=============================================================================== Half Life 2: Episode Two FAQ/Walkthrough By Matt 'nofxgamer' Biro =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Table of Contents =============================================================================== Version History....................................................HL2E2-01 Intro..............................................................HL2E2-02 Overview...........................................................HL2E2-03 Controls...........................................................HL2E2-04 Walkthrough........................................................HL2E2-05 Chapter 1: To The White Forest...................................HL2E25-01 Chapter 2: The Vortal Coil.......................................HL2E25-02 Chapter 3: Freeman Pontifex......................................HL2E25-03 Chapter 4: Riding Shotgun........................................HL2E25-04 Chapter 5: Under The Radar.......................................HL2E25-05 Chapter 6: Our Mutual Fiend......................................HL2E25-06 Chapter 7: T-Minus One...........................................HL2E25-07 Weapons............................................................HL2E2-06 Enemies............................................................HL2E2-07 Characters.........................................................HL2E2-08 Achievements.......................................................HL2E2-09 Review.............................................................HL2E2-10 FAQ................................................................HL2E2-11 Credits, Thanks, And Contact Info..................................HL2E2-12 =============================================================================== HL2E2-01 Version History =============================================================================== 15 Oct 2007 Version 1.0 Complete guide, first submission. Nothing will really be added other than any updates that I feel are necessary, user submitted info, and any real updates to my guide, though I dont feel there will be much. =============================================================================== HL2E2-02 Intro =============================================================================== Ah, almost a year later and a few guides more I return to the original game that I made my first guide on (HL2 Episode 1). I am glad to continue my work here. I hope you have enjoyed the series as much as I did and I hope you enjoy my work. =============================================================================== HL2E2-03 Overview =============================================================================== This is a full Walkthrough and I have included the controls as always since it is useful, I've included Weapons and Enemies as well (since obviously they should be in here.) Doing my best to put the most information in here I can as well as be as detailed as I can with the walkthrough. =============================================================================== HL2E2-04 Controls =============================================================================== Here are all the controls, please do note these are all the default controls and you can set them up how you like. I will also include some small tips. Move Forward - W Move Backward - S Move Left (Strafe) - A Move Right (Strafe) - D These are your basic FPS movement keys, learn them well. Sprint - Shift Jump - Space Duck - Ctrl These are very common movement techniques you will be using, so if you arenÂ’t too well with them I would suggest just hoping around and using them. Primary Attack - Mouse 1 (Left click) Secondary Attack - Mouse 2 (Right click) Reload Weapon - R Use Item - E Gravity Gun - G Flashlight - F Suit Zoom - Z These are your basic functions you will obviously want to learn, the suit zoom is nice but I've never needed it, the others I use constantly. 1 - Draw Crowbar 2 - Draw Hand Gun / .357 Magnum 3 - Draw SMG / Pulse Rifle 4 - Draw Shotgun / Crossbow 5 - Draw Grenade / RPG Last Weapon - Q You will probably be using these a lot, especially the Last Weapon button, so you can switch from your Gravity Gun to lets say...your SMG...etc. To draw the second weapon hit the # twice. Other then that the last key you would probably use once in awhile is the Walk Key, defaulted as Alt. These are all basic controls, common with most FPS games so if you have played any before you should be quite familiar with them. The only true tip I have is that if you are making a jump that you aren't completely certain you will make, try ducking mid jump, it can help you make it onto the object you are jumping to, and definitely helps when jumping up things (to something higher then you). Again, if you aren't too confident with your controls and have just started or are in a safe area, just run around for a bit and get use to doing them with ease. =============================================================================== HL2E2-05 Walkthrough =============================================================================== Here we are, the story continues from the end of Episode 1. After the trainwreck and the citadel exploding. The game starts out giving a replay of what happened from start to finish in Episode 1 to bring you up to date once again. =============================================================================== HL2E2-05-01 Chapter 1: To The White Forest =============================================================================== Once you are brought back up to speed you assume your role as "The Freeman" as our Vortigaunts friends call you. You are in a train that is hanging off of the bridge that it was last traveling on. Once you are able to move head downward towards the opposite end of the train. Once you get to the end, drop into the water and head into the next train. Here you are stuck, but only for a second. Alyx will come and rip the door of the train off to let you out. Once out, you receive your infamous Gravity Gun and can start on your way. Head to your immeadiate right into the overturned train. Blast open the door using your Mouse 1 fire for the Gravity Gun and drop down and head to the left to see what used to be the Citadel. After the weird "Portal Storm" head backwards and left into the mineshaft. Head up the mineshaft and use the Gravity Gun to clear any boards/items that get in your way. You will come to a point where you can drop through a hole to a lower part of the shaft. Before doing so, do a quick 180 and get the Suit Energy on the shelf, then drop through the hole. Head forwards and clear your way once again, then head past all the corpses and dead Antlions and to your right. In the distance you will see some Antlions and Zombies fighting. Once you get down the stairs a Zombie will appear to your right, use a box or some object to kill it, then head forward. A few more Zombies will come to life and the floorboards ahead will break open to show a small area with a Zombie under it. Let Alyx do most of the work and use the explosives around the area. Continue to head forward and clear the Antlions and Zombies, there is a Zombine here that you can steal a grenade from to make easy work of them all or just use an explosive barrel. Once they are dead, enter the small building. Alyx will attempt to make contact with her father and Dr. Kliener to let them know that you are alive. The transmitter is without power so Alyx will try to fix it. Once the plug drops from where Alyx is, plug it into the wall and listen and watch the transmission. Once you have finished with the transmission, exit the building out the other door. If you are going for the achievements, the Gnome who you need to keep with you throughout the game is in the right hand corner before the exit door. Head towards the mine once again, grab the large block once you come to it and go to the right. Throw the rock at the Black Head Crab to kill it. Then head all the way down and then go all the way back up. Remove the boards in front of the cart and it will careen downwards and break open an exit for you. Now head back outside. Head to the right up the small hill and drop into the courtyard. Once in here, Alyx will ask you to open the gate. Go directly backwards from the gate and up the ladder by the train. Then head to the rooftop of the building to the right of said gate. Drop into the building and open the gate by pressing the switch. Then remove the board from the cover on the floor and drop below the buiilding. Head back to Alyx and you will get to watch Alyx being attacked by a Hunter. After the attack is done, a Vortigaunt will show up. It will assist is healing Alyx and calls it's friends to meet at a certain area. Head through the gate you