He who controls the past commands the future.
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                 He who commands the future conquers the past.

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***Please note that this guide is currently incomplete.  Walkthroughs and intel
   entries for the GDI campaign are finished, but I haven't added anything
   related to the Nod or Scrin campaigns/intel entries, nor have I done
   anything with the units/structures lists.  All in good time.

0.00)  General Notes

1.00)  Walkthrough

     1.10)  GDI Missions
          1.11)  North Carolina Badlands
          1.12)  The Pentagon
          1.13)  Langley AFB
          1.14)  Hampton Roads
          1.15)  The White House
          1.16)  Casabad
          1.17)  Alexandria
          1.18)  Cairo
          1.19)  Croatia
          1.20)  Albania
          1.21)  Sarajevo
          1.22)  Munich
          1.23)  Stuttgart
          1.24)  Cologne
          1.25)  Berne
          1.26)  Rome
          1.27)  Ground Zero

4.00)  Intelligence Database
     4.10)  GDI Intelligence Database
          4.11)  GDI InOps
          4.12)  GDI News Wire
          4.13)  GDI Eyewitness Accounts
          4.14)  GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
          4.15)  GDI Archives

7.00)  End
     7.01)  Version History
     7.02)  Closing

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|                 |          0.00)  General Notes           |                 |
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Intelligence Database Entries

 - Throughout the game, you'll be able to collect little bits of information
in your intelligence database.  These files don't really have any effect on the
game, they're just there for collection purposes (and for you to read, assuming
you're interested).  Sometimes these entries are simply given to you
automatically, but sometimes you need to accomplish a bonus objective or do
something else to get them.  I've listed which entries are found in each
mission in this guide, and I've also marked them in the walkthrough between
{these} to show where in the mission you should be getting the entry.  You can
find more detailed information (including complete transcripts of each entry)
in section 4.00) of this guide.

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|                    |        1.00)  Walkthrough         |                    |
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|                 |          1.10)  GDI Missions            |                 |
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|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |     1.11)  North Carolina Badlands      |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Recent satellite intelligence points to a suspicious level of activity in the
 North Carolina Badlands.  InOps is concerned that the Brotherhood of Nod may
 be setting up shop there.  Your mission is to investigate and report back as
 soon as possible.  An abandoned GDI training facility is located nearby - use
 that as your base of operations in the area."

Intelligence Database

GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems

 - Mobile Construction Vehicle
 - Barracks
 - GDI Riflemen
 - GDI Missile Squad
 - GDI Engineer

GDI Archives

 - GDI Base Closure
 - Tiberium Primer

Primary Objectives

1)  Determine the status of the GDI Outpost.

"This outpost was abandoned many years ago after its strategic value waned.
 Once you arrive at the outpost it can be reactivated remotely."

2)  Build a Barracks and 3 GDI Riflemen Squads.

"You'll need a barracks in order to train infantry units.  To build a Barracks,
 select the Construction Yard and then click on the Barracks icon.  Once it has
 finished building click the Barracks icon again and then place the Barracks in
 your buildable area."

3)  Build a Power Plant.

"Select the Construction Yard and click on the Power Plant icon.  Build and
 deploy it just like the Barracks.  Because your base has low power, you may
 want to turn off other buildings.  When your base is low on power, all units
 and structures build slower."

4)  Repair the Command Post.

"To repair the damaged Command Post, use the Repair Button on your Command Bar,
 located on the top right next to the power button.  Then click on the Command

5)  Eliminate the Nod Outpost.

"Destroy all the Nod Forces, the Hand of Nod and the Nod Outpost.  A company of
 Missile Soldiers will be sent to assist you.  Their missiles are much more
 effective against structures than standard GDI rifles."

6)  Repair the Bridge.

"Two Engineers are en route via V35 Ox Transport.  Once they arrive, send one
 of them into the Gatehouse to repair the bridge."

7)  Build an Airfield.

"The Nod presence in this region is far greater than we had expected.  We will
 need air support.  Build an Airfield from the Production Structures Tab to
 gain access to aircraft."

8)  Destroy the Nod Barracks, War Factory and Construction Yard.

"Devastate this Nod Base by destroying these key structures.

Bonus Objectives

1)  Build a Watchtower.

"Protect your base from Nod infantry by building a Watchtower.  To build a
 Watchtower, click on the Watchtower icon located in the Support Structure Tab.
 Once it has finished building, deploy it anywhere inside your ground control
 area.  The white circle marks the range of the Watchtower."

2)  Build a second Infantry queue.

"Build a second Barracks from your Production Structures Tab so that you have a
 second infantry queue.  This will allow you to train infantry in parallel
 giving you the ability to put more soldiers on the field quicker."

3)  Build a Tiberium Silo.

"Build a Tiberium Silo from your Support Structure Tab.  Doing so will increase
 Doing so will increase the amount of credits you can store at once."

4)  Capture one of Nod's buildings.

"Select your Engineer and then send him into an enemy structure.  The Engineer
 will capture it, giving you full control of the structure."

5)  Sell the captured Nod structure.

"After you've captured the structure you can then sell it.  Use the Sell
 Button located at the top of your Command Bar.  Click on the $ and then click
 on the building you want to sell."

6)  Capture the Tiberium Spike.

"Many structures, like this Tiberium Spike, can be captured by Engineers and
 put to use.  Tiberium Spikes generate extra funds over time by drawing
 Tiberium out of the Earth."


This is your standard RTS introductory mission, and they do a pretty good job
of telling you exactly what you need to do to finish the mission, but just for
good measure, I'm going to cover it all too.

Start by taking your riflemen east to the abandoned GDI base and slaughter the
Nod infantry in the middle of it.  When you get control of the base, you'll get
the first of many Intelligence Database entries {GDI Base Closure}.  These
entries aren't really necessary to finish the game, they're just optional
things that you can collect if you'd like (some of them are unavoidable, but
some of them will take a little effort if you want to get them).  When the
explanation of harvesting is finished, you'll get another entry {Tiberium

Your MCV will arrive soon {Mobile Construction Vehicle} and automatically
deploy itself in the middle of your base.  Build a barracks and place it
somewhere in your base {Barracks}, then train three riflemen squads from it to
complete the next objective {GDI Riflemen}.

Build a Watchtower when you're told to, then defend against the rush of Nod
troops from the east.  You'll receive some missile troops {GDI Missile Squad},
and you'll be able to train them from the barracks now.  Build a second
barracks to accomplish the second optional objective, then train some more
missile squads for the assault on the Nod outpost.

Destroy the two western buildings in the Nod outpost, then wait for your
Engineers to arrive {GDI Engineer}.  Use one to capture one of the two
remaining Nod buildings and use the other to repair the bridge (by putting it
in the tower below and to the right of the bridge).  Sell the captured Nod
building to accomplish another bonus objective, then build a Tiberium Silo to
accomplish another one.

North of the bridge, you'll find a tower-like thing called a Tiberium Spike.
Selecting it will tell you about another optional objective - train an Engineer
from your barracks and get it into the spike to accomplish the objective.

Move your infantry groups over the bridge when you're ready and assault the Nod
vehicles there.  Target the Raider Buggies first, then hit the Scorpions.
Eventually you'll be told to build an airfield so you can receive Orca
reinforcements.  Do so, then build two more Orcas to fill the airfield.  Use
them to assault the Nod base until you're given the option to use the Ion
Canon.  Select it, then fire it into the middle of the Nod base to finish the

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |           1.12)  The Pentagon           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"The Philadelphia is gone, Reykjavik has been overrun, and Nod forces are now
 attacking the only remaining GDI world command hub in the Pentagon.  If we
 lose the Pentagon, GDI will be thrown into chaos and the war will be lost.
 Your mission is to defend this vital installation.  The first priority is
 restoring power to the building defenses and systems so you can repel the main
 Nod attack.  Then you'll need to get an engineer into the Pentagon to
 reestablish the command and control system links.  Your final objective is to
 counter-attack and drive Nod out of the area."

Intelligence Database


 - Garrisoning

GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems

 - APC
 - Grenadier

GDI Archives

 - The Global Defense Initiative
 - About the Brotherhood of Nod

Primary Objectives

1)  Bring the Pentagon's defensive power system online.

"The Pentagon is defenseless without its power.  Get an Engineer into each of
 the three Power Plants and bring that power back online!"

2)  Capture the Pentagon with an Engineer.

"Only an Engineer can get the Pentagon's Command and Control systems online.
 You must protect your Engineers until the Pentagon is restored.  Once Command
 and Control is restored we can turn this war around."

3)  Garrison each of the four Guard Towers with GDI Riflemen and hold off the
    Nod infantry wave.

"Nod has destroyed our Power Plants with their Vertigo Bombers.  Our only
 chance to defend the Pentagon against superior odds is to garrison the Guard
 Towers around the perimeter of the Pentagon."

4)  Eliminate the Nod Central HQ.

"The Brotherhood of Nod has hastily erected a forward headquarters at the top
 of the hill.  Prevent another attack on the Pentagon by destroying this
 forward HQ."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Eliminate the small Nod base to the north.

"Nod has cut off our ability to bring in reinforcements to the north.
 Eliminating this base will enable Easy Company Grenadier reinforcements.

2)  Take back the city by clearing 4 garrisoned buildings.

"Nod has firmly entrenched troops within the city surrounding the Pentagon.
 Use our Grenadiers to clear these buildings out."


Move your riflemen and engineers to the east to assault the Nod infantry that
are attacking your power plants {The Global Defense Initiative}.  Use your
rifle squads to wipe out the Nod troops, then use an Engineer to capture each
of the three power plants.  You'll then be told to capture the Pentagon, so
send another engineer over there and take it.  You'll be told to garrison some
nearby towers as your next objective - two of them are west of the Pentagon,
and two of them are slightly north-west of it.  Send a rifle squad into each of
the four towers {Garrisoning} to complete the objective.

Some APCs will arrive {APC} to the north-east of the Pentagon.  Send them to
the left side of the Pentagon, then put a Grenadier Squad into each one of them
when they exit the Pentagon {Grenadier}.  You'll be given your next main
objective soon {About the Brotherhood of Nod}, but if you want to accomplish
the bonus objectives, you'll need to do them now.

Move your grenadier-loaded APCs west underneath the cluser of buildings there,
and you'll receive a second bonus objective.  Use the APCs to grenade the four
garrisoned buildings to accomplish the second bonus objective.  You'll receive
two more APCs with grenadier units in them north of the Pentagon, so move your
current group back there and join them.  Head north and wipe out the small Nod
base there to accomplish the other bonus objective.

With the small base destroyed, you'll receive a few more loaded APCs from the
north.  Add them to your current group, then gather the supply crates
north-west of where the small Nod base used to be.  Move your entire group to
the south-east corner of the big Nod base now, then move in and wipe the place
out.  Note that only the Crane, Hand of Nod, and Air Tower have to be destroyed
to accomplish the final primary objective.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |           1.13)  Langley AFB            |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Nod forces have overrun all of the major GDI air fields in the region.  Your
 mission is to retake Langley Air Force Base, home of the Air Combat Command.
 A small GDI outpost near the coast might be useful as a base of operations.
 We'll drop your team off nearby.  Once the outpost is secure, take back our
 airfields, get some Orca scout aircraft in the air, and then drive Nod out of
 the area."

Intelligence Database


 - Calling for Transport

GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems

 - Command Post
 - Sniper Team
 - Airfield
 - Orca Attack Aircraft

Primary Objectives

1)  Eliminate the Nod forces attacking the GDI base.

"There is a small GDI Base under siege on the coast.  Secure it and you will
 have a perfect platform to launch an assault on Langley Air Force Base."

2)  Reclaim the GDI Airfields to the northeast.

"GDI has two Airfields intact with operational Orca aircraft.  Reclaim the
 Airfields by eliminating the defending Nod forces, then use the Orca as air
 support for your attack on the base."

3)  Destroy the Nod base to the northwest.

"This base is the central hub for the Nod forces controlling Langley.  It is
 heavily defended against land based attacks."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Capture the Tiberium Refinery in the city.

"The Tiberium Refinery used to supply the airforce base has been overlooked by
 Nod.  Getting it up and running will give us ample supplies for our

2)  Rescue all 4 Snipers from Bravo Squad.

"The Snipers of Bravo Company have been scattered throughout the city.  Find
 and rescue them."


You receive a few infantry groups on the beach, so immediately use them to
slaughter the Nod infantry to take control of the outpost {Command Post}.  Put
both of your riflemen squads and a grenadier squad into the bunker closest to
your barracks, then stick both missile squads and a grenadier squad into the
second bunker farther down the beach.  These two bunkers will pretty much
defend your base for the entire mission if you garrison them early.

Build six APCs and enough grenadiers and missile squads to fill them, then move
them south-west into the city.  You'll be given a new bonus objective to
capture the Tiberium refinery in the city.  Use your APCs to clear out the
buildings, then get close to the refinery and look slightly north-east of it.
You'll find a sniper unit, which is one of four that you'll need to find to
complete the second bonus objective.

Once you've secured the area with your APCs, train an Engineer and use him to
capture the refinery.  Before you leave the area with your APCs, use one to
clear out the building in the south-west corner of the map - there's another
Sniper group there.  Return your APCs to your base, then build a few more and
load them up with grenadiers and missile squads.  See that garrisoned building
directly north of your base?  Take it out, then take out the one above and to
the right of it to free your last two sniper units {Sniper Team}.

Take these two sniper units and garrison the building near the two Nod machine
gun turrets north-west of your base.  See the little icon in the upper-left
corner of your screen that says Bombard Spotted Target when you hover over it?
You can use that to lob a shell from the battleship at any target within a
sniper group's sight.  Nod defense structures like these machine gun modules
can be rebuilt after being destroyed unless you take out the hub they're
attached to.  If you destroy the hub, the modules are destroyed with it.  Use
your bombardment option to destroy the hub, then move your APCs through the
area on your way to the airfields.

The airfiels are on a raised platform, and they're guarded by some Nod missile
troops and some light vehicles.  Your APCs will slaughter them, but you can
move a sniper group up there and bombard the Nod forces if you'd like.  Once
all of the Nod units are destroyed near the airfields, you'll gain control of
them, and eight Orcas will land {Calling for Transport, Airfield, Orca Attack

The Orcas can easily finish the mission on their own.  Simply fly them west to
the Nod base, then attack the main structures one by one until they're all
destroyed (you can tell which ones need to be destroyed by the yellow box that
outlines them).  As long as you stay fairly far to the north inside the base,
you shouldn't have any problems with things firing at you from the ground.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          1.14)  Hampton Roads           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Cut off the Nod reinforcements flowing into Hampton Roads by disrupting their
 port operations.  You'll do this from the inside, infiltrating an elite GDI
 commando into the facility.  Take their radar offline by destroying the Nod
 Operations Center.  Once they're blind, take out their nearby stealth bomber
 base.  As soon as Nod's bombers are out of action, we'll send in a fleet of
 battleships and you can use sniper units to spot targets for the big guns."

Intelligence Database


 - Logistics Crates:  Targets of Opportunity

GDI News Wire

 - The Ghost in the Machine

GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems

 - Commando

Primary Objectives

1)  Destroy the Nod Operations Center.

"Taking the Nod Operations Center offline will disable their radar and sonar
 detection.  This will sow confusion among the defenders and therefore enable
 our Battleships to get in closer and lend artillery support."

2)  Destroy the bombers harassing our Battleships.

"Vertigo Bombers are preventing our battleships from getting into bombardment
 range.  Destroy the Nod Air Tower to eliminate this threat."

