---------                            ---
        \     -  |  ------   ---           /  -  \  -------   ------
         |   | | | |  ||--| |   |         |  | |  | \   -  | |  ||--|
         |   | | | |  |---  |   |  -----  |  | |  |  | | | | |  |---
         |    -  | |---   | |   | |     | |  | |  |  |  -  | |---   |
         |    ---   -- |  | |   |  -----  |  | |  |  |   --   -- |  |
         |   |     |  ||  | |   |          \  -  /   |  |    |  ||  |
         /---       ------   ----\           ---     /--      ------

                      --                             --
                         - THE MINDGATE CONSPIRACY -

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

System:     X-box
Written by: Berserker93 (aka. Berserker or Kevin)
Started:    June 9, 2004
Email:      berserker_kev@yahoo.com

This document (c) 2004 Kevin Hall (Berserker)

Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (c) 2004 Midway Amusement Game, LLC.

Version History

Version 1.0 - (July 12, 2004) Document is complete.  I still have a few more 
things to add before I'm completely finished.

Version 1.1 - (July 15, 2004) Added Additional Strategies section (thanks to 
Jumar and TorandoTK for contributing) and more sites to the Copyright section.  
Finally added Marlena glitch battle that I meant to add on the first version 
(thanks to Fantatic).  Also added a note about the boss fight glitch in the 
game.  If anybody else has any other additional strategies for some of the 
boss battles or hard areas that are not already mentioned, then please email 
me about them (berserker_kev@yahoo.com).

Version 1.2 - (August 16, 2004) Added some more additional strategies and some 
extra content to some of the walkthrough (Mind Drain, Illusion Maze notice, 
Stone Statue boss MD, use for the blue platform in stage 6).  Corrected some 
errors in the codes section. (thanks to Bandit23, Craven, faqsimile, and 

Version 1.3 - (December 21, 2004) Fixed the page margins to make the guide 
look a bit better.

Version 1.4 - (April 11, 2005) Added additional strategies for the Marlena 
Kessler fight, and for the hotspot a few rooms after the Wrightson fight. 
(thanks to DreadMerlot)  Added an extra note about the canisters during the 
Marlena fight, (thanks to johnjon and Redrane), and an alternate tip for the 
room with the blue liquid after the fusion accelerator (thanks to Paco).  
Added tips for the graveyard, first hotspot after Wrightson, and Marlena 
(thanks to padda_man100 and Chuck).  Maybe by the next update, I will actually 
finish the characters section. ;p

Also, I've added a few codes to make navigation through this walkthrough a bit 
easier.  Anytime you see a code surrounded by "", click edit on your browser 
and select "Find on page", type in the corresponding code to be taken directly 
to that section.  I added codes to take you to each stage of the game from the 
list of sections, codes to take you from the walkthrough to each additional 
strategy, and codes to take you from the walkthrough to each Evil Garden Gnome 

Version 1.5 - (July 29, 2005) Characters section is finally complete and 
Contact Info was added in the Special Thanks and Copyright section.  Title has 
been centered along with a few other enhancements throughout the guide.  A 
Special note has been added to the unlockables subsection and a note has been 
added to the elevator ride during the timed area of Chapter 2.  Thanks go out 
to all the readers that emailed me about both of these problems.  Also added a 
location for a Psi Rejuvenator in Chapter 5 (thanks to Darkchief75).

One more thing, I would like to give a special thanks to everybody that has 
emailed me regarding this guide.  I have received more emails regarding this 
guide than any of my others, and I just wanted you guys to know that I 
appreciate all the comments, contributions, and other emails and if I did not 
respond to your email then I want to take this opportunity to say thank you!