just opened and clear any obstructions. Eventually you will come to an elevator that you need to go down, it has an obstruction between the gears...your trusty Crowbar. Remove it with your Gravity Gun and drop all the way down. Head through the office thing and out the door. In here, go to the platform and hold down E on the wheel to raise the platform. Once you get to the top, it will drop back down, jump to the platform on the left before you pass it, there is some Helath and Suit Energy above it in a small crack that can be gotten by use of the Gravity Gun. Once on the platform continue forward. In here you will finally get your Pistol. Grab the Pistol and ammo and drop down into the hole on the left. There is some Pistol ammo and Suit Energy in the small cove, grab both and head the way the Antlion ran. Kill the Antlion when you come to the bottom and then continue to descend down the multiple holes. Once you reach the bottom there will be a Black Head Crab. Kill it and head down the hole and into the water. There will be some weird "eeet" sounds, these are coming from the Antlion Grubs. They don't do anything except make noise and sit on the wall, but if you kill them (by any mean necessary and that includes walking on them) they will give you some health. Other then the Achievement for them and the health there isn't any purpose to them. Continue through the tunnel once you come out of the water. Keep heading through the tunnel, there is only one way to go and nothing in here. Once you come to the end where you can drop into a larger area, do so. You will come face to face with your first new enemy...the Acid Antlion Worker. These are just improved Antlions, they move a bit faster, keep their distance, and spit acid at you (which does poison you by the way.) Kill this Antlion as you would any other, then continue down the path. There will be another 2 Acid Antlions, kill them both. Go into the room on the left and grab the Shotgun and Grenades. There is some health and Shotgun ammo in the area where the 2 Acid Antlions were. Now head back to the room where the Shotgun was, go past the hole in the floor and to the shelf and grab the Shotgun ammo and Suit Energy. There is also a hidden Antlion Grub in the cloest thing. Once you have the items, drop into the hole. Head through the hole and there will be the Magnum in the middle, then head up the other end. Once up, continue forward and an Acid Antlion will attack, then another will attack. Once both are dead, follow the path in the cave area that starts on the right. As you continue another Antlion will come and attack, kill it and get to the end of this ledge, then drop down below. Once you drop down another Antlion will attack. Kill it and continue on. In the next room, there is a large pool area, go underwater and break open the web cache for some items. This is also an achievement if you are going for them. Once you have the items, swim through the small path and up into the next area. In this area there are a ton of Barnacles and there will be some Antlions. To make things easy here, lure the Antlions by shooting one with a Pistol shot and then let the Barnacles latch onto them and kill them. Continue on past all of the Barnicles and up the path, in the next room there is a very large pool area. Use this to your advantage by luring the Antlions towards you. They usually can't make the jump and will end up drowning, which makes everything easier for you. Once they are dead, swim across and go up the path to the left. An Antlion will run as you start to get near it, once you get to the main area where it will stop there will be 3 Antlions. Kill them all and then head forwad and through the tunnel on the right. Continue down and then drop to a lower part of the tunnel. On to Chapter 2. Also, if you are going for the achievements. You should have 93 Antlion Grubs killed and 1 web cache found. =============================================================================== HL2E2-05-02 Chapter 2: The vortal Coil =============================================================================== Continue down the tunnel and drop down the hole once you come. You are now in a small safe area. Alyx and the Vortigaunt you met earlier are here as well as two others, Griggs and Sheckley. Here you will have to protect Alyx and the Vortigaunt from invading Antlions. There is a light system, which will be explained, on where they are coming and how many. Stock up on ammo, there is an ammo chest with Shotgun shells on the right and an ammo chest with SMG ammo on the left, the SMG itself is down by Alyx. You can set up some mines as well if you want, but I just threw them during the battle. Once they explain the light system, get prepared to fight. Also, use the turrets to help. A turret can hold off a one light attack by itself. The first assault will come from tunnel 36. It will be a one light assault, very simple, just let the two guys and turrets do your work. Next assault will come from the tunnel to the left of # 36 (it doesn't have a number). Same one light assault, use the turrets and two guys. Next there will be a two light assault from tunnel 24. Once again, very simple, use the two turrets and guys, you can help by using your SMG. Next there will be two one-light assaults, from tunnels 36 and 12. The two guys are supposed to cover 36 and you on 12. Put a turret at turret 36 and one at 12, no real work required on your end here. Next there will be three one-light assaults, from the unmarked tunnel, # 12, and # 24. Put a turret at 12 and 24 and help the two guys at the unmarked tunnel. Next there will be two one-light assaults at the unmarked tunnel and # 12, there will also be a two-light assault at 24. Put a turret at the unrmarked tunnel and 12 and help the two guys at 24. Next you will have four one-light assaults. Leave a turret at the unmarked tunnel and move one to # 24. You will cover # 36, I suggest to use your Shotgun since the ammo crate is right there. Next there will be a three one-light assault and one two-light assault. Leave the turrets where they were and cover # 12 and try to provide some assistance to the two guys at # 36. Next there will be a three-light assault at # 12...be prepared for a hard fight. After the "three-light assault" you will meet up with the Vortigaunts kin and be set up for the major invasion...four three-light assaults. Some awesome music ensues as well, no major point to cover, just blast anything and everything. The Vortigaunts will do the major part of the work here, once done the Vortigaunts will talk about what needs to be done and how to heal Alyx back. You need to get what the Vortigaunts describe as the "Larval Extract". Once they are done talking, follow the Vortigaunt down tunnel # 12 and then head into the tunnel on the right after the Vortigaunt opens the gate. For the majority of the chapter the Vortigaunt will be with you and help with most fights, so use him to your advantage and conserve ammo when you can. Head down the tunnel, there will be the second web cache on your right, and once you reach the end, there will be a group of Antlions attacking something. The Vortigaunt will flip them all over, use some weapon, a grenade works best, to kill them all. Then continue down the path. There will be a few normal Antlions who will attack and three or soAcid Antlions. Follow the path upwards and keep going forward, there will be the third webcache on your right here. Once you get to the end there will be some Antlions that you will need to kill. Once you kill them all off, head down the path on the lefthand side, as you continue some more Antlions will come out to attack. Once you kill them all keep heading forward and then up the path. As you head down this tunnel, there will be the fourth web cache up above, get it and round the corner to the right. Some more Antlions will pop out and attack you, kill them and keep heading forward. As you continue down, you will round another corner and the fifth web cache will be on the ceiling. Be aware, once you open it a live grenade will drop, so back off. Continue heading forward and drop through the hole. In this room there will be two supply crates, but if you run on the platform they are on, it will drop, so use the Gravity Gun to get the crates, if you fall, don't worry, there is a ladder to get back up, but you can drop down and die. Head to the gate the houses all the Zombies and open the gate, they will come to life, but let the Vortigaunt do most of the work here. Gather the supplies in this room and start heading forward, another Zombie will come to life, kill it and gather the rest of the supplies. There is a lift on the right hand side that you need to go down with, in order to do this, put several barrels or heavy objects on it and jump on. Once