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  • phroido - August 12, 2012 10:03 a.m.

    My copy is a little buggy too. I'm playing on a PS2 Slim and have a lot of audio glitches where a sound effect will load and get stuck and loop repeatedly until the game loads something new. I understand that it's only a problem on the slim and not the older fat PS2. Not game-breaking, just a little annoying. Also interestingly I can only activate progressive scan from the main menu. It wont work once you load your save and file and try to set progressive scan from the game menu. The factory was a little confusing. I didn't have much use for the map and I didn't know that fixing the elevator after the mini boss was my next objective. I was felt lucky to have figure it out. The best part of that dungeon was the stealth. I liked crawling along the the side of the moving crate to avoid detection and I liked how forgiving the AI was after triggering an alarm. The game is also unclear on this part but the keys you gain at the factory will work on the doors in the city too so head back and go through all those locked doors for fun mini-missions. To answer the panel's question about giving things to your companion characters; You can give heart containers to your support characters by selecting your pouch from your pause menu, select the heart container, don't release the select button and mover the cursor over to the icon of your support character. You can give them health items this way too. After Pey'j was kidnapped at the Factory the heart container I gave him was left on the floor for me to reclaim. This game is a classic because of it's interesting story and fantastic art design. I just parked my hovercraft at the main intersection of the city and watch all the traffic fly by. I liked how there was a flying fire engine that was extinguishing a fire caused by the last DomZ attack. The game seems to be filled with little touches like that. Did anyone notice before Pey'j was kidnapped that if you looked at him with your camera for a second he would raise his hand wave hello? I don't see any reason not to trust IRIS. They only seem interested in gaining information and since it's clear the Alpha Sections are in cahoots with the DomZ. I'm looking forward to seeing the art direction of the slaughter house and I hope the game goes really dark and I have to take pictures of the horrors within and it gives Jade a little PTSD.
  • vbsnowsurf - August 12, 2012 2:51 p.m.

    That darn city, I got stuck on that puck game, couldnt beat him for a pearl, 3 or 4 tries. Great little game though! I played the cocoanut game also and that one was cake. I didn't get too lost in the city, I wanted to get going on the quest. During the factory, I found that grate and the save section before I saved double H. I was confused and trying to take pictures from the wrong side and really confused. But finally I went all the way around and found him then worked our way through that section. The bosses were CAKE, (portal reference) And the cake was real, real easy that is (super corny I know). But my thoughts on Pey'j and Jade haven't changed. They are both still pretty cool characters and I would like to see more conversation from Jade to get a better idea of her personality. I somewhat trust iris, we are on the same path right now, but I don't like them with a little bad taste in the back of my mouth. I feel like at this point they could be the lesser of the two evils... I'm looking forward to other cool new weapons, any other new partners to help fight and the storyline to really unfold! Thanks again for this idea!! Enjoying FF3 on my Android phone when I can't play this!
  • killagreg - August 13, 2012 6:31 p.m.

    What do you think of the city? Did you get hooked on any mini games? I thought the city was fine. I thought it had a real lively feel to it. But its small size made me feel like I was playing a video game. Especially during the very first part when the Alphas wouldn't let me past them. It just screamed "You are playing a video game!!" But as a whole I had an enjoyable time there. I didn't really get hooked on an mini games. I liked the hoverraces more than any other but I didn't spend any more than a few minutes doing anything. What do you think of the dungeon? Did you like the bosses? The puzzles? I really enjoyed this Dungeon up until after the first boss. After the first dungeon was so quick I kind of assumed that the game would consist of a lot of quick dungeons. So after I defeated the reaper and got back into my hovercraft to collect the pearl, I thought I was done in the Factory. Then the level just kept going. By the end I was ready for it to be done. For a change of scenery. I wouldn't have even minded if I came back to the factory either later in game or after a brief detour. As far as the stealth mission aspect went. I enjoyed the core of it, though I found myself fighting the camera constantly. Also, I understand the purpose was to not get caught but by the end I felt like the level was too restrictive to get out a jam through a fight. To compound this frustration by the end of the level I was down to 3 hearts with no healing items so one hit from the guards would instakill me. Have your views on Pey'j or Jade changed from the beginning, or do you still feel the same? I dont think there was any actions taken by either character to change my opinion of them. Both seem to remain in character throughout. If Anything Pey'j seems even more likable after finding his video. Do you trust IRIS? (Don't answer this if you've already beaten the game!) It never really occurred to me not to trust IRIS. Its so commonplace to just assume that the rebels are the good guys. Its made pretty clear by the end of the factory that the Alpha sector are at the very least brainwashed into being bad. And the Domz are up to some sort of shenanigans so It seems to make sense that IRIS are the good guys. The title of the game though does leave some questions. Perhaps everyone is being duped. What do you want to see from later levels? I feel like this game really comes alive when you are out in the open exploring the world and interacting with people. I recognize that the loneliness is the appeal of a lot of dungeon heavy games but I wish there was a way to incorporated the open island feel of the overworld with the more combat heavy parts. The first few Jack and Dexter games did a really good job of this. Are you starting to understand why this game has grown to become so popular? I think that this is a very solid game that was overlooked because of the timing it came out. Also the poor marketing taken with it. Good games will always find a way to rise to the top. I don't know if this is one of the greatest games of all time,I wouldn't even say it was the best of it's type in it's generation (Psychonauts) but it is a good game and that deserved attention.
  • killagreg - August 13, 2012 9:39 p.m.

    On a side note. I also find myself trying to Z trigger a lot and instead of zeroing in the camera I just pull up Jade's camera. I feel by this point the locking mechanic in games like this should have been standard

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