Assassin's Creed: Ubisoft breaks the silence

Script writer sheds story revelations to our friends at Xbox World 360 magazine

After a cold and quiet few months, everyone's favorite French publisher Ubisoft has decided to break the silence on its Prince of Persia-meets-Hitman adventure, Assassin's Creed. Our colleagues at Xbox World 360 in the UK spoke to the game's script writer, Cory May, and you can find the entire interview right here.

Plus, check back next week for a full blow-out feature with new information and new photos. Until then...

Q: So, Cory, tell us about the main story to kick things off...
Our game takes place at the height of the Third Crusade. Crusader forces (under Richard the Lionheart) are fighting to regain the region from Saladin. The city of Jerusalem is their ultimate destination (having been conquered by Saladin several years prior to the start of our game). As the Saracens and Crusaders battle one another for control - the Assassins are working to find a way to end the hostilities. They see the war as pointless. There is no reason Crusaders and Saracens should not co-exist in peace. The Assassins are not allied with either side of the conflict, nor are they driven by a desire for profit or power. They are also not interested in furthering a religious agenda. In fact, they are generally opposed to most forms of organized religion (subscribing to the philosophy that "Nothing is true, everything is permitted.").

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