Al Pacino says he has met with Kevin Feige about a Marvel movie

Al Pacino has dropped a hugely juicy morsel of gossip, revealing that he has spoken with Kevin Feige about a potential appearance in a Marvel movie.

Pacino is a self-confessed fan of the studio, having previously been quoted as saying, "I'm ready to go to Marvel."

Pacino confirmed to the Happy Sad Confused podcast that he had spoken to Feige, before revealing that this latest conversation is not the first the pair have had on the subject.

"I would imagine there’s something he feels is right for me," says Pacino, when asked about the nature of their discussion. "Every time we talk about Marvel, that’s what happens."

Nice and vague then, but exciting news nonetheless. Pacino is reportedly a big Guardians Of The Galaxy fan, so could a role in the sequel be on the cards? We'll have to wait and see...