7 scorching movie explosions

Missing fireworks night already? Don't worry, Total Film's dug around our explosion cupboard to compile a list that'll tide you over 'til next year.

7. Raze Of The Machines - Terminator 2 (1991)
Blast type: Classic, all-consuming nuclear wave with hairdo- unsettling prevailing wind.
Orangeness: A lot.
Devastation: Indiscriminate incineration of poignant surroundings (playgrounds, children laughing in slow-motion).
If it were a firework: ‘Swing-Shredder!’

6. Ward Wars - The Dark Knight (2008)
Blast type: Multiple charges detonated by the Joker’s (Heath Ledger) shonky hand-zapper.
Orangeness: Well vivid.
Devastation: A man in an ill-fitting nurse’s uniform destroys an entire hospital. Gunpowder: not picky about gender politics. Truly, the great leveller.
If it were a firework: ‘9/11 Riff-Rocket!’

5. Alderaan Gets It - Star Wars (1977)
Blast type: “The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force” – but it’s still pretty cool.
Orangeness: Really, really.
Devastation: A painted ping-pong ball suspended on an invisible thread cuts to cataclysmic but cheap CGI disintegration effect.
If it were a firework: ‘Millions Of Voices Suddenly Crying Out In Terror!’

4. Fire In The Hole! – Die Hard (1989)
Blast type: Roaring great plume of ace explosion-ness caused by John McClane (Bruce Willis) strapping a telly to a chair and dropping it down an elevator shaft or something. No, wait. It's the bit with the roof...
Orangeness: None more.
Devastation: Blows up lots. Forces John to abseil with a hose.
If it were a firework: ‘Shaft-Dragon!’

3. Bye-Bye Balitimore - The Sum Of All Fears (2002)
Blast type: Pesky terrorist new-culer detonation.
Orangeness: Hugely, massively, mushroomingly fuck-off ultra-orange.
Devastation: Buildings. Infrastructure. Radiation sickness. Ben Affleck’s acting career.
If it were a firework: ‘Loony-Nuke!’

2. Inside Job – Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life (1983)
Blast type: Gorging on one last waffer-thin mint, the big-boned Mr Creosote (Terry Jones) busts a gut.
Orangeness: Not really. More sort of… pus-coloured.
Devastation: A kaleidoscopic shower of spew straight from the horse- eating man’s mouth and blast-shredded bowels.
If it were a firework: ‘Bile-Blender!’

1. Chopper Cropper - The Matrix (1999)
Blast type: A helicopter crashes into the side of a building while Neo (Keanu Reeves) swings away from it, a bit like Bruce Willis.
Orangeness: So very.
Devastation: Deaded helicopter. A pleasing, blossoming halo of shattered glass.
If it were a firework: ‘Multi-Blade Side-Of-A-Building Twatter!’


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