A glimpse into development hell

Poor TimeShift. Countless games have trekked through the development hell of schedule setbacks, platform issues, publisher pressure and unhappy focus groups. But few have dealt with schedules that stretched on for four years, platforms that became obsolete before the game was finished, publishers that changed completely midway through production and an unhappy focus group that consisted of the entire gaming community. And no other game has had to face TimeShift's most intimidating foe - the space-time continuum itself.

How does one cope with such overwhelming challenges and still manage to create a game with killer potential? To find out, we talked to Senior Producer Kyle Peschel. He speaks openly and honestly about why TimeShift needed an overhaul, how he and his team are achieving next-gen greatness and what programming around the very nature of time and space will do to a man's blood pressure. Oh yeah, and he even fits in some Prince of Persia smack talk, just for good measure. He may be tired after four years, but at least he's still got a sense of humor.

"Take what you know and throw it out." The full interview is below.


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