way to over throw him.
4-Last but not least: Things are going to get worse. ALOT worse before it's
going to get better. 

"What does that mean?"

"It means buckle your seat belt Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye bye."

-E-mail-  Silabus : Lets go on a quest
Short version: Questing time. Lets head out.

But first:

-E-mail-  Pi : Reguarding Sakaki
Short version: Pi says that Sakaki is indeed the Game's head
Admin. Of course that sucks for you, but anyway. Pi says she'll
try to figure out what exactly CC Corp. was thinking when they 
gave him the job.

If your smart you could probably guess why Yata got the boot.
But she'll be e-mailing you after awhile with all the details so hang
tight for the mean time.

For now you need to slack off in terms of being the Bad @$$ hero of the series
and try to enjoy yourself a little. What better way to do that then doing a 
quest with two of the crazziest guys around?

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Gives you some good hints about
the quest you'll be doing shortly. This makes 
things no fun for me. =(
They bascily stole my job.....well anyway. I'll
still be coving the quests anyway; after all I'm
sure you all like me better anyway; Or will by the time
this game is done. =P


Head to Breg Epona.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

when you get here I should mention something. You should know
that leveling up in this game is rather hard. Infact it got so 
bad that I had to go to areas that were 4 levels higher than Haseo
just to gain a decient amount of exp. 

As far as I can tell there are two reaons for this:

1-I noticed that the last game was a little more difficult to gain
levels then vol 1. And Now vol 3 is even harder then vol 2. 

2- With out giving away too much, you do not need to be level 150 to
beat the game. In fact you could probably do it at level 125. So
really you only need to gain about half the levels avabilable.

Anyway, I do have to set some kind of standard while writing this guide.
And I've managed to come up with 5 check points you need to meet for
the first half of the game. 

For right now you, need to reach level 107. That's six levels higher
then you are at the moment. Right now is the best time do this. Reason being:
You will need to train with Atoli and Kuhn for the majority of the game and
once you reach level 107 you will only need to gain 2 or 3 levels at a time
from here on out. (At least for awhile)

Also there's another reason you'll want to go out and train: You need to
upgrade Haseo's Lost Weapon ASAP and the sooner you do that the better.

Ok then, place Atoli and Kuhn in your party and lets go gain some levels.

Note- Hopefully you followed my last guide and used Kuhn in your fight with
the 'god eater'hidden quest. If so, Atoli and Kuhn will be level 101.
Anyway, buy Kuhn the level 101 steam gun and amor at the weapon's shop and 
give it too him for usage in owning monsters. 

--Random) Buzzing, Wrath's, Starlit Sky-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 105
Party: Haseo,Kuhn, Atoli
My Level: 101

The biggest thing I can say is that if you work on using your Rengeki
attacks as much as possible, you will benfiet in the following ways:
1: It trains your skills to get better which means you lvl 3 arts cost less
SP when used.

2: It Boosts the Exp you can get from battles, which ussally puts it up
to about 200+ exp instead of like 150ish Exp. And trust me it makes a

3: This builds the Moral guage faster, and therefore you can use 
Avatar Awakening. Read on for more info.

Go, level up, collect items, and use Avatar awakening AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
((For best result use on a enemy parties that have: 1 large monster 
and 2 small monsters, OR 2 large Monsters.))

News Clip:
"Having problems with AIDA infection? Want to get that nasty AI out of
your brain? Use new and improved Avatar awakening. Removes AIDA in just
one blast. Try it today! =D
Warning: may cause loss of consiousness or extensive brain damage"

Anyway, you need to get about ohhh.....85 virus cores to fully upgrade
Haseo's Lost Weapon. It could take awhile, and you probably wont get it
done anytime soon. But you should really considering doing it for Kuhn
and Atoli too. 

-Granted you cant fully upgrade the weapons (lvl 4 upgrade)
till you are level 140 to beat the Beasts of Seal. However, if you get
them upgraded to lvl 3 (second best upgrade) near the beggining of the
game, then they are really quite usefull.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Ok, I'm willing to bet you realize now just how difficult it's going
to be to level up. So I'm sure you won't be suprised at me saying you'll
more then likly need to go to several More areas before you get to level 107.
So just continue to level up and come back when you're there.

I know this is a pain in the @$% but it simply needs done now. Trust me, you'll
be thanking me later. I made the mistake of only geting level 104. Not a good 
idea considering that I nearly died several times. So trust me: Get to lvl 107.

--I had to go to a lvl 106, 107,and a 109 before I reached level 107.

As a side note: In level 107ish areas you will proabaly encounter an enemy
called "captian Hook". They will counter with paralize, which gets highly 
annoying. Use your  Hold and Relase Broad Sword. It uses the least amount 
of hits (less chances to get counter attacked) yet still gets the job done.

---Ok once you've reached level 107, add Silabus and Gaspard to
your party. Go to the armor and weapon shop and buy new lvl 101 weapons
and armor for them. Once done head over to the Quest shop and accept the
new quest.

When done get ready to head out to a new type of area:

(Note: I thought you might like to know that you now have access to 
all types of fields for the series which are as follows:
Lost Grounds/Landscape, Field, Jungel Cave, Temple Dungeon, Highland Field,
Tower Dungeon, and finially Forest Dungeon.)

---------------------------( Quest )---------------------------
----- 8)Dubious Dog
------- 2)Unseen, Alien, Elf Animal(Q) -------
Area Type: Forest Dungeon
Area Level: 97
Party: Haseo,Silabus, Gaspard
My Level: 107

Block 1:
Use a Fairy Orb to reveal the map, and then a Speed Charm on Haseo.
You don't need to fight anything usless you want to. I just used
Smoke screens before I got near monsters, this turned me invisable
for about 3 or 4 seconds. Anyway, all you need to worry about is
just getting to block 2.

Block 2:
As you come to the first room in the 2nd block you'll see a sceen.
Follow Haseo's leading and just work your way toward block 3.

Block 3: If you look closly at the map you'll see several paths
branch off. All of them head south. You need to make for the one
in the middle right. It's the only square room at a dead end
that has nothing in it (No treasure chest or Chim Harvesters).
In other words: Use the following directions if you don't get it-

First split: Go East
Second Split: East
Third Split: Go south

When you get there-
You will discover the HeatWave Hound. Beat him to pulm, or become
Doggy chow. Just use your scythe, and at level 107 it wont be all
that hard. This fight was NOT easy when I did it the first time at
level 102.

When you're done you'll atuo finish the quest.
-------------------	-------------------	-------------------
	-------------------	-------------------

As you finish up, you'll get an e-mail, so do the only logical thing
and log-out to find what it says.

-E-mail-  Pi : Redguarding Sakaki 2
Short version: Ok, here's the deal.
Sakaki is using the lie that he can control AIDA
and therefore can solve CC Corp's problem. Of course that
isn't true but leave it to the thick skulls running the company
not to notice. Ok anyway, Sakaki only had one major condition
under which he agreed to do this: He gets to be the
tyrant of the ‘The World’ and dictator of  G.U.

AKA- he's going to try and make your life miserable.
Anyway, Pi want to meet with you. She has some
neat little things to show you.

You can glance over the other e-mails if you want.

-E-mail-  Gaspard : Have Fun?
Short version: Self explantory

-E-mail-  Silabus : Thanks!
Short version: Just saying things are looking up.....
yeah well, he doesn't know that things are about to
get very bad.

-E-mail- CC Corp.  : Notice of Campaign Commencment
Short version: The Chaotic Pks Campaign is back-Fun.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Just some ppl complaining
about being owned by the Black List Pks.
I'm sure we can fix that. But not just yet.
we got other things to worry about at
the moment.

Well, log-in.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Invite Pi and Atoli to Join
your party. While here, buy some equipment for Pi.

Then,Warp over to Dol Dona server.

-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

Now, before you go running off to start in on the next event.
I want you to go and upgrade Haseo's Lost Weapon first.

------- )Hidden,Forbidden, Sacrament -------
Area Type: LandScape/ Lost Grounds
Area Level: None
Party: Haseo,Pi,Atoli
My Level: 107

When you get there, walk up to the Scythe and select it.
(If you don't have the scythe with you just walk to the
platform and access your guild storage, that is if you've
been keeping up on your Guild upgrades too)

Hopefully you have enough Virus Cores by now to upgrade
Haseo's Scythe to lvl 2 upgrade, other wise it won't
even be worth your trouble.

Head back to town when done.

-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

Head out to the new area.

------- 3)Hidden,Forbidden, Hades -------
Area Type: Landscape/Lost Grounds
Area Level: None
Party: Haseo,Pi, Atoli
My Level:107

Ok, when you get here Pi will start talking to you.
Come back and read when you gain control over Haseo.

-Ok, Basicly Pi installed a program to Haseo's character that
will allow you to Area Hack. In other words, exploit the bugs
in the system. To do this walk forward toward the edge of the
walkway. You will see the screen flicker and hear white noise.
-When that happenes, press the R1 button on your controler to
hack the bug in the area.
-Then approch the point where the graphics swril. Select it and
chose to warp. 

-Pi will explain everything too you, so if I didn't cover something
I'm sure you'll understand in a bit.
-Come back and read when you reach the Outer Dungeon.

--Outer Dungeon--

When you arrive Pi presents a short explaination of where it is you are.
Basicly one of the side affects of AIDA being present in 'The world' is
that these dungeons were produced. 

These dungeons are on the rim of the game, on the very edge. They are at the
point of being part of the game, and yet at the same time not. In other
words these dungeons are the middle ground between the Game and the rest
of the Network.

Well now. Time to get a move on. You need to head along the path from
the North East corner of the dungeon to the South East corner of the

It's kinda a pain but you can do it. Also, you will meet monsters here.
You can chose to fight them or chose not to. I leave it to you. When it comes
right down to it you've already leveled up to where you need to be for awhile,
so I don't see a good point in fighting usless battles. The only benfiet I can
think of is getting Rengeki EXP and virus Cores from Avatar Awakening.

Anyway, make your way along the path,you should watch out for little boxes
that like to shoot lasers across your path, they can be painful. You'll know
when they're about to fire when the glow yellow.

when you get to the end watch the scenes and enjoy.
Afterward use the Platform to get back to town.

-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

When you get back, Pi decided to head off to search for Yata in the
real world. For now you need to take the next step which mean reading
your new e-mail.


-E-mail-  Sirius : Got A minute?
Short version: He need to talk to you about
the new type of tournament that comming up.
Well, if it's important enough for him to contact you.
Then it's important enough to go and take a look.

-E-mail-  CC corp. : Notic of the Sage Palace Tournament
Short version: Ok, basicly there's going to be a special
one time tournament that is based on Pkers. Those who have
the most Kills since they began the game get picked to be
in the tournemant. Unfortunitally that also mean PKKs too...
.....like Haseo. So yeah.

As a side note, like Haseo said: It's odd that Taihaku
resorted to using cheap taunts? Maybe it has something to do
with being tickeled by AIDA at the end of Vol 2.?

Also, Lumina Cloth and Breg Epona
are PK possible towns. In other words you can now get killed
while in the town......

F#%*  !!!!!

That sounds like it'll be lots of fun. YEAH, Fun like pouring
lemon juice on a paper cut.

-E-mail-  Pi : Outer Dungeons
Short version: She re-caps on Outer Dungeons and what not.
She does mention that right now there's no other threat in the
dungeons other then the Outer Bugs.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Just some Pics, and a topic about a
new type of chim.

Well, lets get a move on and head to Lumni Cloth.

-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

Transfer over.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

You see some scenes. Watch first then read ahead....this is important.

Movie- Holwing sword
Short Version/Main points: What has four eyes, is incredably evil. And roars?

"Your Mom?"

Not exactly. Anyway, that thing that spoke out of Taihaku's sword: Well lets
just say it is the true source. The Source of everything. And right now, it's
sleeping, waiting to be awakened. It's waiting to be brought back out of the
ruins and shadows of the events from seven years ago.........

When everything is over with, save then log-out.

-E-mail- Silabus  :Meeting time
Short version: You need to drop by Canard's @Home.

-E-mail- Sakaki  :Letter of Inventation
Short version:

OH F#5& monkeys.....

Well, boys. That's it: Check Mate. Sakaki's got
Haseo cornered. Now Haseo really DOES have to take
part in the tournament. Peachy.

well there is at least one good thing. If Haseo Survives this,
he'll have conquered all three levels of the Arena. The first in
the game's History....that is IF he survives.

-E-mail-  Sirius : About Taihaku
Short version: Says he's counting on you to pull
through for Alkaid and Taihaku.


-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

Transfer to the sigma server.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Head for canard, When you get near there, you'll
see some scenes with Gaspard and Silabus.

After the scenes there's not alot to do but log-out.

There's some posts on the Official forums that annouced the rules
for the toury. Anyway this is totally not cool.

Check your e-mail.

-E-mail-  Kuhn : Lets meet up
Short version: Take Atoli and Kuhn and go to
the lost ground and then to the outer dungeon.
You need to have another meeting.

-E-mail-  Silabus : About Gaspard
Short version: just some stuff, bla bla bla.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Some ppl complaining about pkers, which
is understandable. Then Some stuff about the new CrimsonVS
update, which I find unimportant considering that I won, got
my rank to #1, AND beat the title match all with the same deck.
And then there's some pics in the Apkallu.

-"crimsion VS"-

Load up CrimsonVS.
Go under Deck and Complie the folowing deck:

1st: #074 'Gemme Some Chim'
2nd: #081 'Dancing Lion'
3rd: #081 'Dancing Lion'
General: #020 Endrace the Exqusite

Register this deck for battle. And I can pretty much
bet that you'll have no probelms winning your way to
rank #1 and beating the Title Match. It wins about 3/4
of the time. So yeah. Also, Megan Wiseman e-mailed me with
some other decks, so if this deck isn't doing it for you. Here
are some other highly suggested Decks:

General: Shino of the Twilight Brigade
Unit 1: No. 060 Ace of Hearts (Cost: 5  Trinity: Shield)
Unit 2: No. 078 Reckless Roar (Cost: 4  Trinity: Snipe)
Unit 3: No. 040 Treasonous Shell (Cost: 5  Trinity: Assault)

General: Zelkova
Unit 1: No. 124, What's Most Important (Cost - 7, Trinity - Shield)
Unit 2: No. 30, The Trinity (Cost - 2, Trinity - Assault)
Unit 3: No. 139, A False Future (Cost - 6, Trinity - Snipe)

Again, Special Thanks to: Megan Wiseman


-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Transfer to Dol Dona.

-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

Head to the same area as before and the same place as before.
Add Kuhn and Atoli to your party then head out.

------- 4)Hidden,Forbidden, Hades -------
Area Type: Landscape/Lost Grounds
Area Level: None
Party: Haseo,Kuhn, Atoli
My Level:107

Ok, when you get there Area Hack by using the R1 button.

--Outer Dungeon--

Make your way along the path, watch out for Traps

when you get to the end watch the scenes and enjoy.

Well there really wanst much of a point in meeting was there?
At least you did get two valuable peices of info.

1) Saku and Endrance are 'bussy'.
2) The whole game is slowly but surely turing into one
big old AIDA server.

Afterward use the Platform to get back to town.

-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

Log-out, see whats new.

-E-mail-  CC Corp : Pk Tournament
Short version: You need to head for the arena
counter and register for the tounament.

-E-mail-  Pi : Announcment
Short version: 

Ok here's the plan. Pi looked into some things
and it is true, like Kuhn said, that the world is slowly turning
into an AIDA server. So Pi is going to keep looking for Yata, who
will hopefully know something that will help bring down Sakaki's
rule of terror. You, Haseo, need to enter the tounament to prevent
Sakaki from spreading AIDA seeds all over the game. This will buy
Pi.....lol, Buy Pi.....Buy Pie?

Anyway, it'll buy her some time to find Yata and figure out a way to
finish Sakaki.

Great.    >_<

-Forums-    : 
Short version: You should now see a topic called
"strange place'


Wait till later. 



-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

Transfer over to the other server.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

Go to the arena counter and register for the toury.

You need to access the arena counter twice to complete the
registation totally. You'll know you did it right when
some scenes take place afterward.

At the end of the scenes with the Pks, you'll get a short mail
from Silabus. Looks like somethings up with Gaspard. Run off to
Breg Epona to see whats up.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

As you enter the main square you'll see a scene insue with Silabus and
Gaspard. Intrestingly enough the little fat guy decided to get some man
hood and isn't going to back down.

 Right on fat man.

Once the scene is over log-out.

You've got a couple e-mails that need reading.

-E-mail-  Kuhn : Let meet
Short version: Says that everyone needs to meet and talk about the
Pk tournament and who from GU is going to take part in it.

-E-mail-  Antares : To my student
Short version: He says he has no idea why they chose him. But
that he is going to compete anyway. 

Well I'd think it's obvious: Sakaki wants to get at Haseo
and anyone who's his friend too.

-E-mail- Matsu  : My reasons
Short version: He says he's fighting for the restoration of
Moon Tree and that he hope he won't have to fight Haseo.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Some quest advice you don't really need.
and then some pics of Sirius and pkers.

Ok, time to log-in and head for the meeting.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

You've got a new area to head off too. So get Atoli and
Kuhn in your party and let's go.

------- 5)Calm, Betrayal's, Longing -------
Area Type: Forest Dungeon
Area Level: 100
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 107

This area is really very simple. Just use a fairy orb to reveal the
map, then use Atoli's speed enhancement spell (makes you 50% faster).
And beat a hastey path to the Beast Statue. You can fight the monsters if
you want, but really it just means wasted time. Once there things will
unfold. Just head back to town when things are done and then I'll explain.

First off, the thing with Endrace just kinda walking out on you guys
is kinda rude. Not to mention way out of character for Endrance, I mean
I can understand Saku, but Endrance? Somethings up.

Next is that Atoli will thankfully acompany you in the up comming
tournament. Which is great cause I've been using Atoli and Kuhn as
my main party for most of the series anyway. Also, now that the events
with Moon Tree are over Atoli has awakened and can now summon her avatar 
anytime she wants. Also I think it's cool that Atoli isn't a wimp anymore.
I mean, seriously, its about time.

For now, head back to town.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Log out cause you got a few e-mails.

-E-mail-  Matsu : Wanna do a quest?
Short version: Says he'd like to do something
to pass time and for you to invite someone else
along too. Ok, sounds fun.

-E-mail- Endrance  :  ........
Short version: Bascily Endrance tells you getting out
while the getting is good......not really, he just says he's
doing things his own way now and he'll see you around. 



Ok, log in.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Add Matsu and Atoli to your party and head for the quest shop.

Before you head out, you need to buy the lvl 101 Steam gun and Heavy armor
for Matsu.

---------------------------( Quest )---------------------------
----- 6) Hail Bikman

------- 6)Gathering, Familiar, Mascot(Q)  -------
Area Type: Temple Dungeon
Area Level: 102
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Matsu
My Level: 107

Block 1:

As you arrive You'll see some scenes.
Really there isn't alot to this quest.

For now, just head to the next block.

Block 2:

This is really rather simple. All you have to do is go from the
entrance to the block on the left (West) to the last room in the middle
on the right (east). The room is empty and it's where you'll find the
Grunties. Just get there and the scenes will ensue, which although are
rather odd and makes you wonder if the game creators weren't smoking weed
at the time of thinking this up.....they are in some small way, a bit funny.
* Shrugs* the Japaniess have an odd sence of humor.

You got to enjoy Haseo's comments on the situation. Anyway, about that
time a boss monster shows up......fun. Well just pull out your twin swords
and wail away at it.

When things are over with you'll head back to town. yay, what fun... >_>

-------------------	-------------------	-------------------
	-------------------	-------------------

So when you've finished the quest you'll get an item, use it on Haseo to
gain +5 maigic defense. Now, log-out for a couple of very important e-mails.

---------------------      No Choice       ------------------

well my friends if you want to or not, you have No Choice but to compete
in the Arena. It's unfortunate but nessaccary. So lets try and make the
best of a bad situation by winning Haseo's 3rd Emperor Thrown in a row.


-E-mail-  CC Corp : 1st round in PK Tournament
Short version: Haseo will be facing the first round of the
toury and it WILL be one heck of a match. And no, Sakaki does not
tell you who you'll be fighting, and trust me when I tell you it
wouldn't do you much good anyway, because this Round will be unlike
any other you've ever faced.

-E-mail-  CC Corp : Notice of Campaign Commencement
Short version: Same old same old.

