Your Ultimate Horror Movie - revealed!

Yes, it's Halloween tonight, and last week we asked you which movie you'd use to set the mood for a chilling night's viewing. Your verdict?

Let's start with the bottom of the list. Hammer's take on Dracula, J-horror movie Ring, and (surprisingly) A Nightmare on Elm Street tied for last place, polling only 1% of the votes each. Other low placers were Nosferatu (3%), Halloween (4%), Night of the Living Dead (6%) and Hellraiser (7%).

Which conveniently leaves the top three. In third place was The Exorcist with 14% of the votes, and The Thing took second place with 24%.

And all that leaves one conclusive winner - you're loving the Alien, which came in first with 39% of the votes! A well-deserved win, we say.

A new poll will be up shortly. In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy Halloween, whatever you're planning to scare yourself silly with...!