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This is my 22nd guide and so far, I'm the only person to have covered most of the Sims 2 series. Well, have fun reading as much as I've had fun writing, nonsense =) And if you haven't noticed, all the names after the topics are songs by artists. Also, download the latest patch from thesims2.ea.com to prevent the problem of neverending tour guides and vacation NPCs. These would clog up your neighbourhood folder and seriously slow down the processing power and efficiency of your CPU. So download the patch now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.02] Version History Version 0.0 [17/9/07] Another time for the special version number. This means the basic framework is done, ready to go. Version 0.0a [18/9/07] Basic framework is now complete. Version 0.1 [24/9/07] Chapter 2 and 3 are now complete. 17 Chapters to go. Version 0.2 [30/9/07] Chapter 6 is now complete. Version 0.3 [4/10/07] Chapter 5 is complete. Chapter 6 tweaked. Chapter 20 modified. Chapter 7 is finished. Chapter 10 is complete. Version 0.4 [8/10/07] Chapter 4 is complete. Chapter 19 complete. Version 0.5 [11/12/07] Addition to Chapter 20. Chapter 11 is done. Chapter 17 complete. Version 0.6 [21/1/08] Update on all the Chance Cards Version 0.7 [29/1/08] Finish Chapter 7. Version 0.8 [14/3/08] Finished the Chapter on Seasons. The souvenirs are now complete. Version 0.9 [15/3/08] Lets pick up the pace on this guide. This update should mean the end of this guide, and its will finally be complete, after 6 or so months. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.01] Welcome to Bon Voyage Welcome to the Expansion Pack Bon Voyage, the 6th in the Expansion Pack series after University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets and Seasons. It is set to be the second last as confirmation of a seventh pack is released inside the box case for Bon Voyage as well as the Sims 3 debut in 2008. Anyway, welcome to Bon Voyage. Well, right when you load up your neighbourhood, you will be prompted to build a vacation destination for your Neighbourhood. This is similar to the University Pack where you have three to choose from. Pick and choose the ones you want and the game will build them up. You can choose from the exotic Far East, Takemizu Village, your Island destination of Twikkii Island and the mountainous Three Lakes. The ones that you select will be created and this will take some time so you might as well go get something to drink, have a toilet break, whatever. With fast computers, it will take about 5 minutes while with older or slower computers, it will take to 15 minutes tops. Like I said, it will take its time. Inside your box, you might have the teaser for the next Sims 2 expansion pack, and most likely to be the last, since the Sims 3 is due for release in early 2009. It is the Sims 2 : Free Time, due for release in Feb 2008. This will concentrate on hobbies that your Sims could do. The leaflet itself is very vague and it will be interesting how Maxis and EA will pan this one out and onto the shelf. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.02] Lets Go On Vacation Well, you might be wondering, how do you go on vacation? Relatively simple. Use your phone or your mobile given that you have University, and click on the vacation button. There will be two options, one will be to book a vacation, the other will be to purchase a vacation house, which we will go into later. Anyway, you can click to go on vacation. Well, now you will be presented with a little menu that allows you to customise your vacation. You can pick when you want to leave for the vacation, the longer you delay the trip, the more it will save you. You can then choose the length of your vacation. The shortest possible vacation will be three days and two nights and this can go up till seven days and six nights. Please note that you cannot go on vacation forever, however, a glitch released with the base expansion will never let you leave the vacation area. You can then pick the amount of people you want to go with you. You can only bring along friends and family members with you on your little trip. You cannot however, bring in children and your pets, if you have the Pets expansion pack, with you on vacation, you have to have a member of the family at home to look after them. If you do not have any available family members to look after the children or pets, you will have to hire a nanny to look after than. And this isn't cheap. There will be a base cost and an hourly cost and since you are on vacation for a while, this will amount to a lot. But then, is that worth it for all able members to attend? Anyway, book your vacation and the shuttle will arrive depending on when you book the airfares. You can also pick your destination that you want to go to. You have the choice of the created vacation locations that you have created or have made yourself and then you choose the accommodation. This is be done here or it can be done when you arrive in the Vacation neighbourhood, entirely up to you. Of course, if you want a cheap vacation, head to the Three Lakes and the camp ground where it doesn't cost you a dime, except for the airfares. A little about the three destinations again if you are not sure. The Far East is based on East Asia, in particular, Japan and China. The Island is based tropical island destinations, in particular, Hawaii, and the Three Lakes area is based of the Rockies in the United States. After you have done this, a shuttle will come along and pick you up and you will, assuming that the Sims is correct, take you to the airport and send you to your Vacation destination. When you have your residance set up and ready, you can go around and have a vacation. You can walk around to lots or take a taxi. Whatever you do, have fun on your Vacation. Pay no attention to those messages that it was worth every cent though, they say that even when they are miserable, dancing in the rain. So really, it is up to you how to play this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.03] The Costs Lets face it, you will need to pay to have a vacation. Not the fee of going on the vacation, the fee of the airlines. There is also the cost of bringing another person with you. I'll draw up a table of the costs and the like. --------------------------- |When You Are Leaving| Cost | |--------------------+------| | Now | §500 | | Tomorrow | §467 | | Day After Tomorrow | §433 | | In 3 Days Time | §400 | | In 4 Days Time | §367 | | In 5 Days Time | §333 | | In 6 Days Time | §300 | --------------------------- Well, this is for only one person. These are the airfares for your trips by the way. This cannot be changed at all. I'll draw up another pointless diagram for the cost of bring more than one person on your little trip. -------------------------------------------------------------- | 2 Sims | 3 Sims | 4 Sims | 5 Sims | 6 Sims | 7 Sims | 8 Sims | |--------+--------+--------+--------+--------+--------+--------| |2 X Cost|3 X Cost|4 X Cost|5 X Cost|6 X Cost|7 X Cost|8 X Cost| -------------------------------------------------------------- As you can see, the cost of the Airfares will be multiplied by the amount of Sims that you are taking along with you. The more you bring, the more expensive the airfares will be. One thing that is lacking with this is that there is no choice between economy and business class. Anyway, it doesn't matter since the most expensive cost will be the hotel charges. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [3.01] Your Hotels "Combined with beautiful scenery, serene locales, and delicious foods, the Takemazu Village offers a peaceful and relaxing vacation for your family and friends. Learn about local customs and history while enjoying the beautiful sights. Come stay at this tranqil vacation spot that promises not to disappoint." Well, Hotels are the accommodation for the while, until you have a vacation house in the village. However, this is like the University Dorm Rooms and you will need to quickly claim the rooms that you want to use first. This is important as the room will be gone quick. Also, you can do some things to your door, such as lock it. Well, there are four hotels in Takemazu Village to choose from. This is your first priority as it will determine how much you will pay. The prices are in their unmodified forms by the way so don't think they are wrong because I wrote them all down. All bathrooms will contain a bath, normally a cheap one, a toilet and a sink for your use. All rooms will contain wardrobes, a phone, tables and chairs as well. These are all standard for all hotels. This also applies to all the other vacation destinations. *************************** *The Steaming Dragon Hotel* *************************** Price Range : §§ Features : No Special Features in The Steaming Dragon, Sorry. --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Right Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Basic Bathroom Cost - §392 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Basic Bathroom Cost - §424 per night --==Second Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Shower Bath, Television Cost - §639 per night Upper Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Shower Bath, Television Cost - §568 per night Lower Right Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Shower Bath, Television Cost - §636 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Shower Bath, Television Cost - §557 per night ************************ *Jade's Exclusive Villa* ************************ Price Range : §§§ Features : Tea Table, Hot Springs --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Shower Bath Cost - §489 per night Upper Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 2 Single Beds, Shower Bath, Television Cost - §1029 per night Lower Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Shower Bath Cost - §447 per night Upper Right Cabin - 2 Double Beds, Shower Bath, Television Cost - §914 per night ********************** *Flaming Dragon Hotel* ********************** Price Range : §§§§ Features : Zen Garden, Television Room, Restaurant --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Colonial Bath, Television Cost - §766 per night Middle Left Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Colonial Bath, Television Cost - §754 per night Upper Left Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Colonial Bath, Television Cost - §629 per night Lower Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Colonial Bath, Television Cost - §753 per night Middle Right Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Colonial Bath, Television Cost - §751 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Colonial Bath, Television Cost - §637 per night ************************* *Takemizu Village Resort* ************************* Price Range : §§§§ Features : Swimming Pool, Massage Operator, Sauna, Fireplace Room --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 2 Showers Cost - §786 per night Upper Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Shower Cost - §774 per night --==Second Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, 1 Colonial Bath, Balcony Cost - §861 per night Middle Left Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Colonial Bath, Balcony Cost - §775 per night Upper Left Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Colonial Bath, Balcony Cost - §844 per night There are also two Vacation Homes that you can purchase. They are the Green Thicket Manor which costs §33,140 to purchase as well as the Pearl Mist Estate which costs about §26,742. However, the reason they are cheaper is that you don't actually live in it full time and can only live in it during your vacations. Still, if you travel a lot and want to muck around in buy mode, then go ahead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.02] The Community Lots Something new I've decided to chuck in is the Community Lots that you can visit during your vacation. They are listed below in all their glory and what you can do on the specific lot. ********************* *Immortal Zen Garden* ********************* Features - Food Stand Zen Garden Tea Table Ninja Learning Tai Chi ******************* *Lucky Shrine Park* ******************* Features - Clothes Shopping Food Stand Jewellry Rack Mahjong Table Lucky Shrine Fishing Pond (Seasons) Souvenir Rack Stereo **************************** *Takemizu Pagoda and Market* **************************** Features - Clothes Shopping Zen Garden Food Stand Jewellry Rack Souvenir Rack Grocery Shopping ****************************** *Takemizu Village Hot Springs* ****************************** Features - Food Stand 4 Hot Springs Tea Table Ninja Massage Table Stereo ************************* *Three Corners Food Mart* ************************* Features - Food Stand Grocery Stand *********************** *Pagoda in the Shadows* *********************** SECRET LOT Features - Wise Old Man (More on That Later) The Location of the Ancient Dragon Legend ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.01] Your Hotels "Planning on roasting a marshmallow under the stars? Or are you looking to try your skills at log rolling or axe throwing? Three Lakes provides the perfect vacation destination for those who seek and enjoy the great outdoors. With fresh air and nature all around you it's nearly impossible not to savor every second." Well, Three Lakes is the only destination with free accommodation, a campsite. This is for free and doesn't cost a dime. Other than that, there are four hotels that you can live in and pay for. The difference between the camping outside and sleeping in a hotel is that the energy recovered in the hotel bed is faster than that recovered in a tent. However, there are plenty of tents to go around. It might be an idea for you to develop campgrounds in the other two destinations so you have free camping wherever you go. Wouldn't that be sweet? Anyway, onto the sleeping grounds of the Three Lakes area. ********************** *Axe Wood Campgrounds* ********************** Price Range : Free Features : Hammocks, Lake (Seasons), BBQ, Fire Pit, Food Stand, Axe Throwing --==Ground Floor==-- 6 Tents, Claim one for your own use ********************** *Hunter's Bedrock Inn* ********************** Price Range : §§ Features : Hot Tub --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Shower Cost - §593 per night Centre Left Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Shower Cost - §437 Upper Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Shower Cost - §440 per night Lower Right Cabin - 1 Single Bed, 1 Double Bed, Shower Bath Cost - §590 per night Centre Right Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Shower Cost - §401 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Shower Cost - §433 per night ******************** *Three Lakes Cabins* ******************** Price Range : §§ Features : Hot Tub, Fire Pit, Hammocks --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Bath, Fireplace Cost - §475 per night Upper Left Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Shower Bath Cost - §429 per night Upper Centre Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Shower Cost - §326 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Shower, Fireplace Cost - §818 per night ******************* *Blau Hills Resort* ******************* Price Range : §§§ Features : Piano, Hot Tub, Swimming Pool, Television, Sauna --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Bath Cost - §484 per night Centre Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Bath Cost - §521 per night Centre Right Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Bath Cost - §438 per night Upper Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Bath, Television, Couch Cost - §712 per night Upper Centre Cabin - 1 Double bed, Bath, Television, Couch Cost - §664 per night ***************** *Sky Vista Hotel* ***************** Price Range : §§§§§ Features : Swimming Pool, Hot Springs, Gym, Hammocks --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Television, Bath Cost - §914 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Television, Bath, Couch Cost - §1289 per night --==Second Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Television, Bath Cost - §1055 per night Upper Left Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Television, Bath Cost - §915 per night Lower Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Television, Bath Cost - §1135 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Television, Bath Cost - §945 per night Again, there are also two vacation homes that you can purchase here. There is the Copper Ranch Retreat, costing at a modest §30,467 for a lovely home or the Villa di Simoleon, and true to the name, it comes in at a price of §43,141. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.02] The Community Lots The wonderful mountain air of Three Lakes also provides some fine camping grounds for your little tourists. Too bad this isn't SimCity where you can get tourists to look at Llamas all days. AND WHERE ARE THE LLAMAS? ******************* *Lumber Mill Range* ******************* Features - Axe Throwing Fire Pit Food Stand Log Rolling Tree Ring Display ***************** *Smooth Rock Spa* ***************** Features - Food Stand Hot Springs Massage Table Sauna ******************** *Three Lakes Market* ******************** Features - Clothes Shopping Food Stand Grocery Shopping Jewellry Rack Souvenir Rack ******************* *Three Lakes Plaza* ******************* Features - Food Stand Stereo ************** *Wallowa Park* ************** Features - Grocery Shopping Souvenir Rack Tree Ring Display *************** *Hidden Burrow* *************** SECRET LOT Features - Bigfoot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.01] Your Hotels "If you've never been to a beach then you definitely don't want to miss spending your next vacation on Twikkii Island. You'll be dazzled by the rolling waves, exciting culture, and the world famous Pirate Wreck. So come visit and take a break in a beach hammock, shop for some stylish local goods or get a soothing massage." Well, there are hotels in Twikkii Island as well, the price and activities available to you are far different than thoes of the Far East. Anyway, without further ado, lets present the statistical analysis of the hotels of the Twikkii Island destination. ******************** *Blossom Wood Hotel* ******************** Price Range : § Features : Swimming Pool --==Ground Floor==-- Upper Left Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Shower Bath Cost - §380 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Shower Bath Cost - §446 per night --==Second Floor==-- Lower Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Television, Shower Bath Cost - §414 per night Middle Left Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Television, Couch, Shower Bath Cost - §723 per night Lower Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Television, Shower Bath Cost - §465 per night Middle Right Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Television, Shower Bath Cost - §348 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Television, Shower Bath Cost - §414 per night ******************** *Double Palm Resort* ******************** Price Range : §§ Features : Food Stand, Swimming Pool, Massage Table --==Ground Floor==-- Left Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Bath Cost - §435 per night Right Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Bath Cost - §471 per night --==Second Floor==-- Lower Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Bath, Television Cost - §596 per night Upper Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Bath, Television Cost - §624 per night --==Third Floor==-- Central Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Television, Bath Cost - §835 per night ********************** *Twikkii Beach Resort* ********************** Price Range : §§§§ Features : Restaurant, Beachside --==Ground Floor==-- Lower Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Television, Bath, Patio Cost - §1097 per night Upper Left Cabin - 2 Single Beds, Television. Bath, Patio Cost - §800 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Television, Bath, Patio Cost - §883 per night --==Second Floor==-- Lower Right Cabin - 1 Double Bed, Patio, Television, Bath Cost - §1059 per night Upper Left Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Patio, Television, Bath Cost - §875 per night Upper Right Cabin - 1 Single Bed, Patio, Television, Bath Cost - §715 per night *********************** *Potterhouse Bungalows* *********************** Price Range : §§§§§ Features : Beachside, Fire Pit --==Ground Floor==-- Left Bungalow - 1 Double Bed, Patio, Television, Couch, Bath Cost - §898 per night Middle Bungalow - 1 Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Patio, Television, Couch, Bath Cost - §1185 per night Right Bungalow - 1 Double Bed, 2 Single Beds, Patio, Television, Couch, Bath Cost - §1486 per night There are also two vacation homes in this village as well. There is the Brickstone Retreat that costs §19,167 to purchase and the Brickstone Chateau, right on the beach, which will cost §59,978 to purchase. For once, there is a big gap. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.02] The Community Lots Ah, the Community Lots of Twikkii Island. These are far superior than the ones of Takemazu village since there are some beaches in it, far better since you can comb the beach. Anyway, here they are. *************************** *Ancient Ruins of Numchuck* *************************** Features - Food Stand Wishing Waterfall Hot Springs Souvenir Rack ******************** *Fruitville Village* ******************** Features - Grocery Shopping Food Stand ***************************** *Majestic Ruins of Jumbok IV* ***************************** Features - Food Stall Hot Springs Wishing Waterfall ************************* *Seawater Beach Paradise* ************************* Features - Fire Dancer Fire Pit Beachside ***************** *South End Beach* ***************** Features - Beachside Clothes Shopping Souvenir Rack Jewellry Rack Food Stand Pirate Ship ************************* *Twikkii Beach Boardwalk* ************************* Features - Jewellry Rack Clothes Shopping Food Stand Fire Dancer Fire Pit Beachside *********************** *Whitesand Hot Springs* *********************** Features - 3 Hot Springs Food Stand **************** *Mysterious Hut* **************** SECRET LOT Features - Witch Doctor Voodoo Doll ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.01] General There are now such things called Vacation Mementos. These are reminders of what you have achieved in your vacations. This can be accessed through the Sim Personality section and there will be a little suitcase which is your vacation mementos section. You can achieve these mementos when you do some certain things. I have split these up into four different sections, and this is because some are specific to certain vacation destinations. Ones that involve all vacation locations are listed here however. @Memento@: Be Guided to all Local Sights Symbol : Binoculars with a Gold Star Unlocked : Went on all the tours This is one that involves each vacation location. This is achieved by attending all the tours available to you. There are 3 tours for each location, 3 for Far East, 3 for the Island and 3 for Mountains, and you need to go on all nine to achieve this memento. According to my calculations that is a total of §1800 for all 9 tours. @Memento@: Became a Frequent Traveller Symbol : Aircraft with a Gold Star and a 5 Unlocked : Had 5 Good Vacations This is one that is rather time consuming and one that you won't seek to accomplish straight away. This requires you to travel to wherever you want and have 5 good vacations. That means, 5 good, different trips. This takes time rather than a one off memento. @Memento@: Check out Local Sights Symbol : Binoculars Unlocked : Went on a Tour This is quite simple in comparsion to the first two. This requires you to go on only one tour. This is the basic one before you can be guided to all the tours. More on tours later, but to go on one, click on the tour guide in the front of the lot and select a tour. @Memento@: Discover a Vacation Secret Symbol : Plot with a ? and a Magnifying Glass Unlocked : Discovered a Secret Lot This requires you to discover a secret lot in a Vacation destination. There are two quick methods to do so. You can either dig for treasure until you find a scroll detailing the location of a secret lot and from there, go to the secret lot in the corresponding Vacation destination or go on a tour and the result is discovery of a secret lot. Just visit the lot and voila, you have discovered a "secret lot". @Memento@: Enjoy a Meal Delivered Right to Your Room Symbol : Serving Platter Unlocked : Ordered Room Service This require you to stay in a hotel, the price range does not matter at all, you need to stay in a hotel. To accomplish this, you need to use the click on the phone and order room service. You then choose what you want delivered to your room, whether it will be a single or multiple dish and after you select, the receptionist will deliver the food to you. @Memento@: Enjoy your Trip Symbol : Aircraft with a Gold Star Unlocked : Had a Good Vacation This is relative simple. This requires you to go on a vacation and by the end of it, you have enjoyed it. That means you have accomplished some mementos and some of your wants rather than create enemies. @Memento@: Find a Lead to Hidden Secrets Symbol : Treasure Map with Magnifying Glass Unlocked : Found a Secret Map This requires you to use the Dig for Treasure command. You can dig basically anywhere, even in your own backyard. After you do this, you sooner or later will discover a map or scroll to a secret lot in a specific vacation location. You can also achieve this as a random event from going on tours. @Memento@: Find the Buried Treasure Symbol : Treasure Chest with Gold Unlocked : Dig up a Treasure Chest This also requires you to Dig for Treasure, wherever you like. You have to keep digging until you find the Buried Treasure. It is rather valuable and gives a good environment score so it isn't all that bad. @Memento@: Follow a Guide to 5 New Sights Symbol : Binoculars with a 5 Unlocked : Went on 5 Tours This is the advanced version of Check out Local Sights. It requires you to go on 5 different tours, which means you will have to go to at least two different vacation destinations. It will cost you at least 700 Simoleons to complete this. @Memento@: Get an Album to Share with Your Friends Symbol : A Book Unlocked : Ordered a Photo Album This requires you to use the Phone and decide to order a Photo Album to store your Vacation photos in. This is used basically as a reminder of the good times that you have had on vacation. All you have to do is to take a photo during your vacation by getting someone and clicking pose. At the end, go home and use the compter and select the photos option. A delivery van shall come and deliver the album, for a fee, depending on the amount of photos. @Memento@: Learn the Local Ways Symbol : Sim Outline Hi with a Gold Star Unlocked : Learned all of the Gestures Learning the Local Ways require you to visit all three Vacation destinations and learn their local gestures. That means, you need to learn how to Bow, Hang Loose and to Chest Pound. When you have done those, you can accomplish this. @Memento@: Third Time's the Charm Symbol : Aircraft with a Gold Star and a 3 Unlocked : Had 3 Good Vacations This is the middle version of having a Good Vacation. This requires you to go on three vacations and they all have to be good ones. By three Good Vacations, you can accomplish most mementos anyway. @Memento@: Uncover all the Vacation Secrets Symbol : Plot with a ? and a Gold Star Unlocked : Discovered all of the Secret Lots This is the last of the General Mementos. You need to find all three secret lots, the one in the Three Lakes, Twikkii Island and the one in Takemazu Village. Once you have discovered and visited all three, you will get this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.02] Far East These are mementos specific to the Far East Vacation Destinations. Your default destination from Maxis is Takemazu Village and will contain the following mementos. I'll do a checklist of the Mementos later. @Memento@: Enjoy a Warm Cup of Tea Symbol : Earthern Teapot Unlocked : Drank Tea This requires you to visit a lot with a Tea Table. You can recognise it by its small table and four cushions and the tea set on it. You need to serve tea and drink it to accomplish this achievement. It will also restore your motives to some extent. @Memento@: Immerse Yourself In Tradition and Culture Symbol : Asian Style Pagoda Unlocked : Went on a Far East Vacation This is another have a Good Vacation momento, however, you must have a good Far East Vacation memento. Have good memories and accomplish your wants over your fears and you will have a good vacation. @Memento@: Join in an Ancient Exercise Symbol : Sim practicing Tai Chi Unlocked : Learned Tai Chi This means you need to learn how to do Tai Chi. However, it is a pain to learn as you must wait until you see a local performing Tai Chi. You can recognise them performing Tai Chi when they change into Gym Clothes. Once you have found one performing it, join in. However, you need to keep a watchful eye as it might take a while for them to learn Tai Chi. @Memento@: Landscape the Zen Way Symbol : Zen Garden Item Unlocked : Raked a Zen Garden Move towards a lot with the Zen Garden on it and you need to activate it and rake the Zen Garden. You just need to start on it and do not need to actually finish the garden. You can cancel the action after a little which and you will accomplish this memento. @Memento@: Learn a Far Eastern Tale Symbol : Legend Scroll Unlocked : Learned the Dragon Legend This means learning the Dragon Legend. You need to find access to the secret lot on the Destination and head to it. go to the Wise Old Man and talk to him and will need to build up your relationship with him. Once you have built up a relationship (mine was about 28/11), or others suggest to rake the Zen Garden or serve Tea. Once you have the "panache" to learn the legend, you will sit down and learn of the tale. From the visuals, there appears to be a Princess in a town. One day, the town was invaded by enemy horsemen. The Princess appealed to a Dragon for help who agreed and sheltered and defended the town. The villagers of the town rejoiced and the enemy horsemen attacked the dragon. The dragon breathed fire all over the enemy horsemen. The villagers bowed and thanked the Princess for saving their town and the Sun shown brightly and they lived happily, ever after. After you have learnt the Legend, the Wise Old Man will teleport away for good and you will have the Ancient Dragon Legend Scroll. You can now pass on the legend and can sell the scroll for 518 Simoleons, but it is a waste if you do. @Memento@: Learn the Ancient Massage of the Far East Symbol : Hand with a Circular Arrow Unlocked : Learn Acupressure Massae You need to go towards a Massge Attendent and ask them to teach you how to perform the acupressure massage. It will cost you 200 Simoleons and you will be able to perform it on others. @Memento@: Make a Wish Symbol : Lucky Shrine Item Unlocked : Wished at a Lucky Shrine Lead towards the Lucky Shrine Park and go to the Lucky Shrine. You need to make a wish on the shrine. This will accomplish the memento but this will unleash a power upon your Sim. There are 5 options and thanks to Wiryawan for sending it in. 1: It will rain money. It will rain Simoleons for your Sim to collect and in total will amount to 1000 Simoleons. 