( Professor Layton  )
    and the
   Curious Village

Game FAQ/Guide




Game Title: Professor Layton and the Curious Village
System: Nintendo DS
Version: English


Missing a puzzle and only need help finding it? Here is the list of all the game
puzzles and when you can find them without using Granny's puzzle shack. Weekly
puzzles are not included.

No.	Name			Pic.	Location	Chapter and Notes
001	Where's the Town?	10	On the Road	0: Story
002	The Crank and Slot	15	Drawbridge	0: Franco
003	Strange Hats		10	Entrance	0: Ingrid
004	Where's My House?	20	Plaza		1: Percy
005	Digital Digits		50	Plaza		1: Clock face
006	Light Weight		40	Manor Road	1: Marco
007	Wolves and Chicks	50	Manor Border	1: Ramon
008	Farm Work		20	Manor Border	1: Flowers, above boat
009	One Poor Pooch		35	Manor Foyer	2: Matthew
010	Alphabet		30	Manor Foyer	2: Bookcase
011	Arc and Line		20	Manor Parlor	2: Simon
012	Make a Rectangle	40	Manor Parlor	5: Gordon
013	Sinking Ship		30	Manor Border	2: Boat
014	Which Chair?		30	General Store	2: Chairs (Painting)
015	How Many Are Left?	10	General Store	2: Candle
016	Triangles and Ink	40	Town Hall	2: Rodney (Gizmo)
017	Five-Card Shuffle	30	Entrance	2: Stachen (Painting)
018	Of Dust and Dustpan	10	Inn		2: Beatrice
019	Parking Lot Gridlock	30	Drawbridge	2: Laytonmobile (Gizmo)
020	Unfriendly Neighbors	50	Park Road	2: Pauly (Gizmo)
021	Pill Prescription	30	Park Road	2: Pauly (Gizmo)
022	Pigpen Partitions	30	Park Road	2: Agnes
023	Juice Pitchers		40	Restaurant	2: Crouton (Gizmo)
024	Milk Pitchers		50	Restaurant	3: Crouton (Gizmo)
025	Equilateral Triangle	25	Restaurant	2: Flick (Gizmo)
026	Bottle Full of Germs	20	Park Gate	2: Big bottle (Painting)
027	Bickering Brothers	40	Manor Parlor	3: Gordon (Gizmo)
028	Find the Dot		30	Manor Parlor	3: Matthew (Gizmo)
029	Five Suspects		20	Manor Parlor	3: Chelmey (Gizmo)
030	One-Line Puzzle 1	30	Manor Border	3: Agnes (Gizmo)
031	Racetrack Riddle	30	Manor Road	3: Marco (Gizmo)
032	Candy Jars		30	General Store	3: Center jars (Gizmo)
033	Light Which One?	20	General Store	3: Candle (Item)
034	How Many Sheets?	40	Plaza		3: Percy (Gizmo)
035	Strange Dots		20	Plaza		3: Deke (Gizmo)
036	Too Many Mice		30	Clock Tower	3: Cat & mouse (Paint.)
037	Brother and Sister	40	Clock Tower	3: Lucy (Gizmo)
038	Island Hopping		20	Fork inthe Road	3: Zappone (Gizmo)
039	One-Line Puzzle 2	30	Fork inthe Road	3: Agnes
040	How Old Is Dad?		30	Market		3: Archibald (Gizmo)
041	Spare Change		10	Northern Path	3: Gerard (Gizmo)
042	The Camera and Case	50	Northern Path	3: Gerard
043	Three Umbrellas		20	Clock Tower	3: Lucy (Item)
044	Stamp Stumper		50	Town Hall	3: Rodney
045	Puzzled Aliens		30	Park Road	4: Adrea (Painting)
046	The Biggest Star	20	Park Gate	4: Deke (Item)
047	On the Run		40	Plaza		4: Gerard (Item)
048	Cats and Mice		25	Clock Tower	4: Cat & mouse (Paint.)
049	1,000 Times		20	Clock Tower	4: Lucy (Item)
050	OTTF?			20	Fork inthe Road	4: Marco (Item)
051	The Town Barbers	10	Crumm's Cafe	4: Zappone (Painting)
052	Find a Star		30	Northern Hill	4: Pauly (Painting)
053	Fish Thief		35	Market		4: Agnes (Item)
054	Monster!		20	Market		4: Giuseppe (Painting)
055	The Odd Sandwich	20	Inn		5: Beatrice (Item)
056	The Lazy Guard		30	Entrance	5: Stachenscarfen (Item)
057	Cut Which One?		30	Plaza		5: Deke (Item)
058	Get the Ball Out! 1	30	Plaza		3: Puzzle House door
059	The Longest Path	50	Manor Road	4: Marco (Painting)
060	Weighing Cats		30	Reinhold Manor	5: Claudia (Painting)
061	Pin Board Shapes	40	Manor Parlor	5: Gordon (Item)
062	The Mysterious Note	40	Manor Parlor	5: Chelmey (Painting)
063	How Old Is Mom?		20	Manor Parlor	5: Dahlia (Item)
064	Odd Equations		30	Town Hall	5: Rodney
