Super Star Soldier Walkthrough
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Written by: Daniel Acaba 
GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
System: Turbografx-16, Wii V.C
Version 1.0 - 9/12/2007

This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba

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1 - Update History
2 - About This FAQ
3 - Controls
4 - Modes
5 - Items
6 - Codes
7 - Walkthrough
8 - About the Author

1. Update History
v.1.0 - 9/12/2007 - FAQ Completed

2. About This FAQ
I have decided to start buying up Wii Virtual Console games and writing up FAQs
for them. I have decided to start with this game, an old favorite of mine. Once
I get back to home I can start work on my TESIV: Oblivion and The Darkness FAQs
that I have been meaning to work on for about a month now.

3. Controls
Wii Remote
D-Pad: Directional Movement
1 Button: Shoot
2 Button: Switch Position of Defense Item
+ Button: Start/Paus
- Button: Select MODE / SPEED

Classic Controller
D-Pad: Directional Movement
b Button: Shoot
a Button: Switch Position of Defense Item
+ Button: Start/Pause
- Button: Select MODE / SPEED

4. Mode Explanation
By pressing the - button at the start screen you can change what mode you will
be playing in when you start the game. Press the + button to actually select
the mode.

Normal Mode
Destroy the enemies as you move through each stage. Destroy the boss to clear a
stage. Collect Power-Up Units of the same color continuously to raise the level
of your weapons and to raise your barrier shield.

Caravan Mode
Try to get the highest score you can in a 2 or 5 minute period.

Shows your high score.

5. Items
Red Orb: Multishot
Blue Orb: Ring Laser
Green Orb: Spread Fire
Yellow Orb: Swing Fire
Multi-Color Orb: Increases amount of pick-ups acquired.
Green and Red Orb: Equipping 2 or more will trigger rotating defense.
Blue and Red: Each one speeds up your missiles.

You can only have one laser and missles OR the shield. If you pick up a missle
pick up you will lose your defenses and vice versa.

6. Codes
Cheat Menu
Left, 1, Up, 1, Right, 1, Down, 1, Left, 2, Up, 2, Right, 2, Down, 2, 1 & 2 at
the same time eight times and 2 & - at the same time eight times.

From here you can get things like the ability to modify the games difficulty
and select whatever level you would like to play.

7. Walkthrough
It is nearly impossible to do a walkthrough of the entire game step by step due
to how fast things come flying at you. Instead what I will do is give you the
following information:

- What weapon to use to get through the stage, including how many pick ups of
the weapon you should be using as well as major threats to watch out for.
- How to fight the boss, including best weapon and where to keep your shields.
I have also named many of the bosses, these are my own inventions so dont cite
them as official or anything.

Always remember that if the game is going too fast for you you can slow it down
with the - Button.

Also, do remember that you can take more than 1 hit before you die. Your shield
will make you invulnerable wherever it is located but each time your ship is
hit you will lose one upgrade off your guns. Since you can only carry four of
them that means you can take four hits before dying at best.

Stage 1
Weapon: Even though you can get all the weapons here (to pretty high level too
except for the yellow), I suggest taking the Blue one. It is the most useful
for the boss so you might want to get it now seeing as how it makes the stage
easy as well.

Major Threats: Most of the way through the stage metal robots will start to
detach from the background. These guys take a lot of damage and they will come
at the worst moment (when youre under heavy fire). Be very careful with these
guys especially if your gun isnt totally upgraded.

Mini-Boss: Ourobouros
As soon as the stage begins to slow down with the blue piping in the background
it is time for your first boss. This guy will come out as four orbs that grow
into a giant snake like creature of orbs with a gap for your ship to fly into.
Once you head inside you are trapped there. If you remain outside you are going
to get killed by the constant blasts her shoots at you so get inside ASAP if
not sooner. Once inside set your shields to stay at your sides and start firing
straight ahead. You will not really be able to aim for the red orb (his weak
spot) so just hold down the button and keep firing away. He will spin into your
hits and take damage, causing him to spin faster.

While he is spinning he will hurl blue orbs at you. These are large and will
mess you up but if you have your shields at your side you only need to worry
about the ones that come from behind while you are shooting. Simply move a bit
to dodge them (but do NOT touch his body) and keep firing. He will die sooner
rather than later.

Best Weapon: Blue Laser (two or three power-ups)
Shields: Very helpful
Difficulty: 4 without shields, 2 with

The stage will continue after this fight, but little changes. You will face a
deluge of missles but nothing that you shouldnt be able to easily handle.