2: Success in your Work. This will provide you better chances of promotion at work and a higher chance to pull strings. 3: Increase in Luck. According to Simers, this will increase your success in finding Treasure whilst digging for it. It could also improve your success with the Chance Cards. 4: Chased by Bees. This is amusing to say the least and your Sim will be chanced by little yellow bees for a while. You cannot cancel the action. It leads to a decrease in comfort and fun. It isn't all that fun to be chased by bees to be honest. 5: A Rash. This will force your Sim to scratch all over their body as if there was a rash or itchy bites all over it. You can tell the benefit or failure of a wish by the colour of the shrine after you wish. Red will glow if you have a bad wish whilst it will glow green if you have had a good wish. @Memento@: Take a Bow Symbol : Sim behind Pagoda Unlocked : Learned to Bow This is the local gesture of the Far East. Like other Local Gestures, have a local perform a Bow to you and you can then perform it to other Sims. About 5 practices to other Sims will allow you to perfect the bow and achieve this memento. @Memento@: Travel Like a Ninja Symbol : Two Sims, one Blue and one White Unlocked : Learned to Teleport By far the most useful ability ever. You need to find the Master Ninja who is lurking on community lots. Your first success may not be all that successful but on your next attempts, you can attempt to learn how to teleport from him. He will ask you a question. My question was, what was invented first, the Ninja or the Sword. Answer correctly and he will teach you to teleport. I answered Ninja and he said correct as without a Ninja, who will wield the sword? Anyway, once you have learnt it, you can now teleport to any location. Click on where you want to go to and select teleport here. Through some unique jumping action, you will teleport to your destination straight away. It will force Sims to scratch their heads on where you went and have others jumping backwards after seeing you drop out of no where. This is the more advanced version of the meditate and teleport as this allows you to perform interactions straight after you teleport. @Memento@: Try a Fishy Eastern Delicacy Symbol : Bowl of Chirashi Unlocked : Ate Chirashi This is you sampling the local food of the Far East. Head towards the food stand and purchase a bowl of Chirashi and eating it. It will only cost you 25 Simoleons, so what are you waiting for? @Memento@: Use Those Tiles and Win Symbol : 3 Mahjong Tiles, the top being 6 Bamboo Unlocked : Won at Mahjong You need to find a Mahjong table and start to gamble on it. It will only cost you 100 Simoleons to gamble and like Poker from Nightlife, it is random luck that allows you to win. You will find that NPCs will flock to the Mahjong table, provided there is nothing else exciting to do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.03] Island There are mementos specific to the Island destinations. Your default island destination is Twikkii Island and it will contain all the following mementos. These cannot be found elsewhere, so you should look here first. @Memento@: A Singing Pirate Symbol : A Ghost Pirate Unlocked : Learned a Sea Chanty This one requires you to go around to the Island and one with the Pirate Boat. Here, you must go and rain the Captain's Cabin. You might find some items in the cabin, and sooner or later, the Pirate Captain's Ghost will come out and chase you. Raise his relationship and ask him to teach your Sim the Sea Chanty. Rather interestingly, Pirate Captain ____ (Dregg for me) is a purple ghost, meaning he really didn't die of old age. @Memento@: Dance with the Fire Loving Locals Symbol : Sim circled by two Golden Stars Unlocked : Learned to Fire Dance This memento requires you to head towards one of the beach lots. Not the one with the pirate ship, the one with the Shopping Strip in it. There will be a Fire Dancer on the lot. For a small fee, you can approach him and ask him to teach you how to fire dance. It takes some time but you will eventually be able to Fire Dance. You can perform the fire dance for some tips as well. @Memento@: Escape to an Island Paradise Symbol : Island with Palm Trees Unlocked : Went on an Island Vacation This one is basically have a good vacation on an Island Destination. Like a good vacation, you basically need to have good memories rather than the bad ones, and this is relatively easy to achieve. @Memento@: Fence and Navigate at the Beach Symbol : Pirate Hat Unlocked : Played on a Pirate Ship Head towards a beach lot with the Pirate Ship in it. You will need to play around on the pirate ship, pretending you are a Pirate and all. Just navigate using the stearing wheel and fence on the ship. All can be done by just clicking on the Pirate Ship and selecting the necessary action. @Memento@: Find an Island Secret Symbol : Voodoo Doll Unlocked : Get a Voodoo Doll This one really means to get a VooDoo Doll. Once you have discovered the location of the Witch Doctor in the Island, head to his lot. You will find him trying to fix all the broken appliances. Offer to help him and you will need to fix the Television, the Dishwasher, the Microwave and the Bathtub. Once you are done, he will grant you the VooDoo doll which you can use as a Social interaction. More on VooDoo later. @Memento@: Hang Loose with the Locals Symbol : Sim behind Island and Palm Tree Unlocked : Learned to Hang Loose When you go to the Vacation destination, you might, and sooner or later, will be greeted with locals who will Hang Loose with you. To learn the command properly and to achieve this memento, you need to practice the Hang Loose as an interaction with other Sims. Practice about 5 times and you will achieve this. @Memento@: Learned to Spread Relaxation with Heat Symbol : 3 Black Stones Unlocked : Learned Hot Stone Massage Head to a Massage Attendent on any lot on the Island that has this and you can pay a small fee to learn to learn the Hot Stone Message. This is one that you can use back home on other Sims. @Memento@: Pay Homage to an Ancient Civilisation Symbol : Wishing Waterfall Unlocked : Make an Offering at the Monkey Ruins This requires you to visit one of the ruins on the Island. This will require you to call the taxi to take you around to the ruins. Make an offering to the giant wishing well and you will achieve this memento. @Memento@: Shake that Grass Skirt on the Beach Symbol : Sim Hula Dancing Unlocked : Learned to Hula Dance You must wait on a Beach Lot until you see a local perform the Hula Dance. Wait until they do so and you ask to join them. Unlike the Fire Dancer, there is not set person doing this and you might have to wait for a while till someone actually does this. @Memento@: Try a Fruity Island Treat Symbol : Bowl of Pineapple Surprise Unlocked : Ate Pineapple Surprise Head to a food stand on the Island, the precise location does not really matter and for the price of 25 Simoleons, you can eat the Pineapple Surprise which will enable you to accomplish this memento. @Memento@: What Can You Find in the Sand Symbol : Seashell Unlocked : Found a Beach Treasure This basically means you need to go to a beach lot and click on the beach. Instead of digging for some treasure, you need to search for some treasure. Comb the beach and when you find something, you will accomplish this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.04] Mountain These following Mementos are only availble on a Mountain Vacation. The default location for the Mountain Vacation is the Three Lakes. @Memento@: Enjoy a Hearty Mountain Meal Symbol : Plate of Flapjacks Unlocked : Ate Flapjacks Head towards the food stand on any mountain lot and you need to order some flapjacks. At the cost of 25 Simoleons, you can eat the Flapjacks and achieve this memento. @Memento@: Explore the Wilderness Symbol : Mountain and a Pine Tree Unlocked : Went on a Mountain Vacation Basically the same as having a good vacation, except it has to be a mountain vacation. Like the others, have good memories and achieve your wants rather than your fears and you should have a good vacation. @Memento@: Hit That Target Symbol : Axe dead centre on a log Unlocked : Got a Bulls Eye at Axe Throwing Head towards a lot that has the Axe Throwing item on it. Although it might be a tad dangerous in real life, in the Sim World, all you need to do is to practice throwing the axe and throw on that hits the Bullseye. This is rather dangerous and don't try this at home. @Memento@: Learn to Dance Like the Mountain Men Symbol : Sim Crazily Dancing Unlocked : Learned to Slap Dance Again, like the Hula Dance on the Island, you will need to wait for the locals to perform this dance before you can join in with them. Once they perform the slap dance however, quickly rush to the scene and learn it from them. Once you have learnt it, you can pass it on to others. @Memento@: Learn to Work Out Tension the Mountain Way Symbol : Arm rising upwards Unlocked : Learned Deep Tissue Massage This is basically asking you to go to a massage attendent and paying them the price to learn the Deep Tissue Massage. However, it does sound rather painful though. Pay, watch and learn. @Memento@: Make a Furry Friend Symbol : Picture of Bigfoot Unlocked : Befriended Bigfoot This requires you to find out the secret lot for the destination and head towards it. Look for Bigfoot and make him into a friend. You might have a fear of him but do it anyway. You can ask him to join your family as well and if he accepts, you see that he has all Talent Badges on Gold, maxed out skills and will bring home random items from work to share with your Sims once you are at home. @Memento@: Pound Your Chest like a True Mountaineer Symbol : Sim behind Mountain and Pine Tree Unlocked : Learned to Chest Pound The local gesture of the Mountain Destination. Learn it from the locals and practice it on other Sim until you get the hang of it and perfect it. Once you have done that, you have achieve this memento. @Memento@: Sleep Under the Stars Symbol : Green Tent with ZZZZZZ Unlocked : Slept in a Tent For this one, you need to head to the Campgrounds in the Mountain lot and sleep there and live there as accommodation. It doesn't cost you a cent and you can live there. This is actually quite a simple one as can be done nearly straight away. @Memento@: Stay on the Log and Win Symbol : Log and a Gold Trophy Unlocked : Won at Log Rolling To do this, head to a lot with a Log Rolling Item on it. Get on the log roller yourself and click on another Sim and ask them to join you. Keep going at it until you win. The better your Body skill, the more chance that you will win. Win and you achieve this. @Memento@: Three Rings Tell an Interesting Tale Symbol : Picture of Three Rings Display Unlocked : Examined the 3 Rings Display This is quite simple to achieve. You need to head to a lot with the Three Rings display on it. It looks like a cut out of a tree stump. Once you have found it, unlike other decorations, you need to examine it and you will achieve this. Rather subtle isn't it? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.05] Checklist This is a printer friendly part of the guide and will allow you do start a checklist on the available mementos and if you have completed it or not. There are only 45 so it will be short and might be a waste of paper. --==General==-- [ ] General - Be Guided to All the Local Sights [ ] General - Become a Frequent Traveller [ ] General - Check Out Local Sights [ ] General - Discover a Vacation Secret [ ] General - Enjoy a Meal Delivered Right to Your Room [ ] General - Enjoy Your Trip [ ] General - Find a Lead to Hidden Secrets [ ] General - Find the Buried Treasure [ ] General - Follow a Guide to 5 New Sights [ ] General - Get an Album to Share with Your Friends [ ] General - Learn the Local Ways [ ] General - Third Time's the Charm [ ] General - Uncover all the Vacation Secrets --==Far East==-- [ ] Far East - Enjoy a Warm Cup of Tea [ ] Far East - Immerse Yourself in Tradition and Culture [ ] Far East - Join in an Ancient Exercise [ ] Far East - Landscape the Zen Way [ ] Far East - Learn a Far Eastern Tale [ ] Far East - Learn the Ancient Massage of the Far East [ ] Far East - Make a Wish [ ] Far East - Take a Bow [ ] Far East - Travel Like a Ninja [ ] Far East - Try a Fishy Eastern Delicacy [ ] Far East - Use those Tiles and Win --==Island==-- [ ] Island - A Singing Pirate [ ] Island - Dance with the Fire Loving Locals [ ] Island - Escape to an Island Paradise [ ] Island - Fence and Navigate at the Beach [ ] Island - Find an Island Secret [ ] Island - Hang Loose with the Locals [ ] Island - Learned to Spread Relaxation with Heat [ ] Island - Pay Homage to an Ancient Civilisation [ ] Island - Shake that Grass Skirt on the Beach [ ] Island - Try a Fruity Island Treat [ ] Island - What Can You Find in the Sand --==Mountain==-- [ ] Mountain - Enjoy a Hearty Mountain Meal [ ] Mountain - Explore the Wilderness [ ] Mountain - Hit That Target [ ] Mountain - Learned to Dance Like the Mountain Men [ ] Mountain - Learn to Work Out Tension the Mountain Way [ ] Mountain - Make a Furry Friend [ ] Mountain - Pound your Chest Like a True Mountaineer [ ] Mountain - Sleep under the Stars [ ] Mountain - Stay on the Log and Win [ ] Mountain - Three Rings Tell an Interesting Tale ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.01] Far East When you are having a nice time and all, you will want to be shown around to the local sights and attractions that the destination has to offer. Bon Voyage is not different. At the front of the lot, every lot on vacation, except for the secret lots. Anyway, when you click on the tour guide and let him take you on a tour, there are 3 to choose from. Always, one will be §100 per person, another will be §200 per person and the third will always be §300 per person. More often than not, the tour will result in a chance card, and if not, will result in discovery to a secret lot. Anyway, enough preamble. lets move into the tours. The Chance Cards will be displayed in section 7.04 --==Historical Walking Tour==-- "Take a guided walk through some of the ancient, historic, and the most popular destinations in the region. It will cost §100 per person." --==River Boat Tour==-- "Glide down the river and experience nature firsthand on this river boat tour. It will cost §200 per person." --==Bamboo Forest Tour==-- "Take a helicopter to the edge of a natural, untouched bamboo forest and walk amongst the bamboo on this tour. It will cost §300 per person." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.02] Island The island tours are activated the same way as the Far East yours are done. You have to talk to the tour guide, who will ask you which tour you want to go on and comfirm it. It will summon a shuttle to pick you up and will take you one hour to complete the tour. Like the Far East, there are three tours to choose from. --==Glass Bottom Boat Tour==-- "See beautiful and colourful tropical fish up-close in the comfort of a glass- bottomed boat on this tour. It will cost §100 per person." --==Helicopter Tour==-- "See the tropics from above, as you take in glorious vista after vista on this breathtaking helicopter tour. It will cost §200 per person." --==Parasailing==-- "Feed your appetite for adventure with this exhilarating parasailing your. It will cost §300 per person." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.03] Mountain Again, like the island and far east tours, mountain tours are taking in the Mountain destination by talking to the tour guide and selecting the tour you will to go on. A shuttle will come, pick you up, take you on your tour and come back in an hour. Note, helicopter tours will summon a chopper to pick you up. --==Logging Tour==-- "Experience the rugged and exciting mountain lifestyle with this logging tour. It will cost §100 per person." --==Bird Watching Tour==-- "Get a glimpse into the lives of the local birds with this bird watching your. It will cost §200 per person." --==Nature Trail Tour==-- "Enclose yourself in native flora and give your legs a workout on this nature trail. It will cost §300 per person." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.04] Chance Cards Believe it or not, there are chance cards on your tours. There is one set of chance cards for every tour. For those who need a refresher, a chance card is a random event with three options. One will be good, one will be bad and the last one is to ignore. Pick an option and see what you get. The outcome will mainly depend on your luck and as such, there is a 50/50 chance of it being good or bad. Anyway, let the guessing begin. NB: The outcome of the chance cards will effect everyone on the tour, not one specific person. I won't calculate the odds, but there is more or less a 50/50 chance. ************************* *Logging Tour [Mountain]* ************************* #1 "As the expedition begins clearing the logging trees, a family of beavers emerges from the river, angry about all the chopping. Should the group offer the beavers food to appease them or try to scare them away with loud noises? "Offer Food" The beavers quickly forget about the trees when they see the food, munching happily as they watch the expedition makes its way down the river. Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Offer Food" The beavers are unimpressed with the food. They quickly chew through the straps holding all the logs in place, creating havoc in the camp as logs go rolling every which way. Everybody loses a logic skill point! "Scare them Away" Everybody waves their hands in the air, screaming at the top of their lungs. The beavers turn tail and run away. Everybody gains a charisma skill point! "Scare them Away" Everybody waves their hands in the air, screaming at the top of their lungs. This only serves to make the beavers more angry, and they take revenge by stealing all the food, leaving a very hungry expedition. #2 "The expedition takes the logs down stream until they arrive at some rapids in the river. Should they take the fact but dangerous option of continuing by water or take the slower route that goes over land? "Go by Water" The group manages to brave the swirling rapids and arrives at the destination ahead of schedule. Everybody gains a body skill point! "Go by Water" Everything is going smoothly until one of the logs gets caught in the riverbank, causing everybody to lose control of their logs and fall into the water. They make it to the end, but everybody is in a foul mood. (Returns with a lower Comfort and Fun bar) "Go by Land" Though slower, the land route gets the expedition to their destination on time and without incident, while providing a beautiful scenic hike. Everybody gains a body skill point! "Go by Land" The expedition ends safely but afterwards everybody starts feeling very itchy. Oh no! It's poison ivy! (All sims will have an automatic action to scratch themselves) #3 "The expedition is in the middle of chopping down a large tree when the vibrations from the axe causes a huge boulder to dislodge from the hillside and come tumbling down toward the group. Should they try to run out of the path of the boulder or hide behind a huge tree? "Run Away" The group dives out of the way and manages to avoid the boulder, but the ground is wet and everybody becomes covered in mud making the rest of the expedition very uncomfortable. (Come back with a lower comfort bar) "Run Away" The group scatters and everybody manages to get out of the path of the boulder as it rolls safely into the river. Everybody gains a body skill point! "Hide Behind Tree" Everybody gathers behind the tree. The boulder hits the tree and stops, but in doing so knocks down a beehive. The bees have no sympathy. (Bees follow you out of the van when you return) "Hide Behind Tree" Everybody gathers behind the tree. The boulder slams into the tree and stops, leaving them unharmed. Everybody gains a logic skill point! ******************************* *Bird Watching Tour [Mountain]* ******************************* #1 "The bird watchers find the nest of an extremely rare seven-toed robin, but the mother is no where to be found. It looks like one of the eggs has fallen out of the nest and lies intact on the ground beneath. Should they put the egg back into the nest or leave it where it is?" "Put it Back" They carefully place the egg back into the nest. Moments later, the mother returns to the nest, surprised and overjoyed to find the egg. Everybody gains a charisma skill point! "Put it Back" They carefully place the egg back into the nest. Moments later when the mother returns, she angrily pushes the egg out of the nest. The group watches it fall to the ground with a thud. Upon closer inspection they find that it's really an egg-shaped rock. Everybody loses a charisma skill point! "Leave it There" They leave the egg where it is and walk away enlightened with the knowledge that they have not interfered with the delicate balance of nature. Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Leave it There" They decide not to interfere with the delicate balance of nature. Later, feeling guilt and regret, they decide to go back. However, it's too late, the egg is gone. Everybody loses a logic skill point! #2 "The group spots what appears to be a new species of hookbill high up in the treetops, but they'll need to get a closer look to make sure. Should they climb up to get a closer view or try to lure it down with some food?" "Climb Up" After climbing quietly up the tree, they are pleased to find that it is indeed a previously undocumented species. The Feathered Wildlife Association award them 500 Simoleons for their excellent discovery! "Climb Up" After a difficult climb, they are disappointed to find that the "bird" is in fact a large squirrel wearing a tiny red cape. Though impressive, it's not quite the discovery of the century. Everybody loses a logic skill point! "Lure with Food" The bird flies down and begins using its bill to hook the food into its mouth. The guide verifies that it's a new species, and the group also gets to witness the unique eating habits of the hookbill. Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Lure with Food" As soon as the food is laid out, a bear comes crashing through the trees attracted by the scent, causing them to run away in panic. The bird flies away, startled by the commotion. Everybody loses a logic skill point. #3 "After an hour of tracking a rare Pinkfeather through the woods, somebody spots a flash of pink through the leaves. At the same time they hear the loud call of a Pinkfeather coming from the opposite direction. Which direction should they pursue?" "Follow the Colour" They decide to trust their eyes. Stumbling upon a clearing, they come upon the beautiful sight of a mother Pinkfeather and her nest of babies. Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Follow the Colour" They decide to trust their eyes. However, they soon discover that the source of the pink colour is in fact a pink kite stuck in a tree. What's more, they've stumbled right on top of an angry hive of bees!" (Bees follow you out of the van when you return) "Follow the Sound" They decide to trust their ears. After a short hike they are rewarded with a rare display of the Pinkfeather mating dance in all its glory. Everybody gains a logic skill point!" "Follow the Sound" They decide to trust their ears. Sadly, they eventually find that the sound was actually being created by a squirrel with a soar throat. Everybody leaves the hike in a poor mood. (Fun bar drops to Zero) ****************************** *Nature Trail Tour [Mountain]* ****************************** #1 "As the group settles down to have a quiet lunch in a peaceful forest clearing, a crazed bear runs out from behind a bush. Should they try to run or stand their ground?" "Run" Everybody runs. The bear gives chase but eventually gets tired and decides to have a nap. Everybody gains a body point! "Run" Everybody runs. The group manages to lose the bear, but they run straight into a beehive. The bees are not happy. (Bees follow you out of the van when you return) "Stand Ground" Everybody stands their ground and does their best to look fierce. The bear roars. The group roars back. The bear runs away and everybody gains a logic skill point. "Stand Ground" Everybody stands their ground and does their best to look fierce. The bear is unimpressed and leaves without harming anybody, but not before eating all the food. (Hunger drops to Zero) #2 "At the impressive Biyefo Cave, the hikers get their cameras out to take some pictures when a very angry bigfoot comes running out. Should they run away or stay and try to take some pictures of the bigfoot?" "Take Picture" It turns out that this bigfoot loves to be photographed. He poses for the hikers to get pictures of his good side then goes on his merry way. The tour associations pays them 300 Simoleons for their pictures. "Take Picture" Spooked by the camera flashes, the bigfoot runs away quickly. The photographs are only able to capture blurry streaks, so nobody will ever believe them. Everybody loses a charisma skill point. "Run Away" Everybody runs. The bigfoot chases them but gets distracted by a pretty butterfly in his path, allowing them to escape safely. Everybody gains a body skill point! "Run Away" Though they manage to lose the bigfoot, admist the chaotic chase they run straight through a patch of poison ivy and everybody becomes quite itchy. (All Sims will have an automated action to Scratch themselves) #3 "While the guide is gone foraging for berries, the intrepid adventurers notice a mysterious black suitcase under a bush off to the side of the trail. Clearly the only option is to open it somehow, but should they try to bash the lock with a rock or drop the suitcase from a tall tree?" "Bash the Lock" The rock works like a charm and inside the suitcase they find Simoleons, They decide the bears don't need it and continue on their hike, 500 Simoleons richer. "Bash the Lock" When they hit the lock with the rock, they hear a loud ticking sound. They immediately throw the suitcase into a nearby stream and as it explodes it creates a great splash. Everybody loses a logic skill point. "Drop from Tree" The impact with the ground causes the suitcase to snap open and Simoleons come exploding out. Once gathered they find that it amounts to 500 Simoleons. Naturally, they keep it. "Drop from Tree" The impact with the ground causes the suitcase to snap open. The group is surprised to find that living inside was a colony of bees! The bees demand retribution for the damage done to their home. ********************************* *Glass Bottom Boat Tour [Island]* ********************************* #1 "The boat is cruising slowly over a beautiful coral reef when part of the reef scrapes the glass and creates several small holes. Water begins to trickle in. Should they try to plug up the holes with gum or use their hands?" "Gum" The passengers quickly stuff their gum into the holes. Fortunately, the gum holds out the water until they've made it safely back to shore. Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Gum" The passengers quickly stuff their gum into the holes. Unfortunately, a school of minnows happens to be passing by and sees the gum. The fish quickly devour the gum and the passengers ride back to shore knee-deep in water, putting them in quite a poor mood. (Comfort and Fun drop to Zero) "Hands" Each passenger finds a hole in the glass to cover. While they have to ride the rest of the way with their hands covering holes in the glass, they remain dry and pleased with themselves. Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Hands" Each passenger finds a hole in the glass to cover. Unfortunately, the captain is so busy covering holes that he forgets to steer the boat and they crash into another reef. Everybody is pretty upset from having to swim to shore. (Comes back with lower Fun and Comfort Bars) #2 "During the tour, the boat crosses paths with The No Bozos Dive Club. Their dive boat had run out of fuel and they need a ride into the dock. Should they cancel their glass bottom adventure and head back right away or let the other group join them?" "Head Back" The glass bottom boat ties up to the dive boat and heads back to the dock. Though the tour has been cancelled, on the way back the passengers still manage to see a giant sting ray and a moray eel! Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Head Back" As the boats starts to ride back to the dock, the wind picks up and pushes the now stuck together boats farther out to sea. With the extra weight the tour boat can't make it back to the dock. Hours later they're rescued but everyone goes home exhausted and sea-sick! (As your return, your Sims will spew water on the floor) "Join Up" With the No Bozos club on board the educational tour becomes a comedy event! The club members pull out their clown noses and start telling the passengers exciting stories of their exotic dive adventures as they cruise along the reef. With new knowledge and new friends, everybody gains a logic skill point! "Join Up" Adding all the extra weight to the boat causes it to dip too low into the water and the passengers spend the entire ride emptying buckets of water from the slowly sinking vessel. Everyone leaves the tour exhausted and sore. (Comfort and Fun drop to Zero) #3 "As the passengers admire the exotic fan corals, drumfish and sea horses they notice a strange shape in the water. On closer examination they see it's an underwater camera! It doesn't appear to be damaged but no one seems to be around to claim it. Should the tourists pick it up and take it to the lost and found or leave it alone?" "Pick It Up" The passengers carefully remove the underwater camera from its perch and take it back to the dock. The camera belongs to the resident videographer who managed to lose it days before! He is so thankful to get it back in one piece that he rewards the tourists with 350 Simoleons! "Pick It Up" A short while after pulling the camera from the water the passengers start to notice tiny red dots on their arms. The captain informs them that they must have fallen prey to insidious sea lice and they head home itching all over! (Upon return, Sims have an automated action to Scratch themselves) "Leave It" When the tour boat returns to the dock the passengers overhear a conservation about the ongoing reef study currently being filmed with that very camera! They spend some time with the videographer learning about his research and everybody gains a logic skill point! "Leave It" As the boat passes by its wake disturbs the camera and it falls off the reef. When the boat returns to the dock the passengers learn they have inadvertenly interrupted a study of the reef coral and have ruined days of work! They be berated by the resident photographer and leave feeling miserable. (Come back with a lower social bar) ************************** *Helicopter Tour [Island]* ************************** #1 "The helicopter is flying over a live volcano when the pilot yells something to the passengers, points to a panel with two buttons and turns back around. The roar of the rotors is so loud they can't hear what he said, and he doesn't respond when they ask. Which button should they press?" "Red Button" Holding their breaths, they press the red button. They're relieved to find that it turns on the air conditioner. They enjoy a hot view in cool comfort. Everybody gains a mechanical skill point! "Red Button" Holding their breaths, they press the red button. It opens the storage compartments and all the bags come tumbling out. The shift in weight causes the helicopter to swerve suddenly. The pilot regains control but everybody becomes motion sick! (Sims return to spew on the ground) "Green Button" Holding their breaths, they press the green button. They're relieved to find that it turns on the air conditioner. They enjoy a hot view in cool comfort. Everybody gains a mechanical skill point! "Green Button" Holding their breaths, they press the green button. It opens the storage compartments and all the bags come tumbling out. The shift in weight causes the helicopter to swerve suddenly. The pilot regains control but everybody becomes motion sick! (Sims return to spew on the ground) #2 "Flying back to base, they realise that the pilot forgot to fill the gas tank fully, and they won't have enough fuel to make it back unless they get rid of a little weight from the helicopter. In the cargo bay they find 100 pounds of feathers and 100 pounds of rocks. Which should they dump?" "Feathers" They fling the feathers out of the window and watch them float gently toward the ground. They have just enough fuel to complete the smooth return trip. Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Feathers" They dump the feathers out of the window. Unfortunately, some of the feathers get blown into the helicopter's tail rotor and causes it to jam. The pilot is forced to land early, and the helicopter tour turns into a very long hike. Everybody loses a logic skill point! "Rocks" The rocks fall majestically into the deep lake below with a glorious splash. The travellers mourn the loss, but the small sacrifice allows enough fuel to make it back to base safely. Everybody gains a logic skill point! "Rocks" The rocks fall from the helicopter window and land on top of a small mountain below. The gentle roll down the mountainside soon becomes a devastating landslide. Everybody loses a logic skill point! #3 "The helicopter zooms low over the treetops when the travellers discover that a bee has found its way inside. Should they open the window to shoo it out or spray it with some bug spray? "Open the Window" As the window opens the bee flies out quickly, grateful for its freedom. Everybody heaves a sigh of relief and gains a logic skill point! "Open the Window" As soon as the window opens, the bee calls for reinforcements. A whole swarm of bees come flying in, angry at the travellers for trying to trap one of them inside! (After Sim leaves van on return, bees swarm Sims) "Bug Spray" They manage to catch the bee with bug spray, which immediately tranquilizes the bee and puts it to sleep, later to wake up with quite a headache. Everybody gains a cleaning skill point! "Bug Spray" The bee manages to escape, but not before the traveller fill the whole cabin with bug spray fumes, making the tour quite unpleasant. Everybody loses a logic skill point! *************************** *Parasailing Tour [Island]* *************************** #1 "The pilot is busy cleaning his sunglasses and doesn't notice that he's leading the parasailors right into a flock of seagulls. Should they try to swerve to the side or go under the seagulls? "Go to the Side" They swerve to the side, narrowly missing the seagulls. The seagulls heave sighs of relief. Everybody gains a body skill point. "Go to the Side" They swerve to the side, missing the seagulls but the fancy maneuvers causes them to lose 50 Simoleons from their pockets. "Go Under" The birds are saved! Giving slack to the line causes the parasailors to pass right underneath the seagulls. Everybody gains a body skill point. "Go Under" The parasailors give some slack to the line and passes underneath the seagulls. The seagulls are so shocked they drop the fish they were carrying right onto the parasailors. Everybody returns with poor hygiene. (Hygiene drops to Zero, better than getting pooed on I guess) #2 "While putting on the harnesses, the group is being distracted by some adorable children that are building a sandcastle on the beach. So as the boat picks up speed, the harnesses are slowly slipping off their shoulders. Should the group "Try to Close the Harness" Closing the buckle of the harness is difficult, but they all pull it off with some incredible maneuvers that involve twists and flips in midair. The effort gets captured by a photographer who sells the picture to a newspaper. The group gets 400 Simoleons. "Try to Close the Harness" Frantically, they try to get the harnesses buckled up in mid-air and unfortunately fail. The fall into the ocean is hard and painful and dampens the mood of every one on the tour." (Comfort and Fun drops to Zero) "Jump into the Water" The parasailors slide out of the harness and try to manage a controlled landing in the ocean. They miraculously fall safely, and without injury, into the water below and the story gets featured on the evening news. They get paid 500 Simoleons in royalties. "Jump into the Water" Bad idea! Jumping out of a parachute that is being pulled by a boat going full speed is expectedly unpleasant. The Sims bellyflop and crash into the water uncomfortably. Everyone on the tour is, naturally, in a bad mood after this. (Comfort and Fun drops to Zero) #3 "As soon as the boat picks up full speed, the rope that connects the boat and the parachute starts tearing and a few seconds later, the parachute is sailing freely. Should the group try to steer the chute or let the wind determine the destination? "Steer the Parachute" The parachute isn't really meant to be steered and every attempt to guide it, maneuvers it away from the beach and into the mainland. Landing in the jungle, the group has to fight its way back into civilisation. The hard work in the heat gets everyone a point of body skill! "Steer the Parachute" The parachute isn't meant to be steered and is pretty much uncontrollable. The group end up crashing into a store front, taking out the window, and destroying the entire layout in the process. The repairs cost 500 Simoleons and that brings down the mood for the whole group. "Let the Wind take Control" The parasailors put their fate in the hands of mother nature and at first, it looks like this was a bad choice. The wind guides the group further out on the open sea. But as the parachute descends, they see a capsized boat and a fisherman is distress, worn out from fighting the waves. Wearing life vests, they can easily pull the fisherman onto the capsized boat and hold him there until the coast guard arrives. The fisherman expresses his gratitude by giving the group 500 Simoleons. "Let the Wind take Control" The wind blows the parachute away from the shore and out onto the ocean. As the parachute finally touches water, they are miles away from the beach and a swarm of jellyfish is all around. When they get rescued, everyone is exhausted from avoiding the gnarly stings! (Comfort, Fun and Energy drop to Zero) ********************************** *Historic Walking Tour [Far East]* ********************************** #1 "Somehow, in the throng of the market, the group gets seperated from the tour guide. Looking around, everyone quickly realises the tour guide can't be seen anywhere. The group can wait by the bus, and hope the guide returns there. Alternatively, they can try and find the guide in the busy and crowded market." "Wait By the Bus" The bus driver is waiting back at the bus and quickly calls the tour guide. The entire group gets to spend a little more time together at the vendors near the bus instead of spread out in the market and everyone gains a charisma point! "Wait By the Bus" It is a few hours before the guide returns to the bus, and the group is hungry, tired, and really need to go to the bathroom. (Hunger, Bladder and Energy drop to Zero) "Search the Market" Being on their own, the group is able to explore the market and find some delicious delicacies. After talking to the food store owners, several of them offer to teach the tourists a few local cooking techniques. Everybody gains a cooking skill point! "Search the Market" The busy market is very crowded. As the group emerges at the other end of the market, finding the tour guide, many of them realise that they've lost their wallets in the process! (Wallets have 300 Simoleons on them) #2 "The tour group has been left in an ancient temple and given time to reflect upon the huge stone dieties built there. There are two main gods represented in the temple - wealth and nature - and the group only has time to visit one of them. Which should they visit?" "Wealth" As the group enters the quiet grove a small rock is disturbed and as it falls down, a roll of Simoleons is found! (Roll of Simoleons = 500 Simoleons) "Wealth" As the tourists wander around the grove admiring the various architectural elements, they trip over a large tree root and fall down. They all feel an itching sensation all over their bodies and realises that the wealth god's grove is teaming with poison ivy! (Upon return, all Sims have an automated action to scratch) "Nature" Never before has anyone felt this peaceful. Standing before the nature god statue in such a quiet place calms the hears and renews the energy and spirits of the group. (Energy is at full capacity) "Nature" As the group looks up at the massive nature god statue, a large group of bees emerge from behind it and fly directly at their heads! (Upon return, Bees will follow the Sims out of the van) #3 "During the hike, the group notices a small handle on the ground. It seems to be quite old and rusty, and many leaves have grown around it, Everyone is, naturally, intrigued by the possibility of finding an ancient hiding place. What should they do? "Ask the Tour Guide About It" With the help of several other tourgoers and the approval of the tourguide, the group pulls on the handle to reveal a previously undiscovered underground tomb. Credited with the discovery of the tomb, everyone is rewarded with some Government funds. (Some = 500 Simoleons) "Ask the Tour Guide About It" The tour guide reacts violently, shouting at everyone not to touch the handle and pushing people off the path and directly into a patch of poison ivy! (Upon return, all Sims have an automated action to scratch) "Pull the Handle" The handle turns out to be attached to a rather heavy and large door, which takes the entire group several minutes of pulling to open. Although there is nothing of interest inside, the extended physical effort was not in vain. Everybody gains a body point! "Pull the Handle" The handle is old and breaks, sending the tour group flying backwards into a nearby ravine. It takes them a few minutes to get out, by which point they are covered in dirt and thorns. Ugh! (Comfort and Hygiene drop to Zero) **************************** *River Boat Tour [Far East]* **************************** #1 "The river is beautiful and narrow, and the boat glides down it quietly. As the boat approaches a turn, they can see that one of the trees on the riverbank overhangs the river quite a bit and will most likely hit a few of them on the head. They've been told not to touch the native flora, but also not to move around in the boat. What should the group do? "Move the Tree Branch" After moving the branch, a bird flutters from within the rustling leaves and takes to the sky. The tour guide points out that very rare native bird and the group manages to grab their cameras and snap a few quick shots, which they sell later for a tidy sum! [Tidy Sum = §500] "Move the Tree Branch" While moving the tree branch, a small snake falls out of the tree and lands in the boat. Everyone panics, which agitates the snake further. It bites the tour guide, cutting the tour short. Additionally, everyone has to help pay for the hospital bill. (Hospital Bill = 300 Simoleons) "Move to the Other Side of Boat" As weight shifts in the boat, it suddenly spins, causing the motor to hit the shallow land underneath and stalling the boat. The tour is delayed but as the tour guide works on the motor he has everyone pitch in to help and by the end, everyone has learned a little bit about boat repair. Everyone gains a Mechanical skill point. "Move to the Other Side of Boat" The sudden movement of multiple people unbalances the boat, which capsizes, landing everyone in cold water. It takes a few moments to turn the boat upright and get everyone back in. The rest of the tour is spent shivering on the boat. (Comfort and Fun Drop to Zero) #2 "The tour is going well, with people looking in awe at the lush surroundings and rolling hills when someone who had been trailing his hands in the water suddenly cries out. His watch has fallen in! What should the rest of the group do about it?" "Use a Net" The tour guide brings out a small net and the group hands it around, trying to fish the watch out of the water. They finally succeed to fish out the watch but a rare pearl as well! The tour guide keeps the pearl but pays everyone for the find! (Payment = 500 Simoleons) "Use a Net" When one of the tour group members sticks their net in the water in an attempt to find the watch, he comes up with an angry snapping turtle instead! The turtle is mad and injures a few people before it is tossed overboard. The rest of the tour is spent in sulking silence by everyone. (Comfort, Fun and Energy Drop to Zero) "Let it Go" Although the watch is lost, everyone sympathises with the man who lost it and they're soon all good friends. The man invites everyone out for a meal after the tour and it is well accepted. Everyone gains a Charisma skill point. "Let it Go" The tour guide says to let it go and the