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Eve of Extinction

System:      Playstation 2
Written by:  Berserker93 (aka. Berserker or Kevin)
Started:     June 22, 2002

EOE: Eve of Extinction (c) YUKE'S Co., Ltd. 2002

This document Copyright 2002 Kevin Hall

Version 1.0 - this is a rough draft of the FAQ; I will be adding a walkthrough 
for Stage 5, 6, and 7 shortly.  I will also add in some of the areas that I am 
still working on later.

Version 1.1 (June 27, 2002) - I have fixed many of the grammatical errors that 
were throughout the FAQ.  I have also added a bit more to the Weapons section.  
Few minor updates to copyright and special thanks section.

Version 2.0 (June 29, 2002) - I have added the walkthrough for Stage 5 and 6.  
I have also added the controls for swimming and a little more to the weapons 

Version 2.5 (June 30, 2002) - I have added the walkthrough for Stage 7.  I 
have also added a glitch in the SECRETS Section (thanks to spiderXero) and 
have added more to the WEAPONS Section.

Version 2.6 (July 5, 2002) - Walkthrough is finished.  I have added the 
Questions and Answers Section.  A few errors are corrected. FAQ was cleaned up 
a bit. ^_^

Version 3.0 (July 8, 2002) - Added Landing Attacks and Weapon Change Attacks 
to the WEAPON Section.  Also added Descriptions of both in HOW TO PLAY 
section, along with Changing Default Controls.

Version 3.1 (July 17, 2002) - Added combo for twin blades (HS, LS) that I have 
been neglecting to mention for some reason (thanks to Colban (the 
magnificent)).  Updated QUESTION AND ANSWERS section.

Version 3.2 (October 16, 2002) - Long time, no update...Added REVIEW Section 
(the new Section VII), added another strategy for defeating the Stage 6 Boss 
(thanks to Nick Wedge), added a bit more information about the Katars at max 
level, added a few more sites to the COPYRIGHT section.  There may be one more 
update to come later! :)

Version 3.3 (March 1, 2003) - Well, while not being the update that I had 
hoped for, the FAQ has been revised and cleaned up a bit.  I might try to have 
a list of the Data Disks and their locations in the future...maybe ^_^;

Version 3.4 (June 10, 2003) - Added two new sites in the COPYRIGHT section 
that this FAQ can be located at, and changed my email address.

Version 3.5 (August 5, 2005) - Updated guide to 79 characters per line, 
changed email address in places that I had forgot about, fixed formatting here 
and there.  Contact Info added as well.


Section I:    Introduction

Section II:   How to Play

Section III:  Weapons

Section IV:   Walkthrough

Section V:    Secrets

Section VI:   Questions and Answers

Section VII:  Eve of Extinction Review

Section VIII: Copyright and Special Thanks

     A: Contact Info


Section I:  


This is my first FAQ that I have ever written so please forgive me if it is 
not perfect.  If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, comments, 
then email me at  Also, let me know if I forget 
anything. :)

Eve of Extinction (EOE) is a mix of many different games.  It has weapons and 
combos much like Soul Caliber, the adventure areas of the game, and the 
puzzles are much like Soul Reaver(Josh moves just like Raziel whenever you 
have the rod equipped), and the action parts are like Sword of the 
Berserk(also made by Eidos and Yukes).  

In EOE, an evil corporation named Wisdom is trying to achieve worldwide 
military control using the EOE(the latest legacy model).  EOE basically 
centers on Josh, former employee of Wisdom, and Eliel, whose soul is wired in 
the Core of Josh's weapon (legacy).  Josh seeks revenge on the company for 
what they did to Eliel, and he is the only chance that humanity has against 


Section II:


CONTROLS: (default)

Analog:   moves Josh (press lightly to walk, press firmly to run)
D pad:    moves Josh (walk only)
Square:   Jump
Triangle: Legacy Action 
X:        Light Slash (LS)
O:        Hard Slash (HS)
R1:       change weapons
R2:       camera adjust
L1:       change weapons
L2:       lock-on, block
L3:       1st person view
R3:       Legacy drive

I will refer to each button by the action it performs since some people do not 
play with the default controller option. (Like me!)

Changing Default Controls
If you want to configure your controls then go to the options menu and select 
button configuration, which will be the last option. (Controls can also be 
changed during the actual game by pausing the game and going to the option 

Saving your game:
You can save your game anytime you want.  To do this press start, and select 
save and the game will allow you to choose a save file.  Once you restart your 
game you will start out at the previous Ley Line that you passed.

You have an unlimited amount!

Enemies appear as red glowing dots on the map.  Ley Seeds also appear on the 
map.  Important locations appear on the map as red stars.

Changing Weapons:  
Josh's weapons can be changed with the R1 and L1 buttons.  You can change to a 
different weapon during a combo and Josh will change to the next weapon that 
you have and finish the combo.  You might also need to change weapons in order 
to get to another platform while jumping.

Gaining Levels for your weapons:
Each time you use any of your weapons, your percentage on the right, above 
your available weapons, will go up.  When the percentage reaches 100% you will 
gain a new level, and you will be able to perform higher combo attacks for 
that weapon.  Each weapon can gain a total of 5 levels.

