Best of E3 06: PC

Supreme Commander

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Gas Powered Games
Release Date: TBA 2007

"Screw unit caps," spat Gary Wagner, producer of the incredible new strategy game Supreme Commander. "You wanna make seven-thousand jetfighters? Go right ahead."

Wagner is helping devloper Gas Powered Games bring back what they think has been missing from strategy games lately: strategy. They are cranking up size and scale so far that you'll need to make intelligent, informed decisions early on. Scouting, reconnaissance and timing will be much more important than tactically out-clicking your opponents. But clearly, an overwhelming armada of jets tends to help things along nicely.

Gas Powered Games' boss Chris Taylor's last RTS, Total Annihilation, has had an unprecedented following for over seven years, even afterTaylor became sidetracked with the action-y Dungeon Siege series. Supreme Commander is the long-awaited spiritual sequel to TA, and trust us: this one's destined for greatness.

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