Boss: Space Station
This big boy is a pain in the butt. He has two weak spots, one that you have to
destroy to get to the second but getting to them is part of the problem. He
will fire two blue beam lasers and sustain fire for about 2 seconds. Touching
these is bad so youre stuck between them if you get caught there. While you are
so caught he will be firing blue bouncing balls at you that are hard to avoid.
This leaves you with two options: Get right in the middle and dance around
while you do damage or stay on the outside and wait for his blue lasers to stop
firing. Once they do, zip in and shoot his center before backing out. If you
keep up this hit and run (or charge right up the middle) his turret in the 
front will blow up. He usually stays near the middle and right side of the
screen while firing, making it a bit easier to dodge.

Now hes really mad. He is going to move side to side a lot, as well as up and
down while he fires both blue lasers, the bouncing balls and a new attack at
you. This new attack looks like a power-up and even floats towards you like one
but do not be decieved. It is a one shot kill so dodge it and keep up whatever
method you were using and he will go down soon enough. Stage fin!

Best Weapon: Blue Laser (Max power up)
Shields: Not helpful
Difficulty: 3

Stage 2
Weapon: If you still have your weapon from last stage stick with it. The only
poor choice of weapon here seems to be the red one. The enemies are too freakin
fast and numerous for it to kill them as quick as it needs to.

Threats: There are two threats to keep your eyes open for. First are the purple
steal bomber looking ships. They will come from behind you without warning and
can do damage just by touching you... thats bad. You have to keep moving and
give yourself space from the rear of the screen if you want to avoid them. They
will start shooting once they get most of the way across the screen so take
them out ASAP. The second are the underwater turrets when flying across the
water sections. These guys come out of nowhere and fire, usually in groups. It
can be hard to dodge them so be very careful. Sadly upgraded missiles are of
more help with this than the shields are.

Boss: Submarine
This guy is actually really easy, especially if you have the missiles. He only
has three attacks: Four missles, two fired from each side, a four shot burst
out of the front and a twin blue laser from the front as well. As you can guess
staying to his sides is all thats required. You are aiming for his body, the
spot that has the bright green orb on it. Simply keep staying to the side, hit
him when you can and shoot down his missles when you have to. Strafe past him
when he gets too close to your side of the screen, firing all the while and he
will die soon enough.

Best Weapon: Anything with a wide spray
Shields: Not useful, the Missiles are more helpful
Difficulty: 3

Stage 3
Weapon: You will want to get your hands on the red weapon as soon as humanly
possible. It is imperative that you get it, and upgrade it, as soon as possible
so that you can fend off attacks from all directions. They will be coming quite
aplenty in this level.

Threats: There are, what looks like, destroyed robots littering the ground. In
fact, some of these will get up and shoot at you as you approach them. This is
bad since this attack is very powerful. Dodge it as best you can and take them
out with non-direct attacks. Also there are red headed, black bodied centipede
like monsters that will zoom around the stage. These are very hard to kill so
I suggest just passing over their bodies (thats safe to do) and avoiding them
as best you can. Lastly, but most importantly, you will pass over a large swath
of lava. As you do so twin bursts of lava will leap out and send rocks flying
at you. Blast these out of the air as much as you can and then zip past them.
This area takes a bit to get past so if you have the red gun it will help quite
a lot here.

Hey, his music is kind of cool. Anyways this guy is something of a pushover so
long as you move fast. He has, once again, three attacks none of which are all
that threatening. One is when he moves side to side across the screen firing
a green laser from his tail. While he is doing this you need to hit his red and
green face, but hes only vulnerable when his pincers are open. Be careful of
his tail since it moves independantly of his body. Secondly he will attempt to
fire a green burst at you that, when hit, blows up into three small shots. If
you have the missiles these are negligable. Lastly he will attempt to stab you
with his tail so simply put some distance between you and him when he stops his
moving around since that is when he does the tail stab and green burst.

Best Weapon: Irrelevant.
Shields: Not useful, the Missiles are more helpful.
Difficulty: 2

Stage 4
Weapon: Any weapon, fully upgraded although I found the red gun to make life a
fair sight easier.

Threats: Not only are the enemies going to be coming constantly, and rapidly,
at this point but those red orbs the first boss fired at you will start to come
out after a bit in packs. Dodge them as best you can. There will also be some
odd green orbs that somewhat home in on you. If you have missiles they will be
of great help dealing with them. There are also two giant robots that attack
you part way through the stage. Do your best to stay out of their line of fire
(dead middle of the bottom of the screen works) and keep hitting them as best
you can until they go down.

