4 Ways SmackDown! 09 destroys competitors

4) Create-A-Finisher

Nothing'sbeen ashighly anticipated as SmackDown’s Create-A-Finisher mode, which enables you to piece together a string of ten holds or animations to create a devastating finisher for your created wrestler (or any default wrestler). Don’t like John Cena’s FU? How about a backbreaker into fireman’s carry, which then ends on a swinging Diamond Cutter? Yeah, we thought so. Also, you can take these online. Awesome.

Up to 500 moves/animations were created in order for you to realistically transition from one to the next, with up to 30 finishers able to store on your hard drive. And a lot of these moves aren’t taken from normal WWE move sets. Oh yeah, SmackDown’s dev team are truly wrestling fans. You’ll notice moves from TNA, Ring of Honorand some fantasy types as well.

Sadly, you can only create finishers that start from the front. No, you can’t perform them to a downed opponent or climb to the ropes. You can’t even end in submissions. So don’t think you can chain together Cena’s FU into his STFU. THQ didn’t rule out that feature for future installments however. It’s extremely nitpicky for a brand new feature, but we like what we see so far.

With these new features, WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 looks set to dominate your console this holiday season. There’s another feature we’d love to tell you about, which will literally blow away your expectations, but THQ isn’t ready to dish. Sounds like somebody needs a good powerbombing.

Sep 15, 2008