Section I:    Introduction

Section II:   Controls

Section III:  Items

Section IV:   Weapons

Section V:    Characters

Section VI:   Walkthrough

     A:  Welcome to the Movement   

     B:  Something's Gone Wrong    

     C:  Unfinished Business       

     D:  Assembling the Pieces     

     E:  Fears Don't Lie           

     F:  Everything We Worked For  

     G:  From the Ether and Beyond 

     H:  The Ultimate Power        

Section VII:  Additional Strategies

Section VIII: Secrets/Cheats

Section IX:   Copyright & Special Thanks

     A:  Contact Info



This has got to be one of the most fun and rewarding games I have played in a 
while.  The new concepts that Midway has brought to the usual stealth/action 
formula are incredible.  The different steps that can be taken to get through 
a situation make each play-through just as exciting as the last.  I have been 
totally hyped about this game ever since I got my hands on the Xbox magazine 

This is my third walkthrough that I have done (my other walkthroughs are 
listed at the bottom), and I am proud to say that I have had the most fun 
doing this walkthrough out of all of them.  This walkthrough may contain 
spoilers so be sure to use it as a last resort if this is your first time 
through the game.  I have tried a little something different with this 
walkthrough than my previous walkthroughs (read the beginning of the 
walkthrough section) and would like some feedback as to how the readers feel 
about this.  Please let me know if you like it. :)

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, advice, or suggestions.  
My email address is berserker_kev@yahoo.com.



(default controller setup)

|Left analog  |Move                                |
|D-pad up     |Mind control (MC)/Zoom in           |
|D-pad down   |Weapon switch/Zoom out              |
|D-pad left   |Remote viewing (RV)                 |
|D-pad right  |Aura View (AV)                      |
|Right analog |Move camera/Move objects (w/TK)     |
|Start        |Displays pause menu/Skips Cutscene  |
|Back         |Inventory menu                      |
|L            |Telekinesis (TK)*                   |
|R            |Fire weapon                         |
|Y            |Lock-on/Strafe                      |
|A            |Jump/Climb/Use/Open doors           |
|X            |Melee Attack                        |
|B            |Crouch                              |
|Black        |Mind drain (MD)                     |
|White        |Pyrokinesis (PK)/Free Aim (TK surf) |
|L3           |Wall mode                           |
|R3           |Sniper Mode (only with Sniper Rifle)|

* = Pressure Sensitive

Life Meter

The life meter represents the number of hits Nick can take before he dies.  
The life meter can be replenished by collecting First Aid Kits or Packs.  
Hyposprays will also replenish a bit of the life meter.

Psi Meter

Below the life meter is the psi meter.  This represents the amount of psi that 
Nick has remaining to perform psi abilities.  Every psi ability will take away 
a different amount from the psi meter depending on which psi ability is used.  
The psi meter can be replenished by finding psi power-ups, hyposprays, or by 
performing a mind drain on a conscious or unconscious enemy.

Psi Abilities

Telekinesis (TK)

Whenever an area is targeted and the target turns yellow or red, that object 
can most likely be manipulated by TK.  Hold down on the TK (L) button to lift 
the object and use the right analog to move or throw it.  The harder the TK 
button is pressed, the higher the object will go.  Nick can actually be on top 
of an object while it is being moved with TK; this is called TK Surfing.

(see Advanced Controls for TK Surfing)

Pyrokinesis (PK)

Sends a flame wall toward an enemy or object, engulfing every flammable object 
in its path into flames.  Burning objects can be moved and thrown with 

Mind Control (MC)

Mind Control can only be performed when a conscious enemy is targeted and the 
target turns red.  Once a Mind Control is performed the player will have total 
control over the enemy.  This will work on every enemy except for Aura Beasts 
and Bosses.

Remote Viewing (RV)

Remote Viewing is an out-of-body first-person viewing that can be used to get 
the layout of a room or see the locations and actions of enemies before 

Mind Drain (MD)

Mind Drain can only be performed on fallen enemies or from behind an enemy.  
Performing a mind drain will refill the psi meter.  A conscious enemy will 
yield a greater psi recharge.

Mind drain recharge percentages:

Dead enemy - (15%)
Live enemy on ground - (25%)
Sneaking up on live enemy (stealth drain) - (75%)
Live enemy on ground and waiting a few seconds - (75%)

(Note:  In order to get a 75% recharge while the enemy is on the ground, wait 
until the enemy tries to get up.  If done correctly, the enemy will hover in 
the air as if a stealth drain has been executed.)

