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| GAME NAME     : Duke Nukem 3D and Atomic Edition |
| FAQ NAME      : Complete FAQ / Walkthrough       |
| PLATFORM      : PC / Macintosh                   |
| VERSION       : 2.05                             |
| DATE          : 2008.01.21                       |
| AUTHOR        : Keith McLeod                     |
| E-MAIL        : sturmtiger@gmail.com             |
| COMPOSED WITH : Notepad 80 pt.                   |

| [01-00] Table of Contents |==================================================

 [01-00] Table of Contents        
 [02-00] Introduction
	 [02-01]   The Game Menu          		 
	 [02-02]   Game Controls                	
	 [02-03]   The Basics  		  		
	 [02-04]   Environmental Interactions	   	

 [03-00] Pickups                       
	 [03-01]   Recovery Pickups             	
	 [03-02]   Useable Items                	
	 [03-03]   Weapons and Ammo     		
 [04-00] Enemies                       

	 [04-01]   Common Enemies               	
	 [04-02]   Boss Enemies                 	
	 [04-03]   Shots to Kill                	

 [05-00] Walkthrough                   

	 [05-01]   Episode 1 - L.A Meltdown     	
	 [05-02]   Episode 2 - Lunar Apocalypse 	
	 [05-03]   Episode 3 - Shrapnel City    	
	 [05-04]   Episode 4 - The Birth        	

 [06-00] Cheating                      

	 [06-01]   Cheat Codes              		
	 [06-02]   .CON Files          			

 [07-00] Duke Related Stuff            

	 [07-01]   Easter Eggs                  	
	 [07-02]   Duke Speak		          	
	 [07-03]   Text Transcriptions          	
	 [07-04]   Game Credits	          		
	 [07-05]   On The Atomic Edition Disc   	
	 [07-06]   Unused Sprites 		  	

 [08-00] FAQs                          			

 [09-00] FAQ Information and Copyright 

	 [09-01]   Updates		          	
	 [09-02]   Credits                      
	 [09-03]   Contact Info                 
	 [09-04]   Copyright                    

You can go to any section in this guide by copying and pasting the Section 
Number into the CTRL+F dialog box. This will take you to that section. 
Throughout the guide, I reference other sections using the notation of ##-##.
For example, I may reference section 06-01. If you copy and paste that into 
the CTRL+F search dialogue and add a pair of square braces - [] -  around it, 
then you will go to that section quickly. Searching for 06-01 will therefore
bring you to the Cheat Codes section.

When you reach a section, depending on the length of that section there may be
a Listing of Contents. This is a mini Table of Contents and will direct you
to the various important parts in that section. For example, in the Enemies 
section, there will be a table that will "link" to the different enemies in the
game. Note that not all sections deserve a Listing of Contents because some
sections are quite small (the Introduction or Controls sections for example).

| [02-00] Introduction |=======================================================
Welcome to my Duke Nukem 3D walkthrough. This guide contains a "getting 
started" section for those new to the game, a breakdown of enemies and 
weapons, a full walkthrough for every level of the game, a list of secrets
and Easter eggs in the game, and some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Duke Nukem 3D is the legendary first person shooting game (FPS) that combined
great level design with the gritty style and attitude of Duke Nukem, a trash
talking anti-hero with a vendetta against alien scum. Duke Nukem 3D, unlike 
it's predecessors DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D, was able to have full 3D movement,
rooms on top of rooms, and much more - making the FPS genre not only more 
entertaining, but more technically advanced as well. Fond words are still
spoken of Duke as the last great Duke Nukem game, and possibly the last 
traditional FPS Duke game (if the much-delayed Duke Nukem Forever does not 
come out soon!).  

[02-00-01] What You Won't Find in This Guide
This FAQ will cover many of the single player gameplay aspects of this guide, 
however, it will not cover the following aspects:

 + Multiplayer (TEN, LAN games, etc)
 + Technical issues (Will this work on Vista? XP?, etc)
 + DOS with relation to this game (much of this can be found in the official 
 + Unofficial mods and addons (there are a few sites dedicated to these, and 
   they would do a much better cataloging job then I would)

[02-00-02] Language Warning
There is some coarse language in this guide. I personally don't swear in the 
walkthrough, but I do have transcripts of some of the in game content. This
is primarily in the section 7, which is called "Duke Related Stuff". If you 
are sensitive to this kind of thing, here is fair warning to you.

[02-00-03] Assumptions Made When Using This Guide
If you are playing through the full game, you should have at least the first
three episodes and the 1.5 Patch (available at 3drealms.com). Ideally, you 
will have the Plutonium Pak / Atomic Edition which has the fourth episode and
will already be updated.

The walkthrough has been written for the Come Get Some difficulty. Much of it
will be similar to the other difficulty levels except for the appearances of
enemies. This will be discussed in section 02-02-01.

[02-00-04] Recognition and Acknowledgements
This guide wouldn't have been possible without the help of many contributors.
See Section 10-02 for the full listing of contributors, but I feel that these
folks here have put an exceptional amount of time into Duke and this guide.

Fernando Calvo: This man has contributed so much info to the guide, in the 
form of Easter eggs, corrections and much, much more. He is also the reigning
speed run king of Duke. Thanks so much!

Jacek D: Like Fernando, Jacek has added tons of info and corrections to the
guide. Without him it would be much more innacurate. Thanks!

Stephen Worek: Another contributor of mass eggs and corrections. Thanks!

Mike P.: I have been told that my guide is hard to read at times because of
the abbreviations. Mike cleaned up the whole guide and hopefully made it more
readable for a larger audience. Thanks!

[02-00-05] Further Duke Resources
There are many other great resoruces for Duke on the Internet. This section
will link to a few of these resources.

Fernando's Speed Walkthroughs: http://www.red-stars.net/content/Main_Page
This site, a co-effort by speedrun masters Fernando Calvo and JLennox, 
is truly the only place to go on the Internet if you ever need anything with 
regards to speed-running in Duke. This site has videos every level in detail
along wtih an explanation of tips and tricks. Fernando and JLennox recently 
created the next episode in their series of Duke 3D runs - Duke Done Quicker,
and they beat the entire game (all four episodes!) in 21:43, or 24:30 with 
secret levels. Follow the link below to see the movie:

Oh yeah - don't try to beat Fernando's times, he will crush you.

eScenCe's Video Walkthroughs: http://escence.blog.de/?tag=duke+nukem+3d
This site was created by Sebastian "eScenCe" S. and is intended to provide a 
video talkthrough for every level in the game. The website is in German. The 
video walkthroughs use the High Resolution Pack (HRP - See below).

JonoF's Duke 3D Port: http://jonof.edgenetwork.org/index.php?p=jfduke3d
JonoF is the creater of a Win32 port for Duke Nukem 3D, that will allow the 
user to play Duke Nukem 3D natively in a Windows-based environment without the
hassle of DOS. It should address nearly all the compatability issues with
other systems, and combinted with a program like DukesterX it allows for similar
hassle free multiplayer.

Duke HRP (High Resolution Pack): http://hrp.duke4.net/faq.php
Ever wanted to play Duke3D with 3D graphics? Well, this might well be the only
way that you'll play a Duke First Person Shooter with 3D graphics unless Duke
manages to get his act together for Duke Nukem Forever. The mod is absolutely 
glorius and it would be a shame to miss out on it.

LameDuke Guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/197174/49093
Curious about the beta of Duke Nukem 3D? Fear not, the guide created by yours
truly still exists, though it is found at the above address now (amongst other

3D Realms Website: http://forums.3drealms.com/vb/index.php
One of few active communites on the web for Duke 3D and other Duke games on the
web, the website provides much insight on Duke 3D and it's community through 
the use of it's expansive Forums system.

=| [02-01] The Game Menu |======================================================
After you watch the Introduction movies, you will be launched into the Main 
Menu. There is another menu, known as the In Game menu, that will appear when
you have started playing the game. These will be described below.

[02-01-00] Listing of Contents
[02-01-01] NEW GAME 
[02-01-02] PLAY ON TEN 
[02-01-03] OPTIONS 
[02-01-04] LOAD GAME 
[02-01-05] HELP 
[02-01-06] CREDITS
[02-01-07] QUIT
[02-01-08] SAVE GAME
[02-01-09] QUIT TO TITLE
[02-01-10] OPTIONS (Game Menu)

[02-01-01] NEW GAME
Starts a New Game. You will then be prompted to select an Episode to play and
then a Difficulty to play on.

There are four Episodes (sets of levels) that you can play in Duke 3D. 

L.A MELTDOWN - The only episode that comes with the shareware, and a good
introduction to the game. Doesn't have the full array of weapons to weild or 
enemies to kill that the later episodes do. Set on a freshly invaded Earth, it
has many of the trademark aspects of the game, including strippers, the movie
theatre, and the red light district. It ends with a clash against the mighty
Battlelord in a landed alien spaceship.

LUNAR APOCALYPSE - This episode introduces Duke to the rest of the weapons and
enemies that are in the game. A stark change from the bright overworld of 
Earth, Lunar Apocalypse takes place entirely in space, fighting within 
spaceships and on the moon. It's focus is on challenging level design, and the 
player will be prepared for oncoming episodes should they best this one. Duke
kills the squamous Overlord to end the episode.

SHRAPNEL CITY - Duke comes back to an alien infested Earth to trek to the 
devastating Cycloid Emperor and to save the planet. Venturing through a variety
of urban locales, the player will be challenged against the diverse array of 
monsters and have access to the most powerful weapons. You will fight through 
a Sushi restaurant, the streets of LA, and eventually clash with the Cycloid 
Emperor within a gigantic football stadium.

THE BIRTH - This episode is exclusive to the Plutonium Pak / Atomic Edition.
Duke is summoned back from vacation to help assist in the eradication of new,
more dangerous aliens that threaten to take over the planet. It introduces 
new enemies and weapons to the player, and will take Duke through a number of 
urban and space-style locations, eventually leading to a massive underwater
battle against the dire Alien Queen.

PIECE OF CAKE - The easiest difficulty, with the fewest amount of enemies. 
Newbies to Duke and particularly the FPS genre in general should try this 
out before being eaten alive on the later difficulties.

