Call of Duty 3

It helps that CoD3 is just as terrifyingly loud and frantic on Wii as on its beefier 360 cousin: even the level layouts are identical, and the only difference is how Wii-mote control will find you picking your fights more carefully. But in situations where there's no time to duck and aim, pulling a machine gun and waving it back and forth like a fire hose can work just as well, or sliding your thumb up to the D-pad to lob a grenade.

Above: This tank level calls for you to use both controllers as the steering columns.

Also making the jump to Wii are the Battle Action scenes - now using gestures instead of button-mashing. Some are perfectly suited, like one that has you using both hands to row a boat upriver, and some are a little more confusing. We got in a hand-to-hand tussle with a German soldier and were instructed to turn both controllers palm-out and alternately pump them back and forth - made even stranger by it not really matching up with the on-screen action.

Overall, Call of Duty 3 is an early showcase for how Wii can transform a game that hasn't even been built from the ground up for the console. If it's a sign of things to come, expect Wii to get some of the most interesting multiplatform versions gaming's ever seen - not to mention some amazing Wii-only shooters.