065	What's E?		50	Clock Tower	5: Cat and mouse
066	Birthday Girl		60	Clock Tower	5: Lucy
067	The Chocolate Code	40	Clock Tower	5: Lucy
068	Find the Pentagons	40	Northern Path	5: Gerard
069	Chocolate Puzzle	30	Prosciutto's	5: Prosciutto (Item)
070	The Shattered Vase	10	Market		5: Giuseppe
071	Sausage Thief		40	Market		5: Giuseppe (Item)
072	The Sound of Silence	40	Plaza		6: Percy (Item)
073	How Many Squares?	40	Town Hall	6: Rodney (Item)
074	A Broken Window		30	Market		6: Agnes
075	The Wire Cube		40	Market		6: Agnes (Item)
076	A Tile Square		30	Park Road	6: Pauly
077	Which Job?		20	Park Road	6: Adrea (Item)
078	Water Pitchers		60	Restaurant	6: Crouton (Item)
079	Apples to Oranges	40	Restaurant	6: Crouton (Painting)
080	Too Many Queens 1	20	Restaurant	6: Flick (Item)
081	Too Many Queens 2	40	Restaurant	6: Flick (Painting)
082	Too Many Queens 3	60	Restaurant	6: Flick (Item)
083	Too Many Queens 4	80	Restaurant	6: Flick (Painting)
084	Which Boxes to Move?	30	Sewer Exit	7: Stachenscarfen
085	Weekend Getaway		50	Outside Sewer	7: Laytonmobile (Item)
086	Squares and Circles	30	Sewer Dead End	7: Sylvain (Painting)
087	Ferris Wheel Riddle	50	Ferris Wheel	7: Ferris wheel (Paint.)
088	In a Hole		30	Shack Path	7: Sylvain (Item)
089	Which Way?		30	Under the Shack	7: End of hall (Item)
090	Get the Ball Out! 2	50	UndergroundPath	7: End of hall (Paint.)
091	Pattern Matching	40	UndergroundArea	7: Right picture (Item)
092	Wash Up			30	Sewer Dead End	8: Sylvain
093	Over the River		30	Manor Border	8: Ramon (Painting)
094	Get the Ball Out! 4	70	Tower Floor 1	9: Cage on left
095	A Magic Square		60	Tower Floor 2	9: Cage by stairs
096	Take the Stairs		30	Tower Floor 3	9: Pavel
097	Princess in a Box 1	60	Tower Floor 4	9: Question mark
098	Card Order		70	Tower Floor 5	9: Martha
099	33333!			70	Tower Floor 6	9: Question mark door
100	Seven Squares		70	Tower Floor 7	9: Question mark gate
101	Splitting It Up		40	Market		3: Corner over canopies
102	Aces and the Joker	40	Tower Road	6: Martha
103	Wood Cutouts		40	Manor Parlor	5: Gordon (Item)
104	A Sweet Treat		30	Prosciutto's	8: Prosciutto (Item)
105	Rolling a Three		30	Tower Road	9: Martha
106	How Many Glasses?	20	Crumm's Cafe	4: Bottle on left
107	A Worm's Dream		30	Clock Tower	3: Empty doorway on left
108	Not Knots?		50	Archibald's	5: Bookcase
109	Laziest Man on Earth	30	Archibald's	8: Archibald (Item)
110	The Vanishing Cube	20	Manor Parlor	2: Chandelier
111	Mystery Item		40	Park Road	4: Poster by cafe door
112	My Beloved		50	Inn		3: Picture over Beatrice
113	The Pet Hotel		30	Entrance	4: Inn sign
114	Tetrahedron Trial	10	Prosciutto's	4: Hanging meat
115	Odd Box Out		40	Abandoned Tent	7: Right side of booth
116	The Largest Total	50	Shack Path	7: Right side of shack
117	Painting a Cube		30	Tower Road	6: Right window
118	Red and Black Cards	50	Town Hall	3: Right window
119	Red and Blue 1		40	Path Entrance	6: Hanging sign
120	Get the Ball Out! 3	60	Sewer		7: Manhole
	Total			4175
121	Diamond in the Flag	60	Layton's Challenges
122	The Next Die		60	Layton's Challenges
123	Tons of Triangles	60	Layton's Challenges
124	Missing Number		70	Layton's Challenges
125	Rolling the Die		80	Layton's Challenges
126	Red and Blue 2		70	Layton's Challenges
127	Perimeter Perplexer	70	Layton's Challenges
128	Number Lock		70	Layton's Challenges
129	Fouf Balls		70	Layton's Challenges
130	Too Many Queens 5	99	Layton's Challenges
131	Heavier or Lighter?	99	Layton's Challenges
132	Princess in a Box 2	80	Layton's Challenges
133	Finish the Equation	70	Layton's Challenges
134	Land Disputes		80	Layton's Challenges
135	Royal Escape		99	Layton's Challenges
	Total with bonuses	5312