man begins to argue, causing everyone to join in. They're so busy arguing that nobody sees the beehive directly in front of the boat until it is too late. It breaks, drops into the boat, and soon everyone is enveloped in bees. (Upon return, Bees will follow the Sims out of the Van) #3 "The river is flowing a bit quickly that day and though they're lucky on the first few bends, the boat eventually manages to run aground near the middle of their trip. The group can either go on land and help push the boat off or stay in the boat and attempt to use their paddles to free themselves. What should they do? "Go on Land and Push" The boat is heavy, but the group works well together and the boat is soon free and back in the water. It serves as a great wake-me-up and everyone is in great spirits at the end of the hour. (Increase in Energy and Fun) "Go on Land and Push" The group makes short work of the boat on shore, quickly, pushing back into the water, and is on its way again. A few minutes later, everyone is itchy. It seems the boat ran aground right near a patch of poison ivy! (Upon return, Sims have an automated action to Scratch) "Stay in Boat and Paddle" It takes quite a while to both push off of the nearby land and fight the currents to get back on track. However, everyone puts in a great amount of effort and spirit, and the workout results in everyone gaining a body skill point! "Stay in Boat and Paddle" The group decides to stay in the boat and paddle. In the middle of their furious paddling, they get hit with a particularly large wave. The boat rocks back and forth and the group soon feels quite sick, a feeling which lingers with them even after the tour is over. (Upon return, Sims will vomit on the ground) ******************************* *Bamboo Forest Tour [Far East]* ******************************* #1 "Traveling through the bamboo, the group catches a glimpse of a panda and its cub. Everyone is instantly smitten and wants to get closer. The tour guide warns that they shouldn't get too close, but doesn't want to ruin this rare opportunity. How close should the group go? "Pet the Panda" The pandas turn out to be incredibly friendly, and the mother even lets the tour group members pick up the baby and hug it. Every is incredibly touched by how close they've been allowed to come and leave with a sense of wonder and awe. [Increase in Mood] "Pet the Panda" As the group nears the pandas, the mother lowers her head and stares at them. As they get close enough to touch them, the mother growls and swipes at them before grabbing the cub and climbing the tree. When they report the minor injury, they end up each being fined for approaching the pandas. (Fine is 300 Simoleons) "Toss Food at it" The group tosses a few sticks of bamboo near the pandas, who approach them with curiousity. Finding them to be food, they get closer and closer to the tour group, who manages to snap some great up-close pictures of the pandas that they later sell to the local tourist bureau. (Photos are worth 500 Simoleons) "Toss Food at it" The pandas are scared by the tossed bamboo and quickly run away. The rest of the tour is uneventful and everyone leaves feeling grumpy. (Fun and Comfort drop to Zero) #2 "While walking through the bamboo forest, a note suddenly floats to the ground. The tour guide reads it and turns white. He informs the group that they've wondered onto land claimed bu the Yellow Rose Clan. They can choose to fight or hide, as running will be futile. What should they do? "Fight" As the group forms themselves into a tight circle, scared by resolute, the leader of the Yellow Rose clan leaps into view. He is impressed with the spirit of these tourists and decides to let them go. First, however, he teaches them each a few of the moves of the Yellow Rose clan. Everybody gains a body skill point! "Fight" It turns out to be a poor choice, as the Yellow Rose Clan chases the group through the forest, warning them not to trespass on their land again. Not only is the group exhausted and achy, but the clan has also taken their wallets and purses, reminding them that material possessions are to be left behind if one wishes to advance. (There is 500 Simoleons in the Wallet) "Hide" The group quickly seperates and scurries into nooks and crevices afforded by the rocks and flora of the bamboo forest. The Yellow Rose Clan wanders among the trees, but finding little trace of the group, leaves without comment. Everyone in the group is in great spirits afterwards, as they had managed to escape detection and lived to tell the tale. (Increase in Fun and Social) "Hide" The Yellow Rose Clan members laugh at the poor hiding spot choices of the tour group and manage to round up everyone in a short amount of time. Once together, the leader of the Clan approaches them and issues a warning. The Yellow Rose Clan members then reach into their pockets and pulls out bees, which they unleash on the tour group. (Upon return, bees will follow your Sims out of the Van) #3 "As they approach the entrance to the bamboo forest, the tour ends before it begins. The tour guide informs them that due to Government regulations, the forest has been closed to all tourists for the day. They can attempt to make a plea for their group or simply attempt to sneak into the forest. "Make Plea" The Government offical is moved by their plea and decides to let them in for a short while, which is more than enough time for them to take in the natural beauty and wonder of the bamboo forest. Upon leaving, the offical feels bad for having to charge them full price for a shortened time inside, so he decidess to refund everyone a portion of the entrance fee! (A portion is half the fee, which is 150 Simoleons) "Make Plea" The government offical is unmoved by their plea. The group is unhappy about the turn of events, and on the way back, one tour member kicks a tree in frustation. Unfortunately, the tree contained a beehive that was barely hanging on, which lands and breaks in the middle of the group. (Upon return, Bees will follow your Sims out of the Van) "Sneak Through" The group realises that the officals are stationed at certain points outside and manage to pinpoint the weakest, most unguarded section of the forest to sneak into. The attempt is successful and everyone gains a logic point! "Sneak Through" Several officals see them jumping the turnstile and immediately converge on them. When one of the tour group tries to bribe an offical, he is furious and arrests all of them on a petty charge. The day is spent making calls to friends and the embassy. Everyone eventually manages to pay their bail and get their charges dismissed, but not before the mood is very sour. (Comfort, Fun and Energy drop to Zero) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.01] The Honeymoon You are allowed to have a honeymoon for your Sims in the lovely vacation areas under a few conditions. First of all, you need to have two sims, a male and a female, and they must be engaged. This is basically the stage where you are set to be married, but not yet married. Anyway, at this stage, you are able to go to the phone and book for the Honeymoon. Regardless of how many days you are staying, the cost of the vacation tickets will cost you §800, the normal price doubled since there are two people. This will lead you to the screen where you can choose the vacation destination you want to go to as well as where you want to stay. You need to note that some hotels will be unselectable because they cannot accommodate two people in a room, for that, you will probably need to stay in a more posh hotel, which will cost more §§§ in the end. But then again, a honeymoon in a backwater motel isn't the best of ideas. Once it is booked, the shuttle would arrive soon to whisk you away to your new area. Once you are there, you are able to tie the knot in the vacation area. If you really want a secluded wedding, how about a private wedding on a beach where there are no cameras to take some photos of you and your newfound love. This is a bigger aspiration want to get, and will net you some serious points. Therefore, it would be good idea to do this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [9.01] The 411, What They Do Vacation homes are basically a home away from home. So, when you decide to go on a vacation, you can live in the vacation home instead of actually going to a hotel or campground and living there. Of course, they will have a cost associated with the Vacation home, since you do need to pay for the home. The initial price will depend firstly on the size of the house, the items inside and what they do. Via the logic of common sense, the larger the lot and the more items inside, the more expensive the house is going to cost. This can be done under the Real Estate option from the phone and you can purchase the vacation home that you want from the vacation destination you want. This will cost you money, but bear in mind that it is much cheaper than what you would pay for a home in the normal neighbourhood. Once you have purchased the home, you are available to choose it as a place to stay next time you decide to visit that location as a destination for your travels. Once there, the vacation home will be like a proper base, where you can modify it to your hearts content. There are no such things such as room service here though. Please note that you can only stay as long as your vacation is booked for, you cannot stay forever, although you technically could if you return after 7 days and return to your vacation home after your arrival back at your normal home. For all I know, you could have a telephone at home, for booking the vacation home and heading off on holidays all the time. That would sound fun. Its like living in Miami all the time... For more on Vacation Homes, read the section on Building your own vacation area. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.01] The Benefits There are benefits of having a good vacation. What is having a good vacation? Well, it means that you complete more wants than your fears and some mementos if you haven't collected them already. That basically means, you gain more Aspiration points than you lose, the more, the better. When you return home from a good vacation, you will have a little screen giving them benefit points to share among the returnees. There are 6 different areas you can spend the points on and each effect will last about 48 hours, and therefore, not permanent. There are 6 areas to spend it on. Carefree, Refreshed, Productive, Forgiving, Industrious and Je ne sais quoi (The mysterious quality that makes someone more attractive and interesting.) --==Carefree==-- "With this reward, your Sim will enjoy the benefit of an additional want slot! With this reward you will be carefree in no time." --==Refreshed==-- "Everything is always easier when you get back from a great Vacation! With this reward, your Sim will have a bonus gain in skill building and badge building activities. Also, this Sim will be able to complete homework faster." --==Productive==-- "With this reward, your Sim will want to spend less time slacking off after having such a good vacation. Their comfort, social and fun needs will take much longer to decay!" --==Forgiving==-- "With this benefit, your Sim will be much harder to annoy. Any Sims that you were furious with will be forgiven and negative relationships will take longer to build." --==Industrious==-- "With this benefit, your Sim will be a star at the work place! High job performance and, therefore, promotions will be much easier to achieve." --==Je Ne Sais Quoi==-- "Give your Sim that something extra special that other Sims will notice! Romantic pursuits should be easier with this benefit." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.01] Vacation Food When you are on vacation, you will come across some food stands. These stands will sell three types of food, depending on the vacation destination you are at. Out of the three that you are able to select from, one of them will give you a vacation achievement. And just as a note, all the vacation food that you can have will fill you up pretty well and all will cost §25. I will also give a brief description as well, just so you know what it exactly is. Please note that these stands function only in the Vacation areas. While on that subject, you can also talk to the chef about the sites, but they only tell you vague information and telling you to talk to the tour guide. Chirashi Location: Far East Chirashi is a Japanese fish dish, obviously. Unlike Sashimi, the fish here is cooked, rather than uncooked. Eaten in soup and noodles. Ramen Location: Far East Ramen is a type of Japanese noodle. Ramen is generally eaten quickly and is one of the many different types of noodles. Steamed Rice Bowl Location: Far East Rice is the staple food of many asian countries, so it is no surprise that it would here. Eaten with meat and vegetables. Char-Broiled Catfish Location: Mountain Broiled (cook under direct heat) with Charcoal, the Catfish is essentially grilled with the aroma of charcoal. Chicken Pot Pie Location: Mountain Basically, a pie with chicken meat inside. However, chicken pies are different from normal meat pies in the sense that it contains less gravy and vegetables. Flapjacks Location: Mountain Basically, flapjacks are just the same as pancake, a flat cake that is made by pouring butter on a frying pan, cooking it on both sides. Pineapple Surprise Location: Island This is basically a tropical fruit salad, with the main ingredient comprising of, you guessed it, pineapple. Teriyaki Mahi-Mahi Location: Island Another Japanese dish that consists broiled shellfish, and in this case, the mahi-mahi, a tropical sea fish. Luau Ribs Location: Island Luau Ribs is basically pork ribs, that is prepared Hawaiian style. Nice and sweet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.01] Far East Souvenirs There are two souvenirs from the Far East, just like any other location so really, I shouldn't bother mentioning it. Anyway, they cost §75 each and they each represent something of the exotic East culture. Padoga by Oh the Memories "Architecture is a unique way to convey a country's culture, history and style. Bring back this piece of art to tell its tale to all your friends. Next time someone asks you how your trip was, just show them this beautiful pagoda roof and they need no more answers." Doll by Oh the Memories "Memories are fleeting and it's hard to recall the less memorable moments of a trip. This doll, handmade by locals with 100% natural materials, will help you keep track of all that happened. How? When something interesting happens, just tell it to this doll and place it under your pillow at night - your memories will come back to meet you in your dreams." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.02] Island Souvenirs As with the Far East, there are also two souvenirs from the Islands which will represent the island theme and they cost, the same as the Far East ones, §75 from the little Souvenir Stand. Note that the stands will be different. Little Chest of Booty "Being a pirate in today's day and age are nigh impossible. One must live near an ocean, own a large enough sloop, generate enough capital to hire a fear-inducing crew, and make a consistant living plundering barges and cruise ships. Luckily, you can now reap the rewards of piracy without the dangers with the Little Chest of Booty, available at pirate-themed souvenir stores everywhere!" Private Island Figurine "Coming home from a vacation is a sad experience. No more sunny days at the beach, no more freshly washed towels, and no more little bottles of shampoo and conditioner. In those short bouts of melancholy, simply eye your Private Island Figurine and be transported back to those happy days for a few moments before your boss yells at you to get back to work." