62 badass VG-inspired Forza 4 cars

The Forza 4 Community marketplace has been open to the public for just over 48 hours, and already hundreds of automotive artists are expressing themselves in so many kickass ways the online store can barely contain them. Unfortunately, we’re nowhere near cultured enough to evaluate original works, so it’s the vehicles adorned with the stuff we already love that has us pissing in our britches. After all, who doesn’t love a good crossover, right?!

Above: Just remarkable...

Above: Dumb looking car, AMAZING decal

Above: One of many Batmobiles

Above: Tron Viper!

Above: One sidedoor's red...

Above: And the other's blue!

Above: Somebody is gloriously confused!

Above: NYAN CAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Above: Okay, so maybe they aren't all game related...

Have a look at the rest in our screenshot gallery below. Or head on over and read our Forza 4 Super Review.

Oct, 13 2011