Available on: GameCube, Xbox

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Aquaman Cheats

  • Unlock Classic Aquaman

    Beat easy level one time
    Submitted by None
  • Play as black manta & Aqualad

    Beat the game with tempest or on easy difficulty with classic aquaman
    Submitted by collin dunn
  • Play as tempest

    To play as tempest(a.k.a. garth) beat the game on any difficulty with classic aquaman.
    Submitted by None
  • Unlimeted helth

    At the main menu hold L+R and press Z,A,B,B,X,Y,Y,X,B if you entered the code correctly you should hear a noise say cheater
    Submitted by None
  • Unlimited lives

    Press start hold L & R and press up, up, B, Y, A, X. now you have unlimited lives.
    Submitted by None

Aquaman Unlockables

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Available Platforms: GameCube, Xbox