Time to log-in and get ready for battle.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Before you run off don't forget the basics:

Save, restock items for Haseo
and Atoli, Restock items in the Guild Shop.

Then transfer over to the Arena.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------


Save before you do anything else. This will be a long and slow
fight, and once you start there's no going back: it's a do or die

--------- 7)Tournament:Round One   --------------
-Party:Haseo (107),Atoli (107),Kuhn (107)
-Opponets: Not Available  (N/A)
-Before the fight advice: 

This round, more than any other Tournament round you have
ever been in, is the one that hings the most on equipment
and level. This fight is a five round survival match against
5 parties of Chaotic Pkers. There is no going back once you
enter the waiting room. It's do or die.

See, now aren't you glad I made you level up so much? Now you
stand a chance of actually winning, where as I did this round at
lvl 104 and if it hadn't been for the Doppleganger weapons
I Would have deffinatly lost.

Anyway: Just use crap loads of counter attacks and you should
make it through alright. But go easy on just wildly using skills.
You have to survive 5 matchs with out recovering your SP (Atoli
wont be able to help you with items since using items in the arena
is forbidden)

After the match you'll see some scenes that are rather important.
Everything is going good until tragedy strikes.....

Watch first then come back and read.

Yes, Sirius is comatose. Gone.....
Poor b@$tard. And the ones who put him into a coma are none other than a
new party of Sakaki's little puppets. He's infected three players then
hacked their Characters to grant them strength that bends the rules of
the game. Great, they will have to be delt with eventually. For now, your
hands are tied my friend, and there's nothing you can do.....for now.

Log-out. It's time to move on.

-E-mail-  Kaede : To Haseo
Short version: She'd like to meet up with you since
it's been awhile. She'd like you to bring Pi along too.
And I suggest doing so becuase soon things will start to
be revealed concerning Zelkova and Kaede.

-E-mail-  Pi : Sirius
Short version: Confirms that Sirius is now a lost one.
She says you need to be carfull, if you fight the Hetero Trio
and lose...you could become a lost one too.

-E-mail-  Atoli : AIDA server
Short version: she mentions that the Arena is turning into
an AIDA server and things are likly to get dangerous.

-E-mail-  Kuhn : The First Round
Short version: It seems Sirius entered to save his friends.....
even though he knew there was nothing he could do....

-Forums-    : 
Short version: There's some ppl complaning about
various stuff going on and then some Pics for your

Well, that's enough for now. Remember to save then head out.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

Transfer over to Breg Epona.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

When you arrive you'll meet Pi, aperentally she got an e-mail from
Kaede as well.

I suggest adding Pi and Atoli to your party. Set Pi to "Free-will"
under the stragedy menu.

Note- I think I should tell you that soon you'll need to gain some more
levels, Don't worry though. It's not that bad. You just need to get to
level 110, that's only another 3 levels; not a big deal.

Ok, time to get a move on.
Head out for the next area.

------- 8)Wise, Calamity's, Water Mill -------
Area Type: Field
Area Level:  105
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Pi
My Level: 107

This is simple. Just get on your steam bike (Hopfully you did bike missions
from vol 2 and have the Tridal Muffler which makes you invisable to monsters)
and just ride around and collect the symbol fragments. I suggest getting 
the ones on the west side of the map first then heading to the East side.
Once completed head for the beast Temple.

When you get there cut scenes will occure.

well, it seems Zelkova is something more than your average player. Of course
I was hinting at that all through the first and part of the second game. OH
yes. I know who he is....or rather who he knows and learned all the tricks of
the trade from. Yes, he is more then he seems. But enough of that.
It appears Zelkova was asking if Pi had seen something other than AIDA, maybe
something like......oh I dont know......something worse than AIDA?

So anyway, head back to town and we'll go from there.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

When you get back to town Pi will take off again in search of Yata.

Afterward, do the ussal: Save, restock items for Haseo
and Atoli, Restock items in the Guild Shop.

For now you need to gain some levels. I know it's kinda a pain but
you really do need to keep up with this or else you're going to get
mowed over later in the game.

Add Kuhn and Atoli (if you haven't done so) to your party and lets head
for a new area to train at.

---Random) Buzzing, Genesis's, Drama-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 111
Party: Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 107

Your new goal is to reach level 110. This is only three levels
higher then you are right now. So: A) not hard to get to, and B) you
will generally own anyone you fight during the next batch of story events
including your opponents in next round in the tournament who will only
be level 107. The reason why I'm having you level up so high is because if

Well, enough of that, time for some training:
Kill monstes, Collect itmes, open chest, all around pwn everything.
I should also mention that due to story events you obviously now have
the area hacking program for Haseo. This means that you can Area Hack
normal areas, not just Lost Grounds. 

so when ever you run across a place where the screne starts to flicker and
you start to hear white noise just press the R1 button. This will start
the area hack. It will reveal the abnormal data. If you walk up to it
and search it you can recive healing items and key items called Cheat Codes.
These are very usefull later in the game. So try and collect as many as you
can while out and about training.

I suggest using your broad sword for any fights involving the enemy called
Captian Hook-> cause they will counter with paralyize. Which can get annoying.
Using the Broad sword cuts down on the chance of getting countered Vs a weapon
like the twin swords.

When you clear the field head back to town.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

When you get back to town do the ussal: Save, restock items for Haseo
and Atoli, Restock items in the Guild Shop.

Well, my trip to this above mentioned field turned out rather good.
I got to level 109 and just a few hundred EXP till level 110.
Also I managed to get a level 110 Robes for Atoli and lvl 110 Light
Armor for Kuhn. And also some lvl 116 Armor for Haseo that he won't be
able to use for awhile, but that's ok.

Anyway I'm going to head out to another field just to gain some quick
EXP to top off my level and reach the goal of 110. If you find yourself
needing more time to reach the desired goal do so now. What ever the
case may be, don't move on till you've reached the desired level.

--Random)Screaming, Swift, Hand Song-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 112
Party: Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 109

This area took me a little while longer then I thought it would.
But none the less it paid off in the end. See I was able to get
my total of virus cores finially up to 50. Now I can go and Upgrade
Haseo's Lost Weapon for the last time with Virus Cores. I also got a
set of level 113 Twin Swords which will come in handy later in the
game considering that I'm not using the Doppleganger weapons for
the benfiet of those who didnt get them in the last game.....*sigh*

Well, at any rate, I was able to top off my level and get some decent itmes.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

When you get back to town do the ussal: Save, restock items for Haseo
and Atoli, Restock items in the Guild Shop.

When that's done it'll be time to upgrade the Lost Weapons.

--Note: If you do not have 50 or more Virus Cores then don't bother
with the following few paragraphs. Instead skip ahead in the
guide and log-out.

However, if you do have 50 or more virus Cores follow the following

Transfer over to Dol Dona.

-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

Head for the Lost Grounds.

-------  Hidden, Forbidden, Sacrement-------
Area Type: Lost Grounds/Landscape
Area Level: None
Party: Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 110

Just walk up to the Scythe and select the option to upgrade the weapon.
You'll recive a message telling you that in order to complete the Weapon's
growth you will need to fight a lvl 135 Seal Beast. Of course you are WAY
too weak for that and it's no use in trying cause you'll just die.

From now on you'll be working to upgrade Atoli's Staff and Kuhn's Gun.

When you're done head back to town.

-------Town:	 Dol Dona	    -------

Transfer to Breg Epona and then just log-out.

Alright, time for some intresting events. This next round will be fun.

-E-mail-  CC Corp. : Notice of 2nd Round for the Tournament
Short version: It's time to kick some seriosu butt.
If you didnt reckonize the names I wouldn't blame you. After all
you haven't seen these guys since you started Vol 1.
Time for some pay back.

The follwoing e-mails should be read from bottom to
top so that they all make sense.

-E-mail-  Kaede : About Sakaki
Short version: says thx for your effort to stop Sakaki.
Dang right we're gana stop him....just got to figure out
how first.

-E-mail-  Zelkova : How to Defeat Sakaki
Short version: lol, speak of the Devil. Zelkova is here to give
you some info on how to beat Sakaki into a finly minced meat pie.

Alright, Zelkova to the rescue, he just gave you the key to bringing
Sakaki's rein of terror to an end.

Ok: Without AIDA Sakaki is just a normal player and there for CC Corp
would have no reason at all to still allow him to continue his dictatorship.
So, if Haseo can some how get Sakaki to enter one of the fights, Haseo can
fight Sakaki with his avatar and remove AIDA from him..... Perfect!

Just one problem, how is Haseo going to get Sakaki to jump right into
the middle of a match? hmmm, who knows, someone might just help Haseo out...

Also, I should note that this e-mail confirms that Zelkova knows about AIDA
and more importantly that Haseo has an Avatar....WOW. That's odd. This explains
why Zelkova (who is like lvl 127) was in a low leveled dungeon when Pi and
Haseo first met him, remember? It was when AIDA attacked Pi and Haseo had to
fight her. My guess is that Zelkova was there looking into what exactly AIDA

Now the last e-mail.

-E-mail-  Pi :  Inside CC Corp.
Short version: 

Ok this is a VERY important e-mail. One of two explaining Yata's past.

1st: Zelkova knows alot and seems to be on your side, yeah Pi, no Duh.
2nd: Yata used to be a hacker and an informant (aka sells information for cash)
Anyway, Yata had skills that CC Corp. liked. not to mention he was connected to
the Legendary .hackers (aka the group of heros from the original game series)

So the hired him to get rid of AIDA. Well, what you have to understand is that
Yata wanted to research AIDA and understand it were as CC Corp. wanted it to
be destroyed completely. And so Yata found himself and CC Corp. wanting two
very different things.

Well anyway, the big thing this e-mail tells you is that Yata was once
a very skilled hacker and also a character from the original game.
And if any of the vetrans of the series are worth their salt, they know
by now exactly who Yata was from the old games.

ok, enough of that, time for some revenge. Log-in.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

As you Log-in to the game some scenes will take
place involving Saku, Taihaku, and of course Endrance.
Hmm....intresting developement we have here. This
could get intresting.

Add Atoli and Kuhn to your party.
make sure to give them the lvl 110 armor that you
should have gotten from training.

Once done transfer over to the Arena.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

SAVE. Then head for the arena counter and enter the 2nd round.

-Also Note- enjoy the scenes for this story event, they are by far some
of my favorite.

--------- 9)Tournament:Round Two  --------------
-Party:Haseo (110),Atoli (110),Kuhn (110)
-Opponets: IYOTEN (107), Asta (106), Maniac Helluger (106)
-Before the fight advice: 

These guys are hard core easy compared to the can of whoop @$$
you are about to open on them. Just use counter attacks, Awakening, and
all around anything you like to beat them to death.

Good luck, see you on the other side.

Well, did you enjoy it? I did. 

Ok then, log-out and read your mail.

There's a topic on the Official Forums if you want to read it. Just
some ppl saying it's dangerous to play the game......well, about time
someone figured it out.

-E-mail- Kuhn  : Quest
Short version: Kuhn wants to know if you
feel like going on a quest. From here on in you'll
start to notice a pattern in the events of the game:

Quest/Story Event then a Tournament round. Repeat.
This will go on till the toury is over then this
patteren will be broken.

For now, read your other e-mail.

-E-mail-  Matsu : He got me
Short version: Antares beat the poop out of Matsu. hehe, way to
go old man. He's not a legend for nothing. The first arena emperor.
Lol, I knew he was famous, I just didn't know he was THAT famous.

Before you go running off you should check the News and the Forums.

-News-    : 
Short version:
Apperentally the people in charge of fighting viruses and dealing with 
computer hackers have announced that AIDA is now considered a virius.....lol,
it's only half true seeing as AIDA is actually an AI program. So yeah, 
it is kind of a virus. It's just one that has a mind of it's own and 
can't be destroyed normally. Kinda like a super virus.

Anyway, in other news. The Professur 
 (the guy in Online Jack)
has been enjoying the new boom in the sales of his book he wrote. The
one that got Online Jack intrested in investigating 'The World'. Apperentally
it's become rather famous.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Just some ppl asking how to get
CrimsonVS cards and then some pictures in the Apkallu.

well, log-in and lets enjoy a nice quiet quest.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Add Atoli and Kuhn to your party and go accept the quest.

---------------------------( Quest )---------------------------
----- 5)The Chim Chim Song
------- 10) Glowing, Passive, Fairy(Q) -------
Area Type: Jungel Cave
Area Level: 105
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 110

You'll notice that during the quest Kuhn seems kinda down all of
a sudden. hmm...

For now, lets get one with the objective.

Floor 1: have Atoli cast 'Ap Do' (increase speed by 50%) on
all party members. Then use a fairy orb to reveal the map.

For now all you need to do is make your way to the next floor
down. As you make your way to the next floor you see some scenes
here and there where Kuhn remains being slighty depressed....

Floor 2: Now, use a fairy orb and you'll see that there are several
dead ends on this floor. Well, we can deal with that in a minute.
More forward until you see a scene with a stray Chim Chim. Afterward,
if you follow the Chim you'll come to a fork in the road. Here you
need to take the right path. This will take you to the objective and
the end of the quest.

But of course before you can reach your objective you are met by
a very annoying boss monster. Just use your broad sword to pumble
him until his armor breaks. Then switch to your twin blades to finish
the job. Then continue on. When you reach the end of the path the scenes
will take place and end the quest. You'll auto finish.

-------------------	-------------------	-------------------
	-------------------	-------------------

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Lol, awwwww, poor Kuhn. Looks like he's been adbandoned again. Wow, talk
about a loser. Dating Online?! Come on.....*sigh* he needs to get back with
Mia from //Liminality.

--Ok, well it's time for a fresh batch of training. This time you only need
to gain 2 levels bringing you to level 112. Don't worry it shouldn't be all
that hard so buck up and lets get this over with.

--Random)Screaming, Wrath's, Generation-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 114
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level:110

This area isn't that great for leveling up. That just happens in this game.
Some times it'll be easy to level up and then other times it just isn't.
I really doubt you'll reach level 112 in just one area and it wouldn't
suprise me if you need to go to another area to level up. Do so if you
need to.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

when you've finially reach level 112. It'll be time to move on.
Don't forget the ussal stuff: Items, restock guild shop, save.

When you're done, log-out.

Read e-mails from Bottom to top in order to understand everything.

-E-mail- CC Corp  : campaign Comencment
Short version: Same old same old. Go to Mac Anu for
the campaign

-E-mail-  CC Corp  : Notice for Tournament Semi Finals
Short version: This time you've got to fight Antares. And
although it's a good thing that you need to beat him so he
doesn't face the Hetero Trio (who would make him a Lost One),
things will get messy before the end of this next round.

-E-mail- Anatres  : Master against Student
Short version: Haseo and Antares are going to fight
it out, man to man. All out, holding nothing back. Lets
give him a match to be proud of.

-E-mail-  Pi :  Sakaki
Short version: I don't know abut you, but I am getting
sick and tired of having to deal with this @$$hole. The sooner
he gets removed from his dictatorship the better.

Anyway, CC Corp thinks Sakaki can control AIDA. Which is an
obvious lie, but they're really desprate at this point and have
little choice but to believe what Sakaki is telling them. They've
been backed into a corner as much as you have.

-E-mail-  Kuhn : message from Pi
Short version: Pi is toughing it out as she's working
against time and even her own company. This are looking bad.
Haseo has got to buy her more time to work with.

Time to get this on with.

As you log-in you'll see some scenes with Sakaki and the
Higher-ups from CC corp. Apperentally, CC Corp/ isnt happy
with what Sakaki is up to, but like Haseo: they have little
choice in the matter.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Transfer to the Arena.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

Save, then head for the next match at the Counter.

--------- 11)Tournament: Semi Finals --------------
-Party:Haseo (112),Atoli (112),Kuhn (112)
-Opponets: Antartes (110), Bigwig (106),DAIKOKU (106)
-Before the fight advice: 

Your best bet for winning this match is just going right for
Antares. Although considering the levels I'm having you train to
you will probably be able to handel these guys fairly easily.

Just keep an eye on Antares, he likes to counter attack you alot.

Good luck, see you on the other side. And Watch all the scenes
afterward. If you thought things were bad before, they are about to
get ALOT worse.

Don't say I didn't warn you this might happen. Haseo's been found out
and now everyone knows he has special powers. Even though Sakaki is
wrong in saying that Haseo's Character is hacked. Haseo didn't hack his
character, CC Corp made it with special abilites. No, Haseo's power is
one of the 8 pillars and foundation on which the game was built. In other
words, Haseo's power has been around since the game was created. He's just
the first one to use it.

Movie- Incrimination
Short Version/Main points: This fricking little movie shows
Haseo when he first gained the abilty to use his avatar. IF you
remember correctly, he didn't use it very Wisely and made some
mistakes. well Sakaki uses these to his advantage and shows them
to everyone out of context to what happened.

Ok, so basicly Haseo was about to be banned from the game completly
when Taihaku shows and says that he will deal with Haseo personally.
That if Sakaki will allow Haseo to stay in the game, Taihaku will
face and beat Haseo in the title match. Of course your fear concerning
Saku and Endrance have been confirmed. They've sided with Sakaki......

Well, thankfully the pride of Taihaku just saved Haseo's @$$ from being
banned from the game which would end the hope of saving Shino. Now, all
that's left is to do you best and face Taihaku in the Title Match.

Log-out when you leave the Arena.

-E-mail-  Antares : Quest
Short version: he says it'd be nice to have some
fun and go on a quest. You know just to blow off
some steam about what happened in the Arena.

(If anyone reading this guide is easily offened by crude
remarks using the word 'gay', I ask that you ignore the 
following e-mail and that you skip it. Thankyou.)

-E-mail-  Sakaki : To the dirty, Cheating 'Terror of Death'
Short version: 

Sakaki wants to tell you that he likes men and is very Gay. And
enjoy's AIDA becuase of his gayness and futher more he wants you
to know that he, Sakaki, is a little man touch on top of being Gay.

Aside from being gay, Sakaki tells you he has the power to mind control
people with AIDA. 

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Some people talking about
dissapointed they are in Haseo. But as the posts go on
several people start realizing that things aren't adding up.

Well, anyway, There some pics in the Apkulla.

Ok, well anyway, lets get on with things. We got to move it
so we can hurry and un-thrown Sakaki. Time for some training.

Log-in (transfer to Breg Epona)

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Add Atoli and Kuhn to your party and head out for a new area to
train at.

--Random)Sceaming, Wrath's, Pure Bred-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 116 
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 112

Kill Monsters, get items, earn money, est.

You know the drill: reach level 114 then continue on.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

First take care of the basics: Restock the Guild shop, Restock items for
Atoli and Haseo, and look around for armor and weapons upgrades.

Next, if you managed to get your hands on a pair of lvl 113 Twin swords.
I suggest equiping them now. Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to start
looking around for equipment that is around lvl 110-120.

Ok, I want you to head to Hidden,Forbidden, Sacrament. You should have
enough virus Cores to upgrade Atoli's Lost Weapon, proabaly twice.

After that, remove Kuhn from your Party and add Antares.

You need to get the following equipment:

lvl 113 Twin swords
lvl 101 Broad Sword
Lost Weapon Scythe-upgrade lvl 3
lvl 108 Heavy Armor
lvl 95 Acessory

Lost Weapon Staff- upgrade lvl 2
lvl 101 Robes
lvl 95 Acessory

lvl 101 Sword
lvl 101 Light Armor
lvl 95 Acessory

Once you have all of this, head for the Quest shop and accept the new

---------------------------( Quest )---------------------------
----- 4)Steam Professor's Reshearch
------- 12)Undercover, Lakeside's, Metal Beast(Q)  -------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 108
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Antares
My Level: 114

All the monsters in this are will be a cake walk.

This quest is rather simple once you know how exactly to
do it.

1st: you need to go to three of the Alters and defeat the monsters
there. You will place one of the wave generators everytime you defeat
an enemy party of monsters.

2nd: When all the Generators are place, begin to walk around the Edge of
the lake, eventually you will encounter the enemy boss.

Just use your Scythe to pound him to death.
It's not that hard of a fight.

When you finish you'll return to town and auto finish the quest.

-------------------	-------------------	-------------------
	-------------------	-------------------

Once done, log-out.

-"crimsion VS"-

If you check CrimsonVS you'll notice that by this time you've managed
to get your rank down to #1. All with the same deck. =) Told you it'd
work, heheh. My record was about 550 Wins and only 100 Losses.

