Bye bye, baby

Following the recent sad but inevitable news that Sony has finally stopped PSone production, GamesRadar felt it only right to take a look back at the seminal console's 10 most important games.

The following titles were all, without doubt, hugely important in the console's transition from newcomer to market leader, to cultural icon. No other gaming machine has had such a long lifespan (over a decade as a viable platform), nor introduced so many to gaming for the first time.

So why not dig out your PSone games, dust them off and pay tribute to modern gaming's forefathers by giving them just one more play?

#10 -Crash Bandicoot
If the PlayStation lacked anything, it was a mascot to rival Sonic and Mario. Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon had a good go, but it was Crash who came out on top. Classic 2D platforming action with 'next-gen' graphics and a likeable character meant plenty of sequels for Crash - and plenty of sales for PSone.