(Thanks to Craven)

Aura View (AV)

Aura View is used to see things that are normally invisible to the naked eye.  
Aura View will detect body heat, invisible enemies, invisible mines, secret 
messages, and weak walls.

Advanced Controls

TK Surfing

Nick can use his TK ability to lift a crate or any movable object up in the 
air while he is on top.  To perform this stand on top of a crate or movable 
object, target it so that the target turns yellow, and then use TK to surf.  
This can be used to reach far off areas.  There is nearly no limit to where 
Nick can go while TK surfing.

Free Aim while TK surfing 

When Nick is TK surfing on an object, while still holding the TK (L) button, 
press the PK (white) button and this will allow him to freely aim at other 
objects or enemies.  While free aim is activated Nick cannot move the object 
that he is on.  Press PK again to cancel free aim and continue surfing.


While lifting an object with TK, let go of the TK (L) button, and then quickly 
press and hold down the button again to lift the object higher.  Nick can be 
on top of an object while multi-lifting.  Targeting the object and holding 
down the lock-on (Y) button while multi-lifting can help to make it easier.  
Holding a direction with the right analog while multi-lifting can make the 
process easier as well, but this eats up the Psi gauge quicker.


Section III: ITEMS

Health Power-ups

Field Medical Kit

Restores 50% of life meter.

Field Medical Pack

Restores 25% of life meter.

Psi Power-ups

Psi Elixir

Restores 100% of psi meter.  Usually these are only available during boss 

Psi Rejuvenator

Restores 50% of psi meter.

Psi Vial

Restores 25% of psi meter.

Health & Psi power-up


Restores some of your life and psi meter.  These can only be obtained from the 
labcoat workers and they cannot be stored in inventory.  Hyposprays are used 
automatically once collected.

Weapon pickups

Pistol Ammo

Adds 12 bullets to your supply of pistol ammo.


These can be picked up with TK and tossed back at the enemy. These can also be 
used freely while Mind Controlling an enemy. Press down on the D-pad while you 
MC an enemy.

Other Ammo

Ammo for Primary Weapons can be obtained by running over a dropped weapon.



Primary Weapon

(Only one primary weapon can be carried at a time.)

Assault Rifle

Fires out a rapid stream of bullets and works well for long range attacks.  
Tapping the fire button instead of simply holding it will result in more 
precise aiming.

Machine Gun

Has a faster rate of fire than the assault rifle, but is better used at medium 
range.  The machine gun can also holds more ammo than the Assault Rifle.


The most powerful gun that Nick can use, but ammo is sometimes hard to come by 
and it doesn't hold as much as the other guns.  The closer Nick is to an 
enemy, the more damage the shotgun will do.

Sniper Rifle

Best for taking out enemies at great distances.  Press in on the right analog 
to enter Sniper mode and use the d-pad to zoom in and out (up and down).

Secondary Weapon

Silenced Handgun

The handgun will remain in your inventory and cannot be replaced.  It is best 
for stealth situations or minor task.

Special Weapon

These can only be used while Mind Controlling (MC) an enemy using each 
particular weapon.

Flame Thrower

Short range weapon but very powerful.

Rocket Launcher

Fires an explosive round that inflicts a large amount of damage on the area 



(info taken from www.psiopsgame.com and from instruction booklet)

Nick Scryer

(Psi-Ops Specialist)

Age: 34
Height: 6'
Weight: 210 lb.

Psi Power:

Proficient in Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Mind Drain, Mind Control, 
Pyrokinesis, and Aura Viewing.  At times, he is struck by erratic glimpses of 
the future.


Lt. Nick Scryer is a seasoned combat veteran assigned to lead a strike team 
with the UN Anti-Terror Corps.  Nick gets "planter" and captured in an 
operation against the terrorist organization known as "The Movement".  Once 
inside, Nick discovers he is actually an agent for a secret government 
organization known as Mindgate.  Trained in the use of his Psi abilities, Nick 
is a powerful weapon against worldwide terrorist threats that wield their own 
brand of Psi powers.  But to successfully infiltrate "The Movement", Nick also 
learns his memories and powers have been temporarily wiped to get him past the 
enemy's Psi probes.

