COOL BOARDERS BURRRN FAQ 8/29/99 DREAMCAST IMPORT VER.1.0 This is a very early FAQ for this game! I will update it as soon as I find more info about it! But at least , it is a start! ABOUT THE GAME: If you played the Cool Boarders series for Playstation, this is an identical style game! Of course, the graphics are MUCH better & you still have that Gnarly Phat Trash Talk Dudes! The koolest thing about this game is that almost all of the text & voice are in english! My complaint?…..NOT NEARLY ENOUGH TIME TO BEAT THE COURSES!! MENUS: -FREE RIDE: A- PICK CHARACTER: CHARACTERS: -ROCK / ACCELE -TECHNO / TIA -HIPHOP / RONNIE -HOUSE / MONICA -D'n B' / DJ KEN -REGGAE / BOB B- CHOOSE COSTUME: -2 Styles (So Far) C- CHOOSE BOARD: -Freestyle / FS1 - FS1 - FS3 -All Around / AR1 - AR2 - AR3 -Alpine / Al1 - AL2 - AL3 D- CHOOSE REGULAR OR GOOFY BOARD ( Regular is Left foot forward, Goofy is Right foot forward) E- COURSE: -Next Course ( After you complete a course in the allotted time, you may access the next course) -Retry (When you do not complete a course in the allotted time, this will be highlight to retry the course) -Ranking (This is to see your current standings in the races) -Replay ( This allows you to watch a replay of the course after you complete it ) -Save ( Saves the current game) -Change (This allows you to change your current character ect.) -Exit 1) Mountain Review 2) Emerald Forrest 3) Urban Striker 4) Cave Slider 5) Dancing Devils *As you complete a course in the allotted time, the next course will open up! -SUPER PIPE: This is the trick course! You must perform tricks & get graded at the end. *I believe when you earn enough points for tricks completed, this will open up another track called: EXTRA SUPER PIPE -MATCH RACE: This is the 2 player mode. -OPTIONS: 1)Configuration: -Sound: Stero/Mono -Play Guide: On/Off -Vibration: On/Off 2)Key Assign: -L TRIGGER / Stance Change -R TRIGGER / Stance & Trick -Y / Guard -X / Edging -B / Grab & Trick -A / Jump - Standard ( Sets Back To Default) -Exit 3)Ranking: -Course (View best times on courses) -Super Pipe ( View best times on super pipe) -Exit 4)Save & Load: -Save Data (Saves Game) -Load Data (Loads Game) -Load Board Data (Loads ….????) -Exit 5)Replay To Play: - Allows you to watch saved runs! 6)Juke Box: -VOLUME ADJUSTMENT: -SE / Sound Effect / 1 - 16 -BGM / Music / 1 - 16 -MUSIC TEST: -BGM: -Comdem Rock -Air Folk -10 - 4 -Monica's Theme -Pony the Fat -Dub Bob 7)Dream Passport: - Has something to do with the DC's modem! (Possibly to post best times or to download new tracks???) 8) EXIT TRICKS: *While Jumping* 1) "B" Button 2) D-Pad "Down" + "B" Button 3) D-Pad "Up" + "B" Button 4) "R" Button 5) D-Pad "Down" + "R" Button 6) D-Pad "Up" + "R" Button · More to come! CODES / TRICKS: I have found none yet! I hope this is not like almost ALL Dreamcast games….in which there are NO codes! Well at least I have a little tip for you! Let the demo play & they will show you the button commands for the tricks being performed! CREDITS: First, I would like to thank Marx TV Games for getting this kool game for me! Check him out at Next I would like to thank ALL the people that helped me with this FAQ: (Right now, that includes no one! He-he!) Lastly, I would like to thank my girl Jenn, for putting up with my video game obsession…THANKS BABE! : ) If anyone has anything to contribute to this FAQ please e-mail me & I will give you credit! Thanks Again & enjoy the game dudes! See Ya, Joe Endy HTML © 1999 Just The FAQs. All images and content © by the respective owner(s). All rights reserved.