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.03] Mountain Souvenirs The Mountain Souvenirs, which are dangerous if used in improper conditions, will be available from the little souvenir stand and just like above, I'll drill it in that there are two of them and cost §75 each. Nothing that I haven't already said. Lumberjack's Pride "A smaller scale version of the trophy given out at the Annual Lumberjack's Flapjackathon, the Lumberjack's Pride souvenir serves as both a stylish reminder of your recent woodland trip and a worthy homage to the majesty of the ALF. One need only gaze on the powerful but compact hatchet to imagine a mouth full of delicious flapjacks." Bit o' Vug "This souvenir geode has been sliced in half and polished to show its shiny interior, which is full of both crystal formations and educational values, Certain people will enjoy the Bit o' Vug souvenir as a learning tool for volcanoes, crystals and geology; others will appreciate the fact that it is shiny and colourful. Either way, everybody wins!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.04] Souvenir Shelf Well, if the name of souvenir in its name, the souvenir shelf will lead itself in this location. Anyway, this shelf is found the the table section of the buy catalog and can hold five different items, or souvenirs from your travels. However, when you place 5 similar items, they can lead to a magical effect for your characters in the surrounding area. For more details, read on. 5 Seashells stacked on the shelf will lead to a slower bladder decay for the Sims in the area. How having seashells in the area make you less likely to go to the toilet astounds me still. 5 Mountain souvenirs will lead to non-romance social interactions having a higher chance of success rate. My guess is that people are too busy looking at the geode to disagree. Or maybe the axe is rather intimidating. 5 Far East souvenirs will lead to your skill building rate increased. This is probably due to the fact that someone may poke you in the eye with a pagoda if you don't hurry and read the book faster. 5 Island souvenirs will lead to your romantic advances to have a higher chance of success. This is due to the fact that the other Sim is entranced and hypnotised by the fact that you will lead them to a desert island, alone... 5 Voodoo Dolls, the reason why you aren't using them against people is beyond me, but this will allow for the fact that other Sims will imagine that they are being attacked by bees. Certainly not pleasent ... hey, get that doll away from me SB. Help! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.01] The Seasons For those of you with the Seasons expansion pack, the vacation zones will have some seasons that will be specified with it. Of course, for those of you without the Seasons pack, I recommend that you disregard this next section which will have no relevance to you whatsoever. For those who will have a vacation in the Mountains, you will have 2 sessions, each of which will last about 3 days, in the fall season, or autumn if you are not familar with fall, and the next two sessions in the winter season, before you are sent back to autumn. For those who will have the vacation in the islands instead, you need to watch the amount of time you spend outside since they will have all 4 seasons in the summer somehow, and this will increase your odds of getting some serious sunburn, for more information, read my Seasons Guide. Free plug for me here. For those who will venture to the exotic East, you will have a different sort of experience where you will first have two sessions, each about 3 days, in the spring season, and the next two sessions in the fall or autumn season. I would love to live here, I hate summer because of the flys, and winter because of the cold. Excellent... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.01] Diamond, It Actually Doesn't Last Forever Well, now that you don't have the problem that your Sims are lacking in the clothes department, they now want some bling bling to show off that they have the Simoleons to burn. You can purchase some Jewellry from the Jewellry rack that you can find at community lots in the vacation destinations. In fact, if you want to bring bling close to home, you can place a jewellry stand in a community lot in your own neighbourhood. Anyway, with your jewellry that you can purchase, you can set your outfits to have matching jewellry. There is a nice range from necklaces, to earrings and to nose studs, that all your Sims can have, regardless of whether they are male or female. If you want to create Sims, you can create them with some jewellry on them, or for existing Sims, you can go to the mirror and change their appearance there. Either way, its all good, if you like your bling. If you don't, no one said you have to be a flashy show off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.01] Dig, Dig, Dig Well, Bon Voyage allowed you to do something rather interesting, dig for treasure. Like those madman in the movies, you can keep digging until you find some really good stuff. Of course, it go terribly wrong. First of all, you need to find some land, or rather, grass that has not been improved upon, so it is just a generic patch of grass. And now, by clicking on that generic piece of grass, you can select Dig for Treasure and your Sim will literally dig a hole with a shovel in the hopes of finding treasure. Of course, you can keep digging the same hole or dig somewhere else, bit by digging, you can uncover a large variety of objects. You can dig up some rocks, each with an environment score of 1. Skippy the Stone can be sold for §25, Rocky the Rock can be sold for §50 and Greta the Granite can be sold for a lovely sum of §75. Your Sims can also be a bit dog-like and dig up dog bones for a grand total of §55. Where they sell it to astounds me. Your digging for treasure can also unearth some secret items, such as the map to a secret lot, sold for a total of §400. Or they can unearth some trivial items, such as small decorations found in your buy catalog, with a selling price depending on the item. However, what you really want to dig up is the exclusive Treasure Chest, which really is a treasure chest and leaves a momento along the way. This will give the environment score of 10, the best you can get, and is worth a total of §5,000. I wouldn't sell it though, its neat to have a chest full of gold coins and jewels in your room. What you don't want to dig up is the water main. This will randomly happen when you dig for treasure. You quickly need to plug the water main because a burst pipe will leave water puddles everywhere and drastically lower the environment meter. And just so you know, digging for treasure will really lower your hygiene bar. Well, rolling in dirt can do that for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.02] Lets Raid the Beach In case rolling in good old soil won't ease you, maybe rolling in some sand would ease your pain. In the Island vacation zones, you are able to access the beach and search or comb the beach for seashells. Of course, you can find some seashells, sometimes, you can even find more. There are many items that you can find. First of all, you can find a starfish, well, it isn't alive anymore and is mounted on a stand for your viewing pleasure. Of course, it being a starfish and all, you can sell this for a nice §366. If the starfish isn't exactly what you are looking for, you can find some coloured glass, which your Sim will promptly put into a bowl, since glass is rather sharp to deal with, with or without gloves. Apparently, the waves have made this dangerous glass into something that resembles polished jewels. Anyway, this polished glass is worth §302. Next on the raiding list is the clam. Because the fishermen with the island's fishing department neglected to collect all the clams, you can pick some of these up, and display them with a value price of §302. Just make sure they don't have sand in them, or smell. The conch shell is the last item that you can plunder from the beach. Who knew the beach was full of sellable items for money. Anyway, the conch brings the sound of the sea back to your home. Anyway, this also has a value of §302 so you can sell it away if you want, or leave it for the decor. The secret item from the beach is jewellry that you may be able to procure from the beach. These special pieces of jewellry, when worn, will slow the rate in which your bladder will decay. Therefore, with these pieces of jewellry, you can hold on to your pee for longer periods of time. However, while you are at the beach, you might encounter a rather nasty surprise. A crab might want to attach itself to your finger and have you in a vice grip, which in itself is rather nasty. And the worst thing is, there is nothing you can do to avoid it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.03] Plunder the Ship Also on the Island destinations, you will find a pirate ship, moored on a beach, and the pirates, well, gone. Anyway, you have the option to search the captain's cabin. Of course, being the captain, there is going to be some good loot that he must be hiding inside his cabin. After all, what good is a poor pirate captain? If he was poor, he wouldn't have such a large boat would he? One of the least common items that you can find in the cabin, other than getting the usual nothing found expression, you can get the gold doubloon, a shiny gold coin. This, surprisingly, has the environment score of 10, and has a value of §2,500, so you would want to keep this rather than to sell it, and of course, it being gold, is relatively shiny and all. And with the gold price as high as it is, over $1000US an ounce, I'd keep it as an investment. Sometimes, you might be able to find the Treasure Map left behind by the previous captain, and I assure you it isn't Jack Sparrow. There isn't any rum you see. Anyway, you can find this treasure map, worth a cool §232 and place it on the wall. The problem is, this treasure map does not increase the chance of your Sim finding the treasure chest while you dig around. Why? Because for all you know, you can dig up a massive treasure chest full of gold in your backyard. And the map would be found in the Island destination. Bit of a far stretch maybe? The next item that you can obtain from the cabin is the Captain's Log Book. It really doesn't actually do anything, except look waterlogged and improve the environment score. Of course, there is a value of §473 assigned to it, so you might want to grab it when you have the chance. The point of a waterlogged book improving environment is a bit strange. Its like, hey, look at this book I found, you can't read it, but look, its a book... However, you may receive a nasty surprise when the ghost of the pirate decides that he doesn't like you touching his loot, and as such, scare you away from his lovely cabin. Maybe you touched his rum? Anyway, when he does come out, you might want to talk to him a bit, because he will be able to teach you the sea chanty, which is a momento, and for once, something that is sung in English. To the Sims, you are speaking in a foreign language. The scary part is, he actually looks like a pirate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [16.01] Lets Build Ok, when you design your own neighbourhood, or even improve the given ones, you will need some place to stay, and that will be the hotels. To build one, you will need to have a community lot first. After you have your lot and named it, you need to do some interior and exterior decoration. You need to build the rooms in which your Sims will stay in. For that, you will need a phone in it, a bed, and a bathroom. For their eating services, you need to have a table in which they can eat if they decide to order some room service. These are the bare essentials that you will need in a room. Of course, you can go for the overkill and place more items, such as televisions, arcades, a kitchen, etc, and this will, essentially, jack up the price of the room in the end. Note that size will matter. Finally, you will need a door to place at the entrance so people can reserve the rooms. Well, you will need several rooms so multiple amount of people can actually stay at a single time. And now, for the finishing touch, you need the service desk where the bell boy will greet you and serve you, etc. Well, you have designed your hotel, so feel free to spice it up, such as a restaurant, a pool, a gym, a library, a dance floor, whatever floats your boat, build it in your hotel. You can even make it as high as you want, or as high as your computer can handle it. When you are completely finished with your hotel, you need one more thing to make it a hotel. You may note that it will still be a community lot and a hotel is a hotel lot, therefore, you need to change its lot zoning. This is done via the cheating system, Crtl, Shift and C at the same time. Now, type on your lot changelotzoning hotel and this will change it into a hotel. Please note that Open for Business users cannot run hotels. You can run the community lots, but Maxis has said that you cannot run hotels, just like you can't run a real estate business, or an import/export business if you were a smuggler. Or a criminal empire if you were a criminal mastermind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.01] The Outdoors You may think that the indoors may be the way to go, but for the last few expansion packs, Pets, Seasons, and now, Bon Voyage, have been promoting the great outdoors. Sure, the indoors are promoted in Bon Voyage, but the outdoors is what is needed. There are now more things that you can place into your home. On the outside, you will need a lot of room to place some of the new items. You can now place a tent so you can sleep outside, or you can place a hammock. Unlike conventional hammocks, you don't need trees to make a place to sleep. From the Far East, you can place down your very own Zen Garden so you can go around and rake it all day. A nice way to relax you would think. You can also place some hot springs, a place that you can relax in. From the mountain areas, you can place the axe throwing game set, as well as the log rolling set. However, the problem with these devices is that it will take a large amount of space. For example, you can even place the pirate ship if you really want to, but the problem with that is that it requires a lot of space. And for the real camp setting, do not forget the campfire as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.02] The Indoors While the outdoors have gone a maybe change, there are still items that make the indoors more interesting. For example, you can now place a massage table for you to relax and teach other Sim the way of massaging and healing other Sims. For those gamblers, you can have the Mahjong set from the Far East, and up to four people can play at one. Like the poker table from Nightlife, you can make money from this. To set it up, place dining chairs on the vertical and horizontal edges of the table, but not on the diagonal edges. You can also place a tea set. However, while this is good for boosting your mood, try not to do this in real life for prolonged periods of time, it may damage your backside. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.01] Design your Own If you are not happy with the given choices that are presented as the vacation areas, then you are in luck. Just like how you can design your own neighbourhood in the Base Game, the University campus in University, the Downtown area in Nightlife and the Shopping Districts in Open for Business, you can design your own vacation area in this game. To do so, you need to be in the neighbourhood screen and access the Bon Voyage icon to choose between your vacation destinations. This will, at the end, lead to a plus sign over a island, which is where you can design your own vacation area. Now, you need to pick whether you want your area should be part of the Mountain areas, the Island or the Far East, and this will determine the kind of activities that will take place, the local greeting and anything else associated with that specific destination genre. After you pick your destination, you will need to pick the template for the area. This is basically the same as designing your own neighbourhood, which was mentioned in my Sims 2 Base Game guide. For those of you too lazy to get the link, I'll paste what I wrote here. "You can create your own neighbourhood. All you have to do is to select Create Your Own Neighbourhood option and choose an area. Then you can choose a setting, lush (green) or desert setting. If you are not happy with your selection, you can make your own neighbourhood. You need SimCity 4 (Not sure if you need Rush Hour or Not) and got to a region. Enter one and make a basic outline of one. Then you import the sc4 file from you games folder into the Neighbourhood folder under My Documents." Of course, I still haven't figured out whether you need Rush Hour or not, but you probably do if you want to design your own. Otherwise, you will need to use the default designs they give you. Note that you can use the same templates for the 3 Premade vacation areas, and can be found if you scroll down. After choosing what neighbourhood template that you are going to use, you need to name it and give it a description for it. Also, you need to choose the setting for it. If you have Nightlife, you get the additional choice of Concrete and if you have Seasons, I believe you get the Dirt option. Anyway, choose and move on. After that, you can now go to your barren vacation destination and either place some premade lots for your Sims or make your own. What you will need to have is some Hotels and Community Lots for Sims to shop on. The Secret Lot you don't have to worry about because that will come with the neighbourhood and that will be taken care of. Anyway, to design hotels, read 16.01, but place some vacation homes, some decorations and your area will be ripe for Sims to visit and come in. And as an interesting side note, note how that there are cars driving around in a barren neighbourhood, which has no places to refill. Guess the roads are full of abandoned cars or are using grass for petrol/gasoline. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.01] Ask Nicely Well, you can pose for photographs now as well. If you want a photo of yourself, or anything for that matter, all you need to do is to ask a random Sim that you can normally interact with and ask them to Pose for Photo. This will hand them a camera for you to take a photo with. You can then take a photo via the capture option. You can also pose for the photo by clicking on your Sim and selecting a variety of options. That being done, you now have some photos to look at, but how? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.02] Memories Well, it is relatively simple. when you have taken enough photos, you can return home from your vacation and move off to your computer. You can then place an order under the photos section and order an album of all the photos that you have taken since. A delivery person will promptly arrive and give you the nice little album which you can view in your own leisure and gawk at. This will also give you a vacation memento the first time you do this. This is basically for those who want to remember what their Sim has done, except for the fact that no one wants to remember what their Sims have done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.01] Unsavoury Charlatan This guy is one to look out for. He can appear in your normal community lots as well as vacation lots. He is basically a man dressed up in some really colourful clothes and the most recognisable item he is wearing, the top hat. If you see him, you have to be careful. He will attempt to greet your Sim, which really means, he is going to take their wallets while they aren't too busy watching him. If you see him, be careful and monitor the action queue to prevent being greeted by this man. However, if you do see him, go to the phone and call the police and warn them about him. They will promptly set up a road block for him and you won't see him for a while as he will be detained. Other than that, be careful always around this person as Sim will have a fear to be pickpocketed whilst on vacation. When he is arrested, he will not reappear till he breaks out of the vacation jail, which is about three days. I guess the Mayor of SimCity neglected to increase the funding for the Department of Corrections. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.02] Bigfoot Like I mentioned above, you can befriend Bigfoot to join your family if you are good friends with him. He is the new "monster" for the Sims 2. Lets do a quick recap. Base Game - Ghosts University - Zombies Nightlife - Vampires Open for Business - Servos Pets - Werewolves Seasons - PlantSims Bon Voyage - Bigfoot Like mentioned before, he has maxed out skills. That means, all skills are maxed, at level 10. All talent badges possible are at the gold level. This is for Open for Business and Seasons only however. He also does not require any friends to be promoted for work. He can become a Zombie and a Vampire but cannot become a PlantSim or a Werewolf. HE CANNOT BE A SERVO. Therefore, you cannot have the ghost of a Zombie Vampire who appears to have used too many pesticides and got bitten by a Wolf while having hair all over him. He cannot have romantic interactions with other Sims, therefore, no children. He will age like a normal Sim however. The like to Slap Dance and scare the living daylights out of visiting Sims. He won't complain about his hygiene bar and Cats don't like him. After he comes home, he will have a chance of bringing home a random object. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.03] Room Service When you are in hotels and in your room, after you have checked into the room, you are able to use room service to deliver meals straight to your room. The dishes available to you depend on the time, whether it is morning, during the day or night. This is similar to the fact that you can cook food at different times of the day. Food is available in two servings, single plates and group dishes. The food cost will be added to your total room cost and you will have to pay for it on your way out. Morning Dishes - Single ------------------------------------ | Dish | Cost | |-----------------------+------------| | Cereal | §6 | | Hamburgers | §27 | | Omelettes | §19 | | Pancakes | §20 | | Toaster Pastries | §5 | ------------------------------------ Morning Dishes - Group ------------------------------------ | Dish | Cost | |-----------------------+------------| | Cereal | §36 | | Hamburgers | §162 | | Omelettes | §114 | | Pancakes | §120 | | Toaster Pastries | §30 | ------------------------------------ Lunch Dishes - Single ------------------------------------------ | Dish | Cost | |-----------------------------+------------| | Cup O' Ramen | §7 | | Chef Salad | §11 | | Chili Con Carne | §22 | | Hamburgers | §27 | | Grilled Cheese Sandwiches | §13 | | Lunch Meat Sandwiches | §10 | | TV Dinner | §7 | ------------------------------------------ Lunch Dishes - Group ------------------------------------------ | Dish | Cost | |-----------------------------+------------| | Cake | §114 | | Chef Salad | §66 | | Chili Con Carne | §132 | | Hamburgers | §162 | | Grilled Cheese Sandwiches | §78 | | Lunch Meat Sandwiches | §60 | | Crepes Suzette | §132 | | Cheesecake | §138 | | Berry Pie | §114 | | Baked Alaska | §132 | | Gelatin | §36 | ------------------------------------------ Dinner Dishes - Single ------------------------------------------ | Dish | Cost | |-----------------------------+------------| | Cup O' Ramen | §7 | | Chef Salad | §11 | | Hamburgers | §27 | | Lobster Thermidor | §27 | | Mac and Cheese | §12 | | Spaghetti | §18 | | Salmon | §25 | | Pork Chops | §24 | | TV Dinner | §7 | ------------------------------------------ Dinner Dishes - Group ------------------------------------------ | Dish | Cost | |-----------------------------+------------| | Crepes Suzette | §132 | | Cheesecake | §138 | | Berry Pie | §114 | | Baked Alaska | §132 | | Gelatin | §36 | | Chef Salad | §66 | | Hamburgers | §162 | | Lobster Thermidor | §186 | | Mac and Cheese | §72 | | Spaghetti | §108 | | Salmon | §150 | | Pork Chops | §144 | | Turkey | §150 | ------------------------------------------ Note: Crepes Suzette is available if you have the Nightlife expansion pack. Cup O' Ramen is available if you have the University expansion pack. Cheesecake is available if you have the Open for Business expansion pack. Berry Pie is available if you have the Open for Business expansion pack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.04] Massages There are massages that can help increase the mood of your Sims in this game if you choose to do so. There are 4 massages that you can learn and use on other Sims, the first beind the default Swedish massage, which I really have no idea what it is about. The Far East massage will be the acupressure massage, the Island One will be the Hot Stone massage while the Mountain one will be the Deep Tissue massage. To get one off the NPCs that are there, it will cost you §100 to get one, which in itself is pretty expensive. That is 2 and a half pizzas! To learn them, it will cost you a total of §200 or §500, I forgot, but it should be §200. This allows your Sims to massage other Sims and teach them the magical technique of seeing someone nude without having a cheesy pickup line. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.05] Voodoo VooDoo is a magical ability that you can possess if you get the Mr Mickles item from the Island Secret Lot by fixing the good doctor's magical mechanical wonders without dying. Anyway, once you get Mr. Mickles, which was intended to kill the mechanic when he turned up, you get Mr. Mickles in your inventory and this allows you to use the VooDoo interaction on other Sims. Sure, this will be fun to make other Sims running off to the toilet, but beware that if you decide to use Mr. Mickles too often, he may be displeased that he is used for such heathen activities and rebel against you, and that isn't really nice at all. Mr. Mickles "Mr. Mickles was created in the forest and embedded with the spirit of the earth. He has been taught the wisdom of the elders and the ancient magic of darkness. However, as a doll, he can be nothing more than a vessel of such knowledge until he is picked up. What will you do with Mr. Mickles in your hands?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [A] Contact Information APPEARS IN g,a,m,e,f,a,q,s.c,o,m always. Remove the commas. Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use. ****************************************************************************** Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply. ****************************************************************************** To contact me, e-mail me at hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com Replace at with @ and dot with . Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept you, simple as that. E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as we are living people like you. Have a title of what you are sending so I know what is going on. If you try to send attachments, I won't open them so stick the information in the E-Mail. Please write in English or anything close to it. It can't understand foreign languages so please don't give me a page long quote in Mexican or Antarctic penguin language cause I don't understand. Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od Yoi Di Tjih Ni Tje Sdgs?" Don' be too formal, a question is not a freakin business agreement so don't say "Dear Sir, In accordance to your Walkthrough to the PC Game, The Sims 2, ..." it makes me wonder if I'm talking to a freak, the President of the United States of America or Bill Gates or Donald Trump. I will credit you if your send me information about this game that is not in the FAQ. I will also be grateful if you see this FAQ somewhere else other than Gamefaqs or a site which has my permission. If you do, tell me so I can kick their ass to Pluto and make them bounce off to the other side of the Universe. I will not respond to: * Spam * Bill Gate's Spam (He gets spam of up to 4 million per day) * Something not related with the Sims 2 * Something already covered * Illegal stuff, like CD-Keys and Pirated Versions * Technical Problems Technical Problems will not be answered as they should be sent to Maxis not me. I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your game not MINE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [B] Webmaster Information ONLY GAMEFAQS WILL HOST THIS FAQ UNTIL OTHERWISE STATED BELOW GAMESFAQ WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE LATEST VERSIONS YOU CANNOT HOST THIS DOCUMENT WITHOUT ASKING. SIMPLE AS THAT. YOU CANNOT MAKE A PROFIT FROM THIS DOCUMENT LIKE SELLING IT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [C] Credits This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either Board Names from the Boards or your e-mail so if your name is Bob Rob and another Bob Rob posted the message, the First Bob Rob will not be credited so in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not be credited for your work. CJayC, Thanks for the Memories SBAllen for the job of administration GameFAQs Maxis and EA for developing the game Me for making it Sims 2 BBS for a lot of help Wiryawan (Grand_310) for his help Hotmail for giving me the e-mail account http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for the ascii art You for reading it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [D] Sites FAQ is on Current FAQ is On www.gamefaqs.com will always have the latest versions May be outdated www.neoseeker.com www.supercheats.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [E] Copyright This game is Copyright 2007 Maxis and Electronic Arts. All Rights Reserved This document is copyrighted by US and Canadian and Australian Laws. This FAQ is for personal use only. This is not to be used for commercial or personal gain. Websites publishing this guide without permission will face punishment under the law. 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