The hints of each puzzle found in-game follow. These can be unlocked with a Hint
Coin. Here are the hints in case you want them without spending the Hint Coins.
I am not the author of these hints, I merely transcribed them. Other info:
there are 170 Hint Coins in the game (according to ScurvyDerv).

001 Where's the Town?
    1.	You can use the stylus for a whole lot more than just circling the
        answer, you know. Try tracing a path--any path-- to see if it connects
        to more than one town.
        Try it a few times until you are confident you have the right answer.
        Then just tap the submit icon.
    2.	Still stumped? Try tracing paths backward, so that you start from a
        village and work your way back. This will make it easy for you to see if
        any other towns are connected to the one you selected.
    3.	Just look for the town that's not connected to any other. In other
        words, any town that's connected to another can't possibly be the right
        If you take a look at the map, you should be able to see any connections
        between towns with no trouble.

002 The Crank and Slot
    1.  First, get a good, long look at the shape of the crank. How is the
        central axle shaped? Are the little protrusions around the edges of the
        crank triangular or square?
        Next, look at where those funny shapes stick out on the crank.
        Starting to make sense?
    2.  While you need to pay attention to the actual features of the crank and
        slot, you also need to remember that the shape of the slot is a mirror
        image of the crank.
        That's right, you have to stare at the crank straight on and then look
        for the slot that mirrors it.
    3.  The central axle on the crank has five sides. There are three shapes
        attached to the main axle, one triangle and two squares.
        One of the small squares sits right on top of one of the central axle's
        five corners, while the other two shapes sit flush on two sides of the
        All right, now you have everything you need. Don't forget that you need
        to flip the crank's shape when searching for the slot!

003 Strange Hats
    1.  Don't just pick an answer based on what you see on the screen.
        If this puzzle could be solved with a quick glance at the screen, it
        wouldn't be much of a puzzle, now would it?
        The human eye perceives vertical and horizontal length differently.
    2.  B is certainly not the hat you are looking for.
    3.  D isn't the right hat either.

004 Where's My House?
    1.  To face the morning sun, one must, of course, look eastward. The map
        shows north pointing toward the top of the 
        screen, so which direction indicates east?
    2.  The rising sun comes from the east. On this map, that means it comes
        from the right.
        Therefore, if you follow the directions, you should be facing to the
        right after you take your last turn.
    3.  Trying to follow the directions from each house only complicates
        matters. Instead, why not follow the directions in reverse? Needless to
        say, going backward means the directions you turn will reverse as well.
        Start by facing right, then head left down the road then take a left,
        then another left...

