Zoe Saldana becomes vengeful assassin in Colombiana


Avatar, The Losers and – to a lesser degree – Star Trek , have all set up Zoe Saldana as a hard-as-nails, kick-ass female.

Now, she’s finally going it alone with Colombiana . As these new images from the film show, Saldana was simply born to wield a gun and look sexy doing it.

In her first high profile lead role, Saldana plays Cataleya Restrepo, who witnessed her parents’ murder aged just 10.

Who killed them? A Colombian drug lord called Don Luis. Raised instead by her gangster uncle Emilio, Cataleya learns his craft, and decides to take revenge for her parents.

When will movie characters learn that revenge never pans out well? Ah, who cares when you’ve got Zoe Saldana in a vest clutching a really massive gun...

Check out the images below…