Zooey Deschanel battles The Happening

Now that M Night Shyamalan has his everyman lead character for environ-gone-mental thriller The Happening in Mark Wahlberg, he’s been casting about to find him a wife.

So hooray for quality choices as Zooey Deschanel has just signed to play Wahlberg’s missus, with the pair taking their family and fleeing their quiet lives when Mother Natures decides to get a little revenge for all the wrongs humanity has perpetrated against her. This being a Shyamalan film, she naturally kicks things off in Philadelphia, where Wahlberg’s mild-mannered teacher tries to convince everyone that disaster is approaching. And again, with this being M Night’s latest, he’s right.

Wahlberg and Deschanel will start running from the world’s natural wrath this August for a release next summer.