10 Most Swearing-est Games

Can't afford a writer? Then drop the f-bomb and call it a script

WARNING: this video is categorically Not Safe For Work! The relentless barrage of cursing will emotionally cripple anyone under 18 who dares watch it. People with heart conditions, religious hang-ups, or who are at all sensitive to foul language should definitely not click the play button below. You have been warned!

Let%26rsquo;s regroup after the video to discuss our findings, shall we?

Conclusion: What Beat Down lacks in quantity of swearing, it makes up for in quality. Surly Irishman Raven emphasizes the extra vowels in his Brit-flavoured vulgarities to really punctuate his displeasure with being double-crossed.

Conclusion: The media%26rsquo;s favorite whipping boy turns in a comparatively poor performance in the verbal obscenity department. San Andreas seems downright austere compared to its many clones, attaches and hangers-on. Maybe Fox News has been focusing on the wrong game? We%26rsquo;ll expect bigger and better from IV.

Conclusion: This is probably the only time you%26rsquo;ll see 25 to Life placed higher than GTA: San Andreas on a list. 25 to Life wears its thugsploitation like a badge of honor, and has the gratuitous vulgarities to back it up.

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