3)  Destroy the Nod production facilities.

"The Brotherhood of Nod is using the Hampton Roads Naval Facility as a
 supply depot for their front line offensive.  Destroy their production
 buildings to disrupt the port operations and stop the flow of reinforcements."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Complete the mission using only the Commando.

"Complete the mission without using the reinforcements."


Use the Commando to wipe out the approaching Nod troops {Commando}, then head
north and detonate the Nod Operations Center.  You can either walk there
through the city or use the Commando's jump jet ability, whichever you'd like.
With the Operations Center destroyed, head west and slightly north until you
see a yellow flashing crate thing.  Move the Command on top of it {Logistics
Crates:  Targets of Opportunity} to get healed, then move north-east and
attack the cluster of Nod troops near the power plant there.  There's a second
crate nearby that will give your Commando a veterancy level.

Head towards your second objective now.  If you attack the airfield from above,
you'll be able to take advantage of the red explosive barrels strewn about the
area.  Shoot them with the Commando when Nod units are near them, and the
explosion will slaughter everything.  The one west of the airfield will
completely destroy it if you fire at it.

With the airfield destroyed, you'll be given a bonus objective.  Ignore your
reinforcements and use only the Commando if you'd like to achieve the bonus
objective.  Don't worry - the Commano's almost invincible in this mission, so
you don't need the reinforcements at all anyway.  Move the Commando east, then
south towards the bottom of the map near the middle {The Ghost in the Machine}.
Approach the main Nod base from the east, and stop to jump jet your Commando
into the square with the crate in the middle of it.  It's another veterancy
crate, which will make your Commando even more ridiculously powerful.

There's a flame tank in the Nod base, so when you approach, be ready to retreat
when it starts to come at you.  Shoot the explosive red barrels along its path
to demolish it, then enter the Nod base and shoot the explosive barrels there
to do some serious damage right off the bat.  Use your Commando to detonate the
buildings, and the mission will be complete.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |         1.15)  The White House          |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"GDI morale sagged when Nod troops unfurled their red banners over the White
 House.  Now you'll turn the tide by retaking this powerful symbol.  Since Nod
 has a staging area nearby, you'll also get a chance to wipe out a large
 stockpile of high-end Nod weapons.  Start with a small force to take out Nod's
 air defenses.  A Firehawk squadron from Langley AFB will turn Nod's parked
 military hardware to burning junk.  Then attack the Nod base right outside the
 White House itself."

Intelligence Database

GDI Eyewitness Accounts

 - Nod Stealth Technology
 - Nod Base Defenses

GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems

 - GDI Base Defenses
 - Predator Battle Tank
 - Crane

Primary Objectives

1)  Destroy the Nod air defenses.

"We have Firehawk attack jets armed and waiting.  You need to destroy Nod's air
 defenses so the Firehawks can make their bombing run.  We also have Ox
 transports with reinforcements standing by for deployment."

2)  Use your Firehawk Airstrike power on Nod's artillery outpost.

"Use your Firehawk Airstrike power to mark the area for our Firehawks to bomb."

3)  Destroy the surrounding Nod base to reclaim the White House.

"Nod forces have set up a base in front of the White House.  Destroy all of
 their production structures to drive them out of this area and take back the
 White House."

4)  Destroy the Disruption Towers around the Nod base.

"Nod is using those Disruption Towers to cloak its base.  Destroy them and that
 should make their base vulnerable to our attacks."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Suppress the Nod infantry advances by putting Snipers into the designated

"Snipers are extremely effective against infantry.  Garrison them in the
 designated buildings for extra protection while they fire on Nod infantry."

2)  Destroy Nod's Power Plants.

"Commander, Nod appears to have a large number of their Power Plants just
 northwest of the White House.  Destroying these might bring down their
 defenses and leave them more open to our attack."

3)  Destroy the Nod Secret Shrine.

"The Secret Shrine provides the ability to produce stealthed units.  Destroy it
 to prevent Nod stealth attacks."


Use two missile squads to destroy each of the Nod anti-air nodes on either side
of the Nod outpost (remember - destroying the node itself automatically
destroys all of the modules) to complete the first objective, then use the
Firehawk Airstrike icon in the upper-left corner of your screen to destroy the
Nod stockpile.  Reinforcements will arrive - quickly deploy your MCV and build
a power plant, barracks, and a Tiberium Refinery followed by an armory.  As
soon as you place the Command Post, train two sniper units from your barracks
and send one to each of the buildings highlighted in green on either side of
your base.  Send one of the riflemen squads you got earlier into eah building,

Build and place a Watchtower at the top of your base {GDI Base Defenses} to
defend against infantry, then build a War Factory and a few silos.  Build a
few Predator tanks from the war factory {Predator Battle Tank}, then build a
crane {Crane}.  Train some grenadiers and load them into APCs (six or so of
them will be plenty), then send the APCs and your Predators up the west side of
the map to assault the Nod power plants.

Make sure you use your grenadiers in the APCs to wipe out the garrisoned
structures, then leave the Predators behind at the intersection near the middle
of the map.  Continue towards the powerplants with the APCs and wipe them out
along with everything else in the area, then retreat everything back to your

Move your APCs to the east side of the map, then head north all the way to the
north-east corner.  You'll find a Secret Shrine up there, so destroy it to
accomplish another bonus objective {Nod Stealth Technology}.  The only thing
left to do is assault the main Nod base in front of the White House now, so
send in a big group of Predators with your APCs and slaughter everything.
Your Predators can demolish buildings quickly, and if you keep them moving,
you can crush most of the Nod infantry under their tracks.  When you destroy
all of the Nod Disruption Towers and the rest of their base, the mission will
be over {Nod Base Defenses}.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |             1.16)  Casabad              |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"InOps flagged an irrigation plant in Casabad as a possible chemical weapons
 factory.  A GDI forward base was established nearby in preparation for a raid,
 but we've since lost contact with the base.  We've also lost contact with a
 team of Zone Troopers sent to investigate.  Get in there, secure the base, and
 then find out what's going on in that factory."

Intelligence Database


 - Nod Aircraft
 - Commandeering Tiberium Spikes
 - New Nod Flame Tank
 - Liquid Tiberium Research

GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems

 - Zone Troopers

GDI Archives

 - Red, Yellow, and Blue Zones

Primary Objectives

1)  Secure the Barracks by defeating the surrounding Nod forces.

"The last contact from the Zone Troopers came from this location.  Eliminate
 any remaining Nod units to secure the outpost."

2)  Destroy the Weapons Research Lab.

"Intel believes this Nod structure is instrumental in Nod's efforts to
 weaponize Tiberium in a liquid form.  It must be eliminated."

3)  Destroy the Nod War Factories.

"Nod is reinforcing its war effort in this region from these War Factories.
 Eliminate them."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Capture all three Tiberium Spikes.

"Secure additional runding by capturing all three Tiberium Spikes in the area.
 Build additional Engineers to capture these Tiberium Spikes."

2)  Destroy the Nod Outpost.

"Nod is reinforcing their security of the research labs from this facility.
 Eliminate it to collect extra resources."


Approach the GDI base and eliminate the Nod troops {Red, Yellow, and Blue
Zones}, then capture the Tiberium Spike with your engineer.  Some Nod aircraft
will fly overhead {Nod Aircraft}, but don't worry about them yet.  Send your
Zone Troopers to the upper-right corner of your base to defend it {Zone
Troopers}, then start training more Zone Troopers.  When you have another unit
of them, send it north to the next Tiberium Spike.  Train an engineer and send
it up there to capture the spike {Commandeering Tiberium Spikes}, then send the
Zone Troopers back to help defend the upper-right corner of your base (and
don't forget to grab the crate above and to the right of the spike first).

You'll be raking in funds now, so crank out another four units of Zone Troopers
followed by three more units of missile troops and an engineer.  There're three
crates on a platform south-east of your base, two of which have money in them.
Use the jump jet ability on your Zone Defenders to jump up there and grab them,
then combine your forces together into two groups (Zone Troopers in one and
missile squads in the other).  If you haven't already, select your Armory and
build the Power Packs upgrade to give your Zone Troopers a nice boost.

Head towards the third Tiberium Spike and clear it out, then capture it with
your engineer.  Move east towards the Nod outpost next, and keep your eyes
peeled for more supply crates.  Assualt the Nod outpost and destroy it, but
watch out for the Nod planes you saw earlier - they'll shred your Zone Troopers
if you're not prepared to take them out with your missile squads.  Note that
you actually have to destroy the Nod buildings to accomplish the bonus
objective, not just capture them (if you capture them, you'll have to sell them
to accomplish the bonus objective).

Gather any supply crates you see, then move north with your two groups.  When
you reach the research facility, you'll find some new Nod vehicles guarding it
{New Nod Flame Tank}.  Your Zone Troopers should be able to handle them easily,
but make sure you keep your missile squads away from them (you won't need the
missile squads again anyway, so you could just leave them behind now if you'd
prefer).  Destroy all of the Nod units in the area, then destroy the research
facility {Liquid Tiberium Research}.

Move north and crush the remaining Nod buildings to finish the mission.  You'll
have a much easier time doing this if you jump jet into the base from the west
rather than running in from the south.  There are a few more supply crates
scattered around the map if you'd like to collect them, but it's hardly
necessary to get them to finish the mission.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |            1.17)  Alexandria            |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Nod is using the port of Alexandria to export nuclear and chemical weapons.
 Your mission is simple:  Shut this operation down.  Destroy the loading cranes
 to cripple their port operations, sink their ships to block the docks, wipe
 out their administration and control centers, and obliterate any military
 units and structures nearby.  You'll have Mammoth Tanks at your disposal.
 Roll over them, Commander."

Intelligence Database


 - EMP Control Center

GDI News Wire

 - Discontinuation of the Mammoth Mk II Walker

GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems

 - War Factory Repair Drones
 - Base Expansion using the Surveyor

Primary Objectives

1)  Destroy all Nod loading dock cranes.

"Nod forces are loading weapons onto their ships for export.  Destroy these
 cranes to disrupt dockside activity."

2)  Destroy all Nod Port Authority buildings.

"Nod's port operations are controlled from these Port Authority buildings.
 Take them out to cripple their port for the long haul."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Destroy all Nod ships docked at the port.

"Destroy the docked ships to prevent them from delivering their hardware to
 other war efforts in the region."

2)  Capture the EMP Control Center in the city.

"Capture the EMP Control Center to gain the ability to fire an EMP blast which
 will disable all electronic devices within the blast radius."

3)  Deploy a Surveyor at the northern Tiberium Field.

"Build a Surveyor and deploy it by the Tiberium Field to the north.  A Surveyor
 unpacks an expansion base at its deployment location and allows additional
 structures to be constructed around it."


Place four or so Watchtowers along the upper-right side of your base to defend
against the Nod infantry rushes (some of which will be stealthed), then place a
war factory {War Factory Repair Drones} and some power plants.  Once you have a
command post and a tech center, you'll be able to build mammoth tanks, and
you'll be able to get the rail guns upgrade from the tech center
{Discontinuation of the Mammoth Mk II Walker}.  Once you have a few more
mammoths with the rail gun upgrade, send them north to the next Tiberium field
so they can defend it.

You'll be told about a bonus objective as soon as you see the Tiberium field,
so build a Surveyor from your support structures tab and send it to the field.
Deploy it {Base Expansion using the Surveyor}, then build a second refinery up
there if you'd like.

Meanwhile, send a few mammoths to the lower-right corner of the map to wipe out
the Nod forces around the EMP Control Center, then capture it with an engineer
{EMP Control Center}.

The easiest way to take care of the last remaining bonus objective is to build
an airfield and four Orcas, then fly them safely above the docked ships and
destroy them one at a time.  You can destroy the docks in the same way, and
then you'll be free to focus on crushing the port authority buildings.  Send
your entire column of mammoths over there and crush the place - the weak Nod
forces in the area are no match for mammoths with rail guns.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |              1.18)  Cairo               |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Your mission is to take out a massive Nod nuclear weapons facility in northern
 Cairo, the same base that was used to launch the strike on the Philidelphia.
 This is now the highest priority GDI target worldwide.  Time is of the
 essence:  Nod is likely to launch everything they have if they think you're
 getting too close."

Intelligence Database


 - Nod's Nuclear Arsenal
 - Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility

GDI News Wire

 - The Blunder that Nearly Finished GDI

GDI Archives

 - GDI's Nuclear Weapons

Primary Objectives

1)  Destroy the Nod Nuke Facility.

"Nod has nuclear missile launch capability with this missile site.  This is the
 same site that launched the attack that destroyed the Philidelphia.  It must
 be destroyed."

2)  Destroy the Nod Compound Headquarters.

"Nod controls this Nuclear Launch Site and most of its operations in this
 region from these buildings.  Destroy them to completely remove Nod's
 capability to launch nuclear missiles from this site and wrest control over
 this territory from Nod."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Capture the Nod Power Plants.

"Nod's nuclear missile launch can be delayed if any of the Power Plants
 supporting the launch facility are destroyed or captured.  Be advised, if Nod
 rebuilds or recaptures the Power Plants the missile launch countdown will

2)  Destroy all Nod Structures.

"Eliminate all Nod structures to expel them from this region."


Build a pair of Watchtowers north of your base and park your Predators and Zone
Troopers near them to fend off Nod attacks, then start building a war factory
and a couple power plants.  Build a second harvester from your war factory
while you're building a tech center, then get the rail guns upgrade from the
tech center.  You'll want to do something about that nuclear countdown, too, so
build an airfield and fill it with Orcas.  {GDI's Nuclear Weapons} should be
added to your entries automatically at some point after the nuclear countdown
is announced.

The path to the upper-left corner of the screen is free from anti-aircraft guns
along the left side of the map, so move your Orcas all the way into the corner.
You'll see a Tiberium Spike above the blue Tiberium field - send an Engineer up
there using the Call For Transport option and take the spike, then send the
Orcas to the east along the top of the map.  There's an anti-aircraft battery
directly to the west of the first Nod power plant - take out the central hub to
destroy the battery, then send the Orcas back into the upper-left corner of the
map.  Return them to your base for repairs, then make another trip up and over
to destroy one of the power plants, which will reset the nuclear countdown and
accomplish the first bonus objective.

Once you've got eight or so mammoth tanks (which you should have no trouble
getting, though you should feel free to deploy a surveyor in the upper-left
and/or lower-right corners of the map to get more Tiberium if you'd like), move
to the openning south of Nod's base and level everything you see.  Before you
head inside, move farther to the southeast until you get the {The Blunder that
Nearly Finished GDI} entry if you haven't already.

When you approach the southern entrance to the Nod base, you'll be warned that
it's heavily defended, but it's not really that bad when you've got the railgun
upgrade.  Target the defensive clusters first, then simply crush everything you
see, including things marked as "civilian."  Destroying the large cylindrical
structure above and slightly to the right of the entrance will give you the
{Nod's Nuclear Arsenal} entry.

The second bonus objective isn't hard to accomplish - just drive your group of
mammoths around the central part of the map and level everything you see, and
make sure the actual silo in the middle is your first stop.  Once everything is
destroyed {Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility}, move to the upper-right corner of
the map and level the rest of the Nod structures there.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |             1.19)  Croatia              |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"GDI has a forward operating base in Croatia, but it's been cut off from supply
 lines and is under heavy attack by Nod forces.  Their power is low, their
 construction yard has been destroyed, and they don't have much in the way of
 firepower.  You need to take command of that base and hold out long enough for
 us to send in a reinforcement convoy."