He must now escape his captors and battle against the powerful Psi agents of 
"The Movement".  He must discover his true past, as well as his link to the 
mysterious leader of the terrorists, the General.

Sara Blake

(Special Agent)

Age: 27
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 124 lb.

Psi Power:

The power of Telepathy.


At the height of funding for Project Mindgate, many people were tested and 
studied by the government for their potential Psi abilities.  Orphaned at age 
15, Sara Blake was taken in by the state and trained to develop her Telepathic 
gifts to eventually become a Psi operative fighting the enemies of democracy.

After Project Mindgate, Sara secretly continues her work and infiltrates the 
General's terrorist organization.  Her true mission is to spy on The Movement 
from within, but Sara has another motive.

The General

(Leader of "The Movement")

Age: 52
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 180 lb.

Psi Power:

None that are known of at this time.


A distinguished military record brought William Kreiger into the underground 
realm of government Black Ops programs.  Placed in charge of the government's 
Psi program, code named "Project Mindgate", he began to understand the true 
power of the human mind.  However, the end of the Cold War also brought an end 
to Project Mindgate.

Unwilling to lose the power of his position, Krieger overstepped his authority 
and used the agency to further his ambitions.  Indicted for war crimes by his 
own country, he escaped trial and fled underground.

Now re-emerging as the General, he has become the enigmatic leader of the 
terrorist organization known as "The Movement".  Backed with a growing army 
led by a group of powerful rogue Psi-Agents from around the world, his goal is 
to retrieve and control the pieces of a mysterious ancient artifact.  The 
General's insane lust for domination leads him t believe this artifact has the 
potential to bestow upon him the ultimate power of a god.

Jov Leonov

(Master of Mind Control)

Age: 52
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 175 lb.

Psi Power:

Mind Control, using others to do his dirty work.


Jov Leonov, originally a native of Mongolia, was taken in by the Soviet 
government when an accident left him blind at an early age, but also left him 
with powerful Mind Control abilities.  Raised and groomed to be the perfect 
Soviet spy, he soon became a deadly Psi operative.

Following the end of the Cold War, Leonov became involved with the terrorist 
organization known as the "The Movement".  Recruited for his expertise in Mind 
Control, the cold and calculating Leonov began development on a secret project 
known only as the "Meat Pupper Program".

Leonov is always flanked by one of his "victims", using their eyes for his 
vision through Mind Control.  He remains calm and controlled when his 
meticulous plans are operating smoothly.  However, he can become unstable and 
irrational when all does not go according to his plan.

Edgar Barret

(Master of Telekinesis)

Age: 37
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 385 lb.

Psi Power:

Telekinesis, allowing him to move whatever he wants.


Edgar Barret led a downtrodden life until the emergence of his Psi abilities 
allowed him to attain money, power, and status.  His Telekinesis allowed him 
to climb the ranks of Project Mindgate, becoming the number one operative.  At 
that point, Barret's lust for power pulled him into the General's conspiracy 
and later into the madman's underground terrorist organization.

Barret now secretly runs several high profile businesses as fronts for The 
Movement.  He launders money, moves weapon, and uses his influence to allow 
the General to operate in more than a dozen smaller nations across the globe.

His lust for power has fueled his belief in the idea of a "Psi elite".  He 
foresees a world in which the powerful Psi few will rule over a world of 
"Mundanes".  It is for this goal that he begins his quest to help the General 
attain an ancient power - a power that will allow them to rule the world.

Wei Lu

(Master of Illusion)

Age: 24
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 lb.

Psi Power:

Illusion, the ability to create false visions and memories in the minds of 


When her Psi powers were detected, Wei Lu was taken from her family and raised 
to be a perfect intelligence Agent by the Chinese government.  She became a 
one-woman killing machine that used her ability to implant false visions and 
beliefs into the minds of others as a means to carry out the will of the 

However, Wei Lu grew to be a young woman driven by introspection in a world 
where the line between reality and fantasy are easily blurred.  She soon came 
to the attention of The Movement, and it was here that she found a place to 
explore these ideas.  She gained access to the General's knowledge of Psi in 
exchange for her stunning power, which she uses to hide the operations of The 
Movement from prying eyes.