you reach the bottom, head down the hall and some Zombies will come out to attack, there is also a Zombine that will come back to life. Continue into the next room and there will be another Zombine and Zombie. Kill them both and then start putting any heavy objects on the metal lift. Once you have a decent amount of items on there, turn on the lift by pressing the switch in the corner. If you had enough items on the lift it won't move, jump on it and shoot off the items so it will go upwards. Once inside this room there will be a few Zombies, kill them and then open the gate for the Vortigaunt. Continue ahead and the Vortigaunt will open the shutter for you. Head into this next room, there is a cart with some crates on it, but as soon as you remove one, the cart will fall down into the abyss. There are also some Antlion Grubs on the wall in the distance. Continue to head forward and there will be a Zombie and then an upwards hill, beware because the cart at the top will careen down. As you ascend the small hill there is one Antlion in a small space above you and then there will be one at the top of the hill. Kill them and then head up the ladder at the very top. Follow through this hall and you will come to a small room with a cement mixer type thing and a dead body with a grenade in hand. Grab the grenade and toss it and then move the cement mixer thing by using your mouse 1 of the Gravity Gun. Now drop through the whole and into the cart below, it will then careen down with you in it. Once you are in the water, get on the ladder and head back up. Once at the top, go into the tunnel on the left hand side and continue forward. Go to the small path on the left that winds around to the right, it will then lead to a ledge to an area with some of the machines that protect you from the Antlions. Grab an explosive and destroy the Antlions before hopping down. Examine the area for supplies and kill any enemies that come out. Once it is clear, head to the elevator and activate it, then head back to the machine and prepare for a lot of enemies to show up. Defend yourself until the elevator arrives and once it does get on quickly. Once at the top, head into the small room for some ammo and then the Vortigaunt will rech the top as well. Now head down the hall and continue through the rooms and then you will come to an area where you first meet the Antlion Guardian. Now head up the ramp to the left and drop down into the room. Continue through this room and knock down the boards to make the fence fall, now head to the right and do the same thing. Continue forward and to your left. Follow this hall until you come to an area with an elevator, since the elevator is not operating you need to find another way through. Jump down below and then use the Gravity Gun to break the table so the fan operates. It will then break down, use the Gravity Gun to move the fan so you can get through where the blade broke. Continue through this area and down the hole into the water. Break the webbing below the water to get through the small hole, then continue through to the next tunnel. Once you drop out of this tunnel there will be three Antlions, kill them all and continue forward to a ledge that you can drop down onto. Once you drop down, walk forward slightly and the Antlion Guardian will come out. Stay behind the rock column and it will hit be stunned once it hits it. Now quickly sprint, using your normally bound sprint key, to where the Antlion Guardian came from. You will come to a tunnel, run in quickly to escape the Antlion Guardian. Move through this tunnel and wait for the Antlion Guardian to pass, then exit. Continue and there will be a tunnel on the left, enter it and continue through this tunnel to the exit. Once you exit, head to the right and into the next tunnel. Make your way through this tunnel and exit. You will now come to a much more open area with a few paths. Head to the right and the Antlion Guardian will come towards you, now go through the left path and head where the Antlion Guardian came from. There will be a tunnel on the left, duck into it and then exit and continue. Drop down the ledge and head to the right into a tunnel. Exit out the other side and then head to the left. There is another small entry that is boarded up. Duck into it and break the floorboards and drop down below. In the next room there are a bunch of supplies and the last four web caches. Collect all the supplies and then grab the gear that is in the water, across from the elevator. Place the gear on the handle and then pull the lever. Activate the lift and then the Vortigaunt will come down. Follow him and get the Larval Extract. Head back up the elevator, back to where Alyx is, now assist in the ritual and then watch the scene. Once the scene is all done, get on the elevator and head up. Once at the top, head through the hall. On the right the Antlion Guardian will slam into the wall once again, also the last Antlion Grub is there. Continue up and drop down below. Onwards to Chapter 3. =============================================================================== HL2E2-05-03 Chapter 3: Freeman Pontifex =============================================================================== Exit out the tunnel and listen to what the Vortigaunt and Alyx have to say. Do some observing of the Combine and then head down the hill to your left. Once down, continue forward, picking up some supplies, and then go to the left to the Antlion repelling machines. Kill any Antlions that come out and keep heading forward. Once you get to the last one, head out and to the entrances to the mineshaft. Prepare to fight both Antlion Guardians. No real trick to killing them, use the explosive barrels and your Shotgun to do most of the damage and just try to keep your distance. After you kill both, head to the elevator by the mineshaft on the right hand side. Once the Vortigaunt opens the gate, climb up the ladder on the lefthand side. Watch out for any rocks that drop when you are up here, continue to the right. Head up the small hill and kill the Black Head Crab, then turn around and head up and on to the top of the elevator. Break open the door and drop in and remove the pickaxe and the elevator will drop. Once Alyx and the Vortigaunt are inside, head up. Head down the hallway and gather supplies and the Pulse Rifle once you reach the main room. Listen to Alyx and the Vortigaunt and then head into the doorway on the right once Alyx opens it. Head up the stairs and into the next room, remove the two carts and the closet to reveal a shaft, drop down and move the cart at the bottom and head out. Now drop down into the next room, remove the two boxes to reveal a small crawl space and then remove the stuff blocking the door. There will be a Zombie Carrier with several Black Head Craps, use a Grenade and the Magnum to kill it. Now head through this door and drop down into the next room. Now head into the elevator via the access door and once you drop there will be two Black Head Crabs, kill them and through the door. As you can see Alyx got the rifle working so she will assist when she can, now continue down the stairs. Head through the door at the bottom and drop down, grab the two supply crates and then head to the next door. There are several Barnacles here, use the Gravity Gun to pull the explosive barrel into them and then when it is close enough shoot it. Continue forward and some more Barnacles will show themselves, kill them and jump across the gap. There will be a Zombie in the fire, kill it and turn off the fire. Continue through and kill the Zombie and Zombine, the door that the Zombine was at contains some ammo, but it contains some Zombies that will come to life once you head in far enough. Grab the ammo and kill them and head down the stairs. Once you get to the outside area, there is a dumpster to the right, a Zombie Leaper will hop out once you head towards the gate. Kill it and destroy the lock on the gate and head down this small alley, let Alyx kill the Zombies and then head to the end and under the small space. There are two Zombies here that Alyx will kill by shooting the barrel, there will also be a Zombie Carrier, kill it and then turn on the gas, shoot the gas with any gun and some Zombies and a Zombie Carrier will come up, the fire and Alyx will take care of them, once they are dead, head down the stairs and into the room. There will be a few Zombies and Barnacles in here, use the explosive barrel to kill them all, then continue forward. A Zombine should bust through the door, kill it and head through. One you get up the stairs, turn around and head to the box in the back for some Pulse Rifle ammo. Grab it and then head back to the right of the stairs, grab the circular saw, if you like, and head up the ladder. On top of this