BioShock level designer demakes Rapture as Doom 2 mod

Everything new is old again

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A level designer who was the lead on BioShock%26rsquo;s Arcadia area has %26ldquo;de-made%26rdquo; his creation as a Doom 2 mod, and posted it on his personal blog for you to download and play.

Mercifully, he%26rsquo;s also included instructions to help you get it up and running on a modern PC. The .txt release notes are a surprisingly interesting read get deep on the design process in BioShock. If you%26rsquo;re at all interested in the nuts and bolts of game design, you'll also enjoy this insightful analysis of Doom from a level designer%26rsquo;s perspective Listen up, all you Halos and Killzones and Modern Warfares, you could stand to learn alot from your %26lsquo;ol granddad.

Mar 8, 2010

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