Boss: Giant Robot
Okay, dont panic. This dude is tough until you know how to handle him. First
of all take note that only his hands, head and center of his body can hurt you.
While I fought him his lower body touched me several times and I never died.
Secondly you need to destroy his hands, head and then body in that order or the
fight will likely be too much for you.

He has three attacks as well. First he will shoot off three homing green orbs.
These things home in really good so move fast to dodge them since they cannot
be destroyed. Secondly he will detach his arms, fire a horde of rings at you
that you have to dodge and then his hands will slam into you (third attack). If
you wanna survive this fight you need to take out one hand first, then the
other. This will leave him with just the green orb attack. You should be able
to pick him apart after that.

Best Weapon: Blue Laser (as upgraded as possible)
Shields: Either the shield, at your sides or the missiles will help
Difficulty: 4

Stage 5
Weapon: Frankly, whatever you can keep your hands on. The green laser works the
best but its going to be hard not to lose it here.

Threats: This entire level is a threat. Part way through the stage you will be
thrust into what seems to be a space glacier. There are ice asteroids moving
around and enemies moving through it as well. Your best weapons here are the
green laser and your shields. Without the shields you will likely die but with
them you can use them as a ram to kill your enemies, and the asteroids, faster
than you can with any gun. Use them to your advantage. Be very careful of the
small orange laser beams that will be getting fired at you from some of the
ice asteroid tips. These will make the stage fairly harrowing.

Boss: Brain / Serpent
This thing is pure unadulteraed hell on wheels. At first it isnt so bad. It is
simply going to move around the screen, lobbing off red balls that bounce all
over the screen and waving his tentacles around every so often. The tentacles
can kill you but otherwise they simply block your shots. The real threat comes
from the orbs and you will likely have to do some tricky flying to dodge them.
Once he takes enough damage to his green eye in the center of the pink, he will
change shape.

Now you have to fight the serpent whose only attack is to home in on you really
good and try to ram you. You have to move around and blow the metal plating off
of all his sections except for the head and tail. This is easier said than done
but simply stick with it and he will be made vulnerable. Once that is done you
need to hit him in the head but he will be moving faster than before and firing
off small yellow orbs that try to hit you while he himself is trying to ram you
once again. This gets a bit dicey but if you are quick, and careful, you should
be able to take him out. If you have extra ships (your icon in the bottom right
corner of the screen is yellow) it will help out quite a bit.

Best Weapon: Anything thats been upgraded
Shields: Totally useless, Use missiles instead
Difficulty: 5+

Stage 6
Weapon: You will get more upgrades for the red laser in this level than any
other weapon, so use that. Its also the most useful thanks to its spread of
shots all around your character.

Threats: This entire level is a threat and one of the worst so far. The enemies
are going to spawn in right next to you, things are going to be shot at you at
high speed, there are flaming rocks that when you blow up become smaller and
faster rocks that go for you and there will be more enemies on-screen than you
likely thought possible in a game from the early 90's. Cope as best you can but
beware, this is one of the hardest sections to survive.

Mini-Boss: Tentacle Core
This boss isnt all that hard so long as you have either the red gun upgraded
enough to shoot out your sides, or the shields (missiles are more useful for
the boss himself but you need something to stop his attacks). He will spin all
over the place trying to hit you with his green tentacles and then he will stop
pull his tentacles in and fire off a spike missile in every direction. All you
have to do is keep dodging his attacks and hitting his core when at the right
moment and he will go down. If youre fast enough, and have the right upgrades
you should do this in no time.

Best Weapon: Any that have been upgraded (likely the red)
Shields: Useless, get the missiles instead
Difficulty: 3
Now youre going to be in a long corridor and things will be flying at your face
faster than you thought possible. Try to hold it together, youre almost done
with the stage. Keep on shooting them down but dont try to destroy the grate
things that release the red birds, theyre too hard to blow up and you will be
better off keeping the actual enemies off your tail. Grabbing the upgrades to
cause explosions will help get you reprieves here.

Boss: Orbiting Core
This boss appears as a giant green orb with a red eye in the middle surrounded
five orbiting spheres. He isnt hard so much as he is obnoxious. He only has the
typical three attacks but theyre worse than anything you faced before. First he
will shoot two homing missiles at you that fly until they near the bottom of
the screen and then turn around and come after you. They wont stop until they
are destroyed. Second, his spheres around him will pulse out and try to ram
you, so thats a nice one that can do some damage. Lastly he will fire a barrage
of circular objects at you that are hard to dodge and are more or less one-shot
kills for you. Wonderful.

