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Basic rare pokemon: 1:1 Dialga/Palkia 1:2 Azelf 1:3 Uxie 1:4 Mesprit Pokemon after national dex: 2:1 Rotom 2:2 Cresselia 2:3 Heatron 2:4 Giratina 2:5 Manaphy+Phione Pokemon that require special events: 3:1 Arceus 3:2 Shaymin 3:3 Darkrai 1:1 Dialga and Palkia The legendary dragons in pokemon diamond and pearl. This pokemon can be found at the top of mount coronet-sky pillar-. This pokemon can be found after team galactic has taken mesprit, uxie, and azelf. Once at sky pillar you have to take on the two galactic grunts. After their out of the way you must take on mars and Jupiter with your best friend or rival. After you kill them you have to take on Cyrus, the person in charge of team galactic, you may have remembered him from before and how easy he is. WellÂ… he toughened up big time. After deafeating him you may catch or kill Dialga or Palkia.They are at level 47. 1:2 Azelf Now that you have caught or defeated Dialga or Palkia you may catch Azelf. He is found in the middle of lake valor. He will be at level 50. 1:3 Uxie From this FAQ you may have caught Azelf first or moved on to Uxie or skiped this and moved to Mesprit. He can be found at Acurity Lake at level 50. 1:4 Mesprit This may be the final lake pokemon to catch. Now before you go to lake variety go to the poketch place talk to the man and hell give you a poketch. Now fast forward time go back to him talk to him get a pokemon tracker poketch. Go to lake variety and go to mesprit. Mesprit will fly off. Track him down and have a strong pokemon who knows mean look. Then go for the catch. 2:1 Rotom This must be done at night. Go to the eternal forest and go to the old Chatue. Go up the stairs and go to the north door. Then their will be several doors. Search the rooms for a T.V. go to the T.V. and knock on it and Rotom will appear. 2:2 Cresselia At Canclave City go to the house above the sailor. Talk to the boy who is spasing out. His mom will say something about a legend and to get some Lunar wing. Go to the sailor and he will take you to Fullmoon island. Go to Cresselia he will fligh of and leave the lunar wing. Take the wing back to the boy. Then do what you did for mesprit and catch Cresselia. She will be level 50. 2:3 Heatron Go to Fight area and you will meat some girl named buck. Go to Stark mountain and you will meat her again and team up with her. Take her to the treasure of the mountain. Go to survival area and to the house right next to the pokemon center. Buck will say something and leave. Go back to the spot where the treasure is. There will be heatron level 70. 2:4 Giratina On route 214 east of it will be a hidden lake that you need rock climb to get to. Once their go to the othere side and rock climb to the entrance. Go inside explore the the different entrances for a bit till you find Giratina level 70. 2:5 Manaphy+Phione Manaphy can only be gotten from pokemon ranger. Once you have manaphy it cane be breaded. Its eggs will hatch after over 10,000 steps. Its product will be Phiones. Phione can not be evolved. 3:1 Arceus This pokemon is open through Nintendo events that will be sent through Wi-Fi connection and is the god of all pokemon. In Japan this came out in July 2006. You will obtain the Azures flute. Go to sky pillar and use the flute and you will find arceus level 80. 3:2 Shaymin He is also aquired by Nintendo events. I am not sure where to find him but he is level 20. 3:3 Darkrai This is what that little boy who helped you find cresselia was spazing about and he can only be acquired through Nintendo events. You will get a membrship pass and that hotel room you could never open in canclave is now open. Go on the bed and you will be in a place with Darkrai. When you see him he will be level 40.