building, remove all the bright white paneling so Alyx can get a sight of the Zombies. Once they are dead, hop in. Several waves of Zombies will come, use the circular saw (or whatever gun) to kill them off. Alyx will also help you out. Once they are all dead head around the fencing and into the hall. Once in the next room, crouch under the shelf and continue forward, kill the half cut Zombie Leaper once it comes at you, then kill the Barnacle and the Zombie. Then head up the shelves to continue, there will be a Black Head Crab, kill it and drop down. Put a large box on the forklift and then raise it, get on top of the box and jump on the ledge and head into the vent. Once out of the vent drop down the hole and radioactive material. Let Alyx kill most of the Zombies that arise. Stay on the black dirt and make your way around, once you climb up the ladder grab any SMG Grenades you need and head forward and under the machinery. Continue forward and kill the Zombie Carrier, then head out into the larger area. Use the large wooden wheel things to stand on in the material. Continue going from dry land and some Zombies will emerge. Continue until you get to the ladder, climb up. Kill the Zombine on the side of the building and the kill the Zombie Leaper inside, then grab the Magnum ammo and some other supplies and head up to the bridge. Head towards the car and the bridge will break apart, go out on the small ledge to the left on the bridge and then climb the short ladder and stay on the railing of the bridge. Once you have crossed, knock all the cars off so the bridge will make more of a ramp, then head back and get in the car and jump across both sides. Once get to the other side, get out and head to the left and grab some supplies and the head up the ladder and use the ladder to let Alyx and the Vortigaunt through. After the small talk, get in the car and Alyx will get in. Now hit the turbo and head onto Chapter 4. =============================================================================== HL2E2-05-04 Chapter 4: Riding Shotgun =============================================================================== Continue down the road until you come to an area where a bunch of cars are blocking your way. Cut off the road to the left and head the opposite way you came going up the river. Continue down the river until it comes to an end and then head to your right up the dirt path, follow the path as it continues and head up to the left. Continue until you get out into the encampment. From here, exit the car and head into the large all white building. Inside is the transmitter, along with two Zombines and some supplies. Pick up the supplies and kill the Zombines and Alyx will try to establish a transmission with White Forest. Now head to the building across from the one you are in, head around the back to get on the roof and drop inside the building. Once inside drop down the small shaft where the elevator is, to the side of the elevator there is a pallet covering a plug, take off the plug and head to the other side of the room. Exchange this plug for the one that is currently on and plug it in to the top two sockets. Now take the larger plug back to the sockets by the elevator. Once both are plugged in you can head back up. Now you will finally encounter the Hunters. You can just gun them down if you like, but the easiest way to kill them is to use your alternate fire of the Pulse Rifle or to grab an object with your gravity gun, once they shoot their flechettes (the blue things) it will hit the object, toss the object back at them and they should die. Sometimes it can take two hits for them to die, but it is much easier then wasting ammo. At first you will fight two in the adjacent room, the best item to use to catch the flechettes would be one of the tires in that room. Once you kill them both, another will come in from the roof. Kill this one as well and grab any supplies and head outside, two more will attack you, kill them both and then continue back to the room with the transmitter. After the transmission, head out the front door of this building and head to your right through the newly opened gate, with your car of course. Head to the left and follow the path as it winds, continue going until you come to a house and a barn. You will have some of those weird telekentic headaches, which are eminating from the barn. There are some supplies in the house, grab them and head into the barn. Break the lock on the gate inside and continue forward and drop into the hole. Make your way out and to the main computer terminal. Once Alyx opens it up, punt the energy ball using your mouse 1 function on the Gravity Gun. Prepare to meet your first advisor, don't worry though, you don't have to fight it. After the scene make your way back out of the barn and fight the Combine as you exit. Grab the Crossbow as you make your way out. Once outside, there will be a few more soldiers in the house as well as one Hunter. Once you defeat them, a chopper will show up, quickly get in the car and proceed through the now open gate. Run through the fence and Zombies and make a left onto the train tracks. Keep going here avoiding the mines and picking up any supply crates as you go and once you get to the end go through either tunnel. Once you come to the next area, continue until you get to the end, avoiding any mines and picking up any supply crates. Once you get to the end, do a 180 and head through the other side. Continue doing the same thing here until you get to the end, where you need to break through a gate on the right hand side. Once you break through your car will catch fire. Make your way to the interior, you may have to move a mine that is deactivated. Once inside fight the Chopper. To defeat the Chopper toss any mine that it drops, after a few mines it will be destroyed. No real key here, just try to avoid any mines that are going to explode and when it drops the multiple mines. Once you destroy it, pick up any supplies in the area and follow the guy who is speaking to you into the building. Onwards to Chapter 5! =============================================================================== HL2E2-05-05 Chapter 5: Under The Radar =============================================================================== As you start the Chapter, follow Alyx and the rebel, once he explains about the Autogun haltering anyone leaving or entering you can go upstairs and drop down through the floor. Bust out the boards and window and kill the Zombies and Zombines. Now head up the truck on the right and onto the roof of the building and inside through the window. Head out the door on the left and drop down below and kill any Zombies that come out. Head forward and crawl under the broken fence. Continue through this area, under the small tunnel thing and through the car field. Keep crouched or you will be attacked by the Autogun, which does tons of damage. Once you get to the building there will be a few Combine Soldiers, kill them all and then enter the building. Grab the few supplies inside and then head out through the door. Keep crouched again and head through the white van. Follow the path and make your way to the building, kill any Zombies and Combine that come out. Once you are at the building there is a truck on the side of it. There is a Black Head Crab in the truck amongst the supplies. Grab any Grenades from the ammo crate, then head onto the roof. Bust out one of the windows and toss in a few Grenades to kill the Combine inside. Then drop down and kill any remaining inside. Collect any ammo and health supplies, grab some more Grenades from the ammo crate and then head to the large metal object to the left of where the Autogun is. Press the red button and it will open slightly, toss in a Grenade, the easy way is to use you Mouse 2 toss, and then move away. It will destroy the Autogun and make an opening so you can exit. Kill any remaining Zombies and head back to the center area and meet up with Alyx. Once you are back at the building with Alyx, head inside and get in the car. Once the door is opened head onward. Follow the path as it goes and right after you exit the radioactive waste you will come upon your first lambda cache. This is ina white van with a car laid up against it with some explosive barrels. Destroy the barrel and grab the supplies using your Gravity Gun. Get in your car and continue down the path. Once you come up to the next two caches down the road, head inside the building on the left handside. Once you get inside there should be a large metal grating that is vertical, knock it down using your Gravity Gun and then grab a Grenade. Toss a grande under it and stand on top of it to get to the top floor. Pull the green lever and then grab the Rocket Launcher below. Head back outside and take the car