7 Best Sweded Films On YouTube


Jurassic Park (1993)

Why It’s Better Than The Original: Well, for one thing, the Velicoraptors are much, much scarier.

Also, the chap playing Sam Neill has an air of Bruce Campbell about him and, seeing as we wish Bruce Campbell was been in every film ever made, that's a good thing.

Funniest Bit: There's something about seeing a Velicoraptor made out of duct tape fighting a T-rex made out of cardboard that tickles our funny bones.

Best YouTube Comment: "Shit! That girl is hot", Juzz92[page-break]


Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)

Why It’s Better Than The Original: If you found the theatrical version of Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring a little overlong, this one manages to condense the whole film into a five minute runtime, with added fat blokes and bad wigs.

Funniest Bit: The fact they cast a girl as Frodo, which we hope is a satirical comment on the fact that Elijah Wood looks like a bit of a ladyboy in this film.

Best YouTube Comment: "OLOLOLOLOL i love how the orc guy with arrows fat showed underneath his shirt", febsta555[page-break]


Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Why It’s Better Than The Original: We’ve seen it a few times, but we don’t remember a bit where the T800 and T1000 keep pulling the same moves during a rock, paper, scissors contest in the James Cameron version.

It’s actually a brilliant way of demonstrating how equally matched they are. Let’s hope McG has added a rock, paper, scissors scene to Salvation.

Funniest Bit: The fact they cast a man as Sarah Connor, which we hope is a satirical comment on the fact that that Linda Hamilton looks like a bit of a bloke in this film.

Best YouTube Comment: "The GOLF CLUBS!!!11!!", happeningfish77[page-break]


The Neverending Story (1984)

Why It’s Better Than The Original: Well, it’s funnier, for one thing, especially the Ivory Tower bit. It’s been so well done you’ll wonder whether you're watching the original, with added action figures and jokes.

Funniest Bit: Aside from the Ivory Tower scene, whenever either of the slightly confused dogs show up.

Best YouTube Comment: "LMFAO @ the "Ivory" tower!! Hilarious!!", WormWormGIRL[page-break]


Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Why It’s Better Than The Original: Who knew that a bit of cardboard and a splash of paint could be as awe-inspiring as CGI? We hope you're watching, Pixar. It's still not too late to make Up using felt tip pens and some tin foil.

Funniest Bit: Any time the American accents slip, and we can hear the real Scottish voices of the stars.

Best YouTube Comment: "that was funny. i wouldn't have the guts to dress up like that for youtube. but that was wicked!*****", notafunnyguy[page-break]


Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Why It’s Better Than The Original: The addition of a scene in which Edward cuts his own name out of paper improves the overall emotional impact of the film by around 100%.

Funniest Bit: We’re not entirely sure why the toy dog catches fire, but it’s funny.

Best YouTube Comment: "edward was hawt as hell! :O", LizzyBady[page-break]


I Am Legend (2007)

Why It’s Better Than The Original: There’s something about a man choking the life out of a stuffed toy that makes a scene so much more moving than when it’s a real dog. Also, the fact it was made for £15.23 is pretty impressive. We're pretty sure the original cost at least £20.

Funniest Bit: We not really sure what’s going on in the last scene – the last man on earth looks awfully excited about the fact he can save the cardboard flames - but it made us chuckle.

Best YouTube Comment: "new york fail", lemonnne

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