005 Digital Digits
    1.  As mentioned earlier, this digital clock works on a 12-hour display
        system. This means you'll cycle through the numbers twice a day.
        Therefore, before you submit your answer, you need to double the number
        of times you found to account for a.m. and p.m.
    2.  You probably have already picked up on combinations like 1:11 and 2:22,
        but finding the less obvious combinations is what makes up the real meat
        of this problem.
        Did you for example, remember to include the time 10:00?
    3.  12:22 is another combination that's easy to overlook.
        Also, have you thought about 11:12? Be sure to take a look at the
        various combinations that follow the above time as well.

006 Light Weight
    1.  You're not weighing two sets of four weights on your first use of the
        scale, are you?
        If you do that, you'll only have one more chance left to determine which
        of four weights is the light one.
        But you probably already know that, right?
    2.  Maybe thinking about another example will help you out here. Imagine you
        have three weights, one of which is lighter than the rest.
        To find the light weight, all you gotta do is weigh any two of the
        three. If one of the weights on the scale is lighter, there's your
        answer. If the two weights on the scale are the same, the remaining
        weight is the light one.
    3.  Think about the last hint. You can figure out the light weight in a
        group of three with one use of the scale. 
        If you can narrow the number of weights in question to three in one use
        of the scale, you've got your answer.

007 Wolves and Chicks
    1.  Do you find yourself moving the raft back and forth only to end up with
        the animals back in the start position?
        Somewhere within your movements, you are doing something that restores
        the animals to their original positions.
        When you've found that point, try to do something different than you
        have thus far. It might bring you closer to the answer.
    2.  You don't necessarily have to take two animals over on every trip and
        then bring only one back. Sometimes you may want to bring two animals
        For starters, try getting all three of the wolves to the right side.
        Then you can slowly start swapping out wolves for chicks.
    3.  Let's recap the previous hint. First, get all the wolves to the right
        side of the river. Then, start swapping the wolves for chicks. When you
        start to have too few chicks on the left bank of the river, you can
        bring a chick back over with a wolf to keep your remaining chick from
        getting eaten.

008 Farm Work
    1.  The two workers receive $100 for the job and divide it according to the
        amount of work each person did. In this case, "work" refers to the
        number of acres each person seeded.
        Read the puzzle again and think about exactly how much work each person
    2.  Since work refers to the number of acres each person seeded, the amount
        of time each person took isn't a factor in deciding payment.
    3.  Did you see the sentence that said that Roland and Alfred were assigned
        a 10-acre plot of land to work together and split it in half? What does
        that tell you about the amount of work each person did?

009 One Poor Pooch
    1.  The original shape shows the dog walking. Think about how that shape
        will change after the dog gets hit by the car.
    2.  Dogs walk on all four legs, but since this poor pooch isn't doing much
        walking anymore, the position of his legs must have changed.
    3.  The dog is probably sprawled out on the pavement where it got hit. To
        show this, you'll need to move two of his legs, or two matches. Take the
        two legs in the middle and bring them above.

010 Alphabet
    1.  Z isn't the answer. Though it might not seem like it, that's a very big
    2.  The letter after P isn't Q. It's H.
    3.  Still nothing? Look at the title of this puzzle. It's all you really
        need to know.

011 Arc and Line
    1.  Surely somebody must have looked at the diagram and realized that the
        triangle formed by points A, B, and C is a right triangle.
        That's sharp thinking and exactly right. However, are you sure there
        isn't a much easier way to find the answer?
    2.  You don't need the Pythagorean theorem to answer this one. Something
        else in the diagram should be the exact same length as AC.
    3.  Notice that diagonal line AC within the rectangle is the same size as
        the diagonal line BD.
        Have you also noticed that BD is also the same length as another part of
        this diagram?

012 Make a Rectangle
    1.  The example shape that the puzzle shows you (Diagram 2) isn't at all
        indicative of the shape you're looking for.
        Think about a totally different shape you'd like to try.
    2.  The paper has a total area of 15 squares.
        Since you're trying to assemble the rectangle, the only dimensions
        possible are 3x5 squares or 5x3 squares.
    3.  Look for a piece that can help you complete a rectangle that's five
        squares tall.
        Now that you know the height of your rectangle, you should be able to
        narrow down your options a little.

013 Sinking Ship
    1.  In 20 minutes, the raft can make two round-trips to the boat.
        Where is that boat located after two trips to the island and back?
    2.  After two round-trips, the raft returns to the ship. At this point, 18
        minutes have passed, but since the ship hasn't sunk yet, there's no
        reason the raft can't pick up a few more pa