LET'S ROCK - An average difficulty, with a good amount of enemies to do battle
with. If you are rusty on your skills but still have played FPS games in the 
past, try this.
COME GET SOME - The Hard difficulty. FPS veterans will find this appropriately
challenging as there are the most amount of enemies amongst the levels. 

DAMN I'M GOOD - The Hardest difficulty in the game, recommended only for those
Duke veterans that have conquered everything in their path already. If you 
have played DOOM, it is the equivalent NIGHTMARE difficulty in Duke Nukem 3D.
Besides incorporating the same large amount of enemies that you fight in the
Come Get Some difficulty, if said enemies are not properly disposed of, they 
will return to life to fight again. Even the game's cheat codes can't save 
you anymore - they are locked out with a message saying "You're too good to
be cheating!".

[02-01-02] PLAY ON TEN
Back in this game's heyday this would have connected you to TEN, or the Total
Entertainment Network, where gamers could collaborate in various forms of
Dukematch. Sadly, TEN was shut down.

[02-01-03] OPTIONS
This section will attempt to describe the various options available to the 
player in the game.

DETAIL (High or Low)
 Increases or decreases the detail of the graphics in the games, and it can 
 proportionally increase or decrease the speed of the game on older machines.

SHADOWS (On or Off)
 Turns the shadows in the game on or off, can make the game run smoother on
 older machines.

 When using the "Look Left" or "Look Right" on the keyboard, with this option 
 turned on, the screen will actually tilt a bit. If the option was turned off, 
 when you would press the key you would see what you would actually have seen 
 if you were standing where you are currently looking. [Credit: Jacek D.]

 Additionally, when you die, usually you are simply facing your killer, but 
 with this option on, you will have a tilt in your screen. These two features
 make the game potentially more realistic. 

SCREEN SIZE (Scroll Bar)
 Increase or decrease the screen size; left is smaller and right is larger.

 The default screen size shows the status bar and the full screen onto of it.
 It doesn't compress the screen either, but it cuts out the bottom part of the
 weapon art, so you will actually be missing out on the total animation. After
 you become accustomed to the menu or you just want to see the full weapon art,
 then put the screen size to the maximum. 

 If you are going to make the screen size smaller, a frame will appear around
 the game environment, making it smaller with each notch on the scroll bar.  
 This may be appropriate for older machines.

 Increases or decreases the gamma (brightness level) of the game. Left is 
 darker, right is brighter.

 This is used to change brightness levels depending on either the user's 
 preferences or the current status of the monitor; the default value should
 suffice for a properly configured monitor.

 Increases or decreases how sensitive the mouse is. Left is less sensitive, 
 right is more sensitive.

 This modifies how fast the mouse moves in game, if you are using it. You may 
 be able to configure this through other means (some not in game).

Triggers if when moving the mouse towards the screen, it goes up in the game
 and vice versa. If you are used to flight sims or something, or you just have
 a preference for having your aiming axis switched, then toggle this.

 If off, moving the mouse towards the monitor will cause you to look down and
 away from the monitor will cause you to look up. If on, when the mouse is 
 moving towards the screen you will look up and when you move away from the 
 screen you will look down.

RECORD (On or Off)
 Starts a recording session if turned on (it's easier to record games from the 
 command prompt, however).

Sound is a submenu within the Options menu.

SOUND (On or Off)
 Turns the sound in the game on or off.

MUSIC (On or Off)
 Turns the MIDI music in the game on or off.

 Modifies the volume level of the sounds in the game.

 Modifies the volume level of the music in the game.

DUKE TALK (On or Off)
 Toggles if Duke talks or not in the game. Also stops Duke from cracking his 
 knuckles if you stand still for too long.

AMBIENCE (On or Off)
 Turns off the extra background sounds in the game but leaves on sounds that 
 come from objects (such as the explosion from an RPG round).

 Flips the sound channels that are going to your left and right speakers 
 to go to right and left ones instead, respectively.

Parental Lock is a submenu within the Options menu.

ADULT MODE (On or Off)
 Used to censor the stuff that makes Duke an adult game and makes it fairly 
 suitable for younger folk.
 If turned off, it disables all graphics of females, all violent sprites (such
 as the blood that comes out of enemies when they get shot, body parts of
 enemies when they are blown up, unnecessary blood stains on walls and other
 violent stuff like that) and turns off all the sound files that have Duke
 swearing or making vulgar comments etc, disables "Remote Ridicule", turns
 off the endings.

 Allows you to enter a password to restrict access to turning on the Adult 

 You have to be on the adult mode to make the password. You can enter up to 
 19 characters. If you enter nothing, then there will be no passwords required.
 To take off a password if you are in the normal mode, enter the password and
 then choose the Enter Password option a second time. Enter nothing in that 
 field and then the password will be removed.

[02-01-04] LOAD GAME
Brings you to a screen where you can choose one of the ten possible saved games
and load it to restart from your last saved position.

[02-01-05] HELP
The HELP option brings up two screens. The first is the story screen (this is 
detailed in Section 07-03-01, Introduction). The second screen is a list of 
all the default key settings in the game (they are detailed in the guide in
section 02-03).

[02-01-06] CREDITS
Brings up a few screens of credits that you can scroll through using Enter or
space (see the Credits section for a transcription of this).

[02-01-07] QUIT
Terminates the game, and exits you to the DOS prompt with an exiting splash

[02-01-08] SAVE GAME
Brings you up to a screen where you can save your game in any of the ten slots
there. Each save game slot also has a picture file that is saved with it to 
show the region where you saved the game.

To save your game, choose the slot that you want to save your game on and press
enter. If there was a game saved previously, then it will ask you if you want
to overwrite it (Yes or No). Then, type in a maximum of 19 characters to
identify the file and press Enter. The game has now been saved.

[02-01-09] QUIT TO TITLE
Quits the current game you are playing (without saving it) and returns you to
the title screen. 

[02-01-10] OPTIONS (Game Menu)
Identical to the options in the Main Menu, but you can't begin a recording 
session in the middle of a level.

=| [02-02] Game Controls|======================================================
This section will outline the default controls that are used to get around 
the game. These can be changed using the SETUP.EXE program that comes with 
Duke Nukem 3D. They can be viewed by pressing F1 and scrolling through the
help screens in-game.

[02-02-01] Movement
A: Jump
Z: Duck

Arrows     : Move
Shift      : Run
CapsLock   : Toggle Autorun (by default, it is off)
Alt        : Hold to strafe using Left and Right arrows
',' and '.': Left Strafe and Right Strafe
Ctrl       : Fire current weapon
SpaceBar   : Use something in the environment (a door, for example)
Backspace  : Spin around 180 degrees

[02-02-02] Item Keys
H: Holoduke
J: JetPack
N: Nightvision
M: Medkit
R: Steroids

ENTER  : Use item
[ or ] : Scroll through items

[02-02-03] Weapon Keys
1: Quick Kick
2: Mighty Foot
3: Pistol
4: Shotgun
5: Chaingun Cannon
6: RPG
7: Pipebomb
8: Shrink Ray
9: Devastator
0: Laser Trip Bomb

";" and "'" : Scroll through Weapons
ScrLock     : Holster Weapon (no real function aside from clearing the screen)

[02-02-04] Looking Around
PgUp/PgDn  : Look up or down
Home / End : Aim up or down
Keypad 5   : Center View
Ins/Del    : Look Left or Right


TAB   : Toggle the map or change the map type. There is a "skeleton" map layer, 
	and then a textured map layer that shows the ground textures and 
	other features of the level. Duke is represented by a overhead version
	of himself. You can't see monsters or pickups from the map.
- , + : Zoom in and out
F     : Follow map mode

[02-02-05] Function Keys
F1 : Help
F2 : Save
F3 : Load
F4 : Sound / Music
F5 : Select Music
F6 : Quick Save
F7 : Third Person View
F8 : Toggle Messages
F9 : Quick Load
F10: Quit Game
F11: Select Brightness
F12: Save Screenshot (It is saved in the .PCX format)

[02-02-06] Misc. Keys
- or + : Resize the Screen
U      : Toggle Mouse Aiming
I      : Toggle Crosshairs

[02-02-07] Multiplayer Keys
T: Send message
W: Show opponent's weapon
K: Show Co-Op view
SHIFT + Function  : Send text macro (a macro is a configurable string of
characters to likely mock your opponent).
ALT + Function Key: Send sound macro (remote ridicule - see DukeSpeak section
for more details).

=| [02-03] The Basics |========================================================
This section is intended to explain the very basics of the Duke Nukem 3D game 
to the first time player. If you haven't played the game - or any First Person
Shooter (FPS) game before - then reading this section could be to your benefit.

The objective of the game is to fight your way through the Episodes and kill 
Bosses at the end of them. An Episode is a collection of Levels. Levels are the 
different themed locations where parts of the game take place. Within the 
levels, there are Enemies, Weapons, Items, and environmental hazards. Using
the Items and Weapons, conquer the Enemies and avoid the environmental hazards.
Should you accomplish this, you will come to an Exit Symbol - this will take
you to the next level. Once you progress through enough levels you will come to
the Boss monster - a souped up enemy that will challenge your skills to this 
point. Once you kill him, you have "won" the episode. Do this to the other
episodes. Eventually, you will have beaten the entire game!

That all sounds easy, but in reality, it will prove to be quite a challenge. 

[02-03-01] Your Status
The first thing that you should notice is the bar with all the numbers covering
the bottom of your screen. This has all of the statistics that you will find
useful in your journey throughout the game. The status bar includes the 
following information:

Health: Duke's health is measured in a percentage, by default, he's 100% 
healthy. He can get up to 200% using special items. However, when he is 
injured, he becomes markedly more unhealthy. This is reflected by taking off a
number of percentage points based on how much the thing that hit him hurt. If 
Duke's health reaches zero, he dies, and you have to either restart the level 
or restart from your last save point (save early, save often!). 

Luckily for Duke, Health can be recovered in various ways. The most common are 
the following:
 + Recovery Pickups (section 03-01)
 + Toilets and Urinals (Section 02-04-05)
 + Portable Medikit (Section 03-02-01)

Armor: Duke's armor is also measured in a percentage. Duke doesn't start off 
with any body armor, it has to be found from the levels or wrangled from an
unwilling Pig Cop. Armor reduces incoming damage from any attack, so it's a 
nice thing to have undoubtedly. Armor is discussed in section 03-01-04.