Intelligence Database


 - Power Management

GDI News Wire

 - Kane's Fascination with Eastern Europe

Primary Objectives

1)  Secure this GDI base until reinforcements arrive.

"Alternate the available power amongst the base defenses to defend against Nod
 assault waves."

2)  Send aid to the reinforcement team ambushed in the city.

"Our fellow soldiers are pinned down by Nod forces garrisoned in the city
 buildings.  Flush them out and clear a path."

3)  Escort the MCV safely back to the GDI base and deploy the Construction

"The MCV must be protected at all costs.  We will lose our hold of this region
 if it is destroyed."

4)  Destroy the southwest Nod base.

"This base is the source of Nod recruits.  Eliminating this base will cripple
 Nod's ability to wage war with infantry."

5)  Destroy the northeast Nod base.

"This base is the source of Nod war machines.  Eliminating this base will
 cripple Nod's ability to wage war with vehicles."

6)  Destroy the southeast Nod base.

"This base is the source of Nod air power.  Eliminating this base will cripple
 Nod's ability to wage war with aircraft."

Bonus Objectives

1)  All base defenses survive until the reinforcement team arrives.

"Do not allow any of the base defenses to be destroyed to ensure the security
 of the reinforcement team upon their arrival."

2)  Return the MCV to the GDI base unharmed.

"The sigh of an undamaged MCV rolling into the base will provide a strong
 symbol of valor for the GDI forces and boost morale for our troops."


Immediately repair all of your base structures and defenses, then power up both
northern guardian cannons, both southern watchtowers, the southern guardian
cannon on the east side of your base, and the southern watchtower on the west
side of your base.  {Power Management}  Leave all four anti-aircraft batteries
powered down, and leave the northern defenses on the east and west sides of
your base powered down.  Throughout the mission, make sure all of these
defenses stay repaired.

Move both of your predators to the eastern entrance of your base for additional
defense, then park the pitbull next to your north-eastern anti-aircraft battery
(since pitbulls can fire at air targets).  Move your infantry to the western
entrance of your base.  You'll want to put them in APCs as soon as possible.

(Note:  There're three money crates in some trees south of your base.  If you
        move quickly, you can easily grab them with the pitbull without causing
        yourself too many problems.)

Your weakest point as far as the first bonus objective goes is the western
entrance of your base.  Fortunately, only infantry and some aircraft will
attack there during most of the mission, so as soon as you can build a few
APCs, load them with riflemen and missile squads, then have them guard the two

When the countdown finishes, you'll need to cross to the west side of the map
and retrieve your MCV.  That side of the map is crawling with infantry, so the
best way to do it is with APCs full of riflemen.  Of course, the infantry will
also garrison a few buildings, so you'll want some predators, too.  Leave two
more two guard the northern entrance of your base just like the original two
should be doing by the eastern entrance, then send five or so of them west with
two clusters of five APCs.

Cross the north-western bridge with your APCs, then leave one group of them to
defend the gap between the two bridges.  You're going to want to come back
over the same bridge later, and you'll need these APCs there to defend against
Nod counterattacks.  Move the other group of APCs and the predators north, then
leave the APCs in the middle of the town just north-east of the Nod base, out
of range of their defenses.  This group will pick off Nod counterattacks from
this side and hopefully prevent any troops from garrisoning any buildings.

Take the predators north towards your APC and make sure there aren't any Nod
units still prowling the streets.  When you're ready, knock the garrisoned
troops out of the two buildings near the Nod defenses, then destroy the central
hub and the troops that came out of the buildings.  Move the predators back
towards your APC groups, but make sure you don't displace them.

You'll now have control of the reinforcement group, including the MCV.  If you
can manage to get it back to your base without getting it damaged, you'll
accomplish the second bonus objective.  Assuming you've properly placed your
two APC groups, it shouldn't be hard to do.  Simply move south towards the
bridges along the east edge of the town, and use the escort forces to deal with
any Nod units that might somehow get in your way.  Cross the bridge with the
MCV when you reach it, then move into your base and deploy it {Kane's
Fascination with Eastern Europe}.  Call all of your forces back to your side of
the river when you're done, and set your APCs up to defend the bridges.

Use your new construction yard to build some more power, then build your way
towards a tech center so you can get the rail guns upgrade.  You'll note that
once you have a tech center, your power plants will be able to upgrade
themselves, so don't waste space on too many power plants.  You'll also want an
airfield, and don't worry about mammoths - predators will work just fine for
this mission, especially since there's no way to get a mammoth to the
south-east Nod base.

When you've got a good cluster of rail gun predators, take them to the Nod base
north-east of you and crush it, then return to your base for repairs.  The
south-west base will be slightly more tricky, since it's swarming with infantry
units, many of which probably garrisoned a few buildings while you were gone.
If you still have some good loaded APCs, take them down there with your
predators and crush everything, then repair them at your war factory.

The final assault on the south-east base is only tricky because you have to use
Call for Transport to get any decent ground forces up there.  It's a good idea
to send an Orca down there to piss them off, 'cause they'll suicide a good
portion of their air group at your base (and your anti-aircraft guns and APCs
will shred them).

When you're ready to make an assault, wait until you have plenty of credits to
Call for Transport on a large group of predators and APCs, then drop them on
the open spot north of Nod's base.  Make sure you protect the predators from
air assaults with the APCs, then move in and crush the Nod base with the

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |             1.20)  Albania              |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Recent sat-surveillance confirms a significant build-up of armored vehicles
 and weapons at a large Nod logistics base in Albania.  The sat images show row
 upon row of Stealth, Scorpion, and Flame tanks waiting to be deployed in
 defense of Kane's Temple Prime in Sarajevo.  Your mission is about destroying
 this arsenal before it is used against you in combat.  You'll start with a
 small force to clear the way, then we'll send you Firehawk attack jets to
 finish the job."

Intelligence Database

GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems

 - Rig Deployment into a forward Battle Base
 - Firehawk Attack Jets

Primary Objectives

1)  Clear Nod border defenses.

"Use a small tactical team to clear a path through the Nod perimeter and avoid
 alerting Nod forces to our presence in the region."

2)  Infiltrate Nod supply depot.

"Break through the supply depot checkpoint by accessing the service entrance
 across the canyon bridge."

3)  Eliminate Nod rocket bunkers.

"Clear the airspace by neutralizing the main Nod anti-aircraft battery so that
 support can be airlifted into the region by GDI Ox transports."

4)  Capture east ridge Reinforcement Bay.

"Establish a GDI staging area on the east ridge above the Nod supply depot.
 Captured Nod supply bays will be used to deliver GDI reinforcements."

5)  Destroy Nod supply depot.

"Destroy the main manufacturing facility and stock piles of Nod vehicles."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Survive the Nod assault unharmed.

"Succeed with all initial strike team squad groups intact."

2)  Capture airfield Reinforcement Bay.

"Secure the Reinforcement Bay to receive additional forces from GDI Command."

3)  Capture motorpool Reinforcement Bay.

"Secure the Reinforcement Bay to receive additional forces from GDI Command."

4)  Arm a Firehawk with a missile load out and destroy a Nod Venom.

"The Firehawk can be armed with a load out of missiles or bombs.  The missile
 load out allows the Firehawk to attack aircraft, while the bomb load out
 allows it to attack ground vehicles and structures."


Send your four infantry squads to the upper-right corner, then move towards the
Nod outpost along the top of the screen.  Don't bother with the lazer turrets,
since they can't really do much damage.  Instead, take out the Nod infantry if
they get too close and concentrate on taking out the defensive hub.  Destroy
the other buildings once the hub is destroyed, and you'll accomplish the first
objective.  (If you manage to do it without completely losing a unit, you'll
also accomplish the first bonus objective, which will result in all four
infantry units gaining an experience level.)

Reinforcements will arrive {Rig Deployment into a forward Battle Base}.  Send
the four Predators west and clear a path to the clearing under the bridge.
Deploy your Rig there and make sure your Predators are fully repaired, then
move them west and destroy the Nod base there.  Retreat your Predators to the
Rig if they take too much damage, and make sure you grab all of the crates in
the Nod base before you move on.

You'll be given four engineers - order one to enter the hut below and to the
right of the bridge, and he'll repair it.  Nod vehicles will immediately cross
it and attack you, so have your Predators positioned above your Rig to defend
it.  When the vehicles stop attacking and your Predators are fully repaired,
send them over the bridge and take out the defensive hub there, then send your
Rig over the bridge and deploy it in the small clearing just above it.  Load
your three APCs with both missile squads and a group of riflemen, then send
them and the Pitbulls over the bridge, too.  Leave all of your other infantry,
including the engineers, on the south side of the bridge for safe-keeping.

Park two of your Predators above and to the right of your rig and park two of
your APCs above and to the left of it.  Stick a Pitbull between the Predators
and the APCs to detect stealth units, then group your other two Predators, your
third APC (preferably one of the ones with a missile squad in it), and your
other Pitbull into a group.  This will be your primary combat group for a
while.  It's small and vulnerable, but you can retreat it (or parts of it) to
your Rig for repairs when necessary.

Start your assault on the three reinforcement bays by moving your assault
group north-east along the ridge (getting too close to the central Nod compound
can have unfortunate results, what with the Obelisks and so forth).  Make sure
you lead with the Predators, since they can take the most punishment without
being destroyed.  Take out all of the Nod stockpiles along the way, but make
sure you focus your attention on manned vehicles and other units.  If anything
in your assault group gets too damaged, retreat to your Rig for repairs.

If you're lucky, one or more of your assault group's vehicles will reach the
maximum veterancy level, which makes them much more powerful (and makes them
automatically repair).  If you're really struggling with this mission and
you're getting frustrated, just sit back in the comfort of your Rig's repair
zone and let all of your units reach maximum veterancy.

Anyway, your first target should be the reinforcement bay on the south-east
ridge (the main objective one, not the other two).  Wipe out the defenses and
the units in front of it, then take out the buildings.  Send your assault group
back to the entrance of the ridge to defend (or back to the Rig if you need
repairs), then grab your other rocket squad APC from near your Rig and send it
south over the bridge.  Dump the missile squad out of it and replace it with an
engineer, then carefully drive it all the way to the reinforcement bay you just
attacked.  Dump the engineer out and use him to capture the bay.

You'll get two airfields loaded with Firehawks {Firehawk Attack Jets} and a
Mammoth for your trouble.  Use one of your groups of Firehawks (armed with
missiles) to pick off a Nod chopper to accomplish another secret objective.
Arm both groups with bombs, then use them to pulverize the Nod forces around
the reinforcement bay north of your assault group (which you should've added
the Mammoth tank to).  When most of the Nod stuff's been destroyed, move your
assault group in to hold it, then send your empty APC back down to the south
side of the bridge to pick up another engineer.  Safely send the APC back to
your assault group and use the engineer to capture the reinforcement bay.

You'll get some more Predators and another Rig for your efforts.  Deploy the
rig here and let your forces get repaired, then use your Firehawks to destroy
the Nod forces around the last reinforcement bay in the north-west.  Once it's
fairly clear, send your assault group over there and hold the area, then use
your empty APC to send your last engineer to the bay and capture it.  You'll
get another Pitbull and two Predators for your trouble.

Use your Firehawks to demolish the main Nod defenses on the central base, then
move your entire attack force in to crush everything.  Destroy the stockpiles
outside the base as well as the production buildings in the base, and the
mission will be complete.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |             1.21)  Sarajevo             |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Kane is making his last stand at Temple Prime in Sarajevo.  Your mission is to
 take out his defending forces, destroy the surrounding compound, and disable
 the ion disruption towers protecting the temple complex from energy weapons.
 Knocking out the disruption towers will open up options for GDI Central
 Command now that the Ion Cannons are nearly back online.  However, be aware
 that Kane and his Science Ministers have been working on a Liquid Tiberium
 device of considerable destructive power within Temple Prime.  It is
 imperative that you do not use the Ion Cannon on Temple Prime yourself without
 authorization.  An Ion Cannon strike could detonate the Liquid Tiberium in the
 Temple and set off a chain reaction in the large Tiberium fields found
 throughout this Yellow Zone - the resulting blast would be massively
 destructive and may kill millions.  This is a decision that will have to be
 made at the highest levels of the GDI command structure."

Intelligence Database


 - Nod Ion Cannon Disruption Tech
 - Nod Avatar Walker

GDI Archives

 - Life in a Yellow Zone
 - Health Effects of Tiberium Contamination

Primary Objectives

1)  Destroy Ion Disruption Field Generator 1.

"This generator supplies energy to the forcefield protecting Temple Prime.
 Destroy it to weakn the forcefield and allow Ion Cannon strikes."

2)  Destroy Ion Disruption Field Generator 2.

"This generator supplies energy to the forcefield protecting Temple Prime.
 Destroy it to weakn the forcefield and allow Ion Cannon strikes."

3)  Destroy Ion Disruption Field Generator 3.

"This generator supplies energy to the forcefield protecting Temple Prime.
 Destroy it to weakn the forcefield and allow Ion Cannon strikes."

4)  Build an Ion Cannon control center.

"The Ion Cannon control center is used to relay surface strike coordinates to
 the Ion Cannon that's orbiting the planet in space."

5)  Destroy Temple Prime with the Ion Cannon.

"Now that the forcefield has been neutralized, GDI Command has ordered that
 Temple Prime be destroyed by the Ion Cannon."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Capture Nod's science ministry building.

"Capturing this building will provide important intel on Nod Tiberium research
 and further insight into Kane's mysterious plans."

2)  Capture the Mutant Hovel.

"Capture the Mutant Hovel with an Engineer.  This will allow the recruitment of
 Mutants to fight for our cause."

3)  Capture Liquid Tiberium Factory.

"Capturing this facility will provide important intel on Nod's Tiberium
 liquification process and restrict their ability to use this technology
 against us."

4)  Destroy an Avatar with the Commando.

"Use the Commando to attack the Nod Avatar.  The Commando is an expert at
 taking down large walkers by planting an explosive pack on their hull."


Use your infantry to clear out the Nod troops in the areas north and north-east
of your starting position {Nod Ion Cannon Disruption Tech}, then park your Rig
north of the buildings and trees.  Guard it with your vehicles, then deploy
your construction yard and start building your base.  Get a second harvester as
soon as you can, and line the northern edge of your base (including north of
your Rig) with watchtowers.  Infantry will attack all over this line, and
you'll want to be able to stop them before they reach your base.  Train a
commando as soon as possible and use him to slaughter the infantry - having him
leveled up will come in handy later.

Once you have your war factory going, start building Mammoths (and make sure
you get the rail gun upgrade).  Two airfields loaded with Firehawks will come
in handy for toasting Obelisks, so get them ready before you start moving your
tanks towards the Nod base.

In the north-west corner of the map, you'll find an abandoned building called
a mutant hovel.  Fly your Firehawks up there to reveal it, then transport an
engineer up there to capture it for one of your secret objectives {Life in a
Yellow Zone}.

When you're ready to make an assault on the Nod base, use your Firehawks to
scout the south-west corner.  You'll find two obelisks guarding a hill there,
so destroy them both (you'll need five Firehawks all at once).  Get another
Rig ready, then send it over there with a cluster of Mammoths (six or seven
should be plenty - if you have leveled ones already, send them).  Deploy the
Rig at the top of that hill you just freed, then line the top of the Rig with
three or four of the Mammoths.

