6 reasons why the 3DS is the most impressive piece of kit I’ve seen in 20 years of gaming

Sounds like hyperbole? It ain't. Nintendo's new handheld is nothing short of a revelation

And, if I’m honest, when you factor in how sharp and detailed the screen is, I’d argue most of the games I saw look better than top tier Wii games. Resident Evil Revelations’ character models were so impressive, they weren’t far off their Resi 5 counterparts. The Mario Kart footage is easily a match for the Cube’s Double Dash. And Snake Eater: The Naked Sample’s demo beats seven shades of purdy shit out of the PS2 original. In a word or… eh, several; the games look stunning.

Above: The character models in Revelations are comfortably
better than those in the Gamecube remake of the original game