You could spend this Valentine's week buying flowers and making reservations, or you could snuggle up with someone special and spend the night slaughtering homicidal robots in a dystopic futuristic setting. Your call. However, should you choose the latter, Sega will today be releasing a demo for Binary Domain on the PlayStation Network, followed by a version for Xbox 360 fans tomorrow.

The demo will take players through two of the game's earlier missions, set amidst the rubble of a futuristic Tokyo under attack from sentient robots. Players will assume command of the game's main (hu)man, Dan Marshall, and use voice commands to lead a team of squadmates to victory and/or brutal defeat. In addition, Binary Domain's sneak peak will introduce players to the title's Consequence System, wherein teammates will perform differently in battle depending on how much they agree or disagree with the player's actions and decisions.

Sega's shooter will also ship with a multiplayer component, which was teased earlier this week in a new gameplay trailer.

Binary Domain comes from makers of Yakuza. It was originally due out today, but was delayed to February 28 in North America (February 24 in the UK). Prepare for the robo-war by checking out the demo or studying our recent preview.

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