Don't do the Title Match just yet, Save it for later if you want.

when done with that, check your e-mails.

-E-mail-  CC corp : Notice of Tournament Finals
Short version: It's time to face off with the Hetero Trio.
The infected players who are being mind controled by Sakaki.

-E-mail-  CC Corp : Notice of Campaign Comencment
Short version: Same old Same old.

Well my friends, time to log-in and get this show on the road.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Add Atoli and Kuhn to your party first.
Transfer over to the Arena.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

Save. Then it's time to face off in the Finals with the infected players.

--------- 13)Tournament:Final Round --------------
-Party:Haseo (114),Atoli (114),Kuhn (114)
-Opponets: Hetero (109), Leucistic (107), Axanthis (107)
-Before the fight advice: 

You're best bet is just to kill the leader, but considering how
completly awsome you are now that you're lvl 114, you will
completly own these guys. So it's really not a big deal.

The biggest thing you'll have to worry about is the fact that these
guys are very very good at counter attacking you. So watch yourself.

When you get their HP down a ways, a scene will happen and you
will enter an Avatar Battle.


You see, the Herto Trio aren't the bad guys, they're as much the victums
of Sakaki's Rein of Terror as you are. They've been forced to do things
that they'd rather not. They been controled by sakaki.....poor guys....

Time to set them free.

My Level: 114

-Enemy Attacks:

Normal Slash- The AIDA will come right at you. As soon as it gets in range
it'll slash at you with it's arms. Wait till it gets close then Dash to the
side to avoid being pumbled.

Archene Shot- Shoots spider web stuff at you. Either slash through it
or dash to the side to avoid.

Kobold Bullet- It will unleash loads of shots at you, wait until the last
second and then slash away at them as them come at you.

Archno Trap- This is like one of Magus' attack. At the lines expand just
stay still. As the come down move a little to the right. As they come back
up, move back to where you were, a little to the left.

This fight is very simular to the fight you had with the AIDA that
infected Bouxdeau. Only this fight will be slightly easier.

The biggest thing it to pound away with shots as much as possible
and to stun as often as you can. The Attacks from this AIDA can
really rack up over time. So try not to get hit too much.

Once it protect breaks, Charge up Data Drain while dodgeing the
incomming shoots. When it's fully charaged wait till the AIDA stops
and let it rip. You can get in close for more of a point black range
target if you think it'll help you more. It works better sometimes.


After the battle watch the scenes.

When it's all over with, Log-out.

-E-mail-  Atoli : It's almost time
Short version: She says that she has something to talk
to you about, and if you want it'd be nice to do a quest.
well, I think you should take her up on the offer,cause this
quest is the most intresting one in the whole game.......

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Just someone offering quest advice that isnt
that great seeing as mine is more detailed. =P

Ok, time to log-in.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

Transfer over to Breg Epona.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Before we head out you have some training to do. I know, I know.
It proabaly isn't high on your to do list, but trust me. You need
to do this. There's a boss fight comming up that is not easy and if
you don't level up now, you'll have to do ALOT of leveling up

Our new objective is to reach level 116. So add Atoli and Kuhn to
your party and lets get going.

--Random) Screaming, wrath's, Two Wings-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 118
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 114

You should be able to get plenty of good items here.
Do what you gotta do and get back to town when you reach
level 116.

If you found yourself comming up short with EXP, then go to
another area and finish off leveling up.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

when you get back to town first
take care of the basics: Save, Items, restock Guild Shop,
and keep an eye out for new equipment.

when all that's done go to the Quest shop and accept the
new quest.

---------------------------( Quest )---------------------------
----- 3)Story of Kudan
------- 14)Looming, Muddled, Seer(Q) -------
Area Type: Temple Dungeon
Area Level: 110
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 116

This is probably my favorite quest in the whole game series.
Although it seems to be your run of the mill quest, it has
a very intresting and unexpected out come.

Use Fairy Orb. Then Have Atoli Cast 'Ap Do' on all
party members for faster movment speed.

1st Block: Nothing really too important. 
Just get to the second block

2nd Block: Not much, just get to block 3.

3rd Block: You need to head for the center
room in the far south of the block.

You'll see a scene, afterward run up to the Kudan and give
it three good kicks right in a row. That will trigger some scenes
where it will fortell your future for you.....unlike you're local
fortune teller. This little bugger acutally is giving you a TRUE
prediction of your future!

"A grave danger that is creeping up on our world...."
"A Resurrecting Demon and the abominable Army of Death that Follows him..."
"And you are destined to take part in the great battle to come..."
"And when all is done that must finially be done..."
"You will have a surprising and unexpected encounter...."

You'll auto finsh the quest, and you'll get a peek at what might happen
at the ending of the game.
-------------------	-------------------	-------------------
	-------------------	-------------------

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

well, when that's over, I don't want you to log-out just yet. There's
one more quest you need to do before running off to the title match.

Go to the Quest shop and Accept the only other quest that is avalible
right now.

Being that this is a solo Quest. Remove Atoli and Kuhn from your Party.

NOTE!- Before you enter this quest I should warn you now, if you did
not complete the Bike Missions in Vol 2 and so earn the rare bike parts
from said missions: you will find this quest rather difficult to complete.

Your best chance at success is to go to the Bike Parts shop in Breg Epona
and buy the best Bike Parts that you can find.

--Best Bike Parts from Breg Epona:
210 Engine
Type 800 Armor
Type 800 muffler
190 Tires

--Best Bike parts from vol 2 Bike Missions:
Kirisame Engine
Kurogane Armor
Tidal Muffler
Night Tires

Well, with that said, lets get on with things.

---------------------------( Quest )---------------------------
----- 7)The Goblins Are Comming!
------- 15)Running, Speed's, Rider(Q) -------
Area Type: Highland Canyon
Area Level: 96
Party: Haseo,(none), (none)
My Level: 116

Ok, you have to survive 4 rounds of tag with the Goblins.

--Round 1---
Haseo, the Terror of Death VS. Stehoney

Ok, the first two arent all that hard. Start off and run into
some chims to fill one of the Nitro guages. 

Next chase after the Goblin. wait until you're right behind him
then hit the R1 button for a boost. If he's turing you cut in on 
the inside of his turn you can cut him off and nail him.

--Round 2--
Haseo, the Terror of Death VS. Jonue

This one is pretty easy, just fill the nitro guage and give chase.
You have to hit him twice though in order to beat him.

--Round 3--
Haseo, the Terror of Death VS. zyan and Albert

Pick one of the two and just go for him. Remember to cut them
off in their turns and to use the nitro.

You need to hit Albert 3 times  and Zyan 2 times to beat them.

--Final Round--
Haseo, the Terror of Death 

Martina, The Speedy

This one is considerably harder.

You have to hit her 3 times and she gets faster
everytime you hit her. Just use the same strgedys as
you have with the other goblins and you'll win.

When it's over you'll complete the quest.
-------------------	-------------------	-------------------
	-------------------	-------------------

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

well, now that that's done. we can move on.

Log-out. It's time to put Sakaki in his place.
It's time to revolt.

-E-mail-  CC Corp : Notice of Title Match
Short version: Yes my firends. It's time to rescue Taihaku
from AIDA, time to over throw Sakaki, and it's time for the
begining of the end.

-E-mail- CC Corp  : Notic of Champaign Commencment
Short version: Same old stuff.

-E-mail- CC Corp  : Notic of Champaign Commencment
Short version: Same old stuff. If you want to do the
Bike Missions for Vol 3, then talk to Kufa in Dol Dona.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Just some pics for your background.

Alright then, lets log-in and get read to go.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Add Atoli and Kuhn to your party and lets go.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

Save! Then head for the Arena counter.

Now ladies and gentelmen, the moment you've been waiting for
since Vol 1. The Title Match with the Saga Palace Emperor.
Taihaku, one of the strongest players in the whole game. One of only
two Conquerors of the 'Forest of Pain'. Now is the moment. Will Haseo
beat the infected Taihaku and win his third straight Title match, or
will Haseo's luck finially run out when facing AIDA.

-------- 16)Tourtament: Title Match --------------
-Party:Haseo (116),Atoli (116),Kuhn (116)
-Opponets: Taihaku (113), Endrance (109), Sakubo (109)
-Before the fight advice: 

Well, there's good news and bad news. The Good news is that
Taihaku has decided to fight you solo with out Endrance or Sakubo.
The Bad News is that he's still really hard to beat.

This is a hard battle my friends, get buckeled down, this is going to

Start off using you're Twin sword and pound on Taihaku as much
as you can to begin with.  Taihaku may attempt to use Dust Bullet on
you, you can counter attack this with your own arts.

His other major attack you need to watch out for is his Magic Crimple
spell. It bascily slows you way down and makes it impossable to
use Arts or spells for about 15 seconds.

The best thing you can do is attemp to run away from Taihaku when he
uses this skill. As soon as he stops walking toward you, make sure to
block. Becuase Taihaku will raise his sword and fire a shot into the air
that will damage you if you're not blocking.

And what every you do, DO NOT use Arts unless you are counter-attacking.
The reason is because, well Taihaku will counter you and it won't be
prety. The best thing is just to wail on him with you twin Swords using
regular attacks. Then when Taihaku goes to use skills, just Counter-attack

The match will end when he has about 500 HP left.
Watch the scenes until you're ready to face off with an
avatar battle.

Movie- Devouring Dark
Short Version/Main points: Haseo almost get consumed by AIDA
when he destroy's Tiahaku's sword. But thankfully Atoli was
there to bring him back and he was able to fight off AIDA's 

As the match with Taihaku ends Sakaki gets angry and decideds
to take matters into his own hands. He Jumps down into the arena
and Is about to finish off Haseo when....TA-DA! Endrance saves
the day by stabing him in the back. See Endrance would never
really betray Haseo, he was just looking for a chance to make
his move.

Good thing too.
Anyway, Sakaki goes AIDA/Avatar style and summons his AIDA.

Movie- Purge
Short Version/Main points: Because of Haseo's close brush with
AIDA, he is unable to summon Skeith by himslef, So Atoli, Kuhn, and
Endrance all led him their strength to summon his Avatar and Fight
Sakaki. Alright! Time to FINIALLY finish off Sakaki.

My Level: 116

-Enemy Attacks:

  Normal Slash- the AIDA will do a nifty little spin move to wind
	up and then charge you, where it will slash away at you.
	Dashing is the best way to avoid this attack.

  Normal Shot- Sakaki's AIDA will fling Feathers at you,
	Slash to break through this attack.
  Royal Bullet- Lots of shots homing in on you. Basicly wait till the
	last second then slash.

  Excelent ray- Basicly Sakaki will fire off a couple Lasers at you.
	Just continue to dash out of the way to avoid this.

  Elegent Orb- This is one of the best ways to stun Sakaki's AIDA.
	He will form an orb of dark energy and then launch it at you.
	You can hit it back at him if you complete a full Slash combo
	on it. Just dont Slash back too soon or you wont perform the full
	combo correctly.


Just keep blasting away with Shots until he stuns, the best opertunity
to stun him is during his Normal Shots. Then move in quick for some slashes.

Eventually he will Protect Break, when he does do your best to avoid getting
hit, then move in close and let Data Drain rip.

Other then that, not alot to say. Just make sure to enjoy the Scenes
after the fight. They are rather good. well, I mean except for the
fact that Endrance keeps plegeding gay love to Haseo....
But other then that they are rather good.

Well now. Sakaki fell into the Outer Dungeons after the Avatar battle
with Haseo.  Where, of course, he met Ovan. It seems that Ovan has been
pulling the strings the entire time. Sakaki was only acting under orders
from him. Great. Well anyway, it seems Ovan was only using Sakaki becuase
he up and leaves him to face 3 very unhappy people

At that point the Azure Trio shows up and puts Sakaki in his place.
Thank God, it's about time he finially died.

well, now it's time to start in on the next section of the game.

Anyway, back in town.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

Save, then head over to Mac Anu

-------Town:	 Mac Anu	    -------

Well, looks like you can finally use Raven to meet at again.
Go and see how Pi's been doing.

---------------------   Key of the Twilight  ------------------

As you enter Raven you see some scenes with Pi. She explains that she
found Yata in the real world and that at the moment he's asleep. However
it's going to take some convincing to get him to return to the Game and
resume work for CC Corp after their betrayal.

Well, there's not alot you can do at the moment so Log-out and check your

You've got a long list of e-mails. and you need to read them going from
bottom to top, other wise they might not all make sense.

-E-mail-  Pi : About Yata
Short version: Pi just talks about Yata
and how he's doing. But Haseo points out that
only Pi really understands him.

-E-mail-  Ovan : Congratulations
Short version: Ovan gives you a very clear
explaination of what's been going on. I don't think I need
to re-cap on it as it was very well explained. Really all I
can say is this: Although everything he's doing seems so cruel and
so wronge. Ovan doesn't enjoy what he's doing. He's doing it 
because he has to.

-E-mail-  Taihaku : To Haseo
Short version: He says he has something important to
talk to you about. He says he'll meet you at the Icolo

-E-mail-  Gaspard : You're the Champion
Short version: He says congrats and that Canard will
be really really famous now.

-E-mail-  Silabus : Congrats on your 3 rank sweep
Short version: He says congrats and now things are
getting back to normal in the towns and what not.

-E-mail- Matsu  : Atta boy!
Short version: Says Congrats even tho he lost.
says he's still going to try and rebuild Moon Tree.

-E-mail-  Antares : Good Job
Short version: Haseo still denies that he is
Antares' student, lol =P

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Just some random Pictures.

well time to log-in and go talk to some ppl.

-------Town:	 Mac Anu	    -------

Save, before you do anything.
Before you run off to meet Taihaku. Go out
into the City and get on your steam bike.
Enjoy a nice long ride down to the Harbor,
where you need to board the ship and head
for the Isle of Kings. There you'll have an event
with the Announcer for the Tournaments. It's not
really like the other times you've been there, no
one is there, just you and the announcer. When the
event is over head back to the ship and sail back to town.

When you get back head to the chaos gate and warp over
to the Arena.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------

I know you haven't been to Icolo in awhile, but
it's behind the Chaos Gate. Look on the map
if you're really lost.

As you enter you'll see some scenes with Taihaku. They're
pretty sweet. Not alot to point out in their conversation.
However. I will say this.

---Speculation Time----

When Haseo asked, "If that's how you feel then why 
are you even in "The world"?

Taihaku replies, "who knows."

There are some of us who've been with the series for awhile. 
And some, not all, of us think that Taihaku was once a very well
known character from the original games.

I've been hinting at his true Idenity for awhile. Here's the evidence
to back this up: 1- Taihaku is one of the strongest players in the game.
2- In //ROOTS he was talking with Ovan about doing the Forest of Pain Quest.
And Taihaku mentions he wonders where Aura went. (meaning he was one of only
a few people to acctually know about her existence. This very possibly places
him in the group of the original .hackers from the original series.
3- This character is the type of person who would always keep playing
"The World" even after R1 got shut down.

Add it all up and you get:  Taihaku = Bulmung

Granted there's no absolute proof of this. But I like to believe it's true.
Taihaku reminds me alot of what an older, more grown up version of Bulmung
would be like. But hey, that's just what me and a couple other people think.
There's no solid proof.

When you get done there's a short mail from Saku. And get ready for this one,
because this is intresting. Head to the back alley behind the arena counter,
you know like where the Black Market sales person is, yeah there. Go now.

As you approch the place, a scene happens. Watch and enjoy.

Saku admits that she doesn't exisit in the real world.
(See I told you so in my guide from vol 2. And I was only
making an educated guess) So anyway, she tells Haseo that
because he, Atoli, and Kuhn are looking out for Bo now, that
she isn't needed anymore. And She's leaving.......

Afterward you'll get some e-mails. HOWEVER! I DO NOT want you
to log-out just yet. Because of upcomming events you need to level
up just a little bit. You should currently be level 116, you need to
get to level 118. This isn't nessacary for the upcoming event, but it
will be nessacary to get to level 120 a little after that. Which means
it only makes sense to level up a little now instead of doing it all
at once when you are itching to find out what happens next..........
Ok that was a really long and unnesscary explanation. 

Never mind. Just, Level up.

Go to the chaose Gate and warp over to Breg Epona

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Add Atoli and Kuhn to your party and lets get a move on.

--Random)Screaming, Wrath's, Alga Grass -------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 119
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 116

Ok, first off, hopfully you have the keywords for this area. Second, hopfully
you didn't get above level 116. Because, there is a lucky animal here that is
VERY worth getting. The reason being that this lucky animal will give you
Accessory Materials, And especially an item called: Sapphire Eye that renders
the user +50% EXP. Now, what you want to do is go to this area  and find the
lucky animal (On the North most island). Kick it then leave the area and go
back to town. Then enter the area again. and repeat the process, UNTIL you
have 3 Sapphire Eyes.  Keep one for Haseo, give one to Atoli and the
other to Kuhn.
(Note: Every time you get a Sapphire Eye, put it into storage. Other wise
the lucky animal wont give you another one.)

This will make things easy in the future. Or at least better.

-After you get 3 Sapphire Eyes, then you can begin to train. (Make sure
you customize your party's equipment when ever you train)
This area doesn't really have many good monsters to level up on. So I won't
be suprised if you need to visit one or two more areas to reach level 118.

--Random)Screaming, Muddled, Dead Wood-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 120
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 117

There's lot of good stuff to kill here. So train away
until you reach level 118.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Hopefully you came across a certian peice of armor that Kuhn
can use now, it's a level 118 Light Armor. Make sure Kuhn puts
it to good use.

Now then,Make sure to switch everyone back to their normal
set-up with their Accessory Materials.

Take care of the normal chores: Items, equipment, restock
guild shop, ect.

Log-out and check you Mail.

Read the e-mails (on the Game) from the bottom to top so that
they make sense.

-E-mail-  Taihaku : Forest of Pain
Short version: He askes you to save Alkaid and Sirius

-E-mail- CC Corp  : Coronation Ceremony postponed
Short version: Yeah, that sucks, but what do you expect.

-E-mail-  Sakubo (Bo) : My Sister
Short version: Wow, talk about weird. Bo wants Saku to

-E-mail-  Pi : Yata
Short version:   Yata has gone MIA in the real world
and Pi and no idea where he went to. She wants everyone
to come to Raven. ASAP.

Ok, time to get down to bussiness.

Log-in and lets go.

As you start to log-in there'll be some scenes with Ovan
and Yata. And you learn some intresting things. Continue
when the scenes end.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

when you enter the city, select the Chaos Gate and head to
Mac Anu.

-------Town:	 Mac Anu	    -------

Now, you knwo the drill, head off to Raven.

When you enter Raven, scenes will ensue. Watch them all and then
continue with the guide.

Pi's taken over in Yata's absence from the Serpent of lore. 
She mentions that the position is free since CC Corp big wigs
are still trying to figure out who to blame the Sakaki problem
on. I mean, it was a royal mess after all.

Movie- Crazed Yata
Short Version/Main points: Not sure what was up with that.
Looks like Yata is awakening. And it doesn't look fun, in fact
he looks completly crazed to me.
Pi wants you to go with her and beat a hastey path to where
Yata is. Well, alright then. Lets get going!!

Head for the Chaos Gate. Warp to Breg Epona

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Add Atoli and Pi to your party, make sure Pi is
set to 'Free-will' under the stragedy menu.
Save before you head out.

------- 17)Ethical, Prodigy's, Prophecy-------
Area Type: Jungel Dungeon
Area Level: 110
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Pi
My Level: 118

Heheh, it's time. Time for Haseo to become fully grown, fully

Floor 1-
When you enter this dungeon use a fairy ord and speed spells from
Atoli. The make a B-line for the Beast statue on the loswest floor.

Floor 2-
Nothing special, just keep moving to the next floor.

Floor 3-
Just head for the North East room. And prepare for a boss fight.

You see some scenes where Yata's avatar goes berserk. Not good!
Ok Haseo, lets do this.

BOSS FIGHT!: Fidchell
My Level: 118

-Enemy Attacks:

Normal Shot- Fidchell will fire off a wave of shots, much like
Gorre from vol 2. You can slash throgh these shots or dash to

Spinning Death- Fidchell takes the mask from his face and
throws it at Skeith. This is just like the Tiger claw attack
From the Azure Flame god. Just deflect the attack when it comes
near you with on flick of your scythe.