Ammo: The next most important commodity is ammunition, or ammo. Ammo is used 
to make your weapons function, whether by placing a laser tripbomb or launching
a rocket propelled grenade. Ammo is found all over the place in the game, 
either lying about, hidden in a secret area, or from a monster wielding a 
similar gun. Keep an eye on your ammo, because if it gets too low, you'll be 
forced to switch to a gun with ammo. If you have no guns with ammo, you will
fighting alien swarms with just your boot!

Weapons: Weapons are used to kill things. The status bar shows you what weapons
you currently have access to. The gauge on the right of the bar shows the 
weapons that you can get, and if you have them, the numbers corresponding to 
the weapon light up. The actual numbers are the tally of the Ammo you have
left for all your guns. This means you can keep an eye on the tally of ammo
for all the guns you have. Useful, indeed. For detailed descriptions of the 
weapons and ammo in the game, check out section 03-03.

Keys: This shows a list of the keys that you have. Keys are, like they sound,
required to open doors. There are three kinds of keys in the game: Red, Blue,
and Yellow. Almost every level uses a key. Keys unlock doors corresponding to
their color. For more on switches, see section 02-04-08.

Item: This shows the item that you have "at the ready". This shows the status 
of the item, measured in a percentage. Their status is indicative of how long
you can use them before they fizzle out. The various items in the game are
discussed in section 03-02. Note that you don't have to have an item "at the 
ready" to use it, there are hotkeys in the game for each item (thus you can 
use the Portable Medikit while you are flying around on a Jetpack, or use
Night Vision Goggles under the influence of Steroids).

[02-03-02] Moving Around The Game
Once you have figured out the game, you will then be prompted to start 
exploring and conquering the game world. This is done by using the movement 
keys (Section 02-02) - since the game is played in three dimensions, not only
can you move to and fro, but you can jump over obstacles, crawl through 
vents, swim through water, and fall off cliffs if you aren't careful. You will
have to master these essential skills early. The Jetpack gives you freedom of
movement for a limited time and is an important tool in the arsenal of Duke.

The next item of interest is doors. Doors sound simple enough - use them and 
sometimes they will open for you, providing access to an important part of the 
level. Other times they are locked, and require that you find a switch, input a
combination on a set of nearby switches, or use a Key to open them. They could
also be guarded by a forcefield, or simply be a wall that you have to destroy.
In any case, using the doors in the game is essential too. Learn them well.

Weapons and items, as described above, are found all about the levels in the
game. Pick them up as you see fit and use them. They are described in the 
sections referenced above.

Use the weapons that you find to kill the enemies. To shoot a gun, aim it at 
the target using the crosshairs (if you have them turned on). Otherwise, aim
at their general direction and press the Fire button. Every successful hit that
you score will remove an amount of health from the total possessed by that 
enemy. Once that enemy's health is reduced to zero, you kill it. In fact, they
may drop something of interest, like a weapon or some armor.

Enemies won't just fall down before you, though. A Trooper will launch away on 
his Jetpack, ready to shoot at you while evading your weapons. An RPV will 
launch fly-by attacks while avoiding your RPG blasts, and Alien Drones will 
relentlessly tear you to pieces or shrink you to a pint size just to squish you.
You'll have to find a way to kill these enemies without being killed yourself.
You can find strategies on killing enemies in section 04-00.

Now that you know how to move, progress, and kill your way through a level, 
you should be able to end it. Thus, you will have to find the Exit Symbol. 
Exit Symbols are large atomic-symbols that Duke will explode when he Uses them.
Once this is accomplished, you beat that level, and can continue on in the 

[02-03-03] Secrets!
Perhaps you found a secret area on your own, noticing a peculiar crack in the
wall. Or, you may have stumbled into a secret cache of weapons and items 
without knowing it. In either case, you have come across a Secret - an 
important (but secondary) challenge in Duke Nukem 3D. The challenge is to find
the secrets in the game (even without the aid of a guide like this one!) and
use their treasure as an advantage against the advancing alien hordes. However,
not everyone has the patience to probe around levels for tiny cracks in the 
wall and such, so that's where this guide comes in. 

Secret areas are usually marked somehow. Perhaps they are a crack in the wall,
an oddly colored panel, a door that opens after you cross an invisible 
threshold, or even just an out of the way cave. Seeking out secrets provides
another dimension of enjoyment and completion to the game.

On top of this, there are even Secret Levels! This could provide even the most
staunch adventurer a reason to go relic hunting, as it were - secret levels
provide more challenges, items and weapons that can be used later in the
Episode. A level can obviously have a "regular" exit and a Secret exit, but 
usually only have Regular exits. On the occasion that there is a secret exit to
be found, the Exit Symbol will be green, and a demonic voice will pronounce 
"Secret Level". Search for these!

=| [02-04] Environmental Interactions |========================================
Duke Nukem 3D is a large game with a lot to do in it. You can interact with the
environment in various ways.

[02-04-00] Listing of Contents
[02-04-01] Babes
[02-04-02] Breakable Stuff
[02-04-03] Explodables
[02-04-04] Teleportation Pads
[02-04-05] Toilets and Water
[02-04-06] Vents
[02-04-07] Cracks
[02-04-08] Switches
[02-04-09] Cameras and Monitors
[02-04-10] Indestructible Guns
[02-04-11] Environmental Damage Sources
[02-04-12] Forcefields
[02-04-13] Mirrors
[02-04-14] Water
[02-04-15] Exit Symbols
[02-04-16] Claws

[02-04-01] Babes
You will find women all over your travels in the game. They will either be 
encased in green alien sludge or just standing around. You can interact with
them by pressing the USE key. Those so encased will ask you to slay them, which
is highly not recommended (see below). Otherwise, Duke will give them some 
money, which they may reciprocate with another service...

Killing a babe outright is not recommended. Besides being ethically 
questionable, it will warp in angry aliens that will attack you instantly -
sometimes even Battlelords, so be careful where you shoot when a babe is 
nearby. Alas, even enemies can inadvertently kill a babe, so you may find 
yourself killing additional enemies anyways. Also, a Babe may impede your 
progress to finding a hidden room or acquiring an item, so it may be an 
unavoidable evil in these situations.

[02-04-02] Breakable Stuff
There are many objects in this game that are breakable with your weapons. Pots,
plates, computer screens, trees, signs and so forth. This usually doesn't 
affect the course of the game to a great extent but makes things interesting!
Blowing up metal trashcans sometimes yields useful items so be sure to take 
them out with your boot whenever you see them.

There are various degrees of toughness in the game for items that can be blown
up. For example, clocks, plants, computers and other things only require one
hit from anything for it to be destroyed. Other things, like the dolphin in the
Shop-N-Go level or babes require more to destroy them. Some stuff can only be 
destroyed by explosives - Signs, like the Parking sign in Hollywood Holocaust 
level, palm trees, and rubber garbage cans require a blast from an explosive
weapon for them to be destroyed completely. Try destroying everything, you 
might be surprised at the degree of destruction available to you.

[02-04-03] Explodables
Explodables are somewhat of subsection of Breakable Stuff, though they have an
important property - that of creating an explosion. Destroying such an item 
with even a bullet based weapon will create said explosion, damaging nearby 
objects and enemies and (of particular use) destroying walls concealing 
secrets. They are usually in the form of large orange canisters, fire 
extinguishers, or the archetypical dangerous barrel. 

[02-04-04] Teleportation Pads
These are square pads with a white beam in the middle that will transport you
to another location on the map. You can shoot weapons with the Projectile 
quality through the teleporters, as well as pipebombs. This can lead to some 
devious strategic shooting, though beware - enemies that shoot projectiles 
can exploit this too!

Duke can perform what is known to FPS players as the "Tele-Frag". If an enemy
is sitting on a teleportation pad, stepping through the other end of the 
teleporter will cause Duke to land within the same space that the enemy 
occupies, reducing them to giblets. Careful though - if you are in a DukeMatch
you can be a victim of a Tele-Frag yourself!

[02-04-05] Toilets and Water
Toilets and urinals are commonplace in Duke, obviously found in bathroom areas.
Pressing the Use key in front of one of these fixtures will increase your 
health by 10 to a maximum of 100, however, you will be stuck in front of the 
object, unable to use weapons or defend yourself until the animation is 
finished. The fixture could indeed be destroyed, while in use, though you will
still get the benefit if this occurs. You can relieve yourself in this manner
once a level.

Other sources of water found in the game can be drank to recover 1 Health per
second. These include water fountains and water sprays. Destroying a urinal, 
toilet, water fountain, or fire hydrant will create a water spray though they
can be found naturally as well. Destroying a fixture in such a way requires 
only a single shot from any weapon. You can recover as much health as you want
in this manner to a maximum of 100 Health, though it is fairly tedious.

[02-04-06] Vents
You will often come across grates in the wall that are breakable. Sometimes, 
these are essential to completing a level while at other times they simply
lead to other areas or secret rooms. You can break them in one shot with
any weapon. There are also ceiling and wall fans in the game that can be broken
in the same fashion. Typically you are forced to crouch down in the vent but
they can be of any size once you enter.  

[02-04-07] Cracks
Cracks in a wall almost always signify either a secret area or a pathway onto
a new area of the level. Any weapon with the Explosive quality can destroy a 
cracked surface, as well as explosive environmental sources and enemies that 
employ explosive weapons.  

Once in a while you may run into the art for a crack in the wall, but when 
firing at it the surface will not explode. These cracks are for decoration 
only (however, they are fairly rare). 

[02-04-08] Switches
Switches, buttons, levers and key slots are all integral parts of Duke 3D.  
They provide access to various parts of levels in the game. Using a switch
is simple, just press the Use key in front of it. There are some switches in
the game that can be activated by shooting them with a Bullet-based weapon as
well - these are typically shaped like a large round or square button. Others 
cannot be shot and are typically lever-like. 

There are a number of grouped switches throughout Duke 3D that are required to 
be pressed in a certain order for the corresponding door to be opened. For 
example, a group of three switches may require the first and third buttons to 
be depressed but not the second. In the guide, these are represented by the 
following, with the combinations going from either left to right or up to down:

 + O - The switch is in the off position.
 + X - The switch is in the on position.

