• rainn'sgaydar - June 19, 2013 7:39 p.m.

    I bought Tomb Raider on PSN for 30 bucks around a month after release. You can't argue that there isn't room for a used disc market and low priced digital sales. In fact, the used market should encourage such sales because it's a good way for developers to get money that would ordinarily go to a secondhand store. How is competition anything but good for the consumer? Developers want the money you spend on games. Secondhand stores want the money you spend on games. So they price their products accordingly to compete. It's that simple.
  • rainn'sgaydar - June 20, 2013 2:58 a.m.

    I don't have enough faith in publishers to believe that if they were to see more revenue from their games that they would spend it on making new games anyway. In a world where 3 million copy sellers are considered failure by some publishers, why is anyone convinced they wouldn't spend that money in other ways?
  • rainn'sgaydar - June 20, 2013 2:09 p.m.

    Digital distribution is supposed to fix that last issue you bring up. Of course, in the case of XBLA, that would require paying $60 for a year old game. As for overproduction, I agree, except that I genuinely do not believe publishers would make more games with the extra money. I only half-heartedly believe they would hire more people to make better games. Maybe some would, but are just going to add another million to their executives' salaries.
  • rainn'sgaydar - June 21, 2013 3:42 a.m.

    I pointed to XBLA as an agreement to that point. PSN and, to a much greater extent, Steam, are showing a better understanding of how the digital market should work. Of course, then you get awful companies charging $20 for 20 year old games rereleased on iOS devices. In any case, the use market should be good for the industry because it should encourage competition. Publisher wants my money. Used game store wants my money. I'll give it to the cheapest option. Ready, set, compete.
  • ParagonT - June 20, 2013 7:37 a.m.

    I thought about that as well a long time ago. But as you said, they would rather not compete with anyone when instead they could just make consumers feel like thieves.
  • simplethunder - June 19, 2013 6:56 p.m.

    Good riddance. The market has spoken, gamers want a regular game console.
  • pl4y4h - June 19, 2013 6:54 p.m.

    A lot of these reasons are A) stupid and no one cares about them and B) pretty sure they can still be done regardless of these changes.
  • shawksta - June 19, 2013 7:17 p.m.

    ^^^^^^ I always wondered that, the DRM shouldnt stop some of these to happen
  • Redeater - June 19, 2013 6:31 p.m.

    I don't want any of these features. I have a PC for almost all of these. Is the staff at GR seriously naive enough to believe that digital games would lead to some hallowed Steam-like pricing ground? Wasn't it fucking Microsoft that increased the price of Live because of premium services like Facebook and Twitter only to keep the increased price even after they got rid of them?
  • HipsterKitten - June 19, 2013 6:58 p.m.

    They talked about the fact that if it were all digital they could do sales like steam. No need to be so grumpy
  • shawksta - June 19, 2013 6:13 p.m.

    hmm........Im gonna have to go with the agreement that we wouldnt get the sales Steam has. I guess when gamers speak a very loud voice, they can be listened. I dont know what to think, except that its possible ill be Playing Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on a Next gen System after all. THE BATTLE IS STILL YOUNG
  • sharknjar - June 19, 2013 5:43 p.m.

    Their biggest problem was being dismissive of the members of the military. I didn't care what they did when it comes to the general public. Gamers are fickle and pleasing them is next to impossible....but you don't treat soldiers(some of their most loyal fans) like they don't matter. Not publicly, at least. Treat them like they don't matter in private like the government and every other corporation does.
  • mentalityljs - June 19, 2013 5:36 p.m.

    The only concern I would have about cloud gaming is HDD space. 500 gigs is a lot, rather it use to be. How much HD space will next-gen titles require? The most i've seen so far on PC is 20 gigs. So unless you need to have 25 games installed at all times I think cloud gaming would have worked just fine. That being said, I have been using Steam for years now and have had zero complaints. What I don't get is that if you have internet access for the one time activation of the game, why would you complain about it being always online? Either you have internet, or you do not. And if you do not then you can't play on the system anyways.
  • McEd - June 19, 2013 5:32 p.m.

    Kinect is still creepy I think if they can make that not a requirement that would be cool.
  • Jaylisjayp - June 19, 2013 5:30 p.m.

    What a way to force a story to stay topical with today's news. No journalistic standards these days. In any event... - The first five things on this list are things the vast majority of gamers obviously couldnt give a crap about.Nobody was asking for these "benefits." - Stop trying to push PC methods on console gamers. I dont care how great steam is. I still wsnt discs and Illorganize them however I want. - How in the world would this cause prices to stay higher longer? Do you have any grasp of how quickly games drop in price these days? Theyre like $40 the same week theyre released and down to $25 within the month. Plus it keeps developers and publishers somewhat honest because really crappy games (Colonial Marines) drop in price even faster. Reporting anything to the contrary as "fact" is a pretty big joke. Even Wii U games used are cheap more many of them. The discs will further that trend well into the next gen.
  • EAC73 - June 19, 2013 5:40 p.m.

    I would love to find a copy of the last us for $40 bucks by next week, but game prices don't drop that fast. I thought the shared game library would be nice, so if my family decides to by a second console, we only need one copy of the game. They were not pushing PC gaming everyone, they are just stating the fact that PC has great sales, and Microsoft had the opportunity to do so, if they went for more digital distribution.
  • Jaylisjayp - June 19, 2013 5:41 p.m.

    Call me skeptical but i didnt see microsoft adopting steams generous sales model.

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