You can be first in line for the PS4 4.0 update by registering for beta participation

Registration for the PS4 4.0 beta is now open, which means any and all brave souls are welcome to sign up to be the first guinea pigs - I mean, customers -  to try out the update's new features. New features such as… well, Sony isn't saying, actually.

Obviously that stinks, but previous major updates have given us some serious improvements to the PS4 experience. The 3.5 update gave us friend online notifications, user scheduled events, the ability to appear offline, and remote play on PC and Mac. 3.0 added the ability to share video to Twitter, stream to YouTube Live, as well as new features for Share Play. There were more tweaks in each update, but we can summarize 3.0 as an update centered on sharing, while 3.5 was centered on social.

What will the 4.0 update be centered on? That's for you to find out. North American participants can register here, European participants can sign up here. Have fun and let us know when it's safe to dive in!

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