Nod crap should start flooding towards you, but if it doesn't, move one of your
tanks down there to taunt them.  With how much crap Nod's going to be sending
at you, you shouldn't have any problems getting all of your Mammoths completely
leveled fairly quickly.  Once you have them, send your Commando over there.
One of the secret objectives requires you to destroy a Nod walker with the
Commando, and the easiest way to do it is to lure one past your Rig by
retreating your Mammoths as the walker approaches.  Have the commando waiting
behind it, then jump out and detonate it when it gets close {Nod Avatar

With your cluster of leveled Mammoths, the Nod base will be pretty much no
match, but you'll have to move slowly.  Make sure you have a group of engineers
ready in your base - you'll need to fly them into the Nod base later.  Anyway,
move through the base and destroy everything but the Nod Science Ministry and
the Tiberium Chemical Plant.  There're quite a few Obelisks around the Temple,
and they'll be able to tag your Mammoths while they're still on the southern
side of the walls.  Keep moving when you approach the second red line, and head
to the right to attack the Temple area from near the second disruption field
generator.  Keep moving, and you should be able to destroy the two eastern
Obelisks before they destroy any of your tanks.

Destroy the second disruption field generator, then move past the temple, take
out the other Obelisks, and destroy the third disruption field generator.  Fly
in your engineers now and capture the Science Ministry and the Tiberium
Chemical Plant {Health Effects of Tiberium Contamination} to accomplish the
last two bonus objectives.

If you haven't already, build an Ion Cannon Control Center from your support
structure tab.  To finish the mission, simply use the Ion Cannon on the temple.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |             1.22)  Munich               |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"The savage, unexpected attack on Munich by the invaders has taken the city's
 garrisoned GDI forces completely by surprise.  The battle was over before it
 began.  As the invaders ruthlessly wipe Munich from the face of the Earth, you
 must marshal the surviving GDI forces and fight a desperate rearguard action,
 holding off the enemy just long enough to allow the GDI F-T Lab engineers to
 escape in armored transports.  These engineers have key information about our
 new enemy, and must reach safety."

Intelligence Database


 - Sonic Weapons and the Invaders

GDI News Wire

 - GDI Storm Shelters

Primary Objectives

1)  Protect the Civilian Transports.

"These Civilian Transports contain what is left of the GDI F-T Lab engineers.
 Protect them at all costs - at least one must survive."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Capture the GDI Lab.

"This GDI Lab contains vital research.  Send in an Engineer, capture it and
 obtain the information, or GDI F-T research may be set back five years or

2)  Capture the Power Plant.

"This abandoned Power Plant is hooked into a dormant Sonic Emitter array.  Get
 these Engineers in there and get the thing working...  we need all the help
 we can get."


This mission is chaotic, but fairly simple.  Collect all of the units near
your starting position and make them into a group, then follow the three trucks
as they move along the road.  They'll head south-west for a while, then they'll
turn east and head for the Rig when they reach the bridge.  Stay right on top
of them to defend against aircraft, then defend the Rig until the trucks start
to head south towards the second bridge.

You'll get a group of reinforcements, including some engineers, once the trucks
start moving (they'll be south-east of the Rig).  Your two bonus objectives
will require you to use these engineers to capture the GDI Lab to the north and
the power plant south of the bridge.  Leave one engineer with your main force,
then send everything else north to the GDI Lab.  Capture it with an engineer
{GDI Storm Shelters}, then send any survivors south over the bridge.

Keep your main force with the trucks as they move over the bridge, and capture
the power plant with one of your engineers {Sonic Weapons and the Invaders}.
The sonic emitters will thoroughly trash the Scrin units in the area, but keep
your forces near the trucks as they make their way to the edge of the map.
As long as one truck makes it, the mission will be complete.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |            1.23)  Stuttgart             |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"While Stuttgart is ostensibly under complete alien control, GDI has received
 several distorted transmissions from within the city indicating there are
 survivors either in hiding or pinned down by alien forces.  One of these
 surviving units - an elite Commando - has managed to evade his attackers.  You
 will work with this Commando to round up as many other surviving units as
 possible, then use the resulting force to take out the alien base dominating
 the city.  Keep an eye out for a GDI combat engineering team - they are
 capable of reactivating both GDI's Stuttgart base and the city's defensive
 grid, which would make the mission far easier."

Intelligence Database


 - Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus
 - Alien Tripod Captured

[NOTE:  There's a glitch in the game that's not allowing the Alien Tripod
        Captured entry to be made in your intel database.  Hopefully this will
        be fixed in a patch at some point, but for now, you'll have to edit
        this manually if you want to complete your database.

Primary Objectives

1)  Capture or Destroy Alien Structure.

"This structure appears to be the focus of Alien efforts in the area.  Marshal
 your forces and capture or destroy it."

2)  Rescue Engineers.

"This is the only available engineering detail south of Danzig.  Keep it alive
 at all costs."

3)  Capture the eastern Power Plant, activating the GDI Base.

"This GDI base was damaged during the attack, but appears to be
 semi-functional.  Get the Power Plants back online and you'll be able to build
 new combat units and Engineers.  Lose all your Engineers before capturing the
 base and you will fail - it is essential to our success."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Rescue Zone Troopers.

"Alien air units have trapped this Zone Trooper squadron in the Stuttgart
 rubble.  Destroy the aircraft and the Troopers are yours to command."

2)  Rescue Snipers.

"Dispatched to scout the area, these Snipers are now pinned down by Alien
 infantry.  Kill the infantry and rescue them."

3)  Rescue Infantry Squad.

"An infantry platoon took shelter in these structures during the attack, but
 found themselves surrounded by alien Disintegrators.  If the platoon moves,
 the drones will notice them, enter the building and kill them all.  Eliminate
 the Disintegrators in order to free the platoon."

4)  Destroy a Tripod with the Commando.

"Use the Commando to attack the Alien Annihilator Tripod.  The Commando is an
 expert at taking out large walkers such as the Tripod."

5)  Capture the northern and western Power Plants to activate the Sonic
    Emitter arrays.

"As out experience in Munich showed, Aliens are weak against Sonic Emitters.
 Capture both Power Plants and get the arrays back online."

6)  Capture the southern Power Plant to activate the Command Post.

"Stuttgart's Command Post appears to be mostly intact.  Get its Power Plant
 functional to regain radar information."

7)  Capture the southwest Power Plant, activating the Armory.

"Given the weakened state of our forces, this Armory should prove invaluable.
 Use your Engineers to capture the Power Plant and get it back online."


Send the commando south-west towards the pinned engineers first.  Eliminate the
Scrin units nearby, and the engineers will be under your control.  Head west
with the commando until you find a missile squad, then send the missile squad
slightly east so the commando is between it and the hoard of Scrin units that
are about to approach from the west.  Detonate the tripod with the commando,
then let the other vehicles fire at your commando while the missile squad
destroys them.

Next, send your engineers to the power plant to the west and capture it, then
move north-east and capture the second power plant there.  This will complete
bonus objective 5, and the sonic emitters will really make your life easier.
Grab the missile squad in the crater east of that power plant, then send all of
your forces south towards the markers for bonus objectives 1 and 7.  Use your
missile squads to destroy the aircraft in the area, and the Zone Troopers will
join your command.  Capture the power plant near the armory with an engineer,
and you'll be able to heal your infantry units there if necessary.

Take your entire force east along the lower part of the map now and capture the
power plant next to the command post.  Leave everything but your commando here,
then send the commando to rescue the trapped soldiers in the houses just north
of the command post.  Send the soldiers down to the command post, then continue
moving east with the commando towards the GDI base.  Eliminate the tripod and
the other Scrin units along the way, then send an engineer over to the power
plant when you're sure the city is clear.  Use your extra engineers to capture
the abandoned silos or the Tiberium Spikes in the south-east corner.

With the GDI base operational, crank out eight or so APCs and fill them with
missile squads (put your commando in one of them), and make sure you have one
APC with an engineer in it.  Send this force to the last bonus objective marker
and free the trapped snipers, then continue moving west towards the Scrin base.
Use your missile APCs and the commando APC to slaughter the Scrin forces and
base defenses, then run your engineer APC in while they're distracted.  Park it
north of the main structure and dump the engineer, then capture the structure
to end the mission {Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus}.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |             1.24)  Cologne              |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Cologne is under attack by the invaders and the city is in its last throes.
 However, initial recon has revealed that the GDI base in Cologne was left
 relatively intact by the enemy after it was abandoned by the garrison force
 when the alien attack started.  An advance team is being dispatched to
 determine the size and scope of the alien presence in the city and you'll be
 in command.  Once you determine what you're up against, we'll send you an
 engineering team to get the GDI base up and running again.  Protect the
 engineers until they can reach the base, then build up a strike force and
 drive the aliens from Cologne altogether.  It's not too late to save the

Intelligence Database

GDI Eyewitness Accounts

 - GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Cologne

Primary Objectives

1)  Scout Alien Structure.

"GDI Intelligence has located an unknown Alien Structure to the north of the
 city.  Investigate and confirm."

2)  Protect the Engineers.

"This is the only available engineering detail south of Danzig.  Keep it alive
 at all costs."

3)  Capture the northeastern Power Plant.

"This Power Plant is the center of the GDI power grid.  Capture it and restore
 power to the base."

4)  Destroy Alien Command Center.

"We cannot establish a forward base until we have eliminated the Alien Command
 Center.  Without direction, the Alien threat is significantly reduced."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Capture the Reinforcement Bay.

"Capture this Reinforcement Bay in order to gain access to Juggernaut

2)  Capture the northwestern Power Plant.

"This Power Plant runs the Sonic Emitter array on the west side of the city.
 Capture it and the array will come back online."


Take your entire group north-west along the bottom side of the river.  Lead
with the commando, and he'll slaughter pretty much everything (just make sure
you're ready to detonate a few tripods).  When you reach the target building in
the north-west, immediately turn east and cross the bridge once you've been
notified that the first objective is complete.

Quickly move over to the reinforcements you just received and make sure they
don't get killed by any Scrin units in the area, then send everything to the
power plant marked with the yellow 3.  Capture it {GDI Field Recon - the Fall
of Cologne}, then repair your base.  Build a war factory and a few more
harvesters, then start cranking out APCs and missile squads while you build a
tech center.  Get the rail gun upgrade, then load your APCs with the missile
squads as you build a half dozen or so Mammoths.  Capture the reinforcement bay
with an engineer if you haven't already.

Insane quanitities of Scrin aircraft will start hammering your base, which is
the main reason you're going to want those APCs full of missile squads.  Some
of the Scrin aircraft can hit you from outside of your own range, so make sure
you stay alert and move in closer if they're attacking you from far away.  When
your Mammoth cluster is ready, move it over the bridge with the APCs right
behind them.  When they're safely over the bridge, quickly send an engineer
over there and capture the power plant to complete the second bonus objective.

All you need to do to finish the mission is destroy the command center, which
is near the top of the Scrin base.  Rush at it with all of your mammoths and
APCs, and you should be able to destroy it well before they manage to destroy
all of your units.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |              1.25)  Berne               |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"After launching a costly but successful counterattack against the Alien
 invaders, the rewly-reconstituted GDI is finally in a position to push the
 Aliens out of Europe once and for all.  The key is the invader's central base
 in Berne, Switzerland.  The invaders have turned Berne into a brutal urban
 wasteland, a vast staging area for the invasion of Northern Europe.  The alien
 encampment is spread across the ruined city and split into three sections:  a
 heavily-defended central base to the northeast of the city and two adjacent
 support bases, one armor and one air, all ringed with what seems to be
 newly-seeded Tiberium fields.  This is going to be a tough one.  Destroy the
 main base.  No survivors.  This is personal."

Intelligence Database

GDI Eyewitness Accounts

 - GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Berne

GDI Archives

 - What is it like in a Red Zone?

Primary Objectives

1)  Destroy the primary base Drone Platform.

"This appears to be the central coordinating base for all Alien operations in
 Europe.  Destroy it and we'll turn the tide."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Destroy the armor base Drone Platform.

"The Aliens have constructed an additional outlying base focused on armored
 units.  Destroy it and their forces will be significantly weakened."

2)  Destroy the Alien Signal Transmitter.

"The Aliens appear to be using this structure to summon something large and,
 presumably, dangerous.  Destroy the Signal Transmitter before this happens."

3)  Destroy the Alien Mothership.

"The Aliens have summoned what appears to be some kind of Mothership, and it's
 heading right for our base.  It must be stopped!"

[Note:  This bonus objective is only available if you failed to accomplish the
        second bonus objective in time.]

4)  Destroy the air base Drone Platform.

"The Aliens have constructed an additional outlying base focused on aerial
 units.  Knock it out and you'll have a much easier fight on your hands."


Leave your six Predators on the north-east part of your base, then send
everything else to the north-western edge of your base.  Drop a war factory
right there, then drop some power plants near your existing ones.  Get a tech
center as fast as possible, then get the rail guns upgrade and upgrade your
power plants.  The Scrin will be hitting you with aircraft and ground units by
now, so use your two groups of units to deal with them.  Repair your damaged
units at the war factory if necessary.

Once you can build Mammoths, build a few and send them to the small clearing
north of your base.  Build and deploy three rigs in a triangle in this area,
and your Mammoth tanks will be pretty much unstoppable.  You'll need to keep
your eyes open for Tripods and aircraft, though, since they can hit you from
outside of your range.  Once you have the defensive triangle up and running,
it's a good idea to build a few more harvesters, just to speed things up.

You should have tons of money thanks to the large Tiberium field surrounding
your base, so build two airfields and load them with Firehawks.  Make them into
a group, then send your Mammoth pile north towards the north-west corner of the
map (leave four or so of them behind to defend the triangle).  There's a Scrin
base in this corner, but it's no match for a group of Mammoth tanks.  Target
the defensive towers first, then pulverize the Drone Platform and everything
else in the area.

You'll be warned about some sort of signal transmitter in the rear of the Scrin
base.  If you want to accomplish the bonus objective related to it, you'll need
to immediately send your eight Firehawks north-east towards the back of the
Scrin base, then bomb the transmitter the instant your Firehawks can see it.
Failure to destroy the transmitter within about half a minute of it being
announced will result in you failing the second bonus objective, and the third
bonus objective will be announced.  The Mothership is nothing to worry about,
though.  Just retreat your entire Mammoth collection to your Rig triangle and
wait for the Mothership to fly right over top of you.  The Mammoths will shred
it instantly.  Note, however, that if you want a "perfect" mission, you need to
destroy the transmitter before the Mothership can be summoned (which results in
the Mothership bonus objective never becoming available).

Anyway, repair your Mammoth cluster if necessary, then make an assault on the
Scrin base in the south-east corner of the map.  It's pretty much the same as
the other one was, so just move in, target the defenses, then destroy the Drone
Platform {GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Berne} followed by everything else.

Move directly north along the eastern edge of the map after that and make your
final assault on the main Scrin base.  Things can get pretty ugly near the
Drone Platform, though, so you'll want to make sure your Mammoths are in good
shape before you attack.  Sometimes the computer leaves a huge pile of aircraft
right above the thing, and they'll fry the crap out of you in no time along
with the base defenses and Tripods in the area.  Focus on destroying the Drone
Platform {What is it like in a Red Zone?}, since that's all you need to do to
finish the mission.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |               1.26)  Rome               |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"It's time to take the fight into the Red Zones and destroy the giant towers
 under construction by the invaders.  Central Command isn't keen on waiting
 around to find out what those things are actually going to be used for...  the
 answer is sure to be one that we won't like.  You're the test case;  you're
 going to take down the tower near Rome.  You will deploy into the Italian Red
 Zone and set up shop behind a large Tiberium chasm that is not connected to
 the main landmass.  While this provides a natural defense, you'll have to
 utilize jump jets, call-for-transport, and aerial units to move across the
 chasm and create expansion bases.  Scanners indicate several spatial anomalies
 in the area and Alien entities are flooding into the region at an alarming
 rate.  To make things worse, Nod has set up camp in the northwest.  Given
 Nod's erratic behavior since the arrival of the invaders, you should be
 prepared for anything.  The situation is crazy and getting more so by the

Intelligence Database


 - Alien Mastermind
 - Alien Rift Generator

GDI Archives

 - Red Zone Terrain:  Tiberium Chasms

Primary Objectives

1)  Destroy Three Alien Phase Generators.