into the scrapyard across from the building you were just in. There is a small shack inside with some supplies under the floorboards. Grab the supplies and kill the Zombies that attack. Once you have everything, head back out to the main road and go to your right. Continue down this path and through the tunnel. Once you come out the other side, the main road will be blocked. Head up the mountain winding path. Once you get higher on the path the next cache will be on the side of the hill in a small cave. There will be some rocks blocking the path inside, remove them and grab the supplies, then continue up the path. You will come to a gas station and some small buildings, continue past them and towards the White Forest Inn, which is the building below. As you continue on the road eventually you will be trapped by two Combine forcefields. Prepare for an ambush, Hunters and Combine will attack. Head inside and grab some supplies and fend them off. There will be a total of three Hunters that attack you, one will come from the first floor (through a window up top), the second will come from a door in the basement and a third will also come into the basement. Once you kill all three gather any supplies you need, exit the house, and head back uphill. There will be some more Combine and another Hunter that attack you here coming from the building next to the gas station. Kill them all and head into this building. Inside the building, knock down the turret to gain access. Alyx will disable the field to let you in but then you can't go any further. To get all the way inside you must break the lock on the ladder and then climb the small attic area around and drop down behind the forcefield. Once you drop down, remove the boxes to show a small crawlspace, remove the grates and crawl through. Inside you need to open the metal door and then shoot the energy ball with your Gravity Gun. Once you knock it out, head back out and grab any supplies from the buildings and head back to your car and back on your way. Continue down the road in your car and there will be a tree down with some sheet metal over it. Accelerate over this and jump down with the car below. Once you are at the bottom, continue down the mountain road and eventually the last cache will show up on your radar on the right hand side. It is hanging in the air so use a rock to knock the boxes down from the metal grate. Once you have the supplies, continue forward. Once you head through the tunnel there will be a small opening on the road to the right down to the river, head down and then head left towards the gate. Get out and head over the gate and towards the crash. Watch the small fight scene between DOG and the Strider. Once it is over, DOG will open the gate for you as well as move the crashed Combine ship. Get in your car and make your way to the top, to White Forest. Once you get to the top, exit the car and head into the base. On to Chapter 6, the last of the Chapters where you actually have to do anything and fight. This last one is probably the longest and most enjoyable. =============================================================================== HL2E2-05-06 Chapter 6: Our Mutual Fiend =============================================================================== This is by far the longest, hardest, and also funnest chapters of them all. It consists of two major parts, the first is to prevent a Combine invasion and the second is to prevent a Strider invasion from destroying the missile silo. Once you start the Chapter, follow Alyx and listen to the dialogue. If you want to hear a small side conversation, before heading to Eli, stop by the group of four rebel forces and listen in on their discussion about firearms, it is a bit funny. Once you meet up with Eli, catch up with the information and everything. If you are going for the achievement with the garden gnome, you need to place it in the small hole in the nose of the rocket once you meet up with Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Magnusson, close the door and once it is shot off in Chapter 7 you will get the achievement. After another false alarm, Dr. Magnusson wants you to investigate, head down the ladder once he opens the small door. Head to the elevator and take it down, continue through the bottom and disable the steam from the pipe using the small red valve. Continue to the large door and break the glass and pull the lever on the right. The Vortigaunt will open the door for you and you can continue on. Head down the next hall and you will meet another rebel, then the invasion begins. You will see a Hunter show up and attack the two rebels and the doors will now close. Turn around and crawl under the small space by the metal stairs. Head down this small crawlspace and into the large room, try to kill the three Hunters as quickly as possible, if you do you should get a few members to join your squad and assist you. Once all three are dead, head to the second floor and then make your way around to the ladder where the steam is coming out. Turn off the valve and head up. There will be two Combine soldiers and a turret in this first hall, continue forward and there will be a turret down the left hall. Throw one of the pipes down the hall to knock the turret down, then continue out into the next room. In this room there will be a few Combine soldiers, kill them and toss a nade into the far room. There will be a few soldiers in here as well as a turret. Once they are all dead head up, a soldier should pop out as well as a Hunter. Kill them and continue into the next hall. As you advance down this hall, there will be a hallway that has a flare right in the middle, go in that hall and turn to your right right away, there will be two Combine soldiers. Kill them and then head into the next room. Climb up the stairs and drop down the other side. There are some supplies here, grab them and head into the water. Pop up on the other side in the Silo. Kill the guys on the above floors and make your way to the top. I suggest you use the Crossbow since it will penetrate through the floor and there was some ammo back where the aformentioned supplies are. Once you get to the highest level, enter the door and head up the stairs from here to get to the very top. Toss a Grenade across into the area where the Combine are since they have a turret they are using. Jump inside and grab the supplies and close the silo doors by pulling the lever. Once you pull it, use the turret to shoot any Combine Soldiers at the roof of the silo while the silo doors close. Once they are closed you will meet back up with Alyx. Follow the Vortigaunt and Alyx back into the base to get some more storyline details. After all of the dialouge follow Dr. Magnusson to learn about the Magnusson Device. Use this time to try and perfect the shooting and landing of it, since you are goign to be using this a lot in the next area. Once you are done, head through the door behind you. Head into the next room, grab some supplies and listen to the rebel guys information. Check out the map before leaving, take note of the sawmill, which is in the upper middle; the cranes, which are in the upper left; and the water tower, which is in the upper right. These are where the Striders are going to originate from and they will be called out as being seen near the Sawmill or such. Once you are ready, get in your car and head out to the field. You need to head to the Sawmill to start the event, before going there, stop by each building for some supplies, then head to the Sawmill. Below I will make a small list of where each Strider comes from in order and if they are slow or quick. If you want the achievement you need to keep the Striders from destroying any buildings, which can be a hefty task. I suggest you do a lot of quick saves between each kill. Also, with each Strider it will bring some Hunters, they can become extremely annoying, but I tried to avoid them and just ram them with the car, which would usually kill them (or do a lot of damage). On the radar, the Striders are large red dots and the Hunters are small red dots. I will explain each Strider's movement details and what is the easiest way to get to them...etc. Strider 1: From Cranes, slow walking. Strider 2: From Sawmill, fast walking and will destroy the Sawmill if you aren't quick. Strider 3: From Water Tower, slow walking. Strider 4: Cranes, slow walking. Strider 5: Sawmill, slow walking. Strider 6: Water Tower, Slow walking. Strider 7: Cranes, fast walking, heads to building to south of Cranes. Strider 8: Water Tower, fast walking, heads to the building to south of the Water Tower. Short Break, stock up on supplies. Strider 9: Cranes, slow walking. Strider 10: Sawmill, slow walking. Strider 11: Water Tower, slow walking. Strider 12: Sawmill, slow walking. Strider 