60 thousand see the Lite

How do you know you have an unapproachably popular handheld system? When people line up in sidewalk-drowning crowds every time there's a new shipment. The two new colors of the DS Lite, Enamel Navy and Ice Blue, went on sale Saturday in Japan and promptly sold out before a disappointed child's tears could begin freezing in the cold March air. The standing-in-line craze is sure to spread over here to the US when the Lite launches sometime this year, but if you're curious as to what a let-down line looks like, try this:

With such insatiable demand, Nintendo obviously couldn’t supply enough units to satisfy the hungry queues. The super-scarce Lite nearly pushed through 70,000 units when its Crystal White model launched in February, while the old Nintendo DS model still saw nearly 50,000 go that same week (February 27 through March 5). That's 100k in one week, soundly pulping all other gaming platforms for that same time period.

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