"Three Alien Phase Generators are protecting the Alien Tower.  Destroy them to
 make the tower vulnerable."

2)  Destroy the Alien Tower.

"The Alien tower is surrounded by Storm Columns which will complicate a direct
 assault.  Once the Phase Generators are down, utilizing the Ion Cannon may be
 your best bet to destroy it."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Destroy the Alien Masterminds teleporting the forces.

"The Alien Mastermind appears to be teleporting attack forces across the
 Tiberium Chasm.  Locate and eliminate the Mastermind to stop the attacks."

2)  Prevent Aliens From Using Rift Generator.

"The Aliens are preparing to use their super weapon.  Destroy the weapon before
 they are able to use it on your base."


Build a refinery as soon as you can, and send your Zone Troopers to the right
side of your base to fend off Scrin attacks.  {Red Zone Terrain:  Tiberium
Chasms}  Place the refinery between the two Tiberium fields on the left side of
your base, then build a power plant and a war factory while you're building a
surveyor.  Get a second power plant and a command center (and another
harvester), then build a tech center (and upgrade your power plants as soon as
the tech center's done).  Finally, build an airfield, place it, and start
building a second war factory (and the rail guns upgrade if you have the

Jump jet your Zone Troopers over the cliff east of your base.  You'll land in
the middle of some Scrin forces, so target the vehicles and then the nearby
structures.  Your immediate concern is the small Scrin commando unit called the
Mastermind (it should be marked with a green bonus objective box, but it might
not be if you've been working really fast).  The Mastermind has a few
interesting tricks that'll make it a little difficult to kill, so shred some of
the other nearby buildings with your Zone Troopers while you're waiting for a
chance to finish the Mastermind {Alien Mastermind}.

Meanwhile, airlift your surveyor over the cliff and deploy it near the blue
Tiberium field, then drop the second war factory nearby as soon as you can.
Start cranking out Mammoths and a few APCs, and deploy a Rig nearby if you'd
like.  You'll want some anti-aircraft defenses on the northern part of your
initial base, too - I suggest a Rig surrounded by some APCs with missile squads
in them.

You'll be given a second bonus objective related to a nearby Rift Generator.
Move some Mammoths to the east of your secondary base and crush the Generator
{Alien Rift Generator} along with everything else in the area, but be prepared
to deal with some Scrin units as well as some Nod forces in the process.
Retreat for repairs if necessary, then gather your forces together again and
head east.

Since there's plenty of Tiberium on this map for you to collect, cranking out a
ridiculous Mammoth/APC pile shouldn't be hard at all.  The Scrin will start
hitting you with aircraft eventually, but they won't really be able to send
enough to do much damage.  Move your group through the map and crush everything
you see, including the three phase generators.  Worm holes will form in front
of some of the generators, so be prepared to slaughter whatever comes out of
them.  If you haven't build an ion cannon yet, make sure you do.

When you've cleared the map, use the ion cannon on the tower in the far
north-eastern part of the map, and the mission will be complete.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |           1.27)  Ground Zero            |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Mission Briefing

"Right at the heart of Ground Zero is a unique alien structure that GDI
 scientists are calling the Control Node.  It appears to be channeling Tiberium
 radiation to the alien forces all over the planet.  If you can destroy the
 Control Node, there is a good chance that all of the alien units will cease
 functioning and the invasion may be stopped dead in its tracks.  Yet again,
 Nod forces have arrived ahead of us and they appear to have engaged the
 aliens.  The two sides are currently fighting over a central hill near Ground
 Zero and will likely use this location to stage attacks or construct super
 weapons.  You'll have to improvise.  Try capturing enemy structures for your
 own use.  Wipe out the Nod and alien forces that get in your way.  Also, be
 advised that we have intel on an unidentified alien entity en route towards
 the Control Node."

Intelligence Database


 - Alien Control Node

GDI News Wire

 - Alien Tower Destroyed!

Primary Objectives

1)  Destroy the Alien Control Node.

"General Granger believes the alien Control Node is channeling Tiberium
 radiation to the entire alien force.  Destroy it and the aliens will be
 defeated once and for all.  Expect heavy resistance."

2)  Defeat the Nod Forces.

"Nod is in the area and poses a threat to our operations against the alien
 Control Node.  Eliminate their base to the north."

Bonus Objectives

1)  Capture an Enemy Superweapon.

"The aliens and Nod are vying for a position along the chasm.  They will likely
 use this strategic location to construct superweapons.  Capture an enemy Rift
 Generator or Temple of Nod."

2)  Divert the Alien Mothership to the Nod base.

"An Alien Mothership has been summoned to the battle and is headed towards our
 base.  You may temporarily divert the Mothership to Nod's base by taking out
 the disruption towers in front of their base.  Whether or not you divert the
 mothership, eventually you will need to destroy it."


Build two power plants as you're building a refinery, then build a war factory,
two more harvesters, a command center, a tech center, and a barracks.  Your
first priority will be capturing the Rift Generator west of your base.  With
all the Tiberium around your starting position, you should have no trouble at
all getting enough funds to produce a huge Mammoth army, so once you have five
of them and an engineer, make an assault on the Scrin position and capture the
Rift Generator.  Deploy a Rig in the gap between your base and the Generator,
then park your Mammoths there to defend against possible assaults.

Meanwhile, you'll be told about a Mothership that needs to be diverted.  You've
probably already got several more Mammoths built in your base (especially if
you built a second war factory), so go ahead and send some of them up the
eastern side of the map and destroy the two Nod towers marked in green to
accomplish the second bonus objective.  The Mothership will probably be
destroyed by Nod when it gets diverted, but if not, don't worry - it won't be
much of a match for your Mammoths.

Your next immediate priority is the Temple of Nod in the central part of the
map.  Move your entire Mammoth column up there (except for the few defending
the gap west of your base) and crush the Temple, then immediately move up to
the Nod base and wipe it off the map, regardless of how many losses you take.
The Scrin will build a new Rift Generator eventually, and you'll want to have
plenty of time to send your surviving Mammoths back to your base for repairs
before you make the final assault on the Generator and the Control Node.

There's not much left on the map that can really pose a threat to a huge group
of Mammoths, so just force your way through the tiny paths and crush everything
in your way.  Destroy the second Rift Generator if necessary, then approach the
Control Node {Alien Control Node} from the path to the south of it.  This is a
horrible place to have to attack from, but as long as you keep your Mammoths in
a tight line, you'll be able to force your way to the Control Node fairly
easily.  Destroy it (either with your tanks or with the liquid Tiberium bomb,
whichever you'd prefer) to end the mission.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |      4.00)  Intelligence Database       |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |    4.10)  GDI Intelligence Database     |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |            4.11)  GDI InOps             |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |


   Mission:  The Pentagon

     Added:  When garrisoning a tower


Garrisoning Structures with Infantry

Urban combat is a messy and dangerous business.  When fighting in a city
environment, field commanders should use every advantage to minimize
casualties.  Garrisoning civilian structures with infantry is a tactic that
generates multiple rewards, including massive defensive bonuses and increased
safety for the troops.  Buildings can provide cover and a fire base for
infantry as they shoot at targets outside without being directly exposed to
enemy fire.  Garrisoned buildings protect soldiers from heavy anti-personnel
weapons mounted on vehicles.  That being said, field commanders should be weary
of enemy units that specialize in clearing the garrisoned buildings,
particularly those equipped with grenades and flamethrowers.  Remember:  Caught
in the cross-fire while you're out in the open?  Order your troops into a

Calling for Transport

   Mission:  Langley AFB

     Added:  When recapturing the airfields


Airlift for Infantry and Vehicles

Once a forward base has an Airfield, many GDI infantry and vehicles gain the
ability to call for transport at almost any time.  The unit can radio for
transport from the field and a V-35 Ox VTOL airlifter will fly to the unit's
location, drop down on its thrust vectored engines, and pick up the unit.  Once
a destination is communicated to the Ox crew, the aircraft will ferry the
airlifted unit to its destination and set it down on target.  Keep in mind that
units are extremely vulnerable while in the air - an Ox is a juicy target for
an enemy unit that has any form of anti-air capability.

Logistics Crates:  Targets of Opportunity

   Mission:  Hampton Roads

     Added:  When taking the healing crate


Memo from Supply Sergeant Brock Littleford

Both GDI and Nod rely on mobility and rapid deployment for success.  Armies
seem to come and go all the time as the balance of power shifts, often very
quickly.  Given the haste with which these operations are conducted, it's not a
surprise that a lot of equipment is being left behind.  Our Blue Zones and
Yellow Zones are becoming littered with logistics crates filled with military
spares, data cores, and other equipment and supplies.  Both sides use the
modular G-771G container, a standard crate used by the commercial shipping
industry for decades.  You'll find these containers everywhere - and they
should be considered targets of opportunity for our boys in the field.  If your
troops crack one of these containers open, odds are they'll find something
useful.  G-771G containers are easy to spot:  just look for geometric gray
crates trimmed with diagonal stripes.  They stick out like a sore thumb and
anyone can pop them open with a bit of elbow grease.

Good hunting.

Nod Aircraft

   Mission:  Casabad

     Added:  When the Nod planes attack


InOps Field Guide to Nod Aircraft in TW3 Theatres of War

Nod aircraft have evolved considerably since TW2.  Nod is fielding the VTOL
Venom scout (pictured below), the batwing Vertigo stealth bomber, a Carryall
that can transport troops and equipment, and a high altitude, long range bomber
called the Armageddon.  Venoms are lightly armed and armored but can take on a
wide variety of targets on the ground and in the air - they are even capable of
engaging our Orcas in air-to-air combat.  The Vertigo evades detection by most
GDI sensors and only "de-cloaks" to drop its powerful bombs on target
structures and vehicles.  The Nod Carryall is the counterpart to our V-35 Ox, a
VTOL aircraft that can pick up and transport a wide variety of troops and
equipment.  Finally, the Armageddon is seen infrequently but when it appears on
the battlefield, it is usually bringing bad news.  Nod Armageddon aircraft are
used to deliver cluster mines and a number of exotic air-to-ground weapons.

Commandeering Tiberium Spikes

   Mission:  Casabad

     Added:  When capturing a second Tiberium Spike


Tiberium Spikes

The landscape of many Blue and Yellow Zones is dotted with tall cylindrical
structures known as Tiberium Spikes.  These automated extraction platforms
slowly pull Tiberium out of subterranean deposits and refine it on location so
that resources are available for immediate use.  GDI commanders are encouraged
to commandeer Tiberium Spikes in the field to help sustain their forward
operating bases.  A combat engineer deployed into a Tiberium Spike can channel
resources to the production structure of a base.

Commanders are encouraged to provide compensation to the legitimate owners of
commandeered Tiberium Spikes in the form of GDI vouchers that can be redeemed
in Reykjavik for credits.  Note that spikes extract at different rates
depending on the size and nature of the underlying Tiberium deposits, so the
flow of resources may vary from location to location.

New Nod Flame Tank

Mission:  Casabad

Added:  When seeing a flame tank near the research lab


Nod Deploys New Tool of Terror

Nod has fielded a new version of their classic anti-infantry weapon system
known as the Flame Tank.  The new model carries heavier armor, has a turret to
allow for easier targeting, and uses dual flame throwers that can stay in
action for long periods of time without refueling.  It replaces the older
"Devil's Tongue" last used in TW2.

Flame Tanks are devastating against all forms of infantry and can clear out
garrisoned buildings with terrifying efficiency.  InOps advises field
commanders to engage Flame Tanks with armored vehicles or aircraft firing
cannons or rockets.  The enclosed crew compartments in armored vehicles will
also protect against the inferno generated by the flame throwers.

Liquid Tiberium Research

   Mission:  Casabad

     Added:  When destroying the research lab


Nod Weaponizing New Form of Tiberium

An advanced Nod Tiberium weapon research program was recently uncovered when a
GDI strike team in North Africa stormed a Nod facility originally thought to be
a chemical weapons factory.  Science Division evaluation of the wreckage
subsequently confirmed several large scale Tiberium weaponization efforts
underway.  Of most concern to InOps is evidence of significant progress towards
the creation of a Liquid Tiberium device of unprecedented destructive power.
The liquid form of Tiberium is a relatively new manifestation of the alien
substance and its properties are not well known.  Nod's Liquid Tiberium
research appears to be 5 to 10 years ahead of Science Division.

There were also indications that Nod is working on a more conventional airborne
Tiberium explosive and a catalyst for detonating existing Tiberium crystal
deposits in a sub-critical reaction.

Analysis of past Nod R&D efforts (which tend to be redundant and decentralized
in nature) suggests the Nod lab in North Africa was only one of several
facilities participating in the Tiberium weaponization efforts.

EMP Control Center

   Mission:  Alexandria

     Added:  When capturing the EMP Control Center


Electromagnetic Pulse Control Center

Field commanders should stay on the look-out for the four cylindrical towers of
the EMP Control Center.  These odd structures were erected during the last few
decades in a number of Yellow Zones and Blue Zones as a deterrent to Nod
attack.  The theory was that a volunteer crew would race to the EMP Control
Center when the civil defense sirens sounded warning of an attack - they would
fire off the EMP and disable attacking forces.  After years with little Nod
activity, the centers were mostly abandoned and are now being used
opportunistically by GDI and Nod forces.  Deploy a combat engineer into the EMP
Control Center to capture it and use it against enemy forces.

Nod's Nuclear Arsenal

   Mission:  Cairo

     Added:  When Kane's made his appearance


InOps FLASH Report

Nod has consolidated its nuclear arsenal at its Cairo nuke facility.  What was
once a mobile nuclear force is now a massive central arsenal.  The reason for
the centralization of Nod's nukes is not known, although speculation ranges
from paranoia (Kane afraid that his commanders might rebel and use nukes on
Kane loyalists) to preparation for some unknown operational contingency or a
gain in efficiency of operations.  Whatever the reason, we do know one thing
for sure:  Take out the Cairo facility and we deprive Nod of its nuclear

Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility

   Mission:  Cairo

     Added:  When accomplishing the second bonus objective


InOps FLASH Report

Strike on Philadelphia originated at Nod's Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility.

InOps has confirmed that the missile used to destroy the Philadelphia was
launched from an underground silo connected to Nod's Nuclear Launch Facility in
Cairo.  Detection of this facility by sat-surveillance prior to the
Philadelphia incident was difficult because most of thestructures were buried
underground or disguised.  Since the start of TW3, Nod has removed the masking
structures around their buildings and brought other elements of the facility
above ground to facilitate launch operations.  The underground silo that
launched the Philadelphia strike is now inactive, with Nod's launch operations
transferred to a central raised platform with a much lower cycle time between
missile launches.