Thus, the switch group in the previous example would be represented by X O X. 

The most important switch is the Key Slot. These are required to progress in
almost every level. Using a Key Slot requires a keycard of the appropriate 
color, found somewhere in the same level. There are three key colors and 
corresponding slots - Red, Blue, and Yellow. Once Key Slot is activated, the 
door (or other function) that it opens does not need to use that key again
to function.

There is one other type of switch in the game - the common light switch. 
Typically represented by a small, inconspicuous light switch, they modify the 
lighting conditions in a room - this could be to your benefit. Occasionally,
however, they may trigger a secret area, so don't ignore them!

[02-04-09] Cameras and Monitors
The combination of camera and monitor is an effective scouting tool for Duke. 
Looking into a monitor - usually a large black screen with a purple forcefield
in front of it as well as a "SECUIRTY" message on it - will allow a view of 
other parts of the level, including any items or enemies that may be in them. 
Some of the cameras that the monitors are connected to are stationary while 
others have a limited degree of movement. Many monitors have access to several
cameras - continue pressing the Use key to scroll through them. Be aware that
Duke is vulnerable to enemy fire when using a monitor.

You can detonate pipebombs when you are using a monitor, and this can be good
if you are setting traps for enemies in the game, or particularly useful for

Occasionally, you will find a non-standard monitor (like a TV screen) that 
displays a message that may be of some use (or just an Easter egg). 

[02-04-10] Indestructible Guns
In contrast to the destructible Mounted Gun that is found throughout the game,
there are weapons that are mounted to walls that fire continuous streams of
either laser blasts or shrink ray bursts. They fire without prejudice, so 
you can try and maneuver enemies in front of them to your benefit. They can't 
be destroyed in any way, however, sometimes you may be able to use a physical 
feature of the level to block their fire.

Some levels require that you use the Indestructible Shrink Ray gun to progress
through the level. You are entirely vulnerable in this state, so be wary of 
what you do while shrunk.

[02-04-11] Environmental Damage Sources
Aside from the enemies that have it out for you, the environment isn't 
particularly hospitable either. In addition to the explodable items and 
indestructible guns described earlier, you can encounter objects in the game
that will deal you damage with a mere touch. These include obvious things like
fire, electricity, and some forcefields (see below). 

Another FPS standard is the use of dangerous floor materials. Sometimes the 
floor might be composed of acid or lava or be electrified - this will do a 
pretty large amount of damage if you stay on for too long. Protective Boots
will negate this damage until they wear out, and you can use your Jetpack to 
avoid touching the stuff at all. Steroids can be used to get across these
surfaces quickly too, and if worse comes to worse, you can "bunny hop" - jump
around like an idiot to avoid touching the ground. 

In addition to the regular dangerous floor materials, in Episode 4 there are a
few pits of extremely potent "Hyper Acid" that can't be navigated over by a 
Jetpack, and eat through Boots, armor and health much faster than the regular 
stuff. This acid is purple. Luckily, it is rare - but if you see your health 
degrading very fast, you know that you are on this acid.

You can be squished by various things in the game too, including rotating 
walls, compressing doors, and things like big pistons and so forth. These will
cause you (and most other enemies) instant death. You can also get squished by
things that shouldn't squish you (revolving doors and so forth). Carts and 
other fast moving things can kill you. And if you fall from high places, you
will take damage (if you fall from a very high place, you can die instantly).
Doors can also crush enemies (but not you that easily).

There are laser trip bombs that can be found throughout the game that have 
already been activated. If you cross their laser, they will explode as normal.
Be sure to shoot them with an explosive weapon, or avoid them by jumping over
or ducking under them to neutralize the threat.

There are underwater mines that hang from chains. If you get close to them
or shoot them they will explode, dealing about as much damage as a laser trip
bomb. If you can, be at a far enough range to shoot and destroy these traps.

There are also little electric outlets on some walls near the floor. You can 
"use" the outlets near the floor, and you will take 1 damage each time. Bright

[02-04-12] Forcefields
Forcefields are one of the key obstacles in Duke 3D as they generally block of
access to key parts of a level. They are often able to be toggled by a switch
or combination of some sort. The functionality of the forcefields differ with
the color of it. Some may cause damage to you, these are usually green or 
blue colored. Others are purple and are generally harmless. Some areas may not
have a visible forcefield, but become apparent when you either touch or fire at
it; usually these are also harmless and are just used as barriers to prevent 
movement into areas like outer space.

Forcefields prevent all fire, enemy or yours, from penetrating them. However,
you can exploit forcefields a bit. Enemies will shoot at you behind a force
field, but will get prevented by it. If the enemies are close to a
forcefield, they can be hit by things with a blast radius, but the most 
recommended gun for this is the RPG. It can be useful but is limited to only a
few situations. Enemies with explosive weapons will still fire at you despite
the forcefield, so they may kill their allies while the forcefield is still

[02-04-13] Mirrors
Mirrors are in a few levels in the game, showing a mirror image of Duke and
his surroundings and mimicking his movements to a degree. The other function
of mirrors is that they reflect shrink rays, either yours, an Alien Drone's or a
mounted emplacement's. This allows you to shrink yourself, in order to get to 
either progress with a level or get to a secret area. Of course, you can use
mirrors to scout out the area where the mirror is reflecting. Curiously, the 
Microwave Expander blasts cannot be reflected from mirrors...

If, for some reason, you dislike mirrors they can be destroyed with an 
explosion or by throwing a Pipebomb at the mirror (it doesn't need to be 
detonated). What remains will typically be a shattered mirror against a wooden

[02-04-14] Water
Water is around in many levels, and in some it is required that you submerge in
them to progress. You don't have to submerge right away, you can stay "afloat"
and have full capability. You'll know when you go underwater because the screen
tint changes to blue. You can leap out of the water onto surfaces close to 
the ground / water interface by using the jump key when you are in this 
"wading" mode. To dive underwater use the crouch key, and then you can navigate
as if you had full range of motion (see below).

Underwater you can use all your weapons, however, the way some of them work is
changed a little bit (see below). The biggest change is that you will start 
taking damage if you stay under the water for too long. You can prevent this 
damage by either surfacing for a second or getting the scuba gear. You can 
die by staying underwater for too long, so keep an eye on your health. On a 
side note, enemies don't get hurt by staying underwater for too long.

You have free range of motion underwater. This means that you can go up and
down, left and right as long as you are in water. 

Some weapon and item functionality changes underwater, as described below:
 + The Pipebomb, when thrown, falls to the ground slower than it does on land.
 + The RPG's missile slows down underwater.
 + The Devastator's missiles slow down underwater.
 + The Laser Trip Bomb's laser is green underwater instead of red.
 + Bullet casings from the Chaingun, Shotgun and Pistol fall to the ground
 + The Holoduke will appear to be "half-in, half-out" when used while swimming
   at the surface of the water or when dropped in the air above the water.
   If used under the water, the Holoduke will appear to be swimming.
 + The Jetpack can be turned on underwater, but since you already have full 
   range of motion it is unnecessary. You can't go underwater if you have your
   Jetpack on.

As noted above, monsters don't take damage if they are underwater for too long.
Behavior of the monsters underwater changes for some of them, however, as noted
 + Troopers, Captains, Sharks and Octabrains have full range of motion 
 + Pig Cops and Pig Tanks can fall in water, but stay on the surface and can't
 + The Enforcer can submerge, walking on the bottom of the water area. It can
   jump as high as it can on land.
 + Alien Drones walk around on the bottom of the water area and can jump higher
   then they could on land.
 + Protoziod Slimers can fall in the water. They negotiate the ground the same
   way and when they transfer to the "ceiling", they will latch to the surface 
   of the water (though you can't see it looking into the water).

If the enemies aren't noted here, they can't "naturally" go underwater, and 
then I assume that they don't do anything different if they were placed in it
via mapmaking or some such thing. If an enemy can go underwater (not just on 
the surface like a Pig Cop) then they can't come back out again. 

In a few instances you can swim in acid pools. You won't take acid damage if 
you submerge in the water but you can still drown... curious indeed, especially
when you consider that you can walk on the acid and still take damage. 

[02-04-15] Exit Symbols
These symbols are large circular shaped "radiation" symbols that are mounted on

Exit symbols end the level you are in. After one is pressed (using the Use key)
you are shown a statistics screen and then transported to the next level in the
game. The animation for hitting the exit symbol leaves you vulnerable for a 
moment so you should consider killing most threats around you if you are at low

Green exit symbols signify entrances to secret levels. These are rare and are 
only in a few levels of the game. In a secret level these symbols act as 
standard exit symbols and take you to the level that you would have gone to 
if you had hit the exit symbol in the previous level.

Note that not all levels require you to hit an exit symbol to pass the level - 
some levels, like the Red Light District, end when you simply enter a certain
room in the level. All levels with boss monsters end when the boss is killed. 
If there is more than one boss then it will end when the first boss is killed.

[02-04-16] Claws
These devices are large, claw-like machines that will pick you up and transport
you to a place that would otherwise be unavailable to you. Stand on the area 
below the claw, it is usually marked in some way. You will then hear Duke grunt
and you will be transported to a new area. While in a claw, you can't traverse
your view, that is, you can't move about in the crane. You can still shoot but
only directly ahead, up and down. You can't turn around or shoot to the left
and right, which can be a problem if a mischievous level designer decides to 
slap a laser trip bomb in the path of the claw. Watch out for stuff like that.

I don't believe that you can damage claws. If you are currently being carried
by one and shoot an RPG directly up at yourself several times, you will start
bouncing (this is most easily done in God mode :) ) but I think that is more
because of the explosion impact rather than the crane breaking.

Claws can carry all sorts of things, not just you. Environmental stuff like 
barrels can be picked up by the claws, and corpses are also fair game. A 
potentially useful feature of the claws are that they can pick up pipebombs 
that you drop on their pickup pad. They will then drop them wherever you would
land if you did take the crane... good to clear out future areas! It will not,
however, pick up a Holoduke. 

Claws can even pick up live enemies, and that can be even better for detonating
a sneaky Laser Tripbomb! [Credit: Jacek D.]

| [03-00] Pickups |============================================================ 
This section will detail all the beneficial items that Duke can come across in 
his travels. These include Recovery Pickups (such as health and armor), Item
pickups (like Steroids or the Holoduke), and the array of weapons that Duke
has access too.

