Breath of Fire 6 is an online mobile/browser RPG

Take your character cross-platform

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After 11 years, Capcom has revealed Breath of Fire 6. The next entry in the classic fantasy RPG series will arrive sometime in 2014 in Japan, but it won't be hitting next-gen systems when it does. Instead, it's an online game for mobile, tablet, and PC.

We know a bit more about the game from its official site, thanks to Japanese geek culture site Japanator. Players can retain their progress across each supported system, and it looks like you might be able to customize your main character's appearance.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter released in 2002, and though it diverged from the fantasy formula with a post-apocalyptic setting and unique battle system, it still starred a blue-haired boy named Ryu and a winged girl named Nina.

No signs of the star-crossed duo here, but we would be surprised if they don't show up at some point. Whether Breath of Fire 6 will ever make it overseas is a less sure bet.


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