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Location : Somewhere North of town
NPC : Ike (NR)
Quest : Gives you a tour of Durlag's Tower for 600 GPs
What do you get? : Map update and a tour guide

Location : In the inn North of map
NPC : Hurgan Stoneblade
Quest : Retrieve a dagger from Durlag's Tower (another way for map 
What do you get? : Another quest as the dagger is taken from you when 
you returned from the tower

Location : Somewhere middle of town
NPC : Shandalar (NR)
Quest : Retrieve his cloak in an island (can't remember the name so 
What do you get? : A lot of XP if you survive and some GPs

Location : In the inn North of map
NPC : Galken (NR)
Quest : Selling a wardstone he `found'
What do you get? : A wardstone (not sure of the significant though)


This is a quite a straightforward dungeon with only one entrance and 
one exit. Everyone will try to kill you since you have the means to 
escape from the wretched place. Any encounters will surely end with a 
fight to the death. Kill all oppositions, get the cloak and exit the 
place. You will be back in Ulgoth's Beard after a while of waiting.

I will list the enemies by encounter and the rewards for defeating them 

NPC : Andris, Marcellus and Beyn (NR)
What do you get? : Andris - no idea since he killed himself from his 
own lightning bolt - :), Marcellus - 2000 XP, Beyn - 1800 XP, Wand of 
Fear and other usual stuffs

NPC : Goran (accompanied by 4 ankhegs) (NR)
What do you get? : Goran - 2000 XP, some scrolls and other usual stuffs

NPC : Cuchol (NR)
What do you get? : Cuchol - 1800 XP, Wand of Paralyze

NPC : Tellan - this guy cast Cloudkill so be prepared (NR)
What do you get? : Tellan - 3000 XP and other usual stuffs

NPC : Dezkiel (NR)
What do you get? : Dezkiel - 1800 XP, the cloak Shandalar wanted and 
other usual stuffs


This is the best location of all in Baldur's Gate to explore. Plenty of 
traps, secrets, puzzles, monsters and a DEATH KNIGHT!!

Upon reaching the place, you will encounter Erdane. He is a merchant of 
some sort which will provide you with some items for sale/buy. After 
that, you will have to face two Battle Horrors and two Doppelgangers 
before reaching the entrance of the tower where Ike is waiting.. good 

Note : You MUST have a thief along with your party. I have Imoen so I 
managed to get through without much of a hassle. Anyone got through 
without a thief?

Ground Floor

There is nothing much here to do except talking to your tour guide - 
Ike and watch him die later. Ike will try to sell you his ward stones, 
I don't think it matters if you did buy it or not considering that he 
WILL die. You will get your money back too. When the DEATH KNIGHT 
appears, try to avoid him as he will cast fireball and fry everyone in 
the room. Collect the ward stone from Ike if you didn't buy them.

First Floor

Nothing much here either. Some treasures to collect, Ghasts to kill and 
there is an entrance to the `balcony' of the tower but beware, there 
are one Lesser Bassilisk and three Greater Bassilisks waiting for you. 
Good place to gain experience. Three dead Greater Bassilisks is 21000 
experience points!

Oh, you can find a Scimitar +2 here near the Bassilisks at the chimney-
like place. It's booby-trapped though. 

Second Floor

This is the top most level of the tower. You will encounter Riggillo, a 
Ghost and Kirinhale - a sirine.

NPC : Riggillo (NR)
Quest : KOBK (optional)
What do you get? : Riggillo - 1400 XP and other usual stuffs

NPC : Ghost (NR)
Quest : KOBK
What do you get? : Ghost - 3750 XP

NPC : Kirinhale (NR)
Quest : KOBK
What do you get? : 

Lower Ground One

NPC : Bayard (NR)
What do you get? : Bayard - 11000 XP (!!!)

Places of interest : There is a ring of protection here

Lower Ground Two

This is one level that really irritates me. Four warders each with 
their own puzzles. To get to the next level you will have to solve 
their riddles. Love, Fear, Pride and Avarice - each of them require 
specific items and actions.

I am not sure which warders require which solution but just talk to any 
of them and it will do.

Solution One : Get the Mallet Head in a barrel near the warders and 
also a Mallet Head somewhere south-east where a few Greater 
Doppelgangers are guarding. Take these two items and head to the room 
with the anvil. Use the anvil and you will have a Mallet. Then go to 
the room somewhere north-west and use the gong.

Solution Two : Get the grape from the bedroom south-west and also a 
switch from the drawer. You will need to find an odd-looking key to 
open the drawer. Head to the engine room south and activate it. Later 
go to a room with looks like a big log and activate it. Voila! Grape 
juice in a bottle.

Solution Three : Get to the treasure room near the bedroom of solution 
two and find the blue glittering gem.

Solution Four : I am not sure of this but Pride requires you to lift 
his name up high or something. I read the story in the room and click 
on some stuffs in the Durlag's Pride and then talk to him. It might 
work. Anyone can confirm this?

Note : Each riddles solved earns you 2000 XP.

After solving all the riddles, you will have to battle all four of the 
warders - Love, Fear, Pride and Avarice. Tough battle and little XP to 

NPC : Fear, Pride and Avarice (NR)
Quest : KOBK
What do you get? : 800 XP each and other usual stuffs

NPC : Love (NR)
Quest : KOBK
What do you get? : 3000 XP and a wardstone
Places of interest : Plate mail +3 can be found here in the room with 
the anvil

Lower Ground Three

This place is infested with Greater Doppelgangers!! They will take the 
form of Islanne, Durlag and Kiel the Legion Killer. Head to the room 
with a lot of statues and you will find two statues which you can 
minipulate. I can't give you the correct sequence because I myself am 
not sure but try fiddling around and you will open the doors you want.

