Alan Wake vs Alone in the Dark: Same game, different quality

Wake, I will not spoil the ending for, but I will say it is almost equally confusing and nonsensical.

What about the rest, though? It cannot be denied that Alan Wake has a better premise, is better written, is prettier to look at and is all around more fun to play than Alone in the Dark. The titles were in development for a long time, and Alone in the Dark could have benefited from more, but it is unlikely, despite the many similarities, that Alan Wake ripped off Alone in the Dark. Wake certainly benefited from the negative feedback that Alone in the Dark encountered. It undoubtedly allowed them to polish many of the elements incorporated into their game, but I chalk it all up to a case of good ideas are good ideas, no matter who is able to show them off first.

May 24, 2010

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