Buzz!: Brain Bender review

  • Tests actual brain skills
  • Presentation is neat
  • More legit than Japanese tests
  • Doesn't bring anything new
  • Won't make you smarter
  • Games can get old quick

There have been dozens and dozens Buzz! titles – they seemingly multiply like germs on a Petri dish. But while the man with the flip-top head normally hosts quiz-based games, he’s now donned his lab coat to test your actual brain skills instead of your general knowledge.

Like all brain trainers, repetition of the games (which include memory, observation, analysis and calculation challenges) will see your score improving (rather than your IQ rising), but the presentation is neat and the training games seem MENSA test traditional as opposed to the wacky intellect boosters that emerge from Japan. Even so, put it on the bandwagon because it doesn’t bring anything new to the table…

Dec 19, 2008

More Info

Nov 28 2008 - PSP (UK)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Family
Developed by: Relentless Software
Franchise: Buzz!


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