Quadra Halo- The four disks surrounding Fidchell will line
up and fire a battry of energy beams at you. You have to be very very
carfull. Hold still and the beams will miss you when they fire. Then
they'll start to move (ussally to the right) Just bearly tilt the
joy stick to move with the beams safely in the small space between
the beams.

Data Drain- Use the two fingure technique I taught you and smash the
X and Square button fast. You should be able to break free qucikly.

Lesser Data drain- Fidchell will form a lesser form of DD
and will shoot it at you. If you perform a full combo of
slash on it, it will rebound on Fidchell and stun him.

-Stragedy: Just keep pounding him with shots. The best chance to stun
him is when he unleases his rapid fire two or three times in a row.
You ussally can land enough hits to get him to stun.

His thing where he likes to dissapear and reappear else where can get
annoying. He should always appear to the left.

--When he protect breaks charge DD and Watch out for his rapid fire.
Dash to the right or left to avoid. Also, He'll attempt to run to the side
as to make it so you cant hit him with DD while he's moving. Therefore you
have to hit him with DD when he goes to fire off his shots at you. You'll
know this is comming when he dissapears and shows up to the left. You'll
have to be quick on the trigger to get him.

Good luck.

watch the scenes that take place afterward and then continue.

Well, that was intresting. Anyway, grab the Beast statue treaure and
head back to town.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Training time! ......again. >_<

Head back to that least field you used to train at.
This time we need to hit level 120.

--Random)Screaming, Muddled, Dead Wood-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 120
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 118

There's lot of good stuff to kill here. So train away
until you reach level 120. It shouldn't be too hard with
everyone Having Sapphire Eyes to boost the amount of EXP.

You should be able to get several new lvl 120 accessories here.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Ok, Now. On top of restock the guild shop and getting the normal items
for Atoli and Haseo. I want you to look over this list of equipment
and get this stuff if you can.

Twin Swords- lvl 113 Spin Nezumi (Fire att, drain 10% HP)
Broad Sword- lvl 117 Broad Dowan (Fire att, Drain 10% SP)
Scythe- lvl 75 Ticking Death (upgrd lvl 3)
Armor- lvl 116 Rough Red Bone (-10% magic, -25% phy)
Accessory- Simple Slant hood (-10% all Sp consumption)

Staff- Dancing Haze lvl 75 (upgrd lvl 2)
Armor- Sub Habit lvl 118 (-10% magic, -25% phy)
Accessory- Simple Slant hood (-10% all Sp consumption)

Steam Gun- Silent Jade (upgrd lvl 2)
Armor- Loose wyvern lvl 118 (-10% magic, -25% phy)
Accoessory-Simple Slant hood (-10% all Sp consumption)

--(Note: You may need to go to Hidden, Forbidden, Sacrament inorder
to upgrade Atoli and Kuhn's Lost weapons.

When done Log-out.

As you log-out you'll see some scenes with Ovan, he does a little vitory
dance becuase he's finally managed to get all the Avatar user to Awaken.

But, his celebration is short lived. Aina dissapeared to some where and Ovan
is all worried and stuff. 

When you reach you're desktop, you'll have a number of e-mails.
(read them in game from bottom to top)

-E-mail- Pi  : GU to resume acctivites
Short version: Pi tells you that Yata got his job back.
On one condition: Take care of AIDA, and do it fast.

-E-mail-  Yata : The future of GU
Short version: He tells you that Now all 8 Epitaph
users have awakened. It's also likly Ovan will be ready
to move soon. Yata is having Pi locate Ovan.
For now, he says you should stand by and wait.

-E-mail- Yata  : Stories from the past
Short version: Ahhh, finially some more confermation on the
fact that Yata was once a key member of the .hackers.

He says he and Ovan were both fellow hackers. And friends.
At some point Ovan changed. That's when things started happening.

-E-mail-  Pi : AIDA signal
Short version: She says a very strong AIDA signal is comming
from Breg Epona. That really might not be good at all. I mean:
AIDA in a town! Yikes! better look into it, and fast.

-E-mail-  Sakubo (Saku) : Just in case
Short version: Read the e-mail and hit the x button. 
Reply: "Bo's big sister"

-Forums-    : 
Short version: There's an awesome rumor on the
boards. It's really good stuff, especially since
it will affect the game just a little later on.
I'll give a full explanation when it comes up again
later. For now I'll leave you hanging with the fact 
that Net slum is still around.

When done, Save and log-in.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

As you enter you'll see some scenes with Bo and Aina.
Then you'll meet up with Pi. Afteward, go to the warp point
and warp to the "3 way junction". From there, either ride
your steam bike or walk down to the end of the alley way.

You'll see some quick scenes where Aina and Bo dissapear.
Add Atoli and Pi into your party and lets Area hack the
anomily. Press R1 after you have your party together.

This will lead you into an outer dungeon.

---Outer Dungeon---

This place is pretty simply really. Just follow the path
like and S curve until you end up at the South Middle most 
room. It shouldnt be hard to figure out. Aslo, you'll
have to fight all the monsters in the dungeon in order to
progress the story. Good luck.

At the end, you search renders nothing. Well,return
to town and log-out.

-E-mail-  Gaspard : I'm not afraid of any ghost
Short version: He says there's a rumor on the
comunity forum.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: This guy said he saw a little girl.

-E-mail-  Pi : Ghost girl
Short version: Pi says she contacted the player who 
saw the girl. He'll meet you in the back streets of
Breg Epona.


-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Again warp to the '3 way split' and head down the alley.
You'll meet the guy at the end of the path.

He says he's not talking about it and takes off. At that
point you hear yelling from the Bike shop area. Head back up to
the shops to see whats up: Hopfully a group of angry players has
finially decided to string up Piros and kill him.

Unfortunitly no. Piros comes bounding through saying he knows the key
words to the location of the Ghost girl. Take his tip and head for
the chaos gate. Add Atoli and Pi to your party.

------- 18)Fading, Moonflower, Glory -------
Area Type: Temple Dungeon
Area Level: 115
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Pi
My Level: 120

1st Block-

This is one of those crazy warp point puzzels. I'll do my best to
map it out for you guys.


	|-|    [2 3] [4 5]  [  ]  [6]
	| |			   |
	|_|			  { }
			   [Exit]-{ }
			[ 1]-{ }-{ }-[Start]	
	[   ]


-From Start go and use warp point 1 to get to
warp points 2 and 3. (2 is north of 3)
-Use warp point 3 to get to warp points
4 and 5 (4 is north of 5)
- Use warp point 4 to get to warp point 6
-From warp point 6, walk to exit of Block

2nd Block-

Again you have another maze, but this one isn't as bad.


	[Start]-[ ]-[1]-[3]
		     |   |
    [Exit]-[8]      [4]-[2]

		[5]-[4*]  [6 7]


-Use warp point 4  to get to 4*
(yes 4,other ones are useless)

-Walk to warp point 5 and use it to get to
warp points 6 and 7.

- Use warp point 7 to get to warp
 point 8 (7 is north of 6)

-From warp point 8 walk to Exit

3rd Block-

This block is more or less straight forward.

Just head straight, don't turn south. You'll see the screne
flicker in the second room. Press R1 to area hack. Chose to

--Outer Dungeon--

And here yet again is a new maze. Follow these instructions.


    [3]-[ ]  [ ]-[Start]
         |    |
[4 5]   [ ]--[ ]-[1]
    [2]-[ ]  [6]-[ ]           



-Take warp point 3 to warp points
4 and 5 (4 is west and slighly north of 5) 

-Take warp point 5 to 6/the finish.

Finially, you reached the end. Well now, that
could have been worse. Watch the scenes and 

When done head back to town.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

when the cut scenes are over, log-out.

-E-mail- Antares  : Quest
Short version: He says he's got a quest for you
to go on. Sounds like a plan to me. Lets go.

-E-mail- Sakubo (Saku)  : Re: Bo's big sister
Short version:   

Reply: White Chrysanthemum

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Some usless quest advice, some comments
on the ghost girl rumor, and some pics.

Right then. Time to do a Bounty Hunter's quest.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Add Atoli and Antares to your party. The head to the Quest shop
and accept the Bounty Hunter related quest.

---------------------------( Quest )---------------------------
----- 1)Lawless Fort 
------- 19)Vulnerable, Barren, Safe House(Q) -------
Area Type: Jungel Dungeon
Area Level: 116
Party: Haseo, Atoli, Antares
My Level: 120

----Floor 1

This floor is prety simple. You'll find the there is more or
less one central path to follow to get to the next floor. Along
the way, no matter which way you go, you'll run into the Pkers
you need to find and defeat.

Use Fairy orb and Atoli's Speed+ spell to hurry the process

--Pker's Group #1--

Greedy Cervantes: easy enough, just pound away.
Broad sword is a good idea.

--Pker's Group #2--

Garden Michelle: Take him out second. Broad sword might be best here.
Fiery Genie-Five: Take her out first. Scythe is a good idea here.

----Floor 2

Central Path, all the way.

--Pker's Group #3--

Wicked Ibaku: Take him out second. He has a certian amount of
physical tolerance that will wear off as you continue to fight him.
It take awhile.

Wicked Gerango: Take him out first. He has no physical tolerance
and there for easyier to take care of.

----Floor 3

Five down, five to go.
Really this last floor you'll have have to wonder around a bit
to find everyone.But ultimatly you need to head to the West and
north most side of the dungeon.

Really it doesn't matter, the Pkers are located in such a way
that you'll fight them no matter what. You really don't need
to go looking for them.

--Pker's Group #4--

Immortal Goriki: Scythe is the best idea here.

--Pker's Group #5--

These guys are your final challenge and they are really
not that hard. Just use your scythe and keep using arts
over and over. You'll be just fine.

When it's over with, you'll warp back to town.
-------------------	-------------------	-------------------
	-------------------	-------------------

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Right then. You know it suprises me how Haseo can always tell when
he's about to get an e-mail. =P

At any rate, I suggest putting the main story on hold for just alittle
bit.  Normally I'd be telling you to run off and advance the story as
fast as possible. I mean I know you're probably itching to see what's 
about to happen and all. But before you do I need to mention something.

I know you must be feeling pround of yourself being all like level 120
and all but to be completly honest you are not strong enough. Not yet.
See there is an upcomming boss battle. And although it's all exciting 
and stuff. I garantee you won't be albe to beat it at level 120. I
know because I tried and It's just not possible. However if you
gain just a few more levels this boss battle goes form unbeatable
to completely do-able. So, you need to get yourself to level 125.

So, unfortunitly, it's time to train.

--Random)Agonizing, Warth's, Generation-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 124
Party: Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 120

When you get here, switch everyone's Accessory
Material to the Sapphire Eye for the +50% EXP

Proceed to kill eveything in sight. This is a prety
good area to train at. I managed to just barly get level 123.

Remember that at level 122 you can use a better set of Twin swords.

--Random)Unselfish, Warth's, Fast Horse-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 126
Party: Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 123 (but just barely)

"Take what you can; give nothing back."

Kill you some monsters. And don't come back till you have.

--Random)Unselfish, Warth's, Hand Song-------
Area Type: Field
Area Level: 127
Party: Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 124 

Kill everything in sight till your party reachs level 125.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Note: Around this time in the game you'll probably start
comming across key items called "Cheat Codes". You get them
from Area Hacking normal Areas. They are very usfull as they
will allow you to Alchemize weapons, armor ,and accessories that
are rarity lvl 5. In other words you can upgrade equipment that
normally would not be allowed to be upgraded. However, you can't
use this ability just yet. Soon, but not yet. Just try and collect
as many 'Cheat Codes" as you can.

Also, there is one more quest at the Quest Shop for the game.
It's another Gold Goblins related quest.
And the only reason I mention it is because of the reward for completeing
the quest and/or the Bike Missions. If you finish the quest you will be 
awarded with an Accessory that will render you invisable to monsters while
in the fields or dungeons. This is very usfull for advoiding fights you 
simply dont want to deal with. But more importantly, with out this item,
the Hidden Quest for vol 3 becomes almost impossible to beat.

So, reguardless of weither you chose to do this now, or later, is up to
you. But for advantage sake I'm going to cover the Bike missions and
this last quest right now. After all the bike missions would be kinda
useless after you do this final goblin quest (which is an actual race
against all 5 gold goblins)

------Note: Remember, you don't HAVE to do this now. But it 
will certianly be to your advantage.

For the walkthrough on the 'Bike Trials' #1-5, see my guide for vol 2.
In order to do the bike trails simply go to the chaos gate, make sure
the first Key word is "Passing". Use the other two slots to adjust
which Bike mission the field is set up for. You can tell which trial
you're doing by looking at the Field Mission.

----------------------Bike Missions----------------------------

I highly suggest doing Bike Trials 1-5 before attempting to do
6-10. The reason being is that you will recive some of the rare
bike parts (not all becuase there are a few that can only be gained
by getting them from vol 2)

If you find yourself unable to get those bike parts. I suggest going
to the Breg Epona Bike store and buying the best bike parts you can afford.
Now, once ready, lets get going. I'll be writing the guide assuming you
got the bike parts from Vol 2 and Bike missions 1-5.

Note: In order to actually start the bike missions, you must first
visit the Campign NPC in Dol Dona. He's a duck looking NPC (Kafu) that
is right across from the warp point near the town's @Home.
Once you've talked to him you may begin the Bike Trials.

Also, notice that I can only give you general advice on how
to beat these races. When it comes down to it, you have to do it
yourself. Just remember that if you continue to do these trials 
over and over and over. Eventually you WILL get good enough to
beat them. Just keep at it.

Bike Trial #6
Example: (Passing,Warth's, Benadonna)

Note:Do not get a field that is cloudy, 
foggy, or dark. You ALWAYS want areas that are
day time.

Engine: Kirisame Engine
Armor: Kurogane Armor
Muffler: Tidal Muffler
Tires: Night Tires

Ok, then.

1) Begin with a boost start. You can do this by holding down
the Square and X button at the same time. This will change the
boost.(signaled by white steam comming out of muffler)
When the counter says GO! release the Square button (brake)
and you will launch forward. 

2) swerve to the left to hit the first row of chims. Keep
hitting the R1 button when doing this to activate the Nitro
as soon as possible.

3) After the second group of chims prepare to do a 180 degree
turn around the curve. (it's a sharp one)

4)Collect the next row of chim and boost into the turn. Clip
the edge of the King (Check point) and head for the bridge)

5) hit the chims on the bridge and turn a hard right.

6) Follow the arrow to the last King. 
Look for chims along the way.

For 1st place you will get the: Kogane Armor.
Not very useful, but it's a start.

Now that you've gotton 1st place, I want you to go to
Kafu and view your record with him, this should render
rewards: some useful, some not.

Bike Trial #7
Example: (Passing,Warth's, Fast Horse) 

Engine: 210 Engine
Armor: Kurogane Armor
Muffler: Type 800 muffler
Tires: Night Tires

This is a hard corse just because there is so little
room for mistakes. However with the 210 engine that provides
the best Max Speed. You might just make it.

1)Boost start as soon as it says go.

2)Keep pressing R1 so you will boost as soon as guage
is full.

3) Drive straight ahead, as you approch the first King
wait until you are almost there then jerk the joy stick down.
This will cause you to perform a sliding U-turn. If you time
it right you will swipe through the king at the furthest point
in the sliding turn. In other words you will slide into the king
as you perform the U-turn rather then after you've already passed
through it.

4) Stear to the left as soon as you complete the u-turn and head to
the King on your left. Do the same U-turn move to clip the King.

5) Boost toward the last King with as much speed as you
can beat out of your bike. If you have the above, you should be able
to beat this mission.

Reward: Big Wave Muffler. Useful for offsetting the 210 engine's
lack of acceleration. 

Two down Three to go.

Bike Trial #8
Example: (Passing,Wrath's Hand Song)

Engine: 210 Engine
Armor: Kurogane Armor
Muffler: Big Wave muffler
Tires: Night Tires 

This course isnt as hard as you might think. Really the biggest
thing is to run through it once or twice to get the feel for things.
Then trying it again at full speed. The trick here is to cut corners 
through the s-curves at hte begining and the end.

1) Boost start. Get the first batch of chim while turning right.
2)Cut the first corner and head for the first King
3) As you get the first king, prepare for a 90 degree turn to the
4) Turn left again at the bridge.
5) Go up the hill clip the king and then down the hill on the
next path down.
6) across the bridge and then an 90 degree turn to the left.
7)Right after the bridge will be the biggest chance to gain time on
the clock by cutting the corner in a slant through the s-curves.
8)Boost toward the last king.

Reward: Rain Tires. One of the Best Tires.

Bike Trial #9
Example: (Passing,Warth's, Two Wings)

Engine: 210 Engine
Armor: Kurogane Armor
Muffler: Big Wave muffler
Tires: Rain Tires 

1)Start boost. Get the first row of chims. Cut the first
corner. No not use the bridge, it's not worth it. Go around the
'long way' (which actualy is faster) Hit the first king.

2) Round the next corner (do not cut it took close) and hit
the next kind. 

3) then just drive right at the last king.

Reward:Ayanami Muffler.

Ok, first off I highly suggest you empty your inventory
of all unessacary items, because the reward items you get from this
mission are AMAZING! Like not even joking at all, the weapon/armor/
accessory materials are some of the rarest in the whole game and
you will want to be able to keep as many as you can!

Bike Trial #10
Example: (Passing,Black, Arrows)

Engine: 210 Engine
Armor: Kurogane Armor
Muffler: Big Wave muffler
Tires: Rain Tires 

This track is very easy compared to the others.

1)Boost start, Grab first row of chims. Boost with

2) turn lighlty left to aim at first King.

3) steer throguh s-curves.

4) just before the 2nd Kind is a 180 degree turn. Follow
the line of chim around the curve and don't try to cut it
close or else you'll miss the King.

5) Grab a row of chims to fill guage and boost. Take
the most direct path right to the last king. 

Good luck.

Reward: Akagane Armor (best bike armor of the game)


Ok, the only thing left to do is go to Kafu and see if you've
completed 50 Runs and Collect 3000 Chims. You'll get loads of great
items for completeing the Campign. 

--I Highly suggest that any Items that will raise you Skill Level, 
that you save them for later.

Now that you have all those sweet bike parts and your
ride is now pimped out. It's time to give the Gold Goblins
a good run for their money.

---------------------------( Quest )---------------------------
----- 2)Last Salute of the Gold Goblins

------- 20)Undetered, Legerity's, Goblin(Q)  -------
Area Type: Highland Canyon
Area Level: 101
Party: Haseo, (none), (None)
My Level: 125

Ok, this quest is a five lap race against the Golden Goblins.
Each Goblin will run one lap. 

This is actually really easy. Just follow the course counter clock wise.
the bridge act's like your check point. You will get extra boost stock for
every lap you complete. 

With your awesome pimped out bike, this will be a peice of cake.
Good luck.

Just make sure to keep to the inside of the turns and to get the
group of chims on every lap, you should be fine.

When done you will get an AWESOME accessory. 
-------------------	-------------------	-------------------
	-------------------	-------------------


DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT under any circumstances get rid of the Demon
Safe shoes. This accessory is customized with a certian material that is
very very very very RARE! Infact it is only one of two opertunities to get
it. And you MUST have one of the two in order to have any resonable chance of
beating the Hidden Quest for Vol. 3



Ok, now that that is all taken care of and out of the way. It's time to move
on with the story line.

Finially, Log-out.

-E-mail-  Pi : To GU Members
Short version: She got some news for everyone.
Time to head to Raven to see what's up.


As you begin to log-in you'll see some scenes with Ovan.
Watch first then continue.

Movie- Tragic Scream
Short Version/Main points: You see one of Ovan's
memories. You witness Ovan being infected with AIDA.
And of course Ovan goes nuts and can't control himself
and he turns his powers on Aina. 

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------

Transfer over to the other server.

-------Town:	 Mac Anu	    -------

Head to Raven.

As you enter there'll be a big string of scenes. Watch them all
the continue.

Yata and Pi go over the prediction that Fidhell made. The come
to the conclusion that is it likly to refer to Ovan and that
he is the key to everything that has been happening. Haseo says
that Ovan is the one behind AIDA, but of couse how can that be
true if Ovan sees the AIDA in his left arm as an enemy that hurt

So you see it's all a rather large mess and Yata points out that it
won't make any differnce to keep going. Haseo suggest they go after
ovan. And lo: Ovan appears on the Serpent of Lore's display screne
and he talks to everyone present. He suggest that because there's lots
to talk about, they all get together for a chat. Rather nice of him
isn't it? I wonder if that chat includes Haseo trying to kill Ovan again?