You can only hurt his orb in the middle so you have to keep moving around, try
to dodge the missiles and his attacks while getting shots through his spinning
orbs. This will take awhile and might even take a controller or two but it can
be done... with time and effort. 

The best strategy that I was able to come up with is to move around the stage
in a upside down U shape. When he moves forward and tries to hit you go up and
over him and then back down on the other side, doing your best to always stay
close to the sides of the screen. This should give you enough space to dodge
his orb attacks and his pulsating spheres. If you have the missiles they will
do the lions share of your work here, destroying his missiles and hurting him
but it will still take awhile so be patient.

Best Weapon: Anything youve kept your hands on this far
Shields: Very useful in deflecting his missiles
Difficulty: 5

Stage 7
Weapons: Either the red or blue laser at their most upgraded will help you to
get through this with the least amount of hair pulling.

Threat: You shouldnt have too hard of a time out here so long as you are using
an upgraded laser. The enemies are going to come constantly and in a thick mass
so you have to be careful and ready for them. At random intervals a red and
white laser beam will fly across the screen from top to bottom. Simply dodge
these things or you will be in some serious trouble. Near the end of the stage,
as you fly over the ship, you will see some turrets that fire shots off at you.
You should take them out ASAP to reduce the amount of stuff flying at you from
the enemies.

Mini-Boss: Battleship
This guy is a pushover. So long as you took out the other turrets all he can do
is fire a batch of red orbs at you with no tracking ability and they move slow.
Simply keep doding around them, or in the middle of waves of them, and you will
have no problem with this. He dies easily enough.

Best Weapon: Anything, preferably the blue or red laser.
Shields: Missiles are more helpful than shields here.
Difficulty: 1
Now you are inside the ship, lucky you. Essentially this is the same as the
outside of the ship, there are going to be bucketloads of enemies flying at you
trying to destroy you and thats about it. The only thing that you need to watch
out for are the greyish square shaped obstructions. When you see them fly past
them as soon as possible or they will close on you, forcing you to take damage
to get past since they are indestructible. Not cool.

Boss: Twin Spiders
These guys are pretty easy as well, they only have a bit of surprise factor and
then thats about it. They only have two attacks, a batch of orbs like the boss
on the outside and every so often they will fire a rain of orange lasers down
at you. Simply dodge these and keep firing at them to keep pushing them back
and they will die eventually.

Best Weapon: Red Laser
Shields: Missiles are more useful here.
Difficulty: 2
The stage isnt actually over now that you have beaten the boss, you have to
escape from the ship. Essentially large blocks are going to be in your way and
there will be pillars shooting out from the walls trying to hit you and you are
going to have to dodge them all to escape the ship before it blows. Simply try
to keep your eyes peeled and stay near the middle of the screen this way you
can react fast enough to dodge them. Near the end the pillars will close up the
path on you totally so try to dodge past them and get out of this crazy place.

Stage 8
Weapon: The blue laser seems to be of most help during the early portions of
the stage.

Threats: Nothing so much for the initial stretch of the stage is going to be
that big of a problem (especially after the last stage) but things get weird
sooner rather than later.

Mini-Boss: Deployer
Your ship will start flying backwards when this fight starts. Technically this
isnt a fight so much as it is you having to blow the living crud out of the
ships that are going to be getting sent out after you by the weird orifice type
things. Keep moving and shooting the ships that get released after you, it can
get pretty hectic so keep on your toes.

Eventually it will come up behind you and start deploying more enemies. Move
around as needed and when applicable let your missiles do the work for you.
Survive for a few minute and it will end.

Best Weapon: The blue laser is the most help here (especially if you have it
upgraded to the point of shooting the wide spray attack).
Shields: They help, as will missiles, so its your pick.
Difficulty: 2
That wasnt all that bad, but the stage is going to continue now, so dont let
your guard down. Keep moving as necessary and do your best to stick with your
chosen gun when you are deluged with pick-ups. Soon enough you will have to
blitzkrieg past a series of bosses you fought earlier all over again. It goes
from one fight into the next.

Mini-Boss: Scorpion Mk.2
This is essentially the same exact fight as last time except he has less health
and he moves a lot faster. Simply fight him exactly as you did the last one and
he should pose no problem.

