25 Most Ridiculous Celebrity "Gamers"

10. Nicole Kidman

What? You don't own matching colored outfits for all your consoles? You don't play DS on matching white furniture in matching white rooms with matching white flowers in the background? Don't worry - you will when the Scientologists take over.

Nicole enjoys a Dianetic stress test... er, game of Brain Age... in the video below.

Well, putting the celebrity's face on the gaming system is certainly one way to produce genuine enthusiasm. Expect a Wilmer Valderrama 360 in the near future.

12. Josh Duhamel

We're not saying this guy is a bad actor. What we are saying is that the plastic statue next to him seems to have more emotional range. And if you didn't recognize Josh from the TV show Las Vegas, that's okay. No one did.

13. Tilda Swinton

The White Witch of Narnia continues to perfect her icy, bitchy disdain for everything good and fun and pure in the world.