Anyway, watch the rest of the stuff and then lets head out. We have the 
biggest Story Event since the end of Vol 2 comming up.

Head to the Chaos Gate and transfer over to the Sigma server.

-------Town:	 Breg Epona	    -------
Add Atoli and Kuhn to your party.

Make sure to restock Atoli's supply of healing itmes, Make sure
you have all the updated armor and other equipment. When it's
all said and done: its just time to get on with things.

It's time to find out the answer to the biggest question
of the entire series: Why is Ovan doing all of this?

------- 21)Immersed, Crime's, Paraphrase -------
Area Type: Forest Dungeon
Area Level: 119
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Kuhn
My Level: 125

1st Block: Equipe the Demon Safe Shoes, use fairy orb, and
cast Ap Do on all party members. You're only objective here
is to move as quickly as you can through this dungeon and get
to the Outer Dungeon.

2nd block: This one has some warp points involed but it's
not a full blow Maze. Just follow the path and use the warp
point at the end of each segment of path. Just watch out:
near the end of the block you'll run into two warp points side
by side, use the one more to the south. Not too hard.

3rd block:

First off head more or less straight ahead toward the Beast Statue.
claim the prize there. Then head to the North East corner of the map.
There use Gate Hacking to reach the outer dungeon.

----Outer Dungeon---

Fairy ord the map to discover that the place is a monsterious
mess of warp points. Peachy. Well here's a map on how to conqure
this maze:


      [4,5,6]   [ ]    [ ] 
	[ ]     [Fin]  [1,2}-[Start}

	[7]     [8]    [3]

Take 2 -> 3 (2 is south of 1)
Take 3 -> 4
Take 5 -> 7 
(5 is in the South West corner)
Take 7 -> 8
Take 8 -> 'Fin'


Once you reach the center platform, I would save.
Switch your accessory from the Demon Safe Shoes to
your normal lvl 120 Accessory.

The upcomming boss is NOT easy. Then, when you're
ready, Area Hack by pressing R1. Then chose to warp.

You'll watch alot of scenes before anything happens in
terms of fighting. When the next boss battle is about to
start, I'll give you adive on how to beat him. Watch scenes then

Ovan starts talking to Haseo about some stuff. Like that
the white room they are in is part of the Black Box folder from
the previous version of the game. Also that things will never be
the way they once were, but rather there is no need for that.
About that time Haseo butts in and says he wants a straight answer:
if Ovan knows how to bring back the Lost Ones. Ovan says that if
Haseo can deafeat Ovan, there is a one in a million chance that 
Shino will return.

I'll explain this later. For now you have to worry about the fact that
Ovan will refuse to give you the truth unless you take it from him in
a battle. So let's do just that......

My Level: 125

-Enemy Attacks:

Toss up- Ovan will slash, spin, then blast you into the air. Not
fun and the only real way to deal with this attack is to run away.

Tri-Edge attack- Ovan will uses his AIDA arm and regualer arms to
with a three blade attack just like he would make a tri-edge sign.
Lots of damage. Not good, no way to avoid it.

Cannon Blast- Ovan will change a shot and unlease a Death Star style
blast that will do alot of damage.

Jump Smash- Ovan will leap into the air and when he hits the ground will
send out shock waves. Just run away from him as he crouchs to jump.

-Stragedy: Use twin swords to knock his health down fast. Then use Scythe
once he begins to summon black orbs. Switch between the two weapons as needed.
Use Avatar Awakening as much as possible and ,if it works out right, to finsh
him off.

- Other Advice: at level 120 this fight it pratically impossible. At lvl 125
it's very do-able.

A scene takes place half way through the action. Ovan is begging
Haseo to destory him. Now more then ever. Destory him with a fully
developed Avatar. One who has fought and consumed all the other
Avatars. Haseo, alone, who has fought Atoli, Kuhn, Yata, Sakubo,Endrance, Pi
,and Ovan.

And now, like last time, Ovan summons his Avatar.
Only this time, it's bigger and badder.

BOSS FIGHT!: Corbenik 
My Level: 125

---Enemy Attacks:

Normal shot- He'll fire Energy balls out of his AIDA arm. you can
avoid these by simply moving to the right. No need to dash. You
can if you want, but not nessacary.

Variant Summon- He summons little AIDA to attack you. Dash in
fast and kill them qucikly with one hit. Or use shots to blast them
to peices.

Celestial Wrath- Ovan unleases a massive amount of shots into the air.
These will rain down around you. You can avoid this by dashing very
quickly to the right. Don't stop dashing till the shots stop comming
down around you.

Mental Vampirism- He will fire a low power version of data drain at you.
you can defeclt this back at him by using a combo on the engery ball.
This is the only way to stun him in the second half of the battle.

Data Drain- Ovan will plaster you on the end of his giant arm cannon
and then fire Data Drain at you at point blank range. You can defeat this
attack by the normal button smashing.


-1st part of battle-

It is possible to stun him while he attemps Variant summon. However
stunning him at all is very very hard.

-2nd part of battle-
This is marked by Ovan casting a shild barier around himself making
it impossible to stun him with shots or even land slashs on him.
You will have to find a new way to break his shield and stun him.

To do this wait until he uses Mental Vampirism (Low Power Data Drain) 
on you. You can deflect this back at him by using a full combo on the
ball of energy as it gets near you.

-3rd part of battle-

Protect break: this is tricky. You have to Data Drain Ovan twice in a row.
Once to break his shield, then again to finish him off. 

Problem: if you don't Data Drain him fast enough the second time, he will
recharge his shield, and as always you only have about a minute to Data
Drain him twice in a row. I suggest moving constanly (not dashing) to the
right while charging Data Drain. Only stop moving to the right long enough
to Fire Data Drain in a straight shot. You should have less of a problem
doing it this way. Good luck.


After the fight will be the longest set of scenes since the opening movies of
Vol 1. Kick back relax and enjoy the show. PS: Haseo is about to become
more awesome then he is already. Wait till all the scenes are over before
continuing on.

Ovan finially has got what he wanted. Yata is about to come to a solid
concusion when Ovan forces them to be warped out of the Area leaving only
Haseo, Ovan, and Aina.

Movie- Rebirth
Short Version/Main points: The truth is finially revealed.
Ovan has done everything this far, to save his sister. When AIDA
attacked him he went berserk and infected his sister with AIDA.
(He didn't Data Drain his sister, unlike Shino)
As for the rest of it, I'm sure you can see that plain enough.

Movie- Netslum
Short Version/Main points: 
Although Haseo wasn't at Ground Zero for the release of the
'Rebirth', he diffently caught a huge blast of that energy.
Being that his character and real person are connected by Mental
bonds, he's very lucky to be alive. (kinda like the Matrix: "the body
can not live with out the mind") Same concept.

Well anyway, I'd say it's time that some things started making sense.
Obviously Net slum is still around, only this time it is mobile on the
back of a giant flying turtle rather that being stuck in one place.
Not a bad imporevment if you ask me.

Anyway, everything goes dark and the next thing Haseo knows 
he is talking with Zelkova. Then he remembers everything that's
happened to himself. 
And then, he is reunited with his Epitaph.

You know, I think that Haseo would have looked awesome sweet with
Black hair and White armor instead of Black armor and Gray hair.
But hey, thats just me.

Movie- Xth form
Short Version/Main points: 




.......nothing else need be said.

Right now just watch the scenes. Come back when you get turned lose
in the new town.

Haseo has now recived his final form: the X-th Form.
You can now use the Duel Gun weapon type. The guns specialize
in long range attacks.

-X button: fires guns is a semi automatice patteren.
- Hold X: to perform an area attack.
-Press O: to reload (will reload automaticly after bullets are spent)
-Double tap O: to dash quickly

Duel Guns are very rare and there are only 4 sets of guns in the game.
The closer you get to a target the more powerfull the attacks become.

The X-th form allows you to use the Double trigger, this allows you
to perform a second Art 'Judgemnt' to allow you to switch back to
Duel guns after performing an Art with another weapon type.

Note: For future refernce I'm going to add this in right here so I won't get
more e-mails asking this. Know that if you follow this guide the whole way 
through I will walk you through getting all these weapons. But just Incase
you were wondering here's how you get the other three sets of guns:

Note:First understand that all Dual guns carry a weapon materal that allows you
to perform the double trigger skill.

There are four sets of dual guns in Vol 3:
1) DG-X: You get one set from a story line event when Haseo recivies the X-th
form job extension. These guns have a physical attack of +20 per-shot  They
don't however have a second material for customization. And like all the guns 
can't be custiomized excpt through Cheat Alchemy which only increases the 
number of bullets the gun can carry and gives the alchemy bonus of 
x1.25 damage (at most).

2) DG-O: You get these guns for defeating the doppleganger once Haseo has
 recieved the X-th form. They are the 3rd most pratical dual guns. Aside from 
having the dual trigger skill, they are customized with a material that will 
increase the damage done to enemies as Haseo's HP is lowered. However, if 
you're a defesive player you won't want to use these much. Also, to compensate
for having this ability these guns only have +18 Physical attack. Meaning 
they're weaker then then the DG-X. Using these guns are a risk and personally 
it's not my style.

3) DG-Y: You can get these guns in the Forest of Pain on the 51th floor. 
Complete objective #6 by defeating 6 parties of monsters. These guns are 
customised with the Godspeed Bullet which allows you to recharges your skill 
trigger faster. However, these guns only have a physical attack of +10 making
them not very pratical for the Forest of Pain being that many of the stonger 
bosses have very high defense.

4) DG-Z: Can be obtained by beating the final boss in the Forest of Pain. 
These guns are by far the most Powerful and the least usefull. (After you 
beat the Forest of Pain it's unlikly you'll have anything major in the game 
to even use them for.) Reguardless, they have a physical attack of +25, and 
are customized by a material giving the guns an ability called Death's 
bullet; it reduces the enemie's HP by 95%.

Ok, First off there are two major complaints about the X-th form I
want to voice. 
1) There are only four sets of duel guns and only
two of the four sets are even worth using: the set you have now, and the
set you get for completeing the hidden quest (which is kinda pointless
considering you could have used them the most DURING the hidden quest
not AFTER.)
2) other complaint is Haseo looks like he has a really fat @$$. Reason being
that the circle armor plates on his lower back give him the appearence of
having girl hips aka RETARDED!

But, if you can over look these faults then you should enjoy 
the X-th form very much as it will make Haseo complete ownage.

---------------------  Preludes of Battle  ------------------

This section of the game will be intresting to say the least. In
all reality: it will be the calm before the storm; or better yet the 
eye of the hurrican. 
Enjoy the peace while you can; it wont last.

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------

First thing to do is back track to the Chaos Gate and Save.
Also, there's some quick stuff you need to adjust with
you character and what not.

Open the menu: Go to skill trigger and set Justice to your
X-button on the skill trigger. You now have one Art for
all four types of weapons:

X-Justice (duel guns)
O- Reaper's Dance (Scythe)
Square- Armor Break (Broad Sword)
Tri-Angel- Ghost Falcon (Twin Swords)

Also, you'll find some of the items at the new
stores very useful. There are only two stores here
but both are at least some what useful. At the
Weapons Shop you can find any of my suggested
weapon upgrades that you might have missed:

Twin Swords- lvl 122 Spin Goria (All Damage +25%)2
Back to town

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------

Re-supply, then head out again. 3 more to go.

------- 27)Hidden, Forbidden, Battlefield -------
Area Type: Lost Grounds/Landscape
Area Level: None
Party: Haseo,Atoli,Kuhn
My Level:130

First time I played through the game I saved this one for last thinking
it would be approperate. But there scenes here are the least good of 
the four areas, hence I'm saving the best scenes for last and just doing
this one now.

Enter the area, see scenes with Gabi, the Pkers you hate, and some
other people from way back when you started your journey.

Afterward, on to the Outer Dungeon.

This one is easy. It's straight forward.
Just follow the path and kill the Gomoras.


[ ]-[ ]	    [1]-[ ]
 |   |           |
[ ] [ ]     [ ]-[ ]
     |       |
[ ]-[ ]     [ ]-[ ]
 |           |
[ ]-[2]     [ ]-[Enter]

Back to town

Head back to town once done.

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------

Restock then head right back out, another battle field
calls your name.

This time change the server over to the Mac Anu server.

------- 28)Hidden, Forbidden, Bulwark -------
Area Type: Lost Grounds/Landscape
Area Level: None
Party: Haseo,Atoli,Kuhn
My Level:130

As you enter the area you'll see scenes with a whole bunch of
Moon Tree members: Matsu, Kaede, est.

Outer Dugeon time, and the next two aren't
exactly easy style dungeons:

[4]      [2]
 |       [3]-[1]-[Enter]
[ ]  [ ]
[ ]
[ ]-[7]  [6]-[ ]






Use they above key and map to get around,
find all the enemy parties. Good Luck.
When done, back to town.

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------
Ok, time for the final Area. And I saved this one for last
for a good reason.

Re-stock your items then Save you game. 

------- 29)Hidden, Forbidden, Radiation -------
Area Type: Lost Grounds/Landscape
Area Level: None
Party: Haseo,Atoli,Kuhn
My Level:130

Here you meet all the Arena rankers who you battled 
to reach the top. Taihaku called in some favors and
rallied them to fight. And then, Alkaid.....
Watch the bitter sweet scenes.

Then continue on with area hacking:

Outer dungeon: this is probably the
hardest Outer dungeon in the game.

[10]	[9]	[ ]-[Enter]
	 |	[ ]
[7]-[6  4,5]	 |
	 |	[1]
[8]     [ ]

Note: 4 is north of 5



3-> 4,5&6



When done, head back to town.

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------

Ok, Save then head for the bridge.
After a short meeting, it's time. Time for the Final

Our time grows short friends. But this time there
will not be another game to continue on with. Ah, well.
Let's finish this up.

------Preparing for the Final Battle--------

--Here's a list of things to check first:

1)--Note:On top of having your final party ready to go, you
must also prepare 3 other parties for battle as well.
You will use these three parties for only one battle
each. Then they will be left behind while you continue
forward deeper into the final dungeon.
Here's the party members I suggest:

1st: Gaspard and Silabus

2nd: Sakubo and Endrance

3rd: Pi and Yata

Final Boss party: Atoli and Kuhn

You don't really need to prepare them
in any special way. You just need to know
it's comming. The best thing you could do is
buy healing items and give them to Gaspard,
Sakubo, and Pi. (your healers) And then Set their
stragedy to "Life".

2)--The next thing is that you need to restock your
items for the final battle. This means get as many healing
items as you can get.

3)--Next,You need to get to level 133. I think it is fitting
that since Haseo started his journey at level 133, he should
finish it at level 133. So go out and train! Try a level 134
area, that should do the trick.

4)-- Use cheat codes to upgrade your Duel Guns and your new
Twin Blades.

5)--Last, You should hopfully be able to upgrade Kuhn's steam
gun one last time with Virus cores.

Aside from that, there's not alot I can say. Prepare as best you
can, use your best judgement. After 3 games worth of experience,
you should be fine.

Here's my equipment and item set-up for the final battle:

Twin swords: Empty Skies lvl 125[Customized: Mortal]
Broad Sword: Broad White lvl 133 [Customized: Strategic att]
Scythe: Ticking Death    lvl 75 [upgrade lvl 3]
Armor: Rough Imperial    lvl 132 [Customized: -10%mag,-25%phy]
Accessory:Simple Slant Hood lvl 120[Customized:Zen Mastery]


Healing Serum (200Hp) x40
Healing Potion (350Hp)x40
Restoring Drop (750Hp) x40

Sprite Drop (50Sp) x40
Fairy Drop (100Sp) x40
Nobel Drop (250Sp) x40

Revival Medicine (revive ally) x40
Revival Potion (fully revive ally) x25
Wonder Soda (All Status affects) x40
omipotent Soda (All status affect all Allies) x25

Gun: Silent Jadelvl 75 [upgrade lvl 3]
Armor: Loose Regalia lvl 126 [Customized: -10%mag,-25%phy]
Accessory: Simple Slant Hood lvl 120 [All knowing]



Staff:Dancing Haze lvl 75 [upgrade lvl 3]
Armor:Sub Vestment lvl 126 [Customized:-10%mag,-25%phy]
Accessory:Simple Slant Hood lvl 120 [Heal Mastery]

Healing Serum (200Hp) x40
Healing Potion (350Hp)x40
Restoring Drop (750Hp) x40

Sprite Drop (50Sp) x40
Fairy Drop (100Sp) x40
Nobel Drop (250Sp) x40

Revival Medicine (revive ally) x40
Revival Potion (fully revive ally) x25
Wonder Soda (All Status affects) x40
omipotent Soda (All status affect all Allies) x25

Also, give any other powerfull healing items you might have come across
while out adventuring to Atoli. If you've got this stuff done, then you
should be good to go.

When your done getting everything you might need. It's time to move out.
Save, then go to the Chaos Gate and switch to the Breg Epona Server.
Then head for the last dungeon.

Note: after this point, there is no return. None.
This a straight shot to the end. Do or die.

------ 30)Excited, Conflict's, Fate -------
Area Type: Forest Dungeon
Area Level: 128
Party: Haseo,Atoli,Kuhn
My Level: 133

Get ready for a very very long road ahead.

--Final Battle: Stage 1--
Our first task is to conquer this three floor
dungeon with warp point mazes.

-1st Floor:

This floor is very easy to understand, it dosen't
need much explanation. Just head for the exit on
the oppisite side of the floor. Use the Demon Safe
Shoes to bypass all the normal monsters that need
not be fought and would therefore waste your supplies of
items needed for later.

-2nd Floor:

This is where things get intresting. Use the below map
to navigate the area.


[Exit]--[5]  [4]-[ ]
        [ ]--[ ] [3]
[Enter]-[1]  [ ]-[2]


-3rd Floor:

Again, this floor features a rather nasty
warp point maze. But again, with my help it'll be
no problem.


[  ]  [3,4]
[Fin] [ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[    ]
      [ ] [1,2]
[Enter]---[ ]


{warp point 1 is north of 2}

Once you reach the last room, use area hacking (press R1)
to reveal the entrance to the next stage of our final mission.

--Final Battle: Stage 2--
The second stage of the final area is an outer dungeon.
This one isn't so hard except for the fact that you only
have a 1 in 4 chance of guessing the correct warp point
at the end of the dungeon. Iroicly enough, I knew I was going to
write this guide after playing through the game once. So when I
guessed the correct warp point that leads to the end of the
dungeon on the First try, I made sure to write it down. =P

	-Outer Dungeon-

[ ] [ ]-[ ]	[2]
[3]	[ ]
[4] [ ]-[ ]     [ ]-[Enter]
[5] [ ]     [ ]-[ ]
[6]	    [ ]
	    [ ]-[1]
[Fin]-[ ]	    

2-> 3,4,5,&6

At the Finish, you'll be given a chance to save.
I suggest you do so because after this, there is no
turning back. None. No platforms back to town, no escape.
From here on in it's do or die.
Prepare yourself for an Avatar battle.

--Final Battle: Stage 3--

As you enter, you'll see some scenes with everyone
talking. Watch all of the scenes then come back and read.
Pause right before you start into the Avatar battle. And
I'll give you some quick advice on this final boss fight.

Alright, you saw some scenes with everyone talking. Alot of it is
self explantory. Easy to understand. Here's what you need to know.
The final boss fight is broken into 3 parts. This is part one.
The first thing is to attack Cubia from the outside and to
destory the outer shell that protects Cubia's head, the weak point.

---------Final Boss Fight: Part 1
	- Avatar Battle-

-Notes on Skeith:
First, Skeith has got some major upgrades with the aid
of the xth-form. 

-a)Skeith's slash attacks now move in enery blades that
fly away from skeith, meaning his physical attack now have some
range to them. This is very useful as you won't need to be face to
face with a target to attack it.

-b) Skeith can Lock-on to multi-targets by holding down
the square button. The max number of targets locked-on will be
shown when the target circles turn from white to red.

-c)Normal Shots for this battle are completely useless.
Use lock-on shots.

BOSS FIGHT!: Cubia Alpha
My Level: 133

-Enemy Attacks: 

Normal Shot- cubia will fire purple energy at you. Just move side to side
to aviod.

Ectoplasm- This attack wont do any damage to Skieth, but it will knock
him away from the Dragon Head after it recovers from being stunned.