Also, in another room are three sparring dummies which have red circles 
around them. Don't attack them as they are booby-trapped. There are 
items to collect on them and just click on their body instead of the 
red circle. I am not sure of this but disarming the traps and then 
attack the dummies will sometimes open up some doors which the statues 
would not.

Each doppelganger you kill will earn you 4000 XP but it's hard. I used 
up a lot of Potion of Speed here for my Paladin.

The exit is somewhere South-West of the map. The one you see initially 
is a fake and is booby-trapped too. The actual exit is just south of 
the fake and a hidden from view door is blocking it.

Near the staircase are a few Dwarven Guards and a locked chest which I 
can't seem to unlock even with my thief (80% Lock Pick and Potion of 
Master Thievery) or my Paladin with 80% bashing. Anyone managed to open 

Lower Ground Four

This is another level which is quite a challenge. You start in front of 
a door and beyond the door are a few more doors. Between them are a 
fireball trap which will go on and off at interval, so timing is 
crucial here. Lead your party one at a time to a door and you will pull 
through especially if all have the boots of speed.

To the East is the `green area' and to the west is the room with the 
dragon's bone and few Greater Wyverns but you will have reinforcement 
from the statues. Click on the five statues after talking to the 
skeleton and you will be able to control momentarily five more NPC. All 
five are Dire-Charmed and the effects will wear off so lead them 
against the Greater Wyvern first.

After that, kill all that remained.

NPC : Hack, Meiala the Sirine, Tanor, Morlock, Bullrush (dire-charmed)
What do you get? : Hack - 2000 XP, Meiala the Sirine - 4000 XP, Tanor - 
15 XP (?), Morlock - 1900 XP, Bullrush - 950 XP and other usual stuffs

"Down four tunnels has 4 foes. Kill them all and the game begins". So 
quote the big head statue.

Locations of tunnels (not in order)

Tunnel #1 - Two Phoenix Guards (one fighter and one archer). The will 
explode when killed and earns only 100 XP each.

Tunnel #2 - Air Aspect (similar to wyvern), 3 invisible stalker. 450 XP 
for killing the Air Aspect and 3000 XP each for the invisible stalker.

Tunnel #3 - Fission slime (boy, they do mean fission). Kill one, two 
appear. Kill another one and you get the idea. 2000 XP for each of 
them. I didn't kill all of them but after finishing tunnel #4, I was 
transported to the chess game.

Tunnel #4 - Kaldran the bear and four winter wolves. 900 XP for killing 

Chess game. I lost two of my NPC here - Khalid and Jaheira (co-
incidence?). If you managed to kill the King first then the rest will 
disappear. Very tough. Some major tactics needed. Go after one at a 
time? Charge head first in? Or cast fireballs to weaken them and then 
charge in? Depends. My party was only fighters and archers and that 
didn't leave me with much of an option. Oh, if you step in the wrong 
square with certain characters, lightning bolt will shoot at you.

Someone from the board wrote that he managed to maneuver a fighter 
until the King without disturbing the rests and killed him! Great 
tactic but how?

BTW, the King has the "Two-handed +3 sword" and you can get Bala's Axe 
from the dry fountain somewhere in this level.  

Lower Ground Five

Last two levels.. fuh. `Durlag' will be there to `greet' you when you 
first explore the place. In this level, you are supposed to find out 
the truth about the place and the family that lived in it.

Three major places to explore here and each will end when you found the 
`exit' to the compass statues.

There is a statue near the place with the spiders and ghasts but you 
can't reach it yet. You need to solve the other two places before you 
can explore here.

And also, Islanne is there to provide you with free transport out of 
the tower if you find the place intimidating.

You can find Large Shield +2, Staff of Striking, Long Sword +1 - Flame 
Tongue, Cloak of the Shield and the Soultaker dagger in this level.

Another wall near Islanne will open when you have completed all three 
questions from the compass statues.

Location : South-West of map (green area)
NPC : Grael (NR)
Quest : KOBK
What do you get? : 5000 XP and compass wardstone

Near the exit to this level is Clair De'lain who will tell you of his 
misadventure in this tower. And of the Mirror of Opposition plus the 
Death Knight!!

Lower Level Six

This level is straightforward and once you beaten the Death Knight, 
talk to Dallon at the East of the map, head back up and talk to Islanne 
to exit the tower at last!

Location : Middle of map
NPC : Death Knight (NR)
Quest : KOBK
What do you get? : 15000 XP and Large shield +1

There are two ways to defeat the Death Knight. The first is to kill him 
the conventional way and then break the mirror. The other is by 
breaking the mirror first and let the "images" kill the Death Knight 
for you but be warned, the images will kill you AND the Death Knight. 
Frankly, I find the conventional way easier.


When you returned to Ulgoth's Beard, a Cult Enforcer will approach you 
near the entrance and asked for the dagger you found - the Soultaker. 
He will take it from you one way or the other so any responses wouldn't 
make any differences.

After the encounter, head to the inn and talk to Hurgan Stoneblade. He 
will tell you that the cults are going to summon a beast and you have 
to stop them. Head out and to the barn-like place where the top 
entrance is guarded by a Cult Enforcer. Talk to him and kill everyone 
then enter the door. Another encounter and this time there is a mage 
along with them.

Head down the stairs and kill the girl-mage. The beast (Aec' Letec) 
will appear and you can see a few immobile cults around the place. Once 
you killed the beast, it will regenerate from one of the cults until 
there are no more cults for it to `consume' - something like the agents 
from the Matrix. So, it's better to kill the cults first before 
attacking the beast.

NPC : Aec' Letec (NR)
Quest : KOBK
What do you get? : 16000 XP

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