=| [03-01] Recovery Pickups|===================================================
Recovery Pickups are the items that keep Duke alive after he has been through
a rough stretch by recovering his Health score. They are consumed simply by 
walking over them. If your health is 100% or more (for Small and Large 
Medikits) or 200% (for Atomic Health) then Duke will simply ignore the item. 

In addition to these basic items, there are other ways to increase your
health. Section 02-04-05, Toilets and Water, details water and toilets, and
section 03-02-01 details the Portable Medikit.

[03-01-01] Small Medikit
Small medikits are little white boxes with a red cross in the middle. Usually
found in groups, they recover 10 health when stepped over, to a maximum of 
100 health.

[03-01-02] Large Medikit
A Large Medikit is a white bottle with a cross in the middle. They recover 30
health to a maximum of 100. 

[03-01-03] Atomic Health
Atomic Health appear as an atom with blue electrons and a red nucleus. This 
coveted item increases your health by a whopping 50, and even better, it is 
the only item that can raise your health above 100, to a maximum of 200.

[03-01-04] Body Armor
Body armor appears as a dark grey shirt on the ground. It increases your
armor rating to 100%. Armor acts as a damage buffer for your health - it will
redirect some incoming damage to its percentage. It can help against dangerous
floor surfaces as well, so it's a very nice luxury to have. Note that armor 
doesn't protect against death; you can have 90% armor left but if you only have
5% health left you are probably going to die when you take damage. 

In addition to being found normally, Used Body Armor can be found off of dead 
Pig Cops occasionally - giving an increase of +50% or +75% to your current 
armor score, to a maximum of 100%. 

=| [03-02] Useable Items |=====================================================
The seven usable items found in Duke 3D are used to give Duke an advantage
found in various situations, such as underwater breathing, overland flight, or
vision in the dark. They can be categorized by the way that they are triggered.
There are three ways a Usable Item is triggered:

 + Single Use: The item can only be used once. Once it is activated it goes 
   until it is used up (such as Steroids).
 + Multi Use: The item stays in your inventory and can be used as many times
   as you want until it is used up.
 + Auto Use: The item comes on when a certain condition is met (such as walking
   on acid or being underwater) and automatically diminishes the item until
   it is used up.

When an item is used, it's potency is consumed at a given rate. The estimated
rate is given in the heading for each item below in the form of "%/s", which 
means it consumed by that number of percentage points every second. The 
Portable Medikit is an exception to this, as it is consumed based on Duke's 
current health (see below).

[03-02-00] Listing of Contents
[03-02-01] Portable Medikit
[03-02-02] Steroids
[03-02-03] Holoduke
[03-02-04] Jetpack
[03-02-05] Night Vision Goggles
[03-02-06] Scuba Gear
[03-02-07] Protective Boots

[03-02-01] Portable Medikit - Multi Use
The Portable Medikit appears as a white briefcase with red cross in the middle.

The Medikit recovers your health to 100% when you use it. However, this is 
limited by the amount of energy that the it has left. The medikit starts at
100% energy and is decreased every time 1 health is recovered by 1%. If you 
try to heal more health than the % of energy that is remaining in the Portable
Medikit, it will simply recover whatever is remaining in it and then be
removed from your inventory.

The Portable Medikit shouldn't take priority over Small and Large Medikits
when your health is below 100 (that is, if you have 80 health, take a Large 
Medikit instead of using your Portable Medikit). However, if you come across
an Atomic Health, use the Portable Medikit to increase your health to 100% 
first to get the most mileage out of the Atomic Health.

[03-02-02] Steroids (5%/s) - Single Use
Steroids look like a little pill bottle with a white label.

Steroids increase both your speed and the damage done by your Mighty Boot. Few
situations in the game warrant the use of the Steroids, however if you are out
of ammunition then you can dispatch strong enemies rather quickly and weaker
enemies like Pig Cops and Enforcers effectively. Also some secrets and 
puzzles in the game require speed so this can be used in those situations as 
well; when you are hopped up on Steroids you can increase the distance that 
you jump if you go off a cliff or something similar. It's a tool to reach 
inaccessible areas if you lack a Jetpack.
Steroids can return you to your original size if you are shrunk. If you have 
been shrunk by an Alien Drone or a neutral shrinker (or you accidentally shrink
yourself by shooting a Shrink Ray blast into a mirror) the steroids will cause 
you to return to regular size (the regular benefits of the item still apply for 
the normal time). This is a  particularly useful feature - probably more so 
than the other functions of the Steroids as it allows you to avoid getting 
stepped on by full sized enemies.

[03-02-03] Holoduke (1%/s) - Multi Use 
The Holoduke looks like a small translucent image of Duke.

The Holoduke creates a life size image of Duke to distract your enemies. The 
Holoduke is difficult to use effectively in single player. Sometimes the
enemies will fire at the Holoduke if they are closer to it than to you. However 
it is better to use this item in Dukematch because it is nearly impossible to 
differentiate Duke from a Holoduke (that is, if both are standing still). That 
being said it isn't mobile but will return to you no matter how far you
are away from it if you still have it on. The Holoduke is immune to all forms 
of damage.

If you are looking to use this effectively, go into a room with a large amount
of enemies and shove this out near the entrance to the room, and then exit the 
room from the door you came. There is a good chance that the enemies will get
stuck up on the holoduke, giving you ample time to blast them away with 
whatever weapon that you are currently employing.

When you drop a Holoduke it'll be in the position that it would be if you were
doing "nothing", that is, no jetpack, not jumping or crouching. This means that
you can place it underwater and Duke will look like he's swimming and not 
crouching. If you decide to place the Holoduke while you are swimming on the 
surface of the water, it will look like Duke is halfway in the water and 
halfway out, as if you were wading through the water. If you release it in the
air, whether jetpacking or otherwise, the holoduke will actually make a falling 
animation - come to think of it, that could be pretty useful in a Dukematch -
and then stop when he comes to the ground, using the standing animation. Other
than that, it'll simply stand still. The problem with this is that in places
where Duke can't stand up the Holoduke will, pointing through the ceiling. 

Holoduke will interact with certain aspects of the environment, for example,
it will go up and down elevators if the corresponding toggle is triggered,
and it will fall down a pit if placed over a manhole which is subsequently
broken. However, it won't move on a conveyor belt, nor will it get picked up
by a Claw (see section 02-04-16, Claws, for more information).

There are a few other ways to tell the real Duke from the Holoduke:
 + The Holoduke is a bit thinner than Duke.
 + If you use the Night Vision Goggles, Duke will be green, the Holoduke will 
   remain colorful.
 + If the Holoduke is planted in front of a mirror, you will always see it's 
   back in the mirror, even though Holoduke keeps rotating.
   [Credit: Jacek D.]

[03-02-04] Jetpack (2%/s) - Multi Use
The Jetpack looks like a silver backpack. 

The Jetpack is used to give Duke free range of motion. This can make a lot of 
levels easier and quicker.  Not only that, but it allows you to avoid attacks 
and get to good vantage points quicker. Due to it's limited lifespan you should
only use it in dire situations, or at least with some attention to the 
remaining energy. Don't go too high up with the energy low, the jetpack will 
just stop working and you will fall and take damage or die.

You can "slow fall" with the Jetpack. By this, I mean that you can jump off of 
high surfaces without taking falling damage and minimize the usage of the 
Jetpack. To do this you must simply fall for most of the distance and then turn 
on the Jetpack for a moment. Turn it off again and keep doing this until you are
a safe distance to the ground. This saves a lot of energy for the Jetpack.
A note is that you can't go underwater with the Jetpack on, but you can turn it
on underwater (for no benefit). Hmm...

[03-02-05] Night Vision Goggles (2.5%/s) - Multi Use
The Night Vision Goggles look like a pair of green-lensed goggles.

Night Vision Goggles light up the sprites - which means enemies, items and 
objects -  around the area, allowing you to see them in particularly dark 
areas. However the goggles don't light up the walls and such around you, so 
you'll still have to navigate a bit. Since these have fast usage rate save 
them for situations where they are more valuable to progress. 

There are a few messages written on the walls that are either hints for one of 
the Secrets in the level (like "BREAK THE BOTTLES" in E3L08, Hotel Hell) or
an Easter Egg. These messages can typically only be seen by using the Night 
Vision Goggles. If you are in a dark room, even if there isn't seemingly much
going on, use the Goggles to seek out these messages.

[03-02-06] Scuba Gear (.5%/s) - Auto Use
Scuba Gear looks like a pair of orange oxygen canisters and a backpack.

The Scuba Gear allows you to negate damage from staying underwater for too
long. It is near essential for levels that take primarily place underwater, 
or involve a lot of underwater fighting (Like E3L03, Flood Zone or E4L10, 
The Queen). It adds a graphic to Duke's view when in use.

[03-02-07] Protective Boots (~3%/s) - Auto Use
Protective Boots appear as a pair of black boots.

Boots are useful items that allow you to ignore damage when you are walking
across damaging surfaces, such as acid, lava, and electrified floors. They 
don't protect well against the Atomic Edition's hyper-acid however (see the 
"Environment" section for more information on this). They also have a 
sporadic life span and run out quite quickly, so be sure not to waste time
on damaging surfaces if you don't have to. See section 02-04-11, Environmental
Damage Sources, for more information on dangerous floor surfaces.

=| [03-03] Weapons and Ammo |==================================================
Like items, weapons are found everywhere in the game, and can even be dropped
by certain enemies. Weapons have different strengths and weaknesses, and 
can be more effective against one enemy than the next. There are several 
categories of weapons:

 + Non Gun - Includes weapons that can't be "shot" from guns. This means that
   a weapon in this category doesn't have infinite range and has a different
   function (like Pipebombs).
 + Bullet - Bullet weapons hit their target head on, without any travel time.
   This makes Bullet weapons easier to aim at short ranges, but at long ranges,
   they have more trouble hitting the target.
 + Projectile - Projective weapons are not "instant damage" - that is, they
   have a short period of travel before reaching their destination. This is 
   notable because some enemies (Sentry Drone comes to mind) have the ability
   to avoid projectile weapons. Additionally, an enemy could wander behind an
   environmental feature (like a box, wall, etc) and not be exposed to the
 + Explosive - Ammunition from this weapon explodes on impact, dealing splash
   damage in a given radius. Splash damage is extra damage that is dealt from 
   the blast. A direct hit from an RPG blast, for example, deals 240 damage to
   the target and 120 to everything around it in a certain radius. Explosive
   weapons are also used for blowing up walls and other environment obstacles.