Using the Legacy Drive:
To use a Legacy Drive you must first find 2 Ley Seeds, then press R3, and use 
the right analog to trace the pattern on the screen.  The pattern must be 
traced almost perfectly.  Most of the patterns are easily traced, but a few, 
toward the end of the game, can be a real pain.

Grabbing onto a far away platform:  
Jump over to a platform, and Josh should automatically grab the ledge.  In 
order to make some jumps, you must do the pole vault jump, and then quickly 
switch to your bare hands so Josh can grab the ledge.  This can really be 
tricky whenever you first start to play.  Later you will need to use another 
combination of weapons  Note: if the platform is really far away use the walk 
button to position yourself.

Pulling yourself up from a ledge:  
When Josh is hanging from a ledge you can make him pull himself up with either 
the jump or Legacy Action buttons.  You can also release Josh's grip of a 
ledge by pressing the L2 button.

Grabbing onto a pole or ladder while standing:  
Tap the Legacy Action button to make Josh grab a ladder or a pole while 
standing next to it.

Back flipping off of a ledge or pole:  
When Josh is hanging from a ledge or a pole you can press either attack button 
(LS or HS) to make him do a back flip.

Recovering from a fall:
Once knocked down, if you press the jump button as you land, Josh will spring 
back up.  If you do not time the button press right, Josh will stay on the 
ground for about 2 seconds, and risk getting hit by an enemy.

Controls for swimming:
The up and down directions are reversed once you submerge yourself in water. 
(Up = Down, Down = Up) You can swim around on the surface also (controls are 
normal).  To pull yourself up, press the grab button (Legacy Action button) 
near a platform.  Once grabbed on, you can pull yourself up with the jump 
button.  Beware Josh's Oxygen level!  It depletes VERY quickly!  Even I could 
even hold my breath longer than him! :)

Action Movies:
Do not put your controller down to watch all of the cutscenes!  This is not 
Final Fantasy X!  Some of the cutscenes allow the player to interact.  These 
are known as Action Movies.  These cutscenes allow the player to input certain 
button combinations.  If the player does not enter the buttons correctly then 
Josh will suffer damage.  You cannot die from an Action Movie!

Changing the order of weapons:
When the game is paused, go to the Status screen.  You can change the order of 
your weapons, which can make for some dirty and horrifying combinations.  The 
current levels and information regarding each weapon can be viewed here as 

Landing Attacks:
Landing Attacks are weapon attacks that can only be performed after a jump(the 
second Josh lands) or Legacy Action. (see the WEAPONS Section for more info.)

Weapon Change Attacks:
Attacks that can be done during a combo when Josh switches to a different 
weapon. (Weapon Change Attacks can be performed during any combo)


Ley Seed:
You need two of these to power up each weapon so you can use the Legacy Drive 
of that weapon.  The Ley Seeds come in blue and red colors.  They are found 
inside of Ley Lines.

Ley Line:
A stream of Chi that shimmers in many areas of each stage that can only be 
seen by wielders of advanced Legacies.  The Ley Line will replenish all of 
your health and your Legacy meter.  The Ley Line also serves as a checkpoint 
if Josh dies.

Data Modules:
Disks that are received from Wisdom guards.  The Data Modules have information 
about many different people and places from the game.  Some are just notes and 
documents.  (The Data Modules can be viewed by pausing the game and choosing 
Data on the menu.)

First aid box:
Some of the enemies may drop a first aid box once beaten.  The box will 
restore some of your health.  

Vitality Crystals:
A clear glass case with a crystal inside which will replenish some of Josh's 
Legacy Drive energy.

Important items:
Some enemies may drop important items that will help you advance through the 
game, such as a card key.  Enemies that have an important item will have a red 
arrow above them which points down at them.


Section III:  


Below is the entire list of all the available weapons in EOE, and information 
associated with each.  I have listed the combos associated with each weapon.  
You can still do all the prior level combos after you go up a level.  For 
instance, you can still do Level 2 combos after you get up to Level 3.  Each 
weapon will take off more as you raise the level of it.

LS = Light Slash
HS = Hard Slash

Bare Hands
(default weapon)

Description:  Josh's bare hands can easily beat down one enemy, but I cannot 
recommend using his bare hands against a group of 2 or more enemies.  The 
damage inflicted is minimal, and the combos are not too powerful.  The hard 
attack also leaves Josh vulnerable if it is blocked or even if it hits.

Element: N/A

Legacy Drive:  N/A

Legacy Action:  use (lets Josh press switches)

LS:  punch
HS:  roundhouse kick

Jumping Attacks
LS:  Jump kick
HS:  Jump kick

Landing Attack:  (HS or LS after Josh lands from a jump)

Weapon Change Attack:  Roundhouse Kick (can be followed up by LS or HS.  LS 
can be charged (hold down button) for more powerful attack)


Level 1
N/A (you start at Level 2)

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4
No new combos

Max Level
No new combos

Snake Sword

Giant Axe
Broad Sword
Twin Blades