Hold the square button to lock on to as many targets as you can.
Don't fire untill the target circles turn red. You need to target
All the Cubia Gomoras and the 'dragon head' too.

Once you stun the 'dragon head' Dash forward and attack using Slashs
with your scythe. You'll only be given a certian amount of time
while the 'dragon head' remains stuned. Once you defeat it, you
will have to repeat the process 3 more times. Note that it will
become harder to stun the 'Dragon heads' each time you defeat one.

Also note that after defeating about 2 of the 'Dragon heads'
You'll see a new type of Cubia Gomora in the form of a snake like
Gomora. You have to slash these as they come at you. You can slash
at them before you see the (X: slash) signal. Remember that your
slash attacks have some range to them now.

Once the forth 'Dragon Head' is defeated, the outer shell will
break and Cubia will rear it's ugly head.

BOSS FIGHT!: Cubia Beta
My Level: 133

-Enemy Attacks:

Normal Shot: Cubia will fire energy shots at you, just move
steadily to one side or the other to avoid.

Gomora: Cubia summoms more Gomoras to fight.

Jihad: cubia fires off a salvo of energy, dash to avoid.

Chaos Gehenna: Cubia goes Matrix Setinal style on you and sends
a solid stream of Gomoras right at you. Nothing to do but slash away
and hope you survive.


Simple=> Use lock on to kill Gomoras and stun Cubia. Move in for the
kill. And don't die. After that, just wait till he protect breaks.
Avoid being hit and blast Data Drain in his pretty little face.

--Megan Wise man pinted out I forgot to metion this:
The trick to beat this guy is to make sure you dash backwards and put some
distance between you and Cubia after he pushes you back, hence alot easier to
get the Multi-Lock to work.

Sry I forgot to mention this before, me being a 
defensive gamer for me this is habit. So for those 
of you who are a little more agressive, here's a tip
that might help.


Anyway so after you beat this guy from the out side you discover that
Data Drain is completly useless. So Yata gets the bright idea to go inside
cubia and destroy the core Star Wars style.......Great idea RETARD!!!

So now that you've broken open the shell, you can get inside Cubia via
his over grown mouth. Literally into the belly of the beast.

--Final Battle: Stage 4--
---------Final Boss Fight: Part 2
	-Stopping Cubia's Healing-

This next part of the game is actually the hardest part of
the final battle. The reason is beacuse you will face
3 parties of Dopplegangers. Yes 3 Parties of them. And you also
have to leave both your party members behind after each battle.
So here we go. And pay close attention.

After some incrediblly cheesy scenes with everyone talking, you'll
be given the opertunity to save. If you do so, Save on a DIFFERNT
file. You can also access storage and form a new party. Also,
dont forget to equipe your good Accessory (aka not the Demon Safe Shoes)

--Party #1: Silabus and Gaspard. Set Gaspard to Healing.

BOSS FIGHT!: Dopplegangers
My Level: 133

-Enemy Attacks: Every attack you have, they have.

-Stragedy: Use your Dual guns DO NOT switch weapons.
ONLY use your Dual Gun art: Justice. 

Go after the Dopplegangers that are not Haseo first. They should
be lower leveled then you because they are equal level as your party members,
and therefore will be weaker and easier to kill. After which your party
members can help gang up on Haseo's Doppleganger.

Use the dual gun ability to quickly switch targets to keep Haseo's Doppleganger
on the ground/knocked over while also targeting one of the other dopplegangers.
ALWAYS counter-attack Haseo's Doppleganger, NEVER use arts first.

Again, a helpful tip from "Megan Wiseman"-
Right after using arts, try just holding the O button to block and
just waiti till your skill bar recharges and then continue to use 
Arts again. So Arts, Block while recharge, Arts, Block while recharge,
Rise and repeat.
Once done, set up your next party and move on.

--Party #2: Endrance and Sakubo. Set Sakubo to Healing.

Note:(Same stradgy as above)
BOSS FIGHT!: Dopplegangers
My Level: 133

-Enemy Attacks: Every attack you have, they have.

-Stragedy: Use your Dual guns DO NOT switch weapons.
ONLY use your Dual Gun art: Justice. 

Go after the Dopplegangers that are not Haseo first. They should
be lower leveled then you because they are equal level as your party members,
and therefore will be weaker and easier to kill. After which your party
members can help gang up on Haseo's Doppleganger.

Use the dual gun ability to quickly switch targets to keep Haseo's Doppleganger
on the ground/knocked over while also targeting one of the other dopplegangers.
ALWAYS counter-attack Haseo's Doppleganger, NEVER use arts first.
Once done, set up your next party and move on.

--Party #3: Pi and Yata. Set Pi to Healing.

Note:(Same stradgy as above)
BOSS FIGHT!: Dopplegangers
My Level: 133

-Enemy Attacks: Every attack you have, they have.

-Stragedy: Use your Dual guns DO NOT switch weapons.
ONLY use your Dual Gun art: Justice. 

Go after the Dopplegangers that are not Haseo first. They should
be lower leveled then you because they are equal level as your party members,
and therefore will be weaker and easier to kill. After which your party
members can help gang up on Haseo's Doppleganger.

Use the dual gun ability to quickly switch targets to keep Haseo's Doppleganger
on the ground/knocked over while also targeting one of the other dopplegangers.
ALWAYS counter-attack Haseo's Doppleganger, NEVER use arts first.

Now then, time for your final party of the really kick butt characters:
Add Atoli and Kuhn to your party, and then get ready to rock and roll.

--Final Battle: Stage 5--
---------Final Boss Fight: Part 3
	-Destorying the Core-

BOSS FIGHT!: Cubia Core
My Level: 133

Targets: Right Core, Left Core, Core Shield, Central Core

-Enemy Attacks:


The first part of the battle will switch between fighting the
Right Core and the Left Core. Right Core is weak to Twin Sword
attacks, and Left core is weak to Scythe Attacks. Use Dual Guns
for noraml/non-skill attacking. Goromas will appear when a
switch is made from right to left arm.

a)First the Right arm. Wait until it hits the ground then move
in with the dual guns and attack. Use your Twin Blade skills
as the Right Arm is weak to that kind of attack, use double
trigger to switch back to Dual Guns for normal attacks. Pound away
until Right arm is destroyed.

b) Left Core is weak to Scythe Attacks.

c) Core Shield is weak to Broad sword attacks.

d) Central Core isnt weak to any type of attack.
Not alot to say really, it's an easy fight, just pound away
till you kill it. Use arts when ever it trys to use a skill so
you wont take any damage. Just keep using powerfull attacks till you
kill it; awakening helps. And if you want to end the series in style,
use your awakening to finsh off the core.


Congrats friends you just beat the Game, and the whole series.
Now instead of going into detail about what you've just done,
I'll just let you watch the movies and enjoy. Talk to you
when you reach your desktop. Enjoy the moment.

Movie- One Mind
Short Version/Main points: Shows Haseo gathering the power of
the Epitaphs for one final attack. But unfortunitly the best result
they hope for is that their powers will cancel each other out and that
both Anti-existance and Epitaphs will be destroyed. With out Ovan
the Epitaphs are missing 1/8 of their power = They're screwed. But
Ovan shows up in the nick of time to end it.

Movie- Entrusted Future
Short Version/Main points: Dispite the fact that Ovan was able to
help you end the threat to the Network, and therefore the world;
Ovan begins to turn blue and he begins to fade. Yes, this is good bye
for Ovan. But he tells you that His ending is really your new begining.
And so it ends.

Well you end up at you desktop after awhile. Time to check out what's
going on.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Just some ppl complaining about CC Corp.

Now, here's the important thing to worry about.
Make sure to read the e-mails from bottom of the
list to the top.

-E-mail-  Sakubo (saku) : Jerk!
Short version: Says Master En still has
a thing for you and that she won't allow it.
Well, personally that's fine with me cause I
always thought the Haseo-Endrance thing was
pretty weird myself.

-E-mail- Zelkova : Nice and Peacefull
Short version: Says that everything is
dying down and returning to normal. He says
that the worst was avoided (aka nucs going off
all over the planet)

-E-mail-  Pi : It's Over
Short version: Pi says that she's leaving the
CC Corp. Which likly means that she will no longer
have a reason to visit The World. But for now
there's still the aftermath to deal with.

-E-mail- Kuhn  : Good Work
Short version: Kuhn syas that he'll be out a part time
job for CC Corp. And that it isn't likly anyone will
be comming out to thank Haseo and his friends for saving
the world. Such is the fate of the un-sung heros.

-E-mail-  Endrace : For you
Short version: He continues to pledge gay love to Haseo
which I find kinda creepy. But whatever.

-E-mail- Sakubo (bo)  : My Best
Short version: He kinda stumbels through saying he
tried his best and that he feels braver thanks to

-E-mail-  Yata : What comes next
Short version: He says that he and Pi are working on
clean up. He also says that Haseo should enjoy the
game as a normal player, he earned the right to do so.

-E-mail-  Antares : Bravo Kid
Short version: Says he's proud of you.

-E-mail-  Silabus : we did it!
Short version: Finally Silabus and Gaspard know the
truth of what you've been doing all this time, and
Silabus says he'll never forget it.

-E-mail-  Gaspard : we WON!
Short version: Says 'we won this together'.

-E-mail-  Alkaid : Thanks
Short version: Alkaid can tell Atoli's got a thing for Haseo. 
But she says she won't let you go.

-E-mail-  Kaede : Thank you very much
Short version: She just sends her thanks

-E-mail-  Matsu : The real world
Short version: He says he's thought alot about his life and
he needs to deal with some things away from the game.

-E-mail-  Gabi : Oh yeah
Short version: "This is great"  Ok, tony the tiger.

-E-mail- Aina  : Happiness
Short version: She doesn't say alot but you can
tell that she knows Ovan is dead. And that she's
trying to move on as best she can.

-E-mail-  Shino : I'm waiting
Short version: SHINO!!! AHHHH,YAY!
She's waiting at the Catherdral.

-E-mail-  CC Corp : Maintenance Complation
Short version: CC Corp's Bull $hit answer for
everything that's been happening.

Well, anyway. Log-in and time for the Final
Story event of the series.

-------Town:	 Mac Anu	    -------

Don't bother trying to add anyone to your party. Just go

------ 31)Hidden, Forbidden, HolyGround -------
Area Type: Lost Ground/Landscape
Area Level: None
Party: Haseo, (None),(None)
My Level: 133

When you enter the area. Just head for the door and go in.
The scenes will play and you'll witness the end of the game scenes.
Personally I was expecting the ending to be amazing, but it wasn't.
It's still good, but not great. Enjoy everyone.

Movie- At A walking Pace
Short Version/Main points: Yep, that's right. Haseo turns and
runs after her. Kinda ironic.........Sad, and Ironic.
Ironic that Haseo would fight all that time to save Shino, and
yet sad that he didn't end up with her at the end. Still, now
that I've had time to think about it. It makes sence. Haseo changed so
much since the begining of his journey. It's impossible for things
to be the way they were. No, Now that Haseo has grown he has to
move on. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Watch the credits, save your new clear data. And finially. Enjoy
my post game sections.

Well Guys and Girls. It's been fun. I'll be happy to include
several sections that will help you wrap up the little odds
and ends left over from the game. 

I hope you enjoyed my guide and I think it's a privilege to
have the oppertunity to walk you all through one of the best
RPG series for the PS2. I certenily hope you enjoyed yourselves
and I hope I wasn't too boring along the way. I did my best to
write a guide from the player's perspective and make it enjoyable. 

Well, Please e-mail me and tell me what you thought
of my guides and also more importantly if you have any questions.
You will find my contact info. at the bottom of the guide in the
credits section.

And now, we say good bye..........just kidding. You still have the
Hidden Quest left to do. 

But of course if you choose not to do it
then see you later. The rest of us however, will be taking part in the
ever so ridiculous Forst of P........ oh wait I'm not suposed to
say that yet. >_<

------------------ End of Vol. 3 / Post Game -------------------

Ok, after the credits you'll end up at your desk top. Now there's
a couple hours worth of stuff to do now that you've beat the game.
So lets get to it.

-E-mail-  Ono : You are NOT the Strongest!
Short version: Apperentally a high ranking team in
the Arena wanted to challenge you durng a tournament. 
But they weren't included in the PK tournament. Therefore
they have asked for a match in the Normal Limit battles.

Of course you can't refuse. But we'll want to level up and
get some better equipment before then. They ARE the very best
arena team.....other than you.

-E-mail-  Zelkova : FYI
Short version: He says that Tartarga can now be
used like a normal town for you and anyone in your
friends list. Also, Canard has been permenitly set up
at Tartarga. 


-E-mail-  Shino : I'm back
Short version: Shino gives you her member address
again since you lost everything when Azure Kite accidentally
hit you with Data Drain in Vol. 1 when he was aiming for
Ovan who was standing right behind you.

So..yay! You now have another Harvest Cleric

-E-mail- CC Corp  : Special Word
Short version: They give you a really nice 
keyword that's very handy.

This is one thing on our list of things to do.
See the 'God' ChimChim is rare, and can only be found
areas when you use a this special keyword. It appears on the
field in place of the lucky animal. Inreturn for defeating it,
your party member's affection will increass.

-E-mail-  Aura : To Morgana's Children
Short version: This e-mail is incredibly cheesy. I don't
know who was in charge of the final 'OK' on this game, but
they need shot in the knee caps for putting crap like this
in the 3rd game. (they must have been running short of funds
near the end of the series)

Anyway, the good part is that Aura just gave you the Member
Adresses of Azure Kite, Azure Bulmung, and Azure Orca. Sweet.

-E-mail-  Bordeaux : Be Happy, a message from Bordeaux
Short version: She gives you her member address. Yay?
Another Blade Brandier to add to the list. Woo....

-E-mail- Uriyamada  : Congrats on beating the game
Short version: You can play the game fully restored.
Yay? Not that there was a whole lot wrong with it anyway.
At least in the old series the graphics of the towns and
areas got fixed. 

*shakes head* I seriously would have done a few things to this
game to make it better........hmmm maybe I'll put a ranting
section near the bottom of the guide about how I would have made
this game better. lol.

-News-    : 
Short version: Lots of stuff here.
First and biggest thing is the new Online Jack.
You get to see the real life Shino leaving the

In other news, you have some post Crisis news
concerning Ovan and some Military robots gone

Also, there's a short and rather choppy article about
polls selecting Haseo as the number one online gamer.

-Forums-    : 
Short version: Some ppl says that CC Corp has got to
be finished now that they've screwed up so badly.

Anyway, the rest is just some ppl talking about game
Also, a picture in the Apkullu.

Well, that's it for now. Time to log-in and get going on
the extra things that need doing. Also note a random topic on the
offical forums.

-------Town:	 Mac Anu	    -------

Transfer over to Tartarga.

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------

Ok now, time to break out the list of things that need doing.

- To-do list -

a)Level up to level 140, then level 150.
b)Defeat the Doppleganger
c)Upgrade Lost Weapons/Defeat Beasts of Seal.
d)Kill all 7 Chaotic Pkers/Est.
e)Beat the SweepStakers in the Arena
f)Open and Beat the game's Hidden Quest

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------
First thing to do is level to lvl 150. There are several reasons
for doing so:

a)You want to be able to beat the Beasts of Seal to
upgrade your Lost Weapons to their final Upgrade. 

b) you want to be able to beat the doppleganger for
vol 3 because he has new and amazing items you give you.

c)You want to be able to beat the level 150 Team that challanged
you to an Arena battle.

d) You want to NOT die during the Hidden quest. 

I just thought those would be some good reasons to share with you.
So get to it. I want you to train until you are level 150.
Yeah anyway, just go to Field Areas that are 4 levels higher than you.
Doing this will ussally ensure you fight monsters that have good
amounts of experiecne. Although I don't suggest going to areas with
Field Bosses as the area objective, I'd stick to the symbol collection
missions. They tend to be easier monsters to kill there.

NOTE: I almost forgot. Since the party that you are leveling up
to level 150 will most likly go with you to the Hidden Quest,
	There is something you should know. The Last Dungeon is
long, VERY VERY VERY LONG! You need party members that are above
good, they have to be amazing. That being said I HIGHLY suggest 
that you use Atoli and Zelkova as your party members for the rest
of the Post Game activities.

 See, Zelkova has items that restore full health and
full SP. AND, he pratically never runs out. He has 99,999,999GP
thats just under a 100 Million GP. So he always restocks his items
everytime you log-in. Hence he is a very valuable party member:
He's high leveled, he's strong, and he has healing items. And
also Atoli is a given considering that she's an amazing healer.

Hint: Use +50% EXP material on Accessory on all party members.

So, come back when you've leveled up everyone to level 150.

Ok, so now that you're level 150, pat yourself on the back for making it to
the level 150 cap. You are now as stronge as you'll ever probably be. Except
for maybe getting the Dual Guns at the end of the Hidden Quest. 
Anyway, it's time to get Haseo's best equipment for the whole series.

---------------- 1)Doppleganger ---------------

OK For those who havn't been following along with the whole guide
and just skipped to this section here's a quick overview of the
Doppleganger and everything you need to know about it not only
for Redemption, But also Vol. 1 and 2.

--------What is the Doppleganger?

--The Doppleganger is a rare monster that looks like an evil version of Haseo.
This monster is very strong and is ALWAYS 8 levels higher then you. Even if
you reach the Level cap of 150 he will still be 8 levels higher
then you.(lvl 158)

(And to verify that information I have friends who like to Code Break games.
AKA they like to put it on their computers and mess with the game programming
to see if they can cheat. They're the ones who found out that the Doppleganger
is always 8 levels higher then you REGARDLESS of level cap.) Anyway...

I should tell you that he is by far the HARDEST monster to beat if
you try to beat him in a straight forward fight. In fact I almost dont think
it can be done. That's why we have to cheat a little.
Now as you can see being that this monster is ALWAYS 8 levels higher then you;
you might be wondering why on earth you would be intrested in it.

	Well, the simple fact of the matter is that if you beat the Doppleganger
you can aquire the best Armor in the entire series for Haseo. However there are
several requirements you have to meet in order to get these items:

--------1) You MUST have defeated the Doppleganger one time in vol 1.
	      	(giving you the Own King Key item)

--------2) You MUST have defeated the Doppleganger two times in Vol 2.
		(giving you the Forgotten Shadow and the Moonlight Faith Key items)

NOTE: Without the Own King, Moonlight Faith, and Forgotten Shadow key items;
you WILL NOT be able to aquire the Doppleganger Armor and Accessory.

However, even if you don't have these key items, you will be able to still
aquire the Doppleganger Dual-Guns the first time you beat him.

--------How do I Find and Defeat the Doppleganger?

The Doppleganger can ONLY be found on the Open Field type areas. They can
not be found in Dungeons. (Also note that if you use the Keyword Moonlight
in the area keywords, the doppleganger will always be present in the field
until you kill him.)

----Here's the stragedy to defeat the doppleganger for vol 3:

1) First and formost you have to beat the game inorder to get the
Doppleganger rewards so it doesn't make much sense to mess with it
before you beat the game.

2) Since you beat the game you should have done a quest that unlocked the
Lucky Animal campaign. Go to the Alchemy Distric in Mac Anu and talk to
Dr. Pao (I think that's his name) And he will give you the Lucky Animal
Radar. This item is very important.

3) Once you have the Lucky Animal Radar, go and buy about 20 smoke screens.

4) Then, chose two characters that you want to take with you on the
Hidden Quest. (I always use Zelkova, and Atoli) Now, level Haseo and
your chosen party members to level 150.

5) If all your party members at at level 150, Go to:
[Sigma] Serene, Wrath's, Two Wings (Area level 148)

Here you will find a Sleipnir lucky animal. This lucky animal is the key to
beating the Doppleganger. DO NOT KICK IT YET.

6) Go around the field and kill all the monsters you can until you have filled
the Moral Guage so that you can perform Avatar Awakening. SAVE THE AWAKENING,
don't use it yet!

7) After you have killed all (or at least most) of the mosters in the field,
go and find the Sleipnir Lucky animal that you hopefully left alone. NOW, you
may kick it. 

Once that is done, leave Haseo standing still with out moving or pausing the
game for about 5-10 minutes. By standing still you will cause the Doppleganger 
to appear on the field. It will begin hunting for you. It basicly wanders
around a general area on the field for about a minute and then it will warp
to a new location in an attempt to find you.