13: Cranes, slow walking. Once you start at the Sawmill you will get some briefing and the first Stider will come with a single Hunter from the Cranes. Ram the Hunter with the car and then use the Magnusson Device to destroy the Strider. Head back to the Sawmill and get another Magnusson Device quickly. The next Strider comes from the Sawmill (to the East of it), and comes quickly and it will destroy the Sawmill very quickly if you don't kill it right away. Once you have destroyed it, head back to the Sawmill, grab a Magnusson Device, then head to the Water Tower. The next Stider will come with some Hunters (again, try not to worry about them, they can destroy the Magnusson Devices mid-air, but that is why I quick save so I can take another shot by reloading the game. If you need to kill them, use the car and then fire the device.) Quickly destroy it and head back to the Sawmill. The next Strider will come from the Cranes, restock up with another Magnusson Device at the Sawmill. If you are quick, you can kill the Hunters between Strider appearances with the car. The next one will come from the Cranes, quickly get there and destroy it asap, you can hit the Hunters first if you want, but again I try to avoid them. Once you killed it, head back to the Sawmill, grab another device and wait for the Strider to the east of the Sawmill. After you kill this one, return to the Sawmill to restock, then head to the Cranes. The next Strider will be announced from the Water Tower, but it is slow walking while the next one, from the Cranes, will fast walk to the building to the south of the cranes. Head to that building and destroy the Strider when it shows up. Restock with ammo/health/Magnusson Device and head to the building to the south of the Water Tower. Kill the Strider as it shows up, then restock the car and pull another Magnusson Device and place on ground. The next Strider will come to the same place at a fast pace, wait for it and kill it once it arrives kill it. You will now have a minute or two to restock with HP and stuff before the next Striders show up. Kill any remaining Hunters and stock up on weapons. Once you are ready, head to the Cranes for the next Strider. Kill this one asap and head back to the Sawmill to restock, then kill the Strider to the east of the Sawmill. After this, restock with another Magnusson Device and head to the Water Tower for the next Strider. After this one is killed, head back to the Sawmill to restock, kill any Hunters in this time and then the next Strider will come from the Sawmill. Kill it and then restock at the Sawmill and then go to the Cranes for the last Strider. Kill any Hunters and then kill the Strider. After you kill the Strider, head back to the base. Once inside, head in and meet up with Alyx and proceed to the next chapter. =============================================================================== HL2E2-05-07 Chapter 7: T-Minus One =============================================================================== This isn't really a Chapter in the normal sense. There is no fighting, no puzzles, nothing. All it contains is some dialogue that wraps Episode 2 up. Just follow Alyx and listen to the details of the storyline and watch the rocket launch. Also, if you put the garden gnome in the rocket, you should get the achievement now. Now continue following Alyx and the gang and watch the end of Episode Two. See you in Episode Three! =============================================================================== HL2E2-06 Weapons =============================================================================== Here are the listed Weapons, I will rate the damage from 1-5 as well as include a small profile, when it is acquired, the max clip size, ammo capacity and any secondary functions it has. Gravity Gun - The tool that was introduced in Half Life 2 and one of your main clutches as you play through the game. Acquired in Chapter 1, it is mainly used for punting things and picking them up and moving them around, but can be used a weapon on some things, mainly Head Crabs and Ant Lions but it does very minimal damage if any. Damage 1 of 5. Crowbar - The tool many love to use, you get this in Chapter 1, not too early, but still a bit useful. Very effective against Head Crabs or when you are in a squeeze, also good for conserving ammo. Hand Gun - A standard Hand Gun, same from HL2. You get this in Chapter 1, it is quite efficient at close range and can still do some damage at long range. Damage 2 of 5. Max Clip Size - 18, Ammo Capacity - 150. .357 Magnum - The old Smith & Wesson Magnum look alike and it packs a punch. Acquired in Chapter 1, Gives you a lot of time to make good use of the gun. Damage 5 of 5. Max Clip Size - 6, Ammo Capacity - 12. SMG (Sub Machine Gun) - The SMG is super common among the Combine, but I don't like it too much since its efficiency goes down the farther the enemy is away from you, but up close it works quite nicely. Acquired in Chapter 2 really early on. Its secondary function shoots a grenade out which explodes upon impact, very nice for eliminating small groups of enemies. Damage 3 of 5. Max Clip Size - 45, Ammo Capacity - 225, Max Alt Ammo - 3. Pulse Rifle - Another common gun among the Combine, it packs a punch with its firepower, from up close or even from far away it doesn't lose too much damage over distance. This is acquired in Chapter 3. The secondary function is quite useful in smaller areas. It shoots an energy ball that disintegrates most enemies upon impact. Damage 4 of 5. Max Clip Size - 30, Ammo Capacity - 60, Max Alt Ammo - 3. Shotgun - The Shotgun is probably the most efficient weapon since most of your combat is up close. It does a lot of damage up close, can kill most things very quickly and it is quite common so ammo is plentiful. Acquired in Chapter 1. Its secondary function is really nice, it does twice the damage for twice the ammo, which can eliminate most enemies, or bring them down to low health. Damage 3 of 5. Max Clip Size - 6, Ammo Capacity - 30. Crossbow - This is the "Sniper Rifle" of the Half Life series, and it is quite effective. It shoots out a metal rod into the enemy, kills most enemies in one hit. Its secondary function is what makes it the Sniper Rifle weapon, allowing you to zoom in and get a good clean shot off. This is acquired in Chapter 4. Damage 5 of 5. Max Clip Size - 1, Ammo Capacity - 10. Grenade - The grenade is a nice weapon to have when coming into areas with large groups since it does massive damage in the area it can wipe out groups of enemies at once. ItÂ’s secondary function can be useful when just needing a short throw, it does a light toss instead of a full throw like normal. These first appear in Chapter 1. Damage 4 of 5. Ammo Capacity - 5. RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade)- The RPG is probably the best weapon since you can use it on most enemies killing on impact and because it can kill the enemy vehicles. It is a controllable rocket which you control by pointing the laser. You acquire this firstly in Chapter 5. Damage 5 of 5. Ammo Capacity - 3. Hopper Mine - Only seen in Chapter 2, I believe, you pick them up and drop them and when an enemy is within range they, well...they hop up and explode. Simple as that. Damage 4 of 5. Magnusson Device - The only true new edition to the game, it is a sticky bomb and is used to take down a Strider. VERY effective in doing so, all you need to do is land it on the body and a blast from any gun will kill the Strider. Can be hard to get used to, but once you get the hang of them they are very effective. Used in Chapter 6 only. Damage 5 of 5. =============================================================================== HL2E2-07 Enemies =============================================================================== Here is a list of the enemies from Half Life 2 Episode 2. Most are the same from HL/HL2/HL2:Ep. 1, there are a few new additions like the Acid Antlion and the Hunter. I also listed a difficulty rating and some small tips on what you should use/do to kill them. Head Crabs __________ Head Crab - Basic enemy in HL2 Ep. 1, one of the most familiar enemies and easiest. They hop at you to attack, very easy to kill with most weapons. Difficulty 1 of 5. Black Head Crab - Little more advanced then the Head Crab and it contains a neurotoxin that will bring your HP down drastically, your suit will recuperate the hp back up, but during the time you can be easily killed. Stronger weapons preferred on these enemies. Difficulty 2 of 5. Quick Head Crabs - Not too many of these in this game, but they are defined by their long legs, they are much harder to hit and way more annoying due to their speed. I suggest using the Shotgun or any Machine Gun on them for quick removal. Difficulty 3 of 5. Zombies _______ Zombies - These are normal civilians with Head Crabs who have made their home on, well, their head. They usually are slow and don't do much damage, but they can throw barrels and objects at you, which can hurt you. No real suggestion on weapons, just use what you have on them, obviously the stronger weapons will kill them off quicker, but any weapon really does the job. Difficulty 1 of 5. Zombie Leapers - These are the more rotted down Zombies with the Quick Head Crabs on them, they are super fast and they can leap and climb. They are rarely seen in Episode 2, but are annoying and can be defined by their loud pitch scream. Difficulty 2 of 5. Zombie Carrier - Self explanatory, carries the Black Head Crabs and can be quite annoying because they can be thrown long distances with superb accuracy, and a lot of the time even if you blast the Zombie itself most of the Black Head Crabs still live. I suggest using Grenades on this guy, it will either kill off the Black Head Crabs on it at the same time, or at least hurt them. Difficulty 3 of 5. Zombine - Same as the ones from Half Life 2 Episode 1, Combine turned Zombies, hence the name Zombine. A lot faster then normal Zombies, a bit stronger and they occasionaly pull out grenades. Although they pull them out, a lot of times they end up killing themselves with it. Difficulty 3 of 5. Combine Soldiers ________________ Standard Combine Soldier - Not very common within the game, but still the same as the previous games. Most are armed with Machine Gun or Pulse Rifles, there are a few that have Shotguns. On occasion they will toss a grenade at you, which you can pick up with the Gravity Gun and toss it back at them. Difficulty 2 of 5. Elite Combine Soldier - Only a few of these are in the game as well. Defined by their all white suits they only use the Pulse Rifle and a lot of times will use the alternate fire on the Pulse Rifle. Difficulty of 3 of 5. Ant Lions _________ Antlion Grubs - Not really an enemy since they don't attack you, but they are part of the Ant Lion species, stepping on/running into/Gravity Gunning...etc will kill them and they drop a small amount of health. Difficulty 0 of 5. Antlion - This is the main enemy for the first two chapters and probably the most common enemy in the game. Large green bugs, that fly short distances and depend on melee attacks. Difficulty 2 of 5. Acid Antlion Worker - Exactly like an Antlion, but these ones try to keep their distance and shoot their projectiles at you. They do poison you if you are hit and can cause quite a bit of damage. No real tactic, the shotgun works well up close and at medium range, any further and I would suggest to run towards it to attack. Difficulty 3 of 5. Antlion Guardian - Though similar to the Antlion Elite from HL2/HL2: Episode 1, they will poison you if you are hit. Very strong and fast and deadly if you are cornered. No super tactic here, just keep distance and use explosives if possible. Difficulty 4 of 5. Mechanical Units ________________ Turrets - Only a few of these in the game that attack you, just use the Gravity Gun to toss something at them to knock them over or use some form of explosive to do so. Once they are knocked over they are deactivated. Difficulty 2 of 5. Manhacks - Only like 3 or 4 of these in the games, they are flying little machines that have a buzzsaw to attack you. Very easy to kill with most weapons, but the easiest way is to grab them with the Gravity Gun and toss them against the wall. Difficulty 1 of 5. Combine Attack Units ____________________ Chopper - Only seen in Chapter 4, fires its gun at you and tosses bombs at you. The only way to kill this in the game, is to grab the bombs that it drops and fire it back at them. You don't have the Rocket Launcher at that point of the game. Difficulty 3 of 5. Hunter - This is the famed enemie that was seen throughout the trailers for Half Life 2 Episode 2. The tripod is very quick and agile and has two main attacks, the first is to ram you and attack with one of its legs, the other is to shoot its flechettes at you or near you, where they will explode. The easiest way to kill them is to get something large, let them shoot their flechettes at it, then throw it back at them and they will be vaporized by it. Another, easier way, is to use the alternate fire of your Pulse Rifle, it will instantly vaporize them if they are hit. Difficulty 4 of 5. Striders - Compared to the previous games they are really easy, since you don't fight them by conventional means. They are still nasty and are quick, strong, and have a large nasty lazer, meant to destroy buildings. Because of the Magnusson Device, they are really a cakewalk. Difficulty 3 of 5. Other _____ Barnacles - Probably the easiest enemy since they don't move or really attack you other then by actually biting you when they grab you. They leave their tongues down to grab something and eat it when it is touched. A few Shotgun blasts or a few bullets from most other weapons will kill them, but they are easily avoidable. Difficulty 1 of 5. =============================================================================== HL2E2-08 Characters =============================================================================== Here is a list of the Characters in the game, just the main ones. Most are from the previous games, but a few new additions as well. Gordon Freeman - Well this she be pretty obvious, since it's...you! Alyx Vance - Your main partner throughout this game, she is the daughter of Eli Vance, an employee who worked at Black Mesa with Gordon Freeman. Eli Vance - An employee who worked at Black Mesa with Gordon Freeman, now leads the rebels in the fight for their freedom from the Combine. Dr. Issac Kleiner - A doctor also from Black Mesa who worked with Gordon Freeman, he now is assisting Eli, Dr. Magnusson, and the rebel forces against the Combine. Dr. Arne Magnusson - Also a former employee from Black Mesa, he is now working with Eli and Dr. Kleiner to launch a rocket and destroy the portal that has taken place of the Citadel. Advisors - Not really a character that much is known about yet, but they were highly devolped on in this episode, but still there is some mystery behind them. They are large wormlike creatures that has very highly developed telekentic skills. They are possibly the overlords of the true Combine race and are housed in metal pods until they are completed. Vortigaunts - The Vortigaunts make multiple appearances here, now assisting Gordon Freeman in his plight to help the rebel forces against the Combine. Dog - The lovable mechanical companion of Alyx, makes a small appearance in the 5th and 6th chapter, assisting you to get to the Citadel. =============================================================================== HL2E2-09 Achievements =============================================================================== Though I don't think most will really use this (since this if for the PC game), but at the same time I think it is important to include all aspects of the game. Here I will give a quick notation on what the achievement is, how to get it, and if it is a certain part of the game (i.e. only available in a certain chapter, I will note this as well). Bone Breaker: Kill 30 enemies with thrown physics objects. Available: Chapters 1-6 Objective: Kill 30 enemies with any object with the Gravity Gun. Deadly Harvest: Kill an enemy by planting a hopper mine. Available: Chapter 2. Objective: Kill an enemy with a Hopper Mine. The best spot to do this is during the Antlion Ambush. Hot PotatOwned: Kill a Combine soldier with his own grenade. Available: Chapters 4-6. Objective: Kill any Combine soldier with his own grenade by tossing it back at him. Grave Robber: Steal a Zombine's grenade. Available: Chapters 1-5 Objective: Steal a Zombine's grenade, simple as that. Acid Reflux: Kill an acid antlion worker. Available: Chapters 1-3. Objective: Kill an Acid Antlion Worker, this one that will be achieved as you proceed normally through the game, achieved in Chapter 1. Get Some Grub: Squish every antlion grub in Episode Two. Available: Chapters 1 & 2. Objective: Kill all 333 Antlion Grubs. There are 93 Antlion Grubs in Chapter 1 and 240 Antlion Grubs in Chapter 2. Pinata Party: Find and break every web cache in Episode Two. Available: Chapters 1 & 2. Objective: Discover all 9 Antlion Web Caches, there is 1 in Chapter 1 and 8 in Chapter 2. Into the Breach: Help Griggs and Scheckley hold off the antlion invasion inside the mine shaft. Available: Chapter 2. Objective: Hold off the Antlion invasion at the beginning of chapter 2, this is one that is achieved as you normally proceed through the game. Twofer: Defeat both antlion guards outside the White Forest. Available: Chapter 3. Objective: Kill both Antlion Guardians at the beginning of Chapter 3. This is