Marlena Kessler

(Master of Pyrokinesis)

Age: 34
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 125 lb.

Psi Power:

Pyrokinesis, the ability to create and control fire, explosions, and heat.


Marlena Kessler grew up in a divided Germany.  When her powers manifested 
themselves during puberty she was quickly inducted in the Soviet Psi-Ops 
program.  However, Marlena took the first opportunity she could to flee to the 
west, leaving behind her family and past.

Marlena was later recruited into The Movement by Edgar Barret.  His rhetoric 
of a Psi elite appealed to her sense of justice.  Now her righteous attitudes 
about the Mundanes have led her to become a bitter and arrogant woman, driven 
by a desire for power.

Nicolas Wrightson

(Master of Remote Viewing)

Age: 41
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 111 lb.

Psi Power:

Remote Viewing, the ability to send one's mind out-of-body and spy anywhere in 
the world.  He also has the ability to Mind Control weak willed individuals.


Wrightson once worked alongside Nick at Mindgate where he put his Remote 
Viewing talents to good use.  But as he began to take longer and longer trips 
into the ether of RV his sense of reality began to unravel.

When Project Mindgate ended, Wrightson was seduced into joining the Movement.  
It was here that Wrightson became the General's eyes and ears across the 
globe, spying on the world through the ether of RV.

He has since withdrawn completely from the real world.  It is an addiction, a 
fix that he needs to survive, and so strong that he refuses to return to his 
true body.  Few within the Movement truly understand how deranged Wrightson 
has become, and even fewer are aware of the location of his real body that 
grows more sickly and wretched in its hidden sanctuary, murmuring incoherently 
about strange things and entities.

Dr. Kimiko Jones


Age: 28
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 115 lb.


Kimiko became a scientist in order to follow in the footsteps of her 
grandfather, who left a distinguished research career to delve into the secret 
world of the occult.  She soon discovered that her grandfather was in fact 
researching ancient relics for the American government.  Relics that were 
somehow linked to the world of Psi power.

Her obsession with her grandfather's past and her own research brought her to 
the attention of the General, who allowed her access to certain artifacts and 
knowledge that only he possessed.  Making great strides in her research, 
Kimiko has blinded herself to the General's true purpose, and has only 
recently begun to realize that the man who she once saw as a benefactor may in 
fact be mankind's greatest threat.


The Movement requires expert knowledge to create and maintain their army as 
well as study the Monolith's power.  These men are the worker bees of the 
organization, dedicated to helping the General bring about a revolution of 

The Minions

(Meat Puppets)

The Movement uses brainwashed humans as their nameless, numberless minions.  
Mind controlled and unquestioning, these "Super Soldiers" overcome their 
enemies by sheer number, force, and terror.  They can be programmed to be 
immune to pain, to lay down their lives without question, or to kill with no 

There are three levels of Meat Puppet warriors, each one more powerful, 
cunning, and deadly.


The most numerous, these MP's are made up of people that have been quickly 
brainwashed.  They are often "new recruits" who have only recently been 
kidnapped and has the very lowest form of "programming" in the meat lockers.  
These soldiers use numbers and superior firepower to defeat their enemy.


These soldiers are a step above the common Meat Puppet.  Longer reprogramming 
time has allowed them to be more accurately programmed and controlled.  They 
have higher abilities of reason and independent thought which make them harder 
to outsmart and defeat.


The highest form of the Meat Puppet, these soldiers are also the least 
numerous.  Combining individual thought, cunning training and a lack of fear, 
these super soldiers are a lack of fear, these super soldiers are deadly and 
efficient.  These MP's can also be quickly trained via downloadable programs 
to perform a variety of tasks, from simple demolitions to difficult piloting 





Berserker's explanation of his walkthrough