Best Weapon: Any
Shields: Missiles are preferred.
Difficulty: 1

Mini-Boss: Space Station Mk.2
Just like the Scorpion boss he is mostly the same as before except that he can
now fire from his cannon before you destroy it and his red orbs, in his second
form, have a wide range they move in. Nothing you shouldnt be able to handle
easily so get to kicking his butt.

Best Weapon: Blue laser works best.
Shields: Missiles are preferred.
Difficulty: 1

Mini-Boss: Giant Robot Mk.2
As before he is just a bit faster but seems to have less health, meaning that
he is a pushover. Simply open fire on one hand and then the other before you
take out his head. You should have no problem dodging his attacks after some of
the other situations you have had to deal with. Once his body is blown you can
move on to the next boss.

Best Weapon: Blue laser will hurt all of his weak spots at once.
Shields: Missiles are preferred.
Difficulty: 2
You will get to go through a bit of the stage for now, and pick up some more
weapon upgrades before the next boss fights.

Mini-Boss: Orbiting Core Mk.2
He fights exactly the same as before except he doesnt move in as predictable a
pattern which makes him nearly as hard. Do your best and use the same strategy
as before but you will likely need an extra ship or two to survive.

Best Weapon: Any upgraded
Shields: Missiles or Shield are equally useful.
Difficulty: 5

Mini-Boss: Brain/Serpent Mk.2
Now the bosses actually seem to be getting a bit harder. This guy will fight
almost exactly the same as before except he stays lower on the screen and moves
his tentacles around a lot more. This gives you less room to dodge in and makes
it far more likely you get hurt by his waving tentacles. The same strategy
applies but its going to be frustrating.

The same thing goes for his second form, his speed has been increased, as has
the speed of his orbs he fires, but overall he isnt much different.

Best Weapon: Any upgraded
Shields: Missiles are more important.
Difficulty: 4

Final Boss: Space Cruiser
Its time for the final fight of the game. This guy is one tough cookie and he
has more than a few dangerous attacks. First off he will fire a series of
missiles at you, making the lower half of the screen really dangerous to even
try flying around in. Try getting to the upper area of the screen to avoid
these. Next he will fire a batch of white bullets that will spread out across
the screen in your direction. Move between them to dodge these. He will be
moving all over the screen while he fires these at you non-stop so dont let him
or his attacks touch you.

The only way that you can hurt this little pain in the rear is to target the
pinkish/purplish spot on the front of the ship. This is easier said than done
since you need to do this while avoiding his missiles and energy balls.

After you do enough damage he will look like hes dying and retreat off of the
back of the screen. When he comes back he will have shed some of his armor and
will have two giant guns aimed right at you. While these blasts are dangerous
you can stay between them and keep firing at the nose of the ship. Most of his
other blasts wont hit you here, but they are guaranteed to hit you if you dont
stay there so its best to just suck it up and stay between the two lasers and
try to get this stage of the fight over with.

Next up the nose falls off and reveals the rear of the ship. Now he will be
firing white blasts at you in a fairly easily avoidable manner. Stay between
them carefully and keep firing at the turret of the ship. It will fire off the
occasional blast at you and it will also hurl off rings at you but you should
be able to avoid both of these. Keep shooting until the turret gets destroyed.

Now you need to target the red exposed brain but this is where it gets weird.
The barrels that fire the white blasts at you will occasionally start moving
towards the middle of the screen meaning that you will die if you stay there.
At this point it is imperative that you retreat to either side and then move to
the middle again once it stops. This will keep happening so you have to get up
a rhythm of moving in, shooting, moving out and hiding and then repeating. It
will, on occasion, have the panels on its back flare up and fire lightning at
you but these are easy to see coming and avoid. Soon enough you will destroy
the rest of the ship and then its just you and the motherbrain.

The brain is actually fairly simple to fight. All it does is move around the
screen and fire off rings and pieces of itself at you. To beat it all you need
to do is stay up on it and keep pounding it with attacks. You will destroy the
brain pieces before it can throw them at you and if you have the green laser it
will likely destroy the rings AND hurt the brain. Just keep on firing and it
will die soon and you have beaten the game. Congratulations!

Best Weapon: Green laser as upgraded as possible.
Shields: Missiles are more important.
Difficulty: 5

8. About the Author
My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in Groton, Connecticut and I am 24 years old.
I am a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much 
anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs
as well.

So far Ive written the following FAQs: 

Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3
Bloodrayne 2 Boss FAQ - Xbox
Sims 2 Career FAQ - PC
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Conan - PS3

I am currently working on:
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - PS2
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - PC
Shin Megami Tensei (Aeon Genesis Translation) - SNES