There are then several other fields that give information about the gun, as

DAMAGE: The damage of the weapon is given. Each hit from the weapon takes this
number off from the health of the target (see the Enemy section for more on
Enemy health). Enemies don't always seem to take full damage from every weapon,
there may be a degree of randomness involved in the damage calculation. Once 
you reduce the enemy's health to 0, it dies. 
WEAPON PICKUP: When you pick up a weapon, you get a set amount of ammo for 
that weapon as well - this field displays that amount. If you already have a
weapon and try to pick up the same kind, you will get this amount of ammo. If
you are already full on Ammo for that weapon and possess the weapon as well,
you will ignore the weapon, otherwise if you lack the weapon you will pick it 

AMMO PICKUP: When you pick up ammo, you get this much added to your stockpile
for that weapon, to it's maximum capacity (see below).

MAX CAPACITY: This value is the maximum amount of ammo you can have for that

A physical description of the weapon and ammunition follow, as well the enemies
that it is most effective against. Finally an overall description of the 
capabilities of the weapon follows.

[03-03-00] Listing of Contents
[03-03-01] Mighty Foot
[03-03-02] Pistol
[03-03-03] Shotgun
[03-03-04] Chaingun Cannon
[03-03-05] Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)
[03-03-06] Pipebomb
[03-03-07] Shrink Ray
[03-03-08] Devastator
[03-03-09] Laser Tripbomb
[03-03-10] Freezer
[03-03-11] Microwave Expander

[03-03-01] Mighty Foot [Non Gun]

The Mighty Foot of Duke is the only melee weapon that Duke has access to and 
is the only weapon that Duke will retain no matter what the circumstances. 

The Mighty Foot is obviously used primarily in desperate situations, like when
you run out of ammo for every other gun. However, it has a few other uses that
are somewhat subtle. The best part about the Mighty Foot is the Quick Kick. 
The Quick Kick is simply a key that can be bound from the SETUP option (by 
default it is "1", though I prefer Right click because I use it so much). 
Pressing the key makes Duke kick while you are using a different weapon. Thus, 
you can supplement your guns at melee range, kill Slimers while fighting off 
other enemies and use it to quickly bust obstacles like windows and trash cans. 
Supplementing your guns at melee range means that you can shoot a gun upclose 
and get extra 10 damage per kick from the quick kick - very useful against 
enemies that don't have a melee attack. You can also time your kicks to be 
in between attacks of enemies with melee attacks.

[03-03-02] Pistol [Bullet]
 DAMAGE        : 6
 AMMO PICKUP   : +12. Troopers and Captains can drop ammo that gives +12.

The pistol itself is small and silver. Duke usually starts a level or an 
episode with one. The pistol ammo is an about knee-high black stick, also called
a Clip. 

The archetypical automatic pistol is Duke's beginning weapon in most of the 
levels and episodes in the game. Being the first weapon that you get in the
game you would be correct in assuming that it is a weak weapon. Indeed, the
fast rate of fire would make this gun quite a bit more powerful if it didn't
have to reload for approximately one second every 12 shots. 

Though it isn't the ideal weapon, you will be using the Pistol a lot so get 
used to it. It is great for kililing the weaker enemies in the game, like 
Troopers, Captains, Sharks, and Slimers. It is more accurate than the Chaingun
and Shotgun at longer ranges too, so if you are stuck with it you can whittle 
down enemy health from a distance. Finally, you can greatly supplement the 
Pistol with the Quick Kick (see above) for more damage.

[03-03-03] Shotgun [Bullet]
 DAMAGE        : 70, but see below.
 WEAPON PICKUP : +10. Pig Cops can drop a shotgun that contains 1 to 4 rounds.
 AMMO PICKUP   : +10

The Shotgun is a long black gun. It's ammo comes in a red box. 

The shotgun, a long and dedicated first person shooter standby, is one of the 
best and most reliable guns in Duke 3D. It's main appeal is it's massive 
damage output. When shot, it "fragments" into seven smaller "shards", each
dealing 10 damage each. When shot at close range, it will do a whopping 70 
damage to the target. One drawback of using the shotgun, however, is that it
needs to be reloaded after ever shot, taking about one second. Therefore, you 
will have to use some strategies to defeat your foes, as discussed below.

The flaws of the gun, of course, stem from the fact that it indeed does 
fragment it's damage. Shooting the weapon at a far range will not only miss 
most of the time since it is a Bullet-based weapon, but even if the enemy is
damaged they will only be hit by a few of the "shards". It is obvious then that
to utilize the Shotgun best, you should rush into close-range, blast, and then
run right out again as Duke is reloading the shotgun. The problem with close 
range, of course, is that enemies have an easier time of hitting you with their
weapons. Thus, you will have to time your run in, shoot, run out sequence by 
the attacks of your enemies. It seems like it's a lot of work, but when you 
have this skill down, enemies will fall to their knees against the might of the 

Shotgun usage is best against individual enemies, or if you have cover, a group
of enemies that you can target individually. If you are fighitng a group of
weaker enemies, the Chaingun Cannon is often a time saving alternative to 
Shotgun use.

[03-03-04] Chaingun Cannon [Bullet]
 DAMAGE        : 9
 WEAPON PICKUP : +50. Enforcers can drop a gun containing 50 rounds.
 AMMO PICKUP   : +50. Enforcers can drop an ammo box containing 50 rounds.

The Chaingun is grey, metallic, and has holes in the barrel. It's ammo comes in 
a green box with an ammo chain coming out.

Originally known as the Ripper, the Chaingun Cannon is true to it's original 
moniker, best used for ripping and tearing through groups of ground troops
and keeping single, more powerful monsters at bay. The rapid blasts of the
Chaingun Cannon, while weak individually, increase drastically as you fire away
at an enemy. Additionally, the quick bursts will usually cause an enemy to 
be "distracted" - that is, to be unable to retailate against you because of the 
barrage of hot lead coming their way - allowing for an easier kill than normal.

Being a bullet weapon, the Chaingun Cannon doesn't have good long range 
accuracy. Try and close in on an enemy if possible before unloading upon them.
If you can't do this, try and use another weapon to snipe the enemy off; the 
amount of ammo that you use won't be worth the death of said enemy.

[03-03-05] Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) [Projectile] [Explosive]
 DAMAGE        : 240 on direct hit, 120 splash
 BLAST RADIUS  : 1780 (large)

The RPG is a silver, large pipe-like weapon. The RPG ammo comes in a green box 
with some rockets coming out of it.

This mammoth can deal the most damage in the game if the shot hits correctly, 
which certainly says something about it's effectiveness against enemies. On top
of that damage to a single target, the explosion will cause a fairly large 
splash radius (far bigger than that of the devastator) to affect all the 
enemies around you. It doesn't end there. The fact that the RPG requires no 
reload time and that simply aiming near an enemy can kill many weaker enemies
makes this weapon extremely valuable. In addition to this, the RPG is extremely
potent at long ranges against enemies that can't do much damage to you from 
their distance. To top it off he RPG can kill most any boss with only a few 
dozen rounds.

This powerful weapon should be controlled though. Though ammo in the game for 
this weapon is fairly plentiful it isn't abundant so one should consider saving
RPG ammo for more difficult situations. Also be careful when firing this thing
off, it's common sense that you shouldn't stay in the blast radius so switch to 
another weapon at close range. Additionally, some enemies like the Sentry Drone
and the RPV can avoid RPG blasts entirely. Overall, though, the RPG is 
an absolute necessity in Duke 3D so learn it well.

The RPG's blasts go slower in water.

[03-03-06] Pipebomb [Non Gun] [Explosive]
 DAMAGE        : 140
 WEAPON PICKUP : +5/Box, +1/Individual
 BLAST RADIUS  : 2500 (huge)

Pipebombs look like silver pipes with a yellow-black band around the ends.
Ammo comes in a crate with Pipebombss sticking out of it, or you can pick them 
up individually.

The unique pipebomb is a very powerful tool in the arsenal of Duke. Simply 
detonating one in the vicinity of a group of enemies can paint the walls red in
an instant. The best thing about it is that you can drop more than one, by
pressing the Pipebomb key when the trigger is out already (assuming you have one
left) and then throwing it near the other one will make explosions more 
powerful than even the RPG blasts. Other great functions of the pipebomb include
clearing out underwater enemies without having to venture into them, setting 
traps against enemies or Duke Match opponents, or just blowing up cracks and 
things at your own leisure. Holding down the fire button prior to releasing 
allows for a greater distance for the weapon to be thrown.

While strong, the pipebomb must be used only in the correct situations to reach 
it's highest potency. It isn't wise to throw a Pipebomb into a group of 
enforcers and octabrains when a Pipebomb doesn't normally kill them in one blow;
using Pipebombs leaves you vulnerable to enemy fire. It also isn't wise to 
detonate them when you throw them if you haven't gauged the distance; it is 
very possible to hurt yourself when using this weapon. So in summary, enjoy the
Pipebombs but be careful not to damage yourself when using it.

Ensure that you keep the trigger out if the location that you tossed it is 
critical. If you switch to another weapon, you will have to toss a second
pipebomb (if you still have some, otherwise, the trigger will appear instead) 
to detonate the first. 

Some notes about pipebombs:

 + You may place a Pipebomb in a specific area by ducking and then releasing 
   the pipebomb. This will drop the pipebomb at your feet instead of tossing it
   into nowhere.
 + Tossing a pipebomb at some objects will shatter them, like mirrors, TV 
   screens, etc.
 + The Pipebomb falls slower underwater.
 + Pipebombs can be detonated while you are looking into a monitor by simply 
   pressing the Fire button.
 + Pipebombs can be picked up by the moving claws that appear in some levels.
 + You can shoot at a stationary, undetonated pipebomb (even ones that you 
   haven't dropped) and they will explode. This doesn't occur with boxes of 
   Pipebombs, however. 