8)You will start to see a red arrow much like the ones that show where an enemy
party of monsters are. However, this arrow points to Doppleganger. 

It's rare,  but  after ten minutes if he still hasn't shown up, just continue
to walk around the field until you find him. See he warps from place to place
in the field as to increase the chance of running into you, like I said above.
You'll know it's him when the edges of the screne turn red and 
the creepy music starts playing in the back ground.

9) Once you have found the Doppleganger, get behind it and suprise attacke it.
The Sleipnir lucky animal will come to your aid and attack the doppleganer.
Now, you will notice that it does absolutly no damage. Don't worry it's ok.
You are actually damaging it, it just doesn't show it yet on the life bar.

10)Now, once the Sleipnir has attacked, use a smoke screen and escape. Wait
until the affects of the smoke screen wear off and then attack the Doppleganger
again. You will have to do this 3 or 4 times before the Doppleganger starts
losing health. 

11)The Sleipnir will aid you to attack the doppleganger 7 times.
After the 7th time trigger Avatar Awakening, and the Doppleganger will be

--Note!- What ever you do, DO NOT let him attack you while engaged in a 
fight with normal Monsters. He can walk into a battle area then you'd be dead.

--------What are the rewards for doing all fo this?

-If you defeat the Doppleganger once in Vol 1 you will recive a Key item
Own king. This key item allows you to get the Doppleganger weapons in vol 2.

-If you defeat the Doppleganger twice in Vol 2 you will recive a Broadsword,
twin swords, and a Scythe that are level 50 but are as strong as level 100
weapons. You will also recive two key items: Forgotten Shadow and
Moonlight Faith. The key items allow you to get the Doppleganager guns and
equipment in vol 3.

-If you beat the Doppleganger twice in vol 3 you will recive a set of dual
guns, the best armor in the seires for Haseo, and the best accessory in the
series for Haseo.

Well, that's it. If you do this, you will get the best armor and accessory for
Haseo in the whole entire series. But unfortunitly the Dual guns are complete
trash and aren't even worth using. *sigh*
Anyway, pat yourself on the back, with this equipment Haseo is pratically

-First off Haseo takes 75% less damage from almost any type of attack. The
Only exception to this would be the Awakening from players in the arena.
The only other type of attack that would affect his is negitive status
attacks like Poision, charm, est.
Second, if an enemy manages to get around the fact that he takes 3/4 less
damage, Haseo takes SP damage before he starts taking HP damage, so it's
like he has an extra 700 HP. 

-And Finally, even if an enemy were some how able to deplete Haseo's SP
and cause enough HP damage to kill him. His Accessory automatically 
regenerates HP AND SP.

Now that is what I call sweet.
Anyway time to move on. Our next item on the to do list.

--------------------------- 2)Lost Weapons --------------------------------

The Lost weapons are weapons that can only be used by the 8 Epitaph users:
Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn, Yata, Sakubo, Endrance, and Pi (Ovan's Gun is already
missing which suggest that he has already aquired the gun and has always
been using it.)

The Lost weapons act as the 'ultimate weapons' for these 7 Charatcers once
they are obtained and fully upgraded.

Anyway, In Vol 2 the Lost weapons could be unlocked by presenting a certian
amount of Adler's Keys to the Alters. You could unlock all the weapons
except for Yata's Fans. 

In Vol 3 you are given the ability to upgrade the Weapons by presenting
the required number of Virus cores to the Weapon's Alter. Virus Cores are
collected by performing Avatar Awakening on monsters, bosses ,or even player's
in the arena. 

Finally, the Lost Weapons can reach their final stage of Growth by defeating
a beast of seal. (lvl 135) After the beast of seal is defeated it will change
appearence aswell as becoming stronger.

Here is a list of the required number of Virus cores to upgrade the
lost weapons.

Character	|Number of Virus cores needed	|  Level of Upgrade	|
		|10				| lvl 1			|
Haseo		|25				| lvl 2			|
		|50				| lvl 3			|
		|Fight Beast of Seal (lvl 135)	| lvl 4			|
		|10				| lvl 1			|
Atoli		|25				| lvl 2			|
		|50				| lvl 3			|
		|Fight Beast of Seal (lvl 135)	| lvl 4			|
		|10				| lvl 1			|
Kuhn		|25				| lvl 2			|
		|50				| lvl 3			|
		|Fight Beast of Seal (lvl 135)	| lvl 4			|
		|10				| lvl 1			|
Yata		|25				| lvl 2			|
		|50				| lvl 3			|
		|Fight Beast of Seal (lvl 135)	| lvl 4			|
		|10				| lvl 1			|
Sakubo		|25				| lvl 2			|
		|50				| lvl 3			|
		|Fight Beast of Seal (lvl 135)	| lvl 4			|
		|10				| lvl 1			|
Endrance	|25				| lvl 2			|
		|50				| lvl 3			|
		|Fight Beast of Seal (lvl 135)	| lvl 4			|
		|10				| lvl 1			|
Pi		|25				| lvl 2			|
		|50				| lvl 3			|
		|Fight Beast of Seal (lvl 135)	| lvl 4			|

If you are following my guide you will be at the point I ask you to finish
this sub-section of the game. However, I should tell you that if you descide
to use Haseo, Zelkova, and Atoli for the Hidden Quest, then just worry about
upgrading Haseo's and Atoli's Lost Weapon. Honestly I was only able to get
about 5 of the 7 weapons upgraded before I finished the Hidden quest. So
if you don't get them all done then don't sweat it. Really it's just a nice
bonus to have them all upgraded.

Anyway, here's a little tid-bit of information that you might find usefull.
I got this from a friend of mine who also wrote a guide:

This is the information I got from Zero's guide.

Once you have unlocked all Lost Weapons to level 4, you will receive an email
from Zelkova, after you have relocated to Net Slum. It tells you that you can
now use the virus cores to exchange for these stat-boosting items.

Find Raven's Guild Grunty (Wise Grunty) along the path to the Bridge.
He will be able to exchange them.
Name                     	|Required Virus Cores 
Beginner's Text        	|3
Beginner's Book        	|5
Expert's Text(?)       	|8 
Expert's Book(?)       	|14
Text of Power        	|8
Text of Stamina      	|8
Text of Wisdom     	|8
Text of Sense         	|8
Word of Vigor        	|10
Word of Spirit        	|20
Book of Power          	|12
Book of Stamina       	|12
Book of Wisdom         	|12
Book of Sense          	|12
Dawn Chim Chim          |18
Dusk Chim Chim         	|36

- To-do list -

a)Level up to level 140, then level 150. 	(done)
b)Defeat the Doppleganger			(done)
c)Upgrade Lost Weapons/Defeat Beasts of Seal. 	(done)

d)Kill all 7 Chaotic Pkers/Est.
e)Beat the SweepStakers in the Arena
f)Open and Beat the game's Hidden Quest

Ok, the next thing on the to-do list is to beat all the Chaotic Pkers. However,
seeing as that is all part of a Quest Champaign, then please just refer to 
that section on everything you need to do, And I should tell those of you
who played the first two games, that there are not just 7 but 8 Chaotic Pkers
in vol 3. So please read that section to find out how to find and kill
all seven.

Refer to this section:		f)Chase The Bounty

Just press Ctrl+f   then paste that^   into the search box and that section
will give you all the infomation you need to know about beating the Chaotic
Pkers including the side quest section on the 8th Chaoctic Pker.

Note: I suggest the key words: Serene, wrath's, Berserker
(The Battle Area is on the other side of the Beast temple.)
Also not a bad area to get Cheat Code items.

Alright then, Now that you've defeated all the Choatic Pkers. It's time
to accept the Challenge at the Arena.

-------Town:	 Lumina Cloth	    -------
Save first, then Add Zelkova and Atoli to your party. Or if you want
a really great challenge, do this battle solo. (which is how I'm
going to do it, just for kicks.)

-------Arena Limit Battle: The Sweepstakers--------------
-Party:Haseo (150),Zelkova (150),Atoli (150) 
-Opponets: Ono (150), Peej (150), Wolf Song (150)
-Before the fight advice: 

There's really nothing extra special about this battle. They're just
pretty strong. But really the main point of doing all this is for the
3 weapons they give you after you beat them.

So good luck and fight them like you would anyother arena battle.

When you beat them, they send you a message that you fought a good battle
and to show that there's no hard feelings, they give you 3 pretty nice weapons:

- BroadSword- Deadly FearBlade: lvl 148 (Keep and use it if you want, but
Honestly I just stick with Silad)

- Twin Swords- Wrath Bringer: lvl 146 (I ussaly give these to Alkaid)

- Staff- Summer's Staff: Lvl 146 (I ussally give this to Shino Seeing as
Atoli already has a Lost weapon)


Well my friends, there's really only one major thing to do before I finish
writting up my guides for the .hack// GU series. And That is the Hidden
Quest. After that it's farwell for good. 
	I've read a little bit from Namco Bamdi and they say they would like
 to continue the .hack series on the PS3. However I have no intention of buying
a PS3 so it's very likly you won't see me writting anymore guides for the .hack
series ever again. Sad but true. Anyway, enough of that. Let's finish out the
Games with style by digging into the Hidden Quest.

--------------------- 3)Hidden Quest: Forest of Pain ----------------

Ok, before we attempt to dig into the hidden quest, we need to make sure we've
done a few things.

-------------1) Levels/Party Members

Haseo, Atoli ,and a third party member (Perferably Zelkova) all need to be
at level 150 

-------------2) Equipment:

Twin Blades- Empty Skies: lvl 125
Broad Sword- Silad: lvl 140
Scythe- Shadowy Death: lvl 75 (upgrade lvl 4)
Dual Guns- DG-X: lvl 101 (Cheat lvl 2)
Armor- OtherSelf: lvl 150 (Cheat lvl 2)
Accessory- Shadow: lvl 150 
	 - Demon Safe Shoes: lvl 112*

*Note: The Demon Safe Shoes are the key to beating the
Hidden Quest. This accessory allows you to walk right past
normal enemies and they won't even blink an eye at you. In
other words, you can walk right through the entire dungeon
with out having to fight any of the regular battles. Which
is a good thing since it'll take you like 4-6 hours if you
had to fight every party of normal monsters along the way.
	Not only that, but fighting all those monsters will
drain away you items; which is bad considering that you
have to do the last half of the Hidden Quest in one straight
shot without going back to town to restock your items.

-Also, if you for some reason you lost the Demon Safe Shoes there
is one other way to get the Accessory material. If you beat
the Bike Mission 10, you will get a Acessory material that
will have the same affect as the Demon Safe Shoes. Just
customize a level 145 accessory with this item.

Staff-Flame Dancer: lvl 75 (upgrade lvl 4)
Armor- Sub Comet+5: lvl 142 (custom: -10% M,-25% P)
Accessory- Simple super Belt+5: lvl 145 (Custom:Heal Mastery)


Scythe-Goddess Scythe: lvl 127
Armor- Rough Monarch+5: lvl 145 (Custom: -50% P)
Accessory-Simple Super Belt+5: lvl 145 (Custom: Zen Mastery)

--------------3) Items

Make sure Haseo, Zelkova, and Atoli have the following items:

Fairy Orb x50
Smoke Screens x50 

Healing Serum (200Hp) x40
Healing Potion (350Hp)x40
Restoring Drop (750Hp) x40

Sprite Drop (50Sp) x40
Fairy Drop (100Sp) x40
Nobel Drop (250Sp) x40

Revival Medicine (revive ally) x40
Revival Potion (fully revive ally) x25
Wonder Soda (All Status affects) x40
omipotent Soda (All status affect all Allies) x25

Warrior Tome x30
Knight Trump x30

Also, give any other powerfull healing items you might have come across
while out adventuring to Atoli. If you've got this stuff done, then you
should be good to go.

	Alright then, if you've managed to get all of this then you you
are ready to begin the Hidden Quest. But first we have to open it. So
Time to log-out and check the Forums.


-Forums-    : 
Short version: Look for the topic called:
	'Strange Place'

There should be two posts, reply to the
last one by pressing the X button. Reply:
1) "A question" -"Tell us the Area Words."

After that, log-in to the title screne then log-out.
If you look at the topic again, you will be given keywords.

Time to log-in and Check it out.

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------

Put your party together and head out to the
new area.

----H.Q.) Unknown, Mortuary's, ShadyRite-------
Area Type: Jungel Cave
Area Level: 101
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Zelkova
My Level: 150

This place is like many of the other 'pre-main mission'
dungeons. It's pretty much a straight forward walk to an
event. Feel free to equipe the Deamon Safe Shoes to avoid
the annoying regulare battles.

When you reach the back of the Dungeon an event will take place.
You will see some gusy who looks alot like your old friends from
the previous Hidden Quests. They will summon Zombie type goblins
take you on, of course this is futile against the Haseo.
Kill them off and watch the scenes afterward.

Anyway, after that, head for the Platform in the previous room, and
head on back to town.

Now, log-out and check for more information on the Forums.

-Forums-    : "I found the Abyss!....I think"
Short version: 

Read through the Posts and reply to
the last post:
	"Area Words"- "Can you tell us the area words?"
Log-in to the Title screen then log back out and check the
Forums. The punk will see that You, the three arena Champion
is asking the questions now, and of cousre quickly forks over
the keywords.

Well, time to get going. Log-in.

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------

Time to head off for the new area.

----H.Q.) Clashing, Frisson's, Oracle-------
Area Type: Jungel Cave
Area Level: 110
Party: Haseo,Atoli, Zelkova
My Level: 150

Again, feel free to use the Demon Safe Shoes. Now, head for
the end of the Floor and watch the event yet again.

Anyway, You will head a voice from above saying that Haseo has
been chosen as a Judge. See the Lord of the Dead is attempting to
break out from the Seal to the underworld, and Haseo is the only
one who can face him in battle. 

	Well, right about then, your old buddy shows up and summons
a Death Penalty. Dont worry, its very easy to beat. And once you do the
scenes continue.
	After the scenes you get an e-mail. Great. =)
Head to the previous room and head back to town via Platform.

-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------
Log-out and check your e-mail.

-E-mail-  Tabby : Hey
Short version: She says that she's decided to log-in
for a change and that she would like to get together and
hang out for a bit. She says she'll be waiting at the 
entrance to the Forest of Pain.

-E-mail-  CC Corp : Notice of "Forst of Pain" commencement.
Short version: 

They sent you an e-mail saying that the event
will be starting. They also say that it is highly suggested
that you are over level 135 and that you prepare well due to the
fact that you will be unable to pull items from your storage while
in the Forest of Pain.

Alright then. It's to tackle the biggest dungeon I've ever seen in the
.hack series.


-------Town:   Netslum Tartarga	   -------

Double check to make sure that you have all the needed healing items.
Also that your equipment is ready to go and finally that you have the
Demon Safe shoes (as they will be key to you beating the Forest of Pain
within a reasonable amount of time).

Alright, Once you've added Atoli and Zelkova to your party,SAVE!, then
it's time to head out.

----------Hidden Quest Dungeon: Forest of Pain---------

----H.Q.)Hidden, Forbidden, Sin Realm-------
Area Type: LandScape/Hidden Quest Dungeon/Forest Dungeon
Area Level: None (roughly lvl 135-150+)
Party: Haseo, Atoli, Zelkova
My Level: 150


Here you'll get an excelent view of the Forest of Pain. And don't be
suprised if the forest is actually as big as it looks. Anyway, you'll
see some scenes with an NPC.
Afterward, Haseo mentions that it feels like it's been years since he was
last here. You see, I may have mentioned in my other guides, but that when
Shino went into a coma, Haseo started seeking power so that he could destory
Tri-Edge. That search lead him here to the Forest of Pain. Even though he was
low leveled he still attemped the dungeon. He basicly just ran through the
dungeon ignoring the monsters until he got to the end. Where he met someone.
	 Someone who's been part of the game  for many many years. Anyway, this
person granted Haseo alot of power. Haseo skipped his 1st job extension and 
went right to his 3rd form, he was also leveled up to level 133. Haseo and
Taihaku are the only two people to ever beat the Forest of Pain. Anyway, from
there Haseo became the Terror of Death and well,the rest as they
say is history.

Well now, time to get a move on. Go ahead and use the warp point infront
of you to enter the Forest of Pain.

Bonus Objecttive: 25 hit combo

-Block 1:

Right then you'll get a short message about the Phase Bonus or
Bonus objectives. These Objectives are purely optional to complete
the Forest of Pain. However, they will render rewards for completeing
the Objectives. You can view what your objectives are by viewing the
map and pressing X.

As a general rule I won't be covering the Bonus objectives. If you
wish to attempt them then feel free in doing so. But I must warn you that
it will take time and believe me, time is something you don't want to waste
in this dungeon.

Note:The ONLY bonus objective I'll be covering is the objective for
blocks 51-54. I'll explain more when we get there. 

For now here's what you need to do:
1)Equipe the Demon Safe Shoes. 
2)Have Atoli cast 'Ap do' on all party members, and cast
again when it wears off.
3)Use a fairy orb on map every block/floor.
4)Run straight through each floor ignoring all regulare monsters.

-Block 2: (Same Stragedy as Above)
-Blcok 3: (Same Stragedy as Above)
-Block 4: (Same Stragedy as Above)
-Block 5: Now things get intresting. You face only one monster here.
It's a boss monster like the ones you would encounter in a Field. For
now these monsters are very easy. But later in the dungeon they can be
down right nasty. Also note that there are two types of boss fights:
Regular Boss Fights and Special Boss Fights.

Regular Boss Fights are what I mentioned above; boss monsters from fields.
Special Boss Fights are Monsters that mimik Hidden Quest Monsters you've
fought from previous games.

For now, this one is just a regular boss fight.
Also note that for every boss fight, especially the
ones later on in the dungeon, you need to switch to
the Shadow accessory while fighting Bosses and then
back to the Demon Safe shoes for moving around the
BOSS FIGHT!: Maxima Bazooka (6,00HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Just pound away.
You have reach the check point of Block 5. You can now warp
directly back to block 5 from the town.
Save if you want.

Bonus Objective: Perform 10 skill triggers
Block 6: Normal Stragedy
Block 7: Normal Stragedy
Block 8: Normal Stragedy
Block 9: Normal Stragedy
Block 10: Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Maxima Bazooka (6,00HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Just pound away.
check point reached.

Bonus Objective: Destroy 10 objects
Block 11: Normal Stragedy
Block 12: Normal Stragedy
Block 13: Normal Stragedy
Block 14: Normal Stragedy
Block 15: Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Forest King (5,500HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Dual Guns and Broad Sword
 to death.
check Point reached.

Bonus Objective: 40 hit combo
Block 16:Normal Stragedy
Block 17:Normal Stragedy
Block 18:Normal Stragedy
Block 19:Normal Stragedy
Block 20:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Forest King (6,500HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Broad Sword and DualGuns to death.
check Point reached.

Bonus Objective: Perform 12 skills triggers
Block 21:Normal Stragedy
Block 22:Normal Stragedy
Block 23:Normal Stragedy
Block 24:Normal Stragedy
Block 25:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!:  Giga Mammoth (6,800HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Broad sword and DualGuns to
Check Point reached.

Bonus Objective: Open 5 Treasure Chest or Trapped Boxes
Block 26:Normal Stragedy
Block 27:Normal Stragedy
Block 28:Normal Stragedy
Block 29:Normal Stragedy
Block 30: Special Boss Fight
Well, make sure you change your Accessory over to
Shadow, and make sure everyone's ready then select to
warp. You end up at Indieglut Lugh where you come
face to face with a Shadow of the Dark lord. In other
words this boss fight isn't as hard as when you fought
this guy in the Vol 1 Hidden quest. But it's still a 
decent boss fight.
BOSS FIGHT!: Darklord's Shade (9,999HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Use Twin Swords and DualGuns and
beat this guy into a pulp. Easy.
Check Point reached.
Also; for beating the Darklord's shade you
get an item called Pure Medallion. It's an
item that heals 350 HP and has infinate uses!

Bonus Objective: 65hit combo
Block 31:Normal Stragedy
Block 32:Normal Stragedy
Block 33:Normal Stragedy
Block 34:Normal Stragedy
Block 35:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Sorceror Owl (7,100HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Twin Sowrds and DualGuns.
Check Point Reached.

Bonus Objective: perform 15 skill triggers
Block 36:Normal Stragedy
Block 37:Normal Stragedy
Block 38:Normal Stragedy
Block 39:Normal Stragedy
Block 40:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Sorceror Owl (7,100HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Twin Sowrds and DualGuns.
Check Point Reached.

