Battle of the GTA clones

They all tried to beat the best, but which one really did? We make 'em fight to find out

True Crime: Streets of LA
Activision | PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PC

The setup: Smirky Asian American cop does battle with a Triad crime syndicate in Los Angeles, which has been painstakingly reconstructed from maps of the real thing.

The rides: The one you're supposed to stick to is a sweet Cadillac-style convertible, but anything on the street is yours for the commandeering. Whatever you choose to drive, though, it's probably going to slide around like a bar of soap in an ice rink.

The violence: Button-mashy kung-fu throwdowns mixed with stealth takedowns - lethal or knockout, your choice - and slightly awkward, John Woo-style dual-pistol firefights. You can also kill just about anyone you see on the street, but it'll affect your badge rating and karma.


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