[03-03-07] Shrink Ray [Projectile]
 DAMAGE        : 0, but shrinks on hit.
 BLAST RADIUS  : 680 (small)

The Shrink Ray looks like a silver gun with a green line in the middle. Ammo 
comes in a green, crystalline egg-shape.

The alien gun known as the Shrink Ray is a bit of a gimmicky weapon, though it 
certainly does have it's benefits. This gun shrinks the target enemy down to a 
pint size, rendering them both harmless and candidates for an instant kill if 
you can get over to them in time to squish them before they grow back to their
normal size. It has a small splash radius, so clusters of enemies can be 
controlled in this manner. It's one of the best weapons for taking out
Commanders and other pesky enemies. It can also be used to purely control 
crowds, neutralizing a target while your focus is on other, more pressing
threats. It is the Assault Commander's worst nightmare.

The slow rate of fire means that it isn't particularly good for using in 
combat against groups of enemies; while it does have a splash radius it is 
ineffective against staggered targets. This also means that fighting enemies 
at long range with this weapon isn't effective because, while making them 
unable to attack you, you might not be able to get to the enemy in time to 
deliver the final blow. Additionally, some enemies are entirely immune, as 
described below.

Some enemies can't be shrunk. This includes Mechanical enemies (Such as the 
Mounted Gun, Sentry Drone, RPV and the Pig Tank), the Alien Drone, and Boss 
monsters. The Common Battlelord is also immune for the most part until it's 
health is reduced enough, at which point it can be shrunk.

So what happens when something gets shrunk? Well, in the case of an enemy, 
they can no longer attack with any of their attacks at all but become 
invulnerable to everything but explosive weapons and the mighty stomp of Duke. 
However, for players it's a bit more complicated, I'll lay it out below:

 + All falling damage is negated. You can fall from any height and still not
   take any damage.
 + There is no "falling time". When you go off an edge you hit the ground 
 + Using steroids will not only make you go faster, but will bring you up to 
   regular size instantly.
 + You can still use all your items when you are shrunk, including the jetpack.
 + If go too close to an enemy, i.e. "get stepped on", you will die instantly.
 + You do lose the ability to use any of your weapons, including the Mighty
   Foot. However, you can still use the Quick Kick, and this can still kill 
   enemies if you are close enough to the area where they can be hit.
 + When both you and an enemy are shrunk, you will both just run right through
   each other if you try and touch. 
 + You can squish enemies even if you are BEING shrinked, but not shrunk.
 + Enemies don't attack you in this state directly. Instead, they try to get to
   you as fast as they can in order to crush you... though it's rare if they 

Certain other objects in the game that aren't killed in one hit by weapons 
can be shrunk as well. These include babes, and the dolphin in the Shop 'n' Go
level. You can crush them as normal, but the punishment for killing babes still

[03-03-08] Devastator [Projectile] [Explosive]
 DAMAGE        : 50. Shoots two missiles per shot.
 AMMO PICKUP   : +25

The Devastator appears as a silver, two barreled weapon. The barrels appear
to have something of an accordion style. The ammo comes in a box with small,
red-tipped missiles.

This double fisted goliath is true to it's name. The most powerful weapon in 
Duke 3D doesn't disappoint - the constant barrage of rockets can down any
enemy that you want it to in a very short amount of time, or obliterate groups 
of weaker enemies in seconds. If the enemies ahead look tough then whip out the 
devastator and fire away at any range that suits you. However of course the gun 
isn't without it's drawbacks.

The gun's largest impediment is it's tiny ammo capacity. Holding down the fire 
button for a little less than 10 seconds will completely drain a full store of 
ammo, partially because of the high rate of fire and the fact that one shot of 
the Devastator shoots two rounds. In addition it doesn't have a very good
blast radius, though it does have a very small one that rarely does anything 
significant to the enemies. However these shouldn't stop the player from using
this weapon, just common sense should be exercised when and where to use this
to maximize it's effectiveness.

The Devastator's missiles move slower in water.

[03-03-09] Laser Tripbomb [Explosive] [Non Gun]
 DAMAGE        : 100
 BLAST RADIUS  : 3880 (Massive)

Laser Tripbombs are black and rectangular.

These little black traps are placed on walls, and after about 2s a red laser
extends from the trap to the closest surface perpendicular to the surface that
it was placed on. Walking through the laser will cause the unlucky recipient -
and anything else around it - a decent amount of damage. Indeed, these are 
particularly devious in DukeMatch, but their practicality decreases in single 
player situations. Note that the radius here is actually the distance that the 
explosion will carry from the surface that the Laser Tripbomb is placed on. The 
other half of the explosion is "within" the wall that the Laser Tripbomb is 
mounted on, though it's possible to have the other half of the radius be of some
use if you mount it on something particularly flimsy, like the side of a 
breakable vent.

If you really want to use a Tripbomb in a singleplayer situation, you will have
to take a few things into consideration first. It is best if they are used 
before the enemy notices you, so you can set up a trap, alert the enemy, and 
then lure it to your ambush. However, this isn't always possible. If you are 
being pursued by an enemy and wish to use the Laser Tripbombs, then you will 
have to be exceptionally careful. Try and lure the enemy around a corner so they
don't have a chance to shoot you. Set up the tripbombs and then go even further
back. Hopefully, they will find their way around the wall after you get to a
safe location (remember, the Laser Tripbomb has a massive explosion radius).
The best alternative to using the Laser Tripbomb is the pipebomb, because it's 
quicker to deploy and explode and can be used in a pinch.

Some notes about the Laser Tripbomb:

 + You can exploit a bug in the game by using Laser Tripbombs to make Duke fall 
   slower. See 08-00, FAQs, for more details.
 + You can change the functionality of the Laser Tripbomb by modifying the .CON
   files - the laser can be set to be regular, transluscent, invisible except
   when using Night Vision Goggles, or invisible all together. See section
   06-02, Modifying The .CON files, for more details.
 + The Laser Tripbomb's laser is green in water.

[03-03-10] Freezer [Projectile]
 DAMAGE        : 20
 AMMO PICKUP   : +25

The Freezer is large and yellow, with a black barrel. The Freezer Ammo comes in
a small yellow box, glowing blue on the inside.

This weapon launches cold spiked orbs at enemies and eventually freezes them
when their health is low enough. However aside from the freezing effect of the 
weapon closer analysis of it shows that it is, for all practical situations, a 
lower quality version of the Shrink Ray. Some of the characteristics of the 
Freezer match up quite closely to that of the Shrink Ray, including the fact 
that it renders an enemy immobile for a short while. However the "good" 
comparison ends there. While the Shrink Ray neutralizes the enemy instantly, 
the Freezer requires that you deal damage to the enemy before freezing them, and
then having to either switch to some other gun and killing them with that or 
coming up to melee range of the frozen being and kicking them (the game 
automatically does this if you get close enough to them). However, despite it's
high damage the Freezer can never kill an enemy by itself.

Another function of the gun is that, if it hits a wall, the freezing burst will
ricochet off the wall relative to the angle that it hit it and will ricochet 
once more after it hits the next surface (for a total of 2 bounces). However 
this most likely does more harm than good, as you are vulnerable to the effects
of the gun and you can take the solid 20 damage that it deals; on top of this 
it can actually freeze YOU if you are at low health (it won't kill you, but any
enemies around you will patiently wait for you to thaw to get their attacks in).
Additionally to use this feature to one's benefit a great deal of skill would 
be needed. In conclusion this weapon is a bit too superfluous and impractical 
for it's own good and should be used only if nothing else is readily available.
That's not to say that it isn't powerful "as is", if you aren't planning 
anything fancy with it then it shouldn't be a problem, it's high rate of fire
can halt lower-health enemies in their tracks.

One hidden benefit of the Freezer is that it deals damage to Mechanical-type
enemies and has the ability to kill them instead of freezing them when they 
reach low health.

Some notes about the Freezer:

 + You can't shrink a frozen enemy, the ice will shatter if this occurs.
 + If you freeze a Protozoid Slimer egg, and then allow it to thaw, a Protozoid
   Slimer will immediately come out. This happens to both the hatched and 
   unhatched varieties of the eggs.
 + Similar to the Shrink Ray, you can freeze objects that aren't destroyed in
   one shot (like babes, and the Dolphin in the Shop 'n' Go level). 
 + You can exploit a bug in the game by Freezing and Thawing a Pig Cop to get
   unlimited Body Armor and Shotgun drops. See the FAQ section for more
   information on this.

[03-03-11] Microwave Expander [Bullet]
 DAMAGE        : 15
 AMMO PICKUP   : +20

The Microwave Expander, the weapon exclusive to the Atomic Edition levels, is 
actually an addon to the Shrink Ray - you need a Shrink Ray to have access to 
the Expander. To switch to the expander, press the key for the Shrink Ray
twice. The crystal in the expander will turn red. You can't shoot the Microwave
Expander if you don't have any ammo for it, however, which is different than
Shrink Ray ammo. Microwave expander ammo appears as a small red crystal with a
tiny satellite on it.

This gun at first seems to be a little gimmicky and a little superficial. Sure, 
it fires fast enough, but it's limited ammo capacity hinders it's usefulness in 
combat situations. This is offset by the large amount of ammo that you get 
with one pickup, however. Another benefit of the expander is when you shoot an 
enemy with it and kill it, instead of simply dying, they expand (to fit their 
space, too!) and eventually explode, dealing decent splash damage to everything 
in a small radius (this damage is enough to kill basic ground troops, like the 
Trooper, Captain, Pig Cop and Enforcer, amongst others) so if you find yourself
fighting against groups of weaker enemies, this item is invaluable.

If you are somehow able to switch guns while an enemy is in the process of 
expanding, you can blow them up with the new gun (including the Shrink Ray - 
an expanding enemy cannot be shrunk).

| [04-00] Enemies |============================================================
The enemies in Duke Nukem 3D are all dangerous in their own special ways. 
This section describes their abilities, the best way to avoid getting hurt by
them, and recommended methods of defeating them. There are two general types
of enemies: Common enemies, which are the typical alien scum that you will 
encounter in your journey, and Boss enemies, which are much larger alien scum
that you will only encounter a few times. Common enemies will be described 
first. Common Enemies can have certain abilities as described below. These
are appended to their name in their entry.