Power Management

   Mission:  Croatia

     Added:  When the bonus objective has been given


Emergency Engineering Report
Warrant Officer S. Bowen
GDI Forward Operating Base "Echo-2"

SBowenMonkeyWrench:  Power plants are down and our base grid is compromised -
there just isn't enough juice to keep everything running at the same time.  The
only way you're going to keep those defenses online is to power down anything
you're not using.  If you shut down half of the base defenses we should be able
to squeeze out enough power to keep the other half online.  If one of the
active defenses gets destroyed it won't draw power, so you can turn on another
defense to take over.  You may also need to shut down defenses that aren't
active to re-route power to guns and turrets that are under immediate threat.
Juggling power under fire is the key to survival here.

Nod Ion Cannon Disruption Tech

   Mission:  Sarajevo

     Added:  When the objectives have been given


Nod deploying Ion Cannon Disruption Technology

GDI's orbital Ion Cannon battle stations have been offline ever since the
attack on Goddard Space Center.  Repairs have now been completed and the Ion
Cannonsare back in action.  However, we are currently unable to strike certain
targets due to Nod's deployment of a new countermeasure:  Ion Cannon Disruptor
Arrays.  These structures have been erected in multiple locations.

All field commanders should be aware of the existence of Ion Cannon disruption
technology and be on the lookout for the disruptor array structures.  Take out
the disrupters with conventional weapons before you call in an Ion Cannon

Nod Avatar Walker

   Mission:  Sarajevo

     Added:  When using the Commando to destroy an Avatar


Powerful, resilient, effective, and frightening:  The Nod Avatar Walker

Nod has rocketed ahead of GDI in the race to build mechanized combat walkers -
solving many of the problems that had GDI engineers scratching their heads.
There is speculation that Nod stole the original walker technology from GDI,
then took advantage of research in other areas to accelerate the development of
new prototypes.  Regardless of the origin of Nod's technology, they have
invested years of research and development at a ruthlessly fast pace - and now
Nod has finally fielded a highly advanced bipedal walker with the adaptive
ability to use multiple weapon systems.  The Avatar Walker is a very capable
all-terrain weapons platform, heavily armored and equipped with a powerful
laser.  It can also be outfitted with flame throwers, particle beam cannons,
stealth detectors, and stealth generators.

Sonic Weapons and the Invaders

   Mission:  Munich

     Added:  When capturing the power plant


InOps FLASH Report

Effects of sonic weapons on the invaders.

Dispatch from Dr. Elian Schwartzberg, Battlefield Medic, 21st Armored Division.

Needless to say, there is very little in the way of hope to be found in the ash
covered, body strewn rubble of post-invasion Munich.  Even so, as my team
covertly made its way through the outskirts of that ruined city, searching for
survivors, we stumbled across something that might just be that source of hope.

Crossing the wastelands under guard of night, we encountered the surviving
members of a GDI combat platoon from the 76th Mechanized, apparently flush from
a successful rearguard action that enabled the escape of some VIPs that are
somehow key to the war effort.  In conversation it quickly became apparent that
much of said success was due to the intervention from a particularly
unexpected source - sonics.

To quote, from a transcript recorded on my CommInt unit:

"We kept firin', but the metallic [expletive] just kept on coming right at us,
 crawling over their own dead like it weren't nothing.  Then, right when I knew
 we was about to be killed, right when those [expletive] had us up against the
 wall, one of those smart [expletive] engineers figured out a way to get the
 old Munich Sonic Emitter grid back online and then, BAM!, the damn emitter
 towers just started chewing up those invading [expletive] like a Visceroid
 gone rabid.  It was a thing of [expletive] beauty..."

Staff Sergeant Arnold P. Coddington, 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, 76th
Mechanized Infantry Division

Yes, it appears that the Sonic Emitters we use to reclaim our land from
Tiberium - and to control and regulate Tiberium growth throughout the reclaimed
Blue Zones - are capable of inflicting great harm upon our newfound enemies.
Further investigation is required before we can determine the why - are the
aliens structurally similar to the crystal?  Is that why they are here?  For
now we can certainly make use of the what - Sonics hurt the aliens.  Hurt them

We may stand a chance after all.

Alien Tripod Captured

   Mission:  Stuttgart

     Added:  When capturing a Tripod with an engineer


***This entry is broken - you won't get it during the mission, and the only
   way (currently) to add it to your database is by editing the database file.
   If anyone has the transcript for this entry, I'd appreciate it if you'd
   share it with me.

Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus

   Mission:  Stuttgart

     Added:  When capturing the Alien structure


Results of initial investigation into the origins of the Invaders.

R&D Division
Attn:  Battlefield Commanders

Alien Origins - Connections to the Tacitus

GDI science teams have been gathering every possible bit of transmitted data
and physical evidence about the aliens since the moment of invasion.  Data
analysis of alien transmissions has indicated some connection between the
Tacitus recovered from Kane and the invaders.

The transmissions recorded from the invasion force seem to be patterned in a
similar way to the data structure in the Tacitus.  This leads us to believe
that the invaders are the Scrin, or perhaps some faction thereof.  It is clear
upon closer examination that this invasion force demonstrates acute differences
from the source of the Tacitus in dialect and physical form.  Perhaps they
shared some distant connection, or there was some ancient contact between their

One transmission we decoded using our most advanced decryption computers
indicated alien chatter regarding another alien race they had previously
encountered.  We were unable to translate the word for the other alien race,
but the encryption computer returned the terms brother, ascended, enemy and
Scrin.  This casts some confusion on the nature of the invaders, as they share
a multitude of attributes with what we have come to know as the Scrin.  It
seems unlikely that this is the very same alien race that brought the Tacitus
to Earth, but the connection is undeniable.

If this is true, we should consider the Tacitus our most valuable military
asset.  We must somehow find a way to unlock its secrets.

GDI InOps FLASH Report - DR. A. Bass, PHD, Director of Extraterrestrial

Alien Mastermind

   Mission:  Rome

     Added:  When destroying the Mastermind


New Invader military unit given GDI designation:  Mastermind

Just when we thought that setting up behind the chasm would make us safer, we
were proven wrong.  The Alien Mastermind, an enemy commando of sorts, was able
to teleport forces across the gap and jeopardize our entire operation.  The
aliens were able to keep the pressure on with a minimal numbers of units and
crafty use of their Statis Chamber and Mastermind.  We belive the Mastermind
has more powers than just teleportation, but did not observe any additional
capabilities directly.

If Masterminds are deployed to the battlefield, field commanders should make it
a priority to eliminate them ASAP.  The amount of mobility the Masterminds
afford the alien invaders makes them a very high value target.  Alien
Masterminds eliminate the advantage of terrain:  they virtually guarantee that
no place is safe.

Combat Report - Sergeant Major E.H. Jarvis, First Expeditionary Force

Alien Rift Generator

   Mission:  Rome

     Added:  When destroying the Rift Generator


Rift Generator Update

The Rift Generator makes the science behind our own Ion Cannon look downright
primitive.  It appears to function by opening a portal at the flash point and
ejecting anything that's caught in the resulting field into deep space.  Some
of our more robust structures have been able to hold against such an attack,
but Rift Generator's destructive capabilities are on par with the GDI Ion
Cannon and the Nod Nuclear Missiles.

Dr. Gordon Malou, InOps

Alien Control Node

   Mission:  Ground Zero

     Added:  When working your way towards the Control Node


InOps FLASH Report

The alien Control Node at Ground Zero is a unique structure that seems to
channel some form of exotic Tiberium-based radiation to the invader forces.
The emissions from the Control Node move easily through all forms of matter,
much like neutrino wave/particles, and this one node structure is easily able
to bathe every invader unit and structure on Earth with the mysterious
radiation.  In fact, this one Control Node could easily supply a uniform bath
of radiation to alien units as far away as Earth's moon.  What is this
radiation and why is it needed?  Is it for power?  Communications?
Synchronization?  Coordination and control?  Does it provide something
essential for the alien machines or the organic matter inside?  We don't know
the answers to any of these questions, but we do believe that the Control Node
is the key vulnerability for the aliens.  Take out the Control Node and there
is a good chance the whole invasion will end quickly.

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |          4.12)  GDI News Wire           |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

The Ghost in the Machine

   Mission:  Hampton Roads

     Added:  When you're given the third mission objective


Excerpt from INN Holobrief, May 28th, 2043

One of the more unusual chapters of the second Tiberium War came to an
explosive close yesterday as the GDI Corps of Engineers detonated what is
believed to be the last remaining Cabal Bunker - the tube-filled underground
lairs from which the rogue artificial intelligence waged brief war upon

Contacted for comment, retired war hero and former head of the Bureau of Mutant
Affairs, Gen Paul Cortez, lauded for his role in Cabal's defeat, dismissed his
fallen foe as "...a second-rate EVA with a goatee and a Napolean complex."
Cortez also claimed to have refused a GDI invitation to attend the detonation
ceremony, citing his opposition to the current leadership's controversial
Tiberium containment policy and "weak kneed" approach to the Brotherhood of

Rumors that this particular bunker displayed evidence of human or humanoid life
forms in suspension capsules were quickly dismissed by GDI spokesperson Arlene

Discontinuation of the Mammoth Mk II Walker

   Mission:  Alexandria

     Added:  When the rail guns upgrade is finished


Excerpt from INN Holobrief, March 12th, 2039

It was a sad day for many today as the last Mammoth Mark II walker to enter
active combat duty clanked its way out of GDI's San Pedro war factory and into
history.  With its twin rail guns, battlefield dominance, and unusual boxy
profile, the Mk. II became an iconic symbol of freedom during the second
Tiberium War.  Its discontinuation has been greeted by many with anger, notably
Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker, retired war hero, popular conservative pundit, and
noted proponent of the "Kane lives" theory.

"The Mark II was and continues to be one of our most powerful tools in the war
against Nod fanaticism.  This discontinuation is nothing but another disgusting
example of GDI bureaucratic penny pinching and namby pamby 'can't we all just
get along' liberalism...once again, GDI is playing right into Kane's hands"

With protests held at containment areas several miles away, the mood at the
factory was more resigned than angry.  Production of the controversial new
four-tread all-terrain Mark III is scheduled to take place in far off
Reykjavik, with many in San Pedro fearing for their jobs and the future of
their community...

The Blunder that Nearly Finished GDI

   Mission:  Cairo

     Added:  When moving towards the south-east corner of the map


W3N Transcript from The Frank Hour

"...we thought our space stations and Ion Cannons were the safest of our
 military assets.  We put our most valuable military personnel, our most
 important command and control systems, and our most powerful weapons in space
 for this very reason.  Little did we know that our space assets had a deadly
 vulnerability - a single point of failure located in a poorly defended
 installation ON THE GROUND.  Nod exploited this vulnerability at the worst
 possible time, when our entire political and military leadership was on board
 the Philadelphia.  This is a scandal of staggering magnitude.

"It gets worse.  W3N investigative reporters dug into this story and discovered
 that the decision to locate our A-SAT control systems on the ground at Goddard
 Space Center was made because of cost.  SpaceCom would have had to build an
 entire new orbital platform just for the computers and crew at a cost of tens
 of billions.  This is an outrage.  Security in space was an illusion all along
 - and GDI was almost wiped out because SpaceCom wanted to save some money..."

Kane's Fascination with Eastern Europe

   Mission:  Croatia

     Added:  When deploying your MCV


Excerpt from W3N Special on Kane

"...why is Kane determined to rebuild in Eastern Europe?  What is his
 fascination with Sarajevo?  Eastern Europe has been a focal point for Nod
 activity for decades and the reasons aren't entirely clear..."

GDI Storm Shelters

   Mission:  Munich

     Added:  When capturing the lab


Excerpt from GDI Emergency Procedures Packet - Storm Shelter Protocol

GDI Storm Shelters are located throughout all Blue Zones and in select Yellow
Zone operation areas.  They are generally found in close proximity to
population centers and government installations.  The earliest shelters were
built after Ion Storms decimated population centers, including an incident
resulting in the death of the famed Dr. Mobius and his top staff.  Ion Storm
Shelters are typically located between 10 and 30 meters below ground level, but
no closer than 70 meters to significant deposits of underground water or
Tiberium.  Their construction includes 8 foot thick, steel-reinforced concrete
walls with integrated sonic emitters to prevent nearby Tiberium growth.  Newer
shelters include dormitories, cafeterias, medical facilities, vehicle
maintenance garages, long-term power generators and redundant sonic emitters.
In high-risk areas some shelters have gained cultural significance as centers
of social activity from sports to art and music events, gaining nicknames such
as "Sector 7", "Old Blue" "The Hatch".

In recent years many private organizations have developed smaller shelters for
corporations and individuals at exorbitant prices.  On rare occasion these
private shelters link with official GDI shelters via underground tunnels.
Private citizens with shelters that link to GDI public shelters are required by
law to allow access to anyone who requests aid during class C emergencies and

Courtesy GDI Emergency Aid Commission

Alien Tower Destroyed!

   Mission:  Ground Zero

     Added:  When you start the mission


News Update:  GDI Successfully Downs Alien Tower in Rome

Today the human race witnessed the destruction of a massive alien tower in one
of the world's worst Red Zones.  The success of the mission shows all of us
that there is hope - and that GDI is in a position to push back the invaders
once and for all.  The question remains, however, what was the purpose of the

Alien towers have been constructed in nineteen Red Zones.  Their precise
purpose is unknown but their location in the heart of the Tiberium infested
hellscapes we call Red Zones indicates that they are somehow connected to the
crystalline substance.  The alien retreat to the towers suggests a serious
military realignment or a change of course by the invaders.

While GDI scientists have been pushing to get a close-up analysis of the
towers, military commanders have insisted their quick destruction is the
primary concern.  If GDI is able to replicate the quick success of the Rome
Tower mission in the other eighteen tower locations, their purpose may never be

|                  -----------------------------------------                  |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                 |     4.13)  GDI Eyewitness Accounts      |                 |
|                 |                                         |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

Nod Stealth Technology

   Mission:  The White House

     Added:  When you destroy the Secret Shrine


InOps ECAP Alert "Know Your Enemy"

Nod's Next-gen Stealth Technology Poses a Serious Threat

In the first Tiberium war Nod scientists developed a cloaking device that could
be mounted on a vehicle, a stealth generator that created an energy field that
could literally bend light around a particular object, rendering it invisible
to the eye and to radar.  Nod first deployed this new technology on the
infamous Stealth Tank.  GDI eventually developed new sensors and
countermeasures that neutralized Nod's stealth technology, but Nod continued to
evolve the science of stealth and the "stealth arms race" has continued
unabated ever since.

Nod's new stealth technology is allowing a number of their vehicles and units
to successfully evade detection by most current-gen GDI sensors.  As a result,
Nod stealth units are proving brutally effective against our forces in the
field.  Nod has clearly leapfrogged GDI in stealth technology and

GDI field commanders should be aware that the latest G-Tech sensors are
required for detection of Nod stealth units.  Unfortunately, the newest sensors
are not widely deployed.  Only GDI Pitbull scout vehicles and base defenses
come standard with the latest stealth detecting technology.  Other units like
Zone Troopers must be upgraded with Scanner Packs, and Orca aircraft can be
equipped with Sensor Pods or use a recharging pulse scan to detect nearby
hidden enemies.

Note that units equipped with stealth technology can sustain the stealth field
while inactive or moving, but once any offensive action is taken, the field
will break down and the unit will become visible.  Also, there are reports that
Nod has constructed a stealth disruption tower that can project a field large
enough to encompass multiple units and even structures.  It's conceivable that
Nod forces could cloak an entire base.