Bonus Objective: Destory 15 Objects
Block 41:Normal Stragedy
Block 42:Normal Stragedy
Block 43:Normal Stragedy
Block 44:Normal Stragedy
Block 45:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Megalo Adamant (7,200HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Braod Sword and Dual Guns.
Check Point Reached.

Bonus Objective: Perform a 80 hit combo.
Block 46:Normal Stragedy
Block 47:Normal Stragedy
Block 48:Normal Stragedy
Block 49:Normal Stragedy
Block 50: Now then here, you'll finally catch
up with Tabby and as you enter the first room
you find her sitting on the ground. Watch the
scenes and enjoy. You also get her member adress.

When the scenes are done continue to the boss fight.
BOSS FIGHT!: Megalo Adamant (7,200HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Braod Sword and Dual Guns.
LAST Check Point Reached!

Thats right, after this point you will be doing an
all or nothing drive for the end of the Dungeon. It's a good
idea to head back to town and restock on all your supplies.
When your ready we'll continue to the end of the Dungeon.
You will especially want to restock all 50 of your fairy orbs.
And all of your status cure items for Atoli, she almost ran out
when I did this dungeon the first time.

--------------Forest of Pain: Second Half------------------
Remember, there's no more check points from here on in.
It's do or die.

*Note: For Floors 51-54 I suggest that you do the bonus objective.
The resaon being that you will recive a set of Dual Guns for completing
the objective. Granted the DualGuns are crappy and arn't even worth using.
But still, It's nice to say you got all four sets of Dualguns.

Bonus Objective:
1. Perform 18 Skill Triggers
*2. Defeat 6 enemy parties*
3. Clear while being KO(ed) three times or less.
4. Perform Awakening 4 times.

*Complete objective #2 for the Dual Guns.
Block 51:Normal Stragedy
Block 52:Normal Stragedy
Block 53:Normal Stragedy
Block 54:Normal Stragedy
Block 55:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Dryramas (7,300HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Twin Swords and Dual Guns.
Avatar Awakening alot.

Bonus Objective: 
1. Open 6 Treasure Boxes/Trapped Boxes
2. Defeat 7 enemy parties
3. Get Ko(ed) 3 times or less
4. Use Awakening 4 times

Block 56:Normal Stragedy
Block 57:Normal Stragedy
Block 58:Normal Stragedy
Block 59:Normal Stragedy
Block 60:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Dryramas (7,300HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Twin Swords and Dual Guns.
Avatar Awakening alot.

Bonus Objective: 
1. 100 hit combo
2. Defeat 7 enemy parties
3. Ko(ed) 3 times or less
4. Use 5 Awakenings

Block 61:Normal Stragedy
Block 62:Normal Stragedy
Block 63:Normal Stragedy
Block 64:Normal Stragedy
Block 65:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Brigandine (6,400HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Broad Sword and DualGuns.

Bonus Objective: 
1. Perform 20 skill trigger
2. Defeat 7 enemy parties
3. Get Ko(ed) 3 times or less
4. Perfom 5 Awakenings

Block 66:Normal Stragedy
Block 67:Normal Stragedy
Block 68:Normal Stragedy
Block 69:Normal Stragedy
Block 70:Special Boss Fight

As you use the warp point you are taken to Morrigu Barrow where
you face off with the One Sin clone. (much like the Dark Lord Shadow)
BOSS FIGHT!: The One Death (9,999HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Use Broad sword to break the armor then use the Twin
Swords or Dual Guns to widdle away at the HP. This really isn't
very tough. Remember that if you use Awakening, that you use it
after the armor had been broken on the Hands. Good luck.
Afterward you see some short scenes.
For beating the The One Death you recive some money and the Icon of Purity
which restores 50 SP for an infinate amount of uses. Sweet. Now time to
move on.

Bonus Objective: 
1. Open 7 Treasure Boxes/Trapped Boxes
2. Defeat 8 Enemy Parties
3. Get Ko(ed) 2 times or less
4. Perform 6 Awakenings

Block 71:Normal Stragedy
Block 72:Normal Stragedy
Block 73:Normal Stragedy
Block 74:Normal Stragedy
Block 75:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Deepone (5,100HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Ok, this guy is actually pretty
hard. See he has a certian amount of Physical Damage
tolerace just like the Doppleganger. Which means you
have to just keep attacking until it starts taking damage.
I suggest using a Warrior's Tome to boost your party's 
strength. This should help alittle.

Bonus Objective: 
1. 110 hit Combo
2. Defeat 8 enemy parties
3. Get Ko(ed) 2 times or less
4. Perform 6 awakenings

Block 76:Normal Stragedy
Block 77:Normal Stragedy
Block 78:Normal Stragedy
Block 79:Normal Stragedy
Block 80:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Huge Grudge (7,400HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Twin swords and Dual Guns.
Warrior Tome helps.

Bonus Objective: 
1. Perform 25 skill triggers
2. Defeat 8 enemy parties
3. Get Ko(ed) 1 time or less
4. Perform Awakening 7 times

Block 81:Normal Stragedy
Block 82:Normal Stragedy
Block 83:Normal Stragedy
Block 84:Normal Stragedy
Block 85:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Judgment (7,777HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Use Dual Guns and Braod Sword to
Bring this one down. Not as bad as some of
the other bosses.

Bonus Objective: 
1. 8 Treasure chests
2. Defeat 9 enemy parties
3. Get Ko(ed) 1 time or less
4. Use awakening 7 times

Block 86:Normal Stragedy
Block 87:Normal Stragedy
Block 88:Normal Stragedy
Block 89:Normal Stragedy
Block 90:Regular Boss Fight
BOSS FIGHT!: Tinder Baron (5,300HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Probably the hardest 'Regular Boss'
in the whole dungeon. Can only be damaged by Awakening.
Regeiki to build up Moral Guage, then unleash Awakening.
It's only way it can be hurt. Just be pacient, you will
eventually kill it after about 7-8 Awakenings. Trust me,
it can be defeated.

Bonus Objective: 
1. 125 Hit combo
2. Defeat 9 enemy parties
3. Get Ko(ed) 0 times
4. Perform 8 Awakenings

Block 91:Normal Stragedy
Block 92:Normal Stragedy
Block 93:Normal Stragedy
Block 94:Normal Stragedy
Block 95:Regular Boss Fight

Last Regular Boss fight.
BOSS FIGHT!: Choas Empress (9,000HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: Easy, just use DualGuns and
Broad Sword. It has low defense.

Bonus Objective: 
1. 140 hit combo
2. Defeat 9 enemy parties
3. Get Ko(ed) 0 times
4. Perform 8 Awakenings

Block 96:Normal Stragedy
Block 97:Normal Stragedy
Block 98:Normal Stragedy
Block 99:Normal Stragedy

Block 100: Dungeon's Fianl Boss

Before using warp point, Use all Stats boost spells, 
items, est. Get ready for a truly ridiculous Boss battle.
After you warp, you find yourself at Indieglut Lugh again.
This time you come face to face with the REAL Dark Lord, and
he is NO push over.

BOSS FIGHT!:  True Cernunnos (9,999HP)
My Level: 150

-Stragedy: He has very high Defence, has alot of
attack power and can heal himself 1,000HP at a time.
In other words: Use your DualGuns to Avoid status counter,
use Broad Sword for Skill trigger, use Avatar Awakening ALOT.
Use Warrior Tome to boost Strength, and Knight Trump to weak
the Dark lord. This fight takes awhile, but as long as you
keep pouring your Arts attacks into the boss, he will eventually
die. Good luck.

Well congrats my friends. For Beating the final boss you
recive 50k and the DG-Z which are proabaly the most over powered
weapons in the whole seires. 

Well anyway, congrats on beating the 100 floor dungeon
of the .hack series: The Forest of pain. Enjoy the honest to
goodness final scenes of the .Hack// GU series. Its been fun all.

Oh yeah, just as a side note. That's Harald's AI that Haseo is
talking to. Harald is the original creator of the Game who somehow
managed to seal his consiousness in the game.   0.o  
yeah, not sure how that works *shrugs* The AI is like his alter ego.
It was meant to help raise Aura when she was born. 
(See Characters and Story section for more explaination.)

Movie- Sign Of the Truth
Short Version/Main points: Just Haseo and Shino talking
about if Ovan will ever come back or not.

=============( End of the Hidden Quest for Vol 3.)===================
======================(Forest of Pain)===============================

Well firends, not alot felt to do. Feel free to raise your guild rank.
Or even do the Final Greeting Card. (Go to areas using the 'BBQ Plate'
key word to raise party member's affection ratings. Personally I'm not
too big into the whole 'Promise' thing. I just sent it to Alkaid once
I got her affection maxed seeing as I think she was the coolest girl Haseo
has in his member list.) But anyway. You'll find a few sections wraping
up the odds and ends of the game. And don't miss my Story and Characters
section near the bottom. It wraps up some other odds and ends from the
story and also gives background of the Various installments
to 'Project .hack//'

well, even if you don't want to do these side sections, you can read my
parting words at the bottom of the guide.

---------------- 4)Quest Champaigns ---------------

-- a)Highway Master

Refer to this section 

--Other then what is listed in that section on
how to complete the differnt tracks;
for this Champaign you must complete:

1: Complete 50 or more Bike trials
2: Collect 3000+ Chims on the tracks

Go to the differnt bike mission areas and beat them all.
By the time it takes you to get 1st place in
all of those trials you will probably have completed
the above objectives.

-- b)Stray Mecha Grunty

For this Champaign you must complete:

1: Help Mecha Grunty 30 times

You must go an area or many different areas
and just give chims to Mecha Grunty 50 times.

Try to find an area where Mecha grunty is very close
to where you enter into the area. Fields are good for this.
And just go there over and over and over again till you
get it up to 50 times.

-- c)Lucky Data Collection

For this Champaign you must complete:

1:kick up to 50 lucky/unlucky animals.
2: Must kick all types of un/lucky animals at least once.

The lucky animals are alot harder to find in this game. They are no
longer set to one area. EX) IF you go to an area and find say a Gold Bird
is there, there will always be a Gold Bird in that area from then on.

Not so with Vol. 3

Now the lucky animals are based on your partie's average level compared to
the level of the area you are in. The top value along this chart is the
last digit of your party's average level. The Value on the side is the last
digit of the area level. The lucky animal that will be in the area is
determined where those two digits cross in the chart, kinda like the game
Battle Ship. =P

Anyway here's the link to the Chart.

This is a chart that allows you to do things the hard way, and Unfortunitly I
found it rather hard to understand and use. There is a better
way but you have to wait till you're level 100. 

-Stragedy: Level all your party members to level 150. Then go to Mac Anu.
Go to Fields and then Dungeons that are level 1-10. The lucky animals on
the chart will be there.

List of Lucky animals:
Name          	:   Lucky/ Unlucky effect

Gold Bird------	:Turns all objest into treasure chests
Moon Rabit-----	: All members +400 exp
Leviathan------	: Recieve 5 items
Sleipnir-------	: Will aid in 5 battles
Tsutsuga-------	: Saves you from Game Over 3 Times
Ganesha	-------	: Max HP/SP increased next 5 battles
High Wolf------	: Gives you an item set
Fate Worm------	: Gives you 100000 GP
Totetsu	-------	: Objects turn into treasure boxes
Kudan	-------	: Gives you 300 EXP
Tengu----------	: Get4 items
Chimera	-------	: will aid you in next 4 battles
Qi Lin 	-------	: Saves you from Game Over 2 Times
Tohkoh 	-------	: Max HP/SP increased next 4 battles
Baku 	-------	: Get an item set
Ouryu	-------	: Get 8000 GP
Nue		: Summons King Chim Chim
Two-tailed Fox-	: Takes money away from you
Malice Cat-----	: Hp/sp halfed for next battle
Dark Goat------	: Hp/sp halfed for next battle
White Malice Cat: Hp/sp halfed while in area

-- d)Chim's Kicker

For this Champaign you must complete:

1: collect 1000pts of Chim data

Just go out and kick huge amounts of chims.
Fields work best. Just kick the trees to make them pop

-- e)Bikman Model
For this Champaign you must complete:

Find all 160 NPC character in the fields or in town.

USe the Flyer Rader. Just keep going from town to town till
you get all of them.

Note: This following list was made by Zer0 and is taken from
his guide. This List is NOT my creation. Got it? Good.

Ninjato           | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Eddie             | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Rudolph           | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Nogmung           | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Oimatsu           | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
IGA               | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Vergilius         | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Midnight-Head     | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
DOMINATOR         | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona
Rider Chyob       | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Lieutenant Okada  | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Corporal Yano     | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Ookami Itto       | Mac Anu
SideWinder        | Mac Anu
tres              | Mac Anu, Breg Epona
Ubadama           | Mac Anu
Heretic           | Mac Anu
Kunio             | Mac Anu
Encephalon        | Mac Anu, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Lonely Wolf       | Mac Anu
Boltz             | Mac Anu
Dimitri           | Mac Anu
MAXBURST          | Mac Anu
Aralagi           | Mac Anu
Aryosha           | Mac Anu
Mihirogi          | Mac Anu
Nagi              | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Kazuki            | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Blue Eye Samurai  | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Mark              | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Wise Dragon       | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Battery Tomekichi | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Yoshio            | Lumina Cloth
Katar             | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Nagare            | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
Dragonfly         | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona, Kestrel
Colt 31           | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
Pokuri            | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
EXILE             | Lumina Cloth
Fang              | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Chamnosuke        | Lumina Cloth
NonBE             | Lumina Cloth
AK47              | Lumina Cloth
Pilgrim           | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Lettuce Taro      | Lumina Cloth
Machida Man       | Lumina Cloth
Takowaza380Yen    | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Great Leo         | Lumina Cloth
Ayuo              | Lumina Cloth
JJ                | Lumina Cloth
Flamberge         | Lumina Cloth
Saltaholic        | Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Signaless         | Dol Dona
ohmRICE           | Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Kaki Leader       | Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Umbrella          | Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Renji             | Breg Epona
Oshino 8 Seas     | Breg Epona, Kestrel
mister ma         | Breg Epona, Kestrel
kyon-tama         | Breg Epona
Schrodinger       | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Trigger           | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
NAOO              | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Isolde            | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Wang Lin          | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona, Kestrel
Chobi             | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
dr.D              | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Henako            | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Syake             | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Senion            | Mac Anu
Inui              | Mac Anu, Kestrel
angel hair        | Mac Anu
Olive             | Mac Anu
Heavenly Flower   | Mac Anu
-COOH             | Mac Anu
Mile              | Mac Anu
Moonlight Dance   | Mac Anu
Alice             | Mac Anu
Pen Pen           | Mac Anu
Abcinian          | Mac Anu
1/2               | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona
Restia            | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
Zebra             | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
Mako              | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
Aira              | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Menou             | Lumina Cloth
Chrysanthemum     | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
Punisher Mitch    | Lumina Cloth
Black Pearl       | Lumina Cloth
meruru            | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
Heart in Brocade  | Lumina Cloth
Hiira             | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
NiangNiang        | Lumina Cloth
Ayame             | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Rental Daughter   | Lumina Cloth
Kiira             | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Sapphire          | Lumina Cloth
Madame Insane     | Lumina Cloth
Jade              | Lumina Cloth
Joanna            | Lumina Cloth
Ruby              | Lumina Cloth
Aleneor           | Lumina Cloth
Onyx              | Lumina Cloth
Stella            | Breg Epona
Katura            | Dol Dona
Beatrice          | Breg Epona
Princess Sakuya   | Breg Epona
Momoka            | Breg Epona
yamato_nadeshiko  | Breg Epona
IOTA              | Breg Epona                        
Barson            | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Pale              | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Nuada             | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Tanu              | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Vanguard          | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona
Sky               | Mac Anu
Seisaku           | Dol Dona, Breg Epona, Medic Union
Hideyo            | Dol Dona, Breg Epona, Medic Union
BJ                | Medic Union
Osamu             | Medic Union
GENPAKU           | Medic Union
Ryotaku           | Medic Union
Towa              | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
Shirochan         | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Eteman            | Lumina Cloth
Yatsuhusa         | Lumina Cloth, Breg Epona
Chamee            | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Suzuki Pig        | Lumina Cloth
Pochi             | Lumina Cloth
Julias            | Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Governor Tadashi  | Dol Dona, Breg Epona
MSF               | Medic Union
Bernard           | Medic Union
Vitamin           | Medic Union
Jyunjiro-         | Medic Union
ASPEKT            | Breg Epona                        
Ingrid            | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth
TomCat            | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Breg Epona
Sagittarius       | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, Kestrel
Quasar            | Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona
GATES             | Mac Anu
b1u3              | Mac Anu
Mikatan           | Mac Anu
Tiphereth         | Mac Anu
Lady of the Lamp  | Medic Union
Florence          | Medic Union
Rintaro           | Medic Union
Ougai             | Medic Union
Agnes             | Medic Union
Telese            | Medic Union
Amber             | Medic Union
William=G         | Medic Union
Doyle             | Medic Union
Watson            | Medic Union
Phelix            | Medic Union
Jill              | Medic Union
Yoko              | Lumina Cloth, Kestrel
Cecile            | Lumina Cloth
Kanko             | Lumina Cloth
Evil Woman        | Lumina Cloth
Ishikari Cat      | Lumina Cloth
Kitty Ladle       | Dol Dona, Breg Epona
AppleStar         | Dol Dona, Breg Epona, Kestre
yabu              | Medic Union
RYOGORO           | Medic Union
victor            | Medic Union
stein             | Medic Union
Electronic Frog   | Medic Union
Galvani           | Medic Union
Axel Rod          | Medic Union
Katz              | Medic Union
Nanase Mitabi     | Breg Epona
Marian            | Breg Epona

-- f)Chase The Bounty
For this Champaign you must complete:
1: Defeat 50 pkers
2: Defeat all the Black List pkers

--Black List pkers:

Genjyo the Fatal
Kaotin in the Shadows
Magical Pokotan
Silent TERU
Poison Lei Lei
Lady Bomber Jahad
Yokochi Steel Taro

Yep there is an 8th Chaotic Pker, and I'll tell you how to
find her too.

Go to an area where a Battle area (blue energy barrier)
appears right next to where you enter the area. Fields
work best.

Anyway, just keep going to that area over and over and over

Everytime you enter one of those Battle Areas you will encounter
1 of 3 types of fights going on.

Most likly->
1: Pker attacking player
2: Monsters attacking player

Less likly but will still happen->
3: Black list pker attacking player

See 1 and 2 are the most likly what you will find
every time you enter the battle area. However if you keep
going back over and over, eventually you will be able to
find and kill all 7 black list pkers.

---Side Quest: 8th Chaotic Pker

Once you have killed the first seven Chaotic pkers; check in with
the NPC in the back ally of Mac Anu's Mercenary district.

	Then log-out and check the Forums.
Here you will see some posts concerning the 8th Chaotic Pker. Log
back in and go to a field with the 3rd word 'Beserker'. Find the
8th and final Chaotic Pker the same way you found the other Choatic Pkers.
Fight and kill her. And those of you who played the old games will 
obviously know who this little but strong lady is.

Anyway, once you've beat her log out and check the Forums again.
you will see a post saying she was spoted in the back ally of
Breg Epona. So head over there and back to the end of the
long ally way. There you will see Gayros...I mean Piros the 3rd
and Natsume talking away. Piros will see you and insist that
Natsume give you her member address, Sweet! 

You now have 3 of the original .hackers in your party. (not including
the Azure Knights) Well anyway, that wraps things up for the Chaotic

well thats it for Quests Champaigns. Personally I ussally
dont even finish most of them. Just enough to get the special
items from them, in order to just barely get my guild rank up
to max.

---------------- 5)Bike Missions ---------------

This setion is also known as the Highway Master quest Champaign. Although
like I have said before I don't really consider this a normal champaign.

First, head over to see Kafu near the @home. He should be right across from the
warp point. Read what he has to say, then head back to the Chaos Gate.

Open the warp menu, Now set the first part word to 'Passing'.
Now depending on the combinatione of words after that you will get
different types of areas, if you look to see what the Misson for the area
is it will say this: "Bike Mission (Course #)"  There are five different
courses. The should be done in a certian order becuase of the level of
difficulty. The order is 4, 3, 5, 1, 2. _<   )

E-Mail:  jonfireblade@yahoo.com