 + Flying: Has (or can gain) the ability to have full range of motion. This is
   important because flying enemies can pursue a jetpacking Duke.
 + Mechanical: Is immune to Shrink Ray, does not get frozen by the Freezer gun,
   and will not expand from the Microwave Expander (though the Freezer and the 
   Microwave Expander still deal full damage to it).

Enemies also have some statistics that I found useful to describe:

HEALTH: The amount of health the enemy has. Using weapons depletes this value
until it reaches zero, at which point they die.

DROP: This field is for the item(s) that the enemy has a chance to drop, if 

ATTACK(S): This entry designates the types of attacks the monster has. The 
types are defined as follows:

 + Projectile: Duke can outrun projectile attacks as they experience travel 
   time before they reach their target (much like Duke's weapons)
 + Bullet: The attack instantly hits and cannot miss at close range but is less
   effective at long ranges.
 + Melee: The attack can only be done within melee range.

The next line is the physical description of the creature.

The following paragraphs include the abilities of the monster, and the tactics
used to bring them down easily.

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: This includes a summary of the data from the table in 
section 04-03, Shots to Kill. The recommended weapon is given, followed by an
amount in parenthesis. So, for example, the RPG is a recommended weapon against
the Alien Drone, so it would read RPG(3). If there is a ~ (tilde) before the 
number, it means it will take "around" that many shots to kill it (the values 
that are used are empirical and some kind of randomness may be included in the
damage-to-enemies calculation. See section 04-03, Shots to Kill Enemies, for 
more detail). 

=| [04-01] Common Enemies |====================================================

[04-01-00] Listing of Contents
[04-01-01] Assault Trooper
[04-01-02] Assault Captain
[04-01-03] Pig Cop
[04-01-04] Recon Patrol Vehicle (RPV)
[04-01-05] Octabrain
[04-01-06] Enforcer
[04-01-07] Sentry Drone
[04-01-08] Assault Commander
[04-01-09] Protozoid Slimer
[04-01-10] Protozoid Slimer Egg
[04-01-11] Battlelord, Common
[04-01-12] Shark
[04-01-13] Mounted Gun
[04-01-14] Pig Tank
[04-01-15] Alien Drone

[04-01-01] Assault Trooper [Flying]
 HEALTH  : 30
 DROP    : Pistol Ammo (+12)
 ATTACK  : Blaster (Projectile)

Assault Troopers are brown, lizard like humanoids in a green jacket. 

The Assault Trooper, or just Trooper, are the general cannon fodder of the 
game. They have a simple blaster that is simple to dodge. They do, however,
have a jetpack that they can utilize to either give chase or get a more 
advantageous shot at Duke. They aren't particularly dangerous by themselves,
however, in large groups they can surround you and deal surprisingly large 
amounts of damage. Thus, using area of effect weapons or the Chaingun Cannon
on large groups works well. 

Sometimes, when they are about to die, they appear to be choking (they kneel 
down, blood dripping from their throat and making a chortle noise). I believe
that they are feigning their own death at this point, because sometimes you
will come back to an evacuated room with a Trooper that you know you killed 
back on his feet (and no, this is not on Damn, I'm Good! difficulty). It does
mention something akin to this in the manual (see the FAQs section).

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Any. Chaingun or Explodables vs. Groups.

[04-01-02] Assault Captain [Flying]
 HEALTH  : 50
 DROP    : Pistol Ammo (+12)
 ATTACK  : Blaster (Projectile)

Assault Captains are brown, lizard like humanoids in a red jacket. 

The Assault Captain, or just Captain, is one step above the Assault Trooper
in the overall hierarchy of enemies. They can take a bit more damage, and they 
have a fancy new skill in addition to the ones that the Trooper possess - 
an ability to teleport in and out of combat. In reality, this is more annoying 
than useful, as they will appear to phase out of combat for a few moments
before coming back while you are doing something else and firing on you from 
behind. Overall, they aren't particularly difficult, though in groups they
can be somewhat troublesome. Using splash weapons in this case works wonders.

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Any. Chaingun or Explodables vs. Groups.

[04-01-03] Pig Cop
 HEALTH  : 100
 DROP    : Shotgun with 1-4 ammo or Body Armor with a +50 or +75 bonus
 ATTACK  : Shotgun (Bullet)

Pig Cops are pig like humanoids wearing a blue police uniform, with the acronym
"L.A.R.D" across their back in white letters. 

Pig Cops wield powerful shotguns that can down an unsuspecting Duke in a 
matter of moments. Their trademark growl upon seeing Duke should be enough of a
signal to back away, as their shotguns - which operate just like Duke's - are 
not as effective at a long range. Once you get control of the situation, you
can ideally blast away with the Chaingun Cannon so they can't get a shotgun 
blast in, or weave in and out of close range with your own Shotgun to avoid 
their shots while getting yours in. Pig Cops have the ability to shoot on 
their stomach - go prone - for a moment, though this doesn't really affect the 
size of your target (it's more of an aesthetic animation).

There is a trick with the Freezer that you can employ against the Pig to get
a large number of drops. See the FAQs section for details.

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Shotgun (2), Chaingun(~10), Expander(8), or Freezer(5). 
Use explodables and take cover against groups.

[04-01-04] Recon Patrol Vehicle (RPV) [Mechanical] [Flying] 
 HEALTH  : 150
 DROP    : None
 ATTACK  : Blaster (Projectile)

RPV's are pig-cop controlled grey vehicles with a shark design on their sides.
They have "L.A.R.D" painted on their belly.

These airborne vehicles are more of a nuisance than anything. They attack from
the skies, either doing a fly-by attack with somewhat inaccurate laser blasts,
or they hover in front of Duke while shooting for more accuracy. Since they 
are quite fast, it is hard to hit them when they are on the move, so they are
most vulnerable if you can lure them in to hovering and shooting them. They 
also can maneuver out of the way of Projectile-type weapons while they are on
the move, so it is very much recommended that you wait until they are hovering
to fight them.

When killed, it will spiral downward to the earth, at which time a Pig Cop 
will spawn from the wreckage 100% of the time. Sometimes, it is just better to 
avoid killing the RPV's if you are low on health or ammo.

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: (When hovering) RPG (1), Shotgun(2), Chaingun(~10). 

[04-01-05] Octabrain [Flying]
 HEALTH  : 175
 DROP    : None
 ATTACKS : Energy Burst (Projectile), Bite (Melee)

Octabrains are three-eyed, floating masses of brain with tentacles as lower 

Octabrains have free range of motion and are found just about anywhere in the 
game. Their primary attack is a slow projectile energy blast, which is fairly
easy to avoid if you are at medium to long range. The energy blast also 
disperses eventually so you can easily avoid it. If you manage to meet one in 
melee range, they will try and bite you. Besides their high health amount, 
they are an average enemy and not too hard to take down. They do, however, have
a limited ability to avoid projectiles once in a while, keep that in mind.

I believe the Octabrain has some kind of damage reduction as it can take a
different number of shots from the same gun to kill them. 

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Shotgun (2-3) or Chaingun (~16) at close range, RPG or 
Devastator at long range.

[04-01-06] Enforcer
 HEALTH  : 100
 DROP    : Chaingun Ammo (50) or Chaingun (+50 Ammo)
 ATTACKS : Chaingun (Bullet), Ooze (Melee)

Enforcers are humanoid lizards that are clothed in black leather and have a 
chaingun as an arm. They are far more lizard like than the trooper or captain.

The Enforcer is more than happy to attack with his Chaingun arm, which deals
weak damage per shot, but since they unload very fast, it can seriously 
damage you if you don't take cover immediately. They also have a melee attack
where they drench you in some kind of green goo, though they would still
shoot you in melee range anyway. In addition, they are also exceptionally 
mobile - able to jump large distances and reach Duke. Therefore, your best bet 
it either to carve them down quickly with an powerful weapon (especially in 
groups) or run into close range and out again with the shotgun or chaingun to 
prevent them from unloading on you.

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Shotgun (2), Chaingun (~10), Expander(8), Freezer (5) 
work well. For more than two, use explosives.

[04-01-07] Sentry Drone [Mechanical] [Flying]
 HEALTH  : 150
 DROP    : None
 ATTACK  : Suicide (Melee)

Sentry Drones appear as floating camouflaged mini-ships.

When you hear the whining sound of a sentry drone coming to life, you have got
to react quickly or else you will die (or come very close to it). The Sentry
Drone is a suicidal monster, floating  quickly into melee range to sacrifice
themselves to obliterate you. Besides being mechanical and thus immune to 
freezing and shrinking, they can avoid Projectile-type weapons with ease 
so it's even harder to get a quick kill. The use of the Shotgun and Chaingun
are therefore your best bet when fighting the Sentry Drone.

You can exploit something of a weakness of theirs by using doors as cover to
their explosions. If you can try and get their attention while you are near
a quick-closing door, you can lure them to the entrance of the door and quickly
close it. Press up against the door, the drone will sometimes detonate without
dealing any damage to you.

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: Shotgun(2) and Chaingun(15-20) will keep them at bay and 
allow you to back up to a safe distance if you are too close to them. Don't 
use projectile weapons against them, as they will avoid them, and they are
immune to everything that Mechanical enemies are.

[04-01-08] Assault Commander [Flying] 
 HEALTH  : 350
 DROP    : None
 ATTACKS : Rocket (Projectile), Spin (Melee)

Assault Commanders are big, bloated humanoid blobs of flesh that float around 
on a bladed steel platform.

Assault Commanders, or simply Commanders, are one of the more dangerous 
enemies in Duke 3D. Their primary method of attack is by the rocket launcher
embedded in their mobile platform - like any rocket, it will deal massive 
damage or splash damage to you. If they catch you in melee range, they will
spin about, causing you damage as well. However, they do have one glaring 
weakness - the Shrink Ray. Save up your shrink ray shots for these guys. If you
don't have access to Shrink Ray, get to medium range and use the RPG or 
Devastator, or try and get cover and fight at short range with the shotgun
and chaingun.

RECOMMENDED WEAPONS: The Shrink Ray will nerf a Commander badly, use it if you 
got it. Otherwise, you will have to hammer away with just about any other weapon
to kill it, such as the RPG(3).

[04-01-09] Protozoid Slimer