one that is achieved as you normally proceed through the game. Hit and Run: Run over 20 enemies with the car in Episode Two. Available: Chapter 4-6. Objective: Run over and kill 20 enemies with the car in Episode Two. Meet the Hunters: Survive the Hunter abush with Alyx. Available: Chapter 4. Objective: Survive the Hunter assault in Chapter 4, this is also one that is achieved normally as you proceed in the game. Puttin' On a Clinic: Defet the chopper in Episode Two without any misses. Available: The end of Chapter 4, when you have to destroy the Chopper. Objective: Destroy the Chopper using its own mines without missing a single shot. Gunishment!: Destroy the Combine Autogun in the Junkyard. Available: Chapter 5. Objective: Destroy the Combine Autogun, this is one that you will complete as you normally proceed through the game. Cache Checker: Find every radar cache in chapter Under The Radar. Available: Chapter 5. Objective: Collect every Lambda cache that shows up on your radar, total of 5. Gordon Propelled Rocket: Unlock the rocket launcher lambda cache in chapter Under the Radar. Available: Chapter 5. Objective: Collect the Lambda cache that contains the Rocket Launcher. Pedal to the Metal: Beat DOG in a race to the White Forest base. Available: Chapter 5. Objective: Beat DOG to the White Forest base by using your car. Quiet Mountain Getaway : Survive the ambush at White Forest Inn. Available: Chapter 5. Objective: Survive the ambush at the White Forest Inn. This is one that you will complete as you proceed through the game. Little Rocket Man: Send the garden gnome into space. Available: Chapter 1. I write Chapter 1, because this is the only chance you can get the Garden Gnome. It is located in the room where you make your first transmission to Eli, Dr. Kleiner, and Dr. Magnusson. Before you exit the room it is under the shelf like thing in the right corner. Objective: Carry the Garden Gnome through the game and place it in the rocket in Chapter 6. Secondary Sile Secured: Secure the launch doors on missile silo 2. Available: Chapter 6. Objective: Secure the launch doors on missile silo 2 in Chapter 6. This is one that you will complete as you proceed through the game. Neighborhood Watch: Save all buildings outside the missile silo from destruction. Available: Chapter 6. Objective: Save all the buildings from the Strider assault in Chapter 6. This one can be annoying, I sugesst you constantly make quicksaves and read through my Chapter 6 walkthrough for specific details on where each strider comes from. Defense of the Armament: Save the missile silo from the Combine offensive. Available: Chapter 6. Objective: Save the missile silo from the Strider assault in Chapter 6. This is one that you will complete as you proceed through the game. Payback: Kill a Hunter with its own flechettes. Available: Chapter 4-6. Objective: Kill a hunter with its own flechettes (the blue things that it shoots at you). To do this, grab some object (like a log, tire, box...etc), then toss it back at the Hunter. If you already did some damage it should vaporize the Hunter, if you have not you may need to do it once more for it to die. =============================================================================== HL2E2-10 Review =============================================================================== Here is my personal review of the game. I've been playing Half Life since the original came out and have been very happy with every entry. I do dislike the length that it took for release between Episode 1 and Episode 2, but I can understand the main reason why (Team Fortress 2 and Portal.) Hopefully Episode 3 will come out much sooner so we can complete this story, but at the same time I don't want it to end. Onwards with the review! Graphics: 10/10 The graphics are much improved over the previous games and if you have a nicely built computer you can very much see this improvement. I think they did a very nice job of improving the graphics all around for the game. I am giving this 10 of 10 because of this, I wasn't expecting something like Crysis, nor was I expecting the same thing as Half Life 2: Episode 1. I think they hit it right on the mark. Sound: 8/10 Now there isn't much to improve here. I like the sounds from everything and the environment sounds and voice acting is all top notch. The music, though rare, is also awesome. The only thing I don't like about the music is they dont play it enough. I like the few spots where it comes in (like at the end of Chapter 6 and during the Antlion battle in Chapter 2...etc). Story: 10/10 I think this is main part of the game and this was the main market of Episode 2. They really built on what happened after Episode 1, as well as from Half Life 2, and they provided much information that was not known from before. I think this was done perfectly, providing a lot more information to the gamer, but at the same time leaving enough room for us to wonder about certain things and bring us back for the next game. Length: 9/10 Though I expected something a bit longer, I am still very much pleased with the game. I liked the story that was developed on, some of the challenges as being a bit difficult as well as new, not the same from previous games. For the amount of story and everything that is developed on and the length of the game I think it worked out perfectly. Gameplay: 9/10 I think the gameplay was great, there werent that many battles like the previous games, but there were some good challenges. Like the Strider battle in Chapter 6, the Antlion assault in chapter 2 and just some general different approaches in the game. I don't think it is that replayable (on a sense of replaying it several times), but I think it is nice change of pace compared to the previous games. Overall: 9.2/10 I think the game delivered very well and was a great purchase. Again I did find some minor flaws of this game, but I think the rest of the game worked over those flaws and made a great game. I can't wait for Episode 3 and I think they really did a great job overall. Not too long (though that is rare for most games), not too short, not very easy (some of the things can be a bit difficult). I really hope they make the next game longer if they plan to finish out the series, but I hope that they do continue the series on after the next episode. =============================================================================== HL2E2-11 Frequently Asked Questions // FAQ =============================================================================== None yet, assuming this is has some of the same issues as the previous Episode there are issues with bootleg downloads not showing some content and being unplayable from some areas. Also there was some issues when you downloaded it via steam, but very rarely (or just small issues). Q: Where is the Garden Gnome in the game? A: He is in the first Chapter, inside the room where you first make contact with Eli, Dr. Magnusson, and Dr. Kleiner. It is by the door you exit through in the right hand corner. Q: How do you keep the Gnome during the car levels? A: You can drive with it in the car, but at high speeds or sharp turns it will fall out so you can constantly put it back in. During mission 5 I would just place it back in the car and go, but on mission 4, during the fight scene with chopper I would get out, launch the gnome and then get back in, drive to where it landed and repeat until the end. It was hard to reput it in the car and go without getting highly damaged. =============================================================================== HL2E2-12 Credits, Thanks, and Contact Info =============================================================================== The guide is purely by me, nofxgamer, if I ever do use any material on updates from any others I will include them as well. I give thanks to Valve for making a pretty decent game and pretty quickly and thanks to my friends, music and boring nights to making create this walkthrough. Yadda yadda yadda. Thanks all for reading this and thanks in advance to any who send me some nice e-mails. And thank you to all who have sent in misc. info about certain areas. My contact info is as follows: E-Mail: my_crack_habit@hotmail.com MSN: my_crack_habit@hotmail.com AIM: fatmikefatty Xbox 360 Gamertag: MattTheCommie Feel free to contact me about anything you may like to see updated, comments, or anything else. If you are sending me an email or messaging me about something incorrect or an update or a tip, please include the name you'd like me to credit. Thanks and see you next episode! Also, assuming it is the same as the Xbox 360 version, feel free to contact me on Xbox Live if you prefer, but I won't have the 360 version. Copyright 2007 Matthew Biro All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.