Accidental victims

Are you the kind of inquisitive gamer that likes to try shooting everything with a virtual pulse at least once, just to see what happens? Or maybe you take some guilty pleasure in gunning down gaming's innocent bystanders? Whatever the reason, we all exercise an unnecessarily twitchy trigger finger every now and again, so in recognition of our inner, cold-hearted killer, here's some of the victims of our 'accidental' aggression...

Your squad (Ghost Recon 2 )
It wouldn't be so bad if the majority of squads in military-based games didn't behave like utter muppets: standing in your way, getting stuck behind bushes, repeating the same patently obvious information and ruining carefully planned ambushes by bundling in mob-handed, guns-blazing. In fairness, these are all crimes worthy of a bullet to the back of the head.

Above: Your gun's smoking and your squad lies dead at your feet. Feel better now...?

Unfortunately, it's considered a) unethical and b) in bad taste to shoot your team-mates in games (and real-life), so in most cases your bullets just ping off an invisible friendly-fire force field. Or in the case of COD 2: The Big Red One, prevent you from shooting at all. Ghost Recon 2 springs to mind as one game that allows fratricide with no penalty - except for the inevitable pangs of guilt and crippling lack of military support throughout the rest of the mission. Made you feel better though, right?

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