Nod Base Defenses

   Mission:  The White House

     Added:  When you finish the mission


InOps ECAP Alert "Know Your Enemy"

Nod Base Defenses

Field commanders should be aware that Nod forces have begun deploying new base
defenses with some unique properties.  Each base defense consists of four
components:  A central hub and three turrets that can be deployed withint a
radius of the hub (the hub is the heart of the defense system and controls all
of the associated turrets).  A hub can repair and even rebuild the three
turrets that are slaved to it.  To take out one of these new base defenses,
destroy the hub.  That's the only way to make sure the structure is neutralized
for good.  Also, commanders should note that these new defenses are being
deployed in three distinct flavors:  Anti-vehicle, anti-infantry, and
anti-aircraft.  Anti-vehicle defenses emply lasers, anti-aircraft turrets fire
SAM missiles, and the anti-infantry turrets use an array of gun barrels that
fire massive blasts of shrapnel almost like giant shotguns.

GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Cologne

   Mission:  Cologne

     Added:  When you complete the third objective


Deposition of GDI Watch Commander, detailing the Alien invasion of Cologne

To be honest, even after the [expletive] hit Munich, we didn't think Cologne
would draw much in the way of attention.  We've been running simulations since
2038 or so and Cologne has never rated anything more than 'minor strategic
value.'  We figured that this would count for the aliens too...  guess we were

By the time we detected the first wave, it was too late to form anything more
than a basic defense.  Fortunately, we'd been evacuating civilians for the
better part of the day, but we were way behind on erecting defensive
structures, let alone planning any kind of strategy.  Things fell apart fast,
those infernal air...  uh...  spacecraft came streaking in, wiping out half of
our troops before they could even fire a shot.  The rest of us scattered,
taking shelter in whatever structures we figured were solid enough to withstand
fire, at least temporarily.  Then the power went out, and with it our
communications, our radar and any damn chance of us taking the city back.

At one point the insane hell of combat calmed down and it was almost quiet on
the battlefield - the odd burst of laser fire, a scream, some radio static.
Then, all at once, the sky lit up bright green and the silence became a
deafening explosive howl.  My heart sank...  the [expletive] had taken out the
Tib silos, all of them...  the entire reclamation project, years of work,
undone in a few seconds...  a giant [expletive] Tib field spawned right at the
heart of central Germany.

Then their ground units came...  giant walkers and little disintegrator things
taking out our tanks, clouds of razor sharp buzzing things reducing our
infantry to unidentifiable piles of wet flesh on the sidewalk.

I called a retreat, grabbed my gun and ran...

Audio Transcript - Deposition of GDI Watch Commander Elliot Gruber, Cologne

GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Berne

   Mission:  Berne

     Added:  When you complete the main objective


Deposition of Civilian Witness, detailing the Alien invasion of Berne

'I was about to go off the clock when the evacuate order came through.
 Klaxons, sirens, broadcasts on every channel.  Even the damn billboards and
 street signs were telling us to get out of town.  I called my wife, or tried,
 but every network was jammed...  jammed or just static.  We lived in the
 central district, worker family housing.  I had been supervising the final
 touches on my chunk of the anti-Tib wall, out on the east side.  Half a city

 Within ten minutes, I had abandoned my car and started to run.  The vehicle
 exit points had jammed up less than ten minutes after the first alert,
 plunging the city into gridlock.  Seconds later, I was sprinting past
 Holovision kiosks, and the ones that were still broadcasting, all I could see
 was destruction.  Death.  Fire...

(the subject places head in hands, mutters inaudibly for 48 seconds)

 ...so I'm running and I start to hear this low hum.  At first I think it's
 just the static from the public address system, gone dead a few minutes
 earlier.  It isn't, it's something more.  Like a machine, but alive, also,
 somehow.  It starts to grow, the sound larger and larger as I sprint, and the
 sky is now dark, and the city walls are falling, the city walls I helped
 build...  and there are things, things in the sky...

(the subject places head in hands, mutters inaudibly for 32 seconds)

 ...glowing, blue and glossy.  Machines, but alive.  I keep runninng.  My lungs
 burn, my sides ache, but I'm getting close to the city.  There's a thing in
 the sky, like the others, but huge, noise deafening, a massive ring, rotating
 around a central object, some kind of control pod.  I am too close to take it
 all in, to know how it works.  It's nearly over me, over central Berne, and
 now it's glowing, drawing up some kind of energy.

 I lower my head and run.

 For a second, everything is silent, as if the gigantic thing had sucked the
 sound right out of the air.  Then light, everywhere, all consuming.  I fall,
 shielding my eyes.

 Light, light and silence.

 When I come to, there...  there is no central Berne, no worker family housing.
 All gone.  Just a pit, gouged from the earth, a pit where a city used to be.
 At the center, there is something blue...  blue and glittering...'

Audio Transcript (Translated) - Deposition of civilian engineering corps
forman Martin Hoffesommer, Berne, under hypnotic regression

|                 ------------------------------------------                  |
|                |                                          |                 |
|                | 4.14)  GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems |                 |
|                |                                          |                 |
|                 ------------------------------------------                  |

Mobile Construction Vehicle

   Mission:  North Carolina Badlands

     Added:  When the MCV arrives


Combat Engineering Primer

Mobile Construction Vehicles, or MCVs, are deployed to all major theaters to
serve as the foundation for a forward operating base.  The MCV is capable of
rolling over any relatively clear terrain.  It is not equipped for
self-defense.  When an MCV reaches its destination it can immediately unpack
into a Construction Yard capable of building production structures, a Tiberium
Refinery, and other elements needed for a forward base.  The Construction Yard
can be packed up into the MCV at any time, although it is only advised when the
base it supports is no longer being used.

GDI - Units and Structures


   Mission:  North Carolina Badlands

     Added:  When you place a barracks


Field Manual - Logistics

GDI base camps are created using highly portable, modular buildings.  This
allows for easy construction and tear-down of shelters in harsh climates and
remote locations.  Personnel stationed at GDI bases will find themselves
protected from Tiberium contamination and ion storms due to the durable armor
plating, but will not have access to advanced weaponry without the support of
an Armory.

GDI - Units and Weapons

GDI Riflemen

   Mission:  North Carolina Badlands

     Added:  When you build a riflemen squad


Field Manual - Basic Infantry

Equipped with the GD2 rifle, GDI Riflemen are the mainstay of GDI military
forces.  They are deployed to all combat zones and trained in anti-infantry
combat techniques.  Riflemen are most effective when garrisoned in fortified
structures, and are equipped to dig foxholes when the need arises to defend a
fixed position.  Riflemen should never be deployed against heavy armor,
especially flame weapons, without significant heavy-weapon support.

GDI - Units and Weapons

GDI Missile Squad

   Mission:  North Carolina Badlands

     Added:  When your missile squads arrive


Field Manual - Basic Infantry

GDI Missile Squads are armed with the FGM-90, which is designed to inflict
maximum damage to vehicles and aircraft.  Light vehicles like jeeps and buggies
are excellent targets for Missile Squads.  Missile Squads are normally deployed
in tandem with larger Riflemen squads, but can be used to great effect from
garrisoned positions in civilian buildings or APCs where they are protected
from anti-infantry fire.

GDI - Units and Weapons

GDI Engineer

   Mission:  North Carolina Badlands

     Added:  When engineers arrive and are explained


GDI combat engineers are able to capture enemy buildings and repair structures
(including bridges and base buildings).  Deploy an engineer into an enemy base
structure in order to capture it - or send an engineer into a damaged building
to fix it back up again.  Damaged bridges can be repaired by deploying an
engineer into the bridge auto-repair gatehouses.

Engineer Combat Primer Excerpt

 - As a combat engineer a few cardinal rules should be kept in mind at all

1.  Never act alone in hostile territory.  Your standard issue body armor is
ineffective against most modern weapons.

2.  You are equipped with a standard GD45 sidearm.  Only use it as a last
resort as it will not penetrate most modern body armor.

3.  Once you gain access to an enemy structure be sure to disable the central
computer terminal immediately and install your override program to connect the
structure to the nearest command post.

4.  When entering a damaged structure be sure to initiate damage control
programs for immediate results.  Once the automation has kicked in you will be
clear to commence more extensive repairs.

5.  Keep your hard-hat on at all times.

GDI - Units and Weapons


   Mission:  The Pentagon

     Added:  When the APCs arrive


Field Manual - APC

The GDI Armored Personnel Carrier, or APC, is a six-wheeled all-terrain
vehicle that can transport infantry in an armored compartment.  Dynamically
sized fire slits permit the soldiers riding in the vehicle to shoot at targets
outside the APC.  Deploy a Missile Squad into an APC and the vehicle
effectively gains the ability to fire missiles.  Passengers can be evacuated
quickly through multiple exits from the APC, so the vehicle can drop soldiers
right into a firefight with minimum downtime for unloading.


   Mission:  The Pentagon

     Added:  When the Grenadier Squads exit the Pentagon


TacOps Field Guide:  Grenadier Squad

If you need to clear a garrisoned building fast, deploy a Grenadier squad and
they'll get the job done.  Their rocket propelled grenades can even hit the
upper stories of taller structures.  Even better, the grenades have minimal
on-board AI and guidance and steer themselves right through windows.
Grenadiers will blow the garrisoned enemy troops right out of the side of the

Command Post

   Mission:  Langley AFB

     Added:  When establishing control of the GDI outpost


Field Manual - Command Structure

GDI forward bases act as the hubs for GDI operations in all Zones and weather
conditions.  The heart of any GDI forward base is the Command Post.  From this
structure field commanders can maintain contact with regional GDI resources and
centralize intelligence for rapid response.  High-powered radar and
communications equipment allow officers real-time feedback from units in the
field, but note that this gear will draw significant power from your base grid.

Sniper Team

   Mission:  Langley AFB

     Added:  When completing the second bonus objective


TacOps Field Guide:  Sniper Team

Sniper Teams are able to take down enemy infantry with deadly precision.  They
employ stealth so they can't be seen or detected while motionless.  Finally,
the spotter in a Sniper Team allows you to designate targets for any Juggernaut
artillery units for miles around.  The Juggernaut crew will be able to see and
target enemy units and structures anywhere near active Sniper Teams in the


   Mission:  Langley AFB

     Added:  When recapturing the airfields


Field Manual - Forward Air Bases

Air assets are often dedicated to support a particular ground force.  The
modular GDI Airfield can be established to maintain up to four combat aircraft
indefinitely.  The facility is capable of refueling, repairing, and rearming
Orca ground attack aircraft, but can also sustain Firehawk VTOL attack jets
with the addition of advanced technical equipment.  Airfields each directly
control a small element of aircraft, so without an Airfield these craft may
suffer guidance failure and the inability to maintain extended operations
considering global ion storm interference.

Orca Attack Aircraft

   Mission:  Langley AFB

     Added:  When recapturing the airfields


TacOps Field Guide:  Mark IV Orca

The highly maneuverable and light-weight Orca aerial weapons platform has
supported GDI ground campaigns for decades.  The Mk IV version currently
deployed with GDI forces worldwide is an all-new, state-of-the art aircraft.
With VTOL capability that allows it to operate from small pads, a high crusing
speed, long range, and the ability to hover for extended periods, the Mk IV
Orca is a truly versatile weapon system.  Its air-to-ground missiles can strike
a wide variety of targets including enemy vehicles and structures.  The Mk IV
can also be equipped with a sensor array capable of detecting even the most
advanced Nod stealth units.  Field commanders should note that Orcas are not
capable of engaging targets in the air and should be escorted by Firehawk
attack jets carrying air-to-air missiles when operating in areas where Nod
commands air superiority.


   Mission:  Hampton Roads

     Added:  When taking control of the Commando


TacOps Field Guide:  Commando

The deadliest weapon in the GDI arsenal isn't a tank or an aircraft - it's a
human being.  GDI's elite Commando is truly an "army of one," backed by 50
years of tradition and trained in a grueling program that has a 22% fatality
rate and a 97% droo-out rate for the survivors (even after starting with the
very best of the best in all branches of service).  Commandos are equipped with
special battle armor, solid fuel jump jets, a top secret rail gun with a high
rate of fire, and det-packs that can take down an entire building with an
exotic new explosive.  GDI weapons labs equip Commandos with the prototypes of
GDI's next-gen weapons, so nobody else on the battlefield has the toys these
boys have.  The most elite Commandos are also trained to use their det-packs on
the legs of large walkers, one of the reasons GDI retired many of the bipedal
walkers that were a mainstay in the second Tiberium War (given that this new
vulnerability seemed like it could be exploited by Nod elite units as well).

Predator Battle Tank

   Mission:  The White House

     Added:  When you build a Predator Tank


Weapons of the World 2047:  GDI Main Battle Tank - MBT-6 Predator

Equipped with a 150mm cannon, this 65 ton tank packs an armor-piercing punch
against any vehicle or structure.  It's also fast and quite maneuverable for a
large armored vehicle.  Devastating in numbers, Predator tanks can rip through
enemy encampments quickly, as well as crush infantry under their tracks.  They
have excellent armor, but are vulnerable to armor-piercing rocket and cannon

GDI Base Defenses

   Mission:  The White House

     Added:  When you place a Watchtower or a Guardian Cannon


Excerpt Technical Manual 2047

GDI has 3 basic defenses with which to ward off enemy attacks:  The Watchtower,
the Guardian Cannon, and the AA Battery.

The Watchtower stands 30ft tall with twin 20mm railguns mounted atop it.
Equipped with an IR spotlight and next-gen sensor to detect stealthed units,
this anti-infantry defense tears enemy infantry to shreds.  Programmed to
attack any ground unit that comes within its range, the Watchtower is also able
to distinguish between infantry and tanks, and will prioritize the infantry
over tanks so as to minimize the lethality of its anti-personnel ammunition.

The Guardian Cannon is equipped with a 105mm gun capable of ripping through
the heavy armor of tanks.  The Guardian is an anti-vehicle weapon and is not as
effective against infantry.

The Anti-Air Battery has twin 30mm Gattling guns firing depleted Uranium shells
at air targets.  With a deadly accurate fire control system and a staggering
rate of fire, the AA Battery is very effective against any form of aircraft.


   Mission:  The White House

     Added:  When you build and place a crane


Base Logistics Field Guide

If a forward base needs to go up fast, consider building a Crane to open up a
second production queue at the Construction Yard.  The nano-assemblers,
computers, and control units will be able to work on two base structures

Zone Troopers

   Mission:  Casabad

     Added:  When the Zone Troopers arrive


TacOps Field Guide:  Zone Troopers

GDI Zone Troopers are elite heavy infantry with exceptional mobility, armor,
and enough firepower to take out enemy targets ranging from infantry to light
vehicles.  Equipped with power armor, rail guns, and jump jets that can boost
them over obstacles or across rivers, Zone Troopers do the heavy lifting for
the GDI infantry.

War Factory Repair Drones

   Mission:  Alexandria

     Added:  When you build and place a War Factory


Capability Update

Everyone knows that War Factories build vehicles.  But did you know that a War
Factory can also perform repairs?  War Factories have been upgraded with
autonomous repair drones that can perform even the most complex repairs to
severely damaged vehicles in a very short period of time.  How does it work?
Just get close.  Vehicle crews in damaged tanks, APCs, and buggies should bring
their vehicles back to the base War Factory and the drones will begin repair
operations when the vehicles are in proximity to the factory structure.

Base Expansion using the Surveyor

   Mission:  Alexandria

     Added:  When deploying a Surveyor


GDI Field Manual

Some forward base Construction Yards can build Surveyor vehicles (found under
the Support Structure Tab of the base control interface) which have the
capability to deploy into a small Outpost.  Surveyors can be given the command
to deploy on any terrain where base structures can be built.  Once an Expansion
Base is established, the Construction Yard in the main base can be used to
build any structure nearby, including Refineries, War Factories, base defenses,
and whatever else might be useful.  The Surveyor and the Outpost it creates are
superb tools for claiming territory near strategic targets like remote Tiberium
fields (so refineries can be built nearby, saving harvesters from a long
commute through possible enemy-controlled terrain).

Rig Deployment into a forward Battle Base

   Mission:  Albania

     Added:  When the Rig arrives


GDI Field Manual - Holding The Line

GDI field commanders in some forward bases have access to one of the most
unique power projection systems in the world:  The Rig.  The Rig is a vehicle
that is designed to roll deep into enemy territory and quickly deploy into a
heavily armed Battle Base structure.  Equipped with Guardian cannons and a
missile launcher, the Battle Base is capable of engaging enemy vehicles and
aircraft.  As an added bonus, Rigs carry a complement of auto-drones for making
field repairs to GDI vehicles.  The Rig/Battle Base combination is ideal for
claiming and holding terrain, enabling GDI field commanders to emply a clasic
"clear and hold" strategy for securing Tiberium fields or gradually taking over
an objective area.

Firehawk Attack Jets

   Mission:  Albania

     Added:  When capturing the Reinforcement Bay for main objective # 4


TacOps Field Guide:  Firehawk

The Firehawk is a fast and highly maneuverable VTOL attack jet that can carry
air-to-ground or air-to-air missiles.  Field commanders can make their load-out
choices while the Firehawk is on the pad at an airfield.  Forward bases with a
Tech Center structure can equip Firehawks with special rocket boosters that
allow the aircraft to punch into the stratosphere and go near-orbital in order
to hop over enemy air defenses.  Note that Firehawks are vulnerable to AA fire
in the actual target zone during the re-entry after the boost phase.

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GDI Base Closure

   Mission:  North Carolina Badlands

     Added:  When recapturing the outpost


Scrap of News Article from 2043

...as of 2043 GDI has closed over 60% of their military bases around the
world, including installations in North Carolina, Brazil, and Eastern Europe.
The most recent cutbacks are due to a decrease in Nod activity - with Kane
dead, the Brotherhood seems to be splintering apart...

Tiberium Primer

   Mission:  North Carolina Badlands

     Added:  When harvesting is explained


Tiberium:  A gift or a curse?

Tiberium is a scientific curiosity, a vastly powerful resource, an
unprecedented environmental cataclysm, a catalyst for war, and much more.  It's
like nothing we've ever seen before and it is constantly transforming itself.

We are almost certain Tiberium is extraterrestrial in origin;  it is not
man-made and there is no evidence of the substance on Earth prior to its first
appearance half a century ago.  Early forms of Tiberium were almost organic,
sprouting out of the ground in what seemed to be plant-like pods, leaching
minerals out of the earth and emitting clouds of toxic gas.  Over time,
Tiberium showed it had the ability to evolve and change.

By 2047, most Tiberium on Earth has manifested in what we know as its most
common form:  A self-replicating proton lattice that turns any matter it
touches into more of itslef, giving off powerful radiation in the process.  It
can change anything it comes into contact with into more Tiberium.

Is Tiberium terraforming the Earth into a planet suitable for alien life?  Is
it a weapon?  Is it a creature of some kind?  Perhaps some form of
consciousness resides in the crystal lattices, a quantum crystalline brain that
grows ever smarter as it grows and grows.  There are many theories about what
Tiberium actually is...  and why it is here.  Ultimately its origina and its
purpose - if it has one - are still a mystery.

GDI has not given up on trying to contain the spread of Tiberium.  With
Tiberium infestation reaching critical levels and new, more sinister variants
of the substance turning up, things started to look pretty grim for planet
Earth in the middle of the 21st century.  However, GDI has found a
vulnerability in the green crystal that they have begun to exploit.  GDI
engineers have found the resonant frequency for Tiberium...  and they have
created sonic resonators that are capable of breaking up Tiberium crystals.

A high level scientific explanation of the alien substance is included here for
students, engineers, and scientists:  The most recent form of Tiberium is a
dense "dynamic proton lattice" held together by exotic heavy particles.  When
Tiberium comes into contact with other matter, the heavy particles randomly
collide with the nuclei of the target matter, smashing it to pieces (in the
case of smaller nuclei) or incrementally knocking off protons and neutrons (in
the case of heavier nuclei).  Tiberium captures a fraction of the protons that
are ejected during this collision process and incorporates them into its own
structure, thus transmuting matter into more Tiberium.  Whenever one of the
heavy particles - a muon or tauon - collides with an atomic nucleus, fission
occurs, which results in the production of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation as
well as other forms of electromagnetic radiation (like infra-red).  During  the
transmutation process, nuclei that Tiberium has come into contact with may be
changed into nuclei with different (usually fewer) numbers of protons or

The Global Defense Initiative

   Mission:  The Pentagon

     Added:  At the start of the mission


The Global Defense Initiative began as a secret military alliance of advanced
nations under the United Nations umbrella.  GDI's mission:  To contain
Tiberium, reverse its spread, and fight the sinister Brotherhood of Nod.

Over time, power and sovereignty have been gradually ceded to GDI and the
national identities of the participating countries have faded.  In 2047 that
process has reached its final stages:  While there are still technically
individual Member Nations, the reality is that GDI has become a unified
political and military super-state.

GDI controls the only areas of the Earth that have not been significantly
compromised by Tiberium infestation.  The crystalline alien substance is slowly
consuming the rest of the planet, causing an environmental cataclysm that has
made 30% of the Earth uninhabitable and another 50% of the Earth's surface
exceedingly unfriendly to civilization.  GDI's home territories are known as
"Blue Zones" since they are mostly clear of Tiberium and have been relatively
untouched by war (in contrast to the ecologically ravaged and war-torn "Yellow
Zones" and the Tiberium infested hellscapes designated as "Red Zones").

The clash between GDI and Nod has escalated into full world wars twice before -
the First Tiberium War (TWI) erupted when both powers were in their formative
states and that terrible war was followed by another worldwide firestorm
several years later.

About the Brotherhood of Nod

   Mission:  The Pentagon

     Added:  When primary objective #4 is given


GDI views Nod as a dangerous, virulent, and inexplicably self-sustaining
terrorist groupd obsessed with accelerating the worst ecological catastrophe in
history, led by a charismatic and brilliant sociopath named Kane.  The
Brotherhood sees itself quite indifferently.  Nod believes that it is the agent
of change for a world in the throes of transition to a new order, the
representative of the poor and the opressed, and a foil to the previously
unchecked power of GDI.

Nod has the people, resources, organization, and raw military power necessary
to stand against GDI and wage war on a global scale.  Yet the Brotherhood of
Nod isn't a country:  it's a strange new hybrid organization that has the
combined characteristics of a religious movement, a multinational corporation,
and a nation-state.  Given the awesome demands of modern warfare, with its
terrible cost and vast scale, Nod's ability to go toe-to-toe with GDI is

Nod is able to recruit thousands of new members every month from the desperate
populations of the borderlands.  Their political, military, and logistical
operations are decentralized and buried deep inside the crumbling cities,
towns, and outposts in the decaying Yellow Zones.  A vast and sophisticated
infrastructure is diguised from GDI, and Nod has perfected the art of moving
military assets and forces quickly over long distances without detection, even
by satellite or drone aircraft with the latest generation sensors.

Nod's core organization is very sophisticated and high-tech but they also have
a large guerilla force composed of hastily trained and minimally equipped
recruits from the Yellow Zones.  Nod's field forces are an interesting mix of
low tech "militia" troops and smaller numbers of highly trained, elite soldiers
equipped with state of the art communications gear and the most advanced
weapon systems available.

Nod's military assets are experimental and exotic in both appearance and
function, but the durability of their units is suspect.  Nod engineers are not
afraid to risk human life and will often sacrifice safety and protection for
increased abilities and speed.  Their high-end military hardware runs on
Tiberium and tends to be fast but vulnerable, lethal but unstable.  Nod
offensive weapons deployed on vehicles range from rockets, machine guns, and
flame throwers to toxines, lasers, and nuclear weapons.  They also have a
number of Tiberium-based weapons.

Red, Yellow, and Blue Zones

   Mission:  Casabad

     Added:  When starting the mission


Tiberium infestation has rendered 30% of the planet totally uninhabitable.
Large swaths of the Earth's surface have been designated as "Red Zones" - areas
that are desolate, swept by storms, and contaminated by vast amounts of
Tiberium.  Venturing into, over, or even near these wastelands can be extremely

Beyond the Red Zones, Tiberium contamination has caused varying levels of
environmental damage in another 50% of the Earth's populated areas.  In the
ecologically compromised and war torn Yellow Zones, Tiberium fields are common
- growing in the middle of cities, on farmland, and throughout the
enviroment.  Tiberium-related climate change has caused an endless cycle of
droughts, floods, and severe weather of all types including spectacular
Category 6 hurricanes, tornadoes with wind speeds of 500 miles per hour, and
exceedingly violent thunderstorms.  Especially destructive Ion Storms
occasionally rage out of the Red Zones to wreak havoc on cities and towns in
the borderlands.

Only 20% of the Earth's surface is in relatively pristine condition.  The Blue
Zones suffer from minimal Tiberium infestation and have been relatively
untouched by war.  The populations of the Blue Zones live in relative comfort,
going about their lives in high-tech futuristic cities that sit in forested
valleys or nestle in pastoral farmland.

GDI's Nuclear Weapons

   Mission:  Cairo

     Added:  When the countdown has been announced


GDI still possesses a nuclear arsenal stored at key locations around the world
(including a large nuke base in the desolate outback of Australia, heavily
defended silos in North American Yellow Zones, and installations in other
remote areas).  GDI leaders long ago made a vow not to ever use nuclear weapons
no matter how bad the situation got and kept that vow even as Nod acquired its
own nuclear capability.  GDI's nukes are few in number but are stored with
delivery systems (including IBCMs) and kept at top operational readiness just
in case GDI leaders ever change their minds.  The most difficult test of GDI
nuclear policy came in the early days of TW3 right after the strike on the
Philadelphia, but even then it's questionable how effective nukes would have
been in stemming the Nod tide given that Nod's forces were highly decentralized
and Nod troops were staging operations deep in GDI Blue Zones.  Some view GDI's
pledge not to use nukes as a cynical one given that they deployed a new
precision weapon of mass destruction - the Ion Cannon - right at the time they
made their vow.

Life in a Yellow Zone

   Mission:  Sarajevo

     Added:  When capturing the Mutant Hovel


Tiberium contamination affects Yellow Zones directly and indirectly.  Climate
change, melting glacial ice, extreme weather, Tiberium field growth, and
decades of war have caused social collapse in several Yellow Zones.  Many
cities in the most afflicted areas are run by warlords and criminal
organizations or have degenerated into anarchy - or they have fallen under the
thrall of the sinister Brotherhood of Nod.

Existence in the worst-off Yellow Zones is not pleasant at all.  Your home is
likely to be in a decaying building with no running water.  Power comes on for
a few hours a day at erratic times.  Food is scarce.  Doctors are rare.  On a
few occasions food aid or medical care will be provided by humanitarian workers
visiting from the pristine and high tech Blue Zones.

A subsistence living is just the start.  Tiberium contamination is a fact of
life, and thousands die every year from inhaling microscopic crystals that are
carried in smog, clouds of dust, and other airborne particulates.  Tiberium may
even fall out of the sky suspended in rain drops if the clouds overhead have
passed through a Red Zone during or after an Ion Storm.  Because of the drought
conditions in many Yellow Zones, rain showers are often greeted by the local
populations with an odd mix of fear, dread, and joy.

In the harsh reality of a Yellow Zone, Tiberium is not the only threat.  If
Tiberium doesn't get you, then you are likely to fall victim to a violent
crime, get caught in the crossfire between warlords clashing over turf, or
become a collateral damage statistic in the global war between the armies of
the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.

Health Effects of Tiberium Contamination

   Mission:  Sarajevo

     Added:  When capturing the Nod Science Ministry


What happens if you're exposed to Tiberium?  Nothing good.  If you come into
direct contact with Tiberium, the green matter will start to fuse with your
skin within about 20 seconds.  You'll feel an intense burning sensation,
similar to touching a hot pan or spilling acid on your skin.  A full blown
infection will manifest if you aren't treated immediately.  Your flesh will
begin to crystallize;  eventually your internal organs will shut down as
Tiberium extends rigid crystalline runners throughout your body.  If you
breathe in the crystal, then it will become embedded in your lungs.  You'll
lose the ability to process oxygen as your lung tissue crystallizes.
Eventually you'll start coughing up blood and will hemorrhage to death.

In some cases - and for unknown reasons - Tiberium infection will trigger
cellular mutation.  It's not cancer in that the mutations seem strangely
directed;  they don't kill you, but your body will begin to transform.  The
mechanism for this mutation is not well understood.

What is it like in a Red Zone?

   Mission:  Berne

     Added:  When destroying the air base


Excerpt from "International Orthographic's Guide to Our World Today"

If you were to equip yourself with a hardened environment suit and stand in the
middle of a Red Zone, you would see a landscape straight out of hell.  The
ground is a blasted and barren plateau of rock laced with veins of Tiberium
that shine through with a malevolent green radiance.  On the horizon are
massive formations of pure Tiberium that have welled up through the surrounding
earth.  These frozen crystalline glaciers cast a sickly emerald glow on the
surrounding terrain.  Tilt your head and you'll contemplate a cloudy, tortured
sky alive with twisting patterns of shimmering light and flickers of lightning.
If you wait long enough, you'll see an Ion Storm begin to form, the lightning
overhead intensifying until the entire environment is lit with rapid strobing
flashes.  Eventually the vast and terrible energy overhead will begin arcing to
the ground around you in a terrifying display of destructive force.  These
fireworks are accompanied by a howling toxic whirlwind that scours the deserted
ground and drives shards of Tiberium before it at insane speeds.

Red Zones are like the surface of an alien world.  Scientists have speculated
that Tiberium is actually a terraforming agent for an alien civilization,
slowly transforming our world into an environment suitable for beings that have
evolved on a different planet.  No definitive conclusions have been reached.

Unauthorized reproduction of this text will be met with the harshest possible
penalties, under the GDI anti-piracy convention of 2017.

Red Zone Terrain:  Tiberium Chasms

   Mission:  Rome

     Added:  When starting the mission


Excerpt from GDI Red Zone Military Operational Database

Red Zones are the most hostile operational environments on the planet.  The
abundance of Tiberium fields, the toxic radiation, the intimidating terrain
(including chasms and cliffs), the terrible weather, and the huge Tiberium
glaciers all contribute to make these hellscapes a nightmare for field
commanders.  On the bright side, considering our resources and mobility, we
have found that Red Zone conditions don't completely jeopardize our fighting
ability.  The following operational techniques are found to be the most
effective in Red Zone combat actions:

 - Jump Jets:  our commando and zone troopers make the best use of GFI
technology by simply jumping across the wide swathes of hostile terrain.

 - Calling For Transport:  the ground terrain poses serious challenges that can
be circumvented by bringing in a V35 OX to move units around.

 - Expanding Ground Control:  ground control can sometimes expand build radius
beyond the length of a chasm, allowing units to be produced on the other side.
In addition, transporting Surveyors across the chasm can allow for base
construction on the front lines.

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