Battalion Wars 2

This is the summer for online multiplayer. Well, assuming we get Battalion Wars before the summer’s over. Which, er, we won’t. But with its continually delayed but impressive-looking stages and three - count 'em - different online multiplayer modes, “BWii” has us shoving the nearest cushion down our throats to avoid biting our tongues off in giddy excitement. 

Despite the undoubtedly awesome Assault and Skirmish modes - with Assault meaning instant fighting (perhaps in smaller, dedicated areas of the larger levels) and Skirmish having a more tactical focus - what we’re most piqued by is the prospect of co-op play. We want to remote-aim-and-nunchuk-flick our way through all 15 entire missions (we won’t settle for less) entirely online with our far-away partners. We’re also choosing to remain heavily optimistic about the friend code issues surrounding all online gamery. If we can’t co-op with people off our Wii’s address book, we’ll rent a